i just know these aren't going to be timed right

pjo aesthetics · percy jackson, son of poseidon

marine veterinarian and animal rescuer 🐬🐳🐙🐠🌊

as soon as percy started working with the team, the water was always a little clearer, the patients were always a little calmer, and the number of animals saved grew a little higher

this is an idea i had a while back and tbh i think it fits percy perfectly as far as career choices go

p.s. today’s world oceans day and no one told percy???

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a charm with shinsou and aizawa sounds nice, but you aren't talking about them actually being in a relationship, right? that is a child and an adult, i'm not going to waste time telling people what to ship but it would just be good to know so i can avoid any chance of seeing that kind of stuff. (i wanted to ask before making any assumptions because i know it could just be a mistake of some kind)

OMG no no no! Don’t worry, their relationship is purely only mentor/student! Same thing with Izuku and All Might! If I every talk about a ship, I would use their ship name! That’s why I just said ‘’ Shinsou & Aizawa ‘’! But thank you for asking! :)

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H stopping the crowd because he thinks they can do better and that they aren't loud enough is H stopping the missus because she's not loud enough. “And I promise you I will play it as many times as it takes to get it right” is "And I promise you I will do this as many times to you as it takes to get it right."


You know he would edge her and edge her and get her so CLOSE until she’s whimpering and squirming and trying to clutch at him. And bluntly he just stops. His tongue, his cock, whatever it may be, going from hard and fast to painfully slow. 

“I know you can do more than that, baby,” he’d murmur into her skin, voice low enough to vibrate against the curve of her throat where he lets his teeth sink in enough to leave a mark. “Maybe we’ll just stop. Hmm?”  

She whimpers desperately into his neck, unable to find the words to beg him to keep going. Trying to grind her hips up into his, wanting so badly and he knows

“Yeah?” Harry keens, nipping at her ear and shifting inside her, causing her to yelp out a moan. “Then tell me.” 


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Hey juju, if you have some free time and aren't too stressed, could I please ask for a motivational noctis? Something to do w getting through low energy days and to keep moving on despite them? Youre more than your tiredness?? Something like that?? It's alright if you don't have the time, just figured it might be worth asking

“It’s hard gettin’ going sometimes but I know you can do it.”

Things may be looking rough right now but please remember that you’re strong and you can make it through!! The good times will come soon enough <3

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did I ever tell you about the time I said I watched wrestling and my coworker was like "you know it's not real right?" And I just went like "well zombies aren't real either but I can still enjoy The Walking Dead"

oh mood. every time i get the ‘’you know it’s not real, right?’’ question, i just kind of…side-eye the person who asked me that like….yes….i know….it’s not real. i know it’s a work. but wrestling is a stage production. it’s a traveling theatre act. it’s entertainment. john cena perhaps said it best, as simply as possible: ‘’wrestlers are athletic actors’’.

you don’t go to see a live production of a play in a theater and stand up and shout to the actors on stage, and the fans in attendance ‘’you know this whole thing isn’t REAL, right???” do you? am i supposed to be stunned that idina menzel isn’t a witch with green skin in her day-to-day life? lol.

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So, we always said that Niall didn't had stunt, joking that he should know where the bodies are buried etc... But now i feel like keeping his partner secret was is stunt ? He was the always single, almost asexual guy. It must have take a toll on their relationship, always saying he was single, never been able to go out publicly, maybe that's why they aren't together anymore, we will never know, but teflon niall was just a stunt, like the others.

I sat on this ask for a bit to think about it, but finally decided that you’re right - sort of.

“Perpetually single, available, virginal Niall” was a stunt. I mean, seriously there were people sending me asks in late 2014 asking if I thought Niall had ever had sex and I just…

But at the same time, keeping his relationships under wraps was probably a huge relief for him to not have to use them much for promo (other than the occasional tabloid reports that disappeared quickly).  He saw what the others had to do (whether the relationships were real or not isn’t the point) and avoiding that had to have been nice.

So yes, it was a stunt, but of all the stunts, probably the least damaging.

But imagine Director Sanvers cuddling in bed.

There are so many possibilities.

Alex in the middle, on her back, with Maggie and Lucy koala-ing on her.

Maggie in the middle, Alex spooning her as she spoons Lucy.

Lucy in the middle, Maggie spooning her, Alex facing them, leg and arm over them both.

They always wake up with at least three completely numb limbs, and who the fuck knows where the blankets go half the time, but it’s worth it, feeling each other so close.

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To 17 yr old about to graduate. I know your future may seem very overwhelming right now. And that's ok. You are still so young. You have time to grow and figure it out. Just be true to yourself. Don't travel abroad if you aren't comfortable. You don't have to go to college (I know how you feel with the whole "it's the typical thing to do after graduating" but it really isn't right for everyone. Try to give yourself a break for not having everything figured out. I believe in you! Good luck xoxo


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What about DR characters experience in Disney World? Sonia would be mistaken as Disney Princesses though she really is one so the kids and staff would love her. Fuyuhiko and Hiyoko being mistaken as younger children and may not be able to ride that many rides cause their height. Aoi would love Seaworld and be like Ariel since she is the ultimate swimmer. Twogami would be good at Cosplaying Disney characters and all. But whats your head cannons of their experiences in Disney world?


Right, so, although I’m guessing that they’d all go to Disneyworld together (I feel so sorry for those poor fellow plane passengers), I feel like they’d all get into their own little groups while they were in the park…

  • Makoto would probably spend all of his time trying to get Byakuya to cheer up and go on a ride or say hi to a character, and although Kyouko’s probably about as into it as Byakuya is, she just hangs back and silently laughs at Makoto’s (failing) attempts BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT GOOD FRIENDS DO. Makoto buys both of them mouse-ear hats and spends a good hour chasing Byakuya down Main Street trying to get it on his head.
  • Kiyotaka would follow Mondo around claiming that he’s being a good, vigilant citizen and making sure that a delinquent like him didn’t cause any trouble – but really it’s just because he wants to join in with Mondo and Chihiro’s fun. They invite him on literally every ride they pass by but he hangs back to watch them both every time.
  • MAHIRU WOULD HAVE SUCH AN AMAZING TIME. Of course, Hiyoko would be with her nearly every waking moment (who am I kidding, they’d share a hotel room and sleep in bunk beds too), but they’d just have a lovely time walking around and taking as many pictures as they possibly can. Hiyoko gets really upset when Mahiru goes on the tallest ride in the park to get a shot from really high up, BECAUSE LIKE YOU SAID HIYOKO WOULDN’T BE TALL ENOUGH. Everyone told Mahiru she was crazy for bringing like twelve memory cards for her camera until they realised how many photos she’d actually take.
  • ADDING ONTO YOUR IDEA ABOUT SONIA, I think that Celes and Sayaka would probably have the same experience as well – maybe some fans would recognise Sayaka for who she actually was, but they’d all be bombarded for pictures either way BECAUSE THEY’RE SO PRETTY. (Teruteru and Hifumi spend the day together trying to follow the girls around too.)
  • Junko and Mukuro spend the entire day together scaring children (especially when Junko gets mistaken for Cruella De Vil with her whole glamourous get-up), buying bear-themed merchandise and riding the Tower of Terror – Junko’s favourite ride, by the way. They probably vandalise a Mickey logo to make it look like Monokuma. OH, and Mukuro was very sad to hear that she wasn’t allowed to take a knife into Disneyworld.
  • I think Ibuki would drag around some of the quieter students from her class, like Mikan, the Imposter, Nagito and Chiaki! Like, taking them to all the parades and shops and trying her best to coax them onto rides (especially Chiaki, who tends to fall asleep in the long queues). They’d all end up taking a bunch of group selfies and riding the teacups five times in a row because it’s the only place Mikan feels like nobody’s gonna get hurt BLESS HER.
  • Same goes for Aoi, she’s sort of the mother hen of some of the 78th students, maybe Sakura, Touko and Yasuhiro? (Bonus points if Komaru goes too.) Of course they’d all spend quite a bit of time in the waterpark (and Aoi gets a REALLY AMAZING VIDEO OF YASUHIRO FALLING DOWN A SLIDE). Nekomaru and Akane probably spend a ton of time at the waterpark too because? PUSHING EACH OTHER IN THE WATER AND HUGE SLIDES? SOUNDS LIKE FUN
  • I also think that Kazuichi and Leon would just turn into complete children the second they walk into the park, despite complaining the entire way there that they’d rather go on vacation somewhere “not for babies”. Kazuichi falls in love with Snow White. And then Aurora. And then Rapunzel. Leon spends all his money on merch that he’ll never fit in his suitcase. They’re not even embarrassed by how much they enjoy the parades and fireworks shows. …And Hajime and Gundam are put on Punk Duty since they’re both not too interested in rides and, well… someone has to make sure nothing goes wrong with those two.
  • Naturally, Fuyuhiko would be as grumpy as Kazuichi and Leon were to be spending his time at Disneyworld, but he actually has a great time with Peko; sharing ice cream (or cotton candy, since Kuzu doesn’t like milk) and getting pictures by the castle, watching all their classmates running around being happy. I doubt they’d go on too many rides, but sitting back and watching the parades and shows is pretty magical for them anyway.

REMINDER: This ask was sent when we were accepting requests. Right now, we aren’t! Please be respectful of that!

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Hey, I'm the anon with the great-grandma. I just wanted to let you know that I've got some really good news -- she's not better or out of the hospital or anything, but she woke up last night and seems relatively stable right now! The doctors aren't sure how long it's going to last, and are calling it a last hurrah of sorts, but I'm so relieved all the same. I got to see her smile again :) Thanks so much for the recommendations and the advice, I feel a lot more at peace with her passing now.

That’s wonderful news, lovely. Just make sure to still give yourself some time. But I’m glad you’re feeling alright. Much love.

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I just realized how ableist (and possibly classist) it is to claim that online protests and activism aren't valid forms of activism, because not everyone can afford to go, whether it's financial or physical. In my case it's more financial, I can't exactly drive into the city whenever I want to attend a protest, gas costs too much and I still don't have a train pass yet!

Yes exactly! Online activism is so important too I mean everyone is online all the time nowadays. Things you see online influence you soooo much. I learned absolutely everything I know about social justice and human rights from people right here on Tumblr mostly. So it is important! For me personally, my social anxiety kind of keeps me from going to protests. There aren’t many in my country but the women’s march was just too much anxiety for me. I actually drove there but couldn’t find it and was late so I didn’t end up getting to go. Also it can be dangerous for some people to go. People of colour are targets at protests and so are trans and other LGBT people. So hanging out with a bunch of trigger happy police is not safe. There’s a lot of different things to consider when talking about this so it upsets me when people invalidate activists who don’t go to these things!

Unread Text Messages [Taehyung x Reader]
  • [This is from your POV]
  • Tae🐶: I'm so sorry (F/n)...I just. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you.
  • Tae🐶: You deserved better than me. I really hope you're happy right now...
  • Tae🐶: I'd be lying to you and myself if I said I didn't miss you.
  • Tae🐶: Because fuck. I really miss you (F/n). So much so that I can't stop thinking about you.
  • Tae🐶: I miss the way you smiled at me as I'd poke your tummy. Do you remember? You used to tell me to stop it but I KNOW you secretly enjoyed it.
  • Tae🐶: I miss the way your eyes would shine every time you'd talk about things you love. You'd always ramble on about all the things you found interesting.
  • Tae🐶: I'd always nod and smile but ask what you just said straight after because I'd always trail away from the conversation, getting lost in the depth of your tone, the croakiness in your voice that displayed the exhaustion of the day and the slight cute lisp you always denied that you had.
  • Tae🐶: I know these texts aren't going to be read but it doesn't hurt to try right...
  • Tae🐶: I miss the times you'd lay your head snugly on my chest, and how your laughter would vibrate from your rib cage. It always gave me such a tickling sensation. It never failed to allow my lips to crack a wide ass smile.
  • ...
  • Tae🐶: I'm going to sleep now. Sleep well my angel.
  • ---
  • Tae🐶: good morning, jagi! I hope you had a good nights rest
  • Tae🐶: You remember my best friend Jimin right? He said it's not healthy for me to be still texting you
  • Tae🐶: Hahaha can you believe him? He even suggested for me to move on. 😂
  • Tae🐶: I still love you. As long as that love is still there I'm going to talk to you every moment I can.
  • Tae🐶: even if I know all of this will never be read
  • Tae🐶: you know, I remember vividly how your mother was so against you going out with me
  • Tae🐶: "idols are not to be trusted!" She said. Even though I didn't think I was worth it, you still fought for me.
  • Tae🐶: you'd admit to me late at night that it was tiring. That all of it on top of studying for your degree and your part time job was draining your energy.
  • Tae🐶: but everytime I felt guilty and said something stupid like: "it's okay if it gets too much and if you'd like to walk away. I don't want to see you hurt."
  • Tae🐶: you'd always look at me with the most offended glare. "Pfft I'm stronger than that, Tae. I love you. That's never gonna change. Even if my mum doesn't agree right now. I'll change her mind I promise and then all of this will go away."
  • Tae🐶: you'd just snuggle closer to me after that but I'd still pout. Your eyebags were deepening around then, your skin tone gradually had turned lighter. You were suffering because of me. And I hated how I couldn't help you.
  • Tae🐶: then one day it all ended. I grew some balls and strutted to your family's front door. "Mrs.(L/n), I'm Kim Taehyung your daughter's boyfriend. Nice to finally meet you." My box smile was showing. I was trying extra hard to be charming.
  • Tae🐶: after a VERY long conversation she had fallen for my charms just like you had 😙
  • Tae🐶: I felt all the weight that had held you down physically lift off of you.
  • Tae🐶: ... I...i remember the times you had look at me fondly every time I spoke. You'd just give me that knowing grin and be so engrossed in what I ever that spilled out of my mouth. Even if I spouted bullshit sometimes 😅
  • Tae🐶: I'm gonna miss all that.
  • Tae🐶: I hope you read this.
  • Tae🐶: I want you to know how much I love you.
  • Tae🐶: How much you meant to me...
  • Tae🐶: (F/n)...I miss you, baby please
  • ---
  • Tae🐶: good morning again! How are you doing today jagi? 😘
  • Tae🐶: I hope you're eating well.
  • ...
  • Tae🐶: sometimes I laugh at the thought of how many unread messages you probably have.
  • Tae🐶: but when I hear how tired my laugh sounds I realize I had lost my voice.
  • Tae🐶: because I was crying all night.
  • Tae🐶: can you imagine?
  • Tae🐶: I'm so weak hahaha I can't even be strong in these times
  • ...
  • Tae🐶: you know it's been 3 days
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago I let you go
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago you told me that you were going out with that one friend of yours that had the faulty car
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago I hesitated, worrying for the slightest second thinking I should tell you to stay or at least go with you
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago you reassured me that you'd be fine and that it was a girls night out
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago I smiled and let you kiss me on the cheek as you ran out to meet your friend.
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago you left our shared apartment and never came back.
  • Tae🐶: when I heard the news I was in a state of denial. I couldn't bring myself to believe it.
  • Tae🐶: then I saw the wreck of a car that I had wished wasn't familiar to me. That same faulty car I was worried about.
  • Tae🐶: I should've went with you. At least then I would be with you right now and not talking on here
  • Tae🐶: I should've held your head close to mine, I should've told you it was okay and that I love you. I should've shared our last moments together.
  • Tae🐶: but now you're there.
  • Tae🐶: and I'm here.
  • ---
  • Tae🐶: baby.
  • Tae🐶: Please.
  • Tae🐶: Answer me...

so I was play engineer just now·····

running to save my poor building,and then a enemy soldier jump right in front of me,i know i’m going to die this time,and than,just in 1sec,a soldier from our team jump into between us,and blow off that enemy soldier immediately.

tha was just···so romantic *OTP feeling*

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What if Fushimi accidently cried infront of Munakata? And he's trying to pretend that those aren't tears, because there's no way he had cry, right?

I imagine this happening after the whole big final battle thing and it looks like Munakata’s going to die but then he survives and maybe this is the first time he and Fushimi have interacted since the big episode eight fight. And Fushimi just walks away really quick because he has work to do you know, Munakata follows him and kinda corners him wanting to apologize for what he had to say then and to praise Fushimi for doing such good work. Fushimi’s got his back turned and tells Munakata to stop saying stupid things, Fushimi knows this was all part of the plan and he just did what he was told. But his voice is a little choked and Munakata takes another step forward, saying that even if it was all the plan he knows it was still painful and he thinks Fushimi deserves an apology. Since they’re all alive and well, now that things have settled down Munakata wanted to be certain that Fushimi was still all right. Fushimi tells him to shut up again and his shoulders are totally shaking and he’s like biting back the tears. Munakata smiles a little and puts a hand on his shoulder, telling him that it’s fine if he wants to cry and Fushimi’s like shut up I’m not crying even though he is totally crying. Munakata manages to resist the urge to give Fushimi a hug (because come on who could see crying Fushimi and not want to hug him) and he just kinda puts a hand on Fushimi’s head and tells him he’s done a good job, and Fushimi’s just standing there with his fists clenched and his head lowered, unable to stop crying. Once he gets himself back in control he kinda shrugs off Munakata’s hand as he starts to walk away and Munakata lets him go with this fond little smile. Fushimi gets to the door and stops for a minute, still not looking at Munakata as he mutters that he’s glad Munakata didn’t die and Munakata looks surprised for a second as Fushimi makes his getaway.

I have to stop her! (Lucaya fanfic)
  • Riley: Lucas... I did something
  • Lucas: What happened?
  • Riley: Well, you know how we are always fighting because I say you don't care about my feelings but you care about Maya's...?
  • Lucas: Riley, what did you do?
  • Riley: I told Maya we made love... and she-
  • Lucas: What were you thinking Riley? Why would you lie to her like that?
  • Riley: I just wanted to see her reaction. I didn't think she would take it like she did, now she's determined to loose her virginity to Josh tonight and she's on her way to his dorm.
  • Lucas: what? No!... How could you Riley?
  • Riley: I'm sorry, I just wanted her to think we were inlove, that you loved me-
  • Lucas: So you had to hurt her? This is not the Riley I fell inlove with. And I, I have to go... I have to stop her-
  • Riley: I knew you would do something like this... you are always running to her.
  • Lucas: what did you expect? She's about to make a big mistake that will change her life forever! I can't live with myself knowing she slept with Josh just because she thinks I slept with you!
  • Riley: And how do you know is a mistake? She loves him!
  • Lucas: Riley, if that was true, she wouldn't be heading there right now, she would wait for the right moment and the right time... She's just being a hot head!
  • Riley: what if you are too late and she's already done it?
  • Lucas: then, You'll have to live with knowing you did this to her and we are done.
  • Riley: are you breaking off with me just because Maya is sleeping with Josh?
  • Lucas: No, I'm breaking this off because I'm not who you want me to be, and you are not who I thought you were. This isn't working out and we both know it Riley. You wouldn't had to lie to your best friend if we did.
  • Riley: You still love her don't you?
  • Lucas: I don't know Riley... I have to go... we'll talk later.
  • Riley: maybe I won't be here when you come back...
  • Lucas: Do what ever you want Riles.
  • Outside Josh's dorm room.
  • Lucas parks and comes running, asking around for Josh's room. Some guy leads him to the room and he knocks on his door. No one opens, he can hear soft music in the background, so he opens the door and comes in...
  • Maya: surprise!... oh is just you...
  • Lucas: what are you doing?
  • Maya: I'm surprising Josh obviously... what are you doing here?
  • Lucas: I'm taking you home. Get dressed and lets go before Josh sees you in that (points to Maya wearing a very provocative mini skirt and a bra).
  • Maya: No way. I came over here with a mission and I'm not going away until I succeed.
  • Lucas: Maya, you are not gonna have sex with Josh!
  • Maya: how do you know? And why are you still here?
  • Lucas: You are not ready Maya! I won't let you do this and I'm not leaving without you!
  • Maya: first of all How would you know I haven't had sex before? Maybe I've done it a ton of times already.
  • Lucas: You haven't. Come on lets go.
  • Maya: No. I won't be the last virgin in the group.
  • Lucas: trust me. You aren't... I'm a virgin too. And I plan to stay that way until I'm with the right person.
  • Maya: I know you are lying. Because Riley already told me-
  • Lucas: she lied to you! I haven't done anything with her!
  • Maya: that... I can't believe. You see, you've been together for too long now, it's just impossible. Besides Riley wouldn't lie to me, specially about something like this.
  • Lucas: I don't know how I can make you believe me, but Riley and I just broke up.
  • Maya: You didn't! How could you sleep with Riley and then dump her?
  • Lucas: I didn't sleep with her! And neither are you sleeping with Josh. Get dressed or I'm gonna dragg you down the hall in your underwear.
  • Maya: No!
  • Lucas: I warned you!
  • Lucas grabs maya like a sack of potatoes, over his shoulder with Maya kicking and calling his name. They are just about to leave Josh's room.
  • Maya: Lucas get me down! Wait! I'll get dressed! Let me get dressed!
  • Lucas moved to the bed to put Maya down, he sat on the bed and leaned over as she slowly slides of his shoulders. She is on her knees on the bed reaching for her bag and clothes, and Lucas can't help to stare at her while his pants start to feel a little tight.
  • Maya: what?
  • Lucas: mhm... nothing... you look so... never mind... just put your clothes on before Josh gets here...
  • Josh: what's going on here? Maya? Cowboy? Were you having sex in my bed?
  • Lucas: what?
  • Maya: No... I mean I was-
  • Josh: it sure looks like you did!
  • Lucas: is not like-
  • Josh: Does Riley knows you are here? Oh my God! You are cheating on my niece!
  • Maya: Josh, is no-
  • Josh: You are cheating on me? With your best friend's boyfriend! I knew you were lying when you said you were a virgin, not ready my ass!
  • Maya: what?
  • Lucas: Hey! Calm down!
  • Josh: You are a slut Maya, and you-
  • Lucas didn't let him finish, he punched Josh so hard that he fell unconscious on the carpet. Maya had tears in her eyes as Lucas let her in his car.
  • Lucas: come on Maya, lets go home... he's a jerk.
  • Maya: How could he think like that, he didn't even let me explain... he... he
  • Lucas: he's an ass Maya. He doesn't know you at all. Besides, he walked in on his semi naked girlfriend and a very horny teenager on his bed... what else could he think?
  • Maya: but he's gonna tell Riley that you are cheating on her!
  • Lucas: I don't care Maya. I'm just happy you didn't sleep with him. Besides, We broke up. So she's not even gonna care.
  • Outside Maya's home.
  • Maya: Are you gonna act like this every time I'm about to have sex with a boy?
  • Lucas: After seeing you like that, I'm not letting any boy near you ever again.
  • Maya: Huckleberry, I'm not gonna be a virgin forever! I wanna have kids some day.
  • Lucas: Neither am I, and you can have mine. Until then, please keep your clothes on...
  • Maya: oh my gosh, did you just said you wanna have sex with me?
  • Lucas: of course I do! Did you see yourself in the mirror shortstack?
  • Maya: so you were looking at me... you are a perv. And you just broke up with Riley! I have to talk to her...
  • Lucas: I'm not a perv, I'm a teenager. And about Riles, well, you should wait a couple of days until she cools off.
  • Maya: why? You are the one who broke up with her! Why would she be mad at me?
  • Lucas: well, she kinda has this idea that I love you more than I love her, and that I care way too much about you, and we kinda broke up because of that...
  • Maya: why would she think that? did you tell her she's wrong?
  • Lucas: No, cus... She's not wrong. Good night shortstack!
  • Maya: what?
  • Lucas left Maya home wondering what did just happened. Did he just said he loves her? She couldn't help to smile a bit. She was grateful Lucas got to her on time, and that her thing with Josh was over before she made a mistake.
Jusitce League: Origin - A Basic Summary
  • Bruce Wayne: Wow, I hate him.
  • Clark Kent: Me too. Actually, I hate all of you since you've pretty much only been racist towards me this entire time. But instead of being vocal about it, I'm just going to stand quietly in the background judging everyone. Let me know when you need me since, you know, I can do pretty much all of this by myself.
  • Bruce Wayne: Ok but the thing is I'm feeling extremely insecure right now since I'm the only one without powers, so I'm going to overcompensate by being 10x more of a controlling asshole than I already typically am.
  • Barry Allen: Hey, guys, the world's like, going to end. Like, I feel like we should stop fighting and do something about that.
  • Diana Prince: I am the foreigner! I do not understand how this world works and speak differently from everyone else!
  • Arthur Curry: I'm that one that's consistently mocked in modern day pop culture as result of that single Saturday Night Live sketch - please eat your words and bask in my badassery as I launch an extremely effective attack against the enemy in order to prove a point.
  • Barry Allen: Hey! That's awesome! You should do that, like, six more times because, you know, we have a world to save.
  • Arthur Curry: Lol no, I'm going to go be an asshole with everyone else now.
  • Barry Allen: Guys. People are seriously dying right now.
  • Victor Stone: White people, am I right?

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Can I just have like, some nice words or something that lets me know that there is someone out there who cares because my parents are gone and my friends aren't answering my texts because they're probably all asleep or otherwise busy and I just I'm crying and trying really hard to think happier thoughts but I can't and I just you always make me feel better and I just. I just don't know right now.

(( OOC: I’m sorry you’re going through a rough time dearie. Just keep focusing on the good things in your life, it’s going to be fine. )) 

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how about young!spacedogs am i right

‘That’s a bad word.’
'You’re not supposed to say that word.' 
'Say what?' 
'You know…’
'How am I gonna know if you don’t tell me?' 
'What did you say?' 
'FUCK! You’re not supposed to say—' 
'Ooooh, Adam, Ms Gillespie is gonna kill you!’  
'What, but I?’
'She heard you say a no-no word.' 
'But but but but but but I I I I…' 
'You’re breathing funny.' 
'I didn’t mean I didn’t mean I didn’t mean I didn’t mean I didn't…’  
'Don’t yell at him! I think he’s sick.’   
'Really Miss Gillespie! Fucking really!’
'Nigel, did you put Adam up to this?’
'Maybe! But it was a accident!’  
'Nigel, what did we tell you about Adam?’
'I don’t know.’
'That he has the burger disease?’   
'It’s called Aspergers, Nigel.’
'It means he doesn’t always know when you’re playing a joke. It’s mean to play jokes on people who don’t know you’re playing them. You have to be extra nice to Adam.’
'But I am extra nice to Adam! The extra-est niciest!’
'Really, Nigel?’   
'Yeah that’s what I just told you!’     
'Nigel is nice to me sometimes.’  
'Yeah see I told you!’  
'He said I was pretty at snack time today.’
'Nigel, boy’s can’t be pretty.’
'So I’m not really pretty?’  
'Well Adam, boys aren’t pretty, they are handsome.' 
'You’re pretty. Damn-ded-est pretty. I’m right. You know I am.' 
'Ok, Nigel.’  
'Nigel, I’m going to have to talk to your parents about your language.’  
'I think you mean your language Miss Gillespie.’  
'Nigel knows a lot of languages. Like all four of them. Even the ones other than English. He’s the smartest-' 
'Adam! That’s en-' 
'Yeah, and you’re the prettiest- 
'Both of you need to be quiet right now!' 

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What? If you're born as man, you're man and you cannot change it. You can cut your dick off, wear dress and pretend you're girl but you're nothing more than fucking clown.

Whoa there, simmer down pal. Actually you can change and thousands of people have/are/will until the end of time.

Are you mad because this information is so new to you? or do you not realize that trans people have been a huge part of history since forever? and that they will continue to be whether you care to recognize their existence or not?

It’s not about wearing a dress and “cutting off your dick” (btw never be a doctor holy shit that’d be bad for everyone) but about being who you know you were truly destined to be. 

Let me just show you some famous trans women of today since that was the original topic here

Laverne Cox - Actress

Julie Vu - Youtuber

Sophie Hernandez - Youtuber 

Jenna Talackova - Model

Janet Mock - American Writer

Isis King - Fashion Model/Fashion Designer

Camen Carrera - Model/Actress

I could go on and on but let’s just take a minute to appreciate these ladies. 

It’s time you stop being an ignorant piece of scum anon, you can stay filled with the hate of what you clearly don’t understand or you could do a little research and get on the right side of things and fight for the women (and trans men) who run this world. 

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But you know that Bobby wasn't into rap until YG told him to be the rapper right....? So for someone that preaches that others aren't really into hip hop like him he's sure a hypocrite ! 😊

Aren’t you the the chick I just dragged because of the kemy/bobby post? Nice try!! Next time be smart enough not to use your trademark word ‘hypocrite’. 

I never said Bobby wasn’t into rap though, if you’re going to stalk my blog shouldn’t you do it properly? Go back to when I answered that other dumbass and read my answer again.

YG didn’t tell him to be a rapper, he’d written raps before he entered YG with his friend, he said that in the arena interview. He only said, YG exposed him to it since he was just doodling before, and from what we heard in that ‘cream’  and break up song, he wasn’t bad…esp if he was  probably between the age of 10-14 years then. But you can tell he worked hard to get to where he is today. Masta Wu in this interview said that when he and B.I entered YG and heard them rap, he thought Bobby wouldn’t do well because he didn’t like his style and Bobby didn’t want to change it even though he was told to…so YG/no one in YG actually never changed him. The Bobby now is just a Bobby that took his shit seriously and probably did his research, idk how he did it but he def is better now. 

He basically preached that they should work harder, some get the rapper title because they can’t sing but are good looking so they half ass it and get by, because of that, people look at all idol rappers like that. It’s now a stereotype e.g…the looks people gave him and B.I when they auditioned for smtm…even after he killed that first audition, they looked down on them. WHY THE FUCK ARE WE EVEN STILL TALKING ABOUT IT, ITS 2015!!

So sweetie…..

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