i just know that this movie deserves all the awards in the entire world

Imagine Chris taking you around your new home.

A/N: Part 5 is here, y'all. I have to admit, even I got a little choked up writing this. 😅 I might have a wedding for you guys, but we’ll see. Enjoy 💕 (Read Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4)

You stood in the front yard of your dream house with the man of your dreams; the smile on your face was yet to be wiped off. Chris smiled seeing how happy you were and silently commended himself on such a wonderful job. He walked over to you, wrapping his arms around you from behind. “What do you think?” He spoke softly into your hair. “Do you like it?” You turned around in his arms and chuckled when you caught his gaze. “What?” He raised a brow as he dropped his arms.

“You’re insane, you know that?” You quizzed rhetorically, caressing his bearded face with one hand. He chuckled, turning so he could kiss your palm. “I mean-” you dropped your hand and glanced back at the house before turning back to Chris. “You are literally the perfect man.” He laughed. “This whole day has been unreal. You see things like this in the movies, you don’t ever expect…” You trailed off, your hand reaching to touch the small plane pendant resting between your collarbone; Chris smiled. “Who does this in real life?”

“Me,” he smiled and slipped his hand into yours, entwining your fingers. “And it’s not over yet.” You chuckled with a shake of your head. “Yes, I can do this all day.” He smirked when he quoted Captain America’s famous line. “C'mon,” he tugged on your hand and pulled you with him towards the house. “There’s a lot I want to show you.”

“Your letter said you were going to drop to your knee upon seeing me.” You reminded him teasingly, playfully poking his side. “It’s been ten minutes and my finger’s still pretty bare,” you said and he chuckled when you wiggled your left hand for him to see.

“Looks like someone is eager to be my fiancée,” he teased and you rolled your eyes with a smile. “Relax, okay? You’ll definitely have a ring on your finger before the end of the day, I just want to show you around the house first. Do you have your key?” He asked when you reached the front door.

“Of course I do,” you pulled out the key your dad has passed to you earlier. “The keychain was a very nice touch, Captain,” you complimented as you poked the key into the keyhole. You knew it was his way of reminding you how the two of you met.

“I thought so too.”

The door opened and the two of you stepped in; an immediate feeling of home was felt. Chris watched you as your eyes scanned the vicinity, smiling when you smiled. Upon entering the two story stonewall house, a long hallway greeted you; its plain white walls were decorated with photo frames filled with years and years of memories. On your left was the staircase leading upstairs to your three bedrooms and two bathrooms; on your right was the archway entrance to your cozy living room; and straight ahead, you’d find your kitchen/dining area with the breakfast bar, marble benches, and sun nook you’ve always wanted.

“Oh my God,” you breathed as your eyes welled with tears. “Chris-” you turned to him and he chuckled, wrapping you into a hug. “I love you,” you told him, wrapping your arms around him. “You’re amazing and this house is amazing and-” You tried hard to hold back your tears. “I’m so lucky,” you mumbled into his chest.

“So am I,” he kissed the top of your head. “Think you can hold it together until we finish the tour?” He asked, looking down at you as you looked up at him. “You’re more than welcomed to cry when I propose ‘cause I’m going to and I’d like the company.”

“Okay,” you chuckled softly.

He took your hand and showed you around downstairs first. The entire place was fully furnished with all your favorite designers: Kathy Kuo, Vivian Durant, APT2B, Global. The color schemes included all your favorites; Tiffany&Co teal being the most repeated color. The walls held frames that contained- not only photographs, certificates, and awards- but watercolors, prints, and quotes from your favorite Disney movies.

In the living room was a huge flatscreen with surround sound, though you loved watching TV- you knew that was more for Chris and his football games than you. Above the stone fireplace was an enlarged copy of the photograph you both loved from your first Christmas with Chris in Boston; you were kissing by the Christmas tree under the mistletoe when Scott snapped a candid photo, it encapsulated one of the best Christmases of your life in one shot. You smiled and pecked Chris on the cheek when you saw it; he smiled in response.

The two of you moved onto the kitchen where everything was as you’d always dreamed of. You were an actress by trade but if you weren’t, you would have become a pastry chef. You loved baking and having a kitchen like this was your one lifelong wish. The beige marble benches, the hardwood floor, the breakfast bar, the sun nook- it was as though Chris entered your mind to create what you’d been envisioning since you were fourteen.

“I nailed it, didn’t I?” Chris smiled at your smile.

“You did more than just nail it,” you nodded, smiling at him.

“Over there,” Chris grabbed you by the shoulders and turned you towards the grand piano in the corner of the room, “is where I’ll be when you’re working away in the kitchen. I know you’ve always wanted a live band playing whatever song you wanted, whenever you wanted.” You chuckled softly; the ideas you had as a kid. “As much as I want to hire a band to live with us so you can have that, I don’t think it’s realistic.”

“Neither,” you giggled with a shake of your head.

“That’s where I come in,” he smiled. “We’re lucky ‘cause I can play your two of your favorite instruments. The saxophone is still a work in progress, I’ll-” You cut him off, pressing your lips against his. “What was that for?” He asked when you pulled away.

“Everything,” you smiled. “I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve someone like you, Chris. With each passing second, you’re becoming more and more perfect. It’s getting to a point that I don’t think I can live up to you. How am I meant to top this? What am I going to do for your next birthday or our next anniversary or Christmas? Nothing I do will ever, ever come close to what you’ve done for me.”

“Are you serious?” He laughed when you nodded. “Y/N, shall I remind you of the amazing things you’ve done for me? When I was filming ‘Before We Go’ and you were on break, you gave up your downtime to come help me in New York pulling all nighters than you didn’t have to pull.”

“Yeah, but-”

“Do you remember when you took me to Disney World for my birthday? I don’t know how but you got the entire park to make it all about me that day, every show we went to- every ride we took, all the cast members and attendants wished me a happy birthday.”

“Well, it wasn’t-”

“You’ve never once missed an award show or premiere of mine, even if you’re working- you ask for time off to fly to wherever it is so you can be with me. You know I get nervous at those things and you don’t want me to be alone, even if that means risking your own career.” You smiled, no longer trying to minimize the importance of your actions because you knew Chris would just cut you off again. “You are always there for me when I need you to be, Y/N. No matter what, no matter when. Even if you can’t be physically there for me, you still make your love and support known. You love me unconditionally and- that is something not many people are capable of. So if you ask me, this is nothing compared to everything you’ve done and everything you do for me.”

“You’re making it really hard to hold it together,” you told him, wiping a tear away with your finger. He chuckled softly and pressed a kiss against your forehead before taking you upstairs to continue with the tour, saying he wanted to leave the backyard for last.

He took you to the master bedroom first where the two of you would sleep. Both the bedroom and the ensuite was simple and elegant, just the way you liked it. He then led you into the walk-in wardrobe with a small area specifically for you to do your hair and makeup. Like everything else, it was beautiful and perfect and tear-jerking because he just knew you all too well. The other two rooms he showed you, a bedroom for Olive and a nursery for your future child, reminded you why you fell in-love with him in the first place; his kindness, sweetness, gentleness, generosity, and paternal instincts. Before him, the only kid you loved was your sister; after him, you could add Ethan, Miles, and Stella to the list. Before him, the thought of being a mom scared you to death; after him, you wanted nothing more than to be the mother of his children.

“It’s perfect, Chris.”

“You should see the backyard,” he said and led you back downstairs.

Chris’ heart started to pound against his chest because the backyard was where everything was set up and where he was meant to propose. He was both nervous and excited because he was about to start a brand new life with the love of his life. He reached into his pocket to check the text that buzzed in his pocket five minutes ago. They were all ready, it was up to him now.

“Wait-” Chris stepped in front of you, stopping you before you moved the curtains blocking the sliding door that led to the backyard. “I just- I need you to close your eyes.” You chuckled and did as you were told, letting him take your hands. “Okay,” he moved the curtain aside and opened the door. “It’s a step here,” he told you and carefully led you. “It’s four steps here.” He glanced over his shoulder and smiled at everyone; both your friends and families that had flown in specially for the engagement. “Now open,” he said after giving Olive a thumbs up.

The song that you both loved, 'Say You Won’t Let Go’ by James Arthur came on as Chris descended to one knee in front of you. Tears welled in your eyes as you smiled at him before looking around to take in the vicinity. You’d started the day with the sun still bright in the sky and now it was slowly setting in the horizon. Fairy lights and candles lit the backyard up; rose petals scattered on the trimmed lawn; floating lanterns in the pool, all did its part to romanticize the situation. All your friends and families carried a single rose- ready to pass to you to make a bouquet- and a glass of champagne- ready to toast your new engagement.

“There are a million things I can tell you while I’m down on one knee,” Chris began and you returned your teary gaze to him; you tried not to cry at the sight of his glistening blue eyes. “But I don’t think I need to say anymore. You know better than anyone how much I love you and how ready I am to spend the rest of my life with you. So,” he took a deep breath and smiled as he lifted the lid of the box to reveal your ideal engagement ring, “Y/N Y/L/N. Will you marry me?”

“Yes,” you nodded.

The crowd behind the two of you cheered and clapped as Chris slipped the ring onto your finger. You helped him to his feet and threw your arms around him as you kissed him; he smiled against your lips. You both broke the kiss when fireworks went off, Chris laughed when you shook your head at him. He wrapped an arm around you and you leaned into him, pressing your left hand on his chest. Olive who was grinning happily at both of you, earned a smile from you and a wink from Chris. She gave both of you a thumbs up before running to join Ethan, Miles, and Stella.

“I love you,” Chris whispered into your ear.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” you smiled and kissed him again.


I’ve been asked for quite a few ~*~themed~*~ book recs recently, and I thought rather than expending the energy of answering a billion (four) different messages I’d just answer them all in one post and everyone can steal each other’s recs! yay!!

summery reads for swanky beach holiday: 

  • CALL ME BY YOUR NAME BY ANDRÉ ACIMAN – if one of those trashy, sizzling, whirlwind summer romance books you can buy at the airport had a lovechild with nuanced introspective literary fiction then it would be this, the best, book.
  • THE BEACH BY ALEX GARLAND – possibly an obvious one, but reading about the eventual ruination and collapse of a secluded hipster beach utopia in the 1990s is what every beach holiday needs. 
  • THE GOLDFINCH BY DONNA TARTT – this book is pure summer to me, possibly because a) I read it in summer, some of it on a beach, and b) a big slice of it is set in Nevada. fantastic beach book because it’s BIG! THRILLING! UNPUTDOWNABLE! but also heartrending in the best way.

gateway drug books/YA primers:

  • THE RAVEN CYCLE BY MAGGIE STIEFVATER – I honestly think this is the best YA SF/F series out there right now. it has absolutely everything: magical realism, magical magic, intense and realistic friendship, romance, Ronan Lynch, robotic bees. show me a more iconic quartet. I’ll wait. 
  • THE ALEX CROW BY ANDREW SMITH – I love absolutely everything Andrew Smith writes. his books are weird and wonderful and, I genuinely think, really important for Teen Boys. I know generally Teen Boys are The Worst, but these books are gonna help them be Not The Worst. 
  • BONE GAP BY LAURA RUBY – love that magical realism life. plus, Bone Gap was a National Book Award finalist for YA and won the Michael L. Printz Award, which… damn. 
  • THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN BY HOLLY BLACK – I get the feeling everyone looks at me funny when I rec this book, but I’m serious. it’s a new take on old tropes, breathes life (lol) into vampires again, and stars an incredible female protagonist, her bisexual ex-boyfriend, a bunch of nutcase vampires and a trans babe. it’s Everything. 
  • BOO BY NEIL SMITH – so many middle grade/YA books have ~messages~ that smack you around the face all the way through, but this isn’t one of them. it has some Quite Obvious messages, and it sounds like The Most Trite And Predictable Thing In The World, but it is unbearably wonderful and subtle and absolutely stunning. 

funny, sweet, generally feel-goods: 

  • GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE BY ANDREW SMITH – this is my favourite book. I always fall back on my original one-sentence synopsis to sell it: ‘half bonkers McCarthy era sci-fi b-movie, half high literary introspection, narrated by a bisexual teenage boy who talks like The Perks of Being a Wallflower written by Stephen King.’ [ETA: the group chat dragged me for including GJ in this section, so YMMV…]
  • THE REST OF US JUST LIVE HERE BY PATRICK NESS – this one is packed to the brim with overdone, predictable YA SF/F tropes, except it’s about all the normal kids on the fringes who aren’t Chosen Ones and don’t have magical powers but do have anxiety disorders and shitty burger jobs. it’s HILARIOUS and absolutely lovely. 
  • A HERO AT THE END OF THE WORLD BY ERIN CLAIBORNE – imagine Harry Potter having a panic attack at the last second and Ron Weasley saving the world instead. this is that, except a thousand times more diverse and also hysterical. 
  • THE WATCHMAKER OF FILIGREE STREET BY NATASHA PULLEY – this is the single most gentle book I have ever read. it’s a sweet, loving caress of a book. there’s also explosions and science and clockwork and civil war era Japan, but trust me. it’s a soft embrace. 

A/W collection reads: 

  • WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE BY SHIRLEY JACKSON – apparently I was the only person in the world who didn’t already know why the villagers hated the Blackwoods. I was completely in the dark until the book revealed it and yo. yo. if you haven’t been spoiled for this book, then run don’t walk to your nearest bookshop IMMEDIATELY. 
  • UPROOTED BY NAOMI NOVIK – this is a classic high fantasy ~girl stolen away to a far-off tower~ thing except it’s SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT and also LIT. low key Beauty and the Beast/high key Koschei the Deathless and Marya Morevna vibes, except with less Stockholm Syndrome and less murder.
  • THE CIRCLE BY MATS STRANDBERG – this book is about a bunch of normal yet very different girls from the same school in small-town Sweden finding out that they’re witches, and it is absolutely amazing. I haven’t read the other books in the trilogy because I’m trying to drag it out as long as humanly possible. it’s that good. 
  • THE GRAVEYARD BOOK BY NEIL GAIMAN – baby toddles into a graveyard; baby is raised to young adulthood by an entire graveyard’s worth of ghosts and one lone vampire. ultimate nice Halloween read. 
  • THE SECRET HISTORY BY DONNA TARTT – I’m always torn between ‘this book is an absolute masterpiece and deserves to be lauded among the classics’ and ‘a bunch of hipster fucking idiots murder a douchebag’. it’s probably somewhere in between. the first time I read it I was on a deckchair in Spain, and yet it’s still the most A/W book I have ever read. 
  • STATION ELEVEN BY EMILY ST JOHN MANDEL – the human race slowly being wiped out by a not-at-all-sci-fi superflu, juxtaposed with a post-everyone-dying-of-the-superflu band of nomadic actors putting on Shakespeare plays for small villages of survivors and contemplating the universe. made me feel very small and irrelevant and human. 

sunlitshowers  asked:


i know u guys don’t know any of the songs so i’ll explain everything i mention under the cut!!!

Song I wish was longer: Luke’s Good Kid Reprise (listen i know it’s part of The Last Day of Summer but like. It should get to exist in its own right). but if we’re talking full songs, probably Strong. 
Song I wish was shorter: The Last Day of Summer (except Luke’s part)
The one song I always skip: um there’s no soundtrack yet but i could probably go without Drive. or The Oracle. 
Song I sing the best: Good Kid is the only one I’ve tried but i sound p good i guess. I’ve also sung the only 3 words of Son of Poseidon that i know and they are right in my range god bless
Song I still don’t know all the words to: fucking….all of them. i want to know the words to my grand plan tho
Song that honestly deserves an award or five: my grand plan
Song that’s terrible but I still love: Lost! (it’s not bad at all it’s just a little cheesy haha. honestly one of my favorite songs) 
Song that’s really good but I hate: i loved them all! 
Song I think could change the world: good kid
Song I wish I’d written: the tree on the hill 

Also shoutout to other songs that were great but i didn’t mention: DOA, The Campfire Song, and Another Terrible Day! 

send me a musical!

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Star Wars

Request: “Would you like an award for that” with sassy Calum
Summary: your old friend somehow manages to be simultaneously way too sassy and entirely cute

“I can’t believe you just said this,” Calum gasps in mock horror.

Deeming that this doesn’t deserve a response, you just chuck one of his old socks at his face. He ducks and laughs.

“Your aim really hasn’t improved much, has it?”

“Well excuse me if while you were busy being a child on your world tour, I didn’t have time to practice hurling things at people because I was busy having an actual job you know? Doing actual responsible adult things?”

“Wow.” Calum deadpans. “Would you like an award for that?

You throw the other sock. This time it hits him in the chest and makes a wounded sound, clutching his hands over his chest.

“What…what have you done?” He rasps.


He falls to his knees, raising a lone hand towards the sky, saying a dramatic “why hath thou forsaken me?” before dropping to the ground face down.

“Ugh,” you throw yourself back on the sofa, “I killed Calum Hood? What am I going to say to your fans?”

“It doesn’t matter what you say,” Calum raises his head, a strange light in his eyes, “they will find you, and they will murder you in your sleep. Especially once they find out that you like the Star Wars prequels better than the original trilogy. No but seriously, I’ve erased you from my will just now. Disowned you.”

“Hm. Well I guess that defeats the purpose of killing you.”

“Grave tactical error there,” Calum agrees with a grin.

You smile at him fondly as he sits on the couch next to you. It’s strange to think of the young, scrawny boy you used to be friends with when you see him now, all tattooed muscles and talent and confidence. He’s even lost his Australian accent.

But then again, he’s as goofy and ridiculous as he always was. Maybe stardom just gave him an opportunity to become more him.

You lean over to ruffle his hair, and he grabs on to you like a fucking koala. You miss the hell out of him constantly, but he deserves this. You’re happy for him. And it’s not like you never see him, he’s always inviting you over to LA or whatever exotic place he’s taking a vacation in when he can.

But now he’s come home for Christmas and you get him just for yourself a couple of days. No sharing with fans or fancy models, just him and you and–

“Rogue One?” He questions, hooking his chin on your hip.

“I haven’t watched it.”

“Oh my god! We’re watching it now!”

He jumps up and grabs his laptop, quickly finding the movie on some website. As the beginning credits start to roll, you can’t help the stupid feeling that grows in your chest because he’s so soft and warm as he gets back on the sofa and drapes himself over you so you’re almost spooning him.

“Big baby,” you whisper under your breath.

“Psshhh, you love me.”

“Definitely,” you say, with much less sarcasm in your voice than you intended, and Calum is silent for a couple of moments before grabbing your hand in his and squeezing it.

“Good. Now shut up, we’re watching a movie.”

Dating Peter Parker Would Include:
  • Going to the same school together but being too nervous to actually talk to one another
  • Sharing glances at each other in class while the other isn’t paying attention
  • First talking to Peter when you ask him to help tutor you in Chemistry
  • Peter being a totally flustered dork around you during your study sessions
  • Peter growing completely confused when he realizes you’re passing Chemistry with a high A
  • “I just don’t understand, all your test scores say you’re exceeding in class and-”
    “The truth is, I sort of made up the whole needing a tutor thing so I could hang out with you. I know it’s lame and stupid but I couldn’t come up with a better reason to talk to you.”
    “Wait… you wanted to hang out with me?”  
  • Peter asking you out on a real date that doesn’t involve books and homework
  • Going to see the new Star Wars movie together and him trying to contain himself the entire time and not geek out in front of you
  • Him asking you to be his girlfriend in the most romantic way; you two would be over at his place hanging out and he’d order a pizza then when the food came Peter would let you open it only to find written on the inside of the pizza box in black sharpie was ‘I know this is cheesy but will you be my girlfriend’
  • Aunt May watching the whole thing from the doorway of her room
  • Being the two biggest dorks on the planet together
  • Trying to cook together but failing miserably and turning to takeout instead
  • Purposefully going the extra mile to keep his Spider-Man business a secret from you
  • Peter being protective of you
  • Especially at school he always keeps an extra eye out for you to make sure no one is giving you a hard time
  • Cute nose kisses
  • Meeting at your locker in between classes
  • Holding hands in the hallway
  • Stealing all his clothes, especially his warm hoodies and sweatpants
  • Let’s be honest, the two of you would totally have a snapchat streak
  • Surprising the hell out of Peter when you walk into school with a Spider-Man shirt on
  • “Oh… uh, you like Spider-Man? I didn’t know that.”
    “Yeah of course I do! He’s amazing so heroic, brave, and strong. I bet he’s got a million girls chasing after him.”
    “Well I bet there’s one girl out there that’s got his heart.”
  • Forcing Peter to take cute couple selfies with you
  • Exploring New York city together
  • Cute nicknames
  • Peter buying you, with the help of Tony Stark, front row tickets to see Hamilton for your birthday
  • “Peter this is insane, honestly you’re the best! How did you score these? They must have cost you a fortune!”
  • “Believe me, Y/n, you’re worth it and besides I had a little help.”
  • Peter gushing to Tony Stark and the rest of the Avengers about you
  • “She’s smart, funny, gorgeous- and oh she’s got this one of a kind smile and laugh. Don’t even get me started on her eyes.”
  • Natasha giving Peter dating advice
  • Aunt May being your biggest supporter
  • Very light PDA 
  • Long talks about your future together
  • “After I graduate from John Hopkins and get a steady job as the best Pediatrics surgeon in the universe, I want three kids; two boys and a girl. I want to have a home in Boston maybe, possibly stay in Queens but get a bit of an upgrade from my crumbling apartment. Then once I get rich enough off my award winning world changing surgeries I’ll buy a penthouse in New York City or Brooklyn and then buy a private island in a country of my own and live the rest of my life there.”
    “I’d say that’s a pretty reasonable plan, babe. Hopefully there’s room in there somewhere for me.”
    “Oh yeah, sorry I got so caught up in all my high achievements I forgot about marrying my best friend, I thought that would be assumed.” 
  • Walking to and from school with Peter
  • Thousands of cuddle sessions
  • Struggling to fit on his twin bed together
  • Watching The Office together
  • Aunt May comparing you two to Pam and Jim
  • “I mean obviously Y/n wasn’t engaged before you two dated but you guys are just as adorable as them!”
  • Study dates
  • Coffee shop dates before school
  • Strolls around the city during winter
  • Freaking out to Peter when you see Iron Man flying in the sky one day, of course not knowing Peter had met him on multiple occasions,
  • “He was so close, Peter. You wouldn’t have believed it! And he swooshed down and oh my goodness I almost had a heart attack! It was life changing truly amazing!”
  • Innocent make-out sessions
  • Testing out all the pizzas shops in Queens and Brooklyn to figure out which place is the best
  • Forcing him to watch romantic 80s movies
  • Him forcing you into watching Back to the Future and The Big Bang Theory
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S marathons
  • Endless inside jokes and stupid science puns
  • Having girls days with Aunt May
  • Becoming suspicious of Peter when he starts canceling on your dates, disappearing, and showing up to school late with random bruises
  • Barging into Peter’s apartment after school and walking straight into his room ready to yell at him for missing yet another date but instead finding him struggling to get out of a red and blue onesie
  • “Listen here Parker if you want to break up with me then do it, alright? I’m sick of you skipping out on all of our dates, ignoring my text messages and… is that- where did you- are you… are you Spider-Man?”
  • After a long, long, talk with Peter you finally come to the realization that your boyfriend is Spider-Man
  • All of your previous anger evaporating and fangirling for a solid minute
  • Making him try on the suit for you
  •  “You look so handsome, Peter. Wait does this mean you know all the Avengers?”
  • Spider-Man jokes
  • “Where’s Spiderman’s home page? On the world wide web!”
  • “Hey Peter, What does Spiderman put in his beverages? Just ice!”
  • Constantly worrying about Peter when he sneaks off for his ‘saving the city’ business
  • Him stumbling into your window late at night and patching him up
  • “I’m so sorry, Y/n. I didn’t mean to wake you up It’s just Aunt May can’t see me like this again or she’ll worry sicks and I had no where else to go.”
  • “You can always come to me, Peter. Never forget that.”
  • Small disagreements here and there about petty things like space, the importance of math, and how many pizzas it would take to cover the planet
  • Peter constantly fearing that he isn’t enough for you
  • “It’s just… well you’re gorgeous and everything a guy could ever dream of. Y/n you’re practically the ideal image of a perfect girl and I can’t help but feel like you deserve more… that I’m not good enough for you. I mean maybe if Spider-Man-”
  • “Peter Parker you could not be more wrong. I love you- I fell in love with Peter Parker not Spider-Man. He’s not a bad bonus but it’s you that I love. You’re more than enough if anything I should be the one worrying about losing you. You mean the world to me!”
  • Peter buying you a Spider-Man t-shirt as a joke
  • Meeting the Avengers and freaking out over Captain America much to Peter’s dismay
  • “Y’know Spidey, I hate to say this but to be completely honest… I’m team Cap.”

-Daizy xx

Spider-Man Deescalates the Superhero Arms race

Spider-man does not appear in the intro to Spider-Man: Homecoming. That’s because, at the time of the intro, Peter Parker is seven years old. He’s off somewhere in an apartment in queens, watching the Avengers battle Loki over and over again on the TV. A second grader, utterly mesmerized by the heroes on the screen. When The Avengers hit theaters, my little brother was in the second grade too. Like Peter Parker, he fell in love with Iron Man and Captain America after they blew up NYC in that 2012 climax. They excited him. They inspired him. They showed him, and young Mr. Parker, a heart and a spirit that Marvel has struggled to find since. And now, as Peter Parker comes of age with his latest screen debut, he brings that heart, that soul, back to a genre that has been desperately wanting it.

Since Iron Man first armored up in 2008, escalation has been the name of the comic book blockbuster game. Bigger names, bigger casts, bigger battles. More stars, more effects, more money. From Marvel to DC, escalation has defined the genre, and superhero fatigue has settled in. Hard. Homecoming is not the cure. It is not the new direction, the shift in business strategy, the shining herald of what’s to come. It is, however, a damn good respite, a brilliantly colorful bastion that reminds us why we all got hooked in childlike glee on these movies in the first place. It joyfully recaptures that superhero spirit by looking backwards instead of forwards, prioritizing personality over pizzazz, and fully understanding its own limitations.

Momentum is the key to escalation. It’s the reason Marvel announces films five years in advance, and it’s the reason we’ll stick around through every credits sequence from now ‘til judgement day. The MCU is always looking forward, dazzling us with the next installment before the last one even hits the screen. Very rarely, in this race to the never-ending finish, does anyone stop and take the time to look back. The franchise never surveys its accomplishments. It never gives us time to breathe. The ostensible appeal of a united film universe is the breadth of lore that can be developed over time, but what does that matter if we never get the chance to revel in it?

This is where Spider-Man offers a well-needed break. It takes the time to look backwards instead of forwards. The villain’s whole backstory hinges on the repercussions of that giant battle from the first Avengers. Peter Parker’s entire understanding of himself and his place in the world comes from a culture where Captain America conducts the pacer test and the Age of Ultron is taught in tenth grade social studies. Hell, five minutes in we get an extensive “and now, from Spidey’s perspective” take on Civil War. And it works. It’s funny. For the first time in years, we get to gaze back at all those ticket stubs we bought and remember why. It takes us back to that original Avenger Promise and all the glorious, goofy fun that came with it.

That goofiness shows through every corner of Homecoming, a movie that prioritizes being silly over being loud. There may be no award here for most bombastic comic book romp, but there is a trophy case of personality and heart. Tom Holland’s biggest exploits include catching an elevator, holding a boat together, and swinging on a jet plane. Nothing of the army-battling, world-ending caliber we’ve come to expect. There’s high-budget hijinks to be sure, but compared to the hordes of faceless robots, ridiculous space fights, reality distortions and twelve-man battle royals that have inundated us for years, Spidey’s set pieces feel refreshingly pedestrian.

In fact, Michael Keaton’s blue-collar Vulture repeatedly shows disdain for, and fear of, Tony Stark and the rest of the crew. He’s a thief, not a supervillain. All he wants is to take his score and get out. He’s not here to bend space-time, commit genocide or take over the universe. And in that same vein, Peter Parker seems more interested in accidentally webbing innocent people and buying deli sandwiches than halting the apocalypse. Tony Stark shows up a handful of times just to remind Spider-Man of this. Stay close to the ground, he says. Be a friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man. Know what you can do, and know what you can’t. Know what you’re good at, and know what you’re not.

That’s the real power of Homecoming. It limits itself. It understands that not every hero is Thor, that not every fight is a war. “If you’re nothing without this suit, you don’t deserve it,” Stark chastises Peter after his best attempt at a major action sequence goes awry. An action sequence is only as compelling as its hero, after all. In one breath, Robert Downey Jr. addresses Spider-man, and Spider-Man. Don’t rush to graduate so quick. Focus on the character, on the spirit, on the things that made people like Peter Parker and my little brother care in the first place.

About a month ago I watched Iron Man for the first time. It was the only MCU film I’d missed. The first one. And I was fascinated to discover how…quiet, it was. When the credits rolled, I felt satisfied because for 126 minutes Robert Downey Jr. made me smile, and he made me care. Almost a decade later, Tom Holland has made me do the same. Spider-Man: Homecoming feels like it fell out of an alternate timeline where the blockbuster arms race didn’t reach such ridiculous heights. A timeline where the character was enough. Where success wasn’t measured by an effects budget.

I know I’m romanticizing. In the end, this is just the next piece in the Marvel Cinematic Machine, a machine that keeps turning no matter what I think. But it’s a piece that stands out, that feels unique in itself. There’s far more that makes this movie special, like the diverse and brilliant cast, the smart twists, and a level of nuanced social commentary unparalleled in a movie of this style and caliber. Someone smarter than I can, and surely will, write those pieces. But when I walked out of the theater, I was satisfied to say, “That was special. That had heart.”

CaptainSwan WIP Recs p.2

Hello Beautiful Fandom, here is a list of some awesome CaptainSwan fanfiction in progress that I believe deserve your full and prompt attention   🙂  ❤️

Hope you enjoy, and yes once again is a long list, I don’t think I can creat small ones.. you can find the first part here, and my other lists here

The Reason, @xemmaloveskillianx

The three of them share a laugh before they all look to Emma. She has yet to comment on the new addition because she isn’t sure what to say. She usually doesn’t like change, they have a good thing going there, just the four of them. Plus, they all know him and she doesn’t, but she trusts their judgement, and she’s sure any brother of Liam can’t be all that bad. So, with a shrug and a smile she says, “Welcome to Storybrooke, Killian Jones.”

Castle on the Hill,  @secret-captain-swan-blog

English Literature PhD student Emma Swan just needs money to pay for her last semester of grad school tuition. Killian Jones has always dreamed of opening a bookshop but has never been able to afford it. So when the small principality of Misthaven is looking for their lost princess, the pair decide that this might just be the perfect money making scheme.

A Multi-chapter Modern Day + Lost Princess (think Rapunzel/Anastasia-esque) + Book Lovers in a Coffee Shop AU

Blunders and (happy) Beginnings,  @effulgentcolors

The result of too much Jane Austen and associating everything with Captain Swan. 

A Cold Awakening @swanderful1

Modern crime AU. Twenty years have gone by since Storybrooke was shaken to the core by a gruesome crime that went unsolved. Sheriff David Nolan and his partner, daughter Emma are forced to revisit the crime. At the same time, Killian Jones and his older brother Liam have been drawn back to the town they had longed to never see again, struggling to find their own answers.As taunting notes and clues show up they are taken on a journey to finally bring justice for the Jones family. And Emma Nolan finds herself caught in a situation more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. 


Emma Swan and Killian Jones are best friends. Both successful in their own rights and both missing something in their lives. What happens when friendship takes a turn into something more, and even unexpected?

The Cuddlist, @the-reason-to-sail-home

ProfessionalCuddling!AU. Maybe going to a professional snuggler was the craziest idea Emma ever had, but it certainly wasn’t her worst. In fact, weekly cuddling with Killian Jones could’ve been the best decision she ever made.

The Fallout of Fall Festival,  @beardetective

Emma and Killian were well on their way to becoming an official ampersand couple in their small town of Storybrooke, Maine, when a surprise visitor caused a rift between them.

The Proposal @hook-is-killian-me

 A Modern CS AU based off of the movie ‘The Proposal’. Killian is in danger of being deported, so he enlists Emma’s help to stay in the country. By marrying him. Rating based off slight language, if it’s any more than a few curse words, I’ll put it at the beginning of the chapter.

Princes and Princesses,  @artandteaandstuff

Sequel to Kings and Queens. Emma is finally getting used to life in the spotlight. She has many people to help her along the way; her son, her friends and her boyfriend, Killian Jones. But changes are going to have to be made on Kings and Queens, and the world she’s getting used to is about to turn upside down, leaving her questioning if she ever really understood it at all.

Sparks,  @bashful-killian

Killian meets Emma on his wedding day after being left at the altar. Will she able to help him pass through his issues and Killian help her open up to others around her?

Strange Places,  @artandteaandstuff

Emma Swan is only just getting to grips with the whole fairy-tale thing, let alone the villains. She’s already defeated the Evil Queen. But the Evil Queen’s mother is a new story entirely. Not to mention Captain Hook. She will do whatever she has to to take him out. Until one day she wakes up in an entirely different bed, only to find out she’s married to him.

As Destiny Has It’s Eyes On You @winterbaby89

Princess Emma Swan of Misthaven has been prophesied as the Savior since before her birth. Now with the help of a Lieutenant from her past she is going to take her destiny into her own hands, to defeat the Evil Queen.

Accidentally My Ass, @ilovemesomekillianjones

Based on this prompt - BOSS: Know why I called you in here? ME: Because I accidentally sent you a dick pic BOSS: (stops pouring two glasses of wine) Accidentally?

Something like you love me,  @killians-dimples 

Emma decides the best way to get Mary Margaret off her back about Walsh is to say she already has a boyfriend. Except she doesn’t. That’s where Killian comes in. Fake!Engagement fic. 

Hollywood Love story,  Finchel4everyoung

Emma is a world famous singer who at the ripe age of 24 is ready to give it all up. After a heartbreaking end to her first love and actor Neal Gold, she is tired of the fame and all the heartbreak that comes with it. But when she goes to end it a chance opportunity causes her to meet another actor who has his had his own trouble finding love and trust. Throw in a few movie premieres and a few award shows and their story writes itself. 

Call Me,  @mayquita

Emma loses her phone after a chase, but she finds a phone in a cafe just when she needs it most. Killian forgets his phone in a cafe when he is about to take a flight to Ireland. Killian makes a call to his own number hoping someone answers on the other end of the line. What will happen when Emma answers the call?

Professor Jones,  @ashar663

This is an alternate universe with Emma as a college graduate student and Killian her professor. Smuttiness ensues.

Madancy Movie Night 2: The Reckoning

Egged on by precisely no one, @avidreadr2004 and I consigned ourselves to the lot of the eternally traumatised and tormented.  On Wednesday night, armed with tea, ginger ale, and what I’m told is quite good vodka, we watched Basic Instinct 2.

We barely escaped with our lives.

As it turns out, if you want to venture into Hell, using the buddy system is a quite good tactic.

Highlight reel below the cut:

(NOTE:  It is long.  Very long.  Because this film is so terrible that the only way I could cope was by continually typing out sarcastic comments of decreasing coherence and increasing capitalisation.  On the other hand, ow, my fingers.)

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Teenage Dream by matildajones [E | 58,596 | 7 Aug 2015]

“I’m married. I’m married to Derek Hale,” Stiles says. Everything seems to hit him at once. He pushes aside the fact there’s a celebrity sitting right next to him, and then thinks of why the fuck he can’t remember him, why he doesn’t know who he’s married to, and how much time he must have lost.

After an accident, Stiles wakes up to what can only be a dream. He has money, he has fame, he has award winning actor Derek Hale as his husband. It quickly seems more and more like a nightmare because Stiles doesn’t remember getting any of it - and it’s hard to accept the reality that Derek can still love him.

If We Could Match by InTheArmsofaThief [E | 23455 | 28 Feb 2015]

As Stiles waits behind the camera during an interview, he thinks he should maybe quit. Because, in all honesty, despite the charming smile the actor is pulling out for EW, Derek Hale is kind of a jerk.

Show Me How We Can Escape by secondstar [E | 9,858 | 18 Sep 2015]

Stiles needed a vacation. He deserved it, after working nonstop. Australia felt like a world away from the limelight; just what he needed. He didn’t expect to meet Derek, though.

Wheatgrass and Froot Loops by WhoNatural [E | 6,885 | 13 Jun 2014]

"You’re falling for him,” she says, and it’s not a question. Stiles looks up, blinks, and shakes his head.“No,” he lies. “We work out, have really intense sex, and then eat cereal marketed for children. We have a system, okay? Why upset the arrangement?”

I Know Places by ericaismeg [G | 21k | January 2015]

Stiles is tired of the fame and the media that comes with being a famous actor. Lydia, his manager, gives him a three week break from his social calendar while his agent, Peter, is off doing who knows what, who knows where. At the last function before his break, Stiles finally meets Derek Hale - the nephew that Peter has been shunned by for the past six and a half years.

Stiles knows how twisted the tabloids get things, it’s why he’s avoided doing anything remotely scandalous for his entire life. But when Derek Hale wants to get coffee with him, Stiles doesn’t care what anyone else says. He’s going.

Traditionally Non-Traditional by Angelwithwingsoffire [NR | WIPfg | June 2015]

Stiles Stilinski has been looking forward to two things his entire life: Going to San Diego Comic Con and cosplaying his favorite characters ever and meeting his soulmate, the person he is destined to meet and either fall in love with or be best friends forever with. He hopes its the first option. But he never, in all those years, thought it both of those would happen at the same time, or that he’d be one of those lucky/unlucky people who are soulbonded to a celebrity.

AKA This is the story of a Youtuber and an Actor who have a long journey ahead of them before they figure out just what destiny has in story for them.

its derek hale wtf by bleep0bleep [E | 38.6k | June 2015]

Stiles doesn’t buy the whole magical, transcendent soulmate reveal story, snickers at all those movies where the couple touches each others marks for the first time, eyes glimmering over in emotion when they feel the bond surge through their bodies (who comes up with this stuff?), shakes his head at all those dreamy-eyed people willing to shell out money to track down their other half.

Stiles is just really ambivalent about the whole thing. He meets his other half in his lifetime? Cool. If not? It’s just fine; he’s happy where he is.

At least that’s what he keeps telling himself.


You know how this story ends, but how does it begin?

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“Home remedies” - h.s. Part 7

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6



“Life, if anything, is nothing more than a series of moments captured frame for frame as our eyes take in those around us and impact us monumentally,” Harry said, attempting to not sound like he was reading from a card but you knew he totally hadn’t memorized the whole speech completely. You couldn’t help but smirk as you leaned back in your seat and just let it happen.

He’d been keeping the speech a secret from you for weeks. You knew he was presenting and you’d come to terms with that, but you had been nervous for whatever flowery declaration of love he may attempt to pepper into the whole thing. But he was doing a pretty good job, and so far you weren’t as embarrassed as you thought you’d be. 

“That’s why photography is so important though, right?” Harry continued, “Because we have so many moments during the day that cause so many different emotions, that we oftentimes look over the most important ones. I know, that with two kids, the little moments can sometimes go unnoticed. But that’s what photography does for us - it allows us to ponder and remember on those little moments that may have passed up by, that make us feel something we didn’t know we possessed, and to help us give thanks for the moments we’ve cherished with others.”

Okay, so maybe now you were crying a little bit, but you weren’t going to let the small tears show as you continued to slouch slightly in your chair, your arms crossed lazily over your stomach as you attempted to act as cool as a cucumber. 

Internally though, you were freaking out.

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Just The Way You Are

Summary: Being the girlfriend of a famous band member isn’t easy, especially when you don't “look the part.” But that doesn’t mean that a certain someone doesn’t love you with all they have. 

A/N: This is just a little oneshot I wrote for fun. It’s a little different from what I usually write but I was feeling inspired I guess. Please be mindful of the warnings before reading because I don’t want to trigger anyone! Thanks for reading :)

~Approx. 1.9k words~

~Warnings: body image, self-deprecation, self esteem~


“Babe are you almost ready?” Your boyfriend yelled from down the hall. It always took him way less time to get ready for these events than you did and it wasn’t because of the meticulous eyeliner you had drawn or the updo that had taken ages to perfect. No you took longer because you spent at least forty minutes staring at your naked body in the mirror, analyzing every single mark and every curve and crease that stared back at you. You hated it, but there was nothing you could do to help it. You didn’t look like what a famous band member’s girlfriend is supposed to look like, you looked like you. And you hated it. You had been with Ashton for almost a year now and you still didn’t know what it was he saw in you. Every time the band was nominated for an award or playing a big show you would put on the nicest dress you owned and stand next to him on the red carpet. And every morning afterwards you woke up to a thousand nasty people telling you that you shouldn’t have even been there in the first place. It was torture and it was one of your least favorite things to do with Ashton but you would never tell him that. He always got so excited about these award shows and you were not going to be the thing that brought him down. It just wasn’t you, putting on the pretty dress and makeup and presenting yourself to the public in a way that felt you were exposing your entire self to people who were there just to judge and try and tear you down. It was a toxic environment and for someone with a history of self esteem issues and it was not a situation you liked to be in.

“Yeah just give me a sec.” You shouted back, tearing your eyes away from your reflection and scrambling to grab the dress you had picked from the back of your closet so it would look like you were a lot more ready than you actually were.

The sound of the door opening caught your attention and your turned to find Ashton poking his head in, his body hidden by the door frame. “Hey I have a surprise for you.” The huge smile on his face made your heart flutter every time it made an appearance and now was no different.

“What is it?” You asked as you pulled the old dress over your head, blocking your line of sight. You heard his footsteps coming towards you accompanied by the wrinkle of plastic and his voice in your ear.

“Take that dress off babe.”

“Wow what a gentleman.” You chuckled, turning your body to face him as the dress came over your head.

“Not that I don’t love looking at you naked.” He laughed. “But I have something a little better for you to wear.” He giggled, unveiling a beautiful dress out from under the plastic.

“Oh my god, Ash this is beautiful!” You gasped, reaching out to take the soft fabric between your fingers.

“I got it as a promo present. Some brand called De La Renta or something?”

“Ashton!” You screeched. “How did you get an Oscar De La Renta gown, for me of all people?”

“Because I’m the best boyfriend in the world and you can thank me later tonight.” He kissed your cheek before handing you the hanger. “Now get changed. I can’t wait to see how beautiful you look in this.” He smiled pecking you on the lips one last time before exiting the room.

The gown was gorgeous and you couldn’t believe that you would get to wear it. Maybe now that you finally had something designer to wear, you would be taken of the worst dressed list. Maybe now social media would be full of pictures of you looking pretty instead of how they usually came out. It was no secret that you hated these things but Ashton on the other hand, lived for these events. He would pick out what he was going to wear at least a week in advance and would insist that you two match like it was a senior prom or something. But the pictures that would surface the next day were always unflattering and you hated having to read the comments of people saying you didn’t look pretty enough, weren’t thin enough, or didn’t smile often enough to be with a guy like Ashton. It hurt you, but you didn’t want to bring him down and so you put on a brave face and tagged along right beside him.

You stepped into the dress and began to shimmy it up your legs. It was supposed to slip smoothly up your body, but it didn’t. It stopped. You could hear the stretch of the fabric, the seams breaking as you tried tugging it up your body but no matter what you did. It didn’t fit. The tight fabric was just too snug to fit over the curve of your hips and wouldn’t go any further up your body, no matter how hard you tugged. It was a beautiful dress, but there was no way you were going to be able to wear it. Once again, it felt like your body had let you down and there was nothing you could do about it.

You sunk to the floor, shoving the fabric far away from you and letting the build up of tears break through. You tried so hard to hold it together so you could be the perfect girlfriend for someone like Ashton, but today that was just not happening. You could feel your nose running and the makeup that you had spent so long trying to perfect streaming down your face, your breath catching in loud sobs.

You almost didn’t hear the soft knock at the door and the sound of footsteps entering the room.

“Baby?” His voice sounded concerned. Quickly, you wiped your tears and took a deep breath, ready to put on your brave face for him.

“Everything’s fine Ash, I’ll be out in a minute.” You called out, your voice cracking, but he wasn’t buying it.

“Babe I’m coming in okay?”

“No Ash-”

The closet light flicked on that his head appeared around the corner of the frame and immediately he took in the sight before him.

“Oh my god babe are you okay?” He kneeled down in front of you, his eyes searching your body for any sort of bodily harm. “Baby what’s going on?” He studied your face, his fingers wiping away the remnants of the lingering tears.

“The dress doesn’t fit.” You mumbled, unable to look him in the eye. It felt silly saying it outloud, but you couldn’t help how you felt.

“Is that all this is about?” He asked softly, his hand cupping one of your cheeks.

“I’m sorry Ash, this is silly. I just won’t go and you can be with the boys. It’s fine.” You rambled, picking yourself up from the floor and tossing the stupid dress to the back of the closet.

“No, it’s not fine.” He objected, taking hold of your arm and pulling you back to him. “Please, just tell me what’s really wrong.”

He sounded so sincere, his hazel eyes boring into yours and your bottom lip started to tremble. At the sight of your crumbling demeanor, Ashton wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. Your tears stained his shirt, but he didn’t care.

“Hey, hey it’s okay.” He soothed, stroking your hair as you unloaded all your stress.

“I can’t do it Ash, I can’t be like those other girls.” You sobbed, shaking your head. “I can’t fit into these beautiful dresses and I can’t look nice on the red carpet and I don’t look good from every angle. I can’t go with you tonight or…or ever.” You whispered, your breath hitching in your throat at your last remark. He deserved someone who he could feel proud of. Someone who could stand next to him at an award show and look beautiful, and right now you didn’t feel like you could ever be that person.

“No, no, no, you don’t get to say that. You’re absolutely beautiful. Perfect even and I love you so damn much. I don’t care if you don’t look like a runway model because you’re not beautiful like them, you’re beautiful like you. There’s not a single thing I would change about you, you hear me? You’re all I want. All I need, okay?” He whispered as he kissed the top of our head.

“You’re just saying that because you have to.”

“No I’m saying it because I love you.” He kissed the top of your hair, continuing to hug you tightly. “Even if you don’t believe me, it’s true okay? You make my entire world stop and I don’t ever want to see you sad.” He cooed, wiping any excess tears from your face. “I’m sorry that the dress doesn’t fit but that doesn’t make you any less beautiful okay? We don’t have to go to the show if you don’t feel comfortable okay?”

“No I know how much it means to you Ash. You can go, I’ll stay.” You reassured him, but he wouldn’t budge.

“No, if you’re not there then it’s not the same. Let’s go change into our ugly clothes and order chinese and you can pick a movie and we’ll forget about the stupid ceremony. We’re not even performing anyway.” He smiled warmly, undoing the button on his blazer and shrugging it off.

“Ashton you don’t have to-”

“Baby I don’t think you realize that I only like going to these stupid shows when it’s you standing right next to me.” He spoke softly. “I know how you feel about putting yourself out there and the fact that you even tried to do this with me speaks miles about you. The last thing I want in the world is for you to feel uncomfortable. So we’ll stay home okay?”

You were unable to contain your smile as a blush rushed to your cheeks. “You know how much I love you right?” You mumbled as you pulled on a sweatshirt, not caring that you messed up the hair you spent an hour on. 

“I love you too baby.” He smiled as he pulled on a pair of sweatpants to match yours before interlacing his fingers with yours and planting a firm kiss on your lips.

“Now babe, do you want pizza or chinese?”



My thoughts during the 2016 MAMAs

Alright so let’s skip the red carpet cause the struggle to find a link was real and I would like to thank @the-shinee-knight who came to my rescue when I was yelling into the kpop void at 4 in the morning. I also want the name of the designers of all the dresses for the night cause I don’t think I saw one that I didn’t like.
▪Blackpink and Monsta X also won awards. And because Monsta X were there, we got to see how surprised they are. The boys are all smiles :D

But the red carpet acts were:
- SF9
   • the dance break was nice
   • for some reason their outfits amuse me.  I think its the mesh shirt and bow combo
- I.O.I.
   • they are so cute, but the shoes are a bit much
   • I always forget the small one is a rapper

Alright onto the actual show. And I have no subs
- Tetris blocks…. okay
- now with creepy ass music
- okay that’s dope nvm
- so we doing a Tetris theme this year
- yes kid. Get that tap dance. This your stage boy
- oh they showing all styles of dance
- They just fucking it up
- yes taemin all of this is my life
- his outfit is extra but I don’t care anymore
- his cheekbone is making a shadow. Lord help me
- I love how it’s the mnet Asian music awards but it’s hella Korea
- TWICE look so cute, oh these kids
- The envelopes for this year are so elaborate and cute. Well done book designer
- oh the small one is crying
- that stage is huge. These performances are going to be amazing
- Mark your hair. Are you aware?
- Alright, a Thai singer. Oh he just introduced
- 7:13 RATIO
- oh this is more a seventeen stage then GFRIEND stage. I wanted more GFRIEND
- Duets and he gets snubbed hahaHA
- okay, GFRIEND get the end and the “last word” so okay
- I am no longer bitter
- and I want one of their jackets
- bringing everyone back on for the final pose
- shit the fans chants
- why is Baekhyun looking like he was invited to the wrong gathering?
- I don’t know why Gallant is here but I so here for it. I don’t know if this is his audience though
- I know a lot of people didn’t know about him until BTS Taehyung tweeted about him
- did you hear his falsetto right then
- okay, maybe they brought him just cause I wanted to hear him
- oooooooo they trying thing to get snl Korea back in better light
- cute little dude
- this is why he was dressed different
- DREAM!!!! Baekhyun and Suzy
- it has been a good minute since I have heard this
- didn’t this song get a triple kill or three week #1
- awwww fam are so cute
- it’s amazing to see the transformation Suzy has made since Dream High
- the models are so tall, and see is so not lol
- I love this drawings of the male group nominations
- BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE MALE GROUP: 방탄소년단 for Blood Sweat & Tears
- DEAN!!!!!
- this set up is really cool
- that hat is pretty bad tbh
- now it’s time for Crush
- I just never want him to stop singing
- that lighting
- girl did a booty shake straight to a split like boom
- Taehyung and HOBI :)
- Zico just went and played with RM and I love it
- they hat can go back on
- GFRIEND don’t know what do…. oh sweethearts
- bro. This advert within the show is only here to add time for the staff cause there is only one MAJOR commercial break
- this is the break between part 1 and 2
- now we’re starting part 2
- time to steal shit
- NCT 127
- FANCHANTS are there!!
- when can we fire their stylist?
- and now we got MONSTA X
- who the hell is trying to have a vlive rn??
- YOU can hear their breaths witch means no lipsyncing
- they either have the best camera shots or the worst because they aren’t facing the main audience
- they fixed that
- the transition from Jin Yong to young Jae is my fave
- this announcer dude is adorable
- MY HOSHI!!!!
- I haven’t stopped smiling since seventeen started accepting their award
- okay I saw this girls dress on the red carpet and I still want it
- I honestly hope they are listening to what she is saying and not just thinking about the artists that are next.  Because this is a real issue
- but I guess not…..
- he had the entire arena chanting so shit
- yeah, there is a reason he won the OST award
- yes, giving out the awards to yeah know THE REST OF ASIA
- Sekai no owari
- Hua chenyu
- JJ Lin
- all but one knew english. Like shit, I am crap
- Crush is so cute. He didn’t know it was going to happen and the face he made was priceless
- DEAN and Zico just giving him the biggest hug gave me such life
- Ailee is one of my Kpop Queens 💓💓💓
- 5 years. Hot damn
- TWICE and the Mario theme oh boy
- and now IOI
- warning indeed
- aren’t those the og outfits?
- they do really good dance breaks
- this is my favorite IOI song
- now twice
- their outfits are so cute
- TT
- IF you say you didn’t sing or dance along you are lying
- we all saw that coming. You can’t lie about that
- are taemin and Sehun wearing the same coat?
- the high five the awkward bow with Zico is fantastic
- their gowns are what I just want to have in my closet to wear if the time ever comes but never wear
- Quicey Jones!!!!
- right Timbaland is there
- Do they know Missy Misdemeanor Elliot? doubt it
- Timbaland, what are you doing here? Please tell me. You got the hype man thing down.
- None the less. ERIC IS KILLING THIS
- if you gonna show up, bring more to the table next time.
- Chan is so tall. Never not amazed
- I like the theme of not having the leader accept the award anymore lol
- yeah know, I can see GOT7 Youngjae being the next Crush way down the line.
- fam I lived
- I don’t know how I lived
- honestly I may be dead
- this was a great BTS concert yall
- PRODUCE 101 SEASON 2!!! hot shit
- fam I have class in an hour and a half and do not need these commercials rn
- and now part 3. May I actually go to class today.
- studio concrete???
- wasn’t he a prince in a drama?
- the fuck is going on there?
- SPACE!!!!!!!
- okay then
- they always play real intense background music
- BewhY
- yesss
- I really like the set up of this
- the dancers are killing it
- YIRUMA just outta nowhere
- a piano version of DAY DAY with Prepix ?!?!?! FUCK YES
- you go find your friends and joke and I love
- he is already to perform lol
- she already did her performance with him so she is just fresh faced and calm.
- now which company gets the trophy?
- dude is petting the trophy lol
- Taeyeon stage
- that is a really nice use of lights
- they gave the audience umbrellas
- SM and their eye makeup
- feel bad for the people behind the umbrellas who can’t see worth a damn
- and now Wiz Khalifa
- I don’t know why they brought him here. He has no reason. Wrong music context
- is his music catchy? Yes. Is the beat decent? Yes. But I have no control over this and people were probably excited so I can understand.
- Bambam would get caught
- this song is the reason he is here. Because so many idols have covered it and it was at the end of that one movie.
- Oh Jackson
- this is actually a kind of magical moment when thousand of people have come together to sing something meaningful that crosses over countries and doesn’t deal with politicals.
- can someone do me a favor and get Dean new clothes and hair
- she is so cute. I think she named everyone in the company.
- yall that was a great Exoridium
-  people have to follow that???
- thank God it is just an award
- Quincy Jones
- point for trying
- it’s the end man. They can’t understand you and they put the translation over your head oh no
- this man is a legend and these people don’t realize it and it is because of their background knowledge of where they come from.  Which is why I probably don’t know a lot of the music history of another nation’s music. He just expects too much from people who don’t have this knowledge
-  I may be able to make it to class… maybe
- SONG OF THE YEAR: TWICE with Cheer up
- KOOKIE!!!!!!!!
- yoongi…. my baby. Someone hug him because I am not there
- I almost cried right there
- OKAY!!!!!!
- oh Noodles
- did bbh actually sweat the makeup that much?
- okay if we close now, I can make it to class.
- So sorry to sf9. If they still there
- interactions are my life

Until the next concert (which is near new years) it’s been real fam

and if anyone was wondering, I was only 10 minutes late to my lecture

anonymous asked:

Can you do one with Luke and “I don’t remember a fight, or a reason, so what happened? Why did we break up?”


Wearing a dress that cost more than the uptown apartment you’d purchased after the second movie you’d starred in had stayed number one in the box offices for two months straight and heels that required all your attention to simply walk, you found yourself presenting an award on the Grammy stage with your current fellow co-star, Dylan O’Brien. You two had just wrapped filming an adventure film playing star-crossed lovers and the press was absolutely eating up the way you two interacted. Immediately when you’d met the brunette, an instant connection sprouted between the two of you and the rest was history. Over the course of the two months of filming, you’d become best friends and because of that, he knew how nervous you were, announcing the winner of the Grammy Award for Song of the Year; considering your ex’s band was nominated.

Clutching Dylan’s arm in favor of not toppling over in your shoes as you two read your lines on the teleprompter a few feet in front of you, you squeezed his bicep when the nominees started playing across the screen. You pasted on your most dazzling smile when the camera man motioned that the camera was focused on the pair of you again and kept it firmly in place as you read “5 Seconds of Summer” off of the envelope. Dylan, thankfully, greeted the band in stride once they’d made it to the stage. He shook hands with all four of the boys (though his grip was a little tighter, a little more menacing with Luke) and congratulated each enthusiastically. You could tell that everyone who had any insight into the celebrity world was watching you and the blond rockstar closely, knowing that only five months ago, you’d split.

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Best Films of 2013, Part 2.

For entries No.10 through 6, please click here.

I got a few letters asking where I thought Gravity should be on this list. I know a lot of people liked the film, and so did I. It was immensely entertaining, frightening and gripping, and upon first viewing I was completely blown away, ready to declare it the best film of the year. But then I actually started thinking about the film, and its complete disregard for basic science eventually made me understand that it’s an incredibly silly and poorly-scripted movie. It’s one thing to be The Avengers and eschew all natural laws in the name of comic book action, but for Gravity to seek an authentic space experience and yet, in one singular moment, completely blow that authenticity, well it undermines the entire premise of the film, rendering it to just yet another Hollywood action/ suspense potboiler. Gravity deserves every conceivable award for its technical achievements (just as 2001 revolutionized VFX), but I can’t in good conscience rate it with the best films of the year. So there’s that.

Continuing from yesterday…

5) Rurouni Kenshin, dir. Keishi Ohtomo, Japan.

This is one badass motherfucking movie. Based off the popular manga and anime, Rurouni Kenshin has the greatest swordplay action sequences I’ve seen since Kihachi Okamoto’s The Sword of Doom, and that’s a major comparison. I don’t know how this film isn’t more popular in the United States - it’s gorgeous, hyperviolent and is an incredible story, told efficiently and without any chaff. It doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to feudal Japanese stories of wandering assassins seeking to reclaim their honor and what is important to them. It also has a pair of beautiful leads in Takeru Satô and Emi Takei who act as good as they look. Satô is a bonafide action star, and he has an undeniable presence about him. Love it love it love it.

4) Ship of Theseus, dir. Anand Gandhi, India.

Full admission here - I am friends with the producers and the director of the film, but by no means did that influence the placement of this film on this list. Years in the making, Ship of Theseus is the magnificent telling of three different stories in contemporary Mumbai. The seemingly disparate protagonists - a blind photographer, a wayward young financial worker, and an ailing monk - all seek meaning and discoveries in the greater context where they ultimately shape each others’ destinies. It’s a deft and intellectually vivid take on the Ship of Theseus myth, which is that if the parts of a ship are removed and replaced piece by piece, is it still the same ship? Anand Gandhi smartly gives no easy answers, as some things are greater than us and we are merely to lay down the seeds of questions as we gather more information in life. This is a gorgeously shot, impeccably acted metaphysical yarn that dares to pull no punches, it’s unabashedly brainy and complex, and it makes no apologies for it. The true beauty of the film is that despite its heavyweight aspirations, it is never inaccessible, as Gandhi paints his canvas with universal human moments and truths - it never once is obtuse or abstract. A film that deserves greater study and discussion, and cinema needs more films of its ilk. A staggering achievement.

3) Upstream Color, dir. Shane Carruth, USA.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of death and loss this year, and a large part of my healing has been though art, which has an incredibly ability to mould itself to your specific condition. Two people looking at a Francis Bacon painting can see two entirely different things, depending on where they come from and their current place in life. When I saw Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color I was coming off utter devastation of loss, and in this film I found willing companions on my journey, the story of a couple dealing with loss and processing their grief. There are so many images and sounds in this film that I connected to on a very basic, atomic level, and knowing how smart Shane Carruth is, I know it cannot be an accident. There are very few films in my life that have actually guided me and healed me, and this is one of them. It’s an intensely personal film, uncomfortably intimate to the point of psychological voyeurism, but that kind of honesty is needed when dealing with the subject of grief. If grief cannot be shared, then it becomes toxic and mutates into confused anger and despair. Carruth had major expectations to exceed after Primer, and he did it in a fashion so spectacular and out of left field that I have to consider him one of the most important artists working in any medium today. He is a talent to treasure, to support, and to learn so much from.

2) Computer Chess, dir. Andrew Bujalski, USA.

Let’s make this clear. Andrew Bujalski never was, is, or will be Mumblecore. All of his films have completely eschewed the tenets of that god-forsaken family of films in that his characters have goals, aims, and do not drown in their privilege. Bujalski writes amazing scripts and creates unimaginable depth in his films, and his tireless work has culminated in one of the most fascinating films of recent times, Computer Chess.

I grew up in the 80s, which was a time of immense technological tinkering. Radio Shack was the hub of all hardware for hobbyists who wanted to really dig into personal electronics (the store is now a shadow of its former self, basically a place to buy a cell phone) and the computer was the infinite horizon. Computer Chess delves into that world with nerdy aplomb, covering a computer-driven chess tournament between competing universities and the random oddball genius hobbyist. The programmers work with furious intensity, placing it all on the line as they strive to outsmart their own brains.

It’s chilling to already know the future of this endeavor, from Big Blue to to the most basic chess app on an iPhone, and it feels like we’re witnessing an act of creation with this film. Perhaps more poignant is the film’s setting, a ramshackle no-frills hotel that is occupied by a bevy of spaced out weirdos and, bizarrely, a bunch of cats. It’s the perfect juxtaposition of technological hubris versus metaphysical questioning, and it makes us think of where we belong in the pecking order of neuroprocessing.

What binds all of this together is the format of the film, which was shot on analog video tape using Sony AVC-3260 cameras. The cinematography creates a ghostly, otherworldly feel, and is authentic to the desire to find “better” technologies when they may not actually be an improvement at all. It’s a barbed commentary to the shift of cinema to digital capture from film, and I think it’s apt. Computer Chess is one of those rare films where it all comes together when in theory it shouldn’t have. A gem of a film, owing much to David Lynch, An Occurrence at Owl Creek, Trash Humpers and The Twilight Zone, and yet completely unique and divorced of the aforementioned pillars. Truly special and worthy of multiple viewings.

And my pick for best film of the year, and maybe best film of this young decade so far, is…

1) The Act of Killing, dir. Joshua Oppenheimer and Anonymous, Denmark / Norway.

The film camera has a unique power to bring out the true nature of people. For some reason, there’s a kind of pressure put on people when the camera is rolling. It’s for them to either play perfect - in which the lie is revealed - or be brutally honest, in which the truest forms of human nature come out. Actors will always attest to the power of the camera, as they transform in an almost out-of-body manner when the director calls “action!” The world melts away, the camera records the moment, and there is nothing impeding the distance between lens and subject. Actors do strange things when the camera rolls, and they go to places they never knew existed within their heads.

So what happens when you turn the camera on someone who has killed over a thousand people under the protection of a brutal right-wing paramilitary group, and who sees them self as a rockstar for what they have done? What truths will the camera reveal?

The Act of Killing explores that question, documenting the recollections of a group of men who freely and proudly admit to slaughtering thousands of people who stood in the way of their sponsored political party. A legit death squad who used means such as garrotting with wire and other masochistic forms of death-dealing. The men who enact these crimes talk about their exploits like basketball all-stars discussing their storied careers, describing acts of torture like it was a finger roll in Madison Square Garden.

What a difficult film to watch, as we are constantly barraged by the cold distance of these men, and we can’t help but think there had to be some kind of collateral damage in inflicting so much death. Can one truly be that desensitized? Director Joshua Oppenheimer uses a brilliant and provocative method to investigate this, which is to have these men reenact their crimes against humanity, but in the form of filmed vignettes done in varying genres: musical, western and gangster films. What happens after is the aforementioned magic of the camera and its resultant effect upon the actor. Dark truths are revealed.

I cannot express how important this film in our understanding of our species. We see senseless crimes all the time - school shootings, genocide in Sudan and North Korea, US military drone strikes and people generally being so callous and thoughtless to the greater whole around them. We often wonder what drives people to do such things, and what might be going through their heads. We rarely ever get the answer to that because the perpetrators of the crimes are either dead or completely inaccessible under the judgement of the legal system. The Act of Killing is that rare opportunity to access the mind of killers and sociopaths who have yet to face any kind of justice or judgement, and if we are lucky we just might see a revelation or comeuppance. We are that lucky. What transpires in the film left me gasping for words, flooded with tears and such a confusing array of emotions that I have yet to ever experience.

When we make films we are on one simple journey - to seek the truth. Many times our search for answers only spawn so many more countless questions, and our quest for the truth begins anew. So rare is it then that we reach a decisive moment as we do in The Act of Killing, and as a result it rightfully belongs as one of the most important films made in recent memory, belonging with the Zapruter film and other documents of true human nature. This is required viewing for all, and should be mandatory in schools and academia. I cannot recommend or rate a film any higher.

If there is any kind of connection between the films that have made a mark on me this year, it is that they all revel in the curiosity of mankind, they ask the questions of our nature and constructed societies and they seek verification of our responsibilities to one another, to the planet and its myriad inhabitants that we share it with. We are alone in our thoughts always but we create company by sharing, and that is what these truly great films do. The community of art, a family of man, and a celebration of our flaws that make us truly special. While blockbusters continue to seek and cultivate the lowest hanging fruit - a danger no doubt - it has quietly also been a simply outstanding year for cinema. Where there is spirit, education and community, art will always find a place to thrive.

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seriously, you didn't even mention tatiana maslany in your emmy roundup or the way she got fucking snubbed and robbed AGAIN of an award she deserves so a mediocre actress on a boring broadcast american show can win and you act like it's some great victory for black women? smh.

One of two things is happening here.


+ You don’t understand that two-time Oscar-nominated, three-time Golden-Globe nominated, three-time SAG Award-winning, two-time Tony Award-winning Viola Davis is the first black woman to win an Emmy for Best Lead Actress in a Drama in the 67-YEAR HISTORY of the Academy.

+ You don’t understand how profound it was for Viola Davis to stand on that stage and shine a light on the fact that the struggle black women face in this country is as real today as it was when Harriet Tubman faced it OVER A HUNDRED YEARS AGO.

+ You don’t understand that black women in this country have been consistently devalued and dehumanized more than any other minority group, that they are raped and beaten and shot dead in the street by white men without recourse as easily today as they were in the 1960s.

+ You don’t understand that Viola Davis has struggled to find starring roles her entire career, despite the list of esteemed awards she has been nominated for (see above), and that other similarly lauded black actresses — Octavia Spencer, for example — have suffered the same fate.

+ You don’t understand that black women’s bodies have been used for pleasure and profit by white men since this country’s inception, and that those attitudes about black bodies are still disgustingly prevalent. (Look no further than Nicki Minaj’s wax figure Madame Tussauds, if you need a recent and pop culturally relevant example.)

+ You don’t understand the cultural significance of Viola Davis accepting an Emmy in her natural hair in a country where black women are held to ridiculous white beauty standards, and even more oppressively so inside the white Hollywood machine.

+ You don’t understand how empowering it was for young black girls — many of whom will struggle their whole lives to gain access to fair housing, healthcare, and employment — to see Viola Davis make history by accepting that award. (Whoopi Goldberg once said that seeing Uhura, a black woman who wasn’t anyone’s maid, on Star Trek made her understand she could do anything.)

+ You didn’t listen to Viola Davis’ speech or watch the reactions of Taraji P Henson and Kerry Washington in the crowd because you were too busy being another white person talking over a black person, demanding a thing you feel entitled to.

In my mind, I see a line. And over that line, I see green fields and lovely flowers and beautiful white women with their arms stretched out to me over that line, but I can’t seem to get there no-how. I can’t seem to get over that line.

+ You don’t understand how Viola Davis and Regina King and Uzo Aduba winning those awards on the same night can change the actual world for one of the most oppressed groups of people in the history of the world.


+ You do understand what black women are up against and how Viola Davis winning is a (deserved and symbolic) victory and you just don’t care.

I think Tatiana Maslany is an extraordinarily talented actress who deserves all sorts of mainstream recognition for Orphan Black, which is my favorite show on TV right now. She’s an outspoken ally for LGBTQ equality and a master at explaining the power and necessity of intersectional feminism. She’s sweet and she’s smart and she’s funny and she’s going to have an illustrious career. You know she was up for Star Wars, right? You know she has more movie offers on the table right now than nearly every TV actor in America, yeah? Be disappointed that Tatiana hasn’t won an Emmy, fine, but good grief, have a little bit of perspective, man. Open your eyeballs. Read something. Unfollow me.

Henry Has Two Moms and other stuff I'm thinking about.

Swan Queen is more than a ship, it’s a movement. We’ve been saying this since the idea of Emma ‘Swan’ and the Evil 'Queen’ came onto our television screens not long after a fun (disturbing) film about a ballet dancer and her slightly over-enthused mother (played by Hershey and how loudly did we squeee about the subsequent OUaT casting choice on THAT little matter) and also not long after we all sort of sat down and said…

…well, Henry does have two moms…they look at each other like they want to rip each other’s silk shirts to shreds and at the end of the day, HENRY HAS TWO MOMS and that ain’t no joke. And if Swan Queen isn’t endgame? They’ll have made a joke of same-sex headed families. It isn’t a joke, not when studies show how healthy female headed households are. Not when same-sex couples are fighting so hard for their rights, not when women are still paid less than men, not when gender is still at the absolute centre of the Euro-Western colonial system, leaving anybody outside of the gender binary in such a vulnerable and dangerous place while also letting us know that yes, people outside of the binaries of gender and sexuality are also speaking to the heart of an oppressive system while re-creating a new world, based on new stories (or old ones depending on your history) and new visioning for the world we live in. (and btw, LOL, because HENRY HAS TWO MOMS isn’t about divorced cis gender men attacking me on a message board by saying 'I hate my ex wife and Emma deserves Captain Hook therefore’ bc WTF the two things don’t have anything to do with one another???) HENRY HAS TWO MOMS cannot end in any way other than for Emma and Regina to be together, as co-parents and yes, that includes a deep, loving relationship with one another because at the end of the day, THAT IS THE STORY THAT #OUAT IS TELLING US and has been since the pilot episode. I’m shouting bc I feel like I’m Mugatu shouting about Zoolander a LOT these days. I’m not shouting out of anger. Just imagine a person in a very wooly sweater with a small dog shouting 'They’re all the same look!!!!’ I will not stop making this joke. 

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My Letter of Concern to Disney

My name is Victoria Wade and , as you could imagine, i’m a big fan of the Walt Disney Company.
Disney has played a big part in my childhood and currently in my young adult life. I consider Walt Disney to be a Hero and a Role model. I am also a alumnus of the Disney College Program and i visit the parks quite frequently over the year. I have gained so many wonderful and lifelong friends through the fandom that i am in through the website called “Tumblr.” I have gained so many wonderful memories from my visits that i will always cherish and i will always bring my children and granchildren to your parks when that time comes. I can’t express how much i love the cast members who keep Walt’s legacy and the magic alive for every guest that walks into your parks.
First I wish to thank everyone who work there for bringing these wonderful times to me. Also i wish to thank the company for giving me the opportunity to work for your company. It was an amazing experience and i will never forget it. I am grateful for the opportunities it has brought me. My CP experience has actually inspired me to go into Hospitality Management as a career.

However i wanted to address a few issues regarding some business decisions the company has made that i do not necessarily agree with and i was hoping to maybe get a bit of clarification on the matter. I would love to get a better understanding on these things.
I have written many times to the company about my joyous visits but this, unfortunately, will be my first letter of complaint.

I am well aware of how successful the movie “Frozen” was and stil continues to be. I recall being very excited about the movie coming out. I always am when i hear about new and upcoming Disney movies. I am very into social media, Tumblr especially, so i heard quite a bit of the news regarding the movie from there.

When the movie first premiered in theaters, I took my little sister to see it with me. We absolutely adored it! We couldn’t stop singing the songs. As soon as Disney Movie Club made it available for preorder we bought it. On Tumblr, the Disney Fandom went mad for it along with the rest of the world. This might have been our undoing though. The hype of the movie eventually seemed to not match the movie itself. Although Frozen was a wonderful movie, I have certainly seen better disney movies. That’s not to say i don’t feel it deserved everything it earned. As a fan i am thrilled at all the awards, achievements and recognition the movie gained. It’s a success for the company. But then there lies the question of when does it grow to be too much?

I remember in March 2014, during a visit to Walt Disney World with friends we waited in line for Anna and Elsa at Norway Pavillion in EPCOT. From park open, we waited 4 hours to meet them. Quite frankly i understand that they have many people to go through and see but our meeting was certainly rushed and not very enjoyable. Once they were moved to Magic Kingdom, rope drop procedures were changed due to the popularity of the girls and to ensure the safety of the guests. I was told that their lines were up to 5 hour long waits. Safe to say they were VERY popular.

Certain business moves were obvious ones to make. “Frozen on Ice” for example was one. A Frozen Broadway Production also was a given considering most of the cast has that musical background. However there a certain ones i disagree with. Personally i feel the company is doing far too much with this movie and not enough for their other products. Granted i understand completely as a entertainment business it is completely obvious for you to capitalize off of this movie. It is very possible to do so while giving your other movies a decent amount of marketing as well. I believe that the company is trying to milk it dry and rather than do that, you should see what made this movie so popular and try to incorporate it into your future productions. Each movie can be more successful than the last this way. Frozen did its job. It was successful and entertaining. But its been over a year now and I have barely seen anything done for Big Hero 6 in regards of the same treatment and i know that it is popular as of right now.

Certain business moves i feel were made that don’t make much sense. Replacing Maelstrom with a Frozen attraction, for example. I fail to see how two girls from the fictional land of “Arendelle” will properly showcase the culture and atmosphere of Norway. I am not positive as to why this move was made but i think World Showcase is supposed to accurately showcase lands from all over the world. When i visit World Showcase, I want to travel to France, Japan, Morocco, Mexico,and the UK. I wish to experience the food and atmosphere of it all. If i wished to experience Arendelle, wouldn’t it have made more sense for a magical, fictional place to be at Magic Kingdom? Granted there is a matter of space and where it would go. I can understand in a way why this decision would made. It would bring more children to EPCOT and World Showcase. I just feel EPCOT itself could use a parkwide refurb.

Another example would be bringing Anna and Elsa into Princess Fairytale Hall and taking Aurora and Snow white out into Main Street. Sorry to say but i did feel a bit offended by that. And i am not sure Mr. Disney would approve or appreciate the treatment of some of the original princesses that way. Many people already find them weak and disrespect them. That move certainly did not make it any better. I understand that the Arendelle sisters are very popular but Aurora and Snow white should not have simply been put onto Main Street. Again there is the matter of where to place them. Has it been considered that you just simply return tink to adventureland and turn that spot into a meet and greet for Anna and Elsa? It seems like a good idea since it’s at the front of the parks and indoors. Simply a suggestion of course.
Frozen Summer Fun seemed a bit of a stretch also but i must admit it was successful and gave many opportunities for people to see the characters. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is my favorite park and i didn’t like the idea of this movie taking over the entire park. Especially when it din’t necessarily fit in with the theme of it. Hollywood studios was dedicated as , “….to hollywood. not a place on a map, but a state of mind that exists wherever people dream and wonder and imagine……a hollywood that never was and always will be.” I assume it did help Hollywood Studios attendance immensely though.

Another instance was my first visit to Disneyland this past November. I had absolutely no complaints minus two. It was everything i pictured it would be and more. I had heard so much about World of Color and was very excited to see it in person. I refused to listen to the music until i heard and saw it in person. I wanted my first experience to be authentic as possible. Unfortunately i was very disapointted to see a colorful water ballet with back to back frozen songs, with an occasional holiday song thrown in, and featuring Olaf. I walked out in the middle of the show. My friends who stayed told me the crowd actually groaned out loud and booed when the song “Let it go” played. One of my most favorite experiences from my Disneyland trip was “Mad T party.” I had the most marvelous time there! The following week i discovered my first Mad T party experience would be my last since it fell victim to Frozen as well. I was told it would return in May 2015 but somehow i doubt it considering any frozen event continues to get extended further.

Next, I find the Castle lighting show and its extension ridiculous. Although Frozen is clearly ssociated with snow and ice, two things to do with winter, it is NOT a christmas movie. This event , along with the other frozen themed events, you can tell were not well thought out and rushed. There is no quality or creativity in any of these ideas. Sorry to say but it seems as if the company is just slapping the movie anywhere they can fit it. It’s amazing that they haven’t tried to find someway to put it into animal kingdom yet. The Castle Lighting could have been done so much differently. Just an idea off the top of my head but the charmings could have thrown a christmas party. Everyone was invited, the princesses, princes and the fab five. Elsa’s gift to Cinderella could have been lighting her castle for her. It’s simple and everyone would be able to see characters they didn’t get to see throughout the day. Also you could see some of the princesses together which hasn’t been done since Merida’s Coronation event. Not everyone wants to see the Frozen characters.

My last example as far as the parks is Disney parks christmas parade. Or should i say the “Frozen Christmas Celebration.” Need i say more about my issue with this. The renaming of the show alone proves my point of how bad the marketing and the hype is. It just seems like disney slapped frozen in the title and just assumed more people would view it. I watch this parade with my sister every year. we, along with many others, were extremely disapointted with what we saw. We barely saw the parade. I saw more of the actual parade in photos from friends who were a part of the taping than on the actual finished product. I see frozen everyday. I did not want to see families and performers singing frozen songs during a christmas parade show. If i wanted to see that i would have simply go onto Youtube.com. I cannot express enough how disapointted i was with that.

My next issue is with the merchandise. I will say during my last Walt Disney World visit i was not impressed by the amount of stores in the park dedicated strictly to Frozen. Meanwhile I can only find 1 piece of merchandise for Tiana and that’s just a doll. I won’t bother looking for Mulan or Pocahontas because that’s pretty much nonexistent to find at the parks. I find it unecessary to have 2-4 Frozen Merchandise shops in each Theme park. I personally walked into two at Hollywood Studios and three in Magic Kingdom.

I can’t help but feel the company may be cheating the fans out of quality merchandise. I have seen, of course i can’t help but see it, tons of frozen merchandise, but sad to say it is cheaply made and not anything people really want. yes everyone is clamoring for anna and elsa dolls, dresses, tiaras, pins and olaf plushes. But i’ve seen WAY too many cheaply made olaf plushes. One instance in particular i saw a small olaf plush that was clearly not well made and had the audacity to be $6.79!
I think that you should look more into what the public actually wants as for as far as merchadise for the movie. I know on tumblr people have been dying to have merchandise for prince Hans. Instead you give them collectors edition Frozen cereal. Rather than giving them what they desire you give them Frozen maracas. This leaves the impression that you 1)do not care what they want and 2) just assume that you can slap Frozen onto anything and that will sell. Quite frankly i see that as insulting the public’s intelligence. If you insist on producing so much Frozen merchandise, can it at least be good quality and something the public desires. And perhaps not so much of it. I am seeing everywhere stores trying to get rid of all their Frozen merchandise with buy 1, get 1 sales because they have too much of it that isn’t selling. Meanwhile i go to Disneyland looking for a Baymax plush and have to be told you are sold out everywhere and on your online store until later in the winter season.That’s unacceptable.

Big Hero 6 is your most recent moneymaker yet you did not treat it the same as Frozen. Frozen continues to gain more and more unecessary experiences and merchandise in the parks after over a year of being out. Big Hero 6 has been out for two months and you barely have any merchandise for it. I can’t find it anywhere in stores. Many Disney store cast members have told me the Big Hero 6 merchandise is tucked away in a corner of a store and not visible to the public while frozen merchandise is front and center in your stores. Big Hero 6 is your current seller. Why is it not at the front of your stores? Why is your year old success in the place where your current should be? Also the sudden removal of Hiro and Baymax from Disneyland and soon Walt Disney World have people on Tumblr outraged. People are really upset by this because they have not been meet and greet characters for long at all. I have a friend who was very saddened to hear that she would not be able to meet them this week during her visit to Disneyland. She, and along with others, were very excited to meet them at Disneyland as parts of their trips. We are all confused as to why this is being done and why the company is treating the movie this way. The movie is very popular and we love it. It seems like no other movie really matters except Frozen.

Speaking of which my final point as far as the merchandise is the princesses. I will use them as an example. I am sure you are aware you have a diverse audience in age and in race. I find it unfair the treatment of merchandising in regards to each individual princess. I recently looked into the amount of merchandise each Disney Princess has alone to prove my point. As of 12/27/14 each princess had the following :
Ariel: 74 items
Aurora: 72 items
Belle: 58 items
Cinderella : 74 items
Jasmine : 11 items (merchandise with just her alone and not with aladdin)
Merida: 18 items
Mulan: 6 items
Pocahontas: 8 items
Rapunzel: 59 items
Snow white: 73 items
Tiana: 15 items

What i have noticed is the lack of merchandise for the non-white princesses compared to white princesses. I have had friends who have been desperately looking for merchandise for Mulan, Pocahontas and Tiana and can only find the dolls, if they can even find that. It is very blatant through merchandise alone how the treatment of the non- white princesses are and it’s upsetting.

I didn’t even bring up the amount of Frozen merchandise it is because i have noticed they are not included with the other princesses at all so i assumed you have intentionally kept it that way since Frozen alone makes enough money. But of course when i checked your online store there was about 113 items for the movie. Only 63 items for Big Hero 6.
I speak for people between the ages of 15-25 who wants these things. I have heard many times people say “disney makes movies for kids not for adults!” Walt himself has said , “ I do not make films primarily for children, i make them for the child in all of us, whether we be six, or sixty.”

I genuinely feel that Walt Disney was all about progression and moving forward. I do not see the company doing this. I see a company so set on making money off of this one movie that they are failing to move forward and progress. I am sure everyone is grateful and appreciative of all the Frozen events and Merchandise you have given us. But it may be time to just let go of the reins of the Frozen train for a bit and put a little more effort into your other movies.

Trust me no one is letting go of Frozen (if you will excuse the pun) so it will not hurt to divert your attention a bit. The people would like more of Big Hero 6 and more of their non -white princesses to be seen and noticed. I have seen so many people beginning to lose faith in the company because of these moves done with Frozen and it breaks me heart. I love this company so much and i just want to see it succeed. I aspire to work for this company again one day.

I hope by expressing my views and the opinions of a few that it may help sway you into changing a few things.

note: i am pretty sure there are grammar and spelling errors but i will fix those later.

This is for those who asked for me to post my letter when it was done. you don’t have to agree with ANYTHING in this letter since these are strictly from my point of view.

anonymous asked:

I know it was a long shot but I'm sad today that Tom didn't get an Oscar nod for ISTL. His performance was tremendous. Not his fault the film itself wasn't as well received as one might hope. Do you think he's secretly sad or disappointed? He put his heart and soul into that role! For what it's worth, I thought he was much better than some actors currently nominated.

Hi, Little Gray Face!

It is sad.  It is sad because it illustrates so perfectly that these types of awards are all about politics and bias.  It’s a game.  

Yes, he is tremendous in it.  I put his transformation into Hank right up there with any of the greatest ever captured on film.  Period.  

Yes, he did put his heart and soul into it.  As far as whether or not he is sad/disappointed about not being nominated…

Obviously, I love the film.  A lot.  Keeping that in mind, I do think that this particular role got into his bones in a way that none other has and the massively scathing reviews must have been extremely painful.  I can’t list all of them here, but there have been specific comments he’s made that prompt me to make that claim.  The one that really stands out to me is the interview he did for Business Insider

BI: That said, are you disappointed in how “I Saw the Light” was received? It was hyped as an Oscar-caliber performance for you, and the movie turned out to be the worst-reviewed of your career.

Hiddleston: The difference between me and you and whoever watches that film is that film took me six months to make. I took six months of my life and I thought about nothing else every day for six months, and for anyone in the audience, it’s two hours of screen time. As Mike Nichols used to say, “You can make the best film in the entire world and people will still say afterward, ‘Is there anywhere that’s open for a drink?’” It’s part of the rhythm of their day. So of course I put so much into it and it would be lovely to think more people have seen it than I believe they have. The people I’ve spoken to about the movie have at least caught the passion for which it was made and then of course there are other people who I don’t know personally who have found fault or flaws in it, but I can’t be the judge. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As an actor, you just have to put your best foot forward every time. Do you know what I mean?

[The interview ends, and as Hiddleston walks to the door of his hotel room, he brings up the reaction to “I Saw the Light” again.]

Hiddleston: You know, it’s a funny thing, I’ve been hearing that people are positive toward how I did in “The Night Manager,” and I didn’t do more or less with that than for “I Saw the Light.” As an actor, you can never tell. It’s really anyone’s guess how people will react.

Gosh, just reading that again makes my heart hurt.  I can’t imagine what it must be like for him.  He was terrific as Jonathan Pine.  He just won the Golden Globe.  Well deserved.  The fact that he isn’t nominated for Hank?  Ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if you think ISTL is the worst thing ever made.  His performance is stunning.  It is an absolute tranformation. It is beyond what many popular actors could ever reach.  Many of them simply play the same character over and over, a character that doesn’t require any kind of signif -.  


I’m going to interrupt myself here.  I’m getting worked up so I’m going to end this. 

Hugs, Little Gray Face.  I’m going to play Jambalaya and make myself feel better.  ♥