i just keep thinking of semen

I will never forget when @mostmodernist made a post about what he called “the cum trees” being in bloom and I had the misfortune to ask what he meant and this fucking. Guy tells me he means those trees that grow little white flowers that smell sweet but vaguely gross because APPARENTLY it’s what semen smells like, which I did not know and would have loved to just die not knowing omg. Josh you fucking ruined me.



Your melanin resembles elegance,
Queen you’re so heaven sent ,
You Make me wanna commit the seven sins
With the devil’s grin,
And Yes I love you like Egyptian,
Your Nubian description,
Your Assets are ridiculous,
Ooh you Nutritious,
Yes I’m meticulous,
I will do the dishes
And clean the kitchen
Because With you girl I’m winnin’!!
Please don’t think im pretending,
Your soul really is my mission
I just want to release all this tension
Massage with precision
Just relax and listen
As i slowly replenish
Everything you’ve been missing
These gentle kisses ……..on your flesh
As I caress both your breast
Please Do not sweat the tech……..
Nique, baby, because I am a vet
The deeper I get ……
As you hold on my neck,
And I grip on the bed ….
My stroke is at its best…….
Big gasps from your chest,
Wow! you’re soaking wet
Now we need a new set
Of some sheets before we rest
Oh what a mess *chuckles*……
*whispers* But I Hope I passed the test…….
You see we connect,
On our intellect,
And That’s why I’m impressed,
Because it’s not about the sex,
It’s about the power that our minds both possess,
But i have to confess…….
I know I have a past,
Of moving too fast,
Gotta learn to take my foot off the gas,
Because soon Im gunna crash
And I need to break from my demons ,
Before I put my semen ,
In your garden of eden ,
And keep history repeatin’,
But Im saying this for a reason………
Because….. I have to tell you, the lady in my life,
To really think twice ,
Of the price,
Before you roll that dice,
And yes, Even though I’m just your type…..
It just might not be that time.
Man i would hate to be right……..
So I’ll just give you this light
So you can shine bright
even through the nights ,
God You’re so divine,
And I do, want you to be mine….
But Shit……never mind….
Just run……. Run away and don’t look behind,
As I swallow my pride,
*shouts* “I promise I’ll be just fine"……….
*whispers* I hope you know that’s a lie.

-Cupid’s Enemy

anonymous asked:

RFA reacting to MC with an impreg kink //excuse my sinny sin sin;;;//

ayyyyy hello fellow sinner, see you in hell ;))


-kinky trustfundkid is shocked but not displeased nono

-when you’ve explained what it is he’s all ready to try it out like right now

-he’s the god of dirty talk god bless

-“you’re mine to breed whenver i want, wherever i want, do you like that? do i even have to ask, you love getting fucked, and you love it when i cum inside you, don’t you? i’m gonna breed you good, kitten”

-he’s pretty possesive so he’d love the thought of breeding you as a sign of “ownership” kinda?

-a plus is a big family, i really think jumin would love to be surrounded by a big loving family, he never had


-he’d be into whatever you’re into tbh. a pleaser

-the beast is unleashed oh my

-he’s ready whenever you’re ready

-when you do get down to it, he’s very rough fucking you hard against the mattress

-he won’t stop at just one or two rounds nono, he’ll keep going all night, until his semen is dripping from your entrance

-“you’re gonna be so sore you won’t be able to walk, but don’t worry i"ll take good care of you! you are to carry my kids after all, princess”


-lil masochistic boi is worried he won’t do a good job

-he’ll need lots of time to prepare and research to make sure he can do a good job breeding you

-he’s very nervous about being in control

-you’d have to be a power bottom and do all the dirty talking


-he’s on

-would want to make a “compromise” (ya want it to) to tie you up while doing this

-when you get down to it he’s such a tease, will make you beg and say excactly what you want  him to do to you (he’s sadistic af)

-“what do you want? my cock? hm? is that a yes?”

-“do you want me to cum inside you?”

-will end up having you beg to “please fuck me, breed me please”

-he’ll whisper in your ear a lot and bite your earlobe

-“good girl, well…it’s not like you have a choice anyways”


-he’ll do anything to please you tbh

-wants to research…..but he’s blind so he’d have to listen to a monotone computer voice reading it…..

-that one time he forgot to put the headphone jack in the phone will in public.

-ok but he’d be very very gentle and praise you lots and lots

-“you’re already so bautiful, i can’t even imagine how beautiful you’ll be, carrying our child….children”


-he’d find the thought of it extremely hot

-he’d need time tho, bc he have serious fear of being a parent

-when he’s decided he’s up for it tho

-boy likes it rough

-he’s probably into knife play and bondage as well

-prepare yourself its gonna be intense when he gets that sadistic smirk on his face

-“you’re a fucking slut, you know? my slut. now be a good slut and scream for me”

Things that have gotten me or my former mods called terf/swerf

Not wanting to be called uterus bearer

Lesbian mod saying she can’t have sex with a penis, but after clarifying she experienced trauma in her youth, everyone was A ok with it

Discussing how male socialization could have an effect on the behavior of trans women especially those who transition later in life

Criticizing Caitlyn Jenner being woman of the year despite the fact that she is a bigot who literally killed someone this year 

Reblogging posts from former sex workers speaking about the abuses they experienced in porn. 

Making a post about being annoyed I have cramps and tagging it, I sometimes hate my lady parts. (my own parts, referring to myself, me, my lady parts)

Saying semen carriers should have no part in a discussion about abortion directly after I was referred to as a uterus bearer. 

Saying women/woman when talking about certain reproductive issues without clarifying not all or not only, like you guys can’t just deem that for yourselves without me having to directly say it. 

Like, ya all gonna stop with this shit now and learn to actually think for yourself instead of running around parroting the opinions of others without actually taking the time to learn the facts or you gonna keep acting like you just found Hester Prynn fucking a minister and you have to warn the town folk?