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{Reaction} Monsta X Find Art you Made of Them

Monsta X reactions to finding artwork you’ve made of them? Thank you so much, I reeaalllllllyyyyyyy love your writing and I’ve been hooked since I found your blog. ☺️♥️

I don’t own the gifs/ images used

Lee Minhyuk

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Minhyuk: “I can’t believe you made this woth your hands. I can’t comprehend how you did it. How can you draw so accurately? I tried to draw Shownu once and he looked like Mr. Potato head. Jagi please teach me your skills.” 

Yoo Kihyun

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Kihyun: “Alrighty show off, just because you’re more talented than me.” *teasing* “I’m joking Jagiya, you’re incredible. I love this picture. I want to frame it.” 

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Wonho: “Wooah” *In complete awe* “This is better than professional commissions Jagi”

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

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Shownu: “It looks more like me than I do, Jagi. It’s amazing.”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M.

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Changkyun: “How is it that you’re more talented and creative and incredible every single day? I keep finding new things out about you all the time. You never fail to blow me away… In more ways than one” 

Chae Hyungwon

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Hyungwon: “I’m proud of you Jagi, you even got my better side.” 

Lee Jooheon

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Jooheon: “You should make some fan art of the two of us Jagi and then we can frame them and put them on the walls. It’s so romantic.” 


No Escape.

Latest piece for my Intro to Environment Design class! We are being taught there tons of useful techniques for quickly getting ideas done: Photobashing, custom shapes, all those powerful, non-painting Photoshop tools I’ve neglected for so long. Anyway boy I’m glad I gave these things a try because they do so much to help you expand in terms of what you can actually achieve. I could not have drawn such a scene, so I used 3D to block out an angry milkbox in a sci-fi subway. I couln’t possibly achieve a sense of atmosphere so I photobashed clouds and truck lights and BAM, we have a space catastrophe. What were 100% painted were the monster lobsters and characters, but still were very heavily referenced from Dead Space and the Zerg from StarCraft. 

I can’t quite know how to say it, but the first steps of work felt like I was letting the software guide me in making choices that would work for this illustration. Using a photo texture, having no idea what it’ll look like, and then just have make the image come to life just gave me so many “Wow!” moments. I’m now happy to see what more crazy results I can keep achieving with all these techniques. I’m kinda wanting to wind down on the crazy compositions and go back to more character-focused things. Maybe not. We’ll see!

The bottom two images are a photobashed thing I threw together using pictures off the internet and existing concept art. I was basically trying to find the proper mood. I wanted something gritty and dreadful. The second is what took me an entire fucking evening to model. Yes I am that bad at 3D (I just started! Please bear with me, haha) I wish I could have done more research and made a cooler design for the car. Literally looks like an angry milk box.

I feel like the two most hilarious things of the ZukoKatara as Rhaegar and Lyanna au is:

  1. Only Katara and Zuko could have a kid as hopeful, angsty, and dramatic as Jon Snow. I keep joking that eventually I’ll discover that “Jon” actually means “Hope,” thus completing the circle. 
  2. The implication that Zuko woed Katara with his singing. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Dante Basco has a nice voice but, realistically speaking, I think it’s more likely that Zuko would fall in love with Katara’s voice (or whomever I feel like shipping him with I guess…although, that implies I’d picture him falling in love with Sokka’s singing…which is even MORE hilarious). 

Sorry, I was just thinking about things, and I always find these two things hilarious.

Surprise (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) Imagines [PART I]

You were pregnant with Harry’s baby and you didn’t know until he’s already left. Now, he’s come back for help with Jesse’s powers and you consult Barry for advice on how to tell him…


“How long have you known?”

“About three months now…” You admitted, biting your lip.

Barry inhaled sharply, his eyes growing wide. Though he didn’t say anything at the moment, you could tell he was imagining how upset Harry would be from hearing the news.

For the past three months, you have been pregnant with Harry’s child and had managed to hide it very well.

It had been a lot easier than you thought.

Telling your friends that your irregular meal times, weird cravings and slow, lethargic movements were a result from your separation anxiety from Harry was a believable lie, and they didn’t really question it.

And in terms of hiding your baby bump, you simply wore oversized sweaters and t-shirts so that other people wouldn’t notice it.

But, that didn’t change the fact that you were still lost, didn’t know what to do. You knew you should’ve told Harry.

Hell, he should’ve been the first to know.

Yet, part of you was scared that he would reject you; tell you that he didn’t want to have another child.

And that very thought was heartbreaking.

Feeling ashamed, you lowered your head and just stared at the cool, gray floor of the room. At this point, you wanted nothing more than to dig a hole through it and just bury yourself.

Heaving a heavy sigh, Barry reached across, placing his hand on top of yours.

“________,” he started. “You need to tell him.”

Gripping his hand tightly, you lowered your head even more.

“I know,” you breathed, your nails scratching the palm of his hand anxiously. “But, I’ve asked him before - discreetly - of what he thought about starting a family again…”

You took a moment to find the right words.

Barry waited patiently.

“…He said he can’t picture it,” you choked out, doing your best to keep your tears from spilling. “And I don’t know what to do…”

Brows furrowed, Barry frowned. “Was this before or after you found out that you were pregnant.”

“Before,” you admitted. “But, I doubt his answer would change. He was pretty adamant about it…”

“Then why don’t you ask me again?”

Simultaneously, Barry and you jumped, spinning around from your seats and coming face-to-face with the intruder. There, standing in the doorway of the Speed Lab, was Harry.

Stern-faced, arms crossed, the hot-headed physicist stared you down. An anxious, creeping trail of pins and needles stabbed your back and you couldn’t help but feel pathetic under his gaze.

“…Harry,” you fidgeted in your seat. “How long have you been standing there…?”

He didn’t answer.

Instead, he shot a dirty look at Barry.

“Allen.” He stepped a side and jabbed a finger towards the door furiously. “Get out. Now.”

Without hesitation, the speedster got up from his seat and practically dashed out of the room; but, not before flashing me a concerned “good luck.” You gave him a little dip of your head, a small thank you in response.

In a few seconds, Barry was gone and it was just you and Harry left in the room.

Taking a few steps forward, Harry crossed his arms once more and pinned you under his dark, intense stare.

“Now, _________,” he said, voice low and barely above a whisper. “Do you want to tell me what’s going on…?”


You told him.

You told Harry everything you knew about your pregnancy - from when you found out, how you found out and if you were planning to tell him in the first place.

Just like Barry, Harry listened patiently and waited to speak only after you had finished your side of the story. But even then, the words that came out of his mouth weren’t what you expected.

Despite having a high predictability.

“I think…” he started quietly. “That we need some time away from each other, _________.”

Your heart broke.

You wanted so much to tell him stop, that he needed to stay; yet, your voice had been caught in your throat.

Shoving his hands in his front pockets, Harry shook his head and then stared up at the ceiling, as if he could somehow find the answer to all the questions that he’s had.

“I’m sorry,” he finally whispered.

And with that, Harry turned on his heel and walked away, leaving you alone to your own silence.


Part II: Don’t Stress

Got7 Reacts to Seeing Their Baby During an Ultrasound

Hey guys! I can definitely say that I’m getting super hyped for my birthday. It turns out that my dad and my sister are sending me packages for birthday. I ended up, along with the album, also ordering six posters (three BTS and three Got7) and a BTS sweat shirt! I decided to treat myself for my birthday since I so rarely buy myself things. I really can’t wait :). As always, if there’s anything that you want to see, please feel free to send me a request! I love writing what you guys want to see! Lets get into this, shall we? (Can we just question Jackson in this picture?)


     Anonymous:  GOT7 reaction to finding out the gender of their baby during the ultrasound. Thank you. I love your reactions so much 😍

Thank you so much for that! I’m glad that you like my reactions!

1. Mark (Just…. this picture….. This picture is truly a work of art…..)

     Mark is ecstatic. Whether it’s a little girl or a little boy doesn’t matter. In a way, seeing the ultrasound has made everything a hundred times more realistic for him. He’ll keep a copy of the ultrasound in his wallet so that he’ll always have it with him and update it with more current pictures as time progresses.

2. Jaebum (I know I’ve used this picture before but I love it….)

     Jaebum can’t keep the smile from beaming on his face. He can’t keep his eyes away from the screen and no, those aren’t tears at the corners of his eyes, he has no idea what you’re talking about. His smile is contagious and you can’t help but grin along with him.

3. Jackson

     Jackson can’t hold back the tears that are ghosting his eyes as he looks at the image of the baby. He’s another one that’s going to keep a copy of the ultrasound with him at all times. He’d probably start a photo album of the pictures and update it as time passes.

4. Jinyoung

     Jinyoung is beaming and, with permission, he moves closer to the screen to get a better look. He’s pointing out features and his smile only continues to get broader. He might be a little misty eyed but he doesn’t bother to hide it.

5. Youngjae

     Youngjae has a genuine smile gracing his face as he admires your baby. He’s proud and updating the guys on what he can see and sending them a picture of the ultrasound. All of the guys are congratulating you and telling you how beautiful it looks.

6. BamBam

     BamBam is the picture king. He’s taking pictures of the ultrasound and of you. He’s super excited and his smile is so big it might crack his face. He is definitely sending pictures to his family and getting their reactions.

7. Yugyeom

     Yugyeom is mesmerized. He didn’t know that something so small could consume his whole world. He’s a little watery eyed and he’s extremely proud. He didn’t think it was possible for him to create something so small and beautiful.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to send me any requests you might have! Also, please vote in my 500 Follower Reaction Poll!

anonymous asked:

Hey Ten! How do you think of/create all your incredible designs? I’m having issues designing my own, ESPECIALLY the patterns, so I was actually wondering if you could give me some ideas how to make beautiful designs?

first of all, thank you so much ;w;;;; im so touched that people think my designs are actually like…recognizable or at least somewhat unique. ive only just recently entered the whole adopting scene, so its pretty amazing to hear people thinking high of me already @w@

and as for my source of inspiration: its nature! pretty much always nature, though sometimes architecture or single objects (generally weird things you can find in strange little thrift stores) can be really interesting and inspiring! but i actually find a TON of inspiration from plants, and some pretty neat animals (generally a single feature that i think is interesting, ill build a design off that). Patterns can come from animals, or from plants! those generally tend to be more natural feeling and a little more organic to design and draw, as opposed to superimposed random patterns on a body ^^”

so honestly, my best advice is to just keep your eyes open and always be ready to take a picture of a weird plant you see, funky building, or something like that. think outside the box, but still within nature. thats really all i can articulate ….

hopefully that helps some… good luck designing, amigos :3c

Even If It Breaks In Two, A Heart Takes More To Fix Than Just Glue.

(I cannot find any more pictures of that adorable baby boy up there, so I’m just going to keep re-using it for now.)

Contains: Not going to lie, this is 99.99% all angst. Sorry guys. There will be a third part soon.

Part 2 to this

(Spencer’s POV)

Spencer stood frozen, watching you and your son leave. His thoughts were racing and he felt nervous. “Kid.” Morgan tried pulling him out of his thoughts, touching his friends’ shoulder.

“A child. She has- Well, *we* have a child.” Spencer panicked, turning around with wide eyes and blurting everything out. “I don’t even know his name!” Spencer was desperate, feeling like his father, who had left him in most of his childhood. He detested that feeling.

“Hey, it’ll be okay. Let’s call Garcia, we’ll have her look into it, and so you can try and focus on the case okay?” Without letting the doctor answer he dialed his baby girl, smiling once he heard her voice.

“Hey doll-face ready to work some magic for me?” He asked, leading Spencer back over to the table to sit him down, and explain to the team what had happened since they only saw what went down. Of course, a table full of profilers had probably already figured it out.

“Challenge me you beautiful behavioral analyst.” Morgan chuckled, explaining what went down at the diner, making Garcia gasp. “Plot twisting all over the place. This sounds like a soap opera.”

“Yeah well, can you look into y/n, and see if maybe you can find out any information on the son. Reid’s freaking out.” Garcia told him she would get right on it, and to send her love and support to her friend.

They rest of the meal was served out in silence.


(Your POV)

You didn’t trust Walter to sit in one of the booths, this restaurant being like a club, more for adults, and you didn’t want him getting hurt or taken away, so you were put in a tight spot. Luckily, you were just a hostess instead of a waitress, so you let Walter stay up front with all the coloring pages and crayons. The good thing about hostess-ing was that one of your co-workers would keep an eye on him in between serving tables for the ten seconds you would be gone showing customers to their tables and handing out menu’s.

Thursday nights were not too particularly busy, so you had a lot of time to spend with Walter. It was so adorable, watching him scribble little blobs, too be more precise, a tall blob and a tiny one, messy loops of brown and (y/h/c) color on the different blobs.

“Look mommy, its me an you!” Walter cried cheerfully, clapping his pudgy fingers together. You kissed his forehead and messed with his hair. “It’s always gonna be you and me little man. I’m never going to leave you.” He sighed happily and you wiggled your fingers down his chest, causing your little bundle of joy to erupt in a fit of giggles. “Mommy! Stop!” You peppered his face with kisses, heart melting. “What? Stop doing what?” You asked teasingly. You continued your ministrations, until you saw outside of the window stood Spencer, a hopeless look on his face. You stopped, standing up straighter, watching Spencer walk into the building, having been caught on your mother-son moment.

“Mr. Spwencer!” Walter’s face lit up and the person he recognized from this morning. It was amazing how toddlers had so much joy for complete strangers. Spencer smiled a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Hi!’ he greeted his son gently, like a single word would be too fragile. "What’s your name?” He asked, although Garcia had told him all he needed to know.

“I’m Walter!” The four year old boasted proudly, and you wrapped your arms around him protectively. “What do you want?” You asked, tone icy. Spencer fumbled with his hands, gaze going from you to his feet. “May I talk to you in private?” You stared at him for a moment, but sighed, calling over Amanda to watch Walter. You pulled Spencer over to the corner, away from other patrons.

“What?” You whispered harshly, crossing your arms and staring up into his alluring ember irises, ignoring thoughts and memories from those few years ago when you two had fallen in love with each other.

“How come you never told me I had a son?” He asked, just as defensive, his façade from earlier in front of your child gone. You scoffed, narrowing your eyes. “How come you never answered my calls, or texts?” you defended. He was *not* going to make you the bad guy in this situation.

“You didn’t answer my question. I deserved to know that I had a son. I’m entitled to that right. Now when he asks, he’ll always wonder why I was gone.” You were taken back, eyes widening.

“What makes you think you’re going to tell him that you’re his father? What makes you think that two weeks of infatuation and one night of passion gives you that right? If I had told you, you would’ve forgotten about him just like you forgot about me, never mind your freaking eidetic memory. Maybe you would’ve sent a couple checks, been there for him being born, but you would’ve gone back to your house in Virginia, gotten a bunch-load of cases and then send some letters or call every once in a while, but you would’ve just stopped altogether, like you did with me.” Now it was him who was shocked.

“I would never to that to a child!”

“Unlike me?” You asked, eyes brimming with tears. “I obviously meant nothing to you. Everything I’ve every done was to keep Walter safe and protected. I didn’t want him to feel the pain and rejection that I did after you left. How foolish was I to think that you and I would’ve actually made it. I was so naïve back then.” You paused, clearing your throat to prevent any cracks in your voice. “And for your information I did try to tell you! You just got so busy I didn’t think you needed anything distracting you. You couldn’t handle a girlfriend let alone a child Spencer!” You snapped, realizing if you were any louder you would catch the restaurants attention.

“If you think I would hurt a baby like that, then you obviously don’t know me very well y/n.” At this you chuckled bitterly.

“I guess I don’t. If you would kindly leave, I have work to do, and a son to take care of. In the past years I’ve never asked anything of you, but I’m asking you this. Do not tell Walter who you are. I’m his mother, and I know what’s best.” You watched as your words finally sink into his brain and tore him down until he looked like you had just punched him several times in the face. Like a sad little puppy, you watched him go.


“Mommy?” Walter asked from the backseat. “Are you alright?” You mentally cursed at yourself for kids being so observant. You wiped your eyes, making sure to steer evenly as you did so.

“Mommy’s just got something in her eye baby. I’m fine.” Walter nodded and gave you that smile that always made you melt in the rearview mirror. You pulled into your house, the stress of the day making you exhausted.

After unbuckling Walter, you got him into the bath, getting yourself soaked with his splashing, and then into his cute little green onesie, laying him on his bed. “Story!” Walter bounced on his big-boy bed, and you wondered how he could have so much energy without a nap.

“Which one honey?” You asked tiredly, turning to his bookshelf to grab whatever one he wanted. “Not a book mommy, tell me the story of daddy!” He asked and you cringed. Today was just the worst possible day for you. Nevertheless you curled your legs to lay down with Walter on his bed, and he cuddled up to you.

“Once upon a time there was a prince, who came riding into town on very important business. A young common girl, y/n, caught his eye, and they soon fell in love. Well, after two weeks, the prince had to go back to his kingdom. He didn’t want to leave the young girl, but he had his throne to attend to. They wrote each other letters and told each other how much they missed each other, until one day, the letters stopped. It happened that y/n was with a child, a beautiful boy, and she wrote to the prince eagerly telling him the exciting news, but he never answered back. He had become a king now, and was very busy. He thought of the young woman every day, but was prevented in getting to her due to his duties. He promised himself that one day he would come back to y/n and his son, doing everything in his power to return.” You stopped. This is usually the part of the story when Wally would ask the painful question “When will he come?” but it seemed, as you looked down, that Walter had fallen asleep. With a sigh, you kissed his forehead and tucked him in his blankets, shutting off his lights and finally going to bed.


You had been ignoring calls from a mysterious number, afraid it was Spencer. What if he wanted to take Walter away from you? He probably had a better house and you already knew he had a better job. If he decided to go to court, they would surely take your son away from you. You continued your drive home with Walter, haven gone grocery shopping that night.

You were fortunate to have such a klutz of a boss that overstocked on staff, and since you had been working everyday for a month, you demanded at least the rest of the night off. Besides, it was almost 8:00, and that was Walter’s bedtime.

You heard your baby boy cough from the backseat, and you made sure to check the road before looking in the rearview mirror. “You okay Wally?” You called him by his nickname, your brows furrowing. “Honey you look a little rosy.”

“I’m fine mommy.” Walter gave you that smile that always made you melt. You nodded, but still felt something concerning. You were just about to turn your eyes back to the road, when the car in front of you was hit by a car coming from the left, pulling you and Walter along in the accident. You tried to put your body in front of Walter’s so that the glass shards wouldn’t hit him, but you blacked out before you could do so.

superwaywardfandompie-deactivat  asked:

How do you draw so fluidly? Like, I know it takes lots of practice but are there any specific tips you have that might help me get a better sense of motion when drawing? Also, what is your dream job?

The simple answer first: I don’t really have a dream job haha. I just like science and chemistry so that’s at least the field I’m targeting.

And thank you so much for your compliment!! (I’m gonna take it as one!) Having fluidity is actually really important to me.
Mind you I’m not a professional and the following is just my opinion on that matter.

I think the two key elements for me are ‘Less is more’ and ‘No straight lines’.
That is I like to slowly build up the whole picture. I start with a REALLY rough sketch:

It’s important that there are not too many details (that’ll come later). I just want to visualize all the gestures. The more lines you use the more rigid everything becomes. Plus try to avoid straight lines. If you look at the sketch there aren’t really any completely straight lines.
Quick simple strokes (and guide lines) are your friend!

And from then on I’ll slowly draw more details. Personally I always find process pictures of other artists useful so I’ll just add the rest as a gif too:

I don’t really know what else to say so just some general tips that really help me a lot (i.e. there’s no success guaranteed):

- Don’t necessarily make extra outlines. Instead just clean the sketch a bit and keep that as is. If you DO then make ‘clean’ outlines. Keep the lines swift and don’t go over them too often (if possible only once or twice).
When  this tutorial came around I found it pretty helpful. It also shows pretty accurately how I sketch lines.

- Simplify as much as possible when sketching. It helps a lot in terms of gesture.

- I barely use stock images and real life photography for anything but anatomy practice. It helps me a lot more to look at other artists and how they draw certain things. Check out their sketches, process gifs/videos etc.  Look how they sketch and color.
That helped me a lot more than just studying real life because I’m not good at converting those into more cartoony/fluid art.

- Follow one or two big reference blogs, like this one. They reblog tons of tutorials and I’ve found some good stuff. I’ve learned some very helpful tricks along the way. For example this tutorial was also really good imo when it comes to fluid art.
There are TONS of good tutorials (especially in the gesture section). You don’t need to sit down and study every one. Just look at them and maybe remember 1-2 things or doodle a bit with your knew knowledge. Don’t force anything, you’ll only get frustrated.

- General important tip: FLIP THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR ART. I really wish someone would have said this to me years ago. When sketching I usually flip it every 10 seconds I’m not kidding. It really lets you see mistakes easier and you’ll be much more content with your art later on.

I’m sorry this is such a messy answer! ovò
I hope I answered your question to some extent. Practice is what makes the difference so don’t work too long on something just to get a perfect picture.

New Year’s Resolutions 2017!

I’m forcing myself to make a New Year’s resolution post! So here it is!

-Raise at least four small plants without killing them immediately

-Frame and place at least four photos of real human people (not illustrations, that is)

-Overhaul and restock the merch in The Glass Scientists shop

-Stop shaming your ancestors: arrive on time for shit

-Read one book per month

-Do studies of one film per month (which to my shame I have never really done before)

-Reply to messages within one day of receiving them (exception: tumblr asks, because that is … it’s just not happening, guys)

-Keep no more than one page worth of unanswered emails in inbox

-Learn more about: Shinto, Japanese internment, story structure.

Posting this stuff feels really fake and self-indulgent and I kinda wanna barf right now! I’m tempted to find some small picture to post to say, “Sorry about posting something you have no reason to care about! Here is a drawing you might care about!” But I’m not going to do that because it would take too long and eventually I’d just tell myself to scrap the entire post.

Anyway, I’m also going to list out some highlights of 2016 because I like reading about this crap when it comes from other people, so maybe someone will like to read about my crap:

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Jungkook’s P.O.V.

Cameras flash and we switch to our next pose, trying to get over the smell of mildew and hard water. We are all cramming together in the small, antique elevator for our photoshoot of Dope. The only good thing about doing pictures is the individual shoots. My best friend of 13 years moved from America to pursue her dream as a photographer, while I pursued mine as a singer. Luckily the company I debuted for needed photographers for our band and she was assigned to be my personal photographer.

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sociopath-with-a-heart  asked:

hi, i really love your poems and writing! i wondered what preparations you do before starting to write your novel, do you just start writing with little preparation or do you make a list of every scene you want to enclude or something else? i have this idea for a story myself, but i'm scared to start writing because i'm afraid i'll lose my motivation when i'm stuck somewhere or have some difficulties... anyway, thanks and i hope you have a lovely day!

There are a lot of ways to start a novel, or any project, and I think everyone has an own way of going into it actually. So I don’t say my way is the right one, you should experiment until you find out what you find most comfortable. I for example, found out that I work better if I start with a general plan before I just go all in. So I usually go for a six steps plan for all my works (edits, art, fanfics, poetry and novel writing).

Step one: The idea.
I always start with the idea, be it small or bigger. I plan the concept, the genre, the atmosphere before I start with anything else. I make notes about general things I want to include or general things I need to do researches about and I go picture hunting. These pictures are usually just to get the mood of the project - sometimes I find book recs and I even read these to get a better feeling: like for my fanfic Murderer’s Maze I knew I wanted a horror/crime fanfic with Tom Riddle as the psychopath so I searched for some pictures to get the mood right and found book recs for psychopathy so I put them on my to read list asap.

Step two: The characters.
This is actually the most fun part in my projects. I chose the characters carefully and decide which will be main protagonists, which will be second and which will just be passing by. I flesh them out, I give them life. I make moodboards or doodle them and search pictures to make them come alive. I make pinterest boards for them (not on my ibuzoo account but on my personal account) and I sometimes save pictures in folders to have them handy. I make meme games in their names, playlists on itunes, etc. Then I start to write scenes with them. Just short ones, not bigger than 200 or 500 word drabbles to get a general feeling for them, to know their language, the way they walk or the way they feel. I always try to give the characters an own voice when writing them, even in fanfiction.

Step three: The first draft.
With my general idea and my characters on board, I try to flesh out the story as much as I can. I start to make plot points and turning points and scenes that need to happen. I try to connect all points and flesh out what misses. That’s hard sometimes, especially if you have a hole between some scenes that you can’t connect immediatly. If that happens I just leave that scene be and work on something else. I do timelines to keep track of all characters and days that are passing. I make notes and more notes and lists with things I want to add, things I might add or even tiny details like what job some random character has that only shows up once in the whole story. I make notes for more researches and details to add. Sometimes I find some inspiration in random posts and pictures. Then I try to write the first draft in a linear one-document tale so I have a good synopsis of what happens in the story.

Step four: The researches. 
With a good draft I start to do my researches. I have to say I do researches excessively. I read books and visit free lectures - I once visited an autopsy room and talked with a pathologist just to know what his job is like. I search hours on the web and sometimes phone around just to get the correct informations. Researches are the longest, hardest and most intensive things I do for writing and I never stop at the first answer I get but I always look if there is more to find. There’s a lot of details I’m adding during this process too.

Step five: Scheduling.
After I’ve done all the other steps I know exactly where I want my story to head and what I want to include. So I start to plan it. I admit I never start writing without having everything planned out. At first I start with planning the whole story - how many chapters? How many words roughly? What narration form? 
Next I start to plan chapter by chapter: what characters will be leading the chapter? What will happen in it? What do I need to include? What hints to I need to give?Sometimes you feel if something is still missing - or if something is simply too much. Try to listen to your gut and drop it if it simply doesn’t fit. Don’t try to hang onto something because you loved the idea so much - it’s all about telling the story in the end. 

Last step: Writing.
When everything is done my project usually just needs to be written. This is actually the most tricky point. People easily run into a writer’s block because they used already so much energy that they don’t have any left for writing anymore. Good thing with these steps is, that you can actually write whatever scene you want because you already know how everything’s gonna plan out. I never do that however, I always write chronologically because I just have a better feeling for the story if I grow with it together. Fear of losing your motivation should never stop you from writing. There are lots of tips to come back into the mood again - and sometimes you just need a break and start with a fresh mind. 

In the new year, I wish to grow myself.
To find beautiful things to love, about myself and the world around me.
Listen to strangers, hug more, watch old movies, read more stories of love and adventure, kiss more, laugh more, find good people that make me feel good, eat more sweets at midnight, call me friends, actually talk to people, dance around the room to Sinatra, smile more, find new hobbies that keep me happy, take more walks, take pictures of people and nature, put my phone down more, look at art, people, places. Just to love everything.

anonymous asked:

do a lot of the people who follow you here, follow you on your main blog? i'm questioning whether to make a sideblog to post yoi specific content or not or just keep everything on one blog haha

hmm there’s not that much crossover actually! i have more followers here, mostly because the content is more focused and i interact more. my main blog is just aesthetic pictures in a color gradient lmao purely self-indulgent for me to look at

i personally like the idea of content-dedicated blogs cause it makes it easier for me to sort through things. i have a very specific tagging system to make it easier for me to find, so fandom posts and my aesthetic posts dont necessarily mesh well together


Stolen really surprised me with how much I liked it. I kept thinking people had to be crazy when I read the plot, but it’s written beautifully. Above are some books that I think will be similar or check out the list below. The top three pictured would be rated the same as Stolen. While they deal with difficult matters, they are written as young adult novels. The bottom three are not so please keep that in mind. They are very much adult books, and some of the scenes are of an erotic nature!

If you want more info about any of the books below, just click on the title, and it’ll take you to its Goodreads’ profile! If you want to find out more about Stolen: A Letter to my Captor by Lucy Christopher, you can check out the profile for that book HERE! :)

1. Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

2. Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma 

3. Wither by Lauren Stefano

4. Captive in the Dark by C.J. Roberts

5. Consequences by Aleatha Romig

6. The Breakaway by Michelle D. Argyle 

Thank so much for the question! Happy reading!

After heartbreak, days can be categorized into two kind of days: Okay, and Not Okay.

Okay days make you feel as if you’re almost the same as you used to be. You think that maybe all the hurting is finally over. You can smile at strangers and start conversations. On okay days, you think that it’s time to move on.

But then Not Okay days come. Not Okay days are much more frequent. You will dig his sweatshirt out of the bottom of your closet. You will open your memory box to read old letters. You will scroll through your computer to find pictures. And you will feel as if your heart is actually sad. Like your heart has a mind of its own, and it knows that it is hard for you to keep living.

I want you to know that being Not Okay is okay. You won’t be Not Okay forever. Its just one more day, and then one more, and then one more—until it’s an Okay day again, and then again, and again. Okay days are still coming, and you need to be patient enough to see them.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #61 // “breaking up is hard to do”

I noticed while looking at older pictures of some bands I like that they seemed to wear more eyeliner than now so I made these pictures to show my thoughts. The 'Now’ photos are just more recent and I’m not sure how accurate they are but anyway.  And do you now how hard it is to find a recent picture of Mikey where he isn’t wearing sunglasses??

It won’t post my Andy Biersack picture, I’ll keep trying but sorry :/

TMNT 2012: Ghosts that we knew (will flicker from view)

Summary: Raph and Mikey, in the wake of loss and grief too deep for words.

A/N: Not the tag to “Annihilation: Earth!” I had originally been thinking of writing, but. I’m going through a pretty significant loss of my own right now, so this is what’s come of it. Let’s just say Mikey’s actions in this fic are pretty much exactly what I’ve done with a voicemail I have saved on my phone from my aunt.

Anyway. Yes. Major angst. Some comfort, but really, no happy ending. (AKA no speculation of what could happen next in the show plot-wise to make things happy again.)

Major spoilers for the season finale. Inspired by this glorious art by @danyellser - make sure to go leave some love! Title from Mumford & Sons. Not sure if it fits - not sure if anything about this fic works really, so let me know what you think.


The engines of Honeycutt’s ship gives off a constant underlying hum – a low vibration that was hardly noticeable when they were first beamed aboard but now settles into Raph’s bones in the quiet, and no matter how tired he is, it won’t let him sleep.

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