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Headcannons for supernatural au, if you want <3 (vampire lance, werewolf Keith, werewolf shiro, pidge is a tree spirit probably... Idk what hunk would be haha)

okok ok so im watching an art stream and eating so im sorry if this is all over that place xD

Vampire Lance

  • oh god where to begin
  • so lance is still a flirt, but a successful flirt
  • he has centuries to perfect his craft of flirting
  • he only takes as much blood as he needs from people, cuz hes nice like that
  • i mean whats the point of killing your food? limited resources
  • lance is also like ancient, he comes all the way from medieval times
  • so like surviving the witch trials was an experience to say teh least
  • but knowing lance, hes all about having fun so he never really acts like the centuries old being that he is

Werewolf Keith

  • ok so this might be a bit angsty
  • but like
  • keith was forcibly turned into a werewolf
  • and then he was abandoned the person who turned him, so he was left to basically left alone to deal with these changes and try not to kill people
  • keith really has no idea whats going on
  • he really just wants to sleep ok?

Werewolf Shiro

  • shiro is the one who finds keith during one of the full moons
  • was able to get him to come out of the blood lust and not attack any people
  • from then on shiro and keith were a pack, shiro the leader. 
  • they basically keep each other out of trouble
  • shiro never lost his arm btw, but he has this super cool tattoo that a full arm thing
    • its basically inuit wolf markings, telling a story about a specific wolf that warned hunters if there was danger every full moon
    • ps, thats shiro
  • shiro likes the cold, so he hung out in the arctic a lot but he traveled to the warmer places as he got older
    • those old bones hate the cold and he hates being old
    • he doesnt look old, but hes been around for awhile

Fae Pidge

  • idk why but i was feeling this more than a tree spirit, sorry!!
  • but pidge is basically a faery and she basically has the same powers as the Olkari
  • fae can be kinda finnicky about who they hang out with, but for some reason, pidge enjoys a vampires and a half giants company
  • she really enjoys trying to learn about other supernatural species and their tendencies
  • it also helps that Lance hunk and pidge basically always look out for each other while theyre mixing with regular humans, or in places where they shouldnt be
  • essentially the garrison trio

Half-Giant Hunk

  • hunk is my baby and i love him ok
  • hunk is essentially the big friendly giant
  • he and lance are pretty much bffs from day one
  • (hunk totally saved lance from hitting on the wrong person and getting seriously hurt)
  • for as big as hunk is, hes super gentle, he really loves kittens ok? 
    • he really likes the calicos
  • pidge likes to ride around on his shoulders, just to feel tall (the guys its 7′10′’ and huge, pidge literally takes up one shoulder)

OK some plot to this because im getting carried away and i have no life at 12.30 am apparently xD

  • eventually these fice all run into each other
  • lance hits on keith, knowing full well hes a werwolf
  • lance likes to mess with people sometimes and keith just happens to blush really easily and get flustered
  • keith and lance bicker, while pidge and hunk talk with shiro
  • find out that the two of them are on the run from whoever turned keith
  • apparently the wolf that had turned him had been waiting for him to go through his first blood lust to prove that he was worthy of joining his pack
    • idk something really twisted like that
  • he hadnt planned on shiro being there and helping keith get through it
  • lance hunk and pidge agree to give them a place to stay while everything blows over
  • toss in som klance pining and we suddenly have a forest
  • which sucks because werewolves and vampires were never meant to be compatible, but somehow they make it work
    • prolly comes from keith being human for most of his life before being turned
    • kinda more human than wolf at this point, works in lances favor most of the time
  • and yada yada yada, they eventually get found, theres a big fight, keith gets hurt, lance freaks out aaaaannnnd imma leave it there and leave the rest of it for you to decide~ ;3c

thanks for the hc ask hun!!

Times my 15-year-old self was actually Marinette

These are extracts from my actual blog from when I was fifteen. I rediscovered it recently and was laughing so hard because I’m basically Marinette (hilariously my crush’s name started with an A as well, I have changed it to Ash (Pokémon reference obvs) for privacy reasons!). It’s quite long so it’s below the cut, but hopefully people will find it as amusing as I did!

…I may regret this.

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Leaky Photos (drip)

“I’m (NOT) fixing a hole where the rain REYLO gets in
And stops my mind from wandering
Where it will go

And it really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong
I’m right
Where I belong I’m right
Where I belong”
- The Beatles

AHHHHHHHHH…….CAPE. It’s like patch-work?? Is it made up of dozens of old Vader capes?? Oh, Ren, that’s so sweet, you’ve been sewing, again! And going through grandpa’s stuff.

I guess I should have got more upset about this the other day:

But with the helmet on, IMO, the cape just looks natural on Kylo Ren. I mean I did see this in the tabloids at Captain McHusbandMan’s office….they said Ren maxed out his First Order credit card on his new look, but its just a rumor.

Henceforth known as Pouty Ren. No, seriously. The *sad* puppy face is back in FULL FORCE.

I’m sure he just needs a walk. Maybe a red frisbee. He’ll be much happier in his new home once Rey chooses him from the First Order puppy adopt-a-thon.

Yeah, Rey, I agree, we’re really reaching with the puppy adoption. I know Snoke has a microchip under Ren’s skin in case he gets lost…so that’d just be a big puppy ownership battle. See it alot on Judge Judy.

And, that’s ok, Snoke. We all got old school photos we’re NOT proud of. But people keep tagging us on Facebook…argh. I traced my medical degree off Captain McHusbandMan’s, but I think Snoke has had some serious trach work in the past. He also cancelled all his derm appointments. Not smart.

In her off time, Phasma loves spear fishing. Best.hobby.ever.

I’m thinking chess pieces. Snoke’s pawns.

Finn, honey, I know you love Poe’s jacket, but it really needs to be dry cleaned.

Lukey Pooh just wants a hug. No Jedi. Just hugs.

And, apparently, he really, really missed Yoda’s snakes, so he whittled up a snake cane. He probably threatened poor Ben with it as a kid. That, or he’s Moses now.

So…apparently I hit 520+ followers and I don’t know how because I’m trash and I really can’t believe I have so many people following me like I’m amazed! Thank you guys so much! In honor of this, I would like to point out some of my amazing mutuals and to tell you guys how much I love you all!!

This is also in a completely random order just fyi

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I know that I have more mutuals than what I listed but I wanted to give you guys a special shout-out because, well, you guys are amazing! Whether you’ve been following me for a year or a week, I treasure each and every one of you and I want to thank you all for being such amazing people! Stay awesome my loves!!!

In all honestly I would LOVE to have the SU Sketchbook, just to know how much they changed.

It amazes me as a cartoon fan the amount of changes a few people can do in such an apparent short amount of time, some for the best and others no so much, I think it’s like.. a personal connection. 

I feel NUDE when people look at the concept art or old designs of my OCs, it’s a weird feeling to explain, I guess is some sort of artist and art connection that I find really special.

I really don’t know how to explain it, is a strong weird sort of personal connection for me, so I feel incredibly flattered and important when people share them with me. 

Fic Rec #1

Fic Rec #2

Fic Rec #3

Stow Away Captains by xairylle (2k) Rated M complete Law/Luffy

Yes. So fun, the initial second-hand embarrassment (on behalf of our darling Law) almost scared me off cause I’m squeamish like that don’t judge, but I was just so intrigued let me tell you, I was making these funny faces, y'know, the ones where you’re reading something you probably shouldn’t be and there are those cursed others around (I get these horrible faces when I’m drawing and writing too ha) why must the world be populated so? Go read go.

them’s the breaks by coffindoors (1k) Rated M complete Law/Luffy

That summary though. I think Luffy is one of the hardest characters to portray, and can I say, oddly enough, even though the author admits an abundance of ooc-ness, I actually had no problems going along with this like it was great. Very smexy, extremely smexy. All hail the smexy.

Corrupt Confessions by grayclouds (2k) Rated M complete Law/Luffy

Can you guess? Demon Luffy and priestly Law, let the battle begin. Mortal Combat voiceover dude: K.O. Brief but sinful, just how I like my coffee.

Soul Searching by grayclouds (1k) Rated G complete Law/Luffy

You like this random little dollop of rated G between the sandwich of Lawlu porn? That’s my mentality when reading, all over the fucking place. So, kinda angsty (also, just noticed that a tag implies an open ending interpretation for this one, which is interesting since my mind immediately took to the depressing ending without ever knowing the other was an option so yeah, today I learned a little about myself).

Youthful Years by grayclouds (6k) Rated M complete Law/Luffy

HOGWARTS. That’ll get me to read anything. It could be Miss Bagel meets Mr. Donut but oh no they’re in different houses and I’d still read it. This one was a while ago for me so I can’t remember it well, but I remember this one scene that convinced me to rec it cause I thought it was perfect and great and wait yes it’s all coming back to me it was good.

The Snake by Guk (12k) Rated M complete Kid/Law

So there’s this snake, and it pretty much has an existential crisis and turns into jewelry- or not (heehaw). But seriously, Kid and Law bond over this cute little slip of green that hides under Law’s clothes and everything is just great. Read this one twice. You should too.

Forbidden Fruits by Reiki (135k holy shit I didn’t know) Rated T complete Kid/Law, Marco/Ace

So. I think I read this on ff.net, I could be wrong, but I think I did (and honestly I hate trudging through the slush there, not insulting anyone, just that there’s so much on ff.net that it takes forever to find one you’re genuinely interested in). HOWEVER, I liked this one so much that I had to rec it here and so I looked to see if it was on AO3 (my preferred choice of poison) and wala, it is. At first I was like eh. Then I was like ah. Then I was like OH. The development in this, the mental and emotional progress, astounding. It says T but I remember it getting pretty damn near M? If you want something long and chaptered and complete, here ya go. It’s a beaut.

How Many Times Will These Boys Fall in Love (spoiler: everytime) by Guk (28k) Rated M incomplete Kid/Law

Maybe you can guess by the title, maybe you can’t, but it’s one of those Tumblr prompt things with 16 chapters and going, so if you’re out on a long ride and want to just binge Kidlaw then here you go. They’re pretty diverse in theme with side-action from sub-bosses like Doffy and Killer. My favorites are: My Boyfriend’s a Pirate, Bring Law Next Time (with some Doffy action). Surprise You’re Married, and Law Has a Scheme (some Killer action woohoo).

Bloodred by Enziroth (5k) Rated M incomplete Kid/Law

This author just suddenly spits out a bunch of stories and I’m intrigued. This one caught my little eye with the sassy summary. Law’s a bloodsucker that only likes redheads. Kid’s a redhead (who also hunts darling creatures like Law so, y'know, interest piqued). Not usually into the whole vampire thing, so that certainly says something don’t it.

Black and White by Enziroth (4k) Rated M incomplete Kid/Law

So y'know how I was saying this author just kinda like appeared on my radar out of nowhere like a Pokemon pops out of the shrubbery? (a wild Enziroth appears, has a ring to it) Well, this is one of those fics. I got me a weakness for anything resembling a prison au, there just ain’t enough of them. Do be warned, non-consensual content (I mean, it’s prison so).

Unintended Consequence by itsmylifekay (7k) Rated T complete Zoro/Sanji

Ventured into the T section by mistake, don’t regret it one bit. Sanji gets Zoro a little friendship bracelet out of misplaced spite, and our darling swordsman actually wears it. The cutest thing, truly.

Shredded Letters and Telltale Expressions by tuna (fancy2na) (13k) Rated M incomplete Zoro/Sanji

Really curious where this is headed. We got two unlikely compadres (namely Nami and Zoro) bonding over the pains of loving someone who might never love them back. I love supporting characters that actually support the characters in a literal sense, if you know what I mean. Definitely on the look-out for further development. Also, apparently Nami can outdrink Zoro, who knew.

Not Just About You by sabershadowcat (6k) Rated M complete Zoro/Sanji

I really don’t want to mention the fact that it’s in 2nd person POV, cause I know that’s immediately gonna turn some people off, hell, I don’t even read 2nd POV, I don’t even know why I did, but I’m glad I did because I have this nasty habit of silently appreciating and stalking stories without ever showing my appreciation, and I actually commented on this one, that’s how stunned I was by this.

Blurry Face by barahands (6k) Rated M complete Marco/Ace

Marco and Ace. Ace and Marco. Haa. I had a hard time for a while reading anything about our freckled beauty because I mean, you-know-why. But this author be so smexy with their writing that I actually found the next rec by association. Pretty hot, give it a whirl.

Trust by barahands (5k) Rated M complete Marco/Ace

Sex done right like give me a fan and a cushion so I can faint Victorian style oohlala. There’s one line in here that killed me like yes please. I’m shameful I’ve read this twice now. Maybe I’ll go read it again, you can’t judge me. I mean, you can tell by most of these recs that I like my mature dose of naked butts right? So trust me on this, trust me on everything. Just don’t trust your life with me cause I don’t know what to do with those things.

I’ll Be Your Man by neverlandlumos (2k) Rated M complete Basil/Kid

Not a common ship. To be honest, not sure how I wound up here. Like I faintly recall thinking Basil’s hair would look good pinned up and then I read some porn? Not sure, but holy hell did this one take me for a ride. Sub Eustass done right like I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it done so right.

NOTE: I’ve got my own smattering of fics I’ve been working on, just click on the link on my smancy blog.

Also if you’ve got a rec send me a message I’m always in the mood for some good shit, like, even if it’s a totally under-the-boat pairing (kinda wondering about DrakexBasil lately no reason just)

anonymous asked: Hey! So I’m new to Tumblr, so I don’t really know how it works, but I wanted to ask you if you don’t mind, could you write some fluffy headcanons about P5? (It can be with s/o or not) ☆

so apparently these were f5 and I’m redoing it now lmao


  • he is a memer, once he found out about them his entire cameraroll is memes, Agni is concerned
  • got a vine and features all his bandmembers, even people who don’t know the band love his vines, his accent and looks are just too cute, and his friends are the sweetest thing in existence
  • loves cuddles and uses them with puppy eyes to get what he wants and it’s always effective
  • sits on other people, even Joanne, who seems suffocated, but somewhat happy
  • talks a whole lot once he gets going and doesn’t slow down, other people are exhausted
  • *soma goes out for five minutes*: “okay enough outside for the next three weeks”


  • he loves the outside and everyone else should too, in his opinion, he drags his bandmates out and has fun with them
  • except for the bugs in summer, those can fuck off forever, he doesn’t need them
  • deathly afraid of spiders, so if he has a s/o, they have to kill them or just get them out of his sight
  • has the perfect soldier 76 imitation voice and he startles the others with that voice, coming out of nowhere and vanishing again
  • very quiet movements, having a little sister who sleeps pretty lightly taught him to be quiet, and he likes scaring others
  • if he had a vine, he would use it to only scare the others and randomly shout “Do it for the vine”


  • probably the most relaxed one out of the group, he sees stressing as not very helpful
  • does not have a problem with killing the insects, so if his s/o is scared, he’ll play the hero and demand a kiss as payment #smoothclayton
  • does not like music when it’s too loud and has the talent of blending out the music
  • and blending out other people, it’s so easy for him and everyone ese is not sure if he still knows they’re there
  • if he had vine, he would be #done with everyone elses shit and film them being stupid


  • seems a mess of a human being, is actually quite organized and knows what he has to do and when he has to do it
  • his plans may seem eccentric to others but they make a lot of sense to those who listen to him
  • actually good at wríting poetry and sometimes hits out really thoughtful stuff in the early morning hours and everyone tells him to go to sleep
  • actually plans out how a social event should go and is correct 80% of the time, does he see the future?
  • when he has a s/o, he gets so stupidly affectionate, they have to pry him off him
  • if he had vine, it would be aggressive screaming or delicate piano music, no in between


  • he’s seems so smol and #needtoprotect, but he’s not having anyones shit, at all, he’s going to fight
  • then again, he doesn’t know how to fight, so that’s always fun, watching him look ready to kill a bitch, but he can kill others with words, it’s so unfair
  • his heart is in the books and if someone dares offend his favorite book, he will legit kill them
  • knows how to hide a body the best out of his bandmates, he’s read enough and is ready to help
  • probably the best friend/ boyfriend choice you could make, he’s loyal and helpful and likes complimenting others
  • if he had a vine, it would be the others doing weird things at night with the caption “why am I friends with them?”

anonymous asked:

um i just wanna say that i loved the wedding scene between rhaegar and lyanna so much that i teared up a little but i HATE that it was paralleled with THAT. like they are forcing this awful ship so hard that they had to take this absolutely sweet and lovely reveal and jam this completely unnecessary scene to show???? similarities? fire and ice uniting? but jon IS fire and ice already? maybe double romance = double feels? idk I'm a film student. this is my thing and I'm just????? so confused??

Well i felt like i was watching Viserys getting married and did they recast the girl who played Lyanna last season???? Like i didn’t recognize her at first and idk it pissed me off…

I think they made that parallel for the shock value?? like “oh shit he’s banging his aunt”. I know some people really believe they’re truly in love but apparently we’re not watching the same show so lol

One thing we know for sure…this ship is doomed. The Rhaegar/Lyanna parrallel made that clear. And I think that’s why we saw Tyrion? Like please he’s not jealous or anything. He’s worried because he knows it’s gonna end badly.

I know I’m not even in this fandom on Tumblr but it is just because I know Tumblr wayyyyy later than knowing and loving the series.

Some stuffs that I found bases on Japanese Tweets about IE Ares in Level5 Fan Night. I just think it may be interesting (after I screamed too much with a certain one)

- There is a chance that people like Hiroto and Midorikawa appear in the series, same personalities but with different lives.

- Hino jokes about Tenma dying in this time line (IS THAT REALLY A JOKE THOUGH)

- Haizaki’s team’s sponsor is a pharmaceutical company. Apparently the sponsor system is an important plot point (?).

- The coach of Haizaki’s team is KUDOU!!

- Yuuma’s eyes dont have that white light thing is intentional and it may relevant to the plot.

- Hino freaking want Danball Senki series to die. ( okay this last sentence is not relevant to IE BUTTTT)

- Some fact: the character designer for this series is a new guy, thus why we feel the design changes a lot.

That’s all I can remember, it is interesting though. I do have a theory for Atsuya being alive in this timeline though, but somehow it feels so ridiculous.

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Do you ever get heat for liking wrestlers? Like some guys I know call me shallow for drooling over guys like Finn Balor and Jeff Hardy because the only reason I like them apparently is because they're hott

Not often, thank goodness. I think that some are really just surprised that I’m into it at all. (I also love boxing and MMA.) But it burns me up seeing other people catch hell for liking wrestling or other physical sports. As if girls can’t appreciate the skill or the work that athletes put into making it awesome? It’s ridiculous.

anonymous asked:

You're the definition of the opposite of a regular tumblr user when it comes to ethics, BE FUCKING PROUD OF IT!¡ everyone on this damn website is so harsh and judgmental about every flipping thing. Be it white wlw couples, possibly underrated shows with pocs, taylor girl or whatever you wanna add. You're way too nice to the idiots who have the guts to rant in you inbox. They can genuinely go fuck off. I've been following you for some weeks, keep being like this and I'll end up falling in love.

I mean….I’m just out here living my life, doing my thing, and trying to be nice to everyone. Apparently it is wrong to like things and see the good in people? Idk, whatever, people can rant all they want but this isn’t the real world and they don’t know me so i don’t really care what they think of me.

jackaboy-trash  asked:

Hi Sammy !! I know you said not to worry too much, but I can't help it. Are you okay? Did the hurricane affect you too badly? The hurricane was apparently a lot worse than people were expecting. I heard in some places it was absolutely terrible and I want to make sure you and your family are okay. And hopefully you didn't lose anything, or at least not much, through water and wind damage. Stay safe sweetums, I love you 💖💖

Hey fatima *hugs really warmly* it’s okay ^-^ we’re all still safe, just hanging out and watching anime while it rains outside. Our house didn’t get hit too bad I don’t think.
Here’s what I’ve heard so far, though I’m not completely sure about some of it:
1. Most of the windows in the bottom floor broke and a lot of rain has been getting in
2. The glass back doors got completely broken
3. It could take a few weeks for our house to have power again
4. The hurricane actually went through our house o.o or at least I think that’s what my mom said
And that’s all I really know right now (^-^)/ we’re all safe and we have a place to stay for now so I think we’re okay *cheek smoochie* thanks for checking up on me friend ^-^ I love you lots and lots too

Holy shit do I wish Astruc would stop tweeting about how Adrien is perfect. I know he’s joking but there sure are a ton of people who actually take this to heart. 

Also I’m just really salty that he keeps insisting this and people keep running with it but no one sweetly jokes how Marinette is perfect. I guess making some mistakes every now in then is enough to exempt her from being the fandom’s sunshine child, unlike Adrien who apparently is the sweetest kid who does nothing wrong (even though he does, omg Astruc stop joking about this)

iHeartRadio Recap

So I tried to type this out as quickly as possible while also trying to answer all my anonymous ask I have in my inbox. So I apologize ahead of time if things are jumbled or confusing or if my spelling/grammar is a wreck.

First let me say this; I know no matter what I say in this post, no Tayvin will believe me. It is what it is. But I can promise you that I did my absolute best to make sure the details are all correct. I will not lie to make our ship more convincing. I’m not making anything up, just recounting the events as they took place. I know this thing was televised so you already know what happened. I’ll focus more on what happened off camera.

I will also throw this disclaimer in there:


Like seriously, every clap and camera pan is rehearsed during the commercials. They yell at you before they come back and tell you to applause, when you can and can’t stand, etc. It’s very interesting to witness. Also, the celebrities literally DO NOT GIVE A SHIT. They all talk during the performances and half of them have no idea what is going on. Including the nominees. It was definitely interesting to watch.

So, I arrive and it turns out I’m sitting next to some huge Selena and Taylor fans. However, they also think Cowlick is a douche bag which was glorious. I was also in direct view of Taylor’s table and with my binoculars I could see every single facial expression.  Which is exactly what I did. Whenever there was a performance or they won an award, I watched their interactions instead of the stage. I missed some performances, but I saw the most important one (the stunt) so it was worth it.

·         Taylor walked in one minute before the awards started. She rushed in holding Calvin’s hand and the crowd went wild. When I saw ‘crowd’ I mean the fans that were standing in between the heart stage and the tables set up for the celebrities. Turns out Calvin showed up about 20 minutes before she did, which I found interesting.

·         If People Mag was correct, Calvin was actually in her seat and she was in his. From left to right it was Tree, Calvin, Taylor, Sereah (spelling??), and then Selena.

·         Jason derulo started the show and music was playing. He was dancing, went to dance next to Taylor’s table, and Calvin cracked a half smile. The bordum begins.

·         Also let me just throw in this tidbit. You guys see a bunch of meme’s of Taylor dancing at award shows. This. IS. Real. She literally dances to almost every song like she will never dance again. And Calvin just sits there. Looking bored of course.

·         Best Female artist was one of the first awards. Actually it might have been THE first. She won, gave him a hug (which he didn’t even stand up for) and gave her speech. He looked bored.

·         Tree suddenly disappeared from the table and was replaced by Kelly Osborn

·         Calvin alternated between talking to Kelly and being on his phone the entire time and Taylor talked to her friend Searyeah (someone tell me how to fucking spell her name!!!!).

·         Megan Trainor performed and Calvin didn’t look up from his phone once. He didn’t even clap when it ended actually. Still looking at phone.

·         Selena won and Taylor looked hella happy for her. Calvin didn’t hug her when she won. He texted during her speech.

·         Finally we get Tayvin action. Taylor loops her arms through his (his hands are clasped together with his elbows on the table (if that makes sense). There was a performance going on when this happened.

·         Commercial after performance and she dropped his arm immediately lmao

·         Calvin wins best dance whatever. He wasn’t paying attention at all because they announced his name as a nominee and taylor clapped but he didn’t even notice. When he won someone pointed at him and he said “me?” and then the camera panned to him. Cringe worthy hug again.

·         Taylor gives her faux heart eyes for the crowd. Trust me, they were faux. She knew the camera would pan to her. The whole crowd went ‘awe’ and I said ewe and everyone laughed. He didn’t thank her, but he has no problem thanking diplo which literally makes no sense because how did diplo contribute to his award? Who fucking knows.

·         Taylor disappears and Calvin is at the table with her friends. No interaction, he is on his phone.

·         Selena says a couple words to him, but still he’s looking bored and on his phone.

·         They are getting Justin Timberlake ready to present Taylor her tour award. This is when shit gets weird. They start playing New Romantics and the crowd thinks she’s either going to perform or the video will drop. Obvi that doesn’t happen lol. They were hyping the crowd up and kept alluding to something “big” happening, but nothing big happened.

·         Taylor gets her tour award. I didn’t watch her acceptance speech at all because I watched him the entire time. He wasn’t paying attention. No seriously, you guys only saw the half of it when the camera panned to his face. He literally wasn’t paying attention during her speech. And when they camera panned to him and still looked bored, gave his smirk, then went right back to being bored af when the camera panned away. I DID hear her stutter though and the couple next to me said “why did she stutter so much at the last part? Weird” and I was dying laughing inside. Also, when she said “adam” the ENTIRE crowd was like “who tf is adam?” not joking. It wasn’t just the internet that was confused lol.

·         When the show went to commercial Taylor walked off stage and tapped selena’s shoulder as she walked by back to her seat. Selena turned, grabbed her phone, and then taylor hugged douche lord from behind with one arm. Selena took a picture and then Taylor pulled away. It seemed very rehearsed. Selena just snapped a photo and went back to her conversation with the girl next to her. And Calvin, once again, looked bored.

·         They didn’t talk and were both on their phones. Taylor seemed reallllyyy into her’s and I thought for a minute she MUST be liking dumb shit on tumblr.

·         No talking lasted for several minutes until Taylor got up and disappeared. People were telling me she was liking things on tumblr when this disappearance happened. He looked bored at the table and didn’t talk to anyone, again.

·         Taylor came back and started playing with the led lights on the table (they were there for the previous performance. Staff handed them out). This is the point where I realized she very well may be drunk I had seen the waitress come to her table about 12 different occasions at this point. I started to pay more attention once I realized this.

·         I was watching her still play with the led lights and said to the couple next to me “taylor looks drunk. She keeps playing with those lights” and they said “We know! We were just saying that”

·         Not 30 seconds later Taylor wins most meme’able moment and gets caught with the damn led lights. Smh. You could tell when the camera panned to her she had no idea what she won. When the cameras panned away she kept asking everyone at the table what she won. She STILL didn’t know lol. Calvin was on his phone and didn’t even look at her when she asked him.

·         Taylor slams another drink. At this point I’m positive she is drunk. She is literally tipping the cup upside down trying to get every last drop.

·         Commercial break. Announcer says Zayn is about to go on and that’s when someone behind me yells “where’s Gigi?!” and someone yells back “probably with her girlfriend” it was fucking iconic lol.

·         Album of the year award is about to be announced. You can tell she knows she is going to win because she isn’t paying attention for the nominee stuff and calvin looks bored.

·         She wins. Awkward hug. Calvin is on his phone during her acceptance speech LOL.

·         During her speech she says “this may be my last award show for a really long time” and some fan stood up behind me and said “WHAT!” Literally the whole crowd freaked out when they heard that.

·         Iggy starts her performance and Tree runs out and grabs Taylor, Voldermort, and Seryeah. They leave.


Okay that was a long and probably unneccesary recap but I have a few more things to say.

First, Tree kept checking up on Calvin and Taylor multiple times throughout the night. In the 3 hour show, I saw her at their table on 6-7 different commercial breaks. I thought it was very strange and I just needed to throw that in there. She would come around for about 45 seconds each time, ask how Calvin and Taylor were doing, and then would disappear again. Weird. At one point she even stood behind their table with her hands clasped behind her back just chaperoning. It was very strange.

Secondly, the seating is very weird. I noticed how initially Tree was by Calvin, then it was Kelly, then it was some other random girl. So I asked the security guard in my section (she fucking loved me by the way) what was up with that. Apparently they have people who fill seats to make the tables always look full. I did NOT know this. They have people on standby that are dressed really well and sit in the empty seats to give the illusion that there’s a full house. I’m not making this shit up. After security told me that I googled it and its true. Like I said, this whole thing is made for tv.

While I was sitting there I tried INCREDIBLY hard to not be biased. The whole point of me going was to see the thing for my own two eyes to maybe understand it better. So I told myself tonight I’m not a kaylor fan, tonight I’m just a fan. That being said, I have never been more convinced in my life that this entire thing is a farce. Calvin looked like he wanted to scratch his eyes out the entire time. At first I thought that was just his personality. I thought maybe he just hates award shows and that’s his demeanor towards everyone. Guys, its not. He looked like he was having the best time ever when he was talking to Kelly Osborn. Some of his friends came up and talked to him during commercials and he couldn’t stop smiling his bright white dentures. It was only towards Taylor and the farce. I made no mention of why I was there to the couple next to me and they even commented on it. He seemed cold and just SO done. I dislike him with a fiery passion, but for a second there I almost felt bad for the guy. And it made Taylor look stupid. She looked like that 2013 version of herself and I couldn’t stop shaking my head.

I tried to think about their relationship as if it were real. I put myself in that frame of mind and then looked at them. Then I cringed even more. Because if this relationship is real then he is going to shatter her heart into a million damn pieces. I have never seen someone look so disinterested in “the love of their life” until I saw the way he looked at her. No heart eyes. No sense of pride that his girl was winning all of the awards. If you didn’t know any better you would think he was sitting next to some no name escort, not Taylor Swift, international pop star. They didn’t kiss once, they barely hugged, and the most physical contact they had was either when cameras were on or when a fan next to the tables waved at her. She would grab his arm, wave back, and then let go. It was like clockwork. I just couldn’t believe my eyes because we knew it was fake, I just didn’t realize it was THIS fake. And not only that, I knew Taylor was in charge, but I didn’t realize Calvin was hating it this much. I know he tried to get out of the stunt 8 months ago, but now he looks like he rather just curl up in a ball and die. I wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not. The fame that she is giving him must really be worth it.

In conclusion, I stand by my previous statement that I have never believed that this shit is a farce more than I do now. This has nothing to do with me believing if Kaylor is real or not. This is just based off of the things I saw tonight. I didn’t give a minute by minute break down of this because you guys would’ve been as born as Calvin was. It was repetitive. They would speak one sentence and then he would go back to his phone. Repeat. He honestly just looked like he was getting a root canal the entire time he was sitting next to her. I honestly think he hates her. He definitely resents her. I just don’t understand why Taylor is dragging this out. It is painful to watch. And trust me, I would know, I just watched it for three damn hours. I thought I would be angry watching the stunt, but it was so pathetic that I just laughed. And then I felt sad. REALLY sad for Taylor. I spend most of my time angry and bitter towards her, but for a moment I felt sympathetic and empathetic. I think about what it would be like to have to put on such a performance like that. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t hide who I am. And besides the obvious reasons, there must be some really deep seeded issue going on inside of her to drag this stunt out so long. I couldn’t imagine ever having to do something like that. I just wouldn’t be happy.

Feel free to send any questions to my ask box.  

It’s like, it’s just like dude that’s not you. That’s not the guy that I know. But apparently that’s who he is now, and I….I just don’t wanna be a part of that. The guy that I know, wasn’t the guy that I’ve seen him becoming. The things he was doing, the people he was hanging out with, he was just changing. He isn’t a bad guy, he’s got great spirit, that’s why I was with him. But you know…things happen. People make mistakes. but like, when I really care about someone, I can only focus them. And yes, he’s done some petty shit, but you know…you get petty when you still love somebody and still care about ‘em. He’s his own person. But I don’t know, it’s just out of my hands at this point.
—  Amber Rose

Mymamalai and I have decided to relive our childhoods recently and re-watch some old anime. Here’s a Heero Yuy WIP because we’re doing the Gundam Wing thing.

What’s he doing with his hands, you ask? Idk, having an existential crisis or something. You know, stuff a child war-machine does.

Also, I love how this show is supposed to be the future (the DISTANT FUTURE apparently), but it’s really just an AU of the mid-90’s. I sincerely hope people dress better than in spandex and tank-tops in the distant future.

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Um it shouldn't matter if you "look white" your heritage is still there my dear. Take Halsey for example. She's half black but looks like she's just white. That doesn't make her black heritage disappear. The anon needs to do some research before attacking someone.

exactly. i am who i am, regardless of how i may look. wow, i didn’t even know that about halsey i love her so much. they really do. i think they were just out to ruin people’s days with their hate and ignorance. apparently, i’m not the only person who had a mean anon regarding the meetup and it’s awful. why can’t people just be decent fucking human beings? 

<3 thank u for the support anon.

The Signs In A Band

//I know this has been done before but people have opinions ok ok ok//

Aries: ‘’LOOK AT ME, I’M HERE GUYS’’ *hits some kinda freakishly high note* highkey problematic fave

Taurus: ‘’I don’t know why i’m here, apparently i have talent???’’ Never shows up for anything and probs had like 10 missing person reports filed just because

Gemini: Everyone hates but loves, probably really hot and talented but fucking annoying ur out of the band bye xoxo

Cancer: yeah but are they even in a band, there’s like no cancers in any bands, what do they do??  (dont say 5sos they dont count, fight me on this)

Leo: ‘’hi i love you and i love you and i love you but i mainly love myself’’ shipped with every other member of the band

Virgo: is the only one with musical talent 

Libra: 100% highkey in it for the money and the alcohol

Scorpio: i am emo, i am crying, i’m only here because i appeal to 15 year old kids who think that bmth are gods

Sagittarius: can play every single instrument and is rlly hot and who am i kidding, i’m only saying this because of Taylor York from Paramore. looks innocent but problematic af js js

Capricorn: somehow knows every famous person?? people probably hate them for no reason

Aquarius: look stoned almost all the time, comes up with something really smart every once in awhile, but then goes back to looking stoned and producing sick beatssssss

Pisces: is everyones fave for some unknown reason, but is more than likely on drugs and fucking your dad

My Own 2 Cents: Mental Health & The Magical Community

Hello, I’m Colton and I’m an addict. I also suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I’m also a proud member of the magical community.

I’ve been in this community for a few years now, 2017 will mark a full decade since I decided to explore alternative religion. Coincidentally it will also mark the same amount of time since I was diagnosed with my first mental illness, depression. The irony behind this is not lost on me.

Being raised in a conservative, Christian, southern household with an abusive parental unit and step-unit, I wasn’t really allowed to go to the doctor. I wasn’t depressed, I was lazy. I wasn’t depressed, I was sad. I wasn’t depressed, I was unmotivated. All things that could be “fixed” if I was punished enough.

When I came to this community as a seeker for the first time, I did what anyone in the millennial generation would do, and googled “free magic spells”, and from there the door opened to seeing all sorts of things that magic could do.

There were love spells, curses, protection spells, and spells to contact the dead. Spells to be invisible, and spells to find lost items. What really caught my eye were spells to alleviate depression.

Still being in the broom closet, I wasn’t very well able to get my hands on all these supplies they said I’d need, and at that time I didn’t know what I know now. But the fact that so many people were apparently traveling the same path I was, provided some solace and comfort, just knowing I wasn’t alone in this.

However, I have a bone to pick with the magical community.

From what I see, we are quick to offer spells and correspondences to alleviate mental illness, but not nearly as quick to offer advice about seeking professional medical help. We are quick to say “use ____ herb” instead of “see _____ kind of doctor”. This royally pisses me off.

As a caveat, we are getting better, but not quickly enough.

I get it. Magic gave me my power back, and if I had power I could fix my depression. So I thought. What the magical community should say is, “Seek medical/professional help, follow their advice, then use _____ in conjunction, not as a replacement.”

Yes, we can do amazing things when we realize our own power. We can fight our inner demons head on, and with the support of an amazing community. We can open the closet hiding our skeletons, and see that they hold no power over us unless we let them.




So, let me humbly make the following suggestion for what to do when someone in our community cries out when dealing with mental help, or if you are dealing with it and wondering what to do.

1-Search for professional medical help: If you’re reading this, you obviously have access to the internet. Do a quick Google search, either for mental health professionals in your insurance network (or call your insurance company) or social services offering mental health assistance in your area. If you search, you will be amazed. (plus, calling your insurance company you can sometimes get access to benefits you weren’t aware of like X number of free visits).

2-Appointment: Make and keep an appointment with a medical professional. Let them know what brought you to them, be honest, be open, be vulnerable. They are not there to judge you or make you feel worthless. They are there to help.

3-Seek additional help: At this point, after you and your professional make a game plan for treatment, then you can seek magical aide. As a COMPLIMENT to your treatment plan, not as a substitute.

This is just my view on the issue. I’d love to hear what you have to say!