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it makes me so happy maddie is away from the show, she has flourished after leaving. she seems so so so much happier!!!!

100% agreed! I think just from seeing her posts on social media it was clear she was so much happier and all and then she also said so in her interviews, I’m just so happy for her, especially seeing the drama going down right now, she certainly is better off now that she’s far away from this mess!


katya talking about what it was like after trixie’s elimination [x]


“Exceptions are made, however, with regards to Taylor Swift. The pop star asked to purchase a sample bag from a Glamour cover shoot in 2012 and was photographed with it all over the world."I will admit that I never charged her,” Fox says. “She beat it to death, so within a year, she had a problem with a piece of the hardware, and she sent it back because she wanted it repair. And I replaced it with another bag because she didn’t want to be without it.” Now Swift owns a Mark Cross purse for each of her fashion personas, from girly to Met Gala goth.“

- Mark Cross President and CEO Neal J. Fox


Beyonce uses her performances as a platform to send a message on important social issues.

I feel like if this continues, Katie McGrath is going to be the new Alycia Debnam Carey. Smol, precious actress that the fandom is going to follow into the lowest depths of the ocean or the furthest reaches of outer space.

Day 16 and I’m still miserable and bitter without Glenn Rhee.


30 Things You should know about Emily Kinney (read the rest here!)

What’s your favorite curse word?
What’s your favorite emoji?
Red balloon and rocket ship!
Pick one: Kittens or puppies?
New York or Los Angeles?
Coffee or tea?
26. 2 a.m. or 2 p.m.?
2 a.m.
Netflix and chill or just Netflix?
And finally: Tell us a secret.
I haven’t watched the Season 7 Walking Dead premiere yet.

It’s been four months since A Year in the Life premiered and I’m still bitter that Luke and Lorelai had communication problems after 9 years together and that ASP decided not to give them any kids. 

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I need a real and long interview with Alycia. Like, just her talking about her and what she likes to do. I really need to hear her talking about her drumming and singing and clexa so bad!