i just lack the energy for it

“ok but what if aliens are baffled by [neurotypical able-bodied human thing]?!”

Fam you know autistic ppl exist and you seem completely fucking alien to us even though we live on the same planet right

I say that if we’re going to write this “humans are space orcs” shit we’re gonna do it while being inclusive as possible and say that neurodivergent/disabled humans are more easily understood by these aliens of yours. Because they, too, are baffled by all of these things I have legit seen people writing stories about aliens experiencing for the first time and going ?????? or !!!!?!?!??:

  • Sarcasm
  • Facial expressions
  • Quirks of speech
  • Verbal speech
  • Slang
  • Social norms
  • Various types of sensory input being insufficient, or actually physically painful
  • A seemingly endless reserve of energy and attention
  • Physical hardiness
  • Being able to eat just about anything
  • Bureaucracy
  • Extroversion
  • Introversion
  • Going against rules/structures
  • Deviating from a routine

And these aliens are like yes, finally, a human we relate to. A human we can communicate/coexist with comfortably. We like this human. 

I’m lacking in spoons to write about this in detail but feel free if you wanna

Energy Tethers 101

Updated (again): 04.28.17

*this post is fueled by angst*

Okay, no, seriously though, it really does make me sad that so many people seemed to have no idea what I was talking about when it comes to connecting things for energy transfer.

So, what even is an energy tether?

I personally use the term “energy tether” to describe this type of energy work, but they could be called anything - energy cords, energy feeds, etc. Basically, it’s a metaphysical connection to allow a direct and continuous flow of energy from a source into a target. And I say target, because it doesn’t need to be an inanimate object - it’s possible to do this with yourself too.

That sounds a little convoluted, Richtor; can you break it down a bit more?

Yes, I know, I’m fancy with my words. You’re creating an energetic line between two things, one thing to be used as a battery, to allow energy to constantly flow from the battery into the second thing, keeping it charged / powered forever.

Are you serious?


Why don’t we do this for everything in magic?

Honestly, I don’t know. If you’ve got an understanding of energy work and visualization, it really isn’t even that hard to create one. It can even be done with representational magic if you really wanna go that far, but it’s not that complex when you get down to it. 

I’m assuming it’s just a case of, people don’t think about it like that, or, it wasn’t as widespread a thing as I thought it was.

Can’t we just do this with passive charging, like how we charge things in moonlight?

Yes, but objects only hold a limited amount of energy before they become full; once you’ve used up the energy, you need to recharge it again. Creating an energy tether allows a constant flow of energy, so as it is being used up by your intent or goal, it just refills itself.

To me, passive charging is no guarantee that the energy will stick or be absorbed by the object, and that is also why I prefer things that require focusing on the energy yourself (direct channeling), or this method.

What *can* you use energy tethers for, anyway?

Basically anything you want to keep charged for extended periods of time. Optimal for sigils, any sort of charms - hell, you can even connect thoughtforms / servitors this way. But, seriously, anything you want to keep constantly charged with minimal effort, this is a way to do it.

What can you use for “batteries” or power sources?

Anything that produces an almost endless amount of energy. The sun is the first and most obvious one I think of. You can use anything else that produces a lot of energy, though. If you live near a dam, or those electricity windmills, those would work. Power lines and electric generators are awesome, and a great way to incorporate different feels of energy (and tech magic) into your practice. Space, even; like, the entire damn thing. If it produces energy, it can be tethered.

What do you mean about different feels of energy?

This isn’t specific to tethers - all things that have and produce energy have different “feels” to them. The sun is more hot and energetic than the moon, which is cool and calming. Rose quartz is a bit more gentle than, say, jasper, which is hot and fire-y. Tiger’s eye is more solid and stable than clear quartz, which is fluid and mold-able to almost any intent. 

We all experience feels of energy differently, however; these are just how I “energetically feel” those things.

(You also don’t need to “feel” anything to still do energy work, but that’s like a  whole ‘nother post.)

Can you tether to something that doesn’t have unlimited energy?

Sure, yeah, but you’ll drain it, and then it won’t be fulfilling its purpose anymore.

So, you could use yourself as a power source?

You could, but it’s super draining and I wouldn’t recommend it. That object would constantly be taking your energy away from you, and it could have bad consequences, including physical ones - physical exhaustion is a side effect that can occur when you use too much of your energy, and I see it happen often to people who are not careful about their energy expenditure.


You can create switches for your tethers. As in, you can cinch them, close them off, to stop the flow of energy. Like you can turn on a pipe to get water flowing, then shut it off just as easily - you could create a “modification” for a tether similar in that manner.

Can these energy lines be broken?

Yep, absolutely. You can do it yourself if you no longer want them, someone else could do it if they could sense them, or they can naturally fade over time if you don’t give them proper upkeep and care.

Wait, upkeep? What happened to endless energy?

Yes, upkeep. You’re creating something to funnel energy, with energy. Energy needs to constantly be molded and kept in shape, or else it tends to just drift away. It really isn’t that hard to upkeep, though.

How do you keep your energy tethers safe from other people? 

Just program that into them when you make them.

Any disadvantages to using an energy tether?

It depends on how you view the term disadvantage. 

I think the thing that energy tethers lack is that bit of personalization that we often talk about being important in witchcraft. For example, you can keep a thoughtform powered by the sun, but it won’t contain your energy, won’t be as personally tied to you as if you charged it with your own energies. That can lose a lot of impact, when you really think about it, especially considering the nature of thoughtforms and the like.

Not to mention, you can overwhelm yourself with energy if you use a tether to connect yourself to an external source that produces more than your body can handle. You know how you can be overwhelmed by external energies, just by walking around? Yeah, now imagine that pumping straight into your body without a natural exit channel. Not fun.

Are there any other applications for energy tethers?

Fuck yeah. Use them to draw energy out of a target, in the form of a curse - literally sap their energies away so they have none left for their daily lives.

You can even connect yourself and another person with energy tethers, if you want to be able to share energy more freely and with more ease. (This is basically what I did with @ashesforeverashes​, in a sense.) 

Some people don’t like their energies taken without consent, though, and certain witchy protections can even prevent these sorts of tethers from forming in the first place, so keep that in mind.

Okay, all this talk about tethers, are you gonna show us how to make them?

Only if you ask nicely.


Okay that’s better. 

It is essentially just a combination of energy work, intent, and visualization.

The first thing you need to do, is have an object you want charged.

Now, pick an energy source. You don’t need to be able to see it, but it can help.

Relax yourself, clear your mind if you can. Hold onto your object in your hands. 

If you can, look at your energy source; this is clearly not applicable with the sun, so close your eyes and have your face turned toward it. If you can’t see your energy source, picture it in your mind as clearly as you can. Try to get a feel for its energy as well as you can, too. 

Once you are confident with your source, imagine a cord connecting from it and to your object you want to keep charged. A nice visualization for this would be seeing the particles form together out of thin air to form your tether - literally materializing out of nothing and attaching to the source, creating a line that is slowly building down from the source and to your object. This can be done in whatever way you wish - just make it.

Take as long as you need to allow the cord to be build from your energy source to the target - it can take some time, depending on the distance and how experienced you are with energy work.

While you are creating it, focus on any attributes you want it to have - a thick cord that is hard to break, a shimmery appearance so no other magic users can see it, etc. Keep in mind the purpose of the cord, what you want it to do, how you want it to behave, and fuse that into it as it is being formed. If you wish to incorporate a switch, in order to turn on and off the flow of energy, now would be the time to do so - more visualization and intent, and declarations of “I can halt this flow of energy whenever I desire” should do the trick.

Once the cord is in place, you want to draw energy from your source and into the object, through the tether. Make it clear that energy only flows one way through this particular tether. Continue to draw from the energy source and down into the target, until you begin to feel the energy flowing through the tether naturally. Once energy is accumulating into the object on its own, you know the tether is complete.

For the upkeep; about once a week or so, focus on the tether and visualize it still being strong, without any gaps for energy to sift through. See a smooth, clean flow of energy from your energy source and into the target. If there are any obstructions, break them down and funnel them out.

What was this “representational magic” method you mentioned?

Oh yeah. 

As a boost, you can have a representation of your energy source physically attached to the object or target, if you can. So, for example, you could have a tiny model of the sun, connected to the physical vessel for a thoughtform, by a piece of string. This can help keep the energy tether strengthened in a “physical” aspect, especially if you bind the physical to the energetic. Not to mention, just looking at it, you are reaffirmed that the tether is there and the object is charged, and that can assist with the upkeep.

Are there any “modifications” for energy tethers?

Totally. You can change the “material” you make the tether out of. Think of how people can put spikes onto personal shields, or make them have reflective surfaces - it’s sort of like that, but moreso changing the tether itself into something besides a beam of light. It can be a black cord like the ones electronics use; it can be made out of natural rope or hemp; it can be just a metal pipe that the energy slides through. Try to think about how each “material” might impact the flow and/or feel of energy.

You can also have one tether break off and charge many items at once - you don’t need a separate tether for each thing. Just focus on your tether and how it can fork, and imagine another branch coming from it naturally. Or, if you’re adding a separate line after the original tether has been “installed,” imagine a separate line growing or being molded from the first and down to the new object.

And there you have it - my post on energy tethers. Obviously this isn’t complete or all encompassing. This is just my view on these energetic cords, what they are, and how they can be made and used. I wrote this off the seat of my pants, but I think I covered everything I intended to. (And it feels hardcore like the old windvexer posts to me, which I’m not bothered by lol.)

I hope this helps you guys, or inspires you, or whatever. If you have any more questions, I… guess I can open my ask box, as long as y’all behave. Good luck, and have fun!

i see the word manipulation get thrown around a lot in the bpd community and while thats understandable i just wanted to give you all a small reminder


things that ARE manipulation are things like
  • never accepting responsibility for hurting others
  • guilt tripping others to get what you want
  • harassing others for not agreeing with you
  • intentionally diminishing other’s problems/difficulties by comparing them to your own
  • using other’s insecurities against them
things that are NOT manipulation include
  • expressing negative emotions to someone when you are hurt or distressed
  • not expressing emotions for the fear of bothering others
  • disagreeing with others and explaining your side of things
  • expressing your needs to those close to you
  • not socializing due to lack of energy or spoons


unhealthy behaviors (such as bottling things up, ignoring your problems, etc) definitely make situations harder and are things that need to be worked on asap, but unhealthy behaviors are not automatically manipulative just because someone has bpd


throwing around the wrong words can be extremely counter productive in this community, especially when there is already so much stigma and misunderstanding surrounding this disorder (not to mention that carelessly calling people manipulative and/or abusive for small things can end up devaluing what abuse and manipulation really mean)


TL;DR: do your research and get to know the actual meaning of strong words before using them - words like ‘manipulation’ or ‘abuse’ are not for you to take lightly and use against people you just disagree or have a problem with

So I used to actually avoid spending time in my bedroom because the energy was so stagnant and made me go into these super long depression sleeps. Nothing I did would get rid of this negative energy (burning sage incense, ect, nothing). It was awful. And then this morning I went out and bought a bunch of plants, purely for aesthetic reasons and it’s only been a few hours and????? My room feels so nice now??!!!! Like wth? It feels so GOOD to be in there now and so fresh and peaceful and it’s like this huge gross energy that was weighing me down before is just completely gone! Go out and get some plants everyone. Seriously, like research some that are easy to take care of and will do well with the amount of sunlight and humidity (or lack of it) in your room. Make sure they are non-toxic if you have pets. Just get some. Man the energy feels so good now. 

Something I wasn’t able to really articulate until recently, but has helped me understand why I’m so angry about people suggesting dietry cures for disabilities or chronic illnesses is because it puts the blame at my feet.

When you say “have you tried yoga?” as though it will stop my chronic pain, or “you know you can actually supplement x medication with y and z pills and you’ll feel much better!” or suggest some other diet or exercise fad that is going to work miracles and cure the uncurable in me, you suggest that, quite simply, I haven’t done enough.

I have tried everything. I have seen the Doctor(s) multiple times, I have poured innumerable hours into researching my condition(s) and expended exhaustable amounts of energy coming together with other people who share my struggles to try and figure out what will work best for managing my symptoms.

But my condition is incurable. And it’s not my fault. I didn’t cause my condition by eating badly, or by not exercising enough, and it won’t be fixed by eating better or exercising more.

And the implication of suggesting simple fixes like diet and exercise is that it’s my simple lack of those things which has made me sick. If I’d only eaten more kale, or if I’d done more yoga, or if I’d just gone gluten free vegan, or if I’d done this or that… well, then I wouldn’t be sick.

But that’s not how this works. Autoimmune disorders aren’t caused by bad diets, chronic pain isn’t caused by not doing enough or the right kind of exercise, and disabilities aren’t caused by laziness or not putting enough effort into finding a cure. It’s not our fault.

Stop telling us that it is.

I just wanted to say:

Sometimes people enjoy being alone. Not everyone is “shy” or “a bad person” because they don’t socialize regularly. Not everyone can actively socialize day in and day out and function properly, and that doesn’t make us less of a person, it just means we have different priorities and different energy levels. Not everyone can handle energetic people everyday. Some people wear out from lack of energy and a need to rejuvenate themselves through being alone.

Just because I’m not a socially active person doesn’t mean I don’t care or am apathetic to the world around me. Just because I enjoy just chilling out and watching TV or laying around doesn’t mean I’m apathetic, rude, or socially incompetent.

It means I’m an introvert.

This has been an introverted PSA

.::šëłf tįtłēd::.

So sorry for the lack of posts this and last week, school started again and it just sucks out all of my energy and motivation.
Also I didn’t have room for all 14 songs so Johnny boy and Taxi Cab isn’t on here. And I also know that the circles aren’t perfectly lined up, but I just wanted to draw something fairly simple and quick

Edit: since this is getting a ton of notes (ty!) I just want to remind ppl to not repost this anywhere without my permission!

Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Series: Vegas

Note: The moment you all have been waiting for… Hold onto your caps, people, because this one is a roller coaster.

Word Count: 3586

Warnings: Language, angst…no smut in this one, guys. 😳

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You knew you’d fucked up.

The second those words flew out of your mouth, your eyes shot open and your breath caught in your throat. You were quickly shaken from the spell Daveed had placed you under, and as reality settled in, you began to panic.

Without delay, you pushed Daveed off you and clambered off the bed. He was silent and you didn’t know if it was because he was in shock or because he was still coming down from his high, but either way, you knew you had to get out of there before he started speaking.

You were pulling your jeans on hastily when you finally spoke up. “I uh…I-I gotta go.” You said, trying to hide the fact that you were on the verge of tears. “It’s really late and I think I forgot to do something back home.”

“Y/N…” Daveed breathed softly, pushing himself up on his elbows to look at you.

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On Talent and Success

Over the last few months, I’ve been noticing something.

I’ve been seeing writers who are less talented than others find more success.

At the same time, I’ve become more aware of talented writers, smart writers, or passionate writers who sort of drift away.

Since I left high school, I’ve come in contact with a lot of people who dream of being writers. And over the years, I’ve seen many educated and intense aspiring authors … just stop pursuing. Sometimes these are people who have all the right personal qualities to succeed. They are sharp, driven, dedicated, passionate, and they have critical thinking skills. Sure, they may need more practice, but that comes with time. Perhaps, though, it is because they are so intense and critical, they stop believing they can succeed. They don’t think they can actually “make it.”

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a family member about the fact that we as human beings often (and sometimes unknowingly) limit ourselves and what we can accomplish. Mentally, almost silently, we think, I can’t do this, and in just believing that, we cut short our abilities. The mental energy we spend thinking about what we can’t do takes away from the mental energy we could use simply pursuing what we want or need to do.

What’s strange is that over time, I’ve seen people who appear to lack a skill or quality find more professional success than their peers. They might win an award. Get a steady readership. Make more professional sales than people of higher writing abilities. I don’t think this is because the world has gone all topsy-turvy. I think it’s because these people don’t limit themselves as much, in that way. Maybe they are blind to their weaknesses, or maybe they aren’t. Whatever the case, they don’t let those weaknesses hold them back. They don’t let fear of not being good enough hold them back.

Lately I’ve been thinking about people I’ve met, in college, in day-to-day life, wherever, and how some could be doing what they dreamed of doing, if they simply pursued it a bit more carefreely as some of the people I meet at writing conferences do. But they never gave themselves permission.

Of course, life happens, and priorities can happen. Everyone writes differently and every writing career is different. I’m not saying we need to run out of our houses and throw crappy first drafts out everywhere. I’m just saying give yourself the permission to jump in. For some, that might mean allowing yourself to begin taking writing seriously–to take yourself serious as a writer. For others it might mean finally submitting a story somewhere. For another, it might mean allowing yourself to self-publish. For someone else it might mean allowing yourself to write and enjoy writing.

On occasions, I have talked to instructors that say the most talented people are the ones who are hardest on themselves. And it makes sense. They have a strong eye for criticism. They expect a lot out of their work. They demand a lot of themselves. And they don’t settle. In contrast, the students who are less talented may be the ones who think they deserve the highest marks in the class. This seems backwards, but it’s often true. This second group ends up pursuing all kinds of avenues, because they believe they deserve it, or simply because they give themselves permission to. They are more likely to find success than the talented person who never submitted, published, or shared anything.

Years ago, a family member and I used to repeat this observation to each other. “Why is so-and-so a bad-a**? Because he thinks he’s a bad-a**.” The idea is that everyone who seems to act like they are awesome and cool are simply that way because they believe they are.

In some sense, that same principle can be applied to other areas. Why is that person a writer? Because she thinks she’s a writer. Why is that person successful? Because he think he’s successful. There are limits to how far this principle can extend, of course, and there are exceptions, but in some ways, following it is like starting on training wheels. It slashes down limits you’ve put on yourself. You are what you are because you believe you are.

Now success might not mean the same thing to everyone. Success to one person might be selling a lot of copies of her book. Success to another person might be being able to write full-time, regardless of exposure. It might be becoming the best current writer in that genre, even if the genre has a small readership, like weird west fiction.

Ideally, we become the best of both groups of students mentioned earlier. People in the first group may need to let themselves take a chance to pursue. People in the second group may need to sharpen their critical eye and dedication, because while they may already have found success, that success will have a ceiling based on their talent.

Whatever kind of writer you hope to be, whether it’s a bestselling, award-winning writer, or fierce fanfiction writer, decide today to give yourself permission to pursue success.

BTS Reactions | You Fall Asleep On Him

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You were extremely tired by the time Jin and you got to the dorm. You didn’t want to ruin date night though. Jin had planned a nice dinner and then coming home to snuggle and watch a movie. “Go change and I’ll put the movie selection on” he smiled before he grabbed the remote. You grabbed your purse where you somehow managed to fit a tee and shorts. You got dressed and quickly splashed your face with water, hoping to wake up a little. When you walked out, Jin was already in sweats and a tee, waiting for you to chose a movie to watch. 

Halfway through the movie though, your eyes felt heavy and you struggled to stay awake. Finally, you fell asleep, with your head resting on his chest. He didn’t seem to notice until you moved to get in a more comfortable position, with one arm wrapped around him. He couldn’t be upset, you looked so peaceful that he didn’t even want to carry you to bed. He smiled down at you, his heart fluttering. He couldn’t deny that he loved to see you to peaceful. He wanted to fall asleep with you and wake up with you at his side for the rest of his life.

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constructed emotional responses
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>my mom:</b> *tells me about the death of a family member who I am not close too*<p/><b>me internally:</b> ok gotta choose a good emotional response that I can mimic. Tears?? No, I can't fake cry. I can show surprise, because yeah I'm pretty surprised. Hmm, ask multiple questions. How? Where? Nice nice. Empathy? Nope, don't have the energy to do that. Sympathy? yeah I can do that, they meant a lot to my mom and I love my mom. In conclusion, shock and sympathy. Use that to cover the fact that you don't have any emotional response to her passing.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Stereotypes are never accurate, but the astrological ones are plain ridiculous in their lack of logic. With this post, I hope to clear up any ignorance and confusion surrounding these parts of the signs. (PS: I was having a lot of trouble finding Pisces criticism, so excuse or enjoy the bias at the end. Heh.)

Aries are constantly angry, ready to fight, and selfish as hell.” The Aries sign is ruled by Mars, but Mars is not the Planet of the friggin’ Brawl – it’s about intensity and acting upon your impulses. Aries, being the first or “youngest” of the Zodiac, is obviously the most impulsive, but that doesn’t instantly mean they’re violent. It just means they’re ruled by Mars. They might be selfish because Aries is, again, the baby sign; everything is about them because that’s what their place in the Zodiac wheel is. It’s about beginning, or starting anew.

Taurus are lazy, always hungry, always eating, and slovenly.” Taurus is an Earth sign; Earth signs are very focused on the physical realm and all the greatness that can come of it. Taurus is the sign that is most focused on being comfortable and satisfied with their material world. Ruled by Venus, the Taurus sign reasonably enjoys the finer things in life, which includes furniture, food, and clothing. They won’t be slobs if they like to be beautiful and to be surrounded by equally beautiful things. Just stop. On the other hand, the “stubborn” argument can swing both ways, so why not call them determined instead of lazy?

Gemini are two-faced liars with no real personality and all they do is gossip.” Gemini is probably the most quick-thinking of the signs. They are ruled by Mercury, and therefore ruled by thought and speech. They have too many ideas to keep it all to themselves. It’s impossible for a human, let alone a human born under one of the most complex astrological signs, to not have a few hypocritical notions, but just because they tell you a lot of them doesn’t mean they believe all of them, nor all at once. (Half of the time, they’re probably only bouncing those theories off you to see what you think about them.) Mercury is also the planet of learning, so they may be constantly growing past their old feelings and discarding them as they move on to something new.

Cancer are hopeless cry-babies who can’t live without their mommy.” Excuse you. The Cancer sign IS the mommy. Cancer is the sign of home, history, and motherhood, and if they’re ruled by the moon (the luminary of emotion), how could you expect them to not be emotional? (Mind the definition of emotional, would you?) Cancer is also the Cardinal Water sign, meaning they can be efficacious self-starters who don’t need to follow in anyone’s footsteps to get where they want to go. Even if they’re anxious, they’re also generally shy and private, so keeping all those fears to themselves and never asking for help only makes them more self-reliant and brave, whether they’re aware of it or not.

Leo are the most arrogant, self-absorbed, vain people of the Zodiac… However, they’re the most beautiful, so they do have a point.” Leo is the sign that is ruled by the Sun; the Sun is about oneself and one’s ego. There’s nothing arrogant or self-centered about knowing you’re important or valuable and if all you’ve experienced with Leos is belligerence and egocentrism, then that’s your own bad luck. Leo has actually been characterized as friendly and attention-giving. And while every sign is beautiful, Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, so if anyone’s going to be stereotyped as the prettiest, it should be them. Leo just wants to be known to every living person as the King or Queen of the Jungle and it’d be heresy to not look the part.

Virgo are neat- and health-freak robots! They’re cute socially awkward bookworms though, so we forgive them.” Virgo is another Earth sign, and as stated above, the Earth element is all about life on earth. Like Taurus, Virgo strives for perfection of lifestyle and self, but on a much deeper level. That doesn’t mean that’s all they care about – it’s just one of the many things that are important to them. This sign is also ruled by Mercury, the planet of thought, so (that “robot” argument is completely out the window) it’s ridiculous to assume they’re all shy and prone to stuttering. They’re analytical and calculating and it’s very common for them to speak clearly, precisely, perfectly, able to get their point across in a succinct and exact manner. You got one thing right, though – they are damn cute.

Libra are soulless divas who only care about their fake friends and lipstick. They’re passive, feckless, and so indecisive that they couldn’t just PICK SOMETHING to save their life.” Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love; they are drawn to what they think looks nice, and there’s nothing wrong with having a keen eye for pulchritude. They are the Cardinal Air sign, and that mixture of values (leadership, self-reliance & social justice and progression) results in a great need to be fair; Libra sees from everyone’s point of view and this leads them to very vacillating places, but is that really a bad thing? They don’t lack a backbone; I think sometimes they just don’t know how to use it.

Scorpio are murderous sex-fiends who probably have blood orgies in the basement every Friday night for Satan.” Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto; that is an explosive combination of very intense energies, and thus Scorpio is the most intense Zodiac sign. They are known for being very emotional (as a Water sign) and prone to extremes (as the inhabitant of the eighth house), but as with Aries, this doesn’t have to make them volatile. They are driven and often controlled by their feelings and urges, but statistically, most serial killers are not Scorpios, so… There goes that argument.

Sagittarius probably don’t have any bone in their body that hasn’t been broken at least once because they’re so stupid and reckless.” Sagittarius is a Fire sign, making them very vital and dynamic people. They are adventurous, impulsive, and most of all, defined by the pursuit of personal freedom; they hate chains and confines more than anything. They’re known for making a lot of mistakes, but those mistakes are the way Sagittarians learn best, and because this sign is ruled by Jupiter (the planet associated with good luck, morals, and life paths), what these people learn is often laden with incredibly valuable and profound philosophies.

Capricorn do nothing but work, work, work. They’re too uptight to function.” Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign; they are characterized by their efficacy, determined nature, and great drive to succeed. They yearn to be the best that they can be and because of this, they often find themselves trapped in a place where they’re only capable of focusing on what they want to have and grow into. This doesn’t mean they can never leave that place, but depending on other parts of the Capricorn person’s chart, they may not want to. They are known as the most serious of the Zodiac only because they’re ruled by Saturn, the planet with a stick up its ass. (Every Capricorn I know is goofy as hell, so there’s that.)

Aquarius are weirdo aliens who come up with conspiracy theories for fun and feeling nothing is their number one hobby.” Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of uniqueness and dissent. They are next to Sagittarius in terms of freedom of thought. Driven by expansion of the mind and progression of self and the collective, Aquarius has the biggest ideas of the Zodiac, and being an Air sign, they want to share them. However, Aquarius are prone to feeling distant and disconnected, and they tend to behave as if that’s where they want to stay – on the outside. They want to be different. They are often dissatisfied with the current state of everything and they believe they will be the sign to make positive changes. They are off-beat, yes, but in their mind, that’s the best thing to be.

Pisces only smoke weed, sleep, and pretend to be hipster, but they’re just fish. Fish can’t be hipster.” Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of imagination and illusions; Pisces is the most creative sign of the Zodiac, and that results in them leaning toward slightly unconventional ideas and habits. However, it is the Mutable Water sign, making Pisceans adaptable, emotional, and often passive people. This stereotype seems to imply that Pisces have little to no personality, but Pisces is a deep, dynamic, profound sign, and as proof of its gentle magnificence, I offer this collection of precise, hard-hitting Tumblr hate directed at it: *crickets chirping* Oh, right. There is none. Because Pisces is perfect.

My 2¢ on the solar punk thing is this: if you’re not fighting corps/striving against odds to survive, it can’t be called punk. If it’s just some renewable energy porn w/ no real stakes, it’s utopian romanticism at best and hippie dippie, pseudo-liberal bullshit at worst. If you really want to make your (genre)punk Punk, it has to be centered around the struggles of those cast aside by polite society. If your solarpunk lacks conflict along class/race/gender/sex/etc. lines, call it something else.

For a good example of how to do this, check out Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy. I got one of my copies for 40¢.

Being Suicidal Doesn't Always Mean You Want to Die

When you think of someone who is “suicidal”, you think of them crying in the bathroom with a blade to their wrist, wanting to die, right?

I can tell you right now, that’s not every person who is suffering from suicidal thoughts.

Hello, I’m suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts but I don’t want to die. Of course I want to grow older, get married to my beautiful girlfriend, have babies, do things but sadly, my depression holds me back from wanting to do anything. I don’t want to die but I’m too tired to function. Too tired to be alive.

Functioning takes energy and you need to care to have energy and caring is too much work and then we’re back to energy because to care, you need energy, and I am absent of all of those. Slowly, being absent of these for a long period of time makes you just want to disappear; go to sleep at night and not wake back up. But I don’t want to die. I just want to get rid of all these feelings; the lack of energy, of motivation, of happiness.

Depression takes a lot from you. Depression, for those who don’t understand, is like a snake that coils itself around you. In the beginning, it only asks for smaller things like some friends or hobbies but after awhile, you’ve fed the snake everything of yourself from your friends to your happiness and motivations. The snake feeds off of your values, your happiness, giving it more and more strength to coil tighter and tighter, until there’s nothing left to give but your life. The snake wanted your life to begin with but first it strips you of everything, that makes you you.

The snake is the depression.

I don’t want to give my depression my life. I want babies, I want to be with my girlfriend, grow old. But I don’t know how to undo the snake’s coil.

It’s wrapped so tight, begging me to feed it just one more time…one more time and “everything will be ok”, it tells me.

Everything will be ok.

I’m depressed. I’m suicidal. But I don’t want to die.

I just want to feel things again. I want to be motivated; I want to have energy.

I don’t want to answer to the snake anymore.

But I don’t know how not to.

I’m suicidal, but not in the way you think.

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hi dear! how do i get started in tarot? do ya have have resources you could direct me to? (:

I can throw you a couple links, sure: 

More can be found in my [#tarot tag] on my blog! ^^ 

For me, starting tarot reading was as simple as finding a deck that I liked, finding some spreads, and practicing. Depending on why you want to read tarot, your approach may be different. For instance, tarot for me is about introspection and helping myself find some answers or advice I may not have seen at first glance. Tarot can be used for other purposes, though, such as spirit communication, so what you want to use your cards for can change the approach in which you go about it. (In regards to doing tarot for spirit communication, I am afraid I have no personal advice there.) 

Research, of course, is something I always recommend when getting into a new skill. You’re working on that, which is awesome, though I do believe it is important to also leave Tumblr for research purposes. Yes, there’s great stuff here, but there’s also great resources to be found in other areas of the internet, as well as off it. If you can, try to find some beginner’s books on tarot (I am certain there are PDFs of a few somewhere around too), and look into it as much as you can. Sadly, resources can and are likely to show conflicting information, so it’s always beneficial to cross reference and fact check as much as possible. 

Once you’ve got a grasp of tarot - or even if you don’t - picking a deck can prove a daunting task. I personally don’t feel any one deck is “better” than any other for someone new to reading. You will always hear how the Rider-Waite is standard, but that is only because the cards depict symbolism in which they try to make the meaning of the cards clear. Less convoluted, the images try to tell the story of the card, in a way that might make it easy to understand on sight. Not everyone grooves with that, but it definitely can prove helpful at the start when you aren’t sure what every card means. And, let me tell you, even after like three years, I still have to look some cards up, 78 is a lot to remember with an inconsistent memory.  

I would recommend, mostly, just finding a deck that you like, one you think is pretty, or you would like to try out. There may be some research you have to do into that, or you may just be in a store and you find a deck that “calls to you.” There is really no wrong way to pick a deck, as long as you are happy with your choice. (Some decks may not work out for every reader, though, which can be a concern if you buy your first deck and end up not liking it or it’s uncooperative, but it’s a risk we all kinda take. I’ve bought a few decks that I don’t connect with, or that no longer work for me, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you can’t read or won’t be a good reader if that happens - find another deck you like and keep trying!) Printing a deck out, or creating your own, can be a good option for those on a budget, but creating a deck can be very time and energy consuming, and also a daunting task all on its own. 

Also, if you find the book or guide that comes with your cards is lacking, it is also okay to find external resources for card interpretations. I personally enjoy [Learn Tarot’s pages of reference], and am even writing them down, since I know some of the books for my decks weren’t very helpful in the meanings. A lot of people will say reading from the book is bad, learn to trust your gut more, etc., but each person reads differently. I feel it’s important to just try it out, try different things, and find your style. 

Once you have a deck you like, a lot of people recommend cleansing it. There are many ways to do that. And of course, there’s the first shuffle (or shuffles), which can always be a pain when they’re all in order. I like splitting the cards into piles and shuffling those together for a while, it’s proven effective for me. People also talk about ways to bond with your deck - things you can do with it or to it to help it grow accustomed to you or make readings easier or more accurate. Those are also things that would be great to look into. 

Doing readings can seem daunting too. I was nervous for my first few as well. And it is perfectly acceptable to read and practice on yourself. Just take it at your own pace, use your book or guide if you need to, and even asking someone’s opinion on an interpretation can be helpful if you’re stuck. Mostly, though, just read. Draw some cards and try to find what they’re saying. As a skill, it does take practice and time before you may feel confident with what you’re doing, if your readings are good or accurate, and that’s okay! There is no pressure or anything, and we all started out in that exact same spot. (Also, reversals aren’t necessary if you don’t wanna read that way - I don’t, but it’s up to you to decide what you wanna do for yourself and your tarot practice.) 

Creating spreads can also seem hard too, but that is also something you don’t need to worry about unless you want to - I use mostly existing spreads for my readings, and they work just fine.; Creating spreads can take time and energy one may not have, and it’s cool if you never want to do it, or just save it until later, but know that whatever you decide to do is cool. There are so many amazing spreads already in existence, to cover a lot of different topics and questions that may occur. Some also find great results in just winging spreads - asking a question and drawing as many cards as they feel is right or for clarification. Again, experiment, try things out, find what you like doing and what works for you, and what may not. We each have our own way to read and do things with tarot. 

I hope that helps you, good luck with your tarot journey! ^^ 

Confession: when I first started watching Sunny, I thought Rob McElhenney was the weak link in the cast. Next to the others, his performance seemed artless; I found his acting style exaggerated and overly indicative, all on the surface, with none of the sophisticated layers that the rest of the cast brought to their characters. He lacked the full-body control and exquisite micro-detail of Glenn Howerton, the feral energy and deranged mannerisms of Charlie Day, the go-for-broke slapstick and grotesquerie of Kaitlin Olson. Rob McElhenney, I thought, just telegraphed Mac’s emotions, with no subtlety, as the scene called for them.

It was only in the later seasons that I realized how wrong I was. Rob McElhenney plays all of Mac’s emotions on the surface, because all of Mac’s emotions are on the surface. Mac is sensitive and has no poker face; whatever happens to Mac, he feels it fully, deeply, and immediately. Rob isn’t artless; Mac is artless, and guileless. Rob doesn’t use complicated emotional trickery to play Mac, because Mac doesn’t do complicated emotional trickery. He’s missing a layer. What he feels, we see – unfiltered.

Nowadays I go back and watch the scene in “Mac Bangs Dennis’s Mom” in which Mac shyly twists Barbara Reynolds’s bedsheet into a knot as he exclaims, “That was, like, so special, and, I mean, it was like magic” – and I wonder how I could ever have watched this scene without realizing that Rob McElhenney has always known exactly what he’s doing.


Summary: Professor Negan simply offers one of his students a ride home.

Author:  Multireality

Pairing(s): Professor!Negan x reader

Word Count: 1436

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, slight Daddy and Sir kink, swearing

Author’s Notes: Sorry for taking so long, I was busy with exams. Requested by @ask-kakashihatake I hope you like it.

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“Does anyone have any questions?” Professor Negan spoke, his voice deep and gravelly. Nobody spoke so he continued to clean the blackboard while the rest of the class began to pack up their things and begin to leave the room.

I was at the back, as usual, trying to avoid the attention of others. The girls that surrounded me always teased me for being the quiet one who always gets the highest grades. Sure, I always got A+’s but I worked for it.

The girls that surrounded me were the popular girls who were effortlessly beautiful and were caked in makeup whereas I preferred a more natural look. They were loud and giggly and always tried to gain the attention of Professor Negan. He was foul-mouthed and perfect. His black hair, graying beard, and hazel eyes were the combination to my heart. Yet I was shy remember and therefore have never spoken to him, except one time when I stuttered my way through it and then ran away embarrassed and have yet to speak to him since.

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Heart on the Line (part 8)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1081

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let’s talk about

So I saw the Josh Keaton post about ‘what if season 3 Shiro is really the real Shiro’ and I know he’s not the only one to bring it up. 

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personal opinion only and not saying anything that hasn’t been said already by other people but:

1. why would Ulaz free a clone?

2. why would the Galra Empire stop using the Champion just because an enemy helped a clone escape?

3. why wouldn’t the clone turn over the Black lion?  Whatever reason a clone was created, the ultimate goal of Zarkon was to get the Black lion.  You don’t make clone without shut off or fail safes.  The very first time Black was being sucked up into the Galra ship with the clone kicked out of the cockpit, the Galra (and Haggar in particular) would have shut him off. Hell, Haggar (kill the ship and the princess then go after the robot) would have shut him off instead of wounding him.  Why toy with a lump of flesh that’s served its purpose?  Haggar has no patience for games.  Zarkon wouldn’t have tolerated it on the astral plain or it being between he and Black either.

4. while starting off a story with a clone and making him the focus of the characters arch is a truly fascinating plot and would lead to a great deal of character exploration as well as - one of my favorites - an exploration of what makes a human human, Voltron is a kid’s show and while they’re throwing in some interesting twists, they’re not going to go that deep a level.  They haven’t even explored ‘what makes a human human’ with Keith, who is prime for it.   Personal opinion is that they’re not writing that deep for this series.

5. Personal opinion again but - what is the current ‘Shiro’ lacking that the one we were introduced to has?  Fire.  A spark.  Contained energy.   If you hold them side by side one of them is kinetic and the other one is reactive.  The man that pushed himself to go to the stars and won the top spot above even more experienced pilots to take the flight to Kerberos is the not the second man.

6.  Black.  Just - the Black lion.  

7. No matter who he is, or what he is, I want first and second season Shiro back.  Even if he was the clone, he’s our touchstone for the series.  When we say ‘Shiro’ we mean that one.  That’s our guy, that’s the one we want back, that’s the one we want sitting in Black’s pilot seat, that’s the one we ride with.  The writers can throw a dozen ‘ooooh but what if this one is the real one?’ at us and it doesn’t matter.  That’s not even the real point.  Its not the idea of a clone we’re rejecting.  1st and 2nd season Shiro is our Shiro.  He’s the one we want back.  Now.  Please and thankyouverymuch.

as an aside, fandom’s really come around to loving and wanting to protect the ‘Shiro’ we got at the end of season 3 (though, let’s face it, that hair cut deserves to be teased the way any good sibling would tease a chop shop job like that).  I haven’t seen any hate for him - just a very strong wave that he’s nice but he’s not the one we want back

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