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Parties & Pong (David Krejci)

Anonymous said:

Hi lovey! I adore your writing and I’ve been super down in the dumps lately, lots of school stress etc…! If your requests are open I would like to request a David Krejci imagine, preferably where he’s protective over you at a party, like when someone tries hitting on you or something like that :) xoxo

Word count: 1476

Warnings: Mentions of legal drinking, parties.

Author’s note: I am so sorry that this took so long to write! I really have no excuse for the obscene amount of time it took for me to post this. I’m sorry!

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You love parties. You love the music sending vibrations through your whole body, you love the socializing, and you especially love people watching. David, however, hates parties. You always blame it on the fact that he’s so much older than you, and therefore past the partying prime, but David normally disagrees. In his mind, he hates parties because of the male gender.

You normally don’t get hit on at parties, but whenever David’s with you, guys always seem to gravitate towards you, which makes David furious. You see why he gets mad, but you also think that he’s overreacting just a little bit. You don’t see it as flirting; you just see it as people being friendly. That’s the whole point of a party, after all.

You stand in your bathroom, carefully applying a wing to your eyeliner, while David watches from your bed.

“Do you have to go to this dumb party? You could just stay home tonight and we could watch movies.” David barters with you. You don’t answer for a minute, not wanting to mess up your hard work. Once your wing looks satisfactory, you cap your eyeliner and turn to David.

“It’s not that I have to go, it’s that I want to go. I think parties are fun! And plus, they’re a good way to network.” You stand in between David’s legs as he grabs your hands, playing with the jewelry adorning your wrists.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you have to go to parties with so many guys. Why couldn’t you have gone to an all-girls’ school or something?” You laugh at his suggestion.

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if Tracer made Vines

(from thanks, dad. love, hana. this got super long so it’s under a read more)

  • an installment in ‘a day in blackwatch’ series. “do it for the vine genj” “no” “c'mon genj please” “go away lena” “do it for me genj c'mon do it” genji sighs heavily. he turns around and starts scaling the cliff at gibraltar, tracer shouts “go get 'em you beautiful green sparrow” you can just barely hear genji yell back halfway up the cliff “lena i’m going to kill you” over the crashing waves

  • an installment in 'a day in blackwatch’ series. “jesse let’s go clothes shopping!!” camera change shows mccree coming out of the changing room in a dress and tracer yelling “you’re a handsome bloke jesse mccree!” mccree winks at the camera and poses and in the background a sales clerk looks like they’re about shit a bucket. camera change shows the sales clerk helping mccree lace up a corset. sales clerk looks like they want to die

  • another installment in 'a day in blackwatch’ series. vine shows gabe and mccree screaming at each other in spanish as tracer whispers “is this how they flirt?? more at eleven” the rest of the vine is tracer is running from gabe screaming “IT WAS A JOKE I’M SORRY COMMANDER” gabe is yelling in spanish again, you can barely hear mccree shout “you think he calls jack pendejo in bed??” as he’s left alone in gabe’s office. gabe screams louder

  • another installment in 'a day in blackwatch’ series. “hey ana” “tozz feek lena what is it” “hey ana could you shoot a sleep dart in that guy’s arse” “why” “it’ll be funny ana c'mon” “i. ok. but only if you go down there and finish him off” last two seconds show tracer screaming “OOOOOOOH” with camera zooming in and out on a dart in sleeping guy’s butt

  • “reinhardt loves memes” tracer whispers. camera changes to show reinhardt walking down the hallway and tracer yells “HEY LISTEN TO THIS”. reinahardt stops in the hallway next to her. this starts playing. reinhardt roars and tracer screams as he breaks the bluetooth speaking she’s holding

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anonymous asked:

this might be really vague, but how do I know if I'm a life player or not? like, what tendencies do they have?

Life, huh? Cool Aspect. Much more complex than most people give it credit for, in my opinion. Everyone seems to focus on its more “positive” side (growth, healing, cheerfulness, etc.), while thoroughly neglecting its darker, more problematic, and in my opinion much more interesting one (dominance, forcefulness, egoism, etc.). You see, I’ve always liked refering to Life as being Darwinian in nature, because its main thematic along with the whole “healing” thing seems to be superiority, meaning on one side you have your usual “nurturing, nourishing, and taking care of others” thing (Feferi’s obsession with changing the meaning of “culling” from “killing those individuals regarded as inferior in order to reduce overpopulation” to “taking care of those individuals regarded as inferior out of niceness”, and both Jane AND Meenah’s love for cooking and surprising friendliness), and on the other side you have the much less common “being stronger, more skilled, and/or in a better situation than others” thing (Feferi and Meenah being on the highest end of the Hemospectrum and the heiresses to the throne of their entire species, and Jane being the heiress to the Alpha Earth’s most powerful company). The way I see it, we could say that Life primarily follows the principle of the Red Queen’s Race (which to sum it up, compares life to a race and says that in order to keep your place in it you must keep running faster and faster, because if you stagnate others eventually surpass you and you lose your position and die). Heroes of Life have little to no patience for things that consume their time and forbid them from improving or having things go their way: they’re all about thriving and they know very well that each second counts and lost time never returns. Because of this they can be temperamental, domineering, and even selfish at times. Think about Jane’s incredibly short temper and how much of a big deal she made out of Jake forgetting her birthday party, or about just how easily Feferi dumped Eridan and put an end to their Moirailigence when he actually needed it the most, or how Meenah did basically the same to Vriska by getting in a Redrom with her in the Dream Bubbles and then dumping her to go fight LE simply because “she got bored” (or just think about Meenah in general, really). Whether we like it or not, Heroes of Life seem to be somewhat inclined towards selfishness and temper-tantrums, even if of a more naive nature. Although of course, that is not in any way to say that they’re inconsiderate or mean wrong. They might sometimes be a little stubborn or aggressive in their ways, but 90% of the time they’re just trying to make things better. They are the Aspect of growth and improvement, after all. That’s where their ridiculously strong temper comes from. All in all, I think a nice way of summarizing Heroes of Life is comparing them to the figure of an older brother: they’re always getting on your nerves and sometimes you’d want to kill them, but at the end of the day you know with certainty that they really care about you and would beat up whoever messed with you. Heroes of Life are some of the most caring, useful, and help-oriented people you’ll ever meet; they just have their own way of going around.

Jane is my favorite example for Life in general because she’s got a strong but fluctuating relationship with her Aspect, being very lively and cheerful but also peevish and hot-headed, so she makes a fine example of both the “positive” and “negative” ends of Life (though I gotta admit she favors the negative end more). These are the first two paragraphs of the “Personality and Traits” section of her Wiki page (in bold her Life traits):

“Jane is passionate about practical jokes and pranks. Like John, she will get dressed up in silly disguises and wander around the house […] Also like John she will publicly perform her favorite scenes from movies and TV shows. Jane is far more reckless than passive-John, however. Whereas he tends to listen to what people tell him to do, Jane will often disregard their directions.She repeatedly snuck outside when homestuck by Dad and ignored Auto-Responder’s warnings to not use the transportalizer that ended up leading to her second death. Likewise, when Roxy insisted they not play Sburb Jane was dauntless and connected with Dirk instead. Her curiosity and rebelliousness are undeterred by goading. One might call her… Gutsy.”/“On the same strain as her impetuousnessJane is quick to anger. She is usually very cheerfulfriendly, and all around similar to the jovial Nannasprite, but possesses a remarkably short fuse once frustrated. She becomes exclamatory the angrier she gets, and may eventually end up caps locking and verbally lashing out at people […]”

Goofy, cheerful, rebellious, and short-tempered? Classical Life Hero.

Hmm, y’know, this is looking more like a rant about Life in general than as a reflection on what makes Heroes of Life tick… I’ll just shut the fuck up before this gets any more “TL;DR” and just add a little list with my top 10 Hero of Life traits:

  • Lively
  • Friendly
  • Mischievous
  • Assertive
  • Rebellious
  • Stubborn
  • Temperamental
  • Reckless
  • Domineering
  • Volatile

I kinda tried to rank them from more relevant to less relevant, and also the top 5 are more “positive” traits and the bottom 5 are more “negative” traits”, so in general assume a more healthy, developed Life Player to exhibit the top 5 traits more than the bottom 5, and viceversa. Hope you manage to get something useful out of this big mess, man! And as usual, SORRY for taking so long to answer! D: I wrote and deleted a lot of stuff because it felt too ranty and unnecessary, but I couldn’t improve it much more than this and kinda just let it be, so I’m sorry if this isn’t as insightful as you wanted :/ Let me know if you want or need anything else though. Who knows, I might get more inspired next time.

Incoherent babbling over Natasha and Nick

Can MCU fandom now readjust its collective headcanon about Natasha and how she came to SHIELD and why it had her loyalty, because Cap 2 has been out for a while now, and we’ve gotten to see the deleted scenes too, and I’m still waiting for all of it to trickle in on this part of her history, and it doesn’t seem to have done so at all yet, and just why? Because like, yeah, Clint was sent to kill her and chose not to, and they are clearly good friends and have worked as partners in previous ops, and he probably did help her adjust when she came to SHIELD (though there’s been nothing to suggest Coulson had a part in any of it, but that’s another matter entirely, I guess), and all of that is totally cool, BUT!!!

But I think Cap 2 made it pretty obvious where it was really at for Natasha, why she came to SHIELD and why she was loyal to it, and it’s so very clearly about Nick Fury. Somehow, someway, he showed her that she could put her trust in him, and because she trusted him, she trusted in SHIELD. And somehow they developed this kind of father/daughter bond, where Nick could like, put an arm around her and introduce her like a proud papa would and trust her to get shit done, no matter what, because she’s comfortable with everything and he is too, and whatever messed up stuff it was that made Natasha that way, they’re both willing to use it because they get it and each other, and that is just how they roll and what their situations require of them. And was that bond purposeful, a design by Nick to keep her loyal (or maybe even a design by Natasha to make herself more indispensable and secure as a defector in an organization that wanted her dead), or did it just develop organically, and they were both just kind of surprised by it when they realized, or maybe it was some of both? Whatever the case, however it started, it’s so very real now. 

And Natasha was so broken up about Nick’s death that she just didn’t even try to hide how upset she was, didn’t even try to put up an act or a mask, she just begged him not to die and cried over him when she lost him, and she was so hurt that he didn’t trust her enough, because maybe she didn’t actually expect him to, wasn’t surprised that he didn’t, not really, but she hoped he did, that she had earned it by now. And what was Nick’s reason for not bringing her in on it earlier, was it really just a matter of trust and keeping the circle small?

And even if that is the only reason, Natasha completely gets it. She doesn’t like it, doesn’t like it about herself either, but she gets it, because she and Nick get each other. They’re just on the same level in so many ways, living so much of their lives in the shadows that their eyes can’t adjust to the light anymore, and they can only see the worst in people, the worst intentions, and they plan accordingly and constantly, and it’s just always poker face, trust no bitch 110% of the time, and they don’t show vulnerability except to manipulate others, but that’s not what we see them doing with each other. They’re willing to let their guard down and be honest around each other in a way they don’t really do with anyone else.

And that’s all over the deleted scene, and I get why they felt the need to cut it, but dammit, it’s so important to both of them, and I just want everyone to see it. She tries to go somewhere he can’t get to because she can’t help feeling betrayed and also “this is the world I live in, how have I accepted this as the world I live in?,” but she knows he’ll come after her anyway, and he knows he has to sort this out, she’s reeling from everything, and so is he, because he almost died and he’s dead to the world and he discovered that his life and work was a lie, that he was really just furthering HYDRA’s agenda and how shitty is that for him and all of his people (and he brought Natasha in to SHIELD, gave her something to build her new life around, made her think she was going straight, and I wonder if he feels regretful for inadvertently adding more red to her ledger even if she would never blame him for it), and he finds her, like he probably always has in her moments of doubt, and just him coming to explain himself, feeling like he has to, is an apology of sorts, because even if it was necessary, he does care about her and didn’t want to have to hurt her, but he knows she gets it.

And she does get it, but she doesn’t want to live like that anymore, doesn’t want to be that person, doesn’t want to be like him anymore, and she tells him as much. And she makes her first step towards becoming someone she wants to be by releasing her records out to the world, and I bet he’s actually pretty proud of her for it, not because he played any part in it (he was never going to be the kind of father figure that led her out of the shadows), but because she reached that point and made that decision all on her own, and it’s probably one of the first active choices about her life she has ever made. And she pointedly doesn’t go with him to mop up the HYDRA mess; she goes off to sort out her life and what she wants on her own terms, and that is progress. 

And just, where did all of this come from? How did they reach this point? What did he do to gain her trust? Did they ever go on missions together? Or just hang out outside of work, and how weird would that be? And how do they interact without all the hurt feelings? Can she trust him again like she used to? What will things between them be like now that she’s no longer working for him? I want to know, and I want fandom to hop all over it because it is delicious.

Holiday series: Halloween

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fluff mostly, drinking, unwanted advances

A/N: The first part of my holiday series. Woo!

Plot: Tony got tickets for the best Halloween Party in town

Word count: 3178ish. jeez

“Jesus Christ!” Bucky cried from the far corner of the Halloween store. He started walking towards you shaking his head. “I don’t know how you guys do it.”

“Do what, Buck?” you asked.

“This” He said holding up a scandalous school girl costume that he had stumbled on to in the back of the store.

You chuckled as you felt the blood rush to your cheeks. “You think that’s bad?” You asked as you pulled his hand for him to follow you. “Wait until you see this.”

He sat the costume down haphazardly as he worked to keep up with your fast pace. You pulled him past the fireman and sexy hose operator costumes, past the Police officer and the skimpy meter maid, and past the doctor and naughty nurse costumes.

“I’m seeing a theme here, Y/N.” He commented; his eyes never leaving the wall of costumes.

“I promise, What I am about to show you is a million times more interesting than the gender inequality in Halloween costumes.” You answered, excitement coloring your tone. You had caught the display out of the corner of your eye when he had made his way over to you and you were surprised he hadn’t seen it yet. The leggy blondes on the costume displays must have been to distracting.

Tony had gotten you all in to the biggest Halloween party in the city and you, Bucky, and Steve were the only ones without costumes. Sharon had Steve covered as soon as she heard that they had gotten in. They were going as Dorothy and the scarecrow. So that just left you and Bucky, Which is what led to today’s trip. You could have ordered one online but there was nothing like going to a costume shop with all of their decorations and holiday spirit. You were both in long sleeves; you to combat the chill, him to cover his arm. You wanted to go as unnoticed as possible to enjoy the day.

You finally reached your planned destination in the store. You pulled Bucky to a hard stop and his eyes made contact with the huge display.

“Oh, you have to be fucking kidding me.”  He said with a smile on his face as he eyed the red whit and blue costume in front of him. You laughed as you took in the cheaply made replicas of your teammates suits. Bucky reached out and snagged one of the Captain America suits in his size and made his way to the fitting room.

You couldn’t control your laughter as he complained about the fit from the other side of the door.  “How does Steve wear this thing? It’s so tight in all the wrong places.”

He emerged from the room a few moments later only to be blinded by the flash on your camera. You circled him and let out a low whistle. “Looking good, Buck.” You said.

“Ha ha. Very funny. You’re going to have to delete that picture.” He said tauntingly.

He turned and went back in to the fitting room when an idea popped in to your head. By the time he came out of the fitting room you had all but made up your mind.

“So… I have a totally dumb idea…” You started.

“I’m listening.”

“Let’s go as ourselves!”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, being as there are only a few of these costumes left on the shelf, its safe to say that there are going to be several people out dressed like us…”

Bucky’s eyes sprung to life as he caught up.

“Let’s see how many people recognize us dressed up as ourselves!” You laugh at your brilliant plan.

“I like it.” He said as he grabbed a cheap version of his suit, complete with material to make the left arm resemble his metal one. You grabbed your suit and a cheap wig in the same color as yours and made your way to the counter. You paid for both and headed out for lunch to celebrate a brilliant plan.

You and Bucky sat on a bench outside of the restaurant you had just had lunch drinking coffee and talking. You had an easy friendship that was getting more complicated by the day. You could feel the change in your relationship like the change in season. The leaves were beginning to fall and so were you. It was just so easy to be with him. You  were one of the only ones who didn’t fill every second with nervous chatter when you were near him and in return he was more himself with you than  he was with anyone. He told you once, when he had woken up in the  middle of the night to find you in the kitchen, that he was even still nervous around Steve.

It was hard to think about that now though; with him sitting next to you smiling and laughing in the crisp autumn air. The friendship that had been built in the last few months was one that you didn’t want to mess up with one sided feelings so you kept them to yourself. Even if it was  hard, like right now. He was leaning towards you with his arm wrapped tight around your shoulders pointing a a squirrel trying to dislodge an acorn from the earth. His deep laugh echoing through your ears. Anyone passing by would assume that you were together.

You sighed softly to yourself and Bucky looked down to capture your attention.

“Are you okay, Doll? You have seemed a little off since we left the store…” He asked.

“I’m fine,” You said with a shrug. “Maybe a little cold.” You said in the most convincing voice that you could manage.

He wrapped his arm tighter and helped you stand up. “Maybe we should get going then.”

“Okay.” You said almost sadly.

You walked together for a few moments before you spoke again. “You know, You don’t have to keep doing this,” You said gesturing to the two of you. “Now that were moving I’ll warm up in no time.”

“I know. I like it. Feels natural. And why can’t I keep my best girl warm?” He asked, smiling down at you.

You look down to hide your smile and snuggle a little closer in to his side.

A few hours later, after pizza with the group, you are in your room getting ready. Everyone had been bugging you and Bucky about what you were going as for the party but you were both locked down tight. You had just slipped on your gray catsuit, that was somehow much skimpier than the real thing, when someone knocked on the door. “Who is it?” You called, not daring to unlock it before you knew.

“It’s me, I’m going to need your help.” Bucky said through the door. You quickly unlocked it and pulled him in before anyone could catch a peek at your costume.

“Okay, Buck whats up?” You ask. When you turn from the door you see Bucky’s eyes widen at your outfit. “Look, I know. I tried to zip it up farther but the zipper literally ends right here.” You said tugging the offending zipper.

He shook his head and smiled at you. “I can’t get my arm in this thing. The fake muscles are getting caught.” He said with a slight frown on his lips.

“I’ve got just the thing! You get in to the rest of your costume and I’ll be right back.” You said leaving the room to grab a knife. When you got back he was in the cheap polyester costume to his hips waiting for you to fix the top. “Okay, I can cut the padding out or I can take the sleeve off entirely.” You said offering him the choice.

“Lets try just pulling the padding out first.” He said with a nod and you went to work slicing a small hole in the fabric before removing the stuffing. He slid the top on and you snapped the buttons down his spine. He stretched and posed in the costume before giving his approval. He then sat down on your bed while you finished getting ready. You slipped on your heels and walked over to the vanity in your room to do your make up. You happened to catch the reflection in the mirror before you sat down.

“Are you checking me out, Barnes?” You said, catching the super soldier with his eyes glued to your ass.

“What?” He looked up meeting your gaze in the mirror and blushing furiously.

You didn’t reply, instead sitting down to do your make up. It didn’t take long for your face to look party ready and you threw on the wig cap you bought at the Halloween. You situated the synthetic wig on your head and turned to Bucky. “How do I look?” You ask, knowing you look silly dressed up like yourself.

“Gorgeous as always.” He replied. Your stomach fluttered as he grabbed your hand. “Lets go. The team left about twenty minutes ago. I told them that we would meet them there. You might want to grab a jacket.”

You complied grabbing your leather jacket from the back of the chair as he pulled you from the room. Moments later you speeding down the road on the back of Bucky’s Harley. When you arrived at the club you stuffed both of your jackets in the saddle bags of the bike before he locked it up. A small shiver ran down your spine. The crisp autumn air didn’t mix well with how thin the catsuit was. Bucky wrapped an arm around you before scanning the crowd for the rest of the team. You noticed at least four people dressed in the same costume you were and you smiled to yourself before your eyes landed on a familiar looking vampire.

“Tony!” You shouted pointing in his direction. You and Bucky made your way over to where he was standing and took in everyone else in costume. Steve and Sharron were dressed as promised, Tony and Pepper were dressed as a vampire and his victim. Thor and Jane were dressed as Tarzan and Jane. Wanda was dressed as a sexy Red Riding Hood and Natasha was dressed as a rag doll. You smiled to yourself as you walked up. They all looked so excited.

“Hey guys!”

The group looked at you and you hear Tony groan. “See Pepper, I could have worn my suit!” He complained.

“Oh my god! This is too great!” Wanda exclaimed walking up to you. “I wish I’d thought of that!”

You smiled and settled farther in to Bucky’s side as you waited for the club to open.

After you finally made your way in Tony opened a tab for all of you and ordered shots.

“To a spooky night off with family.” Wanda said raising the glass. You all seconded her statement and downed the shot. Everyone then made their way to the V.I.P. Booths to the side of the dance floor. Natasha was nestled in the booth on your right with Bucky sandwiching you in on the other side.  “So, are you going to tell Barnes tonight?” She whispered in your ear.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You whispered back.

“I have intel that says he feels the same way.”

You smacked her arm and told her to be quiet. Bucky looked over to you.

“You okay over there, Sweetheart?”

“I’m fine, Natasha is being nosy.” You said rolling your eyes.

After a few more drinks everyone began to wander from the table. Sam finally showed up and Steve and Sharon went off to find him while everyone else went off to dance, leaving you and Bucky in the booth alone. You were nursing a Jack and Coke when Bucky cleared his throat. You looked up at him from under your lashes.

“Wanna go dance?” He asked, playing with the sleeve of his costume.

“Yeah.” You beamed up at him.

After a few dances and a few more drinks you and Bucky had made your way back to the booth and were people watching, laughing at the couples and their costumes. There was a girl in a Black Widow costume dancing with a Captain America that was currently the center of your enjoyment as you watched Sharron roll her eyes. A very drunk girl dressed as some kind of woodland creature that passed by your table. She paused and backtracked.

“Cute costume, Soldier, Wanna dance?” She said with a slur to her high pitched voice. You could feel something twist inside of you as you waited for Bucky’s response.

“No thank you, Ma'am. I’m quite comfortable right now.” He said wrapping his arm around you. You let out the breath you were holding.

“Oh.” She blinked hard, looking like she was trying to sober herself and walked off.

“You didn’t have to do that, Bucky. You can dance with whoever you like.” You assured him.

“I have been.” He replied with a sweet smile.

You excused yourself to calm the butterflies in your stomach. On your way to the bathroom Natasha stopped you again.

“You and Barnes look pretty cozy over there…” She started.  You drug her in to the bathroom with you.

“Look, I think it’s time you tell him. He can’t take his eyes off of you.” She assured you.

“Okay, Okay. I will.” She gave you a stern look. “I will.” You said with more conviction.

“Good, cause if you don’t someone might just let it slip. It’s time that the two find some happiness.” She said in a sincere voice before walking out of the ladies room. You bent over the sink and tried to talk some sense in to yourself.

Five minutes later, you were walking out of the ladies room with a little more confidence. Your eyes scanned the  booth for Bucky but came up empty. You looked around the bar and found a familiar dark haired figure at the corner of the bar and walked over to him.

“I’ve been looking for you.” So said in a low voice.

The man turned around quickly and threw a sloppy arm around your waist. You felt the padding on the left arm before you saw his face and knew you’d made a mistake. “Have you? Well, here I am gorgeous.”

“Sorry. I, I uh, thought you were someone else.” You said, pushing him away. He threw his arm out, blocking your exit.

“For you, I’ll be whoever you want me to be.”

You resisted the urge to gag at his words and replied as calmly as you could. “Please move your arm.”

He gave no response but continued to smile down at you.

“Okay, How about this. Please move your arm before you lose it.” A deep voice came from behind you and the man finally took a step back. You turned to find a menacing looking Bucky, standing behind you with his arms crossed. You ran in to his arms as the other man made a speedy retreat. “Are you okay, Sweetheart?”

You nodded feeling entirely sober after what had just taken place. You could have handled it yourself but you were thankful that you didn’t have to.

“Can we get out of here?” You ask hopefully.

“Yeah, I’ll text Steve to tell him that we’re leaving.” He pulled out his phone unlocking it with ease and sent the message. “Alright, let’s go.” He said pulling you close and walking to the door.

“So where to?” Bucky asked as he grabbed your jackets.

“How about we go home and make some hot chocolate? I’m tired of being out.” You suggested.

“Sounds good.” He unlocked the bike and kicked it to life. You climbed on and settled in to his back.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked. “You’re not acting like yourself.”

“I’m fine. A little drained. That was a lot. I may need a few days to recover from being around so many people.”

“I know what you mean.” He said with a chuckle.

The bike kicked in to a higher gear and you sped off in the direction of home.

You walked from the garage tucked under Bucky’s arm. When you reached the main level you turned to him and told him you wanted to get changed.

You headed off to your room and slid out of the costume and pulled your wig off. The dull ache in your head disappeared  the second the wig came off and you instantly relaxed as you pulled on a very large t shirt. You combed your hair and left it down before sliding on your fuzzy slippers.

When you made it back to the kitchen Bucky was sitting at the counter in his sweats and a t shirt with two mugs in front of him. You sat across from him on a tall bar stool.

“So what’s been on your mind tonight?” Bucky asked, pushing the mug towards you.

You took a long drink of the warm drink. You took a deep breath.

“That bad, huh?” He said with a nervous laugh.

“Hopefully not.” You mumbled in to your cup.

He waited for you to continue and you steeled yourself for the possible backlash of what you were about to say.

“Okay, So you know that you’re my best friend, right?” You asked meeting his eyes for the first time, His intense gaze was settled on your face. He gave a quick nod to signify that he was listening. “Well, I’m…” You let out a ragged breath. “I’m … I think I’m falling in love with you.” You said quickly. “And I really didn’t want to mess up out friendship, because its just so easy. I can tell you anything, obviously. And I really, God, I was hoping I could just bottle it up until it went away but here I am letting it all just spill out on the table. And please just say something because I’m rambling and I can’t-”


“Yeah, I can’t stop. And I’m freaki-”

“No, Y/N, just stop.” He interrupted and you looked up to face him, his eyes were amazingly soft. He smiled before leaning in and kissing your lips softly. You slid your tongue across his bottom lip, he tasted like whiskey and chocolate. He parted his lips and granted you access.

Your kiss was interrupted buy a series of catcalls from the door way. The whole team was standing a few feet away, laughing and cheering at the scene before their faces. Steve muttered “Finally” and led Sharron back to his bedroom and everyone took that as their cue to leave. Natasha leaned around Sam’s back to deliver a sly wink in your direction before disappearing down the hall.

“So I think that should be our hint to take this somewhere more private before one of them comes back with a camera, right?” Bucky said with a laugh.

With that you grabbed his hand and led him to your bedroom.

luckynolucy  asked:

Please tell me how to make gifs


This is long, so I’m going to put it under a read more line. I use Sony Vegas and Photoshop in this, but you really only need Photoshop. This isn’t a guide in how to acquire those programs, so if you don’t have them, you’ll have to look that up yourself.

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