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The Void Inside Me (NSFW 18+)

A/N: This idea was sprouted by one of those ads we’re the two people are texting about something really agnsty or suspenseful and you have to download the app to see the whole story. I loved the idea so much and thought no one would be more suited for it than Void. I want to thank @writing-obrien for seriously helping me out with this when I was completely stumped. Also @celestial-writing because this fic would not be finished if it weren’t for her motivating me to push through up until the very end. And @sarcasticallystilinski too for all her feedback. I think they all edited this at some point too so thank you beautiful babes, I love you all more than most. Lastly, Koneko is Japanese for kitten so says google translater. I’m sorry if I got that wrong.

Warnings: Smut; choking.

Word Count: 6860


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| Mine | Human! Bill Cipher

Dipper Pines was absolutely adorable, you realized.

Adorable, yes, and also incredibly clueless when he could be.

Three weeks. He’d known you a full three weeks. And he still hadn’t figured out that you were a demon.

Well, it wasn’t his fault really. You were almost flawless at covering your tracks. You snuck into his life so easily it was like butter, befriending his twin and closest friends, especially becoming friends with that redheaded lass. Stan though?

You stayed away from him. That man wasn’t what he seemed, you could sense the intelligence about him. Not to say Dipper wasn’t intelligent, he was.

But he was just, so, clueless.

“Maybe I should just give him a hint,” You mused to yourself, yawning as your tail slowly wrapped around your leg.

“Hmm?” Said brunette nerd hummed from his spot on his bed, his head buried in that journal of his.

“Nothing,” You said, quietly laughing to yourself. He knew of your abnormalities, yes, he was actually quite perceptive with how he found out about your cat ears and tail, but he thought nothing of them. Gravity Falls was an extremely odd place, and you were just another oddity that he managed to befriend.

You wondered how long it would take though, how long till he realized what a danger you could be to him.

You yawned again, rolling slowly onto your front on the bed, a cat-like grin on your face as you watched him, resting your chin on the back of your interlocked fingers. As if he could sense the stare on him, Dipper looked up. A faint splash of red painted his pale cheeks.

“W-what?” He asked, fidgeting slightly, but still trying to seem confident.


“Mm~” You hummed, the action slow and drawn out as all your actions tended to be. A tingling sensation ran up your neck, setting your enhanced senses on edge. You immediately put away your tail, slipping it up into your shorts and making sure the process was subtle. Dipper never noticed a thing, but you knew someone was now watching. A certain someone that rhymes with ‘Kill’.

Hah, ironic.

“I was just thinking how cute you were,” you drawled, honestly relaying your thoughts. Dipper’s blush worsened at your blatant compliment, ducking his face more under his hat and avoiding your eyes.


“H-hah? Shut up Y/N, stop joking around,” He shifted around on his bed. The burning sensation of being watched worsened and you frowned, starting to get up.

“I wasn’t joking,” You left him with the comment, knowing he would overthink it as you exited the room. Were you teasing him? Yup. You meant nothing by it, but he was so easy to rile up you couldn’t help yourself.

As soon as you closed the door to the attic and took a step down the stairs your surroundings turned black and white, static flickering behind your ears and a pressure entering the space. You didn’t even need to look to know that a certain dream demon was behind you.

“Why, hello, Bill,” You said lightly, a sway in your step as you continued walking without a problem.

The demon didn’t answer, and you were taken back a bit by his uncharacteristic silent behaviour. Shouldn’t he be talking your ear off by now with his cocky and carefree attitude?

You sat on a couch, laying down and stretching your legs out. “What? Cat caught your tongue?” You inwardly cackled at the irony in your question, feeling your tail itching to reveal itself. When there was still no answer you looked up at the ceiling in mock realization.

“Ah? Could it be you were jealous~?” You stretched lazily, curling into the couch as if you were the only in the room.

“I will find out what you are, kitten,” Bill finally spoke up, as if snapping out of whatever faze he was in. You snorted.

“In your dreams, Bill,” you teased the dream demon, sending a lidded gaze his way.

This was the basis of your whole relationship with the guy. Curiosity. He was undeniably curious towards you. You were a demon that was to be sure, but of what kind? This was the question he’d been trying to figure out since you met him. You could freely roam the modern world without any tricks or plans unlike a lot of demons out there. There was so much mystery surrounding you that Bill was determined to find out.

It had began like that at first, but now your relationship with the guy was twisting, changing. He’d become clingy, to the point where you just calling the kid cute made him jealous and initiate spending time with you.

“The only thing that’ll be in my dreams is you, kitten,” He shot back, floating towards you with a smirk, hands behind his back.

You almost let out another snort. Even his nickname for you was hilarious, considering that was exactly the kind of demon you were. There was no way you were telling him that though.

“Oh really?” You yawned again, rolling your neck languidly. No wonder he called you kitten, you couldn’t help your lazy body language, as you were literally a cat. Cat demon at that. You had a pair of furry, f/c cat ears and tail to prove it. Though they obviously weren’t out at the moment.

“Why are you so afraid of telling me?” Bill tempted, tilting his head with a devious smile as he poured a cup of tea from a kettle he conjured up out of nowhere, sitting indian style in mid air.

“I’m not afraid,” You said after a moment of hesitation, hoping he didn’t realize that moment of unease. But of course, you couldn’t hide much from Bill. Especially not in his domain.

“But you are,” He said, taking a single sip of the tea before tossing it behind him, uncaring of where it ended up. In a blink he was suddenly right before your face, dark eye boring into yours. “What are you hiding there, kitten?”

You tried not to react, keeping up your cool front even as you jumped on the inside, your feline instincts begging you to jump up onto the wall and force some distance.

“Why don’t you try harder to find out, hon?” You baited, smirking right back. You were known for being confident towards him, it wouldn’t do for you to reveal your true feelings.

“Oh I will,” his dark eye darkened even more, a strike of worry springing up inside you. Did you somehow cross the line? Bill was trying to seem his regular self but you could tell that something was different today. He seemed…off.

“Looking forward to it,” you wasted no time firing back, putting a finger to his nose and pushing him back gently.

A strange expression crossed his face.
“Watch me, kitten. Soon I’ll strip you completely bare before me.”

You could feel yourself heat up at his words, swallowing hard and keeping up your mental walls so he couldn’t see what you were thinking. Yet something in his words triggered fear within you.

You were scared.

Bill was annoying yes, and an arrogant, cocky, idiot, but you couldn’t deny that you were attached. Completely, utterly attached. You enjoyed this game as cat and mouse, with Bill continuously chasing after you as if you were the best mystery out there. He had become such a constant part of your life now that you feared the day he finally figured out what you were. Would he be disappointed? Would he grow bored of you once he knew?

Would he leave?

That last thought terrified you the most. You had denied it for long, but you couldn’t any longer.

You didn’t want him to go.

But you were a demon. He was a demon. You both knew the nature of your kind. The attachment you felt was intense, stronger than anything a human could ever feel. And it frightened you so, so much.

“Penny for your thoughts, kitten?” He asked, slinging an arm round your shoulder. You forced yourself to stay still, face a blank state of nonchalance as you tried to ignore the way his skin ignited yours.

“How about a hundred?”

He laughed, blonde shaggy locks falling before his eye and partially covering his eyepatch. A snap of his fingers and a diamond appeared in your lap.

“Will this do?”

You shot him a side look, smirking.

“Well actuall-”

And his fingers touched your ear.

Your voice faltered, a shock rippling throughout your entire body. This had never happened before. Sure Bill was touchy, but he had never strayed towards that area before. You had been so focused on the witty banter that you didn’t notice the hand slung around your shoulder slowly slipping up into your hair.

Bill raised an eyebrow at your pause and you swallowed on a dry throat.

“I mean, a-ah,” You cursed yourself at the stutter. “You know I care nothing for human monetary value of stupid rocks.”

“True,” Bill replied, but there was a  glint in his eyes, as if he noticed your slip up and was determined to find the reason behind it. His hand brushed by your ear again and your hands clenched into fists in your lap. “Then what do you want, kitten?”

“I want you to leave me alone Bill,” You laughed it off, nails biting into the skin of your palms as you fought off a shudder. Why in the world did he have to manage to find one of your sensitive spots as a cat demon? If not for hundreds of years of practice on controlling yourself you would have given in the moment he even barely touched it.

“Do ya really now?” He leant even closer and you leant back.

Don’t show any response, Y/N.

You could feel the fear climbing. You licked your lips as he stroked down your ear, your nerves screaming and on edge.

“Yeah,” You cleared your throat, smirking. “Wasn’t it clear enough already? I think I’m still hung up on how cute that Dipper is.” You changed the subject quickly, hoping that he would be surprised and jealous enough to stop the stroking motions down your ear.

Instead, something way worse happened.

He grabbed it.

“Ngh!” You couldn’t help the noise that emitted from your throat, falling backwards against the arm of the couch as Bill drew closer till he was partially hovering over you.

“Don’t mention him in front of me,” He growled through gritted teeth, his relaxed and comedic countenance ripped away and replaced with something more violent, closer to his demonic identity. “Don’t mention anyone else when you’re with me.” His eye burned into you, swirling with something cracked, something that made you uncertain of his sanity in the moment.

“B-Bill-!” You tried to speak, eyes widening as your mouth went dry at his intensity. “L-let g-”

“Let go?” He mocked, grinning. His smile was sadistic. “Is that what you’re trying to say? I knew you were acting strangely. What’s the significance of this?” He pronounced the last word by pinching your ear once more. You felt your face heating up, wiggling underneath his hold.


Bill’s grin widened even more if it was possible. “Does my eye deceive me? Is this the same confident and cool girl who’d been giving me a run for my money? Hah! Decreased to a blushing and stuttering mess at this single action?”

You shivered, trying to force your eyes open as they lidded slowly. “Bill, I s-swear if you d-don’t let go I’ll-”

“You’ll what?” He asked, leaning down so that he was nearer to your face. You could do nothing about it, your entire defense system was demolished as his hand kept stroking your ear. “Please tell. I’m very…”

He bit down on your left ear. “Interested.”

You couldn’t hold it in anymore.

A purr vibrated through your chest, echoing through the silence. Your eyes were shut in embarrassment, biting your lip hard. You peeked an eye open at his face, panting slightly. His face was stunned, an enlightenment covering his features.

“δαίμονα γάτα,” He breathed, eyes lighting up blue flames for a second before it returned to soulless black. He caught himself, the runes flashing before his gaze fading. “A cat demon.”

You were silent, avoiding his eyes as best as you could. Now that he knew what did that mean for you? Would he discard of you like a toy he didn’t care for anymore?

He still looked to be in a state of awe, leaning even closer. “Show me.”

You knew exactly what he was referring to. Nevertheless you refused to answer, quivering slightly. His awe stricken glaze faded, a frown overtaking his lips as he glared.

“Show. Me.”

The words were accompanied by a specific rough pinch to your ear, which you were sure was red and bruised by now.

“N-No,” You said. Your cat features, the characteristics that showed your identity. You were genuinely terrified to show them. Demons were different than humans. Your cat ears and tail weren’t considered 'cute’ or anything ridiculous like the weak meatbags would come up with. They were considered a weakness, considered ugly in the demon world. It was like baring yourself to Bill, and that was definitely the last thing you wanted to do.

In simpler terms, you didn’t want to be judged.

Bill sneered, his nails digging into your ear now till it pierced the skin.

You yelped, hissing as your cat ears and tail popped out forcefully. You hissed at him, shrinking into the couch, a tad bit hurt that he would do that, but most of all furious.

Bill could read you like a book as he rolled his eyes. “Oh don’t be so melodramatic, kitten. You know that I think that pain is hilarious~”

He leant to the ripped and bleeding flesh of your now, cat ear, licking it teasingly. You hissed louder, curling your tail round his leg and pulling hard, dragging his body off yours. You jumped off the couch and landed in an animalistic crouch on all fours about twenty feet away, pupils now dilated just as his turned to slits.

“Stay away from me,” You bit, straightening up back on your feet.

His eyes flashed dangerously. “No can do, kitten.”

He flickered behind you before you could register it, blue, glowing chains wrapping around your body.

“What are you doing?” You growled, frustrated when you found that you couldn’t move.

He didn’t reply, instead his gaze following your twitching ears and now brushed up tail, hairs tense.

“Breathtaking,” he said. Your breath hitched.

“You don’t mean that,” You muttered. A gloved hand tilted your chin to look up at him, another one turning your body around to face his.

“I do,” He confirmed shortly.

For a second you melted in his embrace, let yourself rest your cheek into his palm. For just a second you smiled back, the first real smile you’d ever gave him. Then you got knocked back to reality and the frown melted onto your face.

You cleared your throat and tilted your head to hide your blush. While this was nice and all, you were still tied up. You relayed your thoughts out loud and Bill chuckled.

“Now why would I let you go, kitten?” He tsked, giving you a look as if you were the dumbest people on the planet. “I only just discovered who you are. You’ve become a hundred times more interesting.”

You scowled. “I’m not a toy, Bill. Let. Me. Go.” While you were a cat demon, you were still relatively powerful, and if you had to fight your way out of here then so be it.

“I don’t think you understand what I’m saying here, Y/N.” He said your name for the first time, making you stiffen.

Bill used his cane to hook round your waist and tug you closer to him, so that your bodies touched. You opened your mouth to snap something but your voice caught in your throat when you saw his eye. There was a swirling nightmare within it, something dark and mad enough to make even you, a being of the same caliber want to curl up in a ball. It was so intense you couldn’t look away, and yet you wanted to run as far away as you could.

Bill grinned painfully wide.

You’re mine.


All That I Am — Part 4

a/n: so this was only supposed to be four parts, but there will be at least one more after this one, we’ll see. i’m sorry it took forever, i was having a hard time getting in the groove. a giant, giant thank you to @cass-ian​ for believing in me even when i didn’t believe in myself and helping me out with this so much. i hope you guys like it!

Rating: M (semi-explicit content in the first bit)

Word Count: 3,642

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

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How Do You Fake Feelings (when you know they're real): Miami Nights (2)

Fic Request: Stiles and Lydia fake dating but actually dating in the end

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Fake Dating!Stydia

Author: holybellamy

Part 4/?

Summary: Lydia meets Jackson at the supermarket, and he is back in town for his wedding. He invites her, and she doesn’t want to go there alone.

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Boys VS Girls

***You and Teresa are the only girl in the Glade, and you are both “alpha” and fight over and over and the boys like that. Once you two are alone and realize that you have to be friends and not enemies. So you two become allies against the boys***

Loving this request. I go crazy on girl power.

You’re chopping carrots in the kitchen with Frypan when a knife pins your shirt table. You look up. Teresa. Since she got here, she’d been causing trouble. Because you two are the only girls, you’d been bunked together. She’d stolen one of your figurines Chuck made and denied it when you confronted her. 

“Where is it?” She questions. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You growl and you really don’t, this entire time you strained from retaliating and stealing something of hers but that didn’t mean that you didn’t go off at her. 

“They’re at it again!” Frypan yells. The boys had taken a liking to the moments when you and Teresa fought. It was another form of entertainment for them.

“My necklace. I know you’ve got it.” Anger seeps out of her mouth, through her words. Since she was the last, they let her kept something from before. Thomas, Newt and all the other Gladers have gathered

“I’ve never touched your necklace,” You spit, taking the knife out of your shirt. You throw her a furious glare. If looks could kill… “This is my knife.” You shoot back.

“It is not! It was with my equipment.” Teresa snarls.

“Well, look here shank. I’d know my shucking knife anywhere. See this?” You gesture to the engraving you’d etched into the hilt. “I did this on my first day in the Glade.” She looks at the knife, a little bit of shock sliding into her features but is quickly recovered by anger. 

“You probably put it in my stuff,” She shouts. In the corner of your eye you see the boys share excited looks. “Just give me back my necklace, (y/n).”

“I don’t have your shucking necklace!” You lunge for her but Frypan grabs your waist. You are going to stab the slinthead. The boys moan in disappointment.

“Go for a walk, (y/n).” He whispers and you nod. You don’t break eye contact with Teresa until you’re actually out of the kitchen. You head towards Homestead. Sometimes you’d just hang out there. None of the boys knew that, of course, because you were supposed to over in the hut with Teresa. Though, you preferred it here, you’d sit in the tree and marvel at the view. You had made yourself comfortable in the tree when Newt, Minho, Thomas and Gally came along, laughing.

“God, that was bloody brilliant!” Newt laughs. “I never knew taking the necklace would have that response.”

He took the necklace?

“And good one switching the knife out, Minho. (y/n/)’s face was priceless.” Gally notes.

“Good that.” Thomas agrees. “I can’t remember whose idea this was but it was a shucking good one.”

It makes a lot of sense. When Teresa had denied taking your figurines, you assumed that she was guilty and just didn’t want to confess after being caught but now… They are going to pay for this. I was prepared to kill the girl. 

After they leave you climb down and duck into Homestead. You start searching through the boys things until you find what you’re looking for and you start towards the hut. When you get there, Teresa is sitting there fuming. She jumps up when you enter the room but you raise up your palms. 

“I’m calling a truce.” You say.

“You must be joking, you were going to kill me. I could see it in your eyes.” She spits. 

“We’ve been played.” You inform her as you take out the stolen possessions from your pocket and set them on the table. Teresa’s necklace and your figurine lie next to each other. She looks up at you. “I overheard the boys talking about switching the knives and taking the necklace. They also talked about how starting this,” You gesture between yourselves. “Was a brilliant idea.”

“Those shanks.” She whispers furiously.

“Don’t worry, I have a plan. But it might get rough.”

A blood curdling scream ripples through the Glade, followed by another which was punctuated by a heart breaking sob. When the boys burst through the door, they are met with you, knife in hand standing over Teresa’s body. Red drenches both her body and yours. It also drips from your knife. The boys look at you in a silent horror. 

“Now she can’t touch my stuff again.” You say, almost tauntingly at Teresa’s body. You look back at the boys and smile.

Teresa’s eyes fling open and she says, “Boo!”. You’ve never seen the boys run faster than they did at the moment. You offer a hand to Teresa and help her of the ground. You watch in humor as the boys try to get as far away from you as possible.

“You’d think they’d never seen berry juice.” Teresa smiles, popping a berry in her mouth and offering you one. You can’t wait to find out what happens next

How was I baby? (Jacob Whitesides Smut)

Did this for the pure fact of the picture he tweeted (below) a while ago and because Jacob is the literal love of my life. okay enjoy and i hope you all have intense feels and wet panties bye
PS this is also dedicated to my best friend Nina

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After a long hard day on the stage, my babe just came back on the tour bus. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve seen him. I decided, last minute of course, to come find him in Georgia and surprise him and hopefully get a chance to finally talk to him. Between touring with R5 and songwriting in Nashville when he is home, we’ve been drifting a little I guess, but that’ll definitely change tonight.

I heard the door open on the bus. I was sitting in the back where there’s a little day bed. (I made sure to wear my best lingerie just as a precaution). I heard his footsteps coming closer to the back of the bus and I couldn’t help my heartbeat going a mile a minute. And then right past the thin door that separated the back of the bus from the front, I saw his long slender fingers that I’m all too familiar with. The door opened slightly and I saw his head poke through, I smiled up at him as I slowly got up off the daybed.

Oh my gosh no you didn’t” Jacob said as he covered his mouth. He was drenched in sweat still from going so hard on stage, also because it’s the middle of July in Georgia.

Oh yes I did babe!” I said as I came closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his waist and he pulled me in as tight as possible and kissed my head a million times. I looked up at him and he kissed me on the lips, both forcefully and passionately. It was such a needy and hungry kiss, the kind that makes you want to make love but also rip all your clothes off.

He pulled away for just a second as he said, “God I want you so bad, I’ve missed you so much babydoll.” He walked us closer to the daybed and pushed me down lightly, he pulled off his shirt and threw it in the other corner of the room, too lazy to even care if anyone finds it. He reaches down to pull me up just enough to rip my cardigan off, only to be happy that he didn’t find another shirt underneath.

You planned something like this didn’t you, naughty baby” He said smirking down at me as he kissed me and pulled on my bottom lip.

Clothes flew everywhere and neither one of us cared if someone walked in, this was our time.

Jacob’s fingers trailed all over my skin in such a needy and heated passion filled manner. He moved his fingers and traced over my breasts and trailed them lower to my heat and, as painfully slow as he could, just barely grazes my sensitive clit. He looks up at me, relishing in this moment, knowing that every single flick and touch he does, is one second closer from sending me over the edge.

I was moaning to no end, his expert fingers knew exactly what to do. He pushed his fingers inside me, curling them up and knowing exactly what to do to make me moan his name.

oh Jacob!” I would moan over and over and over again.

You like that baby huh? You like when I do this?” He said as he teased my clit. I looked down to see his face just in time for him to duck down to where his hands were and start licking my clit as if it were his last time.

I pulled at his hair, coming so close to my climax, I couldn’t bear it anymore.

Jacob oh my God I’m gonna-

Nuh-uh babygirl not yet..” He said as he released all contact from me.

I groaned in frustration and anticipation as he got up onto his knees and went back to kissing me roughly.

He pulled me up with him wanting to keep as little space between us as possible. His hands roughly roaming my body in a heated passion that couldn’t be duplicated. His mouth tasted just as sweet as I’d remembered and his hands so soft against my hot skin.

He layed me back down as he aligned himself with me. Looking at my eyes, staring into them with so much love and lust. He mouthed the words “I love you” as he pushed himself deeper inside me. I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan.
Elated that this moment has finally come after spending so much time apart, I didn’t want this time to end. He was peppering kisses along my jaw, onto my neck and on top of my collarbone. I swiftly took his face in my hands and looked my love in the eyes as I moaned out his name endlessly as we rode out our highs. He thrusted a few more times before enveloping me into his long, strong arms that I’ve missed oh so much these past few months.
I snuggled up closer to him breathing in his all too familiar scent. A mixture of his signature clean and musky cologne along with the hint of sweat from stage and our love. And in this moment that we both needed to get lost in, I realized that while we may not have gotten a chance to talk, our bodies communicated where words failed. And I also came to know that I never wanted to share this kind of moment with any other man.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

yO hope you liked it and if you wanna request or ask me anything check this out 

-Stay Nasty

She’s Just A Broken Girl (Part 4)

Pairing: Reader X Simon (It can easily be replaced by a boy/girl of your choice)

Warnings: Nope, little sad but nothing too bad.

Requested(?): Nope. but requests are open!

Additional Notes: Here’s part 4!! The next part might be the last but it depends how the writing goes. Anyways, ENJOY!

… … . .

(Reader’s POV)

I knock on the door and Vik answers it and lets me in.

“Long time no see” He says, patting my back.

“I know. I’m sorry” I tell him with an apologetic look on my face. I used to be quite close with Vik, but when I stopped seeing everyone I distanced myself from all of my close friends.

“Food’s in the kitchen” He says, leading me in as I kick my shoes of at the door.

“Ooh, pizza” I clap, taking a seat on one of the barstools. Everyone groans at my happy tone. “Hungover?” I ask everyone and I receive nods from everyone except Tobi, who was munching away at a slice of pepperoni pizza.

“I need to stop drinking” JJ says, rubbing his head.

“JJ you literally say that every time you have a hangover” Ethan laughs at him. “Remember that day you spent the whole day bent down next to the toilet? Ethan asked and everyone giggled at the memory.

“What had happened?” I asked, unsure of what they were talking about.

“He drank more than he ever had before, and he was literally throwing up all day. We all took turns looking after him because we knew he would probably choke on his own vomit” Josh spoke, making everyone stop eating. “Sorry guys” He laughed, looking at their faces of disgust.

“I’d like to put that memory behind me” JJ sighs.

“I wish I had never asked” I admit, placing my pizza slice onto a plate.

“We’re back!” A voice suddenly rings out from the door. I knew who it was, and I had a good guess at who the “we” was. I turned around nonetheless, and what I thought was my worst nightmare was true. There he was, standing with her, shopping bags in hand. His eyes fell on me as they widened. He wasn’t expecting me to be here.

I wanted nothing more than to cry, but I needed to put on a brave face.

“What’d you get?” Tobi asked, pointing out the bags in her hand.

“Oh, just Simon spoiling me again. I’m so lucky” She gazes up at him. I turn my chair around to face back to the table. Josh mouths a “sorry” to me, but it wasn’t his fault. They never knew what he had done the night before and how significant this really was.

I could have easily run off to the toilet but I refused to let it get the better of me. I finished off the last slice of pizza from the small box in front of me. I closed it and added it to the pile of finished food. I pulled my jumper off due to the heat of the room and placed it on the table.

“We were going to have a movie night if you wanted to join us Cara” Vik asked, and I smiled and nodded at him.

“That’d be nice. Thanks” I say. We all chatted around the table and we eventually moved to the large corner sofa so we could start the movies. Simon and Jen emerged from the stairs and took a seat at the opposite side of the couch. The first film Josh put on was Paranormal Activity, he had declared we were going to binge watch all of them.

Everyone had blankets, and I was sharing with Vik since I was closest to him. I hated scary movies and all the boys knew it, I would wake up screaming in Simon’s bed after watching films like Insidious.

During the whole film I had my face under the blankets, only peeking out every so often. Every time there was a jump scare I would hide behind Vik and I would see Simon send a glare towards me. I wasn’t doing it to make him jealous, I was genuinely scared out of my mind. I couldn’t even try and give an explanation for his glares, I literally would just duck behind Vik when something popped up, he didn’t hug me or anything like that. So I decided to ignore him.

The end of the film was approaching – I knew that because I had been watching the clock during the entire film. I had heard the end scene was the scariest, so I was mentally preparing myself. It didn’t work. The final scare came and I jumped up and over the couch and hid behind. Way to play it cool.

The next thing I heard was JJ burst into laughter as he peeked his head over the edge to see me. “Have you never seen this before?” He asks between giggles.

“Does it look like I have? NO” I tell him, standing up and straightening my shirt. Simon had his arm around her. And It was like it all just hit me again. He made me feel like he wanted me, and that he made a mistake, when all along he still wanted her.

“You can stay the night if you want since we’re watching loads of films. I don’t want you driving home too late” Josh interrupts my thoughts.

“I’d have nowhere to sleep” I tell him, taking my position back on the couch.

“We have a spare room” He tells me. I really didn’t want to, but I knew if I said no I would be pressured into it anyways.

“Or she can sleep with me” JJ says jokingly, wrapping his arms tightly around my neck in a forceful hug.

“That’s what I won’t be doing. But I’ll stay I suppose” I tell Josh, gasping for breath dramatically when JJ let go.

“There’s a box of your stuff in the spare room already I’m sure you’ll find something to sleep in in there” Josh tells me as he slots in the next film.

“I’m going to the bathroom I’ll be back in a minute” I excuse myself and enter the large bathroom. The same one I was in last night. I did everything I needed to do, and washed my hands before exiting again. As I approached the couches again Jen was kissing Simon, the same lips I had kissed less than 24 hours ago. “Be strong” I told myself, but it was easier said than done.

To be continued

Did You Miss Me?

REQUEST BY deathslittlegirllizu: *waves* well hello then! can I get a tearful reunion with Jongup and he confesses to you. You two were close to the point of almost dating when you were younger but you moved away before you two can get close. Then years later you two see each other again when you become a trainee at TS. You two are allowed to date

I’m so so so sorry for the wait with this one. I find this so difficult to write, but got into it eventually! I hope you like it, I tried to follow your request as best I could but it is changed a little bit…I hope you don’t mind too much. I hope you like it, eee I love Jongup :D

-Admin Kitty

Your heart thrummed along as the cars passed by the cab window. By the time you had arrived, you had pictured every reaction he could have, every possibility. A part of you almost hoped he wouldn’t be at the studio today but the other half of you hoped to god he would be. You felt sick with worry about seeing him again, like a roller coaster ride where you were sort of enjoying it but you also sort of wanted to throw up everywhere. The taxi driver switched the radio on, and then he spoke, trying to make conversation, “This B.A.P is pretty good, huh?” Your head snapped up, “What? Oh. Um. Yeah, I guess.” “Everyone’s been going crazy about that guy Jongup lately,” He shook his head, chuckling, “Fangirls, huh?” You laughed a long but his attempt at small talk only put you in a more worrisome position. You hated the idea of all those girls crowded around your Jongup, staring at him with their mouths agape, asking for autographs. But that was just it. You had lost the right to call him yours a long time ago. He had never officially been yours in the proper sense when you thought about it, but he could have been. And you’d ruined it…

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Ethereal {Vamp!S.Coups}

Prologue | Ch. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

“Seungcheol, please just listen to me,” Joshua had been following around the older vampire for an entire evening and all Seungcheol wanted to do was take a long hot bath and get this sticky blood off of him.

“No, Joshua, you listen to me,” Seungcheol turned with a loud sigh, “I’m trying to go take a bath. You can’t come with me!”

“We’ve taken showers so many times at the same time and now you’re saying I can’t see you naked?”

“I actually want to take everything off today!” Seungcheol said, raising his voice.

“You’re telling me you’d rather take a bath than listen to this pressing news?!” Joshua asked, his voice raising as well.

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He’s Finally Home From Tour


Niall had been acting funny for weeks now, only texting once a day, avoiding your phone calls and falling asleep quickly once he was on skype. You weren’t sure how you should take it or if you should even be worried. The boys all promised he was fine, there wasn’t another girl and he wasn’t trying to find a reason to break up but nothing could calm your nerves. Here you were going to sleep the 3rd night in a row without talking to him and oddly enough it felt normal. You found yourself asleep in seconds, dreaming about ducks chasing after a balloon. The bed sunk down beside you and you were being pulled from the dream “No wait the ducks have to get the red balloon!” you cried out. You closed your eyes tightly determined to make sure you saw the ducks catch the balloon. “Y/n, wake up princess” Niall laughed. You sat up quickly, blinking heavily, was this a dream or was he really in front of you,  you reached for his face and sure enough he didn’t fade away. “Niall!” you shouted. “yes.” he said smiled broadly at you. You punched him right in the chest “I thought you were mad at me!” you said pushing him flat on his back. “I just wanted to surprise you! I knew if we talked I would tell you!” he defended himself. “Don’t do that again!” you said leaning over him, your dream long since forgotten. “Promise” he agreed pulling you by your hair down far enough so he could kiss you.


You paced around your apartment waiting for harry to walk through the door. He had called before he got on the flight but that was 6 hours ago. (You hadn’t been allowed to pick him up from the airport since the last time you were attacked.) You finally decided that you should busy yourself and you found yourself baking. Before you knew it a cheesecake was cooling and an angel food cake was in the oven. You started to chop fruit for the cake topping. “Something smells amazing” you heard from behind you. You dropped the knife and flung yourself into his arms. Almost knocking him down. You kissed all over his beautiful face. “I missed you. I missed you. I missed you” you said quickly. All he could do was support himself and you so you wouldn’t knock him to the floor and chuckle. “I missed you too beautiful” he finally said walking you over to sit on the counter. “I was worried, so I started to bake, is everything okay? You asked. “Of course, we actually stayed at the airport to sign and take pictures. The girls were extremely sweet tonight.” he smiled “that’s so sweet babe! I bet they were freaking out internally!” you giggled. He chuckled, “yeah, one poor girl just stood there, I have a feeling she’s going to hate her pictures, so what did you bake?” he asked. “Cheesecake and angel food cake” you laughed “Is the cheesecake ready? He asked. “No not yet I need to put it in the fridge, it’s banana cream by the way” you smiled jumping down to refrigerate it and get the other cake out of the oven. “Sounds great it’ll be perfect for later… Now come on beautiful girl, let me take you to bed” he smiled wrapping his arms around your waist, making you blush.


Tour was extremely stressful for him all he really wanted was to be home with his girls. He missed cuddling on the couch with y/n, breaking up arguments between his sisters and licking the bowl of his mother’s homemade batter. The flight was dreadful, he tried to nap away the time. When he finally landed he left his luggage for someone else to grab and walked hastily to the gate. There they were with cheesy signs and everything, ready to welcome him home. The girls rushed to him and all of them grabbed him for a group hug. Several seconds later everyone but y/n had stepped away from the embrace. Zayn grabbed her chin and lifted it up to kiss her. Her lips were salty from her tears, “why are you crying babe?” he asked “I’m so glad you’re home, I’ve been worried about my guy!” you smiled at him. “your guy is fine, now that he has you in his arms” he kissed you one more time before walking with you to the exit


You were too excited to see your blue eyes messy hair boyfriend for the first time in 3 months. You and Ernest were watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates eagerly waiting for his big brother. “Are you ready to see Lou” you asked him pulling him close to you “ou..ououu.oiuuis” he said clapping his hands. You giggled and started chanting with him. You heard his keys in the door but you didn’t want to interrupt Ern’ so you continued to cheer with him. “Well I’ll be, I have my own set of cheerleaders’ right here in the living room” Louis smiled walking in on the two of you. Ernest jumped off you lap and ran on unsteady legs to Louis. “I missed you little buddy” Louis said kissing his forehead and roughing up his hair. He wiggled out of his arms and crawled back to the tv. You took the opportunity to embrace Lou. “I’ve missed you” you whispered taking in his scent. “I missed you too little buddy” he joked. You swatted his butt and rolled your eyes, “Little buddy” you asked raising an eye brow. “Should I have said big buddy?” he asked shrugging. “guess again” “Sexy lady” Louis questioned, smirking at you. You both laughed and you drug him over to the couch to finish watching the episode with Ern’


Liam searched the airport looking for you. He knew there was no way you forgot to come pick him up but he figured it could happen. But then he saw you standing behind all the screaming fans waiting patiently for him. He wanted to run straight through the fans and into your arms, deciding against his first instinct he hugged and posed for pictures. After about 10 minutes a girl noticed you. “HEYYYY! LOOK IT”S Y/N, LET LIAM GET TO HER” she squealed. And just like that the sea of girls parted like Moses dividing the red sea and your brown eyes scruffy hair fiancé was right in front of you. “Welcome home baby!” you smiled through your tears. “I’ve missed you” he said grabbing both sides of your face and pulling you in to a quick kiss. “REALLY KISS HER LIAM!” a fan shouted from the crowd. You and Liam laughed but he kissed you again. “So are you ready to go home?” he asked excitedly.

Thanks for reading !

K, 2015