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Hi guys! I just wanted to say thanks for 200+ followers!

I have a lot of answers/Comics that I want to make like “Who did Jin summon first? and How is he able to summon the boys?” but have a midterm coming up soon so please be a bit patient with me ^^

Also, I just wanted to bring something up. Being that two of the demon boys are incubus’, there are quite a few asks that are nsfw.

Personally, I have no problem with NSFW questions. In fact, I find them to be very fun and feel excited to answer them. But I wanted to first warn some people that are not comfortable with that kind of thing. After I am finished with midterms and have more time to draw, it will be unavoidable for me to draw sexual innuendo. 

Pretty much what I’m saying is please dont get too shocked if I upload nsfw content once in a while. At the same time, I’m not a porn blog so dont expect much of it.

Thanks again!- Alpha

New In Town

The Fey Bar is a new blog dedicated to helping members of the LGBTA+ community find Online Table top game groups without having to worry too much about Homophobia, Sexism or Racism.

If your looking for a group, or to start a game Just Submit your request, I’ll post it, and my hopes are, people will find it and want to play. 

Also for any people who are new to the whole Table top Game thing, I’ll be willing to run One off Adventures for people to help teach them how to play certain systems, and help spread the fun of Table top adventures.

I know it’s somewhat impossible to completely keep people who are sexist, homophobic or racist, from people invading the space, to the fact that being LGBTA+ doesn’t make you a saint.  But I will try to block those I get complaints about

Also if you have any questions I do have a Q&A on the blog.

All in all, I really want to help create a place safe from people who spew horrible hate filled language, and think rape jokes are acceptable.  Just a place where the LGBTA+ community can relax and play table top rpgs together

Are you Kidding Me

Okay so I was messing around with a scenario generator. Where you input characters and it comes out with a scenario. So for fun I put in Bugs and Daffy as the two characters and of course the first thing to pop up was…



This is scenario is just too preposterous. 

Like, that’s never gonna happen.

Why would-

Either of them


Dress in drag. 


You’re drunk, scenario generator.

 It is so obviously so out of character that these two would dress in drag together. 

So I noticed that a lot of you guys really liked my pencil sketches of Katie and I think you may have noticed that they look slightly different from the digital ones.
A fun fact about me is that my style really tends to change when I try to copy a photo to when I create things from my imagination, I can’t make they look as styled as usually do bc I get too much stucked on following the details.

I just wanted to share this information with you. Have a sketch of Kara to follow c:

I actually have to gather to myself because I’m just gonna say it:


It was hilarious, meaningful but also so damn random all at the same time but it worked so well. The change from having all the tension from the competitions to seeing the skaters hang out for the day was simply amazing. This was definitely a fun episode and one that I’ll be re-watching whenever I need a laugh or to be assaulted by feels. 

The one thing I loved so much about this episode was that it was told from Viktor’s point of view. Usually, it’s told through Yuuri’s but today, we actually got to see inside Viktor’s head, his thoughts and his feelings. We never really know what Viktor’s thinking about though it’s quite clear through his actions but it’s so nice to see what goes on in that head of his. 

The fact that he cares so much for Yuuri is incredible, I never doubted it but to actually hear it is something else. The way he looked at Yuuri throughout this episode, the way he holds so much affection for him is so much that I simply couldn’t sit still. Even though it hasn’t been said, it’s obvious to see that the love is there and there is no queerbaiting involved. The show has been consistent with their relationship and hasn’t dialed back on how important their relationship is. 

In fact, they’ve dialed up even further. 

(Kubo knows what she’s doing and she’s doing a FABULOUS JOB!)

Then the fucking rings, you’ve gotta be kidding me. 

My heart can’t even handle how married these two are, putting the rings on each other’s fingers because that was basically a proposal. It’s a good luck ring, like a charm but as Viktor said, it also doubles as an engagement ring. We never got Yuuri’s answer because the moment Viktor said ‘gold medal’, all the skaters were like ‘bitch what?’ and it got all tense.



Also, Obatek is my new son and Yurio’s best friend, I’m so happy that I saw my angst son smiling and actually having a good time because he deserves it, yes he does. 

Chris has also redeemed himself because he’s really cool and funny and I like him. 

Also, Phitchit, my dear, was adorable and wonderful as always. Actually thought his best friend was getting married, announced to the restaurant, has no shame and I love him. 

Then…Yuuri being drunk. 

Where do I even begin?

He wanted to let loose and he wasn’t exactly in the best of moods. So he drank.

And drank.

And drank.

Then proceeded to:

  • Challenge Yurio to a dance-off (which he won!)
  • Strip and pole dance with Chris (who was in his element)
  • Dance (the Tango, I’m guessing??) with Viktor (those two were destined to be together from the start)
  • Stumble around with a champagne bottle.

It has now been shown that Yuuri was the one to put the idea of Viktor being his coach into his head. 

Meaning it wasn’t the video of Yuuri skating that pushed Viktor into doing it fully. 











i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

GOT7 as shit my groupchat says

Mark: “no homo tho rite”

Jaebum: “i’m going to angrily take a shit now”

Jackson: “i just called my mom crying she hung up on me”

Jinyoung: “shut up you second class trashcan”

Youngjae: “ ‘You’ve all’ if you’re gonna spill the tea spill the whole kettle bitch what’s good”

BamBam: “I was having too much fun dabbing”


unpopular opinion: my all time favourite thing about H2O Delirious is the fact that no matter how frustrating games get, he literally never gets mad and he just laughs everything off and makes a joke out of it. he keeps the fun in games and doesn’t take them too seriously like 99% of people do and I have no idea how he keeps such a positive figure, even when he’s frustrated, but I love him so much for that one thing.

Daily reminder that the Joker is just a huge man child.

And I have receipts. Quotes and scans.

“You won’t kill me outta some… misplaced sense of self-righteousness. And I won’t kill you because you’re just too much fun.” - The Dark Knight (2008)

[mocking Quincy Sharp] “I’m Warden Idiot. You’ll never escape.” - Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)

“I’m like a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it. Y’know? I just… do things.” - The Dark Knight

And this man is one of the most feared criminals in Gotham… just think about that for a second.

Even Harley sees it! (And she’s more childish than he is.)

I couldn’t resist making Echo an Orochi High student! She’s my weirdest child, so I had to draw her. @orochihigh there needs to be a huffy grounds keeper who throws things every time the arboreal or fossorial snakes have too much fun.

Echo is an odd sand boa. She can frequently be found climbing all of the school signs and trees just because she can. She may be small and getting to those bottom limbs may be hard, but it’s worth it to be a tall tree snake. She truly believes that should have been born a tree boa. An Amazon tree boa probably. They’re pretty cool.  It doesn’t matter that she’s better at falling than climbing. She dreams big for a baby worm!

But at the end of the day, nothing beats burrowing into the ground and making tunnels everywhere. Except knocking things down as she goes. That’s the best part about burrowing.

Echo’s favorite marking is the dinosaur on the top of her head. She can never decide which dinosaur it is, so she rotates through all of her favorite dinosaurs, but on Monday, it’s always a velociraptor. Next to Amazon tree boas, dinosaurs are Echo’s favorite things.

During dinner time, Echo likes to poke her food a few times. Maybe five just to be sure it’s food. She’ll pick it up and drop it in a new place just for good measure too. Once she’s ready to eat, it’s down the hatch–after doing a back bend, that is! Yes, Echo is one of those enlightened snakes that figured out how to use the ground to her advantage. Once dinner is in place, she bends over backwards and shoves her food into the ground so she can eat it faster. There’s no time to waste when there’s dirt to burrow in and things to climb!


Just started to watch this series on Netflix (idk about other countries, but here in Mexico it was added yesterday). I’m only in episode 3 BUT I have to say that it is fun and interesting. There’s a disturbing lack of wigs and some of the costumes are… suspicious? very inaccurate? But there are some good things to see:

  • LOTS of furs. Of course, that’s practically the theme of the series, the fur trade. So we have a lot of fur garments and accessories. Maybe a little bit too much? (look for the girl with little fur hair accessories). You know, enough fur that if it were real, all of the members of PETA would have a collective heart attack.

Originally posted by jacnaylor

  • Jason Momoa. I don’t think I have to add anything else to this line.

Originally posted by hawaiian-jesus

  • Many Native characters. Thank you. Really we need to see this in more not only historical series and films.
  • There’s a guy who looks as if he were Daniel Radcliffe’s cousin. His Irish cousin. (Who is also the guy from Hemlock Grove but looks SO much younger in this series. A.K.A. Landon Liboiron).

Originally posted by elwinio

  • The locations are breathtaking, as well as the interior scenes and the ones in little cities and forts. I’ve only been in 1 place which was a fur trade spot and the whole isolation and wilderness spirit of the place is very well seen in this series. I guess it’s some Discovery stuff. IDK. It’s supposed to be set in Ontario and so (you know, the whole Hudson’s Bay Company) but it was filmed in Newfoundland.

On the down side:

  • A lot of short hair, and a lack of wigs. Even in the London scenes. O.o
  • The setting is just “late 18th century” but there are a couple characters and outfits that look taken from (at least) the 1810s.
  • There’s a lot of blood. I mean, a LOT. Like, if you don’t have the stomach to see a guy having his throat open on screen, then maybe it’s not for you. This is neither a good nor a bad thing. It’s just a fact.

Well, this is it. For now. This series have only 6 episodes, so I’ll finish quick, I think. I’ll let you know any other thoughts and if you’ve already seen Frontier, let us all know what you think!

Most people want a boyfriend/girlfriend just for all the sweet, little things couples do; walk together hand in hand, kiss each other in public, exchange small gifts, watch a movie and fall asleep cuddling. I cannot say that all these are unimportant or not tempting enough. But I just need someone who can handle me. Someone who can handle me when I get silent and start overthinking, someone who will be totally fine with me not speaking at all or talking too much. I need someone who will laugh with me and have fun when I start singing to them random songs that I like. Someone who would be okay with staying in and watching TV all day long. Someone who wouldn’t be embarrassed to do random stuff in public and laugh out loud with me. Just someone who gets me and every little thing of mine…
  • Harmonizers @ start of 2016: YAS a new era, our girls are gonna dominate, they gon have so much fun, iz gon be litty 🔥🔥🔥
  • AwsomenessTV: Take Over episodes stop
  • Harmonizers: oh...well that's ok I'm sure we'll still get some amazing OT5 interactions
  • OT5: slowly sensing some tension
  • Harmonizers: alright...it's fine their new single's coming out and they're gonna be working hard on that together!
  • Camila: releases Bad Things
  • Harmonizers: Awh...well that's really cool it means she's broadening her career and developing her passion ya know...nothing to worry about...
  • The Media: Camila Cabello Leaving Fifth Harmony⁉️
  • Harmonizers: Hm...it's just rumours...the girls are too close
  • The Girls: Camila not seen with them
  • Harmonizers: ...it's...ITS NOTHING
  • Little No Life Shits: racially bully Normani to the point where she has to take a break from social media
  • Camila: leaves
  • Harmonizers: ...🙃

anonymous asked:

what do you think all of their bedrooms look like? which ones are messy and which are tidy? what kinds of themes (if any) would they have? do they like decorations? does pidge just have tech EVERYWHERE and keith just doesn't know how to decorate but he has something similar to his conspiracy board back home?? lance has pictures of beaches and things that remind him of earth? i'm curious about coran's room too does he even have one what is he

okay listen up have i got a wall of text for you

  • shiro’s room is i m m a c u l a t e
    • that shit is cleaner than a hospital alright lemme tell you
    • when he gets in a cleaning mood he’s literally that one video of that person throwing clothes around screaming about cleaning
      • you know the one
    • he has a nightlight and he can’t sleep without it very well
    • the walls are empty except for like a couple of storage shelves with like two things on them each
    • he has a framed photo of all the paladins right by his bed and he looks at it when he has nightmares
    • the floors are white carpet, and the room has pale grey walls with lots of light
      • as far from galra appearance as he can get
  • keith has an unexpectedly average room
    • you’d kind of expect that he’d have like edgy MCR posters all over the place with black walls and a black floor you know the works
    • it’s surprisingly bright and airy and there’s a big window taking up the whole wall
    • he has those fancy sheer curtains and his room is obviously lived in but kind of still detached
      • he has a couple of small knick knacks here and there but nothing of super permanence
    • the conspiracy board is no longer used for conspiracies - he gave it to lance
    • don’t tell me he wouldn’t have a special wall mount specifically for his knife because he would
  • lance’s room goes through phases
    • it’s either drowning in clothes or relatively organised
    • his wardrobe is the neatest part of his room - everything is colour-coded, folded neatly, stacked perfectly
      • boy loves his clothes man
    • he enlisted everyone to help paint a wall in his room with whatever they wanted and it’s like an event now - once every couple of months they repaint lance’s wall
    • after keith gave him the conspiracy board he started gathering mementos and small bits and pieces from everywhere he visited
      • the center has a photo of his family that pidge helped him print
  • stepping into hunk’s room is like getting a hug
    • he slathered the walls in yellow paint as soon as he got the chance
      • “wow hunk now your room is as sunny as you”
    • he’s always got at least one or two candles lit and blows them out only when he’s sleeping
      • scents like chamomile, lavender, etc.
    • the lights are all warm, yellow, sunny lights instead of the blue of the castle
      • he totally programmed it himself
    • he would have a dreamcatcher over his bed
    • somehow his room always smells a bit of coffee and chocolate
  • pidge’s room is a fucking warzone
    • tech all over the place
    • empty chip packs and snack boxed littered everywhere
      • shiro stepped in there once and almost died
    • a serial cup hoarder - if you can’t find a cup 99.95% they’re all in pidge’s room
    • glow in the dark stars on the ceiling that are surprisingly accurate and make a couple of pidge’s favourite constellations
    • has like one lamp and room is basically in perpetual darkness
      • partially because they just rely on laptop light
        • also to hide all the rubbish
  • allura’s room is the living embodiment of Aesthetic™
    • she’d have fairy lights, a four-poster bed, the works
    • fluffy rugs and bed drapes
    • probably has a small mini-bed and such for the mice
    • literally the fluffiest, plushest bed ever
      • lance is convinced it’s made out of literal dreams
    • neat and very minimalist overall with decoration - lots of soft pastels
  • coran repurposed a small store-room as his own
    • bits and bobs everywhere
    • organised chaos - unlike pidge, he can find everything
    • shelves upon shelves
    • a really comfy armchair is his staple, and he’ll just fall asleep on that instead of his bed

oh my goshhhhh i’m on my way to setting up cloud’s p.o box!! i’m really emotional because i never thought cloud and i would receive so much love, and i’m so pleased she helps people too. i’m so excited to receive and reply back to the things you all send!!!! me and cloud are going to have fun opening the stuff and even more fun replying. this is long and pointless i just can’t believe everyone is here to follow our journey. thank u sm

here’s a fun thing about making comics you might not know if you’ve never made comics:

You will be 25% less good at art per page than normal

Probably because there’s so much drawing and figures and scenery going on and you probably have a time limit to how long you can work, and sometimes you just don’t see things wrong with a drawing until you walk off for a few days or whatever, so there’s gonna be some weirdo faces, there’s gonna be a big hand, there’s gonna be a perspective fuckup. You WILL forget to color something.

you just have to be kind of ok with that