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In the wake of all sorts of role-player related ups and downs lately, I’d like to take a moment to remind people of a couple of things that I have learned during all this time I have been a role-player. Please keep in mind that these come from my experiences alone, and they certainly aren’t enforced rules. Just things that might help others who are trying to get into the RP community.

1.) Communication is KEY. If you take anything away from this text post, let it be this. 

Not feeling an RP? Say something. Something come up and you can’t make a scheduled RP that you have set up with someone? Say something! Need a break? Say something! One of the literal worst feelings when being in an RP situation and not knowing what’s going on with the other person, especially when it comes to long gaps of time where nothing happens…or maybe someone’s just focusing on another alt. Silence and lack of communication is a breeding ground for uncertainty, assumption, jealousy and frustration.

2.) Real life comes first. Always. 

There should be no guilt being given or received for needing to sleep or rest, or to take care of one’s family or friends. Even just the need to be away from the computer or gaming systems. Real life ALWAYS comes first.

3.) Set engagement expectations early. 

Some people play one character and are looking for constant engagement with that character. Some people spend time across a number of alts and may favor a few of them more than the rest. Some people can only RP once or twice a week due to schedules. Make sure people involved understand availability.

4.) Roleplay should NEVER be forced.

If you are logging on and role-playing feels like a chore? Something is wrong and you need to think long and hard about what that is. Maybe it’s a lack of story, or you aren’t getting particular types of RP out of the current set-up you have. Maybe it’s time to move on to another game for a new, fresh start. Try to address this as soon as you start feeling it.

5.) There are good and bad kinds of drama.

Is there some juicy story drama happening during an arc? Romance? Tension? Action? This is the good kind of drama. In Character drama can be healthy and fun (again, so long as there is communication).

Are players treating each other with disrespect? Games of he-said she-said about players? Discrimination? Name-calling? Avoidance or alienation? Now we have some problems. 

Identify drama early. Address it before it becomes a wildfire. 

To reiterate, a lot of what was said above are things that I have experienced, and situations that might help others. There’s certainly no guidebook or laws set in stone regarding RP engagement, but maybe some of the things I have learned (both positive and negative) can help others enjoy this wonderful hobby.

If you have any other helpful tips and tricks when it comes to RP, speak up! I certainly love to read helpful ideas and experiences. Sharing wisdom can only help!

Scott McCall- Just Breathe

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 605

Warnings: Uh, sad. some fluff at the end i think. despressed!anxious!reader I think, tho i guess it doesnt have to be….

Request: It’s  for me

A/N: I just needed to get some feelings off my chest, and what better way than an imagine?


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               I laid in my bed, my headphones in, as I tried to not cry. My mind was racing far too much for me to be able to pay attention to the music flowing through my ears. I bit my lips and covered my face with my hands.

               My mind was racing, a never-ending gymnastics course. Thoughts flew to my attention and left just as quickly. It seemed like everything was too important yet not important at the same time.

               I let out a loud sob, unable to keep in my tears. I laid there for a few minutes, just crying uncontrollably. Lately, everything had just become too much, but I didn’t have anyone I could tell. I felt so alone, even if I was surrounded by plenty of people.

               I heard a loud bang, making me jolt upright. “y/n?” A voice yelled out from downstairs, a voice I immediately recognized as Scott. I furiously tried to wipe away the tears as they continued to flow. I quickly stood up and rushed to the bathroom, covering my face as I heard Scott begin to walk up the stairs to my room.

               “Give me a second,” I yelled, my voice cracking unintentionally.

               I made it to the bathroom only to feel Scott grab my arm. I looked down, hiding my face. Scott pulled me towards him softly. “Hey, y/n, what’s wrong?”

               “It’s nothing- it’s nothing,” I mumbled out, trying to pull my hand away from him. Scott shook his head and pulled my hand away from my face. He pulled my face up to look at him in a caring manner.

               “Hey, tell me what’s wrong. I want to help,” he stated quietly, as if not to set me off. It was useless, though, as I quickly burst into tears again. I wrapped my arms around Scott tightly, placing my head on his chest. Scott gasped quietly before he brought his hand up, rubbing my back gently. He shushed me quietly and slowly pulled us into my room.

               I sobbed harshly into his chest, hiccupping loudly. It was an ugly, body-shaking type of crying. “I’m sorry- I’m sorry- I’m sorry- I’m sorry!” I blubbered into his chest. He simply quieted me and comforted me quietly.

               “It’s okay. You’re okay,” Scott whispered quietly, holding me.

               I cried for a few more minutes before I quietly, reducing it to only a few tears and whimpers.

               “What happened,” Scott questioned quietly, trying to keep me calm.

               “I don’t know. Everything’s just become too much lately. I- I haven’t been doing good in school. I feel like a complete idiot. I hate myself beyond belief, but I have no will to change myself. Everything I used to do that I loved makes me feel even worse. I hate it all. I can’t do anything right anymore,” I cried into him.

               Scott shushed me again and rocked me slowly. “You’re okay,” Scott mumbled, trying to remain calm. “Everything’s okay. I promise you, you’re going to be okay. Just breathe. I don’t know where you’re getting these thoughts, but I’ll always be here to help you. I just want you to know that you’re beautiful in every single way, body and mind. You’re perfection to me. School might just take a little bit longer to comprehend sometimes, but you always figure it out. Don’t worry too much. I don’t like seeing you like this.”

               I nodded into his chest and hugged him tightly. “I love you so much. You’re too good for me.”

               Scott shook his head and kissed my forehead. “I’ll never be good enough for you, but I’ll always love you.”

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how come that i only see you and blue still talking about freddie? no one else does, they don't point out the weird stuff, like you just did with him being at tammi's at night, or how he looks more like brett with every passing day. do i just not see others talking about it or do they not care anymore?

Well, people are still here, so they clearly they do care, my guess is that it’s the same old same old and despite the fact that we have concrete evidence that this is all fake, they still haven’t ended it yet so pointing out stuff at this point is almost unnecessary because we know it’s all fake. The reason I keep pointing out stuff is that I am petty and will keep pointing out things as long as it’s necessary haha but that’s me. Just because others don’t do it, it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about babygate anymore. Also keep in mind that this happened on Tammi’s Snapchat and not everyone follows that demon on her social media.

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People trying to use the fact that Carrie helped with the TLJ script makes me laugh. Yeah sure, but the Disney canon is still awful and OOC for the OT characters.

Hi anon! Yeah, it’s a messed-up thing for me. On one hand I don’t want to police how others enjoy their stuff, you know? I’m genuinely happy for whatever happiness people get from the new films, and I don’t want to sneer at that. Gotta get joy where you can in this life. So if you guys get joy out of it, more power to you, and maybe don’t keep reading. Cool? Cool. 

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Golden’s writing

Hello book club,

Something that keeps coming to my mind while reading this book is the writing style in particular of Golden compared to Beyers. I’m not sure if this is jumping too far ahead but I have read the other relaunch books up through Pocket full of lies. I’ll keep this spoiler-free just in case.

This book was a very quick read. Something about the characterization and the way the story is told seems very infantile to me. There’s always a very fine line with Star Trek of possibly crossing over into campy and this book feels a little bit on the side of too much. The story doesn’t seem very complex and it jumps from one scene to the other so quickly that they all seem like fluffy little one shots.

There doesn’t seem to be a main driving plot that is strong enough to sustain a book here. Yes I understand she’s having to set up an entire new world and navigate the lives of these characters but something just feels off.

It feels like a lot of fan service which in the case of breaking up C/7 I’m all for. Granted after Endgame that was kinda needed.


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Lets celebrate that Karamel is dead? Seriously this is just a bump in the round CW does for every show they have made. Heck just look at Arrow and The Flash, little speed bumps is a part of the greater narrative. Antis can only use this and be petty only because their ship never took off and crash landed with the "Sisterzoned" card. So right now, I will enjoy the Legions interactions and the lead up to the big bad of the season. Reign is coming and Im loving it.

It’s gonna be great. I’m really excited about the plot this year and about Reign and the Legion and how they relate to her. I’m sure Karamel will get back together but until then I’m just going to keep enjoying the show. And Karamel is definitely 100% not over. No doubt in my mind. The antis were all celebrating when Kara and Mon broke up last season and were saying they wouldn’t get back together and then they got back together right away; then they celebrated Mon-El being sent away and were convinced he wouldn’t come back and he did. Aren’t they tired of playing themselves?

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Did I misread your last post? Is it from longer ago than I thought? Am I losing my mind or are you continuing the space cowboys fics!?!! I definitely thought they were over since Keith and Lance got back to team voltron!!! My heart is soaring!

These space cowboys have got me good, and I just can’t stop writing for them — and therefore, no, you did not misread my last post :D 

I’ve always had plans to keep going in this ‘verse — I have notes/outlines that go through their adjustment period on the Castle, and beyond. And of course, because this series is told in that weird future-past-future-past pattern, I’ve always wanted to touch on a few more specific adventures or days-in-the-life of The Two McClains ;D

So to you, and everyone else who’s decided to chime in and voice their excitement — thank you so freaking much! I’m thrilled to bits that y’all are wiling to hang around for more! 

This latest story has been almost told a couple of times in the space cowboys ‘verse, and I’ve had it planned for so long, but it did not turn out at all like I expected — I have no clue if this is good or bad. To those of you who have figured out which story this is, well done y’all ;) 

*all the hugs* Seriously, all of you are so awesome, too awesome for me to handle — thank you, thank you!


So like I said awhile ago.  I’m still looking for kinky things for Virginia and Dean to do in The Virgin and The Sex God.  Virginia has never experienced sex outside of Dean so I want him to teach her all kinds of stuff.  My original intent for this story was for it to be a smut series but it ended up being like a whole experience for me.  Just keep in mind nothing super hardcore.(I made a joke about pegging once…  I can’t do it.) LOL.  I’m ok with most things though. 
So some themes I plan to write:  
Ice Cubes
Shower Sex
Table Sex
Make Up Sex
Oral Sex Male (Dean teaching sweetcheeks how… XD)
Orgasm denail
Tying up 
DOM! Dean
Sub! Dean
Girl on Top

What am I missing here?  

Gifs of are welcome too… T_T

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This is Sharon Tate, the most famous of Charles Manson’s victims.  When she was murdered, she was pregnant and due to deliver in two weeks.  She begged her killers, “Please don’t kill me.  I just want to have my baby.” 

But she was murdered anyway.  One of her breasts was cut off, and she was stabbed in the belly to the point of almost cutting her open.   A towel was dipped in her blood, and “PIG” was written on her door.  The bitch who killed her said that she wanted to cut out the baby.

So keep Sharon Tate and all of the victims in mind when you see sick fuckers blogging love for Charles Manson.

Twelve more unsolved murders have ties to the Manson family.

Top photo source: pinterest

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OMG, people is kinda senstitive wtf... You are being so sweet with them, in your position, i'd be a little (MUCH) upset. People, relax, she's an amazing artist, stop bothering her with this baby cry. Really, I don't want to be mean but girl, YOU ROCK and this people bothers me a little. I hope this people is not making you sad or unconfortable. You are amazing, and I wish to see more of you. Kisses from a non english speaker, sorry for the mistakes! (And you rock it, again)

It’s okay, it’s okay!! I do understand there are people who can be sensitive with some topics, and if I can make them less uncomfortable then there’s no problem and I would feel better ^^

Also keep in mind that’s not the content that I usually post and may be a little surprising, I guess uvu♥♥

I just want to have a good time drawing and making people enjoying my work :DD

memory dump

i’ve been meaning to do a college diary since basically the first day of senior year–alas, here we are, with 2 weeks of classes left…… and i have no idea where to begin so i’m just going to do a memory dump of the things that i remember about my time with smile boy so that i can preserve them with words and move on and not thumb these over in my mind anymore :-)

  • where to even begin? 
  • me getting dressed in the morning, with you following me around your room as i collect my things, constantly pulling me back to you for kisses and making it impossible for me to leave because you and i both knew that once your lips were on mine, that was it–i’d be distracted and thrown another ten minutes off of my schedule
  • me pretending not to be bothered at all as you kissed my lips, my neck, rattling off the list of things i have to do and you trying harder and harder to distract me
  • the victorious smile that would steal across your lips when you were successful (every time)
  • the night you actually showed up at my door (having walked all the way uphill from the bar where you were, sweating buckets!) when i challenged you to it; walking back to your place to sleep, hand-in-hand; you stopping me on the bridge above the gorge to kiss me under the light of the lamppost 
  • one of the many mornings getting dressed, with you following me around; you putting a thumb at both corners of my lips and pushing them upward into a smile before kissing me 
  • “wait, but i actually want to know: how many languages do you speak?” as we both got ready for bed, and looking absolutely awed when i’d told you; later, in bed, our limbs tangled, you begging me to say various things in the various languages; when i sang to you in french and you got very quiet for a moment before you said, “i like that; i like that a lot,” your voice gravelly, your thumb stroking my arm back and forth
  • the very first forehead kiss, our very first night sleeping together
  • me cheering you on as you made ridiculous trumpet noises to “sing” the very beginning of careless whisper, then us singing it together, in bed, in the dark at 3am after i made you play it from your phone because now it was stuck in my head 
  • our second night sleeping together–the way you hesitated before you leaned in and kissed me; our first sober kiss
  • holding your hand in the car, on the way home from dinner; how i found it adorable that you were probably nervous to kiss me or hold my hand before dinner, but found enough courage to kiss me when we got in the car after dinner; the way you had to let go of my hand to use both hands to turn the wheel, doing a pushpin motion with your hand, saying, “let’s put a pin on this guy,” before putting my hand down, turning your wheel, and linking your fingers back with mine
  • “you said you sang, right?” referencing a very offhand detail that i’d mentioned once over the summer, after i drifted off singing along to a song on the radio as we were driving back 
  • you feeling me shiver in your arms as we sat on the grass at the winery, grabbing my cardigan from me and putting my arms through it, wrapping me up in it
  • you feeling me shiver in bed–telling me, “come here,” and pulling me even closer, burrito-ing us in your blanket and holding me so tightly in your arms, telling me, “just give it 30 seconds” and you were right, you silly space heater of a human–i was warm in less than 30 seconds
  • you thanking me multiple times every time that we spoke about us/our feelings because you knew how much i can’t open up and how much i run from getting attached
  • drifting off to sleep, tucked into your side—and you asking, every time, if I’m happy that I came over, that you’re happy that I came over
  • you lifting me and doing squats with me to prove a point when i complained that i’m crushing you as i’m sitting in your lap on my couch (even though it’s a running joke between us, implying that i’m morbidly out of shape)
  • your kryptonite being me stroking your cheeks with my thumb/tracing your face with my hands and my kryptonite being your soft kisses all over my face and both of us using it on each other; me so that i can sneak out of bed and start my day once you fall asleep, and you so that you can keep me in bed; but really, both of us doing it for ourselves because we loved doing the respective motions as much as the other person loved being on the receiving end
  • your surprise when you’d said, “i know what you’re doing,” when i was stroking your face, and i’d responded with a genuine, “nope; i’m doing this for me,”
  • the way you’d responded, “that was for me–it was because i want to,” when i’d said the exact same thing at you, when you kissed me on my cheeks and nose and forehead and chin
  • brushing our teeth together in your bathroom, not caring as your frat brothers walked in and out, you tickling me as i finished up and being able to see us in the mirror, our faces joyous from laughing
  • the way you look at me. after vous, i’d thought to myself that perhaps no one would ever look at me that way, ever again, but i was wrong. i had been so wrong. the way your eyes turn practically liquid; feeling my eyes do exactly the same when i look back at you 
  • standing on the sidewalk in front of your house with you to say hi on my way home from the gym; me telling you, “you don’t want to touch me right now, i promise,” when you tried to pull me close, and you saying, “trust me, i do” 
  • you not letting me go even as the other kids in your frat walked past us to go inside the house, telling them hey with me encased in your arms; us making faces at each other as they yelled after us, “c’mon guys, it’s monday!” and you saying back, “that made no sense to either of us” (i liked the sound of that: us)
  • you crawling all over my room and my living room to help me look for the tiffany ring that i’d lost (a present from my maman for my graduation…); after i’d given up, tickling my feet so that i’d laugh, telling me to smile; you feeding me popcorn out of your hand because it was the first time that i’d discovered that popcorn sticks??? to your tongue??? 
  • sitting in your lap, on your couch, me facing you; you telling me all about your uncle’s WWII museum, remarking at how you didn’t think to tell me about it before, because you knew that i love that stuff (history; museums); the way you gazed at me as you watched me light up–i’d felt so warm, so cared for
  • lazy kisses in the morning not leading to anywhere; just kissing for the sake of kissing
  • you pulling me in to the crook of your neck because it was my favourite spot to bury my face into, and you knew it
  • stealing kisses in the law school courtyard/stolen moments in our major’s building
  • you carrying me to your door when i’d explicitly told you that i’m only saying hello on my way home to the gym (because you and i both knew that once you got me to the door, there was no way that i could turn around)
  • you feeding me the birthday cookies i’d ordered you, in bed, in the darkness
  • “i have a surprise for you!” how proud you’d sounded, having made nachos for me to eat after my workout
  • the first night i’d showered at your house, the way you led me to the bathroom and turned on the water first to make sure that the hot water was running
  • the way you’d taken me by surprise, when i came back into the room post-shower and you’d said, “so you put it into a braid now, right?” and i’d looked at you with wonder and you’d said, “i notice these things,” and it was in that moment that i realized that you gleaned a lot about me from the snapchats that we’d sent over the summer
  • how i despise my hair down, but you, “hate bun liz,” and, “love rat’s nest liz”; how i’d gone over to sleep in a braid and you’d said, “that’s cute; i like braid liz, but rat’s nest is my favourite,” 
  • us about to fall asleep, me tucked into your side, when you’d asked, “could you do me a huge favour?” before reaching up and taking my hair tie out, letting my hair loose, saying, “ah, that’s better,” before stroking my hair
  • me hating sleeping with my hair down with you, in fear of it getting in your face and suffocating you, but you loving it 
  • you texting me, “i dreamt last night that you were in my bed,” after one of the first times that we’d slept apart from each other
  • meeting your best friends for the first time; them saying, “finally! you’re her! we hear so much about you” and being taken so off-guard because i’d had no idea that you’d liked me for all this time
  • teasing about how i had to challenge you into kissing me for the first time, and how you’d shrugged and said, “doesn’t matter; i wanted to kiss you the whole time”
  • when i slipped and called you, ‘babe,’ and you tickled me, saying, “babe? babe?” while smiling widely
  • pulling me close even in your sleep
  • eating wings together; me asking you when you first started having thoughts about this, about us, and you saying–without hesitation–week 3 (of our 10-week internship)
  • how soft your eyebrows were under my lips; they were my fav place to kiss, next to your lips
  • the way you’d kiss my thumb whenever I traced your lips
  • the very first night we met up at school—how my roommate, who’d gone out with me and seen us, texted me the next morning: “he liiiiiiikes you,” and clarified with, “he was looking at you like he didn’t want to look anywhere else”

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Ignore that fucking anon excuse my language but reblog the life outta all ur post bc at the end of the day this is your blog and you can boost anything you made okay! I love your content and you are a sweetheart but dont ever let someone change how you run your blog or what you do with it! That anon can catch these hands just saying. You keep doing you love!

I’m screaming honestly thank you so much and I don’t know how I can thank you for in my mind, standing up to me. This is so important to me?? I feel like a broken record but like, I really love all of you and just thank you. *insert heart emoji*

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hi! Sorry for the weirdly specific and random question, but I've been rereading the attic scene in TMO and I just can't figure out with the context clues - who is on top- Paige or Warden? I know they're not having sex, but like when they're on the couch? Sorry I just keep rearranging the scene in my mind! :)

When they’re, um, canoodling, Paige is essentially sitting on Warden’s lap, facing him. Right after that they’re lying side-by-side. Then when they go to sleep, they’re lying on their sides, Paige’s back to Warden’s chest. So Paige is the little spoon. 


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Relationship status: Single and NOT looking to mingle 

Favorite color: I mean, I’m a sucker for black, but if I gotta pick an actual colour, it’s definitely green. 

Lipstick or chapstick: I kinda despise both (I don’t like the waxy feeling on my mouth, blegh), but come winter, chapstick is the only thing that keeps me from bleeding. 

Last song I listened to: Something Mumford and Son’s? I have playlist for driving that’s basically just three of their albums, but I don’t keep track of which exact song I’m on. 

Last movie I watched: Howl’s Moving Castle (the irony, eh?)

Top 3 favorite tv shows: Firefly gets a special place in my heart (even if it’s problematic), Voltron is a gem, and honestly Over the Garden Wall… I feel like I’m forgetting something, but those were the first three that came to mind. 

Top 3 favorite characters: Unfair question. Okay, Eowyn (LOTR) always gets first billing. Aerin-Sol (The Hero and the Crown) wins a close second. And I think Inej Ghafa gets number three now, cause that girl is bad-ass. 

Top 3 favorite bands: Marianas Trench, Paramore, and Mumford and Sons 

(Most of my music is singer-songwriters so these are actually some of the few bands I listen to, and they are all amazing). 

Books I’m currently reading: OMG I FINALLY FINISHED CROOKED KINGDOM. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE NOW (probably pick up the Grisha trilogy next time I’m in the library, but I’m open to recommendations!!!). 

Tagging whoever wants to participate. Reblog or tag me!

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I’m just waiting for the films that will define Joe you know. Like Hugh Jackman is the wolverine or like Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic, wolf on Wall Street, inception. Not saying that his billy Lynn was bad it was really good they filmed it with some new in the film industry. I’m just waiting for THAT FILM. Y’know

Buddy, I need you to take at least 87467763 steps back LOL. He’s literally just starting out! Give him some time, my friend. When you’re first starting out in the movie industry, it’s all about getting your name out there and making connections with directors, casting directors, producers, other actors, ect. It’s a total learning experience in the beginning. 

Something important I wish you would keep in mind is that starring in a blockbuster movie does not define you as actor or an actress. There are countless actresses and actors who are genuinely talented and haven’t been in big-budgeted films. Talent will always win in the end and Joe has it; he is going to succeed in any role he is given. Like Makenzie Leigh said, Joe is destined to be one of the greats. Give him time to establish himself :)

Going on a hiatus

Hey all! Im going to go on a temporary hiatus. I need to focus on myself. A lot of things have gone wrong recently.

As November rolls to it’s end, my bipolar switches to the darker side of my mind. I begin to struggle to keep myself happy but it’s not going too well. This is normally not too bad but I was just let go from my old job, and just today someone stole my debit card, spending all my rent money. Its beginning to really weigh down on me. I just need to take a while for everything to calm down and after my birthday (the 27th) I should be back in some sort of business. Im so sorry. Ill see you all soon.

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I’m so proud of BTS!

I haven’t been a fan for too long (only this year), but I am SO HAPPY for BTS!  They did such a good job, they even got my Mom’s approval lol!

Why did my family have me name all the members lol…. 

Something to keep in mind Army members.  There’s going to be some negative comments (I’ve seen some already on Twitter), so don’t obsess too much over them.  Commenting on a few is fine, just be mature about it.


What was going on with the camera work (especially during Jin’s part) and their microphones???


I haven’t and won’t be able to post any art for a long while so I dug up some art I did for a deviantart meme like 6-8 months ago  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

hey if you’re questioning your sexuality, i just wanted to say that i support you! it seems scary now, but you’ll figure it out eventually… i believe in you!