i just installed photoshop


“I will become Agito. I will sound the knell to shake all the world. When nine and nine meet nine, the depths of reason shall stir. When the seal of creation is broken, a voice like thunder shall sound, and thou shalt know—we have arrived.”


GazettE Gif-a-Day 2016

[103-104/?] Ruki during 13STAIRS [-] 1

Every time I go to try painting some thing new (especially environments) I get so stressed out because I spend an hour trying to find just the right brush in the disorganized jumble that is my Photoshop brush library. So now I’m going through them and trying to organize them and it’s taking forever (seriously I started a week ago). There are so many. I probably have hundreds installed. Why? Because I can’t just scroll past a “my photoshop brushes” post on Tumblr or Pinterest. I have to click the link and download them every time.


happy 30th birthday matt mcgorry! [april 12th 1986]