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Jakei, I care about your health more than your animations. I mean, animating that long just for us is good and all but please do take rests and I know you said you've been BUT I don't believe you >:( Show us a pic of you sleeping and THEN we'll talk about animations :> (Ok, trying my best not to be a kind of rude and angry about it, but don't take this as a threat or somethin' I just really care about you :> )

Hahahah I’m fine, dear

I mean it!

I finally could fix my sleeping schedule and days are very different now (I’m about to sleep after I answer this) and It makes me more productive, so animating is not actually stressing me out or something. I’m working everyday, but in a paceful and relaxing way.

Also I’ve been taking walks all this week to clear my mind of some…useless thoughts in order to keep save my work and of course my health. But is not a big deal. That’s helping me to get some ideas for comics and animations, even shitposts heheh.

You wanna a, picture to know if I’m not lying? Here you have it:

These guys and the Adobe suite pillows are like a good damn therapy to relax my body while I’m sleeping. Even the amount of nightmares I was having are dissappearing. Since I always loved to sleep, I can assure you this is the best part of the whole day after work. 

Okay, so, I saw these adorable pics by @the-blonde-goblin about a transgirl Mokuba and I just fndjkfnd

I keep imagining really supportive older brother Seto immediately rushing out to buy his little sister a whole new wardrobe so she can figure out what kinds of outfits and accessories she likes. He loves seeing her smile and finally feel herself and does everything he can to make sure it stays that way. 

Also, he’ll beat up anyone who talks shit about trans people. Just try it. You’ll be taken away in a body bag.

Hope she doesn’t mind me drawing something for this. I just couldn’t resist!

More of my art at @sorakachanart

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Dead Remembrance

there’s water dripping in my lungs
and my blood isn’t in my veins
i think i’m either dying
or i’m slowing going a bit insane

my mind is melting
telling a story
of a complex sobriety
that i could never keep

then again vodka was my friend
stone cold and there for me
every bottle had a story
but i ended up drink the words and pages

and whatever happened to my morality
the things that slip my mind
what make my vices dance around inside
until i’m so fucked up i can’t remember

i’ll just end up kissing someone i don’t mean too
or for god sake giving myself to someone
i mean everyone’s been there
done that
but they regret the hangover after

and as i slowly descend into my grave
six feet under where no one can here me scream
i’ll be asleep
reminding myself that i wasn’t a complete waste
even though i was wasted

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bonjour bella! 🌸✨ just wondering, do you have any tips for things to do on a spa day when you want to treat yourself- either things to do or products? currently in the mood to feel like an angel

salut anon! i’m really sorry it took me so long to get to u, i’ve been a busy girl all day.
BUT i think it’s best to start with lighting some scented candles, playing some soft music (some classical maybe?), and putting a face mask on. i usually make my face masks at home with some aloe vera, honey, and a few drops of virgin olive oil/avocado oil. but here is a good master post in case u want to use another type of oil. or u could just buy a face mask. lush has some really good ones (personally, i love the catastrophe cosmetic and rosy cheeks ones!)
u could paint ur nails while ur mask dries (is it weird that i do that?) or just lie down n enjoy the lovely music and candles (maybe drink something cool n refreshing. soda or wine or even just a cool glass of water with some lemon drops in it! treat urself)
then u should take a nice bath w a couple of good ol’ bath bombs. the sex bomb maybe? or tisty tosty?
i always let my hair air dry after spraying it with nutritive spray by yunsey bc i have wavy hair and it makes it look really healthy n nice + it smells good. but if u have straight hair, u could ignore that part.
put lotion all over ur body!!!! i have dry skin so i use the yves rocher aloe vera pulp moisturising lotion n i like it a Lot.
then, do ur daily skin care routine i guess. i use sensi system eye calming eye contour by estherderm for my eyes, and dior hydra life pro-youth sorbet for my face. i also really like spraying some of caudalie beauty elixir if i’m not about to sleep bc it smells lovely n is So Refreshing.
and that’s all i guess? put on a soft light dress, put on some burt’s bees peppermint lip balm, eat fruits, drink some more, and maybe start a book. i’ve recently started the unbearable lightness of being and i’m loving it so far. just treat urself and have fun!! hope this helped✨💝

A headcanon yeyay……when they were little edd would act like a cat just to piss tord off xdd

or maybe because he liked cats and was secretly a furry

this was for the TordEdd week ( the blog is called @baconcolaweek ) ? and honestly I’m loving the days… I gotta do them all and I’ll post my headcanons and art here uwu hope you don’t mind and take it as a gift or smth for being so inactive and stuff lol idk if keep this blog up or just post MY headcanons (sorry omg) hdkwhfj anyway hope u like it gjwjf

wanna one/produce 101; masterlist.

yo, welcome to my wanna one/produce 101 masterlist! here you can find scenarios, imagines, reactions. feel free to request anything! please dont be shyshyshy my loves :)//no TEXTS OR SNAPS.


P.S i wont do all 101 members,, please keep that in mind! but feel free to also request anyone else (i will not do the members who have been eliminated in the first and second eliminations round- SORRY. these people listed are the imagines i’ll likely do, but ofc i will do whatever yall ask)

- /// -


= angst

= smut

= light/slight smut (mainly imagining the smut yourself cliffhanger sorta thing)

= fluff

= completed (series)

= hiatus

bold = personal favourites/public favourites

i+s = imagines (series)

r = reactions

s = scenarios

mtl = most to least


bae jinyoung

[i+s] ex’s and shows ♔ [1]

yoon jisung

ha sungwoon

hwang minhyun

ong seongwoo

kim jaehwan

kang daniel

park jihoon

park woojin

lee daehwi

lai guanlin

yoo seonho

jung sewoon

kim samuel

takada kenta

ahn hyungseob

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Your art is absolutely wonderful!! My question is: which comic book artists inspire you and motivate you to work harder/improve to stay ahead of the curve?

I’ll keep it to current/new folks, but as far as pushing me to keep discovering and exploring new things in my drawing:

Chris Samnee
Joe Quinones
Mitch Gerads
Bilquis Evely
Leonardo Romero
Daniel Acuna
Greg Smallwood
Stuart Immonen

And the worst part of lists like these is I’m sure I’m forgetting tons of folks, bearing in mind that this isn’t just a “favorite artists” list. That would be huge.

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49 please?

49. “Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.”

There they were, cuddled up on the couch on the balcony beneath a soft fleece blanket. Their hands each adorned with with a mug of hot coffee. Nights like these were always their favorite. They would just sit there and stare at the stars, with nothing but the ambiance of New York City at night to fill the silence. They would leave their phones inside and lock the doors to avoid any and all interruptions. Tonight was theirs, and they’d like to keep it that way.

It was Magnus who broke the silence first. “Alexander dear, my hot chocolate is cold, would you mind heating it up for me?” He asked, to which Alec was confused.

“Why don’t you just use your magic to do that?” 

Magnus then placed a kiss onto Alec’s forehead and stroked his cheek with his thumb. “I thought we had agreed to a magic-free evening, and besides it’ll taste better when done the old fashioned way.”

Alec rolled his eyes at that. “I would argue that microwaves are hardly old fashioned. I’d much rather lay here with you.”

It was Magnus who was rolling his eyes now. “Come on, Alexander. Please.” Magnus whined. But Alec just laughed and snuggled into Magnus closer.

“Magnus just lay here with me, I’ll make you the best hot chocolate tomorrow okay?” Alec tried to reason.

Usually Magnus is able to get Alec to do as he says with just one pouty face and a shot of his puppy dog eyes. But Alec wasn’t having it today. Not right now. 

“Alexander, if you truly loved me you’d get up and warm up my hot chocolate.”

Alec scoffs. “I don’t recall that being in the definition of love. Come on, Magnus.”

Magnus jolts away and puts on a fake face of sadness. “Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.” He says.

Alec just laughs and kisses Magnus on the cheek. But he gives in and gets up.

“You know you’re a real pain in the ass.” Alec said.

“Yes, but I’m your pain in the ass.”

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OH MAN BUT au where Yoongi totally wants to fuck his best friend’s hot dad, Taehyung.    

Like from the first time Yoongi’s best friend, Baekhyun, invited him over to his house for a gaming session and Taehyung answered the door in a black muscle shirt that showed off tattoos and some gray sweats that clung to him nicely, Yoongi knew he fucked.  Literally, how was Taehyung so fucking hot and the father of a seventeen-year-old??? Yoongi was honestly so turned on just by looking at Taehyung’s lavender hair and eyebrow piercings. The younger couldn’t stop staring until Baekhyun came and physically pulled him to the living room.

“Yeah, I know my dad is still going through his rebellious phase don’t mind him.”

“Dude your dad is….. hot as fuck.”

Baekhyun’s eyes widen and he fake gags before laughing and shoving Yoongi playfully.

“Gross dude please keep your boner for my dad away from me.”

Neither knew Taehyung had heard them.

Oh my goodness you guys! I have reached 200 followers, which is just absolutely mind blowing! I honestly never would have thought my writing would get this much attention and from so many wonderful people! I’m so lucky to have such beautiful and kind people following me!

So in order to celebrate this achievement, I’m creating a challenge! To keep with my theme of getting to know me, I’m going to have a list of prompts from some of my favorite things. All you have to do is send me an ask with the prompt title and number you want, and I’ll put you down for it. Submissions will be due August 15th. Rules and prompts are under the cut!


  1. I’d prefer if you were following me because it is a follower celebration, but I’m not gonna check. So let’s just use the honor system; I’m trusting you guys!
  2. There will be two people per prompt, but if you are absolutely dying to get one and it’s full, you can message me and I probably won’t say no.
  3. No wincest - no judgement to anyone who ships the brothers together, but I personally don’t like that ship and won’t read it.
  4. MAKE SURE TO USE TAGS AND WARNINGS: seriously guys, it’s only a couple extra seconds of work and it helps keep our readers safe!
  5. Tag me in your finished work and use the hashtag Tristan’s 200 Follower Challenge (I used my real name because my username is obnoxiously long.)


She’s the Man:

  1. “Girls with asses like mine do not talk to boys with faces like yours.”
  2. “Speaking as a completely objective third party observer with absolutely no personal interest in the matter…”
  3. “When I close my eyes, I see you for who you truly are, which is UUUG-LAY.”
  4. “Man, I just, I’m not really good at talking to girls.” / “Why? You’re hot!” / “What?” / [clears throat] “Ya know, you’re an appealing guy- man- guy- guy man.”
  5. “Do you like cheese?” / “Why yes I do. My favourite’s gouda” 
  6. “Does he have your number? 1-800-BEE-OTCH?”
  7. “I’m allergic to the sun.” “You’re allergic to the sun?” “Very, very, very deathly, deathly allergic.” - @wordstothewisereaders
  8. “So what about the thing… we talked about it… that you’re gonna do later?” / “What thing? I’m… I’m thingless…”

Mortal Instruments:

  1. “Unfortunately, my one true love remains myself.” / “Well, at least you don’t have to worry about rejection.” / “Not necessarily. I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting.”- @wideawakeandwriting
  2. “The meek may inherit the earth, but at the moment it belongs to the conceited. Like me.”
  3. “That’s why when major badasses greet each other in movies, they don’t say anything, they just nod. The nod means, ‘I’ am a badass, and I recognize that you, too, are a badass,’ but they don’t say anything because they’re Wolverine and Magneto and it would mess up their vibe to explain.”
  4. “It’s your gift, to see the beauty and the horror in ordinary things. It doesn’t make you crazy, just different.”
  5. “Is this the part where you start tearing off strips of your shirt to bind my wounds?“ / “If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should have just asked.”
  6. “He’d burn the whole world down till he could dig you out of the ashes.”

New girl:

  1. “Can I get an alcohol?” - @sushisecor @pinknerdpanda
  2. “This place is fancy and I don’t know which fork to kill myself with.” - @because-sam-winchester
  3. “I’m gonna end up alone. I’m gonna be a single old lady, flashing people on the subway.”
  4. “To be clear, I haven’t asked any of you to impregnate me. I think it’s important that’s been said.”
  5. “Can we just take a moment to celebrate me?”
  6. “We’re a family. Families talk about things.” / “No! Families ignore things until they go away.”
  7. “So, you know in horror movies when the girl’s like, "Oh, my God. There’s something in the basement. Let me just run down there in my underwear and see what’s going on, in the dark.” And you’re like, “What is your problem? Call the police.” And she’s like, “Okay,” but it’s too late, because she’s already getting murdered. Well, uh, my story’s kind of like that. “

Tagging my forevers just in case y'all would like to join! Again, thank you, everyone, who follows me and gives me love on my fics. You’re all amazing and wonderful, beautiful people!

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Almost 2.4k! Whaaaaaaa?

You guys are awesome!!!

After receiving abunch of Dean gifs and 1 (yes, just the one Sam gif - @winchestersmut I would think of smt for it) I decide to continue with my gif blurb celeb, but next week will be dedicated to the younger brother..

Look at my Sammy boy over there *heart eyes*

So, submit  your Sam gifs!!!


  • Sam Winchester only (it can be a Jared gif but keep in mind I’ll do Sam).
  • It can be any body part, not just his face (but if the gif is NSFW imma have to put it under a cut).
  • Send as many as you want (I’m not guaranteeing I’ll do all of them).

Go now and submit your Sam GIF!


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Squad Leader. Take a deep breath and stop for a moment. You're still here. Still with the ones who love you and care about you. Me. The other cadets. The other Squad Leaders (Mama and Papa). So please don't beat yourself up. Because you mean so much to all of us here. You've listened to every single one of our problems, Squad Leader, so it's our turn to show you how loved you are. (I hope you're alright Daddy. I wanted to give you a pep talk like you give us them). Cadet Cutie-captain-funsize x

That’s just so incredibly cute and wonderful, my heart is beating with happyness. Thank you so much for this. I will keep it all in mind and try to be strong and get over it soon

S03 E18: Public Enemy

This is the compilation of all Olicity fics written in response to S03E18 of Arrow. The list do not include speculation stories of future episodes or plot development, just post-episode reactions and missing scenes. Keep this in mind when you sent a suggestion to add to this list.


Mama Knows Best by brookemopolitan [G - 1812]

Extensions of a few of the best scenes in 3x18, plus some delicious parental advice that only Donna Smoak could give.

Follow Your Heart by @hopedreamlovepray​ [T - 960]

I had a scene in my head of Felicity and Digg holed up in her apartment not knowing what was going to happen and Oliver showing up…

Stop! by sssssssim [T - part of a collection]

during 3x18, Lance goes to Verdant and confronts Oliver, and Felicity goes full rage on the captain’s ass ^.^

Oliver turns himself in and Team Arrow pays him a visit by MaryTagus [T - 1175]

Oliver turns himself in. The team goes in to visit Oliver.

Be Patient Oliver by akaHAZZAP [NR - 1232]

Continuation of the scene in the precinct.

promise by minachandler [G - 1386]

Felicity tries to figure out what to say to Ray after he drops the ILY bomb, and Oliver asks her to promise him something.

For Us by ADbLOCK [G - 1384]

It felt weirdly frustrating that the words had to come out of her mother’s mouth before she could really see things clearly. It was right in front of her, after all. But maybe sometimes you just needed someone to remind you of the things that you already knew.


If you know or wrote a fic related to S03E18 and it’s not here, please send it to us so we can add here.

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Hello! I would just like you to know that your post (about LGBTQ+) was extremely inspiring to me as a bisexual 18 year old girl hoping to make it into veterinarian school (and be either an exotic or equine specializing vet!). I relate to almost everything you mentioned, down to being overweight and top of my graduating class! I begin my vet experience hours tomorrow and will likely have your story in the back of my mind for a while. So thanks. :) Blog I use = studyanlmals, not my main.

That is awesome and I am so glad someone found the post helpful. Keep working toward your goal and stay strong!

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Hey, the song Hope for Now by City and Colour is the most upsetting Scanlan song I've ever heard in my life :)


how can I instill such hope
but be left with none of my own?
what if I could sing
just one song
and it might save somebody’s life

when I would sing
all that I can sing
because that is when
when I feel that I’m not just counting time

oh, and I sing
all that I can sing
maybe just for the moment
things would seem all right

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Hey so I've had a few different urls and started a few different art/story series attempts, but I've never been able to keep them up for more than a few days, because I feel like my stuff's disappearing into a void where it will never be seen or appreciated by my 0 followers. How do you approach your art/fics, and roughly how long did it take for you to get a tumblr following/mutual crew? Thanks, enjoy (london, was it?), and Happy Eid.

Hello, fellow anon creative. 

Originally posted by teachingfeelslike

In terms of keeping up the motivation for you art/story concepts: the most I can personally suggest is making a file (on computer or in paper) of small parts of the concept, whether it be fully fleshed out or just rough drafts. And keep coming back to it whenever anything comes to mind that may help grow the concept, but especially come back to it after a while when the motivation has died down and you’ve not seen it for a while. I usually do that, coming back to old ideas, and it sometimes stirs up more ideas or I decide to change a few things here and there. Also look for inspiration in your everyday life. Go for a walk and observe the environment around you (buildings, landscapes, spend some time people-watching), listen to music (especially concept music: music that tells a story) and listen to the music style and the lyrics and try to add the song to the concept, for artists: look up artists and art style and try to incorporate what you’ve learnt from the art style or the artists into your work. Any little helps. But also don’t feel bad if you fall out of your concept and lose the motivation for it, because everyone gets that. But if you feel like you can’t work on your concepts because you think it’s not popular enough, then onto the next bit!!  ↓ ↓ 

In terms of getting your concepts recognised:…. it’s a bit more difficult. You can’t really force people to like everything you do; I’ve come to terms with that many times as I’m sure many other creatives have as well. So whenever you create something, don’t expect it to be life-changing. But then again don’t doubt your concepts, because they could be really good ideas. There’s something for everyone so I’m sure someone will love your concepts and would love to learn more about it or even suggest their own ideas: in that case, be open for any suggestions and consider them whether the ideas should or shouldn’t be canon for your concept. The one difficulty with creating concepts that you want to be appreciated is that unfortunately not a lot of people show gratitude to the creators; sure they’ll see it and smile from it, but many may just ‘leave a like’ and fewer people actually share your concept. Not that it’s appalling that they do so (after all it’s their decision what they share), just that it really helps creators if their stuff is spread around so more people can see their ideas and gain more support and motivation for their concepts to continue. So yeah, calling to all ‘spectators’ of the works of artists and writers: PLEASE REBLOG (BUT NOT REPOST) THEIR STUFF TO SHOW SUPPORT AND GET MORE CREATIVE PEOPLE RECOGNISED: IT’LL REALLY MAKE THEIR DAY!!!!!

This is as much as I can come up with right now. If there’s anymore stuff people can suggest then feel free to talk about it (but I don’t think there is a logical strategy to creating popular stuff). Just keep your ideas in an organised space, keep filling it with whatever ideas spring to mind, look around for inspiration, and don’t be afraid if it’s the concepts are unpopular: just because they’re not over-popular doesn’t mean they’re bad ideas. 

Originally posted by englishloveaffairgivesmehope

Hope you have a great day/night. :)

Protect Myself  (Part 3)- Best Friend Calum/Boyfriend Luke

Part one can be found HERE

Part two can be found HERE

Warning: This story mentions many of the feelings and thoughts that may go through a victim of PTSD’s mind. I am personally effected from 2 different sources of trauma and my life and brain is an absolute mess so I guess just be careful if you get triggered by PTSD - depression - self hate - thoughts (only thoughts) of self harm. 

Ashton only drove down the road before be pulled over to give me one of my pills and a bottle of water. Once he was sure I had taken it, he drove and stayed silent. He has a habit of keeping the car in neighborhoods which he told me he does so I can be more comfortable. I don’t want to be alone in my own head but I don’t want to put Ashton through this.

“I’m sorry” I say, voice hoarse from crying. 

“Don’t be.”

“It’s not fair that you all have to tip toe around my problem. It’s not like any of you did this to me.”

“I don’t think any of us tip toed around anything just now.” He gives a half smile, trying to lighten the mood, it doesn’t work. 

“The fact that you all carry at least one of my pills on you at all times just in case something happens isn’t normal. I don’t even have one of my own.” I’m frustrated at myself, at the situation, at my stupid head and this stupid idea that for some stupid reason just because Luke got mad at some stupid thing I did that he was going to hit me or or or….

“Is that you talking or is that the PT-” I’m relieved that I’m torn from that though but still upset. 

“It doesn’t matter which one it is. All I am doing is being a shitty person and ruining things that I have no right to ruin. What the hell gives me the right to come in to Luke’s life and disrupt it all the time. Every single time I freak out, you all put your lives on hold and that’s fucked up. That’s not right, that…”

“That is what family does.” There is a certain tone that Ashton uses when he is stating a fact. He only uses it when he is positive that something is a fact so for him to use it now has me feeling worse. 

“I don’t have a family.” My parents gave up on me the second time I was in the ‘home’ as they called it. They said that I was old enough to know how to handle my problems. I was an adult now and should realize it and stop being such a brat, starving for attention and an easy way to be lazy. High five, mom and dad! Great parenting.

“Did you ever stop to consider that Luke chose you for a reason. Out of all the humans that he could have picked, he picked you to be his girlfriend. When this happened to you, Luke didn’t give up like them. He stayed and we all stayed because that’s what a real family does. They come when you call for help the same way that you go to them when they need it.”

“How have I ever helped?” I don’t know what he is getting at but I’m curious to see.

“Easy” he laughs a deep belly laugh that actually makes me want to smile. I don’t, but I kinda want to. “You are always there when I get home sick and want to braid your hair like I used to with Lauren.”

“I wou-”

“You cook us dinner all the time which saves us so much money and it’s comforting. Plus, we love watching you cook.”

“You watch me because you are scared if you do-”

“Last week, even though you were sleeping, you woke up and watched 3 movies with Michael until he fell asleep because he was sick.”

“He wouldn’t stop coughing, I had to help.”

“That’s what I’m talking about. You don’t actually have to do any of those things but you do them because you love us and you want us to be okay and happy and healthy. You do it even if you are sick yourself or tired or sad or having a problem. You’re talking like you have come in like a tornado and locked us all up but you haven’t.”

“In just one episode, I managed to run out on my boyfriend for just raising his voice, run away from my best friend who was only trying to help and pulled you from doing whatever you were doing. I don’t even give you the choice to help, I did just realize that Calum was helping. I didn’t have to bother you with this too. I bet if Michael was home, I would have fucked up his night too.”

“Just stop it with that” he breathes through his nose and lets it slowly out of his mouth. I’m sure Calum will be okay as soon as you are back to yourself and Luke, I bet he is just waiting for you to come home so he can fix it.”

“See? He shouldn’t have to fix anything at all, he isn’t the one who broke it…broke me” I’m frustrated again but the pill is making me sluggish.

“I didn’t mean it that way.”

“Every time I get scared, someone gets pulled back from doing something.”

“Can I tell you a secret?” He smiles as he pulls back up to the house. He must have realized that I’ve calmed before I did. I nod my head yes. “You don’t pull us back. Most of those times whichever one stays with you, didn’t want to do that activity. We don’t lose out because of you. You give us someone to hang out with when one of us doesn’t want to do it.” The car is in park and Ashton turns to me. We don’t move for several minutes but the door opens and Luke stands just inside. I look at my hands figuring out what to say. 

“He wants to take away my freedom.” I’m finally able to say exactly what I’m feeling in a way they can understand. 

“Is that how you see it?”

“Yes. How do you see it?”

“I see it as him trying his damn hardest to protect the girl he loves.” He shifts so his face is in my peripheral and I look at him. “I know you can protect yourself but that doesn’t mean you always have to. Let him take control every once in a while. Think of it this way, alright?” His tone is soft. “You know how you sometimes say that you need to feel needed? That you are scared that you could be replaced?”

“Yeah” I say, both of us upright now. 

“He needs that too. He is scared that if you only need him for protection and if you don’t need him for that then what do you need him for?” My head snaps to look at Luke and his eyes dart between me and Ashton before he takes just one step outside the door. 

“He.” I’m reaching for the door before I answer him. I understand what he means and my heart breaks a little more if that is possible. I don’t want Luke to ever think I don’t need him.

and although I’m uncomfortable, I don’t move. I keep my thoughts calm and tell myself that I have to allow Calum to hug me like this. I may feel trapped and out of control but Calum doesn’t see it the same. He needs to feel physical touch to confirm I’m near. He can’t protect me if he isn’t close enough to touch me. When the boys pull apart from me on either side, Luke ushers me inside with his hand playing in my hair. 

“Can we have a movie night?” I ask, quietly, head against Luke’s side. Luke makes a small grunt in agreement and sits down next to me on the couch.I want to apologize for ruing their night and I want to tell them how much they mean to me but all I can do is sit there. 



“Did you give me the big pill or th-” I pause for a large yawn “the small one?”

“Shh, just watch the movie” he answers. Before I know what movie we are even watching,I was asleep. I woke slightly as someone carried me but it wasn’t Luke, it wasn’t his scent. When I noticed I pushed back slightly to try and get down.

“It’s just me, sweets. Luke couldn’t carry you because his arm fell asleep.” Calum’s familiar voice sounded deeper through his chest. 

“You should hav-”

“It’s fine. Just close your eyes” he stops momentarily to open the door with his foot.

“I’m sorr-”

“Nope. Don’t even go there. I’m not taking a sorry, I’m not giving one. It happened, it’s over.” He didn’t seem mad, just sure that he didn’t want to talk about it. It wasn’t like I was in a position to argue anyway. I fell Luke pull me to him some time later. I don’t know how I got lucky enough for these guys, but I’m going to have to do something to say thank you.


I know this is a bit different from the other 2 but I thought since we had a Luke part and a Cal part that we could try an Ash part. Let me know what you think - bad and/or good

I think I need to clarify something with my opinion. And yes, this is my opinion and you can agree or disagree with it, it doesn’t bother me.

I think Tri is a piece of shit due to garbage writing. Maybe it’s not as bad as I think it is, but it’s not been enjoyable outside of the nostalgia aspect. Honestly, the english dub is the first thing I’ve loved about it, but that’s even more of the nostalgia talking. I think the basic concept of Tri is good and I love the animation, music, and voice acting, but I wish they almost waited longer to relase so that the script was more solid. However, I will defend things like Meiko when it comes to bullshit such as:
-She is stealing screentime
-She is destroying my OTP
-She is ruining Tri
-She is replacing X character

With most of those things, people are just blaming Meiko for the reason why Tri is shit instead of saying hey maybe Tri just isn’t great and I should take off my rose tinted glasses and see that nostalgia can’t make things good. I know she isn’t the greatest character but she isn’t a horrible character either. If the issue is character development, we’ve only seen a couple movies with her when the rest of the cast has had two seasons and multiple movies (even if some aren’t considered canon) to develop. And I see no issue if she gets put center stage and the original group gets put aside because that’s what 02 did when they introduced the new cast. Tri is a new season afterall.

Now the shipping aspect I have no respect for anybody who hates Meiko for getting in the way of their OTP. I really don’t feel like saying more on the subject though.

And then everyone with its unfair the Meiko exists and the 02 cast isn’t there. Just a question to pose. If the Tri writers can’t give the 8 Adventure kids and Meiko enough screentime, how were they gonna fix that issue with another 4 characters added to the mix? Even if Meiko wasn’t there, that’d still be a main cast of 12 (plus another 12 digimon). Now I want the 02 kids as much as everyone else, but not if they are gonna be handled poorly. Same goes with the no mentioning of the 02 kids minus Ken. It would take up more screentime if they were constantly going “but where are the 02 kids???” which would leave less time for plot and other things. Tri is too short to have a huge cast that gets equal screentime and character development, and it’d be harder with an even larger cast.

As a side note as well, I believe that if a blog claims to be the number one source for digimon and digimon news that they should not use the blog to trash Meiko everytime there is something new with Tri. Keep it on your personal blog. It ain’t a news post that you hate her and it just brings out a lot of negativity in the fandom. Which then makes me and a couple others come out to bitch at everyone for hating things for stupid reasons.

End rant.

!!!Get ready for a long ass post that I can’t put under a cut cuz I’m on mobile!!!

Y'all can keep sending asks defending mam*moo but it won’t change my mind. They have a history of racism and I personally believe Solar’s whole face was darkened for her homeless character bc they are implying darker skin makes her look more like a “beggar”. And even if it’s meant to be “just dirt”, is it really any better to make a joke out of homeless ppl? If u look at my blog you might notice that I have reblogged a few people that have fucked up similarly but the difference is that they haven’t messed up again for a long time. I’m absolutely not trying to excuse any of their behavior bc any type of racism or colorism is wrong and I will NEVER try to excuse things my faves have done, but I will always give everyone a chance to learn and improve themselves. Right now mam*moo hasn’t done that. They had Solar’s skin darkened for her character AFTER their apology was released and it makes me feel like it wasn’t genuine. I’m still open to giving them a chance but until they can show that they have changed I’m not going to let it go

If u don’t like it ur free to unfollow but I’m not going to keep arguing with y'all

Anonymous asked:

Hello WQA! When I first started writing my story I didn’t have a finished plot in mind. Now I’m a good bit in and I’ve realised the events that need to happen to get to the end. But I’m starting to worry that it’s going to be really long or I cannot fit it into one book. How do I know? How do I know if I have to turn it into a trilogy or something, or if I can keep it all in just one book? When I started, my plan was that it was only going to be one. Thanks :D

I wouldn’t worry about it while you’re writing your first draft. For now, go ahead and just write the story, letting it be as long as it needs to be. When you finish the first draft, you can look back and decide whether there are things you can cut to make it shorter/single book length. If not, you can figure out how best to chop up your story into two books (duology), three books (trilogy), or however many books are necessary. When you get to that point, you can read my post The Series Arc vs Each Book’s Arc which explains series structure a little bit, and that should help you figure out where to divide up your series if it turns out to be more than one book. Again, don’t worry about that until you finish the first draft, though. :)

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