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I’m His Mother.

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This is a Andy Biersack Baby Daddy story. What I mean is this is a story about Reader having a baby with Andy from Black Veil Brides.

Reader X Andy Biersack

Warnings: None I think.

I should have known it was a bad idea. I known it was a bad idea the moment my foot stepped into their bus. But what can I say how many people can say they got got picked from the crowed to meet Andy Biersack?

Judging by the looks I got from the rest of the band the next morning a lot..

It started as any normal concert. Loud and exciting. Just having a good time listening to good music. When someone picked me up putting me on the crowed I screamed loudly a loud laugh leaving my mouth. When the security guard set me down he let me go before I was stable making me reach out and grab the first thing closest to me which happened to be Andy’s leg.

Looking down at me he kept singing but winked at me.

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This Helps Me Sleep

This was getting ridiculous. Ridiculous because you knew exactly what was going on but you didn’t like it at all. It made no sense whatsoever and you refused to even think about it.

You weren’t jealous. How stupid would that be?

Yet there you were, in your room at 4:03am, alone. You were always alone, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. You haven’t had a conversation with your mom in weeks, and she was out anyway, and your dad was out of the picture for years. You had no other siblings and your friends were all out, probably partying like the outgoing bastards they are. It’s a wonder you get along.

You always slept alone. You always ate alone. You were always alone, period. Large crowds didn’t exactly make you uncomfortable because you could easily hide in them. No, it was talking in front of people. Hell, even eye contact made you sweat like hell.

And then you met him. And he broke all the rules.

Boys have cooties. Boys suck. Boys are jerks.

But then again so are girls. Girls are total bitches. Oh my God, they are.

No, what you really meant was that you didn’t want a relationship. It could be because you didn’t believe in love. You thought it was useless and time consuming and it always, always ends. Either though a break up or through death. Like seriously.

But he was never like that. He was more like a friend. A great friend. He wasn’t the asshole you thought he was. He was different in person than he was on stage. He was kind but stubborn and he was always laughing or smiling. He had the weirdest sense of humor ever and you liked him that way.

And he gave the best. Hugs. Ever.

No one had hugged you in over two years before you met him. And then one day he wrapped his long arms around you in a frightening comforting bear hug.

He woke you up several times in the middle of the night when he couldn’t sleep or when he had a band fight.

He forced you to leave the house and go watch a movie or take a walk in the park with him after that huge argument you had with your parents.

He showed up unexpectedly at your house with crappy noodle soup when you were sick. You hadn’t even told him you were ill – stalker.

“I’m fine.” You used to mumble and roll your eyes.

He’d huff and raise an eyebrow.

“I know you’re not.”

You’d look at him, trying to figure out how those blue eyes saw though all the layers you purposely laid over the years.

And then he invited you out to some party. You knew you should probably be a girl about it and dress to impress, but you just dragged on some jeans and a tank top. Oh, and your beat-up sneakers.

“You look beautiful,” he grinned.

Of course you frowned and blushed like an idiot.

“As do you,” you mumbled.“How was practice?”

And then you relaxed and listen to him go on about his afternoon without actually listening to the words. His voice was soothing and that was all you needed.

The party stunk. You didn’t know anyone and you wouldn’t dare to get drunk here. You could do something stupid like dance in public.

He was no where to be seen and that pissed you off. The last time you saw him he was chatting to some girl. Rude. You went outside to get some air – seriously, there’s a thing called deodorant – and lost yourself in the sky. Incredible. Not many stars, but they kept appearing as your eyes got used to the dark.

Four hours had passed. Had you fallen asleep? You went inside to go find him and tell him that you were leaving. You just weren’t enjoying yourself. You caught sight of the other four doing some sort of drinking game and you waved shyly at them. They waved like maniacs and motioned to you to join but you shook your head and nodded at the door. Didn’t matter though. They went back to their drinking.

You walked home. Alone.

You couldn’t be jealous. You didn’t even like him. Right? And she wasn’t even that pretty.

Ugh, who am I kidding? She was beautiful as fuck.

The front door was unlocked, making you stop in your tracks. You wouldn’t forget to lock it, and you hopped no one robbed your house. You peeked in but it seemed empty.

Is he here? Oh God that would be so sweet.

A quick look around and it was all empty. Everything was where it was supposed to be. You stormed into your room and threw on some old sweat pants. You jumped in bed and took out your phone. Temple Run to the rescue.

About 45 minutes later you got a text.

Guess who.

-Where are you??

You rolled your eyes and hit a quick reply.

-In bed.

-When did u get there?

-1 hr ago


K?! Excuse me? What is this? Some typical white girl reply?!

-Where are U?

-Just got home. Bed.

I bet he’s ready to fuck that slut.

-U got company?



-K, well goodnight.

You set the phone on your nightstand to charge and turned over.


-R u mad at me?

Yes, fuck’s sake.

-No why would I be

-Because u left

Seriously, dude?

-U had friends there. Didn’t want to butt in. Besides U left first

-I went to smoke

Oh. Well. And you had some guy friends, right? Why shouldn’t he have attractive female friends? Because he looks like he is carved by a God and I, well, look like me.

-I think I left the door open sry

Oh god, so he was here. That’s so creepy.

-what were you doing here

-I didn’t know where you went

That was kinda nice of him. But you knew better than to trust one sweet text.

-go to sleep

­-I can’t



-what do you do when you can’t

-talk to you

-well I’m tired. What do you do when I’m unavailable?

There was a pause. He typed something, and then erased it.

He tried again.

And again.

You sighed and closed your eyes.


-I think of you. I imagine you’re here with me with one around me and your legs touching me. Then you kiss my check and we fall asleep like that. This helps me sleep.