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Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, Make-A-Wish - Lauren (x)

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“Love between siblings grow when you are rough with each other. If you see her from afar, what should you do? Run up to her, just run. Lock her, lock her in first. Act as if you will pet her, and keep locking her in. Hold her down till she surrenders.”
- Advice from SooHo, an Experience Brother.

[Rough Subs] Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
KISS SCENE Cut (Ep. 11)

BJ: You- this- what did you just do? Are you crazy?!
JY: Yes. I’m crazy. I’ve gone crazy now, so what am I supposed to do?
BJ: What?
JY: Stupid. I like you. Not as a friend, but as a woman. When I don’t see you, I get curious. When you cry, my heart breaks. When you laugh, my mood lifts. When you get hurt, I worry. It’s crazy. This… really means that I like you.

Subs by. Nate Jung
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Your scrolling through your tumblr feed and you see this video of Dylan, you click on it curiously.

Your eyes widen and you try not to laugh.

“Dylan babe, come here for a second"you called out.
He clumsily ran into your kitchen and his face dropped when he saw what you were watching.

"Princess I can explain"he held his hand up in the air.

You shook your head.

"I think this just explains itself really"you laughed as you tilted your head to get a funnier angle of the teen Dylan O'Brien dancing to The Spice girls on your computer screen.

Can we talk about this? When JJ has the pressure get to him this is how he sees the other skaters. Yurio looks angry and serious as always. Otabek looks disapproving and seious too. Phichit looks proud to be representing his country and maybe a bit smug. Christophe has that cute little smile, a little cheeky too, but then we have Yuri. He looks so smug and like, mischievous. We know Yuri was never much for confidence but here is the part where he’d be laughing like a school girl, the teasing kind of laugh. It’s interesting to see that this is how JJ sees all the other figure skaters in the Grand Prix Final, but more importantly Yuri. I sort of head canon that JJ probably thinks that this is what Yuri is really like and just hides it behind low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Maybe the other skaters think the same. I mean, we do see Yuri kill it on the ice with Eros and then there’s how he acts when he gets drunk.

Imagine Dean checking on you through the mirror after a bad hunt where you had to kill your ex, who turned out to be a vampire. “Are you sure you’re ok?” You stopped reading the book you had in your hands and looked at him, confused “More than good.” when you saw Dean raise an eyebrow, you sighed and sat on the edge of the backseat of the Impalla. “Dean, he was a total assbutt. I was killing him anyways…this hunt just gave me an excuse to do it within my morals”. Dean laughed, seeming more relaxed. “Good. You deserve better than him.” he returned his attention to the road and you looked at him, studying him. You decided that he was better, than anyone, even if he didn’t see it. “Yeah…yeah, I do…”

Request – Derek Hale “Pet”

“I am not a pet wolf, Y/N!” Derek turned around and crossed his arms. You knew he wasn’t, but still… You wanted to see him as a wolf, and you would really like to know how he felt, how it would be to have a real life wolf so close.
“Please? For me? Just this time?” You cocked your head, looking at him with begging eyes. When he looked at you, he couldn’t help that he started to laugh.
“Really? You have to do that to me?” You shrugged.
“I know you longer than today, Derek…”, you answered with a wink. “I know you can’t resist me.” He shook his head and started to walk away.
“You know that that last sentence does make sure I don’t want to do it, don’t you?” You nodded, but still looking at him with eyes you knew he couldn’t resist. He shook his head, sighing. “Fine… but just this once, ok? Don’t think you can pull this trick more than once!” You felt how you started to smile. You had barely seen him as a wolf, and when that happened, you were totally unprepared for that. You were really curious how he would look if you knew what was coming. Derek walked out of the room, gesturing to you to stay put, so you did that. It didn’t take long before the door was pushed open again, and a big, black wolf stepped through. One moment you held your breath. It… he was so beautiful. Carefully you stood up, walking over to the beast.
“Derek?” You could swear he nodded, and he pushed his head against your hand. This was Derek… when you saw the eyes, it became clear. Even more when he flashed the blue eyes.
“You are so beautiful…”, you breathed, afraid to make too much noise. You knelt down, and put your hand on his head, feeling the tough hairs there. It wasn’t as soft as you had imagined, but it was more alive than you could have ever thought. You trailed your hand towards his back, feeling the muscles under the skin. It was just amazing… Then he suddenly turned around and jumped up at you. You fell on the floor with him standing on top of you, and you just started laughing.
“O, is that how you want to play it?” The wolf opened his mouth, and you could swear it was laughing… but that couldn’t be. Wolves didn’t smile, and a Derek wolf would most definitely not smile. You put your arms around the beast, and suddenly you were hugging a wolf. That was something you had never expected you to do. Derek calmed down as well, and lied down next to you, his head on your stomach, and you couldn’t help but continuing to stroke his fur. He turned his head so he could look in your eyes, and even though he couldn’t talk, you were sure he was enjoying this a lot more than he had said he would.
“What a pity this is just for this once…”, you said teasingly. You had never seen a wolf with an indignant look in his eyes, but you could have sworn this was the first time.
“I love you, Derek…”, you said, to make up for it, and he put down his head again, and you just continued to enjoy this precious moment.

“No- Keep your eyes shut, missy!” Zayn gasped, reaching down and pinching your arm lightly as he slowly led you up the stairs, laughing to himself when you nearly stumbled over. 

“I can’t see a thing.” 

“Tha’s the point, you big dumbo.” He snorted, his hands placed over your eyes to make sure you couldn’t see anything. 

“As a matter of fact, this big dumbo is carrying your child, so I wouldn’t suggest being so mean!” You pouted playfully, squeaking when Zayn gave your bum a little squeeze in response. “This better be good - I was in the middle of a Netflix marathon and I had just gotten comfy. Do you even know how long it took for me to find a position on the couch that was somewhat comfy?!” 

“Don’ worry, beb. I promise this’ll make up for all the trouble I’m puttin’ yeh through.” Zayn pulled his hands away from your eyes before walking in front of you and into the room. 

“Why are we in the guest bedroo-” You cut yourself off when you looked around, your eyes wide in surprise. Zayn had taken the time to transform the guest bedroom into a little nursery for the baby.. He even spray-painted the walls with cute little doodles and symbols. 

“Since we have a little one on the way, I thought it’d be a good idea to turn one of the rooms into a baby room. And I wanted to decorate it myself jus’ t’ give it tha’ personal touch, I guess.” He explained, gesturing around the room with a soft smile. 

“Oh my goodness.. Zayn..” You were speechless at this point, your hormones bringing up a lump in your throat as tears blurred your vision. 

“D-Do yeh not like it? I can change everythin’ if you want, w-we can repaint the walls- Oh, I should’ve never done anythin’ in the first plac-”

“No, no! I love it, I love it so much.” You giggled before sniffling and wrapping Zayn up in a tight hug, feeling his muscles relax under your touch. “This is amazing. You’re amazing.” You murmured, giving him a gentle kiss and smiling when he reached down to rub over your growing baby bump. “And I know our baby is going to love sleeping in this room.” 

“I love yeh.” He murmured, nudging his nose against yours lovingly. 

“Love you too.” 


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Anon said: Hi I was wondering if you could do a Nate imagine where your pregnant and just laughing and having a good time cuddled up in the coach with Nate talking about the baby and suddenly you go really quiet because you think about how your dad left when you were young and scared what Nate might do but he says he not going anywhere and makes it really cute, thank you 😘

Note: another request from 4 or 5 months ago.

“Seriously babe he’s kicking really hard” I rubbed my tummy while my boyfriend of 4 years, Nate recorded. “Just like his father” he laughed, “what the hell does that mean, you never kicked me” I furrowed my brows, “let me have my moment dammit” he laughed, “maybe if you make sense with what your saying, then I’d let you” I chuckled. I felt the baby’s hand rub against my tummy, and sure enough when I looked down to my stomach, you could see his hand. “Babe look” I smiled, he looked down and smiled widely placing his hand on top of the baby’s to compare size. “Dam he’s got my hands” he chuckled, “wonder what else he got” I said “maybe my looks” Nate smirked admiring himself. “Your such a asshole” I laughed smacking his arm. “Man I’m excited for him to come” Nate smiled rubbing my tummy, “me too, do you know how spoiled he’s gonna be by the boys?” I laughed, “at least we will have them to babysit when we need alone time” he smirked, “your disgusting” I hit his arm, “you didn’t think so when you were calling me daddy the night we created him” he smirked. “Oh my god can you not be perverted for a second” I hit his chest this time.

I have everything I wanted a boyfriend, a home, and a child. I smiled to myself but then fell quiet, yeah I have everything I wanted I even have Nate’s family to help but I don’t have my child’s grandfather, my father here and even though I know Nate would never do that to me like my father did and walk out… It’s still a possibility. I was thinking of all the possible situations that could happen that could cause Nate to leave me, when he placed his hand on my shoulder causing me to jump a bit. “Babe are you okay?” He asked with concern, “Y-Yeah” I fake smiled, “no your not, every time your deep into thought about something you make this face. Your doing it right now” he shot back, I took a deep breath out and my eyes instantly flooded with tears. “Lil mama what’s wrong?” He brought his hand to my cheek wiping them away, “I’m scared Nate, you know my fathers not here and the story behind that, I’m scared I’ll do something stupid and you’ll leave me and the baby” I held his hand as it resting on my cheek, “Y/N, do you really think I’d leave you so easy?” He questioned, I didn’t reply. “I’ve spent 4 years with you, we’ve argued about pointless shit but never did I give up on you, never did I give up on us. If I wanted to leave I could have left all those other times. I’m in love with you and no matter what happens, I’m staying. I’m gonna marry you one day, just wait on it. We are in this together forever” he smiled bring me to his chest, “promise?” I smiled a bit, “promise” he kissed my forehead, “now lay down, and let me play with you hair lil mama” he chuckled, I did as he asked and the rest of the night we talked about our feature and the life we were gonna continue building.


The idea of going out on a real date in public with Sehun is almost absurd. He’s mobbed by fans and hounded by tabloid paparazzi wherever he goes. It would be impossible to get bubble tea together without it turning into a full blown scandal. Up to this point, you’ve both been reluctant to shine the spotlight on your relationship so that you can keep some privacy. But after a few years, sitting at home isn’t what he wants anymore. “I’m taking you out shopping and I don’t care who sees us. I want them to see us on a real date. I want to show you off to everyone so they can see just how lucky I am.” The first steps outside holding his hand are strange and people murmur around you as others take pictures. It could be overwhelming, but he’s focused on you, too, making sure you’re okay with everything. He laughs when your cheeks puff out with the boba in your mouth. He stares at you as you stand together on the escalator. He smiles delightedly when you agree to the couple rings you can finally wear without fear. In a few hours, all of this will be online and all the gossip writers will be able to talk about is how adoringly he looks at you.

- Admin J


You were walking in Dan and Phil’s apartment with groceries in your hand. When you were walking in you turn a corner that turns into the living room and stub your toe. “BLOODY HELL!” You scream as your accent went thick. You look up to see Dan in his browsing position and Phil eating waffles. They stare at you and start laughing. “What’s so funny?” You ask as sassy as possible. “Your accent sounds just like Ron from Harry Potter.” Dan says while still laughing. “Hey, stop picking on my accent, I can’t help it.” You say as you pout. They just kept laughing and Dan got up and walked to you. “I was just kidding, love” Dan says while caressing your cheek. You keep pouting and Dan goes up to kiss your nose. “Wow, your such a tease.” You say as you kiss his lips. “Ok guys enough kissing in front of me.” Phil says covering his eyes. “Your just jelly because your single.” You say as you stick your tongue out at him. Dan laughs and kisses you again.
Requested by: @alanatechnerd

Liam: Birthday

A/N: Remeber when I said I was going to be posting more?? I’m sorry I’m the worst! But I’m going to try and do one or more a week from now on, so hopefully you’ll see more stuff soon! 

:) Rachel

You laughed at something Liam had said, both of you taking your time walking back to school. Liam had convinced you to ditch because it was your birthday and he said you deserved it. He’d dragged you out of the school without a second thought about telling the rest of the pack.

Now just before the final bell rang you were on your way back, entering the school as the bell sounded. Students filed out of the classrooms as quickly as they could. You and Liam dodged your teachers, giggling to yourselves.

Liam dug his face in the crook of your neck as you waited for Scott and Stiles. His hands trailed up and down your side, pressing light kisses on your skin. “Happy birthday, gorgeous.”

You laughed, pushing Liam playfully. “Thank you for this,” you said for the thousandth time that day. You could feel Liam smiling against your neck, both of you getting caught up in the moment.

After everything that was happening in Beacon Hills, it was nice to get away. You two didn’t have to talk about the chimeras, or the dread doctors. You were just two normal high schoolers ditching school.

Liam took your face in his hands, pressing a long kiss on your lips. You two didn’t see Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Kira all running up to you. Liam didn’t even hear them until they skidded to a stop in front of you.

Liam grabbed your waist pulling you into his side. It had become a habit of his to keep you as close as possible whenever something startled him. His eyes glowed, trying to intimidate whatever was in front of you. He immediately switched back to his blue eyes when he saw it was the pack.

“Where have you been?!” Scott panted. He was always so protective of his baby sister, and when she’d suddenly disappeared he’d almost lost it.

You jumped, looking up at the pack in alarm. “I was- I mean- we…” you looked at Liam, biting your lip.

“I took her out,” he said, pulling you a little closer. “It’s just because today’s her birthday and all, I figured we should do something special.”

“You took her out– on her birthday,” Scott said, taking deep breaths. Both Stiles’ and Lydia’s attention immediately snapped to him, not needing to be reminded of when Scott did the same thing for Allison.

“Yeah, we-” you began, before looking up at Scott. Liam tensed hearing your heart began to beat faster. Your eyes were locked with Scott’s, his had gone glassy, a wall of water piling up. “Scott, what’s wrong?”

You broke out of Liam’s hold, taking a step forward. Scott grabbed you, pulling you into the tightest hug he’d ever given you. You held onto him just as tightly. Lydia and Stiles looked at each other sadly, Kira and Liam sharing confused looks.

“Scott, you’re scaring me,” you told him. “What’s wrong?” you asked again. Scott was silent for a minute, regaining his composure, before pulling away.

He smiled lightly at you, “Nothing. You just scared me is all. Tell me before you disappear like that again, okay champ?”

You gaped at him, confused. You could always read Scott like a book, and tell when he was lying. Unsure about why he wasn’t telling you the truth, you pulled him into another hug. “I will,” you told him, making him wrap his arms around you tighter.

Stiles and Lydia looked at each other knowingly. They both looked at Liam, who was confused beyond belief, as you held your brother who was close to tears. “It’s like…” Lydia said trailing off as Stiles nodded.

“Scott and Allison,” he finished for her, squeezing her hand reassuringly. Stiles and Lydia remembered how much Scott and Allison were in love, and they could see it in you and Liam too. The pack just prayed that your story wouldn’t end like theirs.

You’re an idiot

Request- “So glad you’re back!! Could you do an imagine where (Y/n) is a worker at JW, and she happens to be at the paddock when the I-Rex escapes and, she’s hiding in the same truck Owen cuts the gas lines to? So when she realizes the truck isn’t going anywhere she’s incredibly frustrated takes and takes some of that frustration out on Owen when she finally meets him and he just kind of laughs it off before realizing she could help him with the situation and recruits her to get the I-Rex under control.” + “Can you do one where the reader has feelings for Owen but becomes a tiny ball of sass and hostility to try and hide it. Of course Owen sees right through that though. And yeah you can take that wherever. P.S I’m glad you don’t do smut. You rock and I love your writing.”

Requested by- Anon and @k1ttyturah

Warnings- Swearing


The large creature roared as the gate closed on her, you jumped into one of the trucks and ducked towards the back where supplies sat. You cringed each time she’d roar. Soon enough, her rumbling steps faded. You jumped in the front and tried to follow after her. The car wouldn’t move. You threw open the door, nearly beheading the beloved raptor trainer.

“Jesus Christ, Y/N! Watch it!” Owen shouted as he narrowly dodged the door. As you caught of a whiff of gas, you leaned towards the former Navy-man. Your eyes narrowed.

“You! You cut the gas lines! I was going to follow that thing! Why? Why in the world would you do that! You incompetent man!” You exclaimed before hitting his chest a couple times. He escaped your grip and rubbed his ,most likely to be bruised, chest.

“Hey! In my defense that thing would’ve killed me!” He argued, his green eyes narrowing. Within that second the anger drained from his face and he just laughed. And laughed. And laughed. You angrily stomped your foot.

“Why don’t we just go get that thing and get the fuck out of here?” Owen stopped laughing and nodded.

“Let’s go.”


CS + Laugh 

Dedicated to the lovely olicity-smokes-the-queen 

Laugh is the obvious sign of happiness and sometimes it’s also the best remedy for sadness. I really don’t remember seeing Emma laughing that much before she met Hook. 

I love how they make each other laugh and seem really happy while doing it, I also love it when they are trying to make each other laugh when they feel down. We saw it from Emma in the last episode (4x12). like we seen it in 3x18. They always want to make each other happy and there’s no better way to do that than causing the other person to laugh, sometimes by telling a joke, or just acting silly in the most adorable way.

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Quick confession: he leaves me breathless and renders me speechless all the time


skipped right over “how’s your wife” and went for “madam.”


What makes a good frontman?

“Certainly, in this day and age, a sense of humour… I think if you start taking it too seriously… then it gets ugly.”

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