i just have too much love for wade i guess

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why do you think so many larry shippers don't believe in ziam?

I think I’ve answered this before, but I’m too lazy to search. 

Welllll, I think there are a number of factors.

  • I’ve seen some “Larry” bloggers say they just can’t handle another 1D romance. I suppose it’s too much to keep track of? Or too emotional? Too much bullshit to wade through? Something like that, I guess.
  • Some also just have Larry tunnel vision. I’ve noticed that Larry bloggers will blog about a Larry moment and miss a Ziam moment happening at nearly the same time. Like this for example:

Larry supporters love to blog this moment:

External image

But miss the moment just before that caused it:

External image

What’s so funny Louis? And why does Liam feel the need to react to you touching Zayn by touching Harry? What can we infer from these two moments? But I digress, moving on…

  • Some Larry bloggers just don’t care. Liam and Zayn just aren’t their cup of tea. Fair enough.
  • Sometimes heteronormative bias plays a part. Some think it’s impossible for there to be four members of 1D that aren’t strictly straight. I’ve seen people quote stats about the estimated number of non-straight people in the general population and try to apply that to 1D. But I don’t buy that. In one of my classes, people of color outnumbered the white people. But white people are still currently the majority in America. Statistically speaking, there will always be outliers. Why can’t 1D be one of those outliers?
  • Some Larry bloggers don’t want to branded “tinhats” who think “everyone is gay”. Yes, some people cave to internet peer pressure.
  • Some Larry bloggers just accept that Zerrie is real, especially after the tattoo. That despite the fact Perrie and Zayn have not spent a heck of a lot of time together. A fact they point out in debunking Elounor and explaining why Niall is perpetually single. Also despite the fact that Zerrie is exploited for publicity like crazy at times that benefit Little Mix, and Zayn seems increasingly uncomfortable in Perrie’s presence, not unlike Louis and Eleanor. Photoshopped pix are also presented to the fandom as legit. This is the most infamous one:

That’s Jade Thirwall’s hand on Perrie’s back, btw. Now some say this was photoshopped in order to showcase the engagement ring. But we’ve seen the video of Zayn and Perrie posing and posing (even kissing upon request by a handler) at the premiere with the ring hand in perfect position. My theory is that in all of the real pix, the body language and facial expressions just weren’t loved up enough, so HJPR did some quick and dirty photoshopping. This was not a fan creation, as the Mirror used the pic and credited Getty Images. But the pic was never found on the Getty site. Hmmm…shenanigans that the Larry fandom would usually call out. But I guess the Larry tunnel vision played a part in missing this too. Ahhh, I digress again… 

  • Some Larry bloggers think Ziam is pure fan service. They think Liam and Zayn are intentionally trying to take the heat off Harry and Louis by being extremely affectionate with each other. I say, if so, they’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty. And, if they’re awesome actors, why can’t Zayn just muster up some faux enthusiasm when being congratulated his engagement (since some of the fandom thinks he’s so private he doesn’t wanna talk about it)? 

And why can’t Liam give us a happy face on behalf of his bff’s joyful news? Or even if he isn’t happy about it, he can pretend. Because he’s a good actor, right?

I think I’ve covered all the reasons I recall. So I’ll wrap this up with one of my fave Ziam moments ever just because I can: