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So studying anatomy is nothing like any other topic, especially when you study it at uni level, where they expect you to know every single small component of the body! So this guide is going to be concerning the musculoskeletal system and the nerves (PNS) and arteries in the body. 

I have mentioned some of these tips before but I will put them in here aswell and so this can work as sort of masterpost. This is like a more “overall” type of masterpost. So if you want to have topic specific posts for example for nerves and arteries then let me know. 

1. Find a study partner. First and foremost anatomy is so much easier when you are two dealing with it. Me and my study partner used to do anatomy spots together and by doing it two people together you can discuss what it could possibly be. You get to hear their train of thoughts which sometimes can be better than yours. Also you will have someone to quiz you and correct you when you say something wrong. 

2. Accept that it takes time. First step to learning anatomy is dedicating a lot of time. It is not easy, you are cramming so much information into your mind and for it to stay there you will have to go over the same topic again and again and again. And I know it is really frustrating and you are going to spent maybe 10 hours trying to figure out the muscles of the leg and then next week when you review it again it will feel like a whole new topic, but this is all a part of the proces, just keep revising again and again and again. 

3. The Atlas is your best friend. Invest in a good atlas, they are a little expensive but they work wonders because first of all they give you an image of what you study. And usually the text book images are not enough. In an atlas you will have “isolated” images but you will also have images where relations are shown. HOWEVER if you dont want to buy an actual atlas then maybe buy Complete anatomy which is a computer program that I also reffered to in my “5 sites every med student should know about” post. Here you can play around with the structures, view it from different angles and add on to it with other nearby structures or remove structures. 

4. Say it out loud. Pretty self explanatory. 

5. Create an overview. Rather than focusing on the details try to focus on creating an overview. Anatomy is already so difficult so dont complicate things for yourself. And if you know the basics then learning the details will be so much easier. 

6. Use a whiteboard. Speaking of creating an overview, try using a white board for this. It is such a good way for creating an overview. I think because deleting and writing is so easy it kinda makes it less stressful than writing in a note book where ofcourse you worry about the aesthetic. Also try to do this with your study partner. You can plan on studying a topic together so lets say for example the muscles of the leg, you both at home study it, try to memorize it, look at it in an atlas and then you two meet. Now when you meet you get infront of a white board and start talking and writing about what you guys think is important and when you guys cant go any further then grab your notes and then add more on to the board. 

7. MAKE IT VISUAL!. This is the most important step! Use bones, pay attention in your dissection classes, if you have the upportunity to touch, feel and look at structures then DO IT! This is the best way to learn. Spot as often as you can.

8. Make up rules. you can find a lot of them online, or just make some up yourself, me and my study partner did, for example the muscles  M. erector spinae: I (m. iliocostalis) Like (m. longissimus) Standing (m. spinalis). If you turn it into a “game” then remembering it will be much easier.

And most importantly dont stress your mind that much. Allow yourself to take breaks, because over feeding your mind with knowledge in a short period of time can also be very damaging since you will waste time and not remember most of what you studied.  

Good luck, stay motivated and stay dedicated




Above is the signing poster I made for this year, to celebrate the 10 years this Avatar universe has been out there in the world. Below is our schedule, once again:

Friday, 10-11 AM, Room 25ABC:  Dark Horse Comics panel with Mike & me

Friday, 12-2 PM, Dark Horse booth: signing with Mike & me (and maybe a special guest too, I’m not sure yet)

Friday, 4-5 PM, Oni Press booth: Invader Zim comic signing with Jhonen Vasquez & me

Saturday, 3-5 PM, Nickelodeon booth: signing with Mike & me (again, and maybe a special guest too, I’m not sure yet)

Ticket info for the Saturday Nickelodeon booth signing: Nick folk are handing out tickets on both Friday AND Saturday morning at the booth between 9:30 – 10:30am. Only 125 tickets will be handed out each day.

I know the overwhelming majority of people out there can’t make it to the increasingly-difficult-to-attend-and-prohibitively-expensive San Diego Comic Con. In addition to this, Mike and I haven’t had and don’t have the schedules to allow for us to attend the many great, smaller conventions all over the globe throughout the year. San Diego is very close to where we both live, so it is quick and easy for us to get down there. Being such a big convention, it is also one that companies like Nick and Dark Horse put a lot of their focus on and marketing resources towards. I just wanted to explain those factors, as I know it is probably frustrating for people who see all the SDCC chatter online and can’t participate in person. We appreciate that many of you ATLA/LOK fans out there would love for us to come to an event or hold a signing closer to your stomping grounds. During the productions of those series, we were mostly chained to our desks trying to meet an endless procession of deadlines and could only carve out a long weekend or two a year for conventions. Now we are busy with new endeavors and the ATLA/LOK events will taper to a large degree. But perhaps our respective new publishing projects will bring us on book tours and to other conventions around the world in the future, allowing us to meet more people we haven’t had a chance to yet. We love you folks! Thanks for your continued support!

I need a cooking show where the contestants are tasked with recreating fictional dishes


“Make this dish that showed up in that anime one time - it looks like this and it’s slightly spicy. This is all we know” *shows big picture on a screen*


“Your task today is to make a health potion. It should be able to stay preserved for a week in room temperature, at least. But it’s not like we can really check that on a 1 hour show. Still, keep it in mind”

and then the old man who lives alone with two dogs and a cat wins, and the gamer and the anime nerd look at him in horror whispering “how…” to themselves

or something

but yeah I need this

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I'm dying over the "beloved" mentor thing!!! oh God. You know even if sheith never becomes canon, their strength of their relationship and their feelings towards eachother still are, and I absolutely LOVE that. But on another note, do you think that the 'mentor' thing is creators nudging away sheith or is it possible for those feelings to change for both characters in the show? we already know they treat eachother as equals. And even katara was Aangs mentor in atla?

Shiro is beloved to Keith, they said. like, what kind of soft and tender shit…I’m so blessed…and you’re right, even if they never carry it in a more romantic direction, it’s obvious they still love one another and it’s just so heartwarming. And either way, I don’t think their comment was to try and discount sheith (especially considering how many people from the staff do like their relationship in a romantic context). 

Yeah, the dynamic between two characters can definitely change a lot over time, like with Katara and Aang. And in the case of Shiro and Keith, they seem like they’re honestly on equal ground. Much like the Black lion herself, Shiro never tries to command Keith, and instead trusts him to take risks and trust his instincts. He also believes Keith is more than capable of leading Voltron. When Kuron “rejoins” the team, Keith is still team leader. They both are. Keith isn’t training as Shiro’s successor, he’s actively commanding Voltron. 

Even the fact aside that they’re both managing the same responsibilities, their dynamic is entirely unlike a mentor and student. Their interactions are far more intimate than anything else you see from the team. Keith sees Shiro for the first time in a year and he gently reaches out to touch his face, like he can’t quite believe he’s real. Shiro wants to comfort Keith and they end up hugging one another so tight the princess literally stops and stares, visibly perturbed by the fact that a galra is capable of such tenderness. 

In BOM Kolivan explains that Keith’s hologram takes the form of Shiro because he’s just so desperate to see him–because Shiro is the physical manifestation of his greatest hopes and dreams. Holo-Shiro also says that if he leaves then Keith will be all alone. There’s a very close intimacy that almost borderlines dependency implied there. And you would not see that from a mentor and student. Similarly, Josh’s comment that Keith’s “always scared he’s gonna say or do something wrong and he’s gonna lose Shiro,” definitely feels more in line with a romantic relationship. I’m pretty sure there are some boundaries that are crossed that make them far too affectionate with one another for just a team leader and their successor. They’re also close enough in age that Keith refers to Shiro as being like a brother, and just that fact feels very off. You wouldn’t go up to someone you saw as a teacher and call them your brother or sister. It carries a sense of familiarity that just wouldn’t sit right. 

Moreover, you would typically expect a mentor to look after their successor. That isn’t the case here. Instead, Keith is typically portrayed as the one taking care of Shiro. Keith runs to his side when he’s in danger. When he fears he’s dying, Keith softly reassures him, promises that he’ll be there soon and everything will be okay. Saving Shiro was literally Keith’s introduction, and Shiro’s name is the first word on his lips. From their very first scene together, you automatically associate them with one another. And you see Keith go from untamed rage to completely vulnerable in an instant. Keith protects Shiro, acts like a knight sworn to defend him.

This fact is so poignant that Kuron even asks about it. And Keith tells him, with the fondest look, that of course he’ll always be there to save him. “As many times as it takes.” 

Even just the fact that Keith alone is allowed to see Kuron when he’s recovering is curious. Again, Keith is the one placed in a caretaker role, and he says things like “Well, if you’re feeling up to it,” never once pressuring Shiro and rather trying to be encouraging while still affirming that it’s okay to not be okay. That Shiro should take his time and go at his own pace. He also says “we’ll be on the bridge,” before he leaves, a subtle way of saying, “This is where I’ll be, come find me if you need anything.” 

Keith is the person really supporting Shiro, the one always at his side when he needs someone. It’s a very unusual dynamic, and one that I think certainly defines Keith as more than someone who’s just training to take up Shiro’s mantle. Also, I personally can’t really see Keith referring to anyone else on the team as “beloved” at this point. So again, there’s this level of intimacy there that I think other character interrelationships lack. 


Avatar Korra cosplay
Hope Kutsche

Edit: Thank you all for the notes! I really, really enjoyed finally having a character who was real representation for me. Being half Chinese, I really don’t see any characters that look a lot like me. But not only does Korra look not completely Chinese or Asian, she is definitely not white. And she is bisexual, just like me. Korra is the first character I’ve ever really been able to see myself in, and cosplaying as her was the best thing I’ve ever done.

The amulet of Daylight and its armor and sword were, presumably, created together since the amulet summons the armor and sword to appear, correct? You can’t get the armor and sword without first using the amulet. By all accounts, from what we’ve seen, it shouldn’t be possible then for the amulet and armor to be capable of separating when the armor is in use. The amulet was designed to fit into the armor’s breastplate. That’s where it belongs.

until Jim inserts the last Triumbric Stone and summons Eclipse.

And Jim doesn’t rip the amulet out either, right? The amulet just doesn’t insert itself into the armor after the transformation like it normally does. Instead, it falls back into Jim’s hand and once the bridge is opened Jim lets it hit the ground behind him and the amulet doesn’t make to go after him. Almost like the amulet and armor aren’t compatible with each other anymore.

Which of course makes sense, since the amulet was crafted to house Daylight. You could argue it was meant to house Eclipse too, since Merlin was also responsible for that power’s creation, but the dude seemed pretty set on hiding Eclipse from everyone forever. Maybe he realized it was bad news when he was experimenting with it, for the amulet or the wielder. If Daylight is Merlin’s glory maybe Eclipse is his mistake. Or maybe Daylight and Eclipse are just two opposing forces that can’t coexist in the amulet.

I lean towards the former because of the amulet’s reluctance to bond to the Eclipse armor even with the Triumbic Stones in place. It’s like the connection between the amulet and armor has been severed, as if the amulet has been rewired in a sense by the addition of the Stones, as if the amulet is rejecting bonding to Eclipse. If Eclipse was meant to be there, the amulet and armor would have automatically bonded together as normal. It would’ve been a smooth transition, natural. It wasn’t.

This is just one of many red flags that speak of ill fortune for Jim and the amulet because of Eclipse. Toby is the first to point out that the “evil poem” about Eclipse makes him uneasy. The poem itself pretty much states that you can’t be “worthy” of the amulet to prevail with Eclipse, which sounds like Jim might lose what made him worthy of Daylight while wielding Eclipse. It’s literally powered by Gunmar. Its red and black like Bular, like the infamous “Dark Side” in Star Wars…

Its use, under the circumstances, goes against Jim’s duty as a Trollhunter as well. Protection. Keeping the peace. The Greater Good. Kanjigar stresses this to Jim when Jim wants to save Claire’s brother at the risk of opening the bridge. In the finale when Jim chooses to use Eclipse over Daylight, he’s taking protection to the personal extreme. He’s not keeping the peace by picking a fight with Gunmar. And he’s not thinking about the Greater Good. He’s thinking about Aaarrrghhh!’s loss. He’s thinking about his mother’s brush with death. He’s thinking about Blinky and the friends Gunmar has threatened to take away from him.

This is all dangerous. Its the reason Kanjigar initially opposed Jim working with others, because he was gonna get his friends killed or his friends were gonna get him killed. That’s not to say that the Trollhunter doctrine isn’t without flaws however, as Kanjigar admits in the end that Jim’s friends have been a great help to him. It hints that maybe, if Eclipse is supposed to be the opposite of Daylight, some good can come from it where Daylight and the Trollhunter doctrine fail per se. I don’t think Daylight and Eclipse are cut and dry Good and Bad. But I do think Eclipse is more dangerous, is capable of more readily causing bad if not controlled.

And I do think, no matter what happens, its going to leave Jim and the amulet changed, as evidenced already by the amulet’s seemingly severed connection with its armor. I do think, no matter what happens, the amulet, like Jim, is never again going to quite fit where it used to belong.

Even if the Triumbric Stones can be removed if need be, I don’t think its going to totally undo what’s been done, not after we saw Jim “leveling up” with new weapons after gaining each Stone, not if Eclipse has a big impact on the story. The writers wouldn’t be so quick to take that away. Jim will probably have to live with the consequences of his decisions, whether he likes it or not.

Personally I’d like to see Eclipse initially damaging Jim and the amulet, but when he returns home he finds the Triumbric Stones can’t be easily removed (if removed at all) from the amulet so he’s kinda stuck with Eclipse along with Daylight. He has to learn to master both powers, at a great reluctance at first because he’s experienced how bad Eclipse can be firsthand and isn’t eager to repeat all that. But this eventually levels out into an easy balance of the two forces. Sorta like, Jim has to live with his bad choices, but he’s gonna try to make the best out of a bad situation.

just waiting for the AtLA ripoff series that’s like





long ago, the four countries lived together in melody. then, everything changed when the burning man attacked

only the aviator, master of all four thingies, could stop them. but when the world needed him most, he went bye-bye

a hundred and one years passed and my brother and i discovered the new aviator, a windbreaker named Oblong. and although his windbreaking skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone…

…but i believe that Oblong can save the everyone”

*off-key recorder version of the atla music begins*

Zutara from a former Zutarian POV

Disclaimer: This post is not about why Kataang is “superior” or none of that anti-zutara bs

I can’t ship Zutara anymore and I haven’t been able to ship it since I was 12. And as someone who’s matured and been through stuff as everybody does I have realized why I stopped shipping Zutara, 

With the content we were given there is no substantial reasoning for that ship. And yes I can see the “compatibility” between the two of them but I can’t see them actually falling in love and I don’t think I have ever even when I shipped them. 

And you can complain all you want about Bryke wanting the love aspects of ATLA to focus on Kataang soley. I mean they did kill off Katara’s only other love interest (Jet) and gave the only other person Katara could have perhaps started a relationship with a fugly mustache (I’m talking about you Haru)

But I’m not talking about Bryke or any of the behind the scenes aspects of the show. I’m talking about the story and the character relationships. Katara and Zuko have this pure connection between each other that’s not tainted by wanting to bang each other. 

In this modern era, a guy can’t do something nice for a woman without that women suspecting that the guy just wants get in her pants. Because that’s what our society is like, people just courting each other 24/7. But with Zutara there was no banging intention or romance. They respect each other as equals.

Zuko wasn’t put in the ‘friend zone’ and Katara wasn’t secretly hiding feelings from him. And you know why? Because they were truly at the height of a balanced platonic relationship and sure that sounds lame and ridiculous. But not wanting to pair them together means a lot for me personally. It means that a connection like this isn’t chivalry (and chivalry is by no means bad but the intention of wanting to bang do ruin some of the aspects) but just a physical showing of gratitude for the other person’s existence. 

the thing that makes me scream
  • Someone: How much have you read this summer?
  • Me: Omg, a lot. I think I've read 17 fanfictions and-
  • Someone: Oh, no not fanfiction. I mean like how much have you actually read?
  • Me: ... Fanfictions are the same length as regular novels.
  • Someone: Yeah but they don't count.

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Why didn’t you like legend of Korra??

It started out with promise…but ended up feeling more like…idk a fan fiction? Nothing against doc writers of course, since some fics are often better than the canon. Not the case with this one though lol.

The immediate love triangle with Korra and the two brothers really bugged me. But what got me the most was when we hit the spirit aspect. I hated it. In atla, the spirit world felt mystical, hardly tangible, I loved it. Then in Korra it felt like this cutesy thing with some aspects drawn from the original? I didn’t like it one bit. I think I pushed through the season that focused on that, but stopped watching shortly afterwards. Or maybe I finished it, I can’t really recall.

The whole storylines really just didn’t have the same feel. Atla had one goal from start to finish. Defeat the fire lord, save the world. The characters were well rounded, I loved them. Zuko’s character was written perfectly, his motives felt reasonable (for a kid). The antagonists in Korra were just…idk kind of bland and unreasonable? It had promise with the dude with a mask but after that it just kept jumping around…the avatar origin story weirded me out a lot, didn’t feel very connected with atla. I didn’t like what they did to owl spirit dude.

I guess Korra and the one lady end up together, but I’m not a fan of throwing in representation and then ending…doesn’t really feel like representation if you don’t show anything of it lol. The animation and art was good, I’ll give it that.

Not that it has much to do with this, but when I first got Rex I was rewatching atla for the first time in YEARS and that’s one of the ways we bonded. I’d just sit in my chair while she was on my shoulder or desk, she really liked watching the moving images and sounds, her favorite part was prolly my reactions though hehe.


’ We are never going into the woods again! ’
’ I think if you ever want to get in my pants again… ’
’ Affirmative. ’
’ Excuse me, sir, do you have a payphone? ’
’ Uh, this one’s not working. Do you have another phone I could use? ’
’ Do you have another phone I could use? ’
’ Uh… what isn’t long distance from here, right? ’
’ Long distance? ’
’ You cuttin’ wise with me, son? ’
’ I’m running behind and I really need to make a call. ’
’ The highway’s really jammed up. ’
’ Do you know of another route heading south? ’
’ Well, that there’s my only phone. ’
’ Hey, why’s this Bear Mountain Road dotted like this? ’
’ Bet they ain’t got around to paving it yet. ’
’ looks like it runs in the highway about fifteen, twenty miles. ’
’ Thank you very much. Take care, okay? ’
’ If you say so. ’
’ You’re the one who’s gonna need to take care. ’
’ Hey, what’s your name? ’
’ That is not funny. ’
’ Look’s who scared now… Sorry. ’
’ I think they need to be alone. ’
’ Just get me to a motel room and run me a very hot bath. ’
’ Be prepared to provide me with a lot of orgasms. ’
’ Whoa, wait guys, this road isn’t on here. ’
’ That’s because we don’t have the redneck world atlas. ’
’ Let’s make this quick. ’
’ I don’t know, but can you help me find the bathroom? ’
’ Baby, I think this is the bathroom. ’
’ Okay, who lives here? ’
’ If there is a next house. ’
’ What, the next house is gonna have a white picket fence? ’
’ Actually, maybe we should keep walking. ’
’ Can you hold this? ’
’ ‘Cause we’re gonna knock this fucker outta the tree! ’
’ I can’t believe they called us stoners. ’
’ You know, we should’ve just taken her to New York. ’
’ No, you know how she loves this outdoors stuff. ’
’ Yeah. If you ask me, though, nature sucks. ’
’ Well, the next time she gets dumped we’ll take her to New York. ’
’ God, look at this place. ’
’ Yeah, it’s like the garage sale from hell. ’
’ We need to keep ourselves alive, or it was for nothing. ’
’ We’re gonna stay alive. We’re gonna get out of this. ’
’ We’re gonna get out of these woods, we’re gonna find the police. ’
’ We’re gonna make sure those motherfucks are punished for this. ’
’ I’d rather jump than burn to death! ’
’ Okay, you guys go, and we’ll just stay here. ’
’ Where did you get this? ’
’ I found it in my dad’s room, actually. ’
’ Drop your pants. ’
’ When do people always show up, ______? ’
’ Consider it an experiment in probability theory. ’
’ What are we doing? ’
’ No, they’re not. You were dreaming. ’
’ Okay, you’re great. You got the line? ’
’ C'mon, you motherfuckers. Just die. ’
’ Goddamnit! Hey? Did you find anything to eat? ’
’ Y'know, I think this guy must be some kind of doctor! ’
’ Maybe we should get him to write us some prescriptions. ’
’ He doesn’t have any smokes either. ’
’ Where are you? Are you pissing or something? ’
’ Are you pissing or something? ’
’ Why don’t we just wait for someone else to come along? ’
’ Hey, hey, hey. What’re you doing? ’
‘ I was gonna see if they had a phone. ’
’ I’m just thinking West Virginia, trespassing, not a great combination. ’
’ I mean, you guys can wait out here if you want. ’
’ You can’t just go barging into someone’s house like that. ’
’ Well, I need to remind you of a little movie called Deliverance. ’
’ Look, I need to pee. ’
’ We’re gonna find a road, we’re gonna get to a town, and we’re goin’ home. ’
’ And we are never going into the woods again. ’
’ And we’re gonna get married. All right? ’
’ We are gonna get out of this, I swear to you. ’
’ _______, sweet pea, look at me. ’
’ What, like Speed Racer here? ’
’ We’re almost out… ’
’ Did you find anything to eat? ’
’ Whoo! Whoo-hoo! Oh, yeah! ’
’ Say mayday. ’
’ They’re here! ’
’ We’re all in this together. Come on. ’
’ _______, look at me, okay? ______ died protecting us. ’
’ Whatever. Just get me to a motel room. ’
’ ‘Cause you’re the mule. ’

doesn’t now you see me 2 look like a fanfiction rather than a real movie?

like did atlas and dylan have girlfriends? whatever man, let’s just pretend they didn’t

then let’s add a character who makes stupid jokes and also have merritt joke about gay stuff

and of course some meaningful dramatic scenes and lots of TENSION between dylan and atlas, i will go down with this ship

and then add some magic tricks or whatever, yeah and also let’s cast harry potter because why the fuck not

yeah, and morgan freeman’s character is also gay, right? he’s… he’s… he was dylan’s dad’s boyfriend!

aaaand there you have it, now you see me 2


So after listning to the Moana soundtrack pretty much constantly when i was bed ridden - I did something to pass the time. I just thought Auli’i voice sounds a lot like Katara’s and i just aughhhhhhhhh


can ya’ll please stop acting like jim doesn’t give a shit about studying the troll lore book because he clearly does


i really want an Azula recovery story

i would settle for it being a side plot

i just need to see her making an effort to be good

like i realize that she really is not a good person, but she is smart

Ozai completely destroyed her, but i think that at least a small part of her knows that her mother and Zuko love her and actually want to help her

i need her to return to the palace, apologize in a really awkward, backhanded, sort of way and then try to integrate herself into the life there

her making really bad jokes in an attempt to be friendly

the gaang being unsure of how to react to said jokes

her learning that not everyone is conspiring against her

zuko awkwardly helping her and trying to act like a good big brother so they can have the sort of relationship that Katara and Sokka have

her learning to trust people

I just need Azula to be okay

Are you Watching Closely?  1 The Beginning Act

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Jack Wilder x Reader (Dylan’s niece)

Words: 1673

Summary: After losing your mother to cancer, your uncle Dylan was the only family you had. Since your mother had helped him plan his revenge against Thadeus, you couldn’t help but be drawn into the mess. Dylan kept his life with you separate from the FBI and from the Eye but that all changes when he asks you to take Henley’s place as a Horseman.

Note: I love Dave Franco. I love Mark Ruffalo. This is just combining those two together and I hope you guys enjoy and want to see more of this series. It will take place all through and a little after the second Now You See Me. I also wanted to have some scenes in between the major plots, like flights and other trips. What better way to come out of hiatus than with a new series?

“Show me another one!” You demanded, your eyes bright with amazement. Your uncle gave you a small smile.

“Sorry kid.” He ruffled your hair and stood up from his seat beside you. “I have to get back to work. But I’ll be back as soon as I can, okay?” You pouted.

“But what if he shows up again?” You wondered, thinking about the tall creepy man who often came to visit  your mother.

“Then you give me a call and I’ll be here sooner than you can say Abracadabra, okay?” He pulled you in for a long hug. “Tell your mom I said hi. And remember-” He waved your card in front of your face. “The closer you look…”

“The less you see.” You finished, snatching the card from his fingers. A Jack of Hearts. Your favorite card. He gave you one final kiss on the forehead before walking out of the hospital waiting room. “Uncle Dylan!” You yelled before he stepped into the elevator. He turned back towards you. You held up the card in your hand and tossed it to him. When he picked it up, he received the Queen of Spades. He flashed you an impressed smirk as the elevator doors closed.

Thirteen Years Later

It was a tough crowd to please. Or at least, tough to please while still wearing clothing. The group of frat guys in front of you were practically drooling, but none of them were really impressed with your tricks.You decided to start the main event.

“For my next trick, I am going to need a volunteer….” You dangled a pair of handcuffs in your hand. “To help me put on these.” The crowd’s hands shot up, each boy shouting wildly at you to pick them. One in particular stood out. He was grinning at you like you were a piece of meat and he had a very expensive looking gold watch. Perfect. “How about you?” You pointed to him and his friends hollered and whistled as he jumped up onto your makeshift stage. “Would you kindly make sure that these are secure and tight?”

“Anything you want sweetheart.” He purred and you faked a smile. He strapped on the cuffs, sending a thumbs up to his friends in the audience. You were so going to enjoy this.

“As you can see, these are not  faulty cuffs.” You tried to pull your hands apart, the chain clanking.

“Kinky!” A very drunk nineteen year old shouted. You winked in their direction, biting back your disgust as pretty-boy took a good long look at your ass. You kindly ushered him off of the small stage.

“Now if one of you would close that curtain there.” He shrugged and started pulling the curtain across the stage. “A girl’s gotta have a little privacy.” As the curtain fully closed, you made sure they weren’t peaking through before picking the locks on the cuffs and hitting the button on the remote in your pocket. You soared down into the trap door right as the boy yelled.

“That bitch took my wallet! And my watch!” He threw open the curtain but it was too late. You were gone… and about seven hundred bucks richer.

Keep reading