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Knight in Shining Armor (Loki Lafeyson x Female Reader)

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Words: 1546 (Holy shit??!)

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader, Thor Odinson x Reader (platonic), OMC (kinda??? Idk I just made his name up) x Reader

Warnings: Arranged Marriages, Angst, Fluff

Summary: (Y/N) and Loki have been friends since childhood. Now that they’re older, they’ve drifted apart, Loki being too busy to spend any time with her. She’s fallen for her, but like a true warrior, she pushes her feelings aside. That is until her father promises her hand in marriage to another man. Will she be forced to marry a man she doesn’t even know? Or will the love of her life save her from him?

A/N: WOW I suck at summaries! Anyway, this is just something I wrote up last night, not thinking too much of it. I was just in a Loki mood after seeing a couple gifsets on Tumblr. So here we are! I hope you enjoy and I hope there aren’t too many mistakes. This is only my second time writing for Loki and it takes place in Asgard so I hope I did the Asgardians justice. Also, I was too lazy to proofread this one. I hope you enjoy!


You look up from your book, startled. Your mother and father enter your chambers.

“Yes?” You reply.

“We have the most wonderful news!” Your mother declares.

You furrow your brows, closing your book and cocking your head to the side. “Oh?”

Your father smiles. “I have promised your hand in marriage to a very wealthy Asgardian warrior!”

Your eyes widen. “Wh-What?!”

“Yes! Lord Deinnson.”

You feel the blood rush out of your face.

No no no no no nO NO!!

You’re out of your chair in a flash.

“How dare you?! You make such rash decisions without my consent?! Without any consideration as to whether or not my heart already lies somewhere else?!” You yell.

You can see the rage building up in your father’s eyes. “Do not speak to me that way young lady!!” He shouts

You head for the door.

Do not walk away from me!“ He screams at you. "I know what’s best for you!”

You turn and look at your parents. “You do not know me at all.”

And then you’re rushing out the door. You head down the hall, down the stairs, and out towards your family’s stables.

You throw the bridle on your horse, and jump on him, preferring to ride bareback than worry yourself with a saddle.

You let him run as fast as his legs can carry you. You let your tears fall freely as you grip his mane, burying your face in it.

You finally arrive at the castle.

You jump off of the horse, and walk up to the heavily guarded entrance.

“Name?” A guard asks.

“Lady (Y/N) (Y/L/N). I am a friend of Prince Loki Laufeyson.”

“Did he summon you?”

“N-No but-”

“You are not permitted here.”

Tears flood your eyes again. “P-Please I-”

“GO!!!” He yells, causing you to shrink.

You can only nod, as you walk back to where your horse is waiting.

“Lady (Y/N)?”

You turn at the sound of Thor’s familiar voice.

“Thor…” You say, gratefully.

He furrows his brows when he sees your tear streaked cheeks.

“What ails you (Y/N)?” He asks in a gentle tone.

“Something I’d rather not discuss. But I need to see your brother. Please.”

He nods and turns to the guards. “See that her steed is put in the stables.” He says to one, who nods and leads your horse away.

“Why did you turn her away?” He practically growls at the guard who had given you a hard time.

His eyes widen. “I-I-I didn’t realize- My most sincere apologies Your Majesty.”

Thor huffs. “Don’t apologize to me.” He gestures to you.

The guard’s face reddens. “Of course. My most sincere apologies Lady (Y/N).” He bows, before opening the gates. “Right this way.”

You nod, and let him lead you into the palace.

You’re led up to his chambers.

The guard knocks, and you hear a familiar ‘Come in.’. The guard pokes his head in and tells Loki who you were. Then the guard opens the door wider and lets you in.

“Thank you, you are dismissed.” Loki says to him.

Once you two are alone, Loki allows himself to smile. It’d been too long since he last saw you.

But his smile falters when he sees the look in your eyes.

“What is it my darling flower?”

And then you can’t hold it in any longer. You let yourself cry.

He has his arms around you in an instant. You bury your face in his chest, inhaling his scent, letting it wash over you.

“Shh, come my darling.” He murmurs, leading you over to a couch.

He holds you in his lap, rubbing your back soothingly until you calm down.

You take a deep breath.

“Loki… I am to be wed.”

His eyes widen, and his jaw clenches. You notice his grip on you tighten ever so slightly.

“To whom?” He says, his voice an eerie calm.

“Lord Deinnson.”

His grip tightens even more. That man was known for being a player. Using a woman for whatever he wanted, before throwing her out like an old rag.

He pushes you away from his body so that he can look at your face.

“And you do not wish to marry him?”

You shake your head.

He sighs in relief. “Hush now my sweet. You mustn’t worry yourself too much.”

You nod, burying your face in his chest again.

He leans back on the couch, still holding you. Your legs are stretched out, and he runs his slender fingers through your hair.

Once your breathing has deepened, he slowly stands, laying your sleeping form on the couch and covering you with a warm blanket.

“Sleep well my darling flower.” He murmurs, before pressing a gentle kiss to your cheek.

He changes into his royal attire, helmet and everything.

And then he’s on his way to your family’s home.

You blink your eyes open and look around.

Loki’s chambers.

You smile to yourself. He’s not there, but that’s okay. You slowly stand, and head for the door.

You find your way out of the palace, heading down to the stables where your horse is waiting.

You get on and head back home.

You try to kill as much time as possible, taking your time with putting the horse back in the stables. Once you’re done, you head inside.

You stop dead in your tracks when you see your parents, in the living area of your home, with… Loki?

“Loki?!” You ask in shock.

“(Y/N)!” Your mother reprimands you for not calling him by his title.

“That is alright Madam, your daughter and I have known each other long enough. Titles are not a necessity.”

You blush, smiling as he walks towards you.

He stops, only inches away from you.

“What are you doing here?” You whisper.

He smirks. “I, your knight in shining armor, have come to save you from the beast.”

You roll your eyes, which are now tearing up.

“The Prince has come to ask for your hand in marriage.” Your father says.

“Oh?” You say, cocking an eyebrow.

“Yes, and therefore your promised marriage to Lord Deinnson is  no more.”

You feel a tear slip down your cheek.

“I am so in love with you (Y/N). I think I have been since we were children, and used to play in the gardens.”

You giggle. “You always wanted me to be the princess so you could save me, but I wanted to be a warrior instead.”

He chuckles, a low melodic sound that rumbles in his chest. “I remember that.”

He takes your hands in his. “You and I have been friends since childhood. I don’t think I realized my feelings for you. You are strong, witty, smart, mischievous.” He smirks, and you giggle. “And when I heard that you were to be wed to another man, I couldn’t bear it. Because I knew that he didn’t know you as well as I do. I knew he wouldn’t be the husband you deserve. I knew what I had to do.”

He gives you a small smile, which you return with an even wider one.

“I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. So if you’ll let me, I wish to make you my Queen.”

Tears blur your vision, and you nod smiling. “Of course I’ll have you Loki.”

He smiles, sighing in relief. It’s then that you notice the tears in his eyes.

He cups your cheek and pulls you closer before his lips are on yours in a soft, gentle kiss.

The two of you pull away, and Loki looks back at your parents. “Thank you, Lord and Lady (Y/L/N). I promise I will take care of your daughter.”

They nod, smiling at the two of you.

A week later, you stood in one of the great halls in the palace.

“Are you ready Your majesty?” One of the maids asks.

You giggle nervously. “Enough of that, at least wait until it’s official.”

She smiles. “Very well, are you ready M'lady?”

You close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Loki showing you the secret garden when you were four.

Loki chasing you around said garden at age seven.

You and Loki watching the stars at night

Loki showing you his magic when you were ten.

You sitting in the garden and confiding in Loki, telling him about all your troubles at age fifteen.

Loki showing you his frost giant form when you were sixteen, him being afraid of your reaction, but you only being amazed and telling him he was beautiful.

You and Loki training together as warriors at age eighteen.

The months you spent apart in recent years, you wishing he would call you to the palace like old times, but knowing that those days were over.

And then finally, Loki proposing to you.

You open your eyes and nod. “I’m ready.”

The doors leading into the throne room open, and you walk in.

You see him standing there, in all his glory, and you feel tears fill your eyes.

“You look ravishing my love.” He says when you reach him.

“You look quite handsome yourself my king.” You reply.

He smirks.

“My Queen.”

“My Loki.”

A/N: Thanks for reading! I really hope you enjoyed this drabble. I probably messed up when writing the Asgardians. But anyway, thanks again! As always feedback is appreciated. Have a wonderful day my lovelies!


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My experience at the HVFF

This is going to be a very long post about my experience at the HVFF (sorry for my terrible English).

So, when we arrived, on our left, we saw Milo Ventimiglia and we almost fainted in front of him because we didn’t expect to see him so close to the entrance lol Infact we were shocked when we saw John Barrowman few seconds later on our right too haha

Then my friends and I went immediately to Robin’s stand and when we saw him we all freaked out -damn, he’s so good looking and he seems like 28, not 39 :O- So we stood right next to him (not in the queue) and when he saw us he waved and smiled at us (his smile is so bright and cute, I almost melted).

Then I met Em, Julia (@robinllordtaylor) and Jen (@christopherpaulcolfers) and they’re absolutely adorable ;-; I’m so happy that I’ve finally met them -I love you so much girls!

Then we all went to Robin’s photo-op and when I saw him I asked him if we could hug and he said ‘Of course, sweetie!’ and he smiled again. So I picked up my bags and I showed my hand to my friend -because I was literally shaking- and Dickie (Robin’s husband) saw me and he laughed -lol I was sooo embarrassed!

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#why would you personally attack me like this tho#shoot#i can’t even#i’m done#my heart#poi (via @queercapwriting​​) on THIS gifset.

Sooooo … it’s for you @queercapwriting​ (and every Shoot shipper :P) - PAIN mouahah

My main tag for my shoot edits is Shoot* (bc i won’t put them all here there is just too much (around 1500 gifs (22 pages), I don’t know how many gifsets)) and you can check the Shoot AU tag. The last tag is not pain ;) (yeah I’m not that evil ! :P Or am I ?)

If you want happy like this or this just go into the Shoot* tag and search :p

You’re more looking for hope like this ? Sorry just search the damn Shoot* tag too :P 

MILD PAIN (not really pain ^^)

  • Here a little video to start (Pain at the beginning but at the end Root is alive)
  • “Once I had her hand, I never wanted to let go of her.”  [x]
  • Maybe someday …  Maybe someday …  (Clexa / Shoot parallels) [x]
  • I only care about one person harold [x]
  • Now I’m a believer [x]
  • What kind of fan are you ? [x]
  • Don’t look at me like that [x]
  • Real scene : Maybe someday [x]
  • Remembers you/Not the end [x] (a little hope in it)
  • Give me a memory I can use [x]
  • Real scene : I can’t live without you [x] (also in the tags where I asked for my birthday for them to have a happy ending … 1 day later was THE ep)
  • Real scene : 7000 simulations [x]


  • We belong together … You were my safe place … (multigifs/gif -quotes) [x]
  • Real scene : Is this the guy who killed you her [x]
  • Something Root had wanted to tell you [x]
  • I need an answer [x]
  • Take me back to the start [x]
  • “For you I know I’d even try to turn the tide.
    Because you’re mine, I walk the line.”
  • I never stopped looking for you [x]
  • Real scene : You were my safe place [x]

HARDCORE PAIN  (Mouahah for someone like me)

  • If loving you … [x]
  • Play/pause/stop/rewind [x]
  • I’m angry [x]
  • “This simulation sucks. And I’m ready to start again.” [x] (flashing gifs)
  • Die for something that you love/You were my safe place [x]

Is that all ? I thought there was more :P Anyway … Here you are ♥

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PS : A little fanart I made and use for my computer wallpaper for two years HERE.

anonymous asked:

I think Destiel is the show's end game but they want it to be the very last thing. So they set up the story around season 8/9 because they didn't really know if they were gonna get picked up and they had to dial it back up when it continued. Now it started again during season 12 knowing the show is gonna end in the next couple of years for sure without it being cancelled. Maybe? Thoughts? Love your meta!

Hi! Love you too!

I weirdly had a conversation about this yesterday in private so I’ve managed to actually coalesce some thoughts about this… Lots of thoughts.

Seeing as I joined fandom in the end of season 9, I basically joined a fandom that had been pretty hurt by the spec that season 8 might have been endgame if the show was cancelled… Obviously we’re never going to get any sort of statement on it until after we know the definitive line on whatever else they were doing with Destiel after the point it matters, so it’s going to be small potatoes if it was or not. 

But I don’t particularly think that it actually WAS - and the different way Cas, and his and Dean’s relationship, was portrayed in season 8 immediately threw a whole bunch of fuel on the fire but it was shocking in a way that it was being given attention rather than specifically being romantic, and it’s hard to tell the two apart, especially when you’re looking in the subtext and seeing romantic stuff, which when you’re a starving shipper suddenly seems like a feast of both charged interaction AND the old subtext, which is suddenly slathered all over everything when Cas is a major part of Dean’s emotional arc for the first time (in a good way). 

(LOTS more under the cut)

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stilessderek  asked:

I have already used your blending two gifs in one tutorial, so now I know how to do that ;D But mostly, specifically, I want to learn how to make gif two and three (how to even make them match in colors and how to use that texture... How to get that dark pinky color in the last gif and match it with the light over?) from this post /post/163329947819/tw-appreciation-week-day-one-favorite-character ? Does any of that make sense? :P

OH YOU’RE RIGHT! I REMEMBER THAT. you made a blue sterek gifset it was beautiful i remember now lmao okay so, i was gonna make this private but since i’ve already made a tutorial with the coloring i used for that gifset, imma just do it like this. please let me know if there’s something you don’t understand, because i’m already a mess explaining things in my language, i’m probably worse doing it in english. so i’ll explain how to make these (not the gifs themselves, but the coloring):

this is the coloring i used. sort of. it’s not gonna look the exact same way but you can adjust it. also this is a gif heavy post.

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How do I do that giffing?

Basic gif tutorial

Note: English is not my native language, but I shall do my best to explain it. Also, this is my first time making a tutorial like this, so I hope ya’ll can follow it a bit.

I am tagging some people that were interested into this from me: @goramidiot @lithiumkatana17 @kidsofthekelvinhero @prynacle @moonlight-at-dawn

Summary: Here I’ll explain and show, the way how I make a basic gifset. I will talk about the way I start and what you should keep in mind when making gifs and post them on Tumblr. Again this is just a very basic tutorial. But I will cover all the basics that I start with, always.

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anonymous asked:

What are your favorite kabby fanfics?

Hey, nonny! This took me forever to answer, and I’m really sorry about that. I have a lot of favorite fics, so I’ll limit this list to my top ten favorites. This only features fics on AO3, but I know there are plenty of amazing ones to be found on Tumblr that I can’t locate right now (or can’t locate on AO3). If you want, you can check out my fic rec tag to find some that are Tumblr-bound! 

In no particular order, here are the ones to which I return over and over again:

1. The Life You Make in the Ruins by @kane-and-griffin - this is the fic that got me started writing fanfiction. Honestly, this was a life-changing experience for me, and I have reread it at LEAST five or six times. It’s beautiful. Modern AU where Jake and Callie die in a car crash and Marcus and Abby are left to raise their kids; Bellamy, Clarke and Octavia. 

2. A Flower in Autumn by @beautiful-rebellious-sunflower - OH MY GOD, I can’t even describe the amount of feelings I have regarding this fic. I’mma start crying, no joke. Period/regency era AU isn’t usually my thing, but this is beautifully written, perfectly in-character (Alice’s Abby Griffin could literally have walked off the show and into this fic, and as Abby trash, this delights me) and the romance is dazzling. 

3. Through the Wire by noblydonedonnadoble - another of my earlier reads in the Kabby fandom that stuck with me for over a year. The writing strikes a delicate balance between comedy and drama, and it rises above the simple “fake dating AU” trope. Of course, I’m trash for fake dating AU, so…I was destined to love this. Modern/fake dating AU where Abby needs a date for her brother’s wedding, and Marcus Kane is the solution to that problem.

4. Everyone Can See It by @beautiful-rebellious-sunflower - look, I’m just trash for everything Alice writes. But this I especially love because it shows other people’s perspectives on Marcus and Abby’s relationship, something I haven’t often seen in this fandom. Not to mention that, as before, every character is perfectly translated from screen to page. While it’s not completed, the status doesn’t affect the rest of the piece because they’re a series of interconnected one-shots. It’s amazing.

5. I Need You So Much Closer by @skaihefamarcus - if you want good smut, this is some Grade A smut. I recommend everything of Kate’s, even though there are a few things of hers that I think live only on Tumblr? If you search her blog, you can probably find them. Written for a Valentine’s exchange, this fic takes place after Marcus returns from Polis in S4. AU in which Marcus and Abby are actually reunited instead of remaining separated forever, and Abby is…well, really happy to see him. *wink*

6. Haiplana by @kane-and-griffin - the fic that makes everyone’s rec lists, and for good reason. I mean, it has everything. Abby wearing a gorgeous grounder dress? Check. Actual interaction between Marcus and Lexa, of which we were so horribly deprived on the show? Check. Epic, sizzling sexual tension? CHECK. Canon-compliant S3 oneshot where Abby and Marcus attend a grounder feast in Polis. 

7. Wonderwall by @fandammit - I LOVE. THIS FIC. Well really I love anything Lelanie writes, but this fic especially. It does a spectacular job of not only building an entire modern AU backstory between Marcus and Abby, but in explaining why they hated each other, slowly brings them back together. Not to mention that Lelanie is literally #writergoals and I constantly have to restrain myself from yelling at her to explain her witchcraft secrets for writing so beautifully. :P Modern AU where Marcus and Abby meet at their high school reunion. 

8. Femme Aux Phlox by @brittanias - another amazingly well-written fic that made me cry. An amazing storyline (better than what we got on the show, tbh) and utterly, amazingly beautiful. Canon-compliant S3 fic that addresses Abby losing the Chancellorship and what that does to their relationship. Hint: Abby needs somewhere to live, and Marcus Kane’s door is open. 

9. There Will Be Time by @shefollowedfires - another beautiful canon-compliant fic. Emily’s characterization is on-point, and the language she uses is just beautiful. I swear, I’m a little jealous of the precision of her words and the loveliness of her writing. (Also, she’s one of the coolest people on the planet and makes lovely gifsets. Besides the point). Canon-compliant, Marcus and Abby find a cute little cottage in the woods and have some much-needed alone time.

10. We Had It Good There For Awhile by @kane-and-griffin - I have never seen The West Wing, but that didn’t stop me from reading this at 4 a.m. the night it was posted and then crying my eyes out over it. You really don’t have to know the show to read and love it - I mean, it probably helps if you know the background - but it’s by no means necessary to appreciate the amazingness of this storyline. West Wing/Political AU where Abby is the White House Press Secretary and Marcus is the White House Communications Director.

…so, there you go! Emily’s long, rambly list of favorite fics. Hope I helped you out, nonny! Like I said, these are only the ones I’ve bookmarked/read a thousand times on AO3, and I know there are many awesome ones here that are in my tag or I forgot to mention. All the writers in this fandom are extremely talented, and I’m thankful and honored to be part of it. 

Argh, the thing on my mind after watching 11x19 is that it and 11x11 each have such specific relevance to one particular Winchester per episode when it comes to the little mini arc set up in 11x04 where Sam asks Dean about something with someone in the life.

11x11 and Eileen seem specifically about Sam, romantically, and Dean is even paired off quite blatantly with Mildred, the most excellent “romantic false lead” ever to show us the two of them being paired off and Mildred even intervening to let them have alone time after vicariously shipping them together herself as a way of ascertaining Eileen’s interest in Sam (I mean… I assume so, if you guess she’s super canny and kindly about being very manipulative, and she literally drags Dean away from Sam and Eileen at one point :P). Eileen is also very compatible thematically to Sam as someone he can reflect on as well as attach to… She has similar mental landscape to Sam, with the cold open showing something happening to her while she was in her crib, a life-long thing to hunt, getting revenge but not going to a law career, etc.

She was very clearly someone fitting the description of what Sam had been wondering about in 11x04. She’s very clearly a mirror and parallel to him, as well as someone who represents what he actively wants, because I really don’t think you can pair the 11x04 conversation and Sam stashing a retirement home leaflet as being JUST Sam planning for his future. That’s a ridiculous romantic keepsake that reminds him of that excellent day, because Eileen did not have the presence of mind to give him a freakin’ lock of her hair or something more appropriate than stealing a pamphlet on the way out the door of the retirement home…

In 11x19 Jesse and Cesar are a bit more of an abstract example for Dean, but show him basically what he could take away from all this - he dismisses Sam in 11x04 asking him about it all, but in 11x19 he’s so surprised he derails their discussion of the monster to croak out his question about what’s it like settling down with a hunter, as if seeing for the first time. (I mean, seriously, I haven’t re-watched in ages, I’m amazed at how creaky and off-guard he sounds as he asks after seeing it in gifsets mostly since then…) Then someone else has to interrupt back onto the monster exposition dump they’d been in the middle of until Dean (of course) managed to blurt out enough words to make Cesar be like, come on babe, this is going to be so awkward, I’m just going to tell him, and Jesse scowled like, fine but don’t blame me if they hate us, and Cesar was like, nah this guy is cool, just… going to randomly reveal we’re married to him like, I toootally don’t feel a comfortable level of kinship with this dude or something hahaha that would be ridiculous (sorry, that pretend inner monologue turned into me being snarky >.> There’s no characterisation consistency in my rambling :D)

So Dean and Sam are split up again and Jesse represents some pretty different emotional stuff to Sam, dealing with the brother stuff and all that (just like Mildred dealt more with the retirement and old age theme to Dean of making him long for a sunset without necessarily bringing in romantic connections unless you’re me and have the Gas n Sip logo tattooed on your eyelids), while Cesar and Dean mostly just hunt and bond a bit. They very specifically have a conversation about revenge on the drive to it, which reflects Eileen’s parting comments about the hunt feeling no different despite it being her revenge resolution hunt (meaning she continues hunting, as Sam does, though with a tease that they could come together and bear the life together… I’m just… not thinking outside of season 11 right now okay). Both Jesse and Eileen get on-screen origin stories and their revenge on the monster that caused them, but Jesse and Cesar get to have a happy ending and drive off into the sunset because they have each other and a firm understanding of when they can stop hunting and knowing when it’s all over. Sam stashed the leaflet about the retirement home in his box of special things, but as 11x19 ends as well with them still having looming work to do, they just can’t think about packing it in quite yet, though the point is made in both, that this is the discussion on the table - hunter endgames.

Dean’s understanding of Cesar’s relationship with Jesse and the understandings they have and Cesar’s read of it founded ON the revenge thing and “peace when you are done”, to borrow from the road so far song, is what informs his decision not to ask them to help with fighting Amara at the end. His interpersonal arc with Cesar was much more openly muted than Sam and Jesse having the emotional encounter with the old sheriff and the very obvious links with Jesse yelling about his brother, which makes parallels that on this show can always be read from space when someone says “brother”. It leads Dean to the important decision of understanding what to do about letting them go raise their horses in peace. Dean is personally connected to the side of the story about their marriage, and split off with Cesar who is just married into the revenge mission whose only connection to care about it is because of what it’s doing to his husband, and not for his own sake.

Essentially, the fact they were married hunters is presented to surprise Dean (and he’s seen married, heterosexual, hunters before so that question may have been answered honestly by Cesar just to the pressures of marriage in a dangerous crappy job, but seems to mean with Dean asking, wait, you can MARRY another MALE hunter what the heck i never even - ) and he’s the one who asks (and since Jesse is surly and untrusting as a result of the discrimination of this town (and in both episodes understanding is presented as belief in monsters - Mildred is good because she already saw a ghost and is willing to believe… Jesse is living a metaphor where the town’s intolerance is both of him being gay AND the fact he kept saying he saw a monster - the intolerance metaphor is soubled down on by the sheriff and his reaction to discovering his daughter was taken, and I hope the point of the metaphor was that the chitter monsters were how intolerant people SAW gay people *from their perspective* of it being so bad you’d disown and never talk of it etc). Cesar, the one linked to Dean more - I mean he even saved him for starters and it was Dean sent off into the woods to make first contact with him by a fortuitous phonecall, though if there was nothing going on on a higher narrative level Sam could have just have easily done that). Dean’s the one split off on the side of the story about their marriage with Cesar again, and he’s the one who makes the judgement call about them being allowed to go settle down and have some peace and safety together.

Cesar in basically every way does as a side-character function for Dean what Eileen does for Sam. Except the obvious second level remove here with him already being married, and the fact that Dean is also un-pairable in 11x11, hence Mildred, who by being romantically interesting to Dean (look, they watch a sunset together, you don’t have to ship them or think they actually would ever - but that’s a romantically coded moment and he has a big heart so it’s still a Thing even if it’s a go-nowhere thing. It’s a thing Sam could later tease him about and Dean would blush and smile fondly about Mildred’s attention even if he had no intention of hooking up with her…) kinda has the opposite but identical effect of a sexy hookup where there’s no romance, just a fling. Mildred was absolutely Dean’s meaningless girl of the week if you wanna be technical about her role there :P Anyway in both cases Dean just sees and experiences, and in his specifically tailored episode on this theme, he only sees an example of what he could have, not as Sam sees, someone who could very easily be that exact endgame.

Because, as Mildred says, Dean was very obviously pining for someone else.

And Dean’s personal relationship and retirement introspection episode comes wedged in after 11x18, where he’s just lost Cas to Amara in a sort of ridiculously painful doubling down on how *much* he’s lost Cas, even in spite of Amara’s presence… And soon we will get the direct testing of these rival bonds… But that’s a whole other web of meta on the main arc relationship parallels which I spent all of season 11 and most of the hiatus after mired in, so I think we’re good here :P

As a part of Spread the Love Day, I want to highlight those that I stalk the most. These people bring me LIFE on this website. Seriously. Let me tell you a little about each of them. 

@saucynewf - I am pretty sure that Pam is determined to remain #1 on my list. She supplies me with as much Dean Porn as a girl could hope. I never know what I’m going to get, and it makes following her that much MORE exciting. If you would like to get your Dean fix on, head on over to Pam’s blog and FOLLOW HER. 

@blacktithe7 - I LOVE Erin. She knows how to write Jensen and SUCK ME IN. I recently re-read her Rockstar! Jensen AU Silk and Rough Velvet. If you, like me, have a thing for Jensen singing, you need to give this series a try. It is SUCH a roller coaster that you won’t regret. Then you need to read her NEWEST Jensen series Forward. It has been absolutely delightful. I’m enjoying every damn second of it. Follow Erin RIGHT NOW. 

@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog - Mimi is absolute fanfic ROYALTY. Just saying. I love pretty much every bloody thing she writes. Let me just lay it down for you. An Unassuming Life Series is a Mechanic! Dean x Reader AU in which you will absolutely lose yourself. Then she writes THE BEST Dean x Donna pairing EVER. It’s my drug, and she is my supplier. I swear. I CAN NOT get enough. Then there is The Arrangement. A Mechanic! Dean x Reader series in which you will LOSE YOUR SHIT. It is so damn good. So, why are you still looking at me, go follow her and read all the things. 

@ravengirl94 - Let’s talk about Emily, shall we? I discovered her blog just a week ago and all I can think is, “Where the HELL has this been all my life?!” Holy Toledo, Batman. This girl CAN WRITE. The first thing I read was her Billionaire! Dean x Reader AU The Arrangement. I’m so in love with it I can hardly function. It brings me life and makes me smile and feel all kinds of things. THIS is like a book. It’s so well written and sucks you in. And it’s way different than almost anything out there. Then the way she writes Jensen is utterly AMAZING. Check out her I Want Crazy Series. It will not disappoint. Then while you’re at it, just FOLLOW HER ALREADY. 

@justjensenanddean - My supplier for EVERYTHING Jensen and Dean. Whether it’s Jensen singing or being an AMAZING father or Dean in all is beautiful glory, this blog makes sure I never go without these two men. Bless you, my friend. Thank you for always creating and reblogging THE BEST stuff. Ugh, go follow this blog, you fools!

@torn-and-frayed - You made the list again, Steph! :p I can not say enough about this woman. She has a masterfully executed Series Rewrite in which she has inserted the reader into now up to FIVE SEASONS of Supernatural. I don’t know how in the hell she does it, dudes. Then there is Daddy’s Little Lovebug. I LOVE It so hard. And we can’t forget her Send the Pain Below Series. It’s a Jensen x Reader, and it hurts so good. She is basically the queen of angst and making your heart HURT. Go follow her. She is bloody brilliant. 

@impala-dreamer - Let me count the ways that Bekah drives me wild. Let’s start with ALL THE SMUT. She sure knows how to drive my Dean fantasies WILD. Enchanted Encounter is a completely wonderful example of that. The reader gets cursed and all kinds of wonderfullness ensues. Goodmorning, Princess and Goodnight, Princess are both PERFECT examples of how I want to wake up and go to sleep EVERY DAMN DAY. Then there was the time that Bekah made me HATE HER with The End of Time. I’m telling you, get some tissues. I was so damn pissed at the end of this one, I cried for a while, then lashed out. Everything Bekah does is GOLD. She also writes Sam, blah blah, and it’s not so bad either. *rolls eyes* Go follow her talented ass. NOW!

@jacklesonmymind - Constantly reblogging ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Jensen and Dean. Bless her for making sure I don’t go anytime without seeing his beautiful face on my dash. I don’t know what I’d do without some of these wonderful trashy rebloggers. They bring me LIFE. You are AMAZING. 

@misswhizzy - Liz, Liz, Liz… You make sure that if I missed it the first time around from someone, that I’m going to see it once you reblog or post it. I feel like there are so many wonderful gifsets that I would have missed out on if it weren’t for you and your wonderful eye for beauty. You have a wonderfully run blog and it fills my dash with joy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

There are SO MANY MORE great blogs out there, but today these are the wonderful souls I am featuring. What are you doing still reading this!? Go Follow their wonderful asses!

2017 in Gifs

Rules: It’s time to love yourselves! Choose your 5 favorite works you’ve created this year (fics, art, edits, etc!) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things you’ve brought into the world in 2017. Tag as many writers/artists/etc as you want (fan or original!) so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome works. <3

I was tagged by @capthawkeye​ and @icameheretowinry​, thank you! :)

I decided to cheat and list 10 works instead. I tried really hard to narrow them down to just 5, but I couldn’t. >_< 

In 2016, I made over 150 gifsets. My goal for this year was to make roughly 50, since I had used up most of the good FMA quotes during that first year. And this year, I made 77 gifsets/edits (701 gifs total), so I reached my goal! This year definitely marked a change from prioritizing quantity to prioritizing quality. I went through a pretty severe slump, during which I couldn’t see the point in making gifs when someone else could easily take my place. That slump was due largely to my blog getting incorrectly flagged as explicit and my gifsets subsequently getting very few notes. 

I did get out of my slump eventually, but making gifs isn’t the same as it was pre-slump. I feel like my efforts are only worthwhile if they’re spent on more complicated gifsets, which is why I’ve made relatively few edits recently. While I’ve put out drastically less content in the past year, I learned a lot more techniques that I think increased the overall quality of what I posted! 

I couldn’t narrow it down to 5 gifsets, so here are 10 that I think were the highlight of the year. (Two of them were posted in 2016 after my last yearly review in August 2016!) 

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missfox116  asked:

Question: What are your reasons for loving Lightning McQueen so much? (Just curious).

Gurl, beware, this response is a hot, HOT mess. XP And I think it probably raises more questions than it answers, haha! I’m not even going to put this TL;DR mess under a Read More because if I’m gonna be a mess about Lightning McQueen I might as well go big or go home!


Let’s start with the classics. That tiebreaker race, man. I’ve waxed at length about this before, but the fact that Lightning easily could have won that race and then gone back to help The King finish it, but actively chose to stop before that checkered flag–when it would have literally, physically been easier not to–ha always stuck with me. I think about the specifics of that a lot. And I’m just–! So proud of him. That was a long and transformative week, man.

There’s Admiration, and then There’s Love

‘Cause like, I dunno that I admire Lightning because of these next few things, haha, but I definitely love him for them. I find the discreteness of like… things Lightning knows vs. things Lightning doesn’t know very endearing. Like, he’s an adult and a professional and he has this whole world of agents and sponsors and fame that he’s found some half-decent way of navigating. But he has so little life experience outside of that that it doesn’t seem to occur to him that staying near all of the traffic/lights is going to increase his hopes of staying on the Interstate/finding help. And I’ll bet these sorts of gaps still crop up sometimes even now. Similarly, I love that Lightning’s clearly very intelligent, often strategic, and quick-witted. But at the same time he’s a bit stupid. XD I say that lovingly. But it’s not a contradiction; he just manages to be both these things at once, in a very particularly Lightning way.

And I love writing that range of character, because you have this character who can be this totally slapdash hot freaking mess, but who’s also this level-headed professional who’s extremely good at slogging through his personal crap and identifying exactly what his concerns are, and exactly what matters and what doesn’t, and exactly what’s just noise and what’s real in his life. Especially when you think about Cars 3 and the level of shade being thrown his way from so many different places–he never really took the insults to heart. His focus was always on the reality of his situation. As someone who’s extremely bad at that, even something that simple is breathtaking to me.

…He Doesn’t Get It

Even as I praise that level of confidence/emotional intelligence, though, I also love that a lot of the time, he totally doesn’t get it. XP I love that he can feel all these really complicated, enduring emotions and just totally misread himself. It’s hard to explain–but I guess the way I see Lightning understanding his experiences is that they fit into these simple grids–like happy, sad, angry. Friends. Enemies. And he’s really quick to slot his feelings into these categories, and he expects to be able to transition from one thing to the next without experiencing gray areas in between. But like, that’s not actually how life works, and I think he gets kind of… surprised. Whenever he experiences that not being the case. XD Still working on that, lol.

Kind of in the same vein, I love being able to write Lightning in situations where it’s never just him learning a lesson, or just him teaching one. No matter where you tap his story and start writing, there’s always so much opportunity to write both Lightning and whomever else is in the story mutually growing because of one another. I mean, ideally that should be the case for any character interactions. But I see that capacity being really core to who Lightning is, and I think that’s really beautiful.

His Depth of Gratitude

One of the first things I ever did in this fandom (and FAR and away the most popular, lol) was make a whole gifset about this, but the depth of gratitude Lightning has come to be capable of is so striking to me. He’s so grateful for the cars in his life, and for their support, and for the formative experiences he’s had and the opportunities he’s been given. Like, of all the things Lighting doesn’t really get, gratitude is one he really, really does. That gets me so emotional.

He’s So Loved

Which, okay, “he’s so loved” is a weird reason to love someone. But I don’t know that I have words to describe how important it is to me that this little bean is deeply and powerfully loved, and that he’s happy. I was a MESS before, during, and well after my first viewing of Cars 3 because like, even though clearly the movie had a happy ending, THERE WERE MOMENTS IN TIME WHERE MY BABY WASN’T HAPPY and like, it legitimately took my a couple more viewings of the movie before my heart caught up with the film emotionally, and my heart made it all the way to the end in the way that my brain and eyeballs had already done. XD

I think it has a lot to do with like… I love him. He’s my baby racecar. But he’s also who I wanna be, or like, what I want my life to have? I want to have relationships that are that strong–whether they’re with my loved ones, my friends and colleagues, my mentors, or whether they’re with people I inspire. I want to be that loved! And that confident! And that admired! It’s not that I crave idolatry, lol (e.g. the screaming fans of LMQ pre-RS) but that sense of like… I’ve accomplished something genuinely good in the world that has in turn inspired others to also accomplish genuine good in the world, and we’re all so great and everything’s so good. You know? 

Which is partly why it’s so hard to see him sad, or going through something really rough, because at that point it’s not even that he’s a character I like. It’s just like YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME, LITTLE ANIMATED CAR. YOU ARE BLESSED. AND IT’S SO IMPORTANT TO ME THAT YOU ARE HAPPY BECAUSE YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. Which is why stuff like Smokey showing Lightning all Doc’s letters, or that The Bolt deleted scene, or those moments where the whole stadium is just chanting his name, believing in him and loving him and themselves gaining from what the see in him, just kill me.

I love him, which is why any of that that matters so much, but… the fact that that can matter so much is also why I love him. 

It’s a mess! I’m a mess!

Also, he’s so. Cute. He makes dumb faces and he races with genuine talent and he loves with such abandon and he just–feels–everything and he tries so, so hard and he fights for what he wants, whether that means race wins or interpersonal connections or some one else’s second chances. He is magic. He’s Lightning McQueen.

I have not peeked into my dash AT ALL since the new episode, mostly just scrolled a few blogs to catch myself up on gifsets etc, but I wanna put down a few more thoughts from rewatching 13x01 and 2 today - which was hours ago so I’m not sure how much I have to say -

- in 13x01 *Sam* says that they “need” Jack - thinking of course about his portal opening abilities, and next episode is the one to start poking him about what else he can do, seeming really interested for the teleporting. He also has the conversation with Donsmodeus where he has already been researching what Jack can do and completely misses “Donatello”’s flip on Jack about moulding him because now Donssmodeus is talking his language about that, all of which vaguely worries me. I know there’s a discourse about Dean the Bad Parent out there but only from 2nd hand chat that it exists so I just wanna weigh in. 13x02 hammers home that “needing” people is BAD (which I covered a little more in my notes about the episode about how “i need you” is now a bad phrase and hopefully that loops back around to where it became such a hot subject in the first place and Dean says something more about wanting or loving Cas than needing him when he’s back, but Lucifer said it about Mary and Michael said it about Lucifer, and Sam said it about Jack. So. It’s not all sunshine over there even when it’s adorable and Sam is so supportive and I am loving every moment of him and Jack).

- Sam talks about how Kelly and Cas thought Jack was worth all the fuss, and “so do i”, aligning himself with Jack’s parents etc etc he’s now morally responsible for Jack as a guiding figure. Dean had no such conversation and was not included in this conversation which was started BECAUSE Dean had said horrible things about Jack. I don’t think at the moment Dean’s on the level of “parenting” Jack, at least in the same way I don’t think Mary in season 12 can possibly compare to John for their entire upbringing when having a bad parent conversation. You can condemn her treatment of them and complain about how she should have reached out more or not left or whatever (I mean I’m pretty supportive right up to “lying about working with the BMoL” and then switch to sympathetically understanding while agreeing it’s a mistake but blah blah those power stories and that’s how we learn and grow around here)… But yeah none of it can possibly scar them like their entire youth spent with John’s version of parenting.

Granted literally all of Jack’s issues pretty much stem from Dean, whether it’s activating his memories of Lucifer reaching out to him and getting our first “I’m good” which means “I’m not good” which is SUCH a loaded statement about not just wellness but ethical morality levels (e.g. was that the first chink in Jack’s goodness where he has warring influences on him now - though I still of course think his core is completely good/neutral) and of course saying all the stuff about Jack to make him think he’s not worth it and then be so horrified and confused about his own life and abilities we get that last scene. Asmodeus barely managed to make a dent in Jack’s self-worth except for teaching him trust and wariness, but even then a better pep talk about God and all would have avoided the problem entirely if the Winchesters were forthcoming with their issues with faith and religion and explained the shittiness of this world’s Creation properly instead of being uncomfortable about explaining Lucifer and Chuck and the myriad issues they cause.

But yeah, I think Dean’s fucked Jack up immensely but he’s just not in a place to care or understand and he has not stated Jack is his responsibility in any other way than protecting other people from him, because he can’t see him properly yet. Another thing I caught while thinking about the framing of this all and Jack from Dean’s POV is that Jack looked enraged to see Dean at the police station when he was running from the angel radio, and to Dean it seems like *only* Sam taser-ing Jack avoided Jack attacking Dean again and he has no way to say whether Jack would have or not. We had already seen so much more of Jack’s nice side by that point we can assume he was just scared and running and overloading, but Dean does not know that. He’s also in no place for Sam’s attempts at sensitivity training to work, but Sam has already attempted to call out the problem Dean has a few times, to no avail but at least he’s putting the words out there, bridging the problem between them by making it clear they need to be on the same page, and trying to get Dean to cooperate.

(I haven’t seen the discourse about this but I wonder if the haste we have to assign them all as family members to Jack while the show is taking a slow approach to having Dean own any responsibility for Jack while Sam has dived straight into being the Best Uncle Ever has made this more of a problem because it’s hard to have Sam in one place with Jack and Dean in another and NOT see the connection to Sam and Cas automatically making him uncle or step father to Jack by proxy, while the earned family philosophy means Dean has not chosen any connection whatsoever to Jack except the one he already made clear, that he still sees Jack as a monster and a problem and even with deeper sympathy and understanding after spending time with him, he can’t credit Jack his human side or trust him to control the angel side… the 10x09 mirror conversation between them (or 2x11 if he’s seeing Jack as Sam and putting himself back in the season 2 mindset aka ranked one of his worst ever and proportionately THE worst) just goes to show his problems even more. He didn’t trust himself back in season 10 and wanted Cas as a failsafe to throw him into the sun. He’s probably looking up how to do that right now :P)

- but to get back to Asmodeus and Jack, the big fuck up the Winchesters made in preparing Jack for the world was not warning him that having any sort of destiny was a Bad Thing. Asmodeus made it up completely but it goes in line with Kelly believing there was a higher purpose for Jack and Cas’s utter defeat about the idea saying it was all just random happenstance; though it was a circumstantial lie I find it interesting in the wider metaphorical picture in the same way Kelly praying to Sven for help in the open of 12x23 is circumstantial but fascinating in a wider picture :P Obviously there’s a massive Destiel barrier to communication in the room specifically in the general area of Donatello talking about having a direct line to God or not, because on a better day Dean could have been regular old bitter about that and snarked enough of a warning for Jack to get the idea that no such thing exists and God doesn’t care… And I hate that’s the HAPPY day for them, but there you go, Dean was still so fucked up about that prayer not being answered a couple of days before that he does the thing I saw a gifset pointing out from Sam’s same page speech about just shutting down completely when it comes to the subject of Cas and his death and Sam’s hope and God not helping and all that in general.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mis-explained all of these thoughts horrifically so my inbox is always there for me to get back to this maybe on Monday or something… it’s my birthday then and I love random meta asks from people confused about what I meant about something giving me a chance to write an even longer post. I’m genuinely excited to research up the table post I need to make about the final Bunker kitchen scene on me bday >.>

Cherik Awards 2015

I almost forgot about this… Fortunately it came to my mind before 23:59 31 Dec 2015 lol.

Rec Three Fics:
Okay, since this is such a wonderful idea when I saw @luredin posted this, and I’ve enjoyed everything so much in this fandom (especially the fics), I figure that I should play big, so I’m going to rec three kinds of fics instead of three fics that I read in 2015 ;) (Sorry I didn’t tag all the authors since I don’t know if they are on tumblr, maybe someone would kindly tell me if they are?)

AU in a universe that I want or I really like:

  • You’re Not a Sarlacc by Pangea (AKA @pangeasplits)
    It’s basically a PWP. I wasn’t a fan of tentacles. This fic changed my world.
  • Better Outrun My Gun by Magnetism_bind
    Everything in this story is quite old west, and kinda classic. It has all I want in an old west cherik AU.
  • The Mutant Games by @turtletotem
    This is a Hunger Games AU that done an incredible job mixing with the canon. I thought I could predict the plot since I saw XMFC and Hunger Games, but the plot twist in the end is very surprising.
  • The Amazing Adventures of Cat-Man by so_shhy
    Interesting setting that Charles and Erik are the sidekick of the superhero and the supervillain, and they met when they were twelve and this is just too adorable <3
  • Doctor’s Diary by minzimpression
    It’s kinda like Gray’s Anatomy but I was a fan of the show before, so. But it’s actually great if you’re okay with the complicated romantic relationships lol.
  • What We All Long For by @nos4a2no9
    The aura of homophobia and anti-Semitic in the period is realistic. And the angst is very good that it made my heart break when I thought it couldn’t be broken more. I like the characterization of Erik and the great writing.
  • Ruining the Pedigree by @elbatross
    It’s a WIP and the author hasn’t updated over a year… But the world building (omega dominant) and the writing is brilliant.
  • Beneath the Jacaranda by @geertruis
    This does capture the Japanese and geisha culture very well, and the writing is great as well. It’s a very special fic in this fandom since it sets on a non-western culture.
  • Sink or Swim by @endingthemes
    DADNETO and kids! This is kinda a hurt/comfort story that I enjoyed. The development and how the character turned the table are really good.
  • The Swan by @waitfornight
    It’s a WIP. The writing and the atmosphere of this story is just gorgeous. It sets on WW2 and there are tons of history involved, and the homophobia and anti-Semitic at the time.
  • This far but no further by @niniblack
    Love this mpreg fix-it canon divergence fic. Cherik have very different point of view about everything, but they wanted to be with each other too much that they eventually compromised and find a way to be together.
  • On your knees, My King! by Hyperballad (AKA @fireflydown1)
    King Erik and Prince Charles, in a sort of Children of Dune world. The setting is interesting and the plot is fascinating so far (It’s a WIP) I have read.

Fics I just LOVE too much and don’t need a reason to recommend:

  • Missed Connections by aisle_one
    Obsessed stalker!Charles is something I didn’t know I want. It’s first person and epistolary form which I usually not prefer but I couldn’t stop reading. It’s kinda creepy but there is more than that.
  • Do You Love Me by cgf_kat
    Arranged marriage and nuclear holocaust are what I love :P The world building is fantastic and the development of their relationship is great.
  • Dragon’s Blood by Sophia_Bee (AKA @sophiabee)
    I love loVE LOVE  this story. I even recommended it on my blog before, but I just have to rec it again lol. Everyone did thing because of love, but the outcomes were not what they expected. It’s a story about hurt, forgiveness, acceptance, love, and everyone learned about how you let go the things you can’t get, and deal with the choices you had made.
  • Four Nights by theapolis (AKA @yoursidekick)
    The plot and the dynamic between Cherik are fantastic. I love how they admit their feelings and desire for each other.
  • The Secret of the Knights Templar by @madneto
    Exciting and well plotting story that I really enjoyed.
  • Are We Fucking? by Butterynutjob (AKA @mc-meow-avoy-fassbender)
    I really love this story. I mean, include the het part in it. It has this background that how social vulnerable groups deal with their difficulty in their life, and the sexual orientation is really a spectrum, that there’s no absolutely straight or gay. And of course the hot sex is delicious :D

What I’ve always wanted but didn’t think they exist and I was wrong:
These fics are really special to me. There are always some discussions about the unrealistic part in fandoms, and I’ve always wanted some fics that are realistic. And these fics, I found them quite educational in some way.

  • The House Spouse by Butterynutjob (AKA @mc-meow-avoy-fassbender)
    It’s one of the few fics that shows you what a real gay sex with protection would be like. And I like how it gave me a glimpse of the LGBTQI community was like in 90s, and how the character faced his orientation and accepted what he really is and what he really wants. The dynamic and development is really great.
  • Three Days in April by Sophia_Bee (AKA @sophiabee)
    This story is educational. It made me go researching about PEP/PrEP which I barely knew before. HIV/AIDS is not very common in fics (the fic The House Spouse up there mentioned HIV/AIDS briefly as well ) despite it is a serious issue in the real world and it’s not unfamiliar in gay community (at least in my country). And the Erik in this story is supportive and thoughtful, it’s like this Erik has bought out all the good part in Erik lol.

Rec Three Blogs:
@candycandybaby posts fantastic au gifset and headcanon.
@endingthemes makes Cherik gifs and meta from time to time.
@mc-meow-avoy-fassbender posts some VERY INTERESTING posts. (You would know what I mean if you follow her lol.)

Rec Three Fanworks:
The really AMAZING Fassy fanart by @larkistin
Tuesday Princess!Chares comics here and here by @cheesepizzaorgtfo and these made my week!
The X-Men drunk and stoned family fanart by @pencilscratchins

People in this fandom have been really creative and devoted, and the discussions and metas are deep and interesting. I enjoy and love this fandom so much, and the people I encountered here are all friendly and nice. Well, I hope this fandom would keep being this wonderful, and thank you for creating all the amazing works that got me through the bad days :D

In celebration of season 2, here is a Jalec playlist!

It contains mostly pop, house, and indie sons, though I cannot really categorize them. I have another one coming, which is indie and rock, mostly.

Listen Here on Playmoss

Includes songs by VSC, Paper Route, Lyon Hart, U2, You Me At Six, Troye Sivan, Leon, Olafur Arnalds, Tyler Glenn, Aquilo, SNMN, Mansionair, Alex Clare, Bastille, Emeli Sande.

Explanations below:

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anonymous asked:

I'm behind on meta so please feel free to ignore this if it's been already talked about, but I thought it was interesting how - as weird or sort of unusual that fight scene was with dean and the demon, or at least i don't recall anything like it - by making it look sexual and obviously violent, it kinda parallelled Mary's struggle with that asshole hunter. What weirds me out is that it puts Sam & Lucifer in the same role of saviour which is never good, but maybe they just wanted to connect them

like that bc they both want a connection w/ Jack, maybe even see themselves in Jack, who knows lucifer;s side, since they were unable to provide dialogue 4 him besides repeating how Mary is weak bc she gets tired & is all humany and they need to get out and he might need her. ANYWAY, shitty writing aside, do u think it was a parallel and if so what are they trying to say? Was it to show that maybe Sam’s intentions aren’t the purest either, not in an evil way but like bc he’s so intent on getting Mary back that he might be blind - for different reasons than Dean - to Jack as a person? He’s trying so hard & almost doesn’t even entertain the thought that Jack might be corrupted by his power at some point, or by Hell which we see almost happens bc of lack of info. Sam seems to hold on to as much hope as he can, while Dean is at the opposite end of the spectrum (hmm I wonder who could balance it out?). But what do you think of Sam having been weirdly aligned w/ Hell like, he even unwittingly gave the info to Amodeous about how powerful Jack is, while Dean, without even trying, seems to be Jack’s role model for Good (& I love how Jack has a Dean decoder built in) and he even throws him a Bible to read (which, if presented without commentary can be risky, he’s better off reading the Supernatural books, but still, it’s the Holy Book).

Hi! What an ask :D Also I am ALSO so behind on meta so I’m just going to answer this like it’s all new to us, sorry everyone who has already been over this, me and anon are going through this together ;)

To go through chronologically because I’m super tired so I need to break this down…

Yeah, awesome weird fight scene. I loved it - Tink said something about them having a new fight coordinator? There’s been 2 incredible fights back to back for Dean so far and I’m loving it. This one was great I think with the director as well - I feel like he of all of them takes liberties with BL scripts and puts in extra nuance and missing implications that their writing didn’t pick up… He’s 99% responsible for the crypt scenes for example, and in 11x21 included ALL the nuance that made the longing retcon magic happen between Amara, Cas and Dean, just by visual implications. He also super digs the prison imagery and bunker porn and generally using the locations really well… I don’t know much about all the different directors but I’ve learned that seeing his name means it’s time to get excited and nerdy about what I’m going to SEE :D

So yeah, good combo. It made a great parallel with Mary’s fight which I liked first of all just for the Mary and Dean paralleling, especially as she needs connections back to the main storyline just for asserting she still exists, because as you say it was pretty bad writing especially around Mary in that episode, where she just dragged herself around after Lucifer and needed saving. Putting Dean in a parallel situation somewhat defuses it in overall handling of the nonsense, even if I don’t like that it was written this way in the first place. I have still not had time to explore my dash much but I hope people have been making posts about the parallels to female fight scenes, especially Black Widow in the marvel movies… In my notes I just commented he was straddling people to death and left it at that (even though that obviously wasn’t what he was doing - it was a shorthand for the fight style :P) but really it also mirrored 10x15 and Dean in that weirdly charged scenario with whatisface, where he got straddled and had the worm coming out Cole’s throat while leaning over him etc and it put Dean in a very submissive role to all that. In the same way, having Dean fight back by getting his legs around the guy and ending the fight literally *cowering* on a bed with the demon standing over him with the phallic knife, was a fascinating staging of power dynamics where he actually looked more vulnerable than Mary did.

I think Lucifer nice guy’d it - he said he needed Mary and when she wouldn’t go along with him, immediately started whining more and hurt Mary just to make her complacent and remind her that he was still in charge and more powerful than her. Sam of course has no such dynamic with Dean, but I think overall he’s going to be more assertive this season and carrying on - according to the PR - with having more of a leadership role in the dynamic. He’s definitely making the better choices right now while Dean urgently needs a personal day or six. So I think first and foremost it’s a compare and contrast rather than a direct parallel. There’s a great gifset I reblogged somewhere or other about Lucifer in 12x23 saying hurr blurr I can’t raise my son from a prison cell, and then Sam in the cell with Jack just captioned “HOLD MY BEER”, and Sam currently is the only positive father figure - and actually the ONLY father figure *on the board* for Jack, since the pool is Cas - dead, Lucifer - in the AU, Dean - not interested right now… Meaning Jack is pretty much Sam’s sole responsibility and the Lucifer vs Sam stuff may be being played as an oppositional thing. So Lucifer being a dick to Mary after saving her but doing it conditionally and in an attempt to make her go along with him (and that he only wants her to trade for Jack anyway) vs Sam just saving Dean because they love and trust each other already forevers and there being no terms and conditions except for not wanting his brother dead for well duh reasons is… nice. 

But yeah it does also put Sam in a weird place where he’s being paralleled to Lucifer in any way and he has that long history with him. And I think by and large this is supposed to be positive for Sam and all but I agree with you that Sam can and maybe will fuck it up, and being oblivious to the dangers is the main way. In the “Donatello” conversation he doesn’t notice that Donatello switched from “Jack’s nature wins” to “let’s try moulding him” which was Asmodeus’s idea (and Sam’s) - but because Asmodeus was AGREEING with Sam and Sam was assuming he meant for the better, then he didn’t notice that Donatello was suddenly agreeing with him.

I think it’s pretty inevitable Jack’s going to have some sort of wobble - we’ve seen Lucifer is a tiny bit in his head even if he already picked Cas as his father and it’s clear he has a good heart, Asmodeus showed how easily some trickery and the path of good intentions can open a portal to hell (aww season 4 Sam) and that is something Sam himself has to deal with and his his hugest character thing overall - his arc led to that, and then on the other side of it has been about repenting for it and feeling awful that this was what he was basically raised to do >.> He should hopefully be a good influence on Jack to guide him away from repeating his mistakes but only if he can see the problem in the first place.

(Also yeah I love Sam and I’m excited and positive for his relationship with Jack but like you I think we do need to think about the problems, Sam’s lack of experience, this being a complicated time for him to take charge of a thing when historically almost every time he has been in a position of responsibility or strength he’s fucked it up when handling things himself, or else gone down some really dark paths… I think he CAN help Jack and ultimately WILL but that doesn’t mean it might not be rough along the way and I think people need to be prepared for that if they’re getting invested in it… Maybe even more so than the people who want Dean to be good with Jack and are getting upset about how hard it is because in a way that is a much more obvious problem and we were warned about it from the start, while Sam and Jack seems like such a good and pure thing it might be easy to let your guard down that the show can easily insert trouble and darkness into it…)

I wonder if there will be some tension to come between Sam and Dean about Jack kinda latching onto Dean though? Because I’ve wondered before that he is the moral centre of the show and Jack was mimicking him because he’s sort of needing Dean’s approval too, not just in a survival way but because Dean is so SURE of what is right, so being like Dean is default being right. (I think Sam has said something similar in 3x07 about always following Dean around trying to be like him when he was young? In that “i know when you’re scared” argument) And of course Dean being so sure of what is right and Jack not meeting that standard by default has been a massive part of why Jack levelled up in Winchester self-doubt and self-hatred in just a few days. Took less than a week to ruin him and Dean’s standards are probably a large part of it >.> So yeah, I hope Sam understands all the nuance of why Jack might have been mimicking/idolising Dean when Sam is the one trying to be the positive role model to Jack, just because he knows the force of Dean’s personality. I hope he doesn’t take it as a bad reflection on himself, ESPECIALLY if/when Jack fucks up as I feel will inevitably happen. 

I think it does sort of reflect Sam and Dean’s long-standing alignments though… I just remember the season 6 poster where Sam has the snake and Dean has a literal freakin’ halo because subtlety? What is that? :P