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An observation of Markiplier TV

Emphasis on the observation part because I’ve never really been good with theories. I have a number of things to do today but unfortunately, I watched this video and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Hopefully this’ll quiet my mind and let me function, and who knows? Maybe it’ll help someone out there with their own theories too. :)

So, let’s talk about this scene:

We got one hell of a group here BUT what I’d like to focus on is their seating arrangement and what that could mean, because if there’s anything I’ve learned in videos like this it’s that EVERYTHING is by design. This entire table scene (props to the Editor btw) has so much hidden psychological subtext in it, so while I’m no professional I’ll still do my best to uncover them all.

First off, let’s look at the table: Rectangular with two long ends and two short ones. Pretty normal setting yeah, but is it beneficial to their situation (i.e. finding a way to ‘take control’) where everyone easily agrees? Nope. Because tables like these embody competition and a clear sense of authority, and I love this detail. It means that while they could’ve easily gone for a round table to promote cooperation, they go for this because of course, no one’s going to cooperate that easily.

This setting, however, works better in the business cooperative world, because you got two people (Darkiplier & Wilford) who can control the meeting from both ends of the table and are essentially the people everyone will need to look up to.

Here’s a great detail though: In this kind of setting, the more powerful of the two is usually the one opposite the entrance to the room. This allows him not just a vantage point of whoever comes in and goes, but complete control as well. And as we see where King of the Squirrels pops up:

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Which we can easily tell was from the right of the room based on the direction his body and eyes shift to, we can point out where the entrance is and who was right there:

But yeah, in this moment it didn’t seem like Will had control over King’s sudden entrance but let’s face it: he doesn’t care. He already knows that there’s more than one king in that room.

Speaking of, let’s move on to the seating arrangement.

Obviously we got Dark and Will at the ends as the higher ups, but I’d like to talk about Googleplier and The Host.

In medieval times, kings would often have their advisors right at their side at the table. This actually explains the term “right hand man”, because the king would have them close at hand to help him rule, unless of course, he was left-handed. Looking back at Dark’s antics, I have reason to believe that he’s either left-handed or ambidextrous.

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Which I guess would make sense, considering that while Ed, Bim, Silver and Dr. Iplier were all concerned about their parts in the video, only Google and The Host were able to keep a level head and not lose sight of their main goal/situation.

Now the last thing I want to talk about is Wilford’s idea for Markiplier TV. I must warn you though because this is going to be a bit of a stretch so stop reading if you’d like BUT… I think he may have been inspired by Anti.

AGAIN, please bear with me. Jack’s mentioned before that Dark and Anti ever meeting each other was very unlikely, which in Dark’s case (being the alter ego that’s been pushed inside the most) could be more than true. However, Wilford makes up for this as he’s the only one not bound by the laws of physics and is, potentially, omnipresent. So it’s possible that he’s aware of Anti (since he was aware of Septiplier after all) and his methods (i.e. using social media to have his fans notice him which then gives him control) BUT, being Wilford, he goes about it in his own roundabout way which is, of course, TELEVISION.

So, yeah, this is all I can come up with. Excluding my attempt in theorizing at the very end I hope this was helpful. Now I’m just hoping that my thoughts on Antisepticeye don’t get too hectic and end up like this long wall of text. Thanks for reading. :)

red rescue team originalshipping au anyone???????? gijinkas?????? wha???

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For the anon who asked about the tablets, if you cant afford wacom i suggest you go for huion tablets instead of genius, I have persoanlly really bad experience with a genius tablet and if you are investing in something spend your money on the one you dont regret later. Honestly Wacom bamboo line is also very cheap and work just as great and their intuos line is also quite reasonable otherwise go for huion cause they come second to wacon and they are at quite reasonable prices. :)



When you’re really happy to see your old friends, but you forgot how tiring they can be….

5 minutes in and they’re already ribbing him about his girlfriend!
After a while they started calling her “sister-in-law” and requesting for a nephew….
Ruthless brothers hahaha!!

Still, everyone looked so happy to be together and Joohyuk promised he would be back on the show as a guest for a whole episode, not just for a short appearance! See you soon Gutaeng-ie hyung~

So I was listening to the new Ed Sheeran album Divide that came out recently (if you haven't checked it out please do it now holy shit it’s so good #spon), and I started thinking about something. There’s a song called Save Myself at the end, and it’s about how you need to care about yourself before you invest yourself in other people, and it hit me really hard because I can relate so much to that. 

But, a thought that went through my head while listening was the fact that it reminded me a LOT of the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack. Not just the style of the song, but also the fact that it contains many of the same emotions. 

I want all of you to go and listen to this song (for the first time, the second time, the fiftieth time, I don’t care) but now imagine Ben singing it. Yeah. 


And now everyone’s favorite hobo teacher, Aizawa!

1. Can eat spicy food like it’s nothing. Mic once put a ghost pepper into his sandwich during lunch and Aizawa didn’t even notice.

2. Once, when he was a younger pro hero, he punched a reporter in the face hard enough to break their nose. He had just finished a mission that took four sleepless nights to complete and involved two civilians getting severely injured with minimal chance of recovery, so he wasn’t in control of his emotions at the time. If asked about it years later though, he’ll say he doesn’t regret it.

3. Can’t stand bitter food.

4. He and Mic are friends only because Mic wouldn’t leave him alone in high school, so he kinda just stopped trying to get him to buzz off at one point. He does enjoy his company though…not that he’ll admit it.

5. Feeds cats on his way to and from work.

6. Low-key workaholic. He’s been getting better at it though, mostly thanks to Mic.

7. High-key caffeine addict. Those who chose to stand between him and his first cup of morning coffee forfeit their lives.

8. Doesn’t shave. His facial hair just doesn’t grow more then what he has.

9. Mic called him a father of 20 one night while they were out drinking and Aizawa said, to his eternal horror, “Well, you’re not exactly wrong.” Has made Mic to swear under threat of death not to tell a soul.

10. Actually admires All-Might. Even before he learned the truth about him, his dislike of his methods and how prone he was to show-boating and buttering up the media just rubbed him the wrong way.      

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Ever since the 1st chapter of Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts, I haven't been able to stop comparing the title to the umfb title and I just can't get over how Yuuri's story has a title about pain and a journey with a goal and Viktor's story, while we know that he'll suffer a LOT, is all about amazement, passion and love (literally just interpreting the titles of course). I hated analysing stuff in school, but this I could write a 10 page essay about, it's so beautiful...

I put a lot of thought behind the titles and am very proud of them so I am very happy that people are analysing them! 

The worst thing is finding out that your personality- the thing that makes you yourself- is considered unappealing to most people, and is ridiculed by others?

I’m not fun enough, apparently.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me in the week following 4x03:</b> look come this time next week it will all be better - there's a secret episode, obviously, it's the only thing that makes sense - ALL the evidence is there, we're still finding more as we speak; i swear, you blink right now and someone's found more evidence - and it's going to air this Sunday and then everything will be better. It's going to be GENIUS. The Appletree Yard is fake, and Mofftiss are the cleverest men to ever clever. The lost special is real, people. "Everyone always stops looking after three," but we won't! We know better!!<p/><b>Me when the Appletree Yard was not a secret episode:</b> oh. Ok then. Well. Obviously the secret episode will air on the fifth week, then - Appletree Yard is scheduled for five weeks, but there's only four episodes of it - hahaha, BBC thinks they're so clever, but we have them figured out. The evidence is all there, it's so OBVIOUS; come at me, lost special<p/><b>Me when Appletree Yard ends and no secret sherlock episode is shown:</b> ...oh. right. Well. Clearly it's actually going to happen on March 8th then. You know - that poster in 4x02: "the secret will be revealed on March 8". I know we were all hoping it would be sooner, March is pushing it a little, but at least we know we're getting it on March 8th<p/><b>Me when March 8 passes with no secret fourth episode:</b> ...Right. Ok. Yeah, I'm... done. I'm out. I'm finished. Clearly there is no 4th episode. There was never a 4th episode. We've all just deluded ourselves into believing there would be. All the "clues" we spotted were just wishful thinking. It was just us making mountains out of molehills. Mofftiss aren't as clever as we thought they were and season 4 really was just that badly written and disjointed and plotholey. I haven't been this disappointed and crushed since the cursed child. Excuse me while I go sit in a corner and ponder the futility of faith<p/><b>One of the sherlock team:</b> *tweets vaguely about easter and how it's a time for new life and things coming back from the dead*<p/><b>Tumblr:</b> *notices that the ambassador in 4x01 was playing chess and talking about how three months is an awfully long time to play chess, points out that it will be exactly three months since tfp on Easter weekend*<p/><b>Me, as my hope rises like a kraken from the sea:</b> fucking hell. I'm never going to give up hope, am I<p/></p><p/></p>

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Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for beautiful story about chris and darren as always. I've been around since glee season 3 and never stopped believing in them, but sometimes I do get tired and impatient because seriously, it's been ages. When I was reading this story, it was aching and so heartbreaking because I haven't really thought about what they are going through. When you are in love, all you want to do is being with that person all the time. They are so in love, yet they can't do 1/2

2/2 that simple thing. It’s been years they have had to do this thing. It just hit me so hard while reading your story, loneliness, emptiness, because of fucked up situations. It’s crazy and I shouldn’t say anything because they are going through so much. It makes me so sad and sorry for them. Even at this very moment, they are dealing with all of that. But in the end, they have each other and this time will make them stronger in many ways. Thank you, that’s what I really wanted to say :)


Aww dude, thank you.

I know everyone has their own opinions, and this little fandom ebbs and flows over the years, and it seems to be climbing up the tension scale.  But I find that it’s just healthier for me to focus on this side of things. Write my little stories, throw them to the wind, and hope they still make a few people happy.

So thank you for still reading them.

Being in love feels a lot like drinking hot tea or coffee
When you’re in love you start to feel all warm and cozy
But this isn’t just what love is all about
For like a hot beverage, it can burn you, get cold, or just simply run out
—  kdr

i wrote a thing during an omegle conversation and i just … have a lot of feelings about this 
(probably filled with mistakes)

“…. and isak would definitely find even & their child(ren) at night during a week night, curled up in a fort in front of the tv watching a baz luhrmann-movie with popcorn scattered everywhere - and isak raises his eyebrows while standing in the doorway and even answers how his children need to grow up with the genius that is baz luhrmann and while they’re watching he’s also pointing out parallels between them & r+j for example ‘you know kids, i also kissed your father in a swimming pool once!’ and in the end isak just joins them in the blanket fort and they all fall asleep & are horribly late for their school/work/… the next day”


David Tennant in Sweet Night Good Heart (x)

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I saw your tags on that curly haired ask and while it's true it just got me thinking, imagine if phil just started falling more and more in love with dan each morning because that would be when he has curly hair

noooooo that’s so cute why did u make me think about this. ok I have some thoughts…..
dan stays over at his house that first time in manchester, and he’d always straighten his hair before they skyped even if it was morning so phil has never seen his natural hair. anyways the night before dan had showered (he may have wanted the chance to use phil’s shower gel and smell like him although he’d never admit this) and he fell asleep with it damp still (they fell asleep in the middle of whispering and giggling and playing video games which meant that interrupted by fireworks had been playing, and phil fell asleep first so dan just had a while to stare at him, but that’s another ramble). when he woke up his hair was super curly and he almost forgot about it until phil went “oh my god! your hair is so curly I love it!” and dan groaned and said “noo it’s awful and ugly I hate it.” phil of course was shocked. “what?? but it suits you so much! It’s cute. can I take a picture?” and of course, being flustered from having been called cute, dan stutters “I – I guess? just don’t post it anywhere.” and phil smiles and says “course not, this is just for me.” and after he takes the picture he ruffles dan’s hair and makes him laugh and blush. and then, although he still straightened it every day, dan would start leaving his hair natural when they skyped in the morning, simply because he loved that phil’s face would light up and he would go “your hair is curly!!! yay!!!” and that is the beginning of phil slowly but surely encouraging dan to leave his hair natural all the time.

Little Things
  • I love whenever she tosses and turns in her sleep while dreaming. I love whenever she rolls her eyes at me sarcastically and smiles. I love whenever she hides the fact that she's blushing at the things that I tell her. I love whenever she texts me at 3 A.m. just to tell me that she misses my voice. I love whenever she sings at the top her lungs to her favorite song on the radio whenever she's driving. I love whenever she makes her little noises while she sleeps. I love the fact that there is every little thing that I could possibly love about her and still so much more that I have yet to discover. I've never wanted someone so badly in my life... I've never believed in love this much until I had the distance separating us in between. I haven't even gotten the chance to know what it's like to fall asleep right next to you, or feel your hand filling in so perfectly into the spaces of my fingers embrace, but I still get chills at the thought of it. I haven't felt what it's like to feel you lose your breath while you kiss me, but I know that I'll already be so goddamn in love with it. Here's the thing, I don't need you to be physically here with me for me to love you so unconditionally; so faithfully. I know that all I need for now is what I already have... Someone who loves me just the same. Someone who takes the time out of each day just to wait for me too. Someone who knows all of the things about me before they've ever even touched me. Distance has only made me learn how to love someone for their inner self rather than just the outer. It's open my eyes to the universe... and I've never met someone so universal until I've had the honor of meeting her.
  • You don't understand, or maybe you do... But my god, I am so fucking in love with you.
  • Hannah Shepard: The other day I was remembering the bedtime stories we used to make up. You had your own ship and crew. The stories were always filled with adventure and danger.
  • Shepard: Oh yeah. Huh. Haven't thought about that in a while.
  • Hannah Shepard: Me neither. You'd always swoop in to punish the bad guys and save the day. So... there you are. Even when you were little, you dreamed of the life you have.
  • Shepard: Is that the reason why you wanted me to call?
  • Hannah Shepard: No... I just want you to know that I am proud of you, honey. So proud.

sindysugar replied to your postWhile we’re sharing angsty stuff…

But on a serious note. Gosh would the prospect of a cheating Baron be heartbreaking, especially if it hurt Haru and Louise in the process. I hope they’d dump him. I don’t care how suave he is, if he’s not a gentleman enough to choose one of them, then Haru and Louise would be better off.

I had another thought: what if after they both dumped him, Haru and Louise started dating each other?

What I don't get...

Why does basically everyone who loves SasuSaku love some version of Sasuke being so gentle and considerate and a stand-up companion?? That’s not at all how their relationship is portrayed in the manga, so if that’s the kind of relationship you like why do you ship them in the first place? Is it all purely aesthetic? You like how pretty Sasuke is? Seriously, in order to ship them so many people literally have to change Sasuke’s personality. Idk I just don’t get it. I don’t get what appealed to them in-story because most of their fanfic and headcanons are so OOC for Sasuke.