i just kinda miss tumblr

Happy birthday @vallanoble!

I’m really hoping I got your birthday right (or at least a day close to it); otherwise, this would be embarrassing, hah. Anyways, I was gonna draw Leon from RF4, buuut he ended up being difficult to draw, so I drew Chrom instead.

It’s not much, but I wanted to thank you for all the support you have given me. I hope you have a wonderful day today!



that one time @sunshinecaptain and i dressed up as enoch o'connor and horace somnusson for halloween and then just spent most of our day at the mall because we had nowhere else to go, and no one knew who we were but everyone kept calling us cute, and someone asked us what anime we were from.

@smolenoch wanted to see, so! ;/////;

please excuse how much work i still need to do on this cosplay!

Ah, summer, when I lay around doing doodles of my favorite pony and his inspired blogs. I’ve just been making a bunch of the little “paper ponies” like @faunaliciousblog, and I couldn’t resist doing some Tumblrpons. So on top is @ask-king-sombra, who belongs to @ask-wiggles, holding on to him is the fellow from @sombrashy, belonging to @evehlyart, and finally there is @asktyrantsombra.
I need paper ponies to make, so if you’d like one, ask me! (I don’t bite, or say no, mostly)


“This is the story of what a kitty’s patience can endure, and what a cat’s resolution can achieve.”

#52: Anne Cat-herick and Laura Furlie, from the Kitty in White by Whiskery Collins

Escapee-from-an-insane-asylum Anne Cat-herick coincidentally looks just like wealthy orphaned heiress kitty Laura Furlie, who is trapped in an arranged marriage and cannot marry the cat she truly loves (a cat who is beneath her station), whose husband has a Dark Secret, all set in the dreary moors of a dark artistocat-ic castle…..this is the most 19th-century 19th-century-novel ever written

It’s sad that at this point I consider sleep to be closing my eyes at 3 a.m. and just laying there until I have to get up.
—  I used to genuinely enjoy sleeping, now my dreams are just filled with you.

@keep-on-trying I already keep my art on tumblr! It’s just. Hard to navigate, I don’t really properly keep my art all on my art blog even though it technically exists (but halfway existed as a place for all the art I was too shy to put here and then it just. Served no purpose and sat there, largely unused.), it just doesn’t get much attention, after it’s posted almost no one ever finds my older art ever, and I kind of miss how easy it was on oekaki and deviantArt. It’s just very neat and orderly. Easy to navigate.

Maybe I should make a link to my art tag in the blog description itself rather than in my about?

I don’t know. I’d say “I don’t really feel a sense of community with artists that I had back then!”, but that’s silly, literally mutuals and/or friendly with scribblekin and rohanite and nihilistgirlfriend and itstimetodrew and commanderpigg and 0chazuke and mailmandragonite and the list of PokeAni fanartists goes on and on…

I wasn’t planning to do one of these, but 2016 can’t end fast enough and I think we all need some love at the moment so whatever. This year may not have been the best overall (understatement of the year, 2016 was a disaster), but I also made a bunch new friends who became very dear to me so I can’t say that everything that happened in 2016 was the Worst because I’m too happy to have found some of you.

Everyone on the following list is quite precious to me! Some are new (thank you for following me), some have been with me forever (thank you for staying with me), some allow me to get on their nerves a lot and actually talk to me (i love you, darlings! ♥), and I can’t believe that most of these guys are actually following me (seriously, you’re all way cooler than me), but no matter what, you all deserve the best!

Happy New Year! Let’s hope 2017 will be kinder.

Special Mentions: @taurielsilvan – My dear little sis. Life woulnd’t be the same without you. ❤ • @ladyalatariel – My wonderful & amazing Ylva. • @blaackpanthers – Olivia, darling. Making me jealous by showing me her dog all the time. • @lucifersmaze – Izzie aka the one that makes sure I get some sleep. • @jacontodd & @luciocorreiaa – My children Kesh & Prairie who never sleep. • @skyyequake, @karlurbans & @obiwanjedi – Always there to listen, always a pleasure to talk to. • @celebrlan & @eveenstar – Sam and Mr. Frodo and just overall precious cupcakes. • @spacvengrs & @ravenrcnan – The cutest.

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people i talked to at least 3 times friends that i cherish even if we don’t talk as much as i wished to 

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mutuals (◠﹏◠✿) you’re great and i’m a piece of shit if i never talked to you okay (if i forgot to put you in, that means that i’m even a bigger piece of shit so sorry.)

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blogs that i aspire to become. thanks for existing!


special shoutout for these amazeballs fandoms blogs who make our lives easier or worse

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