i just i just i just cannot calm down about this

I can understand complaining about terrible ships. I do that all the damn time. I whine like a motherfucker. Imma probably have “fuck CW y’all lame” in morse code on my tombstone. 




y’all got the N E R V E to get in people inboxes talmbout “if you don’t ship my ship you hate *insert group of the day* uwu” and vice versa for the antishipping shit cus god that gets tired fast

Just stop

Go wack it to some good shit on AO3 and calm down jesus christ

I see y’all suicide baiting people over star wars ships and just…

go outside. Please. Get some air, pet a dog, take a walk or some shit just chill tf out nigga damn

Johnlock - or not

Please, please, please, just calm down. What a paradox, that show has to become famous according to reactions of fans. What a paradox, that fans are those who always try to ruin it in the end. 

Why are you doing this? Seriously, I’d love to know because I can’t see it. Can’t you just… take a deep breath? Don’t threaten with your potential suicide, don’t cry or argue or offend.

This show, Sherlock, is absolutely beautiful and you know it. It’s so complicated and lovely written, it’s clever and it’s fun, so detailed, joy to watch and listen. People will love it for years.

But it’s not about you, about us. Not you, fans, shippers, artists, writers. I mean you, crazy obsessed shippers who cannot be called fans anymore. It’s not okay to just dictate the creators of the show how to write their own show. We, the fans, have to respect their decisions. 

There are always extreme sides, never just fans in love with a show. In this case, it’s one side with people who are literally allergic to Johnlock and their opinion is that realisation of that pair would be a disaster for the show.

Then there’s the other side who love Johnlock more than their lives and parents and beloved pets and can’t agree with anything ELSE than Johnlock.

Please, just try to sit and… I dunno, enjoy the fucking show. Just watch it. Then do it again and again, love it, observe, see details you didn’t see for the first time. Let’s discuss those things, let’s draw fanarts and write fanfictions, because why the hell not. Do what you want, but in that moment you don’t respect the creators, you’re not a fan, you’re a fanatic and you should find a help.

They don’t say it. They love you because you love their show. They’re too polite. I don’t have to, lots of people don’t like me anyway. I can afford to say it because I’m also part of this fandom.

Don’t be selfish and remember that somewhere in the world there are people who do not live in English speaking countries, who cannon react properly like you can. (And I don’t mean tweets, I mean meetings and these things.) Those people love the show and are so sad because you’re rude to the actors, the writers, to them.

Those writers are doing their work, and they’re doing it very well. But they can’t if you don’t let them.

I do ship them, those two, you know. Of course I do, for god’s sake, they’re cute as hell together, right? I see that. I love that. But it’s my personal opinion and I’m not rude enough to actually disrespect people who write that show, actors who are so wonderfully playing their characters. 

That show, for fuck’s sake, is not made for hurting the fans, it’s for them to ENJOY. Why become obsessive about that, why let it hurting us? 

It’s not just that disrespecting the creators is wrong, it’s that we’re showing them that their show is just about our fantasies. We’re not enjoying their work anymore, we’re still unsatisfied because fuck you, you don’t see they love each other, let them kiss - and not just that. 

Not everything is about that, and I really thought that people loved Sherlock partly because of it. This show is not ordinary or predictable. Girlfriends came, girlfriends left. Irene Adler is The Woman, not a love interest. Molly is a friend, a perfect badass friend. It’s good because in some other shows there are love interests people start to hate eventually. 

When the fans are talking just about their ‚ships‘, it’s not fair to the creators or the actors. It’s like telling them “hey, that show, that work you put in it, sucks. I want to see this and this and then I will love you forever”. But we do love that show, don’t we? We love those details and dialogues or monologues, we love acting and stories, we love complications and dramatic moments, we love learning about people and ashes and friendship, no? It’s not just about Johnlock, Sherlolly or Mystrade, right? 

Then tell them this, good god, not that you feel betrayed and disappointed. They are those who should feel betrayed. The fans have loved Sherlock from the very start. From the start where we didn’t know all the characters properly, we didn’t know practically anything and we saw just a start of one beautiful and extraordinary friendship, we saw two lonely souls find one another, we saw a good plot and enigmatic and promising ending. Right? And that was it. 

Why tell them we would hate them because of not making Johnlock real. It’s still Sherlock, still that show we fell in love with.

I did. I enjoy every moment of it, I read fanfictions and Doyle’s books, I watch the Russian verse of Sherlock Holmes, I love Johnlock moments - because like hell it’s not real - and I’m quite frustrated because of the waiting (worth it) and me being from the Europe and not being able to meet the actors or writers in person to tell them how grateful I am. So please, you who do have that chance, go and tell them you fucking love them, because you know that you do, Johnlock or not.

Sorry for grammar and other mistakes, sorry for long writing, not sorry for what I said.

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You are literally so fucking negative about Cursed Child. There is nothing wrong with liking it. I don't think you have said one positive thing about it. Stop ruining it for the rest of us.

i cannot believe you are angry with me for expressing criticism of CC on my own blog. i have literally gotten so many messages like this one and y’all need to stop. i have never said there was anything wrong with liking or loving CC. everyone is 100% entitled to their own opinions about the play. moreover, there are a lot of things i do love about CC (like literally 90% of the posts i have made since it was released are about how much i love Scorbus). just because i did not like certain aspects/parts of it does not mean i can’t like others or that i hate it?? if you don’t want to hear my opinions on the play, please just unfollow me!