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…but they bump heads like anyone. Don’t you ever bump heads with your friends? But they always come back to, you know, a place of mutual respect of each other.

Katie McGrath 

And with this single sentence, the rare lesser striped cryptid McGrath has awoke from hibernation to pinpoint the largest difference between Kara and Lena’s dynamic and Kara and Mon-El’s. Yeah, they may fight or have differing opinions sometimes, but Lena and Kara’s mutual respect allows them to see things from the other perspective and resolve their issues together. 
Kara and Mon-nom however, don’t have the mutual respect because Mon-ew doesn’t respect her. He invalidates her career, degrades her in public and even trespasses into Kara’s own home because he lacks the capacity to respect Kara, or any woman for that matter. It’s why he left that girl he’d slept with on Daxam to die, how he could manipulate Eve without giving it a second thought, why he announced their relationship status at the DEO after Kara asked him not to, and why he moved on .2 seconds after Kara said she wasn’t interested. After all, “things were easier on Daxam where I objectified women and didn’t care about anyone.”


“You always bring tears to my eyes, but tears of joy. I’m so grateful to have you all, your support and your love, your beautiful comments daily, so thank you.”


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tw: kissing, mild nudity, assault, violence


“I cackle every single day.”

Helena Bonham Carter’s glorious laugh


Do you remember what happened the last time we went to marriage counseling?


Beyonce uses her performances as a platform to send a message on important social issues.

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So Camila just lowkey confirmed Camren in her new Facebook live called Camila answers dilemmas and she talked about coming out and it slipped her personal experience and we all know how lauren has struggled with her sexuality now I just want Laurens solo interviews to see what she answers about relationships and BTW the questions were picked by Camila so no one forced her

Imagine thinking Candice Patton isn’t the purest person in the world, luckily can’t relate.