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100 Prompts That Will Make You Cry: Part 1

Unfortunately, my amigos, we managed to come up with 100 prompts. Here’s part 1:

  1. You’re a ghost haunting your own funeral. You see that nobody showed up.
  2. What are these strangers doing in your house? You’re confused and angry, it’s been a week and it seems like they’re not leaving, they’re not even paying attention to you. You’re the ghost haunting your house without knowing it.
  3. A single man and dog run the Iditarod only to show up with the medicine for his daughter too late. This is his story.
  4. You fight for a noble cause. You complete all the necessary steps. You reach the top of the world doing good deeds to improve peoples lives. It’s your first day of retirement and you watch your hard work comes undone before your eyes.
  5. “You can’t understand how it is to feel this worthless. I just want it all to go away! I want it all to STOP!”
  6. Despite everything they did, everything they went through. It was made clear that their attempts were pointless, as they were too late to save them.
  7. The only thing left for you to do was to leave forever
  8. You didn’t visit your parent figure in hospital the day before they passed away because you wanted to finish your homework. Less than 24 hours later, you get a message from your sibling. “They passed away this morning.”
  9. No matter how hard you try, they just laugh at you. You are a joke, a game, you don’t matter. You’ve had enough.
  10. “Robert, you can’t just leave! There are fifty kids waiting for you! You promised you’d get us out alive. You told them so!” “No, darling, I promised I’d get us out alive. Us, being me and my 500 grand. Thanks for your help, by the way. Sorry about the boiled alive thing. Chao!”
  11. Why did you leave me? It’s been 15 years. Why did you leave? I can’t just accept the fact that you showed up on my doorstep expecting an apology. I have a family now. And I can’t let you pull me into your problems.
  12. Your school, company, or organisation has required you to go to therapy for a potentially traumatic incident. This is the session when you decide to tell the story of becoming estranged from your last living relative.
  13. You can only watch the live news helplessly as, thousands of miles away, an tsunami happens in the country your best friend happens to be visiting
  14. “My head is full of you but my arms are empty.”
  15. Best Friends Forever", we used to say. But now we aren’t even talking anymore. When I see them anywhere, another person is by their side, a new best friend. And I, I am all alone.
  16. Person A shares something that no one knew about them and it is very personal and then they get outcasted by their family and person B is the only one to support them as they cry.
  17. The fire was pretty, swirling in shades of blue and green and purple, if you could ignore the fact it was destroying the planet.
  18. A crying child in the hospital bed looks to you for answers. She wants to know where her mommy is. You have no answer.
  19. “I cannot take it anymore, Sam. You don’t tell me anything, you’ve been disappearing for hours, you have phone calls you don’t want me to hear, and now you forgot our anniversary. I’m done being patient. I have packed my things, you can keep the car and the house. Goodbye.” A small box fell out of his fingers, and a ring with a diamond shining merrily on the band rolled away, as the phone stopped playing out the voicemail.
  20. You unlock your phone, and, ignoring the shaking of your hand, answer the call. “Hey” you say, not even trying to compress the wound, too far gone as you already are, “no, i’m fine. I’ll be with you in a minute or two…”
  21. I knew it would be there, I saved for this special occasion. It was my deserved reward after a shitty day and it was gone. The cupcake was gone.
  22. it was finally summer, his favorite season. He sat up in his bed and told you all about what he did last year. He rode his bike everywhere, he played so many games with his friends, he swam in the town park pool… you were the doctor, and you had come in to bring his parents out of the room to talk to them about how the cancer had spread unexpectedly.
  23. You’ve just had an unpleasant lunch with your family and one of your siblings has just told you that you’ve been horrible the entire meal. What now?
  24. Your mom starts crying
  25. you walk down the street and you see a familiar face. Your heart starts beating faster and you speed up, because Gosh, you haven’t seen them in the longest time, but then as you are about to reach them and scream their name, you suddenly stop because remember that it can’t be them because you’re now on the other side of the world, and you left the person you love far away….
  26. It’s your grandfather’ funeral. The place is packed, he was loved by so many. Then, a small child puts a cup of coffee by his ashes.. (“Have this grandpa, it’s time to wake up”)
  27. The person you love has to be killed in order to save other people. Their death guarantees the others’ safety and it is the right thing to do, and they want to do it, but you have to kill them. So you do.
  28. you have the power to bring back the dead. You quickly realize that this comes with draw-backs since certain parts of them stay dead. someone close to you had an accident and this is the most difficult decision of your life.
  29. the smallest coffins are the heaviest.
  30. Her answer is to gently cup your face with trembling hands. Her smile is gentle and so, so sad. Her breathy whisper reaches your ears, “because love is watching someone die,” and shatters your world.
  31. It had always been her. From the first day you saw her, you knew that she was the one, the one you wanted to spend your entire life with. Day by day, that future became a little more solid, a little more opaque. Until you watched it shrivel, collapse and die when strangers pulled a frail, familiar body out of the wreck.
  32. you wake up to silence, except for the sound of quiet sobbing and a set of packed suitcases in the hall.
  33. “I’m going to… take a nap… just for a minute. I’ll be… right back.” He lies down just where he sat. “Could you… hold my hand?”, he asks of her. She moves carefully around the table, as not to disrupt the game that they will certainly continue. He rests his head on her knees. “Are you there?”, he asks. “Yes, I’m here.” He holds her hand tighter. “Are you there?”, he asks, slowly his voice getting quieter and weaker….
  34. You and your family were in a car crash. You think you’ve survived but in the hospital you found you’ve died and you watch your parents, your SO, your children and your friends mourn. You don’t leave earth. You remain there watching over your loved ones, but when they die, they don’t join you. You are by yourself forever.
  35. Driving home, you hit something. Getting out, you realize it’s your pet who went missing a few months ago
  36. Using the word ‘almost’ is the most melancholic way to describe an upsetting moment. She almost got there in time. He almost caught her. She almost told her. They almost made it.
  37. You realise animals no longer acknowledge your existence. They can’t seem to see or hear you. Your best friend is your dog.
  38. “I’ll never be perfect in my parents’ eyes no matter what I do.”
  39. When you were 7, you were kidnapped when for 15 years. At the age of 22, you are finally rescued. Write about your time held in captivity and what it was like when you were saved.
  40. Time and time again, the prompt guy refuses my Danny DeVito suggestions
  41. “You’re the worst teacher I ever had, but I don’t want you to leave, because you were also the best, in a way.”
  42. after always feeling like you were never wanted around, someone decided to tell you how you felt is exactly right. and now you have a fire in your heart you’ve decided to do something about it.
  43. He was supposed to protect me. Instead he became the one I needed protection from.
  44. “We’ll be finally be able to be together. Just one more year. Then we can finally be happy.” That was the last thing you said to your lover before going back off to war. Now you find yourself in an empty house, holding one last letter addressed to you and the memories of a lifetime of unfulfilled promises.
  45. I’m not sure which was worse: keeping it a secret for so many years, or the look on my mom’s face when I told her.
  46. you moved in a new town a few months ago. One of your friend tells you that he heard your best friend say “There’s no point staying in touch, we won’t see each other ever again.”
  47. “I’m sorry sir, but we’re all out of chicken nuggets.”
  48. You are a stray dog. Your master lost you 3 years ago. You go on an epic and heart-filled journey to find your master, not knowing that they are already dead.
  49. It was the first time your parents said the word proud in relation to you, but you could just feel that was nothing more than a backhanded compliment. It only made you feel terrible.
  50. After five years, they were finally back together. But time had torn them apart and as much as they tried, they were unable to love each other again.
  51. The dark and dreary realisation finally hit you: You’re the one in the coffin. This is your funeral. All these people are upset and crying over you.
  52. The war had been ravaging the country for years. You fought for your country, you shed your blood, you did your part. And yet a mistake is going to be your undoing. Write your last letter before your execution to a daughter you will never come back to.
  53. Your siblings played a game with you, it was called “Who can ignore you the most”. But it’s okay, you knew they love you, because there was still food on the table, and bedtime was still shared in the same room. It’s been years, you’re in the worst time of your life now, and you feel the need to reach out for help. You hope the game is over by now.
  54. You’ve been messaging someone online for years now, chatting with them about this and that every so often. They stopped logging on a month ago. You have no way of knowing if they’re okay, and can only watch and wait for a reply.
  55. You read a late familiar’s diary from decades ago. You knew nothing about them before this moment.Their insight in life is what you need to solve your problems, and your insight could have helped save their life.
  56. “I am so tired.” She whispered to him, inches away from jumping of that bridge.
  57. Every time your father leaves for work, you wonder if he’s going to die. You make sure to say “i love you” every day before he goes, but one day you forget…
  58. you’re the last member of your species, your culture, your language. Scientists are around you, waiting for every bit that you can share, for them to document. They don’t care about you. Although you’re surrounded by people, you’re alone.
  59. your idol, a vegetarian, was forcefully fed a hotdog
  60. Write about the small and big sacrifices mothers make for their children.
  61. You are trapped in a “coma” can hear everything around you, including friends and family coming to say goodbye before your life-support is taken away due to lack of insurance. They can’t prove you aren’t brain dead. You can’t say goodbye back.
  62. “The monsters won’t come and hurt me will they daddy?” “As long as I’m around,” he said, giving you a goodnight kiss. “No one will ever hurt you.” “You’ll come home right? Promise?” “I Promise.” But he failed to keep his promise. He never came home and the monsters got you after all.
  63. Tell the story of someone who goes about daily life, well, tries to anyway. It’s hard for them because they had severe depression. Tell of their struggles and trials. But also tell of their successes.
  64. For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never worn.
  65. you’re the last person in the world and you just lost hope for finding anyone else
  66. You went on a great quest with your friends. You slayed monsters together, fended off enemies, and overcame all challenges that came your way. However, your friends perished at the final boss. You’ve just defeated him, and the reality is sinking in.
  67. You are the new Death. The torch has been passed down to you for reasons you don’t know. It is now your job to take the lives of those whose time is up, old or young. Are you prepared to do it? And why were you chosen?
  68. You have become immortal through a game that destroyed your universe. You and and your friends recreated the universe. You remember, they do not. The big bad from the game haunts your dreams.
  69. You wake up and smell something burning. You think someone is making breakfast. You get up to see your house is on fire and you’re the only survivor.
  70. As the crowd around you cheers for your brother’s assassin, you hold him in your arms as you watch his life fade. He was the most hated man in the world, a brutal dictator, a tyrant worse than your father ever was. He was the very kind of man who you hated yourself. Yet you’re crying, looking down upon his smiling face as he watches the crowd and his killer in his final moments, because in the end this was what he promised you. He promised to make a world where no one would have to fight anymore, where there can be peace. And now that the most hated man is dead, there can be.
  71. After a long fulfilling life, you find yourself in the past, at the lowest point of your life. Your family is gone, your friends don’t know who you are, and you’re left with nothing. What do you do?
  72. there’s no pizza in the fridge
  73. You love children and plan to have some one day, until you find out at a doctors appointment that you are infertile…
  74. It’s the effort that counts but it’s the result that’s remembered. Write a story about someone who spent years devoted to their passion but their efforts remain unrecognised, unappreciated because they were ultimately unsuccessful, even after death.
  75. “…you never really loved me, did you.” and the silence said it all
  76. you are a dog going into the vet. You have no idea why your owner is crying. You have no idea that it’s your last visit.
  77. Your parents just told you that they’re getting a divorce.
  78. Your best friend/SO has wronged the gods and has 24 hours to live. You can trade your life for theirs by putting your essence by the mercy of the gods. What do you do?
  79. he spat angrily as he raised what remained of his son “I NEVER LOVED YOU”
  80. write a story where you build up to one character’s death. In the end, that character survives, but another character dies instead.
  81. You are a time traveler, but you never knew it. The only time you successfully did it was when you were a baby, and you’ve grown up a long time away from your original life. One day, you find a shrine… Dedicated to you, by your original family.
  82. You sat across from them at the table, and realized that you had both run out of things to say to each other.
  83. Write a story about an adventurous character who somehow survives all the trouble they get into. These are the memories of an old person, as they remember what they did, with a week of less left before their last breath.
  84. Everyone else had moved on further. You have missed your opportunity to move along with them, and you are the only one left behind in the gray lands. All because of your most annoying habit
  85. “But I rescued you from-” “You killed the dragon! You killed my best friend!”
  86. When you were little, you lost your parents in a house fire. Now, you’ve found out that you have the power to control fire, and are starting to suspect that the fire that killed your parents wasn’t a cooking accident after all..
  87. You spent the past 10 minutes walking back and forth from the lobby to the dance floor in search of them, worrying your ass off. They finally decide to come out and they curse at you for ruining their night.
  88. It was horrible, a pain unbearable to you, the feeling of your soulmate breaking down. The person you once loved, now shattered and scarred from trauma. The worst of part of it, you were helpless. All you could do was sit and watch, but you’d get your revenge. On Death himself.
  89. Your maths teacher gives you a school detention despite the fact that you are 110% innocent of everything you’ve been accused of.   You are forced to stare at a wall for half an hour in silence to think about ‘what you’ve done.’  What happens now?
  90. You confess to your parents about your depression and suicidal thoughts, but they just shrug it off as you being over dramatic. Months later and the sight of your parents still hurts you deep inside, because they never understood you.
  91. You’re in love with your coworker, who’s married and has two kids. He’s quitting job today. He tells you that he loves you.
  92. You’re in a room full of onions.
  93. You’re just about to start your period and you’ve been craving Chinese food all week. You finally get said Chinese food, get home, pull it out of the bag and drop it. You start scream-crying, and your family runs into the room to check on you. What happens next?
  94. Your daughter has been bullied ever since she’s started school due to the fact that you aren’t the richest of families in a pretty nice neighborhood. When she begs you to buy her a doll everybody likes, you know you won’t be able to afford it.
  95. You hide in your room and clutch a pillow, listening to the abusive language your family members through at each other. You hear your youngest sibling being physically abused again, and his screams echo throughout the house.
  96. “We found cancerous tissue. I’m sorry.” “What a way to start my first day of college.” (comment: this actually happened to me, I was diagnosed with cancer my first day of college)
  97. An old man is on his death bed, riddled with dementia.  Volunteering for the elderly with no family left, you visit, but he mistakes you for son or daughter.
  98. I looked in the mirror and realized who was staring back. It was someone I wasn’t content with.
  99. Write a story through the perspective of an abused cat on their 9th life.
  100. Tell a story about a person who never appears in photographs because they were always behind the camera, looking wistfully at everyone’s smiling faces. It is only after they’re long gone that someone finally notices. Old memories are brought up.

85. I went to the beach once, 500 years later I still have fucking sand in my shoes.
93.  You know that feeling when you’re not your favourite person’s favourite person, and it kind of feels like you’re constantly swallowing sand.

Hope you’ll like it! :)

You know how everyone has their good days and bad days? Well, today was your bad day. Everything had the power to annoy you. You were on the verge of starting a fight with this old lady in the bus who was commenting something about your ripped jeans.

But you bit your tongue and came home salty instead so you can go and make other people’s lives just as miserable. 

“You have no idea how nasty she was looking at me ‘Young people and their rebelious way of dressing’ ah she was lucky I still have respect for old people.”- you growled, narrowing your eyes at the ceiling, laying down on your best friend’s bed.

Bucky has been sitting on the chair across you for almost an hour now, and for someone who was listening to your rant for so long, he wasn’t showing any signs of boredom at all! In fact, he was looking quite amused, with one hand rested on the back of the chair, so he can lean his chin on it.

“You know what? Why is it so sunny today? Like I love sunny wheather, but this -” you snarled, pointing at the window “this is fucking ridiculous! Like I don’t even want to go to the beach, because by the time I get there I’d be a sweating mess!” - “A hot mess” , he said in a saucy tone.

“Oh, shut up” - you replied, but also smiled at the snickering dork. “AH! You know what else? Now that I mentioned the beach -  I went to the beach once, 500 years later I still had fucking sand in my shoes. Like what the fuck is this magic? Not to mention all the other places I had sand it– Don’t even dare to say it, Barns!!”- he laughed at your sudden outburst, but said nothing, just suggestively winked at you.

“Don’t get too angry baby, the vein on your neck is gonna burst” - he dragged one finger along the soft looking skin on his neck and you raised one eyebrow - “Don’t test my patience then” - he put his hand over his chest and made a scared expression and you stuck your tongue out at him.

You layed back, your head rested on his pillow, suddenly the wind of your thoughts changed and you started thinking in another direction.

The self-satistied expression on his face melted away when you told him - “You know that feeling when you’re not your favourite person’s favourite person, and it kind of feels like you’re constantly swallowing sand?

Oh wow, wait! Was this happening? What were you telling him…was that your way of telling him you like him? Was he the person you were talking about?

He licked his lips nervously, was this the moment he has been waiting for for so long?

“Yeah, I know that feeling-” he almost whispered, staring at you, anticipating your next move. And then you looked and him and said casually:

“Really? Because I actually saw this as a quote on the net and I was wandering if it was like relatable.”


i feel like i can do pt2 for like half of my works bcs of these sudden endings xD

lucy-on-art  asked:

Oh big huge question. For the family AU does Shiro's twin, Kuro, exist there? Have he meet Keith and tries to flirt with him cause I love jealous Shiro lol.

[The Voltron Family] Shiro had a twin brother named Kuro, who was part of the airforce. He and Shiro were different but alike in some ways, especially with the fact that both of them were fond of Keith. 

The first time Kuro met Keith was when Shiro introduced Keith to the whole family during their first year of dating. After introductions, he took Shiro aside as Keith helped prepare dinner with their parents.

Kuro: You’re dating him? *frowns*
Shiro: *nervous* Yeah, I am. I realized that I don’t really care about gender when it comes to Keith and—
Kuro: *cuts him off* He’s so pretty.
Shiro: *blinks in confusion* *smiles* Well, yeah, I prefer to describe him as handsome but I do agree that he’s pretty physically. He’s really wonderful on the inside—
Kuro: *smirks* You really like him.
Shiro: *chuckles* *scratches his nape* Yeah, a little bit too much actually. 
Kuro: *stares at Shiro and then stares at Keith’s who was chatting with their parents* *smirks* I kinda get it. I mean, if I’d choose a guy too, it would probably look like him. He seems like the type who’d be good in bed and—
Shiro: *eyes widens* He’s asexual!
Kuro: *blinks in confusion as he looks at Shiro* A what?
Shiro: An asexual. He’s basically not into that. We don’t do that.
Kuro: Oh. Is it… by choice or?
Shiro: *shakes head* You don’t really choose to be ace, Kuro. Keith is just like that and I respect that. 
Kuro: Huh. Your first boyfriend and you can’t even touch him. What a pity.
Shiro: *shakes his head again* It really isn’t. *looks at Keith* If you get to know him, I’m sure you’ll get me. Keith is so much more than anyone I’ve slept with. So so so much more. *smiles fondly at Keith who’s very unaware*
Kuro: *eyes Shiro* You love him. You gonna marry him?
Shiro: *looks at Kuro* *shock* What? T-that’s too early! We just started dating!
Kuro: *snickers* But you DO wanna marry him.
Shiro: *rolls eyes* Kuro, please.
Kuro: You owe me 500 bucks when I attend your wedding. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll try to get to know and bond with the future Mr. Shirogane. *winks*

Shiro paid Kuro 500 bucks on the day of their wedding and Kuro hadn’t laughed so hard in his life. Kuro got to know Keith and liked him an awful lot. He got to see what made Shiro choose him from all the other girls he had dated and why he stuck with Keith through all those years. 

Kuro had a crush on Shiro’s husband and Shiro knew that.

The kids loved their Uncle Kuro, so whenever he visited, the house turns into chaos because he would share “war stories” and the kids were always at awe that their great Uncle Kuro had defeated all the aliens.

Pidge: *sitting on Kuro’s lap* I knew aliens were real!!!!
Kuro: Of course they are, green bean. Who said they weren’t?!
Pidge: *pouts* Daddy Shiro said they weren’t real.
Kuro: Pffft. He’s a liar. They’re very real alright.
Lance: *sitting on Kuro’s other lap* Uncle Kuro! Can you tell us more when you piloted a warship?
Hunk: Yes!! And how you went BLAM BLAM BLAM!!! *giggles* 
Kuro: *laughs* Of course, so—

They got interrupted when the main door opened and Keith let himself in, finally home after a long day at work. The kids all ran towards him and gave him pecks on the lips as a greeting, welcoming him home.

Lance: Uncle Kuro’s here!! *points at Kuro in the living room*
Keith: *sees him* *smiles* Oh, you’re here early. I thought I was supposed to pick you up at 7pm?
Kuro: *stands up and walks towards Keith* Yeah. My br—
Shiro: *peeks out from the kitchen* I picked him up at the airport instead since I was free anyway.
Kuro: *rolls eyes* Yeah, that. 
Keith: *chuckles* Well, doesn’t matter. We’re preparing your favourite for dinner. So just gimme a few hours, I hope you’re not hungry yet?
Kuro: *smiles* *is touched* Awwww, Keith. *hugs Keith tight* You’ve always been my favourite person.

And to everyone’s shock, Kuro cupped Keith’s face and leaned in to give Keith a peck on the lips. The kids were just delighted that their Uncle Kuro gave their Daddy Keith a welcome home kiss too. Shiro, however, was just in complete utter shock.

Shiro: KURO!!!!!! *very very scandalized*
Kuro: *laughs* What? 
Shiro: That’s my husband that you just kissed on the lips!
Kuro: It was a dry welcome home peck on the lips, Shiro. Merely innocent. *rolls eyes fondly* The kids did it too! So I’m pretty sure Keith doesn’t mind. *looks at Keith with a huge smile*
Shiro: Well, that’s true I guess, but—
Keith: *laughs* *shakes his head as he looks at his husband* It’s fine, Shiro. No harm done. Plus, Kuro’s family.
Kuro: See? *smirks* *gives Keith another peck on the lips*
Shiro: KURO!!!!!
Kuro: *laughs even harder as he hugged Keith really tight* Ah, damn. My brother is so so so lucky to have you.
Keith: *hugs back* *chuckles* Don’t tell him that or his head is going to get big.
Kuro: *leans away to look at Keith fondly* I always knew you’d be so good to him, that’s why you’re my favourite. *kisses Keith’s forehead*
Shiro: *separates them* Alright, alright. Enough bonding time. We’ll have to prepare dinner now while you babysit the kids.

Shiro took Keith’s hand and they went to the kitchen.

Keith: Shiro…
Shiro: *turns around to face Keith and pouts*
Keith: *pulls Shiro in and kisses him passionately* 
Shiro: *kisses back as he runs his hand through Keith’s hair*
Keith: *pulls away* You’re the only one who’s allowed to kiss me like that.
Shiro: *smiles and turns really red*
Keith: So relax will you? *smirks* Pecks are innocent kisses that can be shared within family, so no need to be jealous, big guy.
Shiro: *sighs* Okay. But that’s Kuro and he’s had a crush on you since then.
Keith: Yeah, I know. 
Shiro: *gapes* YOU KNEW?!!
Keith: *chuckles* Yeah. It’s not a secret. He told me way back then.
Shiro: And you didn’t do anything about it?
Keith: It’s just a crush, Takashi. I told him I was in love with you and he even made fun of me how sappy we both are. *laughs* I paid him 500 bucks at the day of our wedding because he knew back then that we were going to get married after three weeks of dating.
Shiro: HE WHAT??!!!!!!!! HE DID THAT TO YOU TOO?!

Kuro gave Keith a third peck that night as a goodnight kiss and Shiro just rolled his eyes as he interlaced his fingers with Keith as they walked towards their bedroom. 

Kuro: *shouts from his room* USE PROTECTION, KIDS!!!!
Shiro: *smirks* Better wear earmuffs tonight, brother. The walls aren’t soundproof. *winks*
Kuro: *eyes widens in fear* *gasp* Kids these days!! Have you no shame?!! You have children on the same floor! Have some consideration! *closes his door*
Keith: *glares at Shiro* Really? You just had to do that? *raises an eyebrow*
Shiro: *laughs* Have you seen his face? 
Keith: *rolls his eyes fondly* You silly goob. 


April Fools?

We could never leave Love Live behind. While Aikatsu is an amazing show, and it deserves a lot of love, Love Live truly holds a special place in our hearts.

We lost about 500 followers, so thank you for those who knew we were trolling/aren’t upset when we have fun. We were trying to come up with ideas this year, and I suggested we just… throw a real big curveball. Successfully getting at least 1,000 of you had me laughing so hard. 

But, we will be getting back to regular scheduled programming here soon. I dug deep in the ask box and made a few old ones.

For those who are unaware on how we do April Fools, we make a bunch of confessions in advance so we can have them ready to throw out. I have a couple friends help me, but a lot of the confessions I made this year were from you guys! I didn’t want to leave anything hanging, so under the cut, you can see all the other confessions we got, plus my bits and pieces of commentary. WARNING: Many of these confessions contain spoilers, so please be careful if you wish for a clean cold watch!

Thank you for letting us troll you, and we look forward to another year together!

- Admin Honoka

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🎉 | Nunchiwrites 1000 Followers | Appreciation Post | 🎉

Wow… I’m not good with words you guys, but suffice to say that I never in a million years expected to make it to one freaking thousand followers… I’m-… You guys just deserve the world, genuinely. So, without further ado, here are some (if not all?) the people I would like to personally thank. They are the ones who deserve the credit for allowing this little derp blog to come so far. I’m sorry if this is a little rushed! If I could I would spent hours on this, but I have to pack soon ;~; Just know that I could never put into words how my heart is overcome with joy whenever I interact with you all~

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A quick shoutout to my Shy, Tough, Octopus, Bunny, Clover, and Sekai Anons, as well as everyone who has ever sent me an encouraging anon message in the past!!

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Originally posted by angel-in-slow-motion

You look like freedom, she said.

Humid summer air flooding a car driving too fast in the middle of nowhere as the sun sinks below the edges of trees, a mixtape playing at top volume and loud laughter echoing from where we used to be. Long discussions of sex and girls and boys and secrets we never would mention in the light of day. Getting lost and trying to retrace our route until we reach the city limit sign of a suburb in Minnesota- the whole drive a liminal space all its own. I swear we spent full days in that car, yet I always was home before midnight.

You look like freedom, she said.

A clear blue sky stretching out in every direction, melting into the waters of a lake so large you can’t see the other side, a rocky shore with bits of moss clinging in spots. Three friends sitting beside me in a line, our feet bare in the icy water. Four months until everything would change, and we couldn’t stop laughing. The last sunburn of the year before the air became too cold to be outside for any amount of time. Stopping for pie on our way back to campus, then falling asleep while watching a movie, our feet all piled on top of each other with blankets covering us all. It’s a memory I return to whenever days are too tough.

You look like freedom, she said.

My first apartment- one bedroom, just over 500 square feet, not even big enough for a proper couch. Choosing colors for each room, setting up framed photos of my friends and family, picking out which pieces of my past are the ones I want to see every day. Breaking a dish for the first time, breaking a lamp, screaming in the shower when I can’t take the stress of my job or the endless thoughts running in circles around my mind. Wandering around my apartment in nothing but a silk robe, hair loose and flowing down my back as I drink hot chocolate and think that I have never heard silence like the kind that exists when I live alone.

You look like freedom, she said.

Four tattoos, a new haircut, no longer wearing glasses, and getting rid of a fourth of my clothes because they don’t fit who I am anymore. Losing weight because I’m happy, finally, and have stopped eating as a way to pass the time. A collection of crop tops and belly button rings and learning to apply eyeliner properly thanks to the internet. Knowing who I love, knowing the kind of people I love, and knowing that I will someday find a love that will last past my typical two month attempted-relationships. Trusting myself, believing in myself, working towards the things that will make me happy. Recognizing that, no, I don’t have abs, no, I don’t have flawless skin, no, I don’t always say the right thing at the right moment, no, I am not perfect. But I still am worthy of love and happiness and good things.

You look like freedom, she said.

I feel like freedom, I laughed.

- In Response to a Friend, C.D. (chickadeeburns)


okaaaaay so since i’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the pricing + shipping of the zine im going to be fully honest with y’all about our production/shipping costs so you realize NO, we are not overpricing and YES, it really is that expensive.

tell us a little about the pricing of each individual book

for a book of about 300 pages, with ~35 color pages, it’s $11 to produce. that means that by selling it at $25, we make $14. double that to get add the second book. that means for 200,000 words and ~44 pieces of art, plus the extra time for designing, we’re making $14 each. for reference, i charge $10 per 1,000 words of my commissions and hina charges $38 per art piece in her commissions, not including if there’s more than one character or the background is complex. to say that we are undercharging is a massive overstatement, but we wanted to fit within the brackets given to us by the survey and we know that, for example, charging $200 for a fanfiction is not gonna fly.

okay well you could still stand to make less

the amount of money we want to amass, total, is around $3,000 and it is ONLY so we can meet each other and i can show hina around my country and hug her and kiss her. we’re not looking to make a living, okay, we’re just trying to pay for ONE trip.

about those bundles tho

so the “bundle” is $50 with the additions of stickers and bookmarks, we make $25 per bundle (so, less than selling them separately). ultimate bundle is the best deal for y’all and the worst deal for us. we make only $29 off of the $66 we charged bc the extra $37 is $11 x 2 (volumes), $9 (concept art), $6 (extras). so not even half of what we’re charging.

okay so your prices are suuuuuuper fair. but that shipping,,,,

united states (domestic) don’t even touch me. you know usps. you know they’re a bunch of bitches. you can pay $7 shipping. as for international, i know it’s ugly, but you can scan the usps international price listing yourself and see that those really just are the prices.

because of the complaints, i did another test weigh. weighed a 600 page book of similar size, then added another 400 page book that was a little smaller and had lighter pages to make up for our heavier pages and the concept art zine and the extras. together, it weighed just a touch over 48 ounces/3 pounds. THIS IS THE REAL WEIGHT. AND THE REAL COST. have you tried shipping a three-pound envelope overseas?? i don’t think so, it’s fucking expensive unless you’re in canada.

i was playing it safe and using the flat rate envelopes, but because people have been so shocked, i’m going to use first class international rates for three pounds and lower the shipping prices ~$5. PLEASE note this is a big risk bc if our zines end up being over three pounds, we’re paying out of pocket for shipping. this is the best we can do for you guys given that these things really just are that heavy idk what else to say.

(this being said, if you’ve already ordered the zine internationally we will be refunding you the extra ~$5 you paid in shipping within the next week)

[insert other comment]

shipping from chile is a no-go. hina laughed when i mentioned it.

i know you may have bought a decent-sized novel from online and paid $10 shipping but a) it’s nicer paper b) there are 2-3 books 3) i am not a corporation or a fortune 500 ceo. i am a third-year college student using an independent printing press.

as it stands im holding onto my ass hoping there won’t be a lot of hidden costs or fuck-ups i have to fix (ie paying for the envelopes).

the digital zine is a thing. it’s edited for readability, includes the whole story in one, and has all the art pieces. we may end up selling the extras on their own if we have overstock anyway so you could even possibly get those separate. i know it’s not the same as having the thing on your shelf but it’s supporting us, getting the full story over half a year in advance, and seeing all the art available nowhere else. asking $30 for 200,000 words and 44+ art pieces is incredibly fair. some may call it us ripping ourselves off.

i don’t mean to be harsh but like. we warned you waaaaaay back in december that physical copies were going to be EXPENSIVE because we were already calculating production costs. we weren’t lying. this shouldn’t be a shock. i promised you i wouldn’t overcharge, and i meant it. we aren’t. i won’t call these fair prices because they soooooo are not fair to us. but i want this printing to be a success and i want to be able to hold in my hands my writing and hina’s art, same as you. what you see before you is reality. and also telling artists their prices are too high is kiiiiinda shitty, y’know?

I haven’t attempted fanfiction in over seven years

So I ask you be gentle with this humble attempt to get back into the game..

Just a drabble in which Adrein gets jealous (because I needed a jealous Adrien). Probably been written 500 different times but I’ve yet to read this scene so sorry if it’s too similar to an existing fic.

I pretty much wrote this at work between customers, lol.

MariChat because of freaking course it is.


“Awww, it’s so cute!”

Adrien hated himself right now.

“I think you’ve got a fan, girl!” Alya laughed.

He grit his teeth and tried to focus on something other than the cute cooing sounds Marinette made as she scratched the small black kitten behind the ears. He refused to believe he was jealous of the small creature sitting in her lap, but he was. So jealous in fact, he had to force himself to suppress a growl as the kitten mewed and nuzzled her hand again eliciting another “awww” from both girls.

‘Relax’  he told himself. ‘It’s just.. Another cat. Getting way too friendly with Marinette. Rubbing his scent all over her. Does he think he’s claiming her? Who does this kid think he is anyway?!’

A tap on the shoulder snapped him out of his thoughts.  

“Hey Adrien? .. Whoa!”

He realized he was glaring. “Sorry” he blushed and quickly looked away, his shoulders slumped.

“Adrien are you okay?” The worry in Marinette’s voice made him feel even worse.

He rubbed the back of his neck nervously then shot the girls what he hoped was a confident smile.

“I’m fine, just a lot on my mind. Model stuff, you know?”  

Picking up his bag he turned and waved over his shoulder. “I’m gonna head back, see you in class ‘kay?”

“What was that about?” Alya asked as they watched him exit the park.

The rest of the day passed without incident but Adrien still couldn’t seem to calm down. The sun had barely set before Chat Noir was bounding across the rooftops at top speed. Skidding to a halt he only remembered to breathe after he saw light in the familiar window across the street.

In one effortless leap he was on her balcony; silently he dropped through the skylight. She was preoccupied at her desk and didn’t seem to notice him until he had slid in between her and the desk to drape himself across her lap.

“Hey kitty” she sighed, shifting into a more comfortable position under him. “Rough day?”

She hadn’t changed yet, he could still smell that other cat on her clothes. He wanted so badly to lay her down and nuzzle every inch of her until she was covered in his scent. But that might be weird and he didn’t want to push those boundaries, yet. So he simply moved up to wrap his arms around her waist snuggling his face against her stomach. “The worst.” He groaned.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Pet me.”


“Pet me.” He insisted again, his black ears drooping slightly.

She laughed softly and buried her fingers in his golden hair, scratching until a low purr rumbled from his chest.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous hot stuff.” She whispered as she leaned over to lay a kiss on his head.

“You’re a terrible person my lady.”

The continued purring told her he thought otherwise though.



*Exhales loudly* This was written at work and cleaned up over a couple hours in the very early AM so I hope it’s not too much of a mess. I’ll probably go back through later and clean it up a bit more but for now I hope it was at least a little “entertaining”? I had fun writing it. XD;;

This has a sequel now.

anonymous asked:

could you do a cute wedding thing? anything you want and I know it's not specific but yeah

hello, it’s me. so this is the first fic of my spring break series (one fic per day)! I’ve also combined this with a really old prompt. hope you all like it!

22. Damn, you clean up good.


Jasmine grasps the bouquet of flowers in her hands, her heart racing as she waited for her cue.

It was an extremely warm May day and a garden wedding was starting to feel like the worst idea as the hours dragged on. Especially with the bugs constantly flying towards her and the flowers she was holding.

She adjusted the top of her dress again, not knowing why her “perfectly” fitted dress kept shifting every time she moved; her shoes digging painfully into her heels too. But as uncomfortable as she was the smile never left her face.

“Damn. You clean up good.” The voice comes up behind her and she already knew who it was before she turned around.

“What are you doing!? You’re supposed to be out there!” She says in a hushed whisper. She looks around her and realizes that the ceremony hasn’t completely started yet and that there’s still time to relax.

“I just wanted to see what you looked like and damn baby…” He pulls her into him and kisses her forehead, the tension slowly leaving her body.

He reads her face and smiles. “Are you nervous? Why?” He tucks a stray hair behind her ear.

“I am and I don’t know why…it’s not my wedding. I just don’t want to mess this up for Pippa.” Jasmine takes a deep breath in and looks up at him. Even though she was only a bridesmaid at this wedding it still freaked her out.

“Just strut your stuff out there, you look gorgeous, and don’t worry about the rest. I heard Groff say that this wedding wasn’t gonna be too long. Love you, okay?” He says giving her one final kiss before he had to go to his seat in the crowd.

And he’s right.

As soon as the orchestra begins, she feels the nerves slowly dissipate. She waits until the wedding planner gestures for her turn to walk down the aisle and the second she steps out she makes eye contact with Anthony, his smile so wide.

She makes it to her spot at the end, right next to Renée. It feels like no time at all until they reach the end of the ceremony.

“Pippa, Steve, I hope that everyone in this room experiences a love as deep as yours.” Jonathan says and just in that moment Jasmine looks into the crowd and makes eye contact with Anthony, her heart matching the smile on her face.


The reception was in the same place as the wedding, outside in the garden with a wooden dance floor laid out in the middle with tables surrounding it.

Jasmine is chatting with Renée and a few other old Hamilton cast mates when Anthony comes up to her.

“Didn’t miss a step.” Anthony says smiling and wrapping his arms around her waist. He smelled faintly of beer and cologne which was intoxicating.

She flips to look at him, the conversation with her friends all forgotten. “Hmm, damn baby, you clean up good.” She murmurs his earlier sentiments and laughs when he makes a face at her.

“Yeah well it helps that I have such a hot date…” Anthony leans in to kiss her but is interrupted when Jasmine gets pulled away.

“Sorry! Pippa’s throwing the bouquet!” Carleigh takes Jasmine’s hand and leads her to the dance floor.

Anthony stays back with the rest of the guys who are watching and cheering on the girls. Jasmine turns to look at him and shrugs nervously as she stays towards the back of the group.

She isn’t sure she wants to catch the bouquet or not, terrified to fight over a bundle of flowers that supposed to symbolize more. While she’s daydreaming about it, she doesn’t realize that it’s already been thrown, and somehow landed right in her open arms.

The cheering and screaming erupts as soon as it happens and she doesn’t even realize what’s happened until she looks down at them.

She turns the look at Anthony who is also getting attacked by his friends who are all whopping and jumping around him. She slowly makes her way over to him, a sheepish grin on her lips.

“Guess you two are next.” Oak jokes, patting Anthony’s back and leaves the two of them to be alone.

“He’s just excited to know he might win some money because of us.” Anthony says taking a look at the flowers which are barely alive now.

“Hmm, what’s the wager on us now? Last I heard it was $500 if we get engaged by the end of the year.” Jasmine giggles and takes a seat at their table, tossing the flowers behind her and leaning into Anthony.

“Really? Maybe we should put money into this thing. I think we’d definitely win since I would know when it would happen.” Anthony nods knowingly which makes her laugh.

“Yeah, we should. So we’ll put money in for getting engaged by the end of the year?” She raises a brow at him.

“Well I can’t tell you when exactly but sure, yeah, by the end of the year. Flower bouquet promise.” He grabs for the flowers again and holds it out to her and smiles.

“Okay, flower bouquet promise.” She takes the flowers back from him and leans in to kiss his cheek, turning to look back at the dance floor just in time to see the first dance start.

Favorite Poem

Neil, Todd

Summary: Neil is slightly infatuated with Todd’s laugh. The problem is that he rarely gets to hear it.

A/N: As a celebration for hitting 500 followers I decided to finally write a Dead Poets Society fic. It’s one of my favorite movies and I’ve been quite obsessed with it these past few weeks. No spoilers in this fic, so you can still read it if you haven’t seen the movie. Also, thank you soooo much for following me! It means a lot. Enjoy!

Words: 689

When Neil met Todd he’d been just as intrigued as he’d been when he met his previous roommate the year before. However, once he realized how quiet Todd was he’d been afraid that they wouldn’t bond at all, and the entire year would just be an awkward silence. How wrong he was.

Keep reading

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Could you mix 20 and 21 for kandreil?

(This took about 500 years so I apologize, I’m bad with time management)

20. “I’m fucking stuck!”
21. “Don’t laugh. Do. Not. Laugh. This is not funny.”

They had forgotten to pull down the window blinds the day before, but Kevin didn’t really care about it anyway. His internal clock had kicked him awake ten minutes ago, and now he just lay on his back, watching the snow calmly fall down outside of the window in Columbia. The thing wasn’t that he wanted to be awake, but to fall asleep again he needed to find a comfortable position, and that required moving which wasn’t really an option at that point. Andrew was just a distant warmth to his right, with his back pressed against the wall and his limbs pulled tight towards him so that they wouldn’t touch Kevin. Neil on the other hand had somehow managed to drape across Kevin’s body like a second blanket, with his face nuzzled into Kevin’s neck. He wasn’t too sure how Neil was still breathing but he could feel his chest slowly rise and fall against his own, so he didn’t feel like waking him up for nothing, which would inevitably also lead to Andrew waking up.

It was Andrew who stirred first, which made Kevin move just the slightest, but it was enough to wake Neil up.“Morning” Neil mumbled into his neck, dragging his arm down Kevin’s chest.“I hope my body satisfies your mattress needs.” Kevin snapped.“Mmmmm” was Neil’s only response and he didn’t look like he would be making any moves to get up soon, so Kevin just pushed his upper body up and let Neil roll off of him. Andrew had already climbed out of bed, not even glancing towards the other two as he picked up some clothes from the ground and headed towards the bathroom.“That’s my hoodie” Kevin tried to call after him but Andrew slammed the door shut before he had even finished. Neil rolled out of bed to his left and waddled across the room to pick up another pair of clothes.“What is it with you two and putting on other people’s clothes?” He asked as Neil pulled Andrew’s hoodie over his head. “Aren’t you supposed to like it?” Neil answered with a grin and pulled on a pair of grey sweatpants, which were luckily his own. 

Now that the bed was empty and he didn’t have a human body crushing his ribcage, he could feel the winter cold creeping in on him. “Not if I’m forced to wear your clothes because of it.” He grumbled and finally got out of bed to pick up the last hoodie that had been carelessly abandoned on the floor. It still smelled like Neil as he pulled it over his head, his arms trying to weasel their way through the too tight tubes of constricting fabric. He had to shimmy his body to make it slide down inch after inch, and every second longer it took to get it on, the furnace created by his own breath inside of the hoodie grew hotter.“What are you doing?” a tentative question came from Neil’s direction. Kevin didn’t respond, his fight with the hoodie had grown too violent, his whole body having to shake in all directions while his arms were constrained to helplessly sticking up towards the top.“I’m fucking stuck!” he yelled through the fabric. He heard a door slam shut even through the rustling of the clothes, and he froze in place, trying to angle himself towards where the sound had come from. He heard something that awfully sounded like a snort, but he wasn’t sure were it had come from. “Don’t laugh.” He almost screamed, which just prompted a second snort. “Do. Not. Laugh.” Which, of course, lead to Neil actually starting to laugh. “This is not funny!” This time he was definitely screaming. He tried to reverse the whole process, more violently than he had tried before, which meant shaking and twisting his body in all directions like a cat which thought it would die if it didn’t get the hat you had just put on it off its head right that second. By the point he had managed to get the hoodie off again Neil wasn’t hiding his laughing fit anymore, but was now bend over, with his arms around his belly and tears in his eyes. Kevin threw the hoodie at Neil with such force that it toppled him over, but he just continued laughing on the ground. Kevin stormed across the room, towards Andrew who was leaning against the wall, a cigarette between his lips, looking at them like they had only just been discussing the weather. “This is all your fault!” Kevin growled, pointing a finger at Andrew before storming out of the room and slamming the door behind him.

You can send me prompts, and then I can answer them when they’ve managed to grow potatoes on mars

Tour of Prythian PART 9

—–Family Dinner Continued—–

They landed on the balcony in a flourish of black and gold laughing, Nesta was actually laughing. Mor was about to run out to say hello to her friend when she stopped abruptly as Cassian swept Nesta up in a kiss that only grew deeper, nearly scandalous until Nesta noticed everyone standing and staring at them. She forcibly pushed Cassian off her as she laughed and Mor was screaming again.

M: What is on your hand? I blink and everyone is getting married?

Nesta frowned at Mor.

C: Thanks Mor, we hadn’t announced it yet.
Mor’s face fell slightly.
M: I’m sorry! But I come home & Azriel’s getting married, you’re getting married. At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if Amren and Varian decided to get married.

Amren looked at Mor with a level stare and said boredly
Amren: We did that months ago.
Varian started laughing.
V: She’s kidding.

N: Elain! He proposed?
E: You’ve finally accepted Cassian, it’s about time.
Feyre and her sisters all started hugging and Nesta held out her hand to show off her solitaire princess diamond.

Cassian walked a tumbler of brandy to Nesta then joined his brothers and Varian feeling better than he had in 500 years.

Rhys raised a glass
R: A toast to love (in which Amren rolled her eyes) or strong feelings for another being (in which Varian laughed). A year ago I didn’t think our family would have doubled in size and joy. To see us all happy, married, and mated just makes me realize how much we’ve gained and how much more we stand to gain in the years to come, to love.

They all clinked glasses in cheers.


He refilled Nesta’s tumbler. One day they would have to address this problem but not today. Nesta was smiling and laughing two things he hadn’t seen, ever. When they were alone, she had only started to smile and laugh but hours later, surrounded by their family, happy, Cassian had never seen her look so beautiful.

Nesta walked towards him, her golden dress swaying from side to side. Her long elegant neck was on full display in that dress. The neck line was cut in almost a perfect straight line across her collar bone. Oh how he wanted to kiss that collar bone. Nesta stepped up to him and rattled her glass at him. Cassian managed to keep the smile plastered on his face as he filled her tumbler to the top. Cassian could feel Rhys’ gaze on them, he opened his mind to Rhys and let him know that he would be tackling this problem soon; he felt Rhys’ approval on the matter.

N: Hello
C: Hello, you looked like you were enjoying yourself out there with sisters.
N: You know Cassian I was, she took a long drank. It was fun watching Amren and Mor looking horrified at us having a dozen children.

A: What?
Azriel was clapping Varian on the back as he choked on his wine.

N: Oh yes, Cassian wants an entire brood.

Cassian caught the concerned look Rhys was exchanging with Feyre.

C: What’s wrong Feyre? Can’t see Nes and I with a bunch of Illyrians flying around?
N: Don’t call me that.
F: No, no I cannot. What’s Nesta to do if they fly away?

Rhys turned around quickly his shoulders were quivering with laughing.

E: I never thought of that. I’m sure you’ll be fine.
She gave Nesta a quick smile.

N: I’ll just tether them to the ground.

Azriel balked at this.

N: It’ll be fine
M: Wait, are you agreeing to have that many kids, with Cassian?
Amren: I have to wonder this myself.
C: We’ll be fine. Besides look at all the aunties and uncles that are gathered here, built in babysitters.

Amren looked ready to winnow away to summer permanently if that kept her from babysitting.

Nesta just nodded at this, they didn’t need to know she only wanted one. Cassian could feel her amusement down their nearly connected bond.

N: Whatever makes Cassian happy makes me happy. The more the merrier I say.
F: No you don’t.
E: I’ve never heard you utter that in my life.
What do you think Azriel?
A: We can have as many or as few as you want Elain.

Cassian truly felt like Elain wouldn’t blink an eye if Az stated he wanted to adopt an entire legion of warriors, she’d do it happily.

R: Feyre and I will start with one and see what happens from there.

Nesta drained her glass and held it out to Cassian.
N: Why limit yourself at all when you could have a bunch of little Rhysands and Feyre’s running around?

Cassian just laughed, he knew deep down Rhys would love it.

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Can you give me a sort of look into moonbin like his personality and just moonbin things

i’m sorry this took the longest time!! i tried to keep this short but i still hope this helps!! 💓💓

i’d say that binnie has a really cute and playful personality bc he fools around with the other members a lot and is sometimes pretty silly (here is a video of him just being the cutest dork)!! he’s a little mischievous, but u can also tell he’s very passionate nd dedicated towards the things he’s doing and always works rlly hard to do his best!! he’s also very kind and caring (here’s another video) nd has so much love for aroha!! binnie is just a really sweet, smiley and lovely boy nd he rlly deserves all the love in the world 🤧💞💞💞

as for just moonbin things, i’ll just include a few fun facts? binnie touches the side of his neck when he’s flustered!! also, according to eunwoo, apparently he’s rlly hard to wake up and even falls asleep on the bus nd subway sometimes,,, he also rlly rlly likes to eat nd has the cutest little laugh!!

Celts of Color (and why Merida is a black princess)

I’m going to take you (white Americans) on a journey. It rambles, and has a lot of backstory to my main point, but I promise we’ll get there in the end.

Firstly, some disclaimers: I’m white, but ethnically I’m a Celt, or at least I have Celtic heritage. As such, this is very important to me, and to all Celts, and to non-Celts who want to know what’s up about our issues. 

So please correct my lily white ass whenever the need arises. 

Not that Celtic issues are big to begin with, as much of tumblr sj is American in orientation, but the marginalized peoples of Europe are often cited as being “white people who are oppressed”. Except, that 1) insinuates that they are considered white to being with in Europe’s racial hierarchy, and 2) insinuates that there are no non-white people in these cultures when considering the global racial hierarchy.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is Celts of color exist. Because even if we consider that white Celts aren’t technically ~white~ they still wouldn’t get to call themselves a people of color. And this is affirmed in the sub-hierarchy within Celtic nations; people of color are doubly oppressed for being Celtic and for being people of color, by the white Celts and by the outsiders, the Saxons, if you will.

“But aren’t those PoC just immigrants???” you say. Well no. Not all of them are immigrants, and even if they are, who says they can’t be Celts? Immigrants and Celts (being the native people of Britain fight me) face similar (though different) prejudices from the Saxon (and French in the case of Brittany) majority. 

Many of these people of color proudly and eagerly adopt the label Celtic, in solidarity against the majority population. And the Celts are usually very eager to fully adopt such non-white immigrants. Of course, as mentioned above, this isn’t always the case, and that doesn’t magically erase the global racial hierarchy- a white Celt would still consider themselves superior to a non-white Celt. 

Anyway, that was a sidetrack, though important. Where’s the proof? Simple google searches lead to a plethora of different sources- do your homework. 

Nearly 6% of Ireland’s population is non-white. But, let’s take a closer look at one of those categories.

1.5% if the Irish population is African in origin. But what you don’t realize is that many of them have been there since the 16th century. Many of them were servants (Slavery was never very common in Ireland) in larger cities, but a great number of Afro-Irish people were freemen who made up a diverse workforce the same as the white Irish, often traveling wherever work would take them. These Afro-Irish largely assimilated into the population and contributed to large and powerful families. If you’re Irish, there’s a good chance your whole family lineage was contributed by or even borne of an Afro-Irish person. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Something else of note: A lot of people like to say ‘Black Irish’ refers to Irish people of Southern European origin, as proven by dark hair. Well, that would make me Black Irish, except this is a complete myth. Dark hair was always common among Celts. 

Black Irish more accurately refers to the Afro-Irish inhabitants of Montserrat. The population is almost 90% Black Irish- descendants of former slaves. They came about from the mixing of African and Irish slaves, who have Irish surnames, and still partake in mixed African and Celtic song traditions. Oh, and I don’t mean indentured servants. As many as 60,000 Irish were enslaved by Oliver Cromwell and sent to the Caribbean because he’s an asshole. 

But that’s not all! 

4.5% of Wales can be described as non-white, and specifically, 2.5% of that is comprised of people from Asia. 0.5% of the population is of African descent, but, like Ireland, not all of them are recent immigrants.

In Wales, Tiger Bay is home to one of the oldest Afro communities in the United Kingdom. And incidentally, Shirley Bassey (yes that Shirley Bassey) is from the area. But it goes further than that. Welsh folklore has mentioned dark people for centuries (As does Irish- which mentions the Fomorians). At the very least, the Celts were in frequent communication with an African-based culture or its descendants, or maybe some Celtic tribes are partly of an African stock! 

Regardless, Welsh people of color enjoy a rich history that should not be ignored.

Oh but there’s more!

4% of the Scottish population is non-white, and nearly a quarter of that is of African ancestry. Scotland had a large investment in the tobacco trade, and it’s estimated that a third of all slaves owned in Jamaica were owned by Scotsmen (whether they were Scots or Gaelic is unclear). Many of these slaves were brought back to Scotland where they were servants to families, and later obtained their freedom. Most of their descendants still live in Scotland today, and consider themselves to be proud Scots. 

Of course, a number of Afro-Scottish people are proud immigrants, including the singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé. 

Yet this is the crown jewel: Alba (Scotland) had not one, but two kings of color. Dub mac Maíl Coluim an Niger, who reigned from 962-967, was described as dark in color, and his epithet clearly betrays his African ancestry. His rule was short, and it ended poorly for him, but one of his sons, Cináed mac Duib an Donn (Kenneth III- the Brown) was probably mixed race, also as detailed by his epithet. Of course Donn also means chief, but a look at his portrait shows that he was intentionally shaded to look darker than the average Scotsman. He ruled from 997-1005. More importantly, MacDuff, a large and powerful family in Scotland, probably traces its origins back to Dub and his children. Again, people of color probably have imparted lasting contributions to many Celtic families.

“But there were/are no black European monarchies!” you scream after viewing The Princess and The Frog, whose prince and his family hail form the fictional European land of Maldonia, and are decidedly black.

Oops Scotland had two kings of color, that is complete historical fact. Cry about it. 

But what does this all have to do with representation, aside from the above point? Well, consider this. The Pixar movie Brave has garnered a lot of criticism and stirred up a lot of controversy about its lack of PoC representation, and rightfully so. 

Brave has been heralded by white supremacist circlejerkers as being “xtremely historically accurate you guys”. Any mention that the movie needed characters of color to be truly historically accurate is scoffed at. It often leads to the lovely paradox of, “It’s historically accurate! *given evidence to the contrary* "Who cares it’s just a movie?”

Brave, historically accurate?

Well, I laugh at that notion. Several of the clans in the movie briefly discuss battling both Romans and Vikings- two cultures that are almost 500 years apart. I reject the notion that the movie takes place in the 6th century or before; their culture is too advanced for that. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, the Viking invasions of Scotland began in the 8th century, and reached their zenith- and had the most cultural impact in the mid-11th century, meaning that for a movie to treat Vikings as a legitimate threat, but not yet be the overwhelming force that they would become, would mean (as a purely educated guess) that the movie takes place in from the late 10th century to the early 11th century. 

I could be completely wrong, but that makes sense to me. Anyway, that was exactly the time in which Dub and Kenneth III ruled. 

Meaning that for the movie to have been truly ~historically accurate~ Merida and her family should have been PoC, assuming they’re the most powerful family and the rulers of Alba. But, yes, you heard correctly. Merida should have been a black princess. 

Representation matters, and it’s annoying when a people with such a rich history have an absolutely significant portion of their own flesh and blood ignored and erased for the sake of comfy Western imperialism. Who cares about accurately representing the Celts? Who cares about accurately representing people of color? Scottish people = what we want them to equal for Americans to buy tickets. Say it’s just a movie all you want, this stuff is real, and has real life repercussions.

It’s a sad reality when the little respectful and compelling representation my people get blatantly tries to rewrite our history to exclude some of our most vulnerable members. I am completely not about that, and neither should you be. 

Celts of color exist. And there’s nothing you can do about it. #butdiversityisunrealistic.