i just know it's physics

au where everything is the same except im a responsible human being

In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. But it can change.

I don’t claim to understand physics anymore than I ever understood you, but maybe that’s why I didn’t feel it when you died. Why my heart kept beating, out of sync without yours.

Maybe I get to have a reason for the ache you left in my chest. For the hollow spaces between my ribs, where your hands once lingered.

You exist, still. You must.

—  as a memory, as a ghost | p.d

I had more details for Ethan but I went past the tag limit ;-; Oh well! I’M the one who’s lucky to have you as a friend, Casper ♥ Don’t be afraid to tell me! I’d love to know his age *-*

I do? Stop flattering me, Casper, my head won’t fit through the door at this rate. Okay, just making sure. I’ll probably have it up tonight! Because you wrote all these fics for me and I needa do the same for you!

i like to think that instead of physics, adrien grows up to study photography

like maybe one day during a photoshoot break he spots the photographer taking pictures of everyday things like a water bottle, flowers, a person, car keys, etc. but they come out looking like they should be put in a museum and he gets so intrigued by it that he buys a camera and takes pictures of anything he feels worth taking a picture of. and then he starts asking his photographer for tips and what they think of the pics and he just really enjoys being behind the camera instead of in front of it. 

i think that gabriel wouldn’t necessary oppose to it since: 

  1. adrien could still run his company since photographers are a major need in the fashion industry
  2. it doesn’t really inconvenience adrien’s schedules
  3. genuinely makes him happy (like c’mon the dude might not show affection but he cares for his son, he let him go to public school even though he opposed to the idea. he’s strict and cold, but not necessarily a cold hearted dickhead)

plus imagine all the precious opportunities:

  • adrien taking pictures of his friends 
  • adrien unconsciously taking pics of mari and realizing he likes her bc “why am i taking so many pic of her? am i a stalker?” “maybe you’re in love with her” “…what do you mean love”
  • takes pics of himself as chat noir + ladybug in action so that alya can post them in the ladyblog aka he pulls a peter parker
  • he could help nino become popular by taking pics for posters
  • mari and adrien in the same class building in uni 
  • adrien and nino’s apartment filled with random pictures of them in awkward situations and each one has a story behind it 
  • adrien and nino never really explaining them bc they’re like personal inside jokes
  • chat noir taking pictures of ladybug while she’s not looking
  • adrien finding out mari is ladybug by accident because he was messing with some pictures in photoshop and “haha wouldn’t  it be funny if i edited pics of everyone in ladybug’s outfit?” “lmao what if i did mari? haha that would be hilarious” “.. wait a minute” “…. oh” 
  • fast forward some years, mari and adrien are dating, adrien wants to propose, he does so by printing out pictures of himself holding posters that say really heartfelt things and in the last one its just a poster that says turn around and he’s kneeling down with a ring on his hand and he asks the question and yeah you get the idea

idk i just really like the idea of future photographer adrien agreste

Steve Rogers as the genius loci of America (or perhaps the American dream?): discuss. 

(RoL-style magic makes everything in the MCU significantly more logical, don’t argue with me on this.)