i just know they're going to be amazing

lance asks keith what his favorite animal is and keith just Lights Up and starts going on and on about hippos like did you know they can hold their breath up to seven minutes lance?? did you know they’re one of the most dangerous animals in africa?? they can live up to 40 years lance did you know that?? and lance just listens to him talk and talk and is reminded of how In Love he is with this boy, this boy that loves hippos,











first (successful) ith art

Prussia's Awesome Quest Final Part
  • Prussia: wow, can't believe I struck out twice! Can't get advice from both England and Spain... now who else- oh, West!
  • Child Germany: big bruder, where have you been?
  • Prussia: um, just, y'know, doing great things!
  • Child Germany: huh?
  • Prussia: anyways, just a thought... is there a certain way that you want me to act to make you feel more comfortable? Like, anything, just tell me kay? I want to be the most awesome big bruder you will ever have!
  • Child Germany: ... hahaha~ You're weird~
  • Prussia: eh?
  • Child Germany: you already make me comfortable, and although I don't quite know what 'my awesomeness' is, I think that makes you amazing.
  • Prussia: *teared eyed* Germany, that was so beautiful-
  • England and Spain: that's not how it's supposed to go!
  • Prussia: What the- where did you two come from???

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Hi, I am so sorry to bother you but you always seem to have amazing recommendations. Could you please, please tell me books that deal with murders and good writing and maybe has a dark vibe? Thank you.

  • donna tartt, the secret history
  • tana french, the dublin murder squad series
  • gillian flynn, sharp objects
  • megan abbott, you will know me
  • katie crouch, abroad
  • abigail haas, dangerous girls
  • margaret atwood, the blind assassin

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Hi! is it just me or are Capricorn guys incredibly attractive? 3 out of 4 of my previous biases were all Capricorns and most of my actual crushes.I thought my juno might of been Capricorn but it's actually libra lol. Now I'm just convinced Capricorn guys are just born hot lol. By the way I'm a Leo Sun, Sagittarius moon and Leo rising so it's not like I'm compatible with em but I can't deny the attraction lol.

Hey, anon! I’ll make a wild guess here since you only gave me a few things to guess from (and didn’t even ask me to, I’m just rambling ‘cause I just had two cups of coffe asdjhads) - but since your Sun is in your Ascendant in a proud fire sign and your Moon is an agitated fire sign in your 5th (house of romance) it’s likely that you like some challenge. lol Because Capricorn, overall, is very hard to deal if you have personal placements in fire signs… Unless you have some earth going on somewhere else. I don’t know.

In general I do think people with strong Capricorn going on are attractive and you’re not the first person that has told me so. I guess it’s because they can have a strong presence because of Saturn? Aquarius can be that way too and it’s ruled by the same planet. And if really strongly put, Capricorn normally does not give a shit and can be quite cold and that can be very attractive depending on the way it goes… So I see how the charm works. They can be very mysterious so you wanna understand what makes them react at the same time that they rarely ever react if not truly interested so it also makes them very challenging. So I do see the appeal. They have that cold but attractive aura going on because they’re normally very strong people (not necessarily emotionally wise, but with strong energy), much like Jaebum and Taehyung can look so scary and so charming at the same time. I’m almost fangirling here but I totally see your point, anon. haha

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(tag yourself, i’m jimin - charmed by the capricorn vibes)

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Hi! I've just finished reading the first story of the Designation: Miracle series and I loved every bit of it! I actually cried because of HInata in the end, it was so emotional. I really don't know if take prompts or something, but have you ever thought about writing a spinoff with IwaOi/KasaKise meeting at the "party"? It'd be so fun! (they're my OTP from both anime ahah) BTW, thanks for writing it! It's really amazing!

“We are going to crush them.”

“You’re getting awfully competitive about a game where we literally just made up the rules five seconds ago,” Iwaizumi remarks.

“Iwa-chan, there is no point in playing anything without performing our absolute best. And also, we need to prove that we are better than those basketball players, don’t you think?”

“We have basketball players on our team,” Iwaizumi points out. “They have volleyball players on their team. The whole point of this absurd made-up game is so that we’re working together.”

“Alright, fine, we have to prove we’re better than the Miracle.”

This makes even less sense, and Iwaizumi resists the urge to throttle his captain. “The only reason any of us are here is because you wanted to support the Miracles.”

“Right,” Oikawa says. “We supported them, and now we’re going to make sure we prove we’re the best.”

Iwaizumi just stares at him. “Why are you like this?”


“I don’t like him,” Kise announces.


“He’s too pretty,” Kise says.

Kasamatsu frowns and follows Kise’s glare to the captain of the current Basket-Volleyball team they’ve been playing against. He’s had some solid moves and got past Kise a few times. “That’s a weird thing for you to say,” Kasamatsu says. “Besides, I think he’s a lot like you.”

“What! Senpai, how can you say that? He is nothing like me! He seems far too frivolous.”

“Right,” Kasamatsu says. “Bit like you.”

Senpai,” Kise whines. “Look at him! He’s clearly smarmy. He flirts too much and also he smirks. People shouldn’t smirk all the time.”

“So… exactly like you?”

Kise continues to pout, with a wide-eyed puppy-dog look that creates the perfect picture of injured prettiness.

“Can’t even tell the difference, really,” Kasamatsu continues, “Maybe I should go ask him out, he looks like my type, and maybe he’d be better about picking his clothes off the floor—”



“Wow, where did they even come from?” Kasamatsu remarks, marveling at the fact that a crowd of girls have already encircled Oikawa.

“They just sort of pop up out of nowhere, like fruit flies,” Iwaizumi says, resignedly. “Although, I do think some of them were originally here for your boy.”

Kasamatsu twitches slightly at the idea of Kise as “his boy” and carries on with, “Well, that’s even more impressive. I didn’t think anyway could pull fans away from Kise. That’s a definite testament to the charming abilities your boy has.”

Iwaizumi, to his credit, only nods apologetically, as if acknowledging his own fault. “Yeah. It’s pretty annoying. Doesn’t help that he panders to his fans, you know?”

“Oh, for sure. Kise’s a model too, so we get it everywhere. And it’s kind of obnoxious, because you almost have no room to complain because he’s still incredibly talented at basketball,” Kasamatsu says, like a man who has never kicked his underclassman for pandering to his fans.

“Right. There’s no denying Oikawa is the best setter in the prefecture, so it is really hard to object to his crazy,” Iwaizumi agrees, like a man who has never thrown a volleyball at his friend’s head.

You’re obviously really talented, though,” Kasamatsu says. “You’re reflexes are amazing.”

“Thanks, back at you. Have you ever thought about playing volleyball?”

“Eh, not my sport.”

“Fair enough.”


“I don’t like you,” Kise says.

“I don’t like you, pretty boy,” Oikawa says.

“And if that spikey haired guy gets any closer to Senpai, I’m going to kick his ass.”

“If you hurt Iwa-chan, I’ll destroy you,” Oikawa says with a smile.

Kise eyes Oikawa and gets the feeling that Oikawa might be a human, but he was a human who knew how to do unpleasant things in the dark without anyone ever knowing what was happening. Oikawa, on the other hand, is realizing there were a lot more unpleasant geniuses besides Kageyama and he almost wishes Kise did play volleyball, if only so Oikawa could have the satisfaction of making him cry in public.

“Keep him away from Senpai and we’ll call a truce?” Kise offers.

“Deal, but only because I’m feeling generous since my team beat yours.”

“Only once and I demand a rematch!”

A/N: Thanks, friend! I am very glad you enjoyed the story! I have always meant to write a KiKasa and IwaOi interaction because that was something a few people remarked on wanting to see, so here we go! It’s my headcanon that Oikawa and Kise are probably people who will get along really well after awhile, but when they first meet they hate each other’s guts. Thanks again!! Sorry for how long it took! (If anyone is interested in random thoughts on basket-volleyball, they are here).

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I just read through all of your headcanons again, (they're amazing by the way,) and I had a strange idea. What would happen if Chase ever met Dark? Unusual pairing I know but I'm curious if you had any headcanons for that situation. Thanks!

ahh thank you! and i think it’d be quite hilarious if they met.

dark wouldn’t like him at first, thinking that he’s as much of a nuisance as bing is. chase would probably go to dark to ask for advice on how to get stacey back or how to get over her. but dark, being that social manipulator that he is, would tell chase what he wanted to hear, mostly being that he should move on and get over her and that he’ll find someone new. 

chase would brighten at that like “you mean it?” and dark would nod. and chase replies with “y’know, you’re not as bad as everyone says.” and dark just flicks chase’s hat, but once chase leaves, dark softly goes “you have no idea.” or something like that omg

i also think that chase would surprise dark with his spontaneity, like how chase can be distraught over his divorce one moment and the next, he’ll be showing dark this funny meme he saw whilst scrolling through tumblr. 


So once upon a time, @kkingkk made lovely suit designs for TFA characters. “You’re going to destroy me”, I said, and kkingkk smiled and replied “I’ll make new ones and they will be even more amazing and then you will know what suit pain is" [possibly not entirely correct quote] and now that there’s another suit for both Megatron and Swindle, I just had to doodle this because holy shit I love them so much!

how to make the signs happy
  • aries: do all their favorite things, go shopping, tanning, working out, just get them out of their house and do something fun
  • taurus: give them a soft blanket and wrap them up in it and hug them and tell them you're there for them
  • gemini: offer to take them somewhere, be open with them, let them tell you all of their stories
  • cancer: be nice to them, fully reciprocate all the love they show you
  • leo: let them talk, listen to them and show them you actually care about what they're saying
  • virgo: make them let their hair down, bring them outside and let them breathe in fresh air, sit them down and tell them everything's going to be alright
  • libra: give back. believe it or not, they give you a lot even if you don't see it so just do little things back and I promise it'll make their entire day
  • scorpio: hug them, show them you love them in your own way whether its sarcastic banter or little gifts just let them know you care
  • sagittarius: go on a mini adventure, tell them how much they mean to you, understand and support their feelings
  • capricorn: tell them to take a break, tell them they're doing an amazing job and everything they do is important, tell them they're important
  • aquarius: give them some good music, a good book, or their favorite whatever, tell them jokes, make them smile, sit with them and make them feel comforted
  • pisces: make a pillow fort, show them affection, make them feel loved and comforted

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hey! i wanted to let you know that i think your cas/stages of grief meta was absolutely amazing. cas's story never really made sense to me, it always seemed so inconsistent, like they had no idea where they were going with it, and your meta is the first i've read that made me see some central theme in it after all. so kudos for that :) just out of curiosity, you have any idea where they're going with crowley? bc his story is another one that always felt the opposite of straightforward to me.

Whats your hope for Crowleys arc on this season?

Hi! Thank you so much for all that! I am the most awful person, because not only I’m like, two months late in answering this but I’m also going to bundle it up with an anon ask. Sorry, @andallthewildthingsroared!

(I did write the overly long thing I promised you, though, so there’s that.)

I understand where you’re coming from - Crowley’s arc is sort of zigzaggy, but if you take away what was clearly bad characterization (such as that one-off threat to Sam complete with red eyes which never went anywhere), I sort of feel like we can know who Crowley is, and what he wants.


So, just as a summary - we know he was a bastard, and that he had a stable enough relationship with his mother that he remembers her (not fondly), and that she up and left soon enough that it felt like she was abandoning him (eight is a bit soon to fend for yourself, even in the seventeenth century). We know he had a son, and since Gavin’s mother is never mentioned, I want to say unremarkable entity who died in childbirth? Because if this had been his great love, and if she’d survived long enough to be remembered by Gavin, I hope to God that would have been brought up in the narrative (come on). So, either Crowley didn’t give a damn about her, and got saddled with the kid for some reason, or he cared a lot and she died pretty early on and that’s possibly the reason he started being so awful to everybody (hello, John Winchester’s parallels). We also know he was a tailor, which, in those times, and for an orphan, implies either that Rowena used magic to help him out (unlikely for a number of reasons) or that he was actually a very smart, very talented kid who had to work his ass off during his apprenticeship, as was usual for the times. In this case, we’ve got someone whose life was out of his control from a very young age, and who knows what it’s like to be at a master’s whim. 

Demon deal

Now, what doesn’t fit with this picture is the idea a kid like that would sell his soul for a longer dick, as Crowley boasted to have done (also, as amusing as it is, this would be a moot point by now, since Crowley’s in a different body). What I consider more likely is that Crowley’s current vessel - the literary agent in his late forties possibly all work and all play as that job often entails - tried to make a similar deal (and that would be a reason for Crowley to stick with the body afterwards; after all, we know he’s vain and likes to sleep around, so, vessel for vessel, why not go for a bigger dong?); as for Crowley himself, I really can’t guess what happened. Gavin remembers him as a useless drunkard, and he certainly had no riches to pass on - so much so, Gavin was forced to emigrate to the Colonies. What did Crowley gain, exactly, in exchange for his soul? An intriguing possibility is that, like Dean, he took the deal to save someone else - perhaps Gavin himself from some childhood fever - and became a drunk asshole out of blind panic the closer he got to the deadline. I like this explanation, because there was always this weird pull between Crowley and Dean, and this would go a long way towards explaining it; but, really, this is one of those things it’s useless to speculate about - either the show will tell us, or it won’t.

(Another possibility I like, but which would have come up by now, is that Rowena sold her kid’s soul to pay for her own magic - a plot bunny I explored here.)

Whatever his reasons, Crowley’s time in hell took this primal lack of control over his own life and made it a thousand times worse. We still don’t know, exactly, how demons are created, how long it takes, and who decides which eyes you’ll get, and which job you’ll do. This is, like, one of the 2000 things the show could get into instead of inventing new lore (I’m not complaining, though - S11 was magnificent, and S12 has been very good so far). What we do know is that the entire process is excruciatingly painful; that it distorts, or takes away, your human soul. If we think about other soulless creatures we’ve encountered, what Crowley is makes a lot of sense. It’s not about being evil, exactly; it’s more about a lack of caring and empathy. There are moments where Crowley actually reminds me of soulless!Sam - like when he pushed Dean into Cain’s arms just because it was convenient on the short term. 

Crowley the crossroads demon

Becoming a demon is also the worst kind of punishment, we should assume, because it completely takes away your free will.

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I was just going through douis tag on my blog recently and it amazed me how often they were papped together and how often D interacted with louis' family/friends, she wore his clothes and followed him from la to London so fandom was sure they'll gonna be together for a long time and that she's pregnant they're engaged but it ended and everyone forgot about it. It doesn't matter how extra the stunt is or how often Louis is pictured with the kid. Things like this just don't matter at the end.

Yeah like I know a fake kid is a bigger deal but in the end…it’s gonna end and it will be news for a while and then it will be like it never happened. And we don’t know when that will be. But no matter what things look like in the current moment…things can change on a dime. All it takes is a few articles. So I get being upset he has to stunt and I get a certain degree of speculation but competing to be the most miserable or assuming one or a few things is equal to months of the same or that because it isn’t over yet it never will be just doesn’t make sense to me.

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re: divided classes! I know! And by classing some skills as 'male' or 'female' they're creating a gender bias in their fields! Say *kunoichi* learn flower arranging (poisons) and music for seduction/infiltration purposes, but hello! The ...Ino... family? owns flower shops. Men can run shops, same as women. It's easier for civilian men to be travelling musicians. What if there was an amazing singer/prodigal musician who just so happened to be boy-shaped? So he's going to be left to work on 1/4

possibly creating a career-long alterego that could start off performing in bars, but eventually work his way up *naturally* to performing in noble courts and houses and *years* of verifiable evidence to prove he’s a ‘real’ person? There’s a massive loss of potential right there. And then, of course, you have actual seduction: gay people, straight people, bi-, pan-, asexual but wants pretty people to sing/perform/cuddle with them, aromantics who just want hot sex. Teach everyone how to seduce *everyone* and all the necessary skills. So you can have a kunoichi playing a butch lesbian/transman who knows lots of traditionally male skills and passes as a man most often in order to assassinate someone who prefers dating/having sex with crossdressing transmen. (i.e. a man in a dress). Frankly, I *know* that gender segregation wasn’t a thing during the clan wars because there were clans competing for money, so they *couldn’t* have afforded to waste money (jobs) by teaching only-female and only-male things. Maybe there was some civilian backlash at first when they were trying to get civvies to settle in Konoha and the school compromised by labelling them shinobi/kunoichi classes and it was *meant* to be just a name (i.e. traditionally female skills v. traditionally male ones), but it rapidly came to mean only girls could go to those classes and vice versa? Because civilian council? Or just more silly wordbuilding by Kishi?

God I love all of these ideas, and it makes so much sense in context. I would definitely put it down to shitty worldbuilding, because doing it this way would be sensible

My favorite part about this silly soulmate AU is imagining Prompto forgetting himself and totally pulling a Ted Mosby. 

Like, he and Ignis have FINALLY been on a couple very tame dates when Noctis decides that since they all happen to know each other indirectly, they should hang out. Ignis, ever the polite gentleman, shows up with this amazing tray of appetizers that he’s made and it just happens to be Prompto’s favorite food ever. Prompto is so excited that he forgets he’s never actually eaten anything Ignis has cooked in the real world. He grabs the plate and is like “OMG this is why I love you!!!” with a giant, goofy smile on his face. 

And Ignis just blinks and murmurs a very eloquent, “Ah.” 

Meanwhile Noctis and Gladio are giving each other these looks across the kitchen- there might be actual tears in Noct’s eyes as he clamps a hand over his mouth- trying not to lose it while Prompto is totally oblivious, too busy shoving food in his face and making these little noises of absolute bliss to notice the scene unfolding in front of his eyes. 

To his credit, Ignis only clears his throat gently and adjusts his glasses before accepting the drink that Gladio has offered him. He stays the rest of the evening, observing Prompto with small glances out of the corner of his eyes that are somewhere between confusion and absolute fondness. 

… Noctis and Gladio NEVER let Prompto live it down.


It occurs to me belatedly that I’m not even sure what Ginryuu actually does.

Like, magic sword and junk, absolutely. But what does it do. I suddenly need to know.






I have absolutely no idea what special properties it has, but I assume it’s more than a +2 to damage.


I mean Kurogane is SHOCKED that the sword might actually be necessary. So it’s gotta do something amazing.



The way they look at each other

its too much

So I’ve started to buy more art and I’m attempting to actually decorate my wall…wish me luck. And OF COURSE the first addition had to be something involving Star Wars. These are from Elithien’s Society6 store. Def go check their stuff out, it’s amazing ❤️ now I just need to get some good frames…