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I'm curious to know, did you ever cry when watching ATLA? The show made me tear up a lot, but I straight up cried a little when Iroh was singing "Leaves From The Vine", when Zuko and Iroh reunited towards the end of the show, Katara's moms death, Ozai burning Zuko and when Zuko just randomly went bad at the end of Book 2 that just hurt so much for me to watch. Did you have any moments like this Lolol?

I’m am a softie. I did tear up at times:

  • Zuko yelling at the lightning. Then the music at the end. The fucking music kills me.
  • Iroh singing for Lu Ten’s birthday. That is hard to watch without feeling anything.
  • Jet’s death. That is one of my favorite moments in the show. I felt really sorry for Jet.
  • When Aang burned his staff at the end of 301. One of the only moments I felt anything towards Aang in Book 3.
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: did Zuko ever meet that little boy from "Zuko Alone" again? that little gap-toothed troublemaker who treated Zuko like a brother? i know they parted on such bad terms when Zuko revealed his identity, and i really don't blame him because at that time Zuko was still kind of an asshole, but did they ever see each other after the war? did the little boy hear about how Zuko disowned his father and joined the Avatar? did he learn that Zuko was the one to fight Azula in that fateful battle? did Zuko visit an earth kingdom town one one of his royal trips and recognize him years later? did the little boy apologize for rejecting him? or did maybe he go to the fire nation to see if Zuko remembered him? did Zuko beg forgiveness for the crimes of the fire nation? did they make up? did they hug it out? did the little boy's brother survive the war? did he introduce him to Zuko? did Zuko insist on giving him the pearl dagger he tried to give him before he left? did the little boy accept it this time? did
just waiting for the AtLA ripoff series that’s like





long ago, the four countries lived together in melody. then, everything changed when the burning man attacked

only the aviator, master of all four thingies, could stop them. but when the world needed him most, he went bye-bye

a hundred and one years passed and my brother and i discovered the new aviator, a windbreaker named Oblong. and although his windbreaking skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone…

…but i believe that Oblong can save the everyone”

*off-key recorder version of the atla music begins*

OK but sometimes I forget that Uncle Iroh didn’t die.  Because here he is, this amazing person who loves and supports Zuko (and anyone else he happened across) and any typical tv show would have killed him off and had that be the beginning of Zuko’s redemption arc because he ‘realized the consequences of his actions’ or some such thing.

But he doesn’t die.  Not only that, but Zuko loses him anyway.  We get the same feelings from Zuko as we may have if Iroh had died, but we know the whole time that Iroh is just somewhere else.  But then, when Zuko finally wants to be redeemed, in what would normally be the scene where either they talk to his spirit or find a letter he wrote when he was alive that manages to make Zuko feel forgiven, he’s actually still alive, and he’s right there, waiting.

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how did you write the script for yellowcake? your vague style really makes the illustrations explain the story and it really inspires me

Hi! Thank you for the ask!

Before I started illustrating —> yellowcake <— I tried to have each part semi figured out in scripts/thumbnails. I knew exactly what I wanted to say before I decided on an image/idea/scene to present it. 

I also followed a lot of story writing conventions like repetition, conflict, and themes. “The plot is the sequence of events in a story.

I just took the base chart off of google but I think it’s pretty accurate! (Though I would argue there’s a second climax in peace). 

(more under cut!)

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You know, I do like the idea of kataraxzuko because, if they went with it that would have shown just how the world was changing. I feel that in some ways, zuko and katara did help each other to find peace and closure, and they were both on the same level mental and maturity wise.

And like, I think that Zuko would have done A LOT to make up for what the firenation did to the water tribe if his wife was of the water tribe. And that would have shown true progression. Not saying that Zuko wasn’t progressed or humbled, but I mean, we know that he feels guilty for the treatment of the water tribe, and I think he’d do all he can to give them rights and repay them, even if that meant integrating some of them into the fire nation.

And I’m pretty sure many of Katara’s people would follow her into the fire nation as well, and she could establish some rule and class along side Zuko, whom I believe would treat her equally because given he is fire nation, they are pretty much advocates for gender equality (more so now given the changing time).

And I think making two of the  main characters, who are from different and opposing cultures get together to try and ease all the tension and stuff that the 100rd year war brought would be efficient and would send a good message.


And just bcs she’s queen of the fire nation doesn’t mean she’d drop her water tribe culture. I think Zuko would try to preserve that, and would make sure that the fire nation never stepped on the water tribe culture again.

And it would be every empowering for a woman like Katara, to be in such a very high position but treated equally and held in reverence by the people who once opposed she and her people.

Like I am a little upset that there was a possibility zuko x katara could have been canon.

And it would have been made canon in a way where it wasn’t cliché at all.


So after listning to the Moana soundtrack pretty much constantly when i was bed ridden - I did something to pass the time. I just thought Auli’i voice sounds a lot like Katara’s and i just aughhhhhhhhh

doesn’t now you see me 2 look like a fanfiction rather than a real movie?

like did atlas and dylan have girlfriends? whatever man, let’s just pretend they didn’t

then let’s add a character who makes stupid jokes and also have merritt joke about gay stuff

and of course some meaningful dramatic scenes and lots of TENSION between dylan and atlas, i will go down with this ship

and then add some magic tricks or whatever, yeah and also let’s cast harry potter because why the fuck not

yeah, and morgan freeman’s character is also gay, right? he’s… he’s… he was dylan’s dad’s boyfriend!

aaaand there you have it, now you see me 2








I love all the talk of Rhys’s head and his hardware on my dash right now.

Like honestly Rhys would have to have gone through so much surgery on not only his head but that whole right side of his body as well.

With just the arm alone that’s a lot of weight to handle. Even if Rhys having his new arm with his Atlas look and probably using better and lighter materials that’s still a lot of weight to handle for his body to be carrying every single day. There are hydraulics and stiff in place to help remove that weight in terms of movement but still. With just the shoulder alone a lot of work and metal had to be put into it. Working with the bones in his shoulder and his rib cage. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that was replaced with more metal parts. And all the wiring too that is probably hidden under neath the skin.

Like when he was pulling out his arm so he wouldn’t be strangle by Jack he cloud clearly feel that. Wiring being pulling out of him and the strain it puts on his shoulder area and all that metal and it just tugging on his body. Of course it would hurt like hell. And the nerves it’s probably connected may or may not be over sensitive at times. That’s a lot of work and that’s just the arm.

As for his head that’s a whole ‘nother ball park.

There is no way in hell they didn’t open up the entirety of that boy’s head at some point in order to shove all they needed to. And I’m just loving the ideas I’m seeing on my dash from this. Like his head is probably a good portion of metal and wiring and I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of his neck vertebrae may have been adjusted and made to support the extra weight in that man’s head. With the port and how far it goes in and just the eye alone they would definitely have to open his head in order to get that in there. Not to mention all the other tech in order for his brain to properly function in a regular manner along with controlling all the technology he has in him.

Also considering how much his head gets knocked around his skull and brain has to be pretty damn secure to live through what he has been through. He’s the very definitely of hard headed and thick skilled at this point.

And with the brain function I have no doubt in my mind everything Rhys has done, thought, and seen are being stored electronically in his head. Especially when you put Jack into play. There was some cut audio to suggest this as well. Granted it was about ill timed boners but Jack found that. He’s a conglomerate of coding and he wouldn’t be able to do that in a regular brain setting. No Rhys is a walking, talking computer and his head is one big hard drive for himself and this AI to access.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if Rhys has lost some memory from his procedure.

And speaking of the AI I like to think that he isn’t gone either like some people have been saying. It could be possible that the Jack AI is still floating in his head in a dormant place just like Jack hard promised in a dark manner. I don’t think the eye itself could have held him and all the stuff needed for Rhys to function. If that happened I don’t think the dude would be alive after pulling his eye. His eye was more of a projector that only he could see. And with fucking himself up by pulling it out and the port it messed up the tech and the AI in his head and crushing the eye, if you did that, could really have been seen as a way to make himself feel better instead of really getting rid of Jack. Maybe he truly things he did get rid of him or trapped him if you kept it.

It’s just waiting, biding it’s time.

Gosh I love thinking about this.

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RWBY BoardGame Foreshadowing Theory

I can’t help but feel like the World of Remnant: The Boardgame that the girls were playing in Volume 2 Episode 2 is foreshadowing of some sort? o.o

…..I kinda feel like it is (i remember Weiss was playing as Vacuo….Ruby had Atlas….Blake was playing for Vale and I think Yang had Mistral)….I just really feel like there’s a lot more to their game here than the series was letting on.

I mean did you notice that Blake was playing as the Kingdom of Vale (and she was the first one to fold). ………..Hmm, I can’t help but feel like The Fall of Beacon / Vale was sorta foreshadowed here a bit. o.o

Hmm, I wonder - Does that mean that Atlas and Vacuo will be next?

Looking back: Yang was playing as Mistral and she was kicking soo much ass!!! (perhaps this is foreshadowing in the sense that Salem will take Haven/Mistral soon…..or worse case scenario: is already in control of Mistral/Haven.

I mean Qrow himself said in Volume 4 Episode 8 that the headmaster of Haven hasn’t sent word in like a long-ass while, and this was even before the Fall of Beacon…..Whose to say that Haven hasn’t already been secretly taken over or quietly infiltrated by Salem’s forces (a Good parallel here would be like during the 7th harry potter book when Voldemort had already quietly taken measures in regards towards slyly taking over The Ministry of Magic by placing Pius Thicknesse in charge once Rufus Scrimgeour fell). And I remember seeing a rwby plot-twist theory / speculation here on the rwby tumblr tag that Dr. Watts is the current headmaster of Haven (making it easy for Cinder and her crew to slip under the radar undetected when they attended Beacon Academy as Students from Haven during the whole Vytal Festival Tournament thing).

And let’s keep in mind that Yang (playing as Mistral) laid two trap cards:

The First one was against Ruby (Atlas). Destroyed her Alteisen Air Fleet

The Second was against Weiss (Vacuo). Destroyed her armies.

But what if Mistral ends up doing something a little more shady…..like something that will end up scapegoating / demonizing Atlas even further, like for example making the entire world of Remnant believe that Mistral / Haven had “fallen” thanks to Atlas (when in reality Salem had already taken control of Haven from the inside ages ago and was just biding her time, waiting for the perfect chance to strike); I mean the entire world of Remnant already believes that Atlas had something to do with the Fall of Beacon especially after the whole “Execute Order 66″ with the Alteisen Knights fiasco during the Battle of Beacon.

So, I wouldn’t be surprised if both Vacuo and Atlas end up being manipulated / geting played by Mistral later on and end up being pitted against each other, which will probably all go according to Salem’s Master plan, considering how she, you know wants to probably conquer the entire World of Remnant by: (dividing humanity, mankind, and the faunus even further).

^……I mean these two nations already have a really tense history with each other, considering that the SDC sorta went to Vacuo and practically took over all their resources when cultivating their dust-reserves, oh - and let’s not forget the infamous Great War between: (Atlas & Mistral) vs (Vale & Vacuo). So yeah, i mean it doesn’t seem all too unlikely to me to be honest. :/

Either way it’s a good thing that our beloved Weissy is gonna bust outta there soon, cause if my theory stands correct, and Haven / Mistral has already “fallen” aka been taken over by Salem and her forces,

…….Then Atlas is the one we should be really worrying about, cause it seems like it’s going to be in some pretty deep shit pretty damn soon. o.o

^Now wouldn’t that make for one helluva a plot-twist!?! xD

ATLA Characters Around Someone They Hate
  • Toph: "Yep, outta here!"
  • Katara: "Um...the thing you said...is just really...not right. Sorry..."
  • Mai: *layers and layers of ironic insults*
  • Azula: "Okey, stop speaking. You're done."
  • Zuko: "Please, leave me alone..."
  • Ty lee: "Welp, I gotta go. I have plans with that boy-I didn't tell you that earlier? Ooops, bye!"
  • Suki: *sigh a lot*
  • Aang: *makes subtle rude comment*
  • Sokka: *disproving everything they say*
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What do you do when you’re a rival company and want to make Handsome Jack of Hyperion suffer? Why, you hit him where he lives of course. His heart. That’s exactly what Atlas has planned, now that they’ve gotten their hands on the thing Jack loves most.


ok but can we talk about the fact that Katara was there for literally every step of Zuko’s redemption arc one on one with him somehow? like she literally sees every side of him

in book one, she sees pre-redemption zuko when he tied her to a tree. that’s their first encounter without any of the other team there.

then in book two, there’s the catacombs, once again just the two of them and he’s different and she knows it and he’s mid-redemption (then fucks it up but shh) and this is a side that no one else on team avatar sees

and then book three. goddammit book three. she thinks he’s back to pre-redemp zuko and she doesn’t trust him (with good reason, let’s be real here) and he wants to make it up to her so so so badly and he does with the southern raiders and asking her to fight with him bc he trusts her and respects her and she sees him make a complete 180 and she’s literally there every step and I don’t believe for one second that that’s an accident

A lot of people like to call out Katara in TSR for saying she was going to murder someone and justify Aang’s disagreement for that reason. Well I’d just like to point out two things:

1) Katara never said she was going to murder Yon Rha. She said she wanted justice… whatever that meant to her. It was her choice to make.
2) Aang wasn’t telling her not to do it because he thought murder itself was wrong. He was telling her not to do it because he thought his beliefs, which allowed him to forgive the sins of the past, were better than hers. He thought she was incapable of doing the right thing without his guidance.

And one more thing: Zuko also never said anything about murder.

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Looking at the comics version Zuko, his face somehow reminds me to Yue's jerk fiance, Hahn.

Yeah, this is a problem I had with Zuko’s character design even starting in Book 3. It seems like they were trying to age him up and it really annoyed me because it was distracting how different he looked compared to before. They slightly changed a lot of the character designs in Book 3, and it wasn’t just Zuko. But even the first time I watched, I thought he looked ugly a lot. He looked like this more in the very beginning of Book 1. But since his design changed so much over time, it was jarring to see him go back to that. I also feel like in Book 3, he looks like he’s in his late 20′s while the rest of the GAang looks so much younger and more of their age.

I really liked how he looked so much softer at the end of Book 2, when he was letting go of his anger. Zuko was angry a lot in Books 1 and 2, but when he wasn’t scowling, he had really soft features, like he has a naturally soft personality. In Book 3 he had this resting bitch face and his personality also seemed harsher. It didn’t fit with the direction they seemed to be taking his character after his fever, and I didn’t like it. At the end of Book 2, he actually looks more like he’s the same age as the rest of the GAang instead of so much older. I preferred that.

I guess they tried to make him look meaner, and more like a villain after he went bad in Ba Sing Se to fit more with Bryke’s vision of his character compared to Ehasz’ nicer and more gentler vision for Zuko. Even after he joined the group in Book 3, it’s like they wanted to make him look more like a gruff “bad boy”. And of course, he’s a “villain” again in the comics. I didn’t like how they often drew him with a horse face, either. His cheeks looked hollowed out and his eyes look all beady. He just looks so much older than the rest of the GAang. They look like kids/teens, while Zuko looks like he’s in his 30′s. Like he is old enough to be their parent instead of their friend.

It was definitely a deliberate attempt to redesign him after Book 2. And this continued in the comics. Looking at the notes, you can see exactly what they altered regarding his appearance compared to before:

  • Nose and mouth lower on his face
  • Thinner, pointier nose
  • Eyes more narrow
  • Cheeks more concave

I can see what you mean about him looking like Hahn. The square facial shape and the beady eyes. They probably wanted to make him look like that to dissuade Zutara shipping. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

I also didn’t like how they made his eyebrows skinnier and more angular. Just in general, I feel like he looked more caucasian and I wasn’t a huge fan. This is especially true in the comics. I liked how he looked more distinctly Asian before.

Starting with Book 3, I noticed other characters also looked different, though not to the extent of Zuko. Sokka and Katara looked washed out. Their hair color and skin tone were lighter. Maybe this was done on purpose because they were using white actors to play them in the movie. I don’t know.