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Miracles in December Advent--Sehun

I’m catching up. God! Procrastination is a bitch

Word Count: 1470

Genre: Fluff

You walked out of the bathroom with one towel wrapped around yourself as you used another to dab at the wet ends of your hair. You headed into the kitchen to make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, but you froze by the bedroom door when you saw that the TV was on. You were pretty sure that it was off when you went to take a shower…No. You knew it was off.

Cautiously stepping forward to turn it off, you saw someone lounging across your couch, legs hanging off the arm rest. His head was propped up on one hand while the other brought handfuls of snack mix to his mouth from a giant bowl that rested in front of his chest. You didn’t care how this person got into your house, but he was eating your food.

“What the hell?! That’s my favorite snack mix! How could yo-”

Sehun turned his head around and almost spit out the pretzel he was munching on. You were standing in front of him, skin shining from the droplets of water that clung to you, hair wet and dripping, and your face was pulled into an angry glare: the cutest, most non-threatening look that Sehun could imagine. But you were half naked, so he whipped his head around to blankly stare at the TV, face burning red and he tried his best not to choke on the dry cracker in his mouth.

You then realized the situation you were in because there was no snarky comment from him about ‘hospitality’ or ‘guests’ or ‘you’re gonna let me starve?’

“God…are you trying to traumatize me? Put some clothes on. Everyone will think you’re weird for walking around naked in front of people that you aren’t in a relationship with.”

There was the snarky comment. You had thought too soon. Whipping around, you rushed into your bedroom fuming and embarrassed and slammed the door shut. A few minutes later, you stood next the couch, arms crossed, watching Sehun continue to lounge and steal your snacks.

“If you want some, no one’s stopping you,” Sehun said gesturing at the bowl. You snorted in disbelief. He was acting as if he owned the place. You shoved his legs aside and grabbed the bowl to place it between the two of you. He sat up, eyes still glued on the TV, refusing to make eye contact with you.

You watched the movie in silence, but honestly, you couldn’t remember which one it was or what was happening, because you were far too preoccupied with the events that just happened. Sehun was in the same boat. He continued to shove snacks into his mouth, trying to distract himself from the memory. Your hands brushed in the bowl and both of you tensed up, jerked your hand back, and muttered awkward apologies.

After the movie ended, Sehun took the bowl and put it in the sink before plopping back down on the couch next to you.

It was quiet and tense. The air was waiting for someone to break the silence, and you decided to do it at the same time.

“Sehun, I’m sorry I-”

“-hang out with me tomorrow?”


“What?” You both asked simultaneously.

Sehun sighed and tried again. “Do you wanna hang out with me tomorrow night..?”

“Like a date?” you asked, completely baffled.

“No, I just wanna…hang out…” he said, eyes shifting nervously across the wall.

“I mean, sure, why not? Tomorrow’s pretty boring for me, but I thought you had something to do.” You could physically see Sehun relax in his seat.

“It got cancelled,” he said, replying short and to the point, as always.

You sat in silence once more.

“Where are we meeting?”

“The Concert Hall at 7:30-ish,” he answered quickly.

“Are you planning something? That was way too decisive of an answer, knowing you,” you said suspiciously.

“What do you know about me?” Sehun sassed.

“More than I would like,” you teased.

“You’re the best friend anyone could ever have…”

“And you’re the biggest child I know.”

Tomorrow night rolled around, and for some reason, you couldn’t stop feeling like a giddy teenager. You weren’t going on a date. You weren’t in a relationship. You were simply hanging out with a friend for a while to chase away boredom. I mean, yeah, Sehun was attractive, and yeah, you used to have a crush on him when you first met, but you had pushed all those feelings down for the sake of maintaining a friendship. You didn’t want to ruin anything because the two of you fit together so well, and because of that, the feelings continued to be pushed away until you were sure that they all disappeared. But then, why did your heart jump when you watched the clock hands tick by throughout the day until it was time to go? Why did you take over an hour to pick out your clothes and another hour to make sure your makeup was perfect? You left your home, having to assure yourself over and over that this was not a date. You were not going out with Oh Sehun.

You reached the Concert Hall at 7:34 just as it began to snow. Sehun was waiting for you at the front of the fountain, the lights shining from the concert hall behind him softened his features. His bike leaned against the bench and he smiled shyly when he saw you approaching him. He held a colorful bouquet of flowers tied together with a bright pink ribbon. Many different shades of pastel colored petals mixed together to form an aesthetic array of blues, pinks, yellows and whites. The colors in his hand sharply contrasted his outfit. He wore a dark grey jacket over a dull red and green plaid shirt, black skinny jeans and shiny black shoes.

The flowers stood out and your eyes were drawn to them as you walked closer to him. You stopped a little more than an arm’s length away and studied the situation carefully. Sehun was either blushing a little, or the cold air was reddening his cheeks. His eyes focused on everything except you, but they mostly stayed fixed to the ground. He subconsciously pulled his lips into his cute little frown and the winter night waited for someone to speak up.

“…Who are those for, Sehunnie?” you asked quietly, looking up from the bouquet into his wandering eyes.

He shifted his body weight and looked up at you, eyes locking for a brief second, causing your heart to soar. “Stop it…there’s nothing between you except friendship,” you thought, trying to push down your resurfacing emotions in vain.

He extended his arm, practically thrusting the flowers into your face. The sweet smell wafted to your nose as you carefully took them from his hand. Your heart was beating so fast, and you pinched your finger, to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

“Me…?” you asked, tearing your gaze from the flowers to his eyes. He looked at you steadily, now refusing to look at anything but you, and nodded. The movement was so subtle, it would’ve been easy to miss, but to you, it was as clear as day.


“Because I love you,” he stated bluntly, avoiding any obscure wording or phrases. He just wanted to get to the point, and now that those words were finally out, he felt a huge weight lift off his shoulders.


“I love you,” he said again, “I liked you since day one, but it was more like a little crush. Then all of a sudden, I don’t know what happened, but I woke up one morning and I knew without a doubt that I loved you. It wasn’t a little friendship kinda crush anymore. And as much as I love our friendship, I feel empty, craving more than just friends. It’s not a friends with benefits sort of thing, I promise you. I want to call you my jagi and be able to say ‘I love you’ each day without worrying about being rejected, because I hope that you will accept my feelings. But if not, I’ll be okay with being just friends, as long as you’re happy, I can handl-“

You promptly shut him up with a kiss. It was an awkward little kiss, because it was so sudden and neither of you were really prepared for it, and you almost missed, because you had to go up on your tiptoes. But it was a kiss.

Sehun stared at you, mouth still slightly parted from his cut-off sentence.

“Are you sure you weren’t asking me on a date?” you teased, blushing, but able to maintain eye contact.

Sehun took a step closer to you. “I wasn’t then, but I am now,” he said before kissing you properly.


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