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You did a most beautiful one piece girls list, can you do the same for most handsome guys??? (btw I loved your choices with the girls)

Ok this is HELLA old Imma apologize right away for a taking so long and b that I’m doing a top 14 list, rather than top 10 list because they’re much more male characters

Once again all just my opinion on most attractive guys on One Piece, here we go:

Top 14 most handsome OP men:

14. Monkey D. Luffy

oh yeah Luffy is absolutely a very pretty guy

13. Izo

I love men who could kick my ass in heels and lipstick

12. Cavendish

His beauty wasn’t supposed to be seen as a joke, he really is gorgeous

11. Wiper

He’s really really good looking and badass and tattooed. I’m sold and his new hairstyle is sick as fuck

10. X Drake

Love my 8 feet tall Dinosaur, the anime sometimes fucks him up but I think this particular shot is even sweeter than some manga panels

9. Donquixote Doflamingo

Everybody is secretly attracted to the garbage bird and it’s always gonna stay that way

8. Young!Monkey D. Garp

The amount of money I’d pay to touch his arms and face and abs…and other things

7. Dracule Mihawk

Zoro’s adoptive Daddy is handsome and he knows it, allso huge bonus that he’s pretty much one of the very very very few OP men who know how to dress well the others being Sabo, Kuzan and Sakazuki

6. Donquixote Rocinante

He’s even more handsome than his brother and if anyone is hesitant to acknowledge his beauty because of his hidious Make-up than please take a look at Cora-san here

Holy fucking shit *drools*

5. Shanks

He’d probably be higher up in this list if he shaved his legs, anyways he’s really gorgeous

4. Portgas D. Ace

No doubt Ace is a handsome fella

3. Sanji

My Nr 1 favorite character and such a handsome dude, I feel like people forget how attractive Sanji actually is because he always makes a fool out of himself and is also always the butt of the joke but honestly he’s called Mr Prince and Pretty Boy for reasons

2. Coby

Saw my man after his training and I already was like, holy hell he got pretty…and now after the timeskip…jesus christ you did a good job toei. Coby is sooo fine while he still rocks his pink hair, the flower bandana and the stupid glasses.

1. Sabo

And here is the Nr 1 most attractive OP man, sorry guys if you expected someone else but Sabo is very very handsome and even tho I know for a fact that Oda sexed him up and made him attractive for money and fanservice I am happy he did it. 



so, picture this:

Kakashi has this crazy silly forearm tattoo that he got drunkenly while on some mission after the war where he was like “peace time is weird bro my literal job is to be good at killing and like there’s no killing happening…what is life..”

But no one really knows what it rEALLY is because he keeps it hidden under layers and layers of finely woven genjutsu that makes it look like a puppy dog and its like impossible to break. It’s like his new mask pretty much. The new thing in the village is to break the “tattoo genjutsu.”

Obviously, Team 7 really wants to know what it is, but after years of trying, they give up and it’s just not happening. Sakura marries Sasuke, Naruto marries Hinata and life goes on, but Kakashi is stagnant and he’s not really a part of their lives anymore.

Except Sakura hasn’t stopped trying to see under his mask and genjutsu. It’s like a game for them, and she passes her time trying to break the “code” while her husband is away from the village doing whatever it is that he does that takes ten damn years.

One day, when Sarada is old enough to be put in day care without screaming because her mother’s left, Sakura asks to go on a mission and Kakashi volunteers to be her mission partner.

They go, they get closer and repressed emotions come to light but nooooo it’s wrong she’s married and he’s Kakashi. But somehow Sakura manages to convince him to drop the genjutsu on his tattoo but before he shows her they’re ambushed by a large group of missing nin that are not too keen with the idea of peace time.

They fight, they win, they lose. Because Kakashi is bleeding out under Sakura’s hands and she wants to use her seal but they both know that it shaves years off her life and he’s not having it bc her baby needs her.

It’s crazy how she can hold someone’s literal heart in her hands and essentially bring them back to life but she can’t do shit when it comes to countering rapid blood loss. She’s the strongest medic nin in the world, but she’s not a God.

Sakura sees both his face and under his genjutsu that day.

Because he can’t breathe when he’s drowning in his own blood and dead men have no use for genjutsu anymore.

But Sakura wishes that he hadn’t taken her heart with him.

As she walks back to the village, Kakashi’s corpse heavy on her back, Sakura tries very hard not to look through blurry eyes at the forearm that hangs limply in front of her.

People had lots of theories as to why he hid his tattoo from everyone. Some said it was extremely raunchy and too lewd for the public eye, others said it was probably something embarrassing or someone’s name.

But no, it’s much simpler than all of that.

Engraved innocently on his forearm is his clan symbol, except the center diamond is a vivid purple—the exact shade of her seal—and Sakura crumples to her knees after passing through the village’s gates.

She knows so deeply what it means, and so does everyone else.

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BTS reaction to you having their lyrics as tattoo

Requested by anon - thank you!

Request open


He would surely be happy that you wrote one of his parts on your skin but he still thought about the consequences it could have. Not only if you ever broke up but for your health too. Like: Was the tattoo artist professional? Did he use new, disinfected needle?

“It really suits you”

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He would be touched. Suga would give you one of his warm hearting gummy smiles and trace the tattoo with his index finger.

“Thank your for immortalizing one of my lyrics” 

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Tears would form and fall to. His level of being touched would probably be – next to Suga, who just shows it differently – the highest.

“I hope I can make you not regret this decision.”

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He would surely happy, but also a bit worried. It was – like I already mentioned – something permanent and you should think about it a lot before you actually decorate your skin with it.

After you made clear that you really thought through the whole idea before you actually got it – he would be relieved and show his happiness more.

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I think Jimin would be the one kissing the tattoo.
After all it’s special and it had a big meaning to you but also to him because you wore his song on your body.

“This is one of the most beautiful moments in my life…”

“Are you really making reference to your own albums in this situation..”


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He would smile wide – really wide.

Getting a tattoo is something amazing – it expresses yourself after all – but it got better in his opinion because it was HIS part.

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He would be a bit awkward – yes he loves it in ever single way but the imagination that you had to keep it on your skin for ever got him a bit in the mood for thinking. BUT if you’re happy, why should he complain?

“It’s well done… i like it… it makes you even more beautiful”

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Mom doesn’t like our new neighbor… She says he has way too many tattoos, smokes too much, and listens to “satanic music” way too loud. Also, that his hair is too long and his clothes are weird and way too black for her liking.

I don’t get it though. See, he’s a really nice person. When he first moved to the apartment next to ours, he introduced himself politely; that, my mother found she liked about him. It’s just the appearance is a problem to her.

But I do like him. I like it when he comes to ask for sugar and we make small talk while I get it for him because God forbid my mother ever saw him anywhere besides the lobby. Or when I have to go ask him to lower the volume of his stereo because mom is “getting a headache cause all the demons that music is attracting” is messing with her and he blushes and apologizes. I like it when I get to talk about that music with him. I like it when he helps me carry the groceries through the stairs when the elevator is being repaired.

But I especially like it when he corners me in the elevator and kisses me like there was no tomorrow.

I really, really like our new neighbor.

Xander with tattoos has become my new favorite thing? I don’t know; it just seems so fitting. So the idea only really works in a modern setting, but consider… Under the cut, because I am incapable of not getting carried away.

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I really like to think about Ronan getting new tattoos, like Ronan adding roses and vines to the tattoo on his back that resemble the clearing where his mom lived in Cabeswater, and Ronan getting a skateboard tattooed on the inside of his arm for Noah, and later on adding something for Adam, like the Magician tarot card or a design of leaves and vines near his heart or a latin script on his ribs that Adam always traces with a soft awed touch. And.. just Ronan Lynch expressing his love and remembrance quietly but surely the way he always does.

but can you imagine laying cuddled up in michael’s arms as he’d trace the tattoo you had that matched one of his with a finger and he’d be so quiet and focused and you’d kinda find it funny so you’d start giggling and he’d get that fake-offended kitten face as he muttered “baaaabe stop laughing at me” and you’d be like “sorry michael but you’re just so cute i couldn’t help it” and he’d blush (bless his cute lil face) and pull you closer before quietly admitting “i’ve never really told you this, but i’m really happy you got that tattoo. now everyone can see we belong together like two pieces of a messed up puzzle” (which he’d immediately realize could make a great lyric and the next day he’d surprise you with a cute new song he wrote just for you)

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Prediction: someday Niall will disappear and then come back with a bunch of really beautiful tattoos and his bandmates will look at him in awe like “why do they look so good” and he’ll just go “dudes. We’re very rich and famous. We can work with ANYONE. I just googled it and went and got tattooed by like…the best tattoo artists in t world.” 

I just had a thought that made me smile. I just really like that Louis made the best of this trip by befriending Danielle’s brother and his group of friends. It sounds like he had a really fun night out with these new people. It reminded me a lot of Harry and how he befriends everyone he meets. Especially since Oli, Calvin, and Preston were all not able to go with him to Chicago, it makes me happy to know that he was like fuck it I’m gonna have a good time with these strangers regardless of the situation.

i don’t remember the question anymore, but at hobbitcon luke evans said that if he got something like a spin-off show for his character it would be called “meet the bowmans”. bain would be covered in tattoos, sigrid would always turn up with a new piercing, and tilda would be just a nightmare. i thought it would be funny to make a poster out of that scenario. :P

Mafia AU. Hell yeah

Trying out a monochromatic style and a new method of shading, I’m really liking it but I got a lot of practice to do.

The tattoo on Hiccup’s wrist is dragon in runic letters. He just got into the mafia (kind of against his will) and Eret is his mentor. Drago is the mafia ringleader. Hiccup only started smoking because he’s anxious about his future in the mafia and it’s the only thing that calms his nerves.

PSA: black suit jackets are sexy as fuck

Crossing Knives, Chapter 2: Gourmet Appetizers and Al Fresco Dining

Here we go again! I know I said I’d try writing shorter chapters and updating more often… but my brain disagreed with that idea, so this chapter is 4000 words long and a couple of weeks late. Oh well…

There are several new characters on this chapter, so later today I’ll do another post with some photo collages and face claims. Just so you know what everybody looks like. I promise less introduction and more action in chapter 3!

Credit note: the tattoos that adorn Tom’s skin in the story, including his trademark knife and fork, belong in real life to Chef Michael Voltaggio. Every time you see a tattooed arm in one of my images, it’s really MV.

Very special thanks to my lovely beta theothercourse. You’re the best.

All kinds of feedback and comments are welcome, positive and negative. Thank you for reading!

Chapter 2: Gourmet Appetizers and Al Fresco Dining    

It was the end of a busy evening at the small but modern kitchen of Band of Brothers. Dinner service was almost over, which meant that the busiest person in the building was Connor, the pastry chef. He assembled with exquisite care the last three desserts of the night, with the assistance of one of the cooks. A moment later, two sets of pistachio financiers and one delicious looking butterscotch pudding were ready to go, and the young man made a sign for the servers to take away the plates.

“You really outdid yourself today, my boy. They look so pretty that the eaters are going to be too gobsmacked to eat them!” said Birdie, the woman who had been helping him with the dessert course. After more than thirty years working as a line cook in several restaurants, she was an expert at her job, despite never having set foot in a culinary school. Her permanent smile and cheerful voice, in her trademark Eastern European accent, had helped her become the most beloved member of the restaurant’s staff. Not even Chef Tom on his bad days (of which he had been having quite a lot lately) dared to utter a bad word when Birdie was in the kitchen.

“Birdie, love, you’ve helped me with these a hundred times… I’m sure I could leave any moment and you’d be able to make all the desserts without any help”, answered Connor, undoing the collar of his chef coat with a tired smile. “But I’m glad we’re finished. Tom has been especially grouchy today, I’ll be glad to leave before he gets out of Luke’s office. I wonder what are they talking about… I swear I heard them shouting at each other a minute ago.”

“Not grouchy, my boy… hungover. I bet that chap has been partying again, and Mr. Windsor is telling him off.” Birdie sighed, with her eyes fixed on her boss’s office door. “I wonder how he can cook like that after getting pissed every night.”

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