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@overflowingpassion (it won’t let me tag you, rip). Have some Phichit! There were just so many options for him but I decided to choose scenes that focused on him specifically. Hopefully you enjoy this set!

Phichit, as a character, always feels to me like a breath of fresh air. He’s optimistic and energetic without being in your face about it. He’s supportive without being too pushy and strives towards his own goals without stepping on anyone else’s to get there. He’s able to find the good in any situation and set his bar to be achievable enough for himself to take joy in both their accomplishment as well as the entire journey to get there. I know he gets a lot of love in the fandom but I still can’t help feeling that he is still unappreciated.

I think what we all truly need is the OVA we’ve all been demanding, Phichit on Ice:

I have just finished binge watching “13 Reasons Why” and if you have no idea what I am talking about, this post might not make much sense to you. So, if you have not, I highly recommend you stop everything that you are doing and go watch the series for yourself. 

If you have, then here we are. We have both witnessed what was waiting at the end of tape number thirteen. Some of you may not agree with or like the outcome that the show brought, and some of you will. I am not here to dispute any of your feelings.

I am here to say this: Hannah Baker is so important. Not because she is the main character of the show. No, it’s something much deeper than that. Unless you have been placed in the same pair of treacherous shoes that you are forced to walk day in and day out, you might not understand where I am coming from.

I am not here to talk about the tapes, and I am not here to discuss whether her actions were right or wrong. I am here to talk about Hannah Baker’s last day on earth. 

As I watched “Tape 7, Side A” I could feel my stomach churn with every flashback of her final moments in Crestmont. I could feel my heart break with her vocalized hope of “giving life one more chance,” even though it was still causing her pain on the inside.

When she sought out the one person who was supposed to be able to provide answers, pushing through the torture of speaking the honest truth and praying for that person to take the reins and bring everything to a pause only for them to make her feel worse than she did going into the conversation. How she stood outside the door, hoping that someone would come after her and take control of the situation but they never did.

How she straightens up her room so she is no longer an inconvenience to her family whom she does not want to upset anymore. When looking in the mirror for the last time and not being about to cry because her body is exhausted from fighting against the storm, having no reaction or attachment to the image staring back. Holding the razor blade in between her fingertips and knowing what she is doing is wrong, but having it be the only option left because every other cry for help has been silenced or overlooked.

And last but not least, the silence that she has been desperately longing for but hating at the same time, filling the room once she has made the deep cuts to her veins.

This episode isn’t fiction. You should consider it a biography. While the people go about their lives living just another day, I have experienced this side of Hannah’s tape far too many times to keep count. Feeling completely numb inside because you already prepared yourself for no one to do a goddamn thing to truly help you, all while mentally scolding yourself for even entertaining the idea of a “chance” in the first place.

Hannah Baker is important because she is just like me. She’s the girl who’s place I’ve stood several times in my life. She’s the girl that I identify with way too much still to this day. When I first watched this scene, I couldn’t breathe. I was nauseous and wanted to skip ahead, but something in my head told me no. That I couldn’t because this was what the twelve episodes before had led up to.

For someone who has previously attempted suicide, I think the show did an incredible job of capturing the final moments of someone’s life and bringing awareness. It’s almost refreshing because, for a very long time, there has been nothing that deals with suicide, rape, etc. blow up in such a “trending” way. The show does not make the situation more light-hearted by having the person be rescued five seconds after making their final decision.  

It was raw.  It was real.

I once publicly posted about my decision to check myself into a mental hospital to seek help for my high-depression after almost driving myself off the interstate and nearly slitting my wrist open all in one night. And I desperately wish I could say it was a success story and I’ve never thought about harming myself again. The truth is, the people who worked at the facility never followed up, and when I personally called seeking more information and help, they never returned my phone calls. The truth is there is not a day that goes by that I do not think about it once. I don’t think it’s something that ever really goes away. 

But I think the worst part about the situation was that many people in my close circle knew from gossiping lips and had the “bless her heart” effect. No one wanted to talk about it. No one asked questions. They just accepted the fact that I wanted to end my life and went on about their business. It seemed like these people in my circle truly believed that talking about suicide would make it happen. And that they were here for me, but only at arms’ length.

This post is not meant to scare you away from viewing the show. It’s not meant for you to have negative thoughts about it either. The show has many layers, Hannah’s suicide just being one of them. There are backstories and evolving characters that guide you through an eye-opening journey through discovering the truth. A real life look into some of the issues throughout schools across the world, and how little things can still have a tremendous effect on someone.

The show is meant to educate. To call for action before something like this happens again. To stop the only efforts for change being posters that say “don’t kill yourself” and start an actual and purposeful conversation. Suicide is such a taboo subject, yet it is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Every day, approximately 105 people take their own life. Every thirteen minutes, someone chooses Hannah Baker’s ending.

Over the past few days since the release of the series, there have been many posts in the media claiming that “13 Reasons Why” romanticized suicide and that Hannah Baker is a selfish, self-centered teenager. And sure, people have every right to think that. But through my countless hours scrolling through the tags on social media platforms, it’s comforting knowing that I am not the only mentally-ill person who gives this show a thumbs up.

I guess my plea here is simple. Do not go into the show with preconceived notions that this show is “messed up” and unrealistic. Be aware of trigger warnings at the beginning of episodes and make a judgment call on whether or not you personally can handle a scene. Please keep in mind this scene is how it sometimes goes for some people and is important to some. 

And the last thing on my soapbox, there are so many Hannah Baker’s in the world who need your compassion more than your urgency to get finished with the conversation so that you are able to move on. Don’t be afraid to talk about suicide. You never know who is needing you to speak up the most. 

Maybe it’s because things seem more real and graphic when you see them as opposed to when you just read them, but watching 13 Reasons Why has had such a more profound and intense effect on me than when I read the book. As someone with mental illness, many of the scenes are triggering for me and make me feel more anxious or repressed. I feel like I have too great of empathy and so when I see these things happen on the screen, my illness reacts by making me feel the same way or intensifying any anxiety or panic I was already feeling previous to watching it. I see people I know on facebook post about it and their experiences are so different from mine. I can tell they’re really just consuming the series as entertainment whereas I literally can only watch so much before I need to pause it and maybe wait a couple days because the impact on my emotional health is so high.

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Erin, what are you top 5 favorite clexa videos?

Okay my top 5 favorite…well the first 3 videos i watch at least three times a week. No, I’m not exaggerating when I say that. 

1. OMG this one is so incredible and I will never be over it. Lexa is a character that is legendary and this video is legendary…

2. This one is so powerful and the timing and scene changes are just perfect! and if you have bass on your speakers GOOD GOD IT IS EVEN BETTER!….

3. I turn into a puddle of feels with this video and thank you to the anon that told me about it! It is so Clexa i don’t even know what to do with my feels…

I also like these ones too but I don’t watch them as many times as these 3 above. 

4. It’s only on Tumblr and it is short but it makes me happy watching it. [X]

5. This video is just so visually stunning!  The editing is so pretty and the song choice and scene selections are on point!… 

My ‘the 100 video’ tag is full of amazing videos too! [HERE]

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7, 13, and 18 for ritsu?

  • 7: What’s the most hilarious moment to you?


1 - example of a nice smile


and this one made me laugh out LOUD:

3 - frozen mob

AND MANY MORE, I wish I could draw them all! mob psycho has so many funny scenes

  • 13: Are there any specific MP 100 artists/writers you admire?

OHH yes absolutely, the mp fandom has incredibly good artists in it!!! I am amazed by great fanart and fics I’ve been seeing, here are just some of them that come to mind right now:

Fanart -> @savethebees2k16 @maria-ruta @nwarrior777 @ritshou (I love this specific artist’s style GO FOLLOW THEM) @florbe-triz (the cutest terumob in the store trust me) @freshritzcrackers (their ritsu interpretations have cured me of several diseases)

Fanfics -> so you know I’ve just started to read mp100 fics and boy I wasn’t disappointed with @uncannycookie ‘s of cold hands reaching . I’ve always felt that the end of Mogami arc was a bit too sharp and sudden? so many things happened, how would mob feel about it? how would he give them closure? this fic starts in that point. And it’s amazing! very psychologycally interesting. (☆▽☆) I’ve been wanting to draw scenes from it for a long time ldfgjfd

  • 18: What headcanons do you have for (character)?

I’m not good with headcanons, I don’t have that type of imagination? however I can imagine Ritz as the kind of person to have a secret twitter acc in where he can let go his true self

Thank you for asking!!!

mob psycho ask meme

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Mutsuki and toukas affection for kaneki are quite similar (mutsuki's more extreme but listen)? haise father figure to mutsuki same with kaneki he literally is like arata even looks like him imo both crushes they have for him are coming from a very unhealthy father complex?Touka always punching kaneki to show her love, kinda reminds me of how mutsuki lashed out at fake haise and called it 'love' because its the only love he only ever knew. I'm looking forward to a mutsuki/touka confrontation tbh

Wah, sorry Anon, no offense really xD but you can’t exactly compare the feelings of someone who says…

And of someone who goes

Touka isn’t exactly expecting anything from Kaneki, no matter how she feels about him, she just wants him to go back to what “home” is for him and it doesn’t even have to be :Re…

Meanwhile Mutsuki developed an unhealthy obsession, which might not have a lot to do with love even if they call it like that themselves (please read this post ), but they’re completely dependent on Haise’s presence and mostly they used to want Haise to belong to them only.

So I’m not judging or commenting on those feelings for these two characters, however I don’t find them to be comparative at all, sorry Anon.

As for Arata and Kaneki “being similar”, I think you’re misunderstanding something: Kaneki is said to be similar to Arata, not because of the physical appearance but because of their similar behavior, as Ayato said himself:

And honestly, if you’re looking for someone who looks like Arata, that person is Ayato, as it is very discernible when you look at any moment of :Re (which is natural since he’s Arata’s son). :)

I can’t disagree with you that many readers did make a parallel between Kaneki and Arata, even just from a physical point of view, but that’s mostly because…

…whenever we saw Arata and Hikari in the manga, Touka herself was always associated/compared to her mom, and as such many fans tend to see some kind of link between the couples Arata & Hikari and Kaneki & Touka. 

So, I’m sorry Anon, besides my personal opinion that maybe the parallels between Arata/Hikari and Kaneki/Touka could be made on purpose by Ishida-sensei, I think it’s too easy to just dismiss Touka’s possible feelings by calling it a father complex, when her relationship to Kaneki went and will still go through many developments.

Finally, I’m sorry to completely disagree with you yet again, but not only have I and several other bloggers talked about Touka’s punch several times before (please check her tag) but in any case, the punch was only once in :Re + it is in no way related to…

this, so I hope that a glance is enough to understand why this scene and the punch scene are completely different.

I am definitely looking for a Aura & Mutsuki vs Kaneki & Touka conflict personally though :D because it can only bring interesting development to all of them and I’m 100% here for this!
When it comes to comparing Mutsuki’s feelings and Touka’s however, I don’t think it’s very useful seeing as they’re completely the opposite of one another. 

So I disagree Anon :) but that’s just my opinion so you don’t have to agree with me either. I hope maybe it helps though. Have a nice day/evening Anon! 


oh. oh.

i can’t believe i just caught this.

we don’t know the color of the flower in the diner scene, but i have a feeling this isn’t unintentional or a coincidence? grindelwald probably knew of Oscar Wilde, especially because he was in Britain in the late 1890s. Or maybe i’ve read too many Dumbledore/Grindelwald fics that keep referencing Wilde, young Albus and Gellert reading his works…

But seriously, JKR isn’t a stranger to flower symbolism. She’s named characters Fleur/Petunia/Lily/Narcissa, with Petunia being associated with anger/resentment and that one moment in PS where Snape asks Harry about asphodel and wormwood.

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Bruh I'm so hopeful for The Gayes™ I rly want to believe they'd just take the plunge and make stormpilot a thing. just based on all the cast/writer/director support, it doesn't seem too far fetched… Except I have fallen into this trap before 😭😭I'm p sure all there will be is a suggestive line thrown in, then everyone will get a Heteromance, and the openly gay character will appear for 1 scene then immediately disappear. Ik that's a bit pessimistic but when ever have 2 main poc ever been gay?

I feel you anon. I’m scared all this is just queerbaiting (like it happened many times before) but I’m staying hopeful, even Oscar and John seems to want them together !

I am done with being okay with Twin Suns

Like the title says, I’m done with denying my hate of the “Twin Suns” episode of Star Wars Rebels. (This isn’t meant to attack people who do like it- I just need to vent.)

For the longest time after Twin Suns aired, I told myself I liked the episode, the direction they took it in, and the ending they gave us for Maul. But honestly it was just the only way I could deal with it at the time; if I acknowledged all the things I felt was wrong with it, it wouldn’t make me feel any better, and it would only serve to amplify my sadness and regret at Maul’s death. I didn’t want to dwell on a negative thing I couldn’t change. But I’ve got to admit how I really feel about it, it’s eating me up inside.

For an episode that “wraps up” Maul’s story and his life, he only has 5 minutes worth of scenes, including the parts where he’s just a disembodied voice harrassing Ezra (which I thought was not believable anyways since Maul, while not above using Ezra, genuinely cared about the blueberry and wouldn’t intentionally torment him.)

Now I love Ezra as much as the next fan, but he had way too many scenes in this episode and most of them were of him travelling across Tatooine. Why couldn’t he and Maul have had more scenes talking to Obi-Wan and less scenes of sand?? It’s just not believable that he meets Kenobi and asks 2 questions then is forced to leave. He (AND MAUL) spent too much time searching for old Ben to only get less than 2 minutes of interactions with him.

I realize now that there are definitely more Kenobi fans than Maul fans in the writer’s room at Lucasfilm because Maul’s entire death was more about Obi-Wan’s feelings and Obi-Wans character development than anything else. We get to see the emotional aftermath of the battle and Obi-Wan gazing over the horizon at Luke. We were never intimately shown Maul’s struggle of longing for a purpose, clinging to the past, and the results of his horrific upbringing. The episode is framed in a way where Maul is the obvious “villain” and we don’t get a chance to sympathize with him except for at the very end.  

But the part that dissatisfied me the most was the discussion between Maul and Obi-Wan before the battle. There were so many things that could have (needed to) be said and yet the two of them just fell back into insulting eachother for a while before fighting. There was nothing new about this interaction between them and Maul’s dialogue could have been ripped straight from a Clone Wars episode. The lines were uninspired and it was lazy writing, and showed none of the changes or character development Maul’s been through in the last 15 years.

They made such a build-up the entire season about Maul wanting to find Obi-Wan, and they even purposely left Maul’s goal ambiguous, which led us to believe that Maul could have a different reason for wanting to find Kenobi. Why would they tease us with all the possibilities all season long to just give us literally the most uninspired and predictable ending ever? Maul said he wanted “hope” when opening the holocrons with Ezra- how does that even fit in with what we were given in Twin Suns?? We as viewers can rationalize this by saying he ultimately finds hope in the chosen one defeating Palpatine- but why would Maul himself say there’s “hope” in killing Obi-Wan?

Also don’t get me started on all the things that were cut from this episode. There was supposed to be a scene where Maul is hallucinating and talking to Savage (which would have been so powerful and emotional) and they cut it because “not enough viewers would know who Savage was”– are you kidding me?? Maul already told Ezra in Twilight of the Apprentice that he had a brother, so the audience is aware of that- but I bet most of the viewers have watched the Clone Wars anyways.

So they cut out a potentially beautiful scene of Maul coming to terms with Savage’s death and replaced it with Ezra’s “Saturday morning special” lesson at the end where they all basically go “Ohana means family”?  A lesson that Ezra has already learned time and time again?

Anyways. There’s my rant. I recognize that many people are going to disagree with me and that’s okay. The point is I feel a little freer knowing I don’t have to accept Maul’s death like a “good little fangirl” and enthusiastically gobble up every single piece of lazy writing Filoni throws at us… It’s okay to not like something the writers did even though you like Star Wars as a whole. I feel better now.

Jaune’s arc, Volume 4 & criticism

I watched Volume 4 with @fadingemeralds​ this week and one thing really stuck out to me. Though I watched the episodes right when they came out, she watched all episodes in a row after the finale had already been released for a couple of days. Because after volume 3 she didn’t even care about anything anymore, she scrolled through the tags on Tumblr and saw people reacting to the episodes she hadn’t seen yet. 

When we were done and had both shed some tears over the finale she told me that the tags had given her the impression Jaune was the splotlight of the entire volume, even more than on the RWBY girls, because she apparently saw many people criticising the volume for just that.

She was completely surprised it was the complete opposite. Jaune really only had a couple of scenes that were about him, he was in one of no less than six storylines and most scenes he was in weren’t even about him. I mean the scenes that were about him were great and even though we both love Jaune, we didn’t feel like he needed any more. Him having his own complete arc just would have been too much this volume with everything else going on. Jaune really didn’t deserve most of the criticism he got.

When the thumbnail for ‘A Much Needed Talk’ came out people got mad because he was in it, but the episode wasn’t about him, not even the scene he was in. He called Qrow out, but it was completely understandable why he did it and I really would have been disappointed if he didn’t. It wasn’t too much Jaune. Honestly, any less Jaune and he wouldn’t have been more than decoration in the background, and why even bother to carry him around then. 

This volume people literally got upset because Jaune appears on screen. Let alone about anything he says or does. And though I think criticism is important, it’s somehow ridiculous how upset people get about everything Jaune does. 

In the end some people just don’t like Jaune and never will like him. That’s okay. I personally don’t like Sun, but to me there’s a difference between “I don’t like Sun that much, so I didn’t enjoy the storyline he was in not as much as the others” and "Jaune getting that much attention really decreases the show’s quality, it’s all about him, the show is called RWBY, not JNPR”. 

I just wonder where that comes from. People seem to get extremely upset because of Jaune, because of literally everything he does, and actually it’s a thing I see in this FNDM quite often. People getting upset because of the daddy Qrow theory. People getting upset because of Sun. People getting upset because they ship Bumblebee/Black Sun and therefore attack Black Sun/Bumblebee. 

I really, really wonder why people get so extremely upset about things like that and why this makes people attack each other and the FNDM tearing each other apart. Look at me and fadingemeralds, I ship Renora, she ships Martial Arcs, we’re still married. Can’t we just all be nice to each other?








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(1/3) hey, I just stumbled upon your skam & bipolar posts, so I wanted to ask how you feel about the last Evak scene in 3x10, where Isak tells Even he can't have the drugs as they're bad for Even but denies that they're bad for himself. I always think Even looks like a child being scolded by his parents, like he heard that it's bad for him too many times. What struck me the most though was Isak literally saying that it's his job to decide what's good for Even and what not. I know that

The first time I saw the scene, I cringed a bit. There’s a fine line between making sure someone’s OK and monitoring and I felt that Isak was treading it badly. But then someone pointed out it looks more like affectionate banter than anything.

We have to remember Even and Sonja were dating for a very long time. Because bipolar’s onset is, on average, in people’s twenties (although it can be argued that since it takes, on average, ten years for someone to get properly diagnosed, that probably comes into play). Even has obviously had his bipolar start earlier than that.

My headcanon is that Even got diagnosed while he was dating Sonja.
That their relationship was probably already kind of ending (you rarely stay with your “high school sweetheart”, they started dating at 15) but when Even got diagnosed, Sonja probably felt a bit guilty. Afraid to “drop him”. They probably still had affection for each other. Just not romantic. Sonja got stuck in this strange self appointed nurse role, and Even probably stayed out of comfort too. They both felt it was easier to just keep going. They were also very young.
I don’t blame Sonja for feeling like she had to take care of Even as if she was his doctor. She was young and didn’t know better.

But Isak isn’t in that same position.
Even already had episodes when they met. He learned about it quickly (quicker than Sonja I’m guessing) and they had a chance to have a fresher start, so to speak, than Even had with Sonja.
Plus Isak had Sonja tell him to not be a nurse. She admitted she had been wrong in how she had treated Even’s illness. That he just needed to be there for Even. When he asked if he should bring Even to his parents (which I feel would’ve been problematic, implying Even didn’t have enough agency over himself, treating him like people treat children), Sonja told him not to. That Even was good where he was.
Sonja gave Even’s the best breakup gift by telling Isak not be a nurse to Even. Telling him there was nothing he had to do aside from being there for him and take things one minute at a time.
Which was the healthiest advice she could have given him.

Finally, Isak certainly noticed Even’s reaction when Sonja tried to tell him not to drink too much at the Halloween pregame. And when Sonja tried to hurt Isak and told him that Even shouldn’t smoke weed. He naturally equates these two to negative outcomes, I feel. And he knows better. 
“Only you can feel what you feel.” Isak said that.
Not to forget, either, that Isak used to judge his mum seemingly solely through her illness and used to make assumptions about her. Assumptions that got shattered into pieces when he came out to her and she reacted with nothing but love and support, showing him that people are not their illnesses.
And illnesses are not this one black and white thing.

So I think that, when Isak snatched the weed away from Even, it was him being half serious half playful. Reminding him gently that smoking might not be the best right now. But he acknowledged that it would be monitoring and talking down to Even to do so seriously. (The way he says “for me it’s perfectly fine!”. And the following banter about seeing a poster asking for someone to be Even’s boyfriend AND carer.)
To me, that was him acknowledging that behaving like Even’s carer would be a big mistake and not something he was interested in doing. That he could still gently and straight forwardly try to help Even manage his illness, but without set rules or ultimatums or forgetting that, ultimately, Even is his own person and capable of making his own decisions.

I think that was a great way to end the season. Showing that they were able to talk about it and even joke about it. “So long as you’re wearing clothes.” That it was not this huge taboo, this Damocles’ sword balancing above their heads.

Again, it’s a fine line between being someone’s carer and someone’s partner.
I think Even found a partner in Isak. Not another nurse.

[masterpost of my metas about bipolar on SKAM]

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Alex and maggie after the betrayal

honestly? one of my favorite scenes in television history. it’s been talked about at length by literally everyone so i’ll just point out a few things but. i have so many Feelings about that scene i could and do talk about it for hours.

one thing i think has been kind of understated is the shame alex seems to go through in this scene, and the reason for that shame. alex has always felt the responsibility to protect kara, and as the number of people close to her grows, so too does the number of people she feels the need to protect with everything she has. her father’s betrayal, and the fact that she was so blindsided by it as a result of her unwavering faith in him, essentially made her feel as if she completely dropped the ball with this responsibility. she says it herself in the woods, he betrayed everyone that she loves, he hurt j’onn, he put everyone she cares about in danger. and she didn’t see that it was happening because she didn’t want to. alex avoiding maggie’s eyes, desperately keeping in her tears, her inability to say what actually happened… it’s all heavily rooted in alex feeling as if she failed, even aside from the heartbreak that comes with being betrayed like she was.

also, a small thing but something that speak heavily into how well maggie knows alex at this point in their relationship: she immediately recognizes that something is wrong. it takes her about 3 seconds to assess the situation and realize the probable cause of it. she wants alex to talk about it because she knows how harmful internalizing everything can be, but once she realizes that alex just can’t, she’s perfectly willing to just hold her as she cries. i know a lot of people sort of criticize that alex and kara are comforted by their love interests instead of each other, but a genuinely believe that it was maggie that alex needed.

last thing for now because this is already Too Long but i LOVE the way maggie very visibly winces as that initial big sob overtakes alex. it shakes her, quite obviously, as if it physically pains maggie to see alex hurting like she is. it’s made clear that maggie would shoulder that burden in a heartbeat if it meant taking it away from alex.

let me die.

Hello, my favourite people on the internet!

So here’s your monthly update on Adverse Effect.

As of yesterday, I’ve managed to finish a rough draft of the first segment of the chapter. I’ve gone over it a couple of times to make it stronger, but I still need to work out the pacing of the scene and fill it out more. Overall though, it amuses me - and I hope it will amuse you guys too.

I don’t think the scene will go through too many changes from the way I have it now, so you guys can look forward to getting some feel-good-fun-stuff at the beginning of the new chapter. Yay!

I’ll probably go over it a few more times before moving on to the second section of the chapter, which will also be the longest section.

Can I just say… shit’s about to go DOWN.


In which Reigen adopts a child takes in a fairy boy as his apprentice :’)

A scene from my friend’s (and my?) Rumpelstiltsmob AU!

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Um, why do you ship SasoSaku? I'm not saying this because I have anything against it, but I was just curious. Not a lot of people ship it. They mainly ship Sasori with Deidara. This may be because Sasori and Sakura's only interactions were during battle when they were trying to kill each other. Deidara and Sasori have a history together and ya know, opposites attract. I think Deidara's one sided admiration is cute, so I partially ship it. But why ship Sasori and Sakura? Please explain it to me.

Well, I don’t like it in canon at all; their age difference is concerning, as is the fact that he’s a puppet man… But I think it’s a perfectly fine pairing if it’s an AU where he’s around her age and not so distant from humanity :) Yeah, I’ve always kind of liked it… Never thought about it much though. Suddenly, I was like “Wow, you know what, these two look great together!” so I drew them a bunch! Was only going to do one pic, but so many people got excited, so I thought “well, why not?” And I really like how some of these turned out!

Their fight is the longest fight in the series (at least it feels like it) but I have to say, it’s probably my favorite fight too. Sakura got some development in her skills, as well as emotionally. I was rewatching Sasori’s death scene for references (for this really depressing mini comic I’m making about her afterthoughts on him) and I realized that it’s just about the only time that Sakura gets to use a bit of the “talk no jutsu”. Like, she tries to talk to Sasori. She gets angry at his distance from humanity, and you can tell that she is saddened by his loneliness and how he turned out. She feels so personally involved, because of her bond with Chiyo, and she wishes it would have turned out better for both of them.

But yeah, you can see her develop feelings for both her partner and her enemy, and it’s about the only time this occurs. Naurto gets closure with pretty much everyone he fights. Even when Sakura is present, you only get to hear Naruto talk, because he’s the lead. But when you got Sakura alone, you could see some of her actual values as a shinobi and a human being. It was only a sneak preview, so I wanted to make a comic that delved a little more into her thoughts, because Sakura deserves some positive emotional depth, dammit.

I guess the reason I like this pairing at all is because Sasori brought out something in her that we as an audience didn’t get to really see often. You can tell that if they ever were to be in a relationship, they would understand each other and Sasori would actually be able to bring out the best in her. He made her want to stand up for what she believed in. He made her have to think about things she probably doesn’t really think about, like imagining herself in Sasori’s situation. You can tell that she put herself in his shoes, and it’s a big moment for her as a person. And it makes you even more disheartened when he dies, because you didn’t want him to. It wasn’t possible, but you want Sasori to be happy.

I feel like in a different world, Sakura could make him happy… They have things in common, such as their interest in biology and books. They would also have great physical chemistry ;) Sasori is quite a tease, and Sakura is the type to react in many different ways to that sort of teasing, which is why she’s an interesting character. I feel like this ship is just as good as most of the Sakura ships out there. Honestly, I like her with Sasori more than I do with Sasuke…

Anyway, this is probably the major reason people ship Sasosaku. Sasori seemed to care about her development. He helped her blossom as a kunoichi and as a person. He enjoyed fighting her, and by the end, he respected her. And she did care about him. They bonded through their fight. Anime likes to talk about “bonding through fists” a lot, and as a martial artist, I can say that it’s an actual thing. You feel more connected with a person after you spar them. You feel synchronized after a good fight, and you respect each other.

Sasori, in the end, changed his feelings towards both her and his grandmother. It’s why he allowed himself to be killed by them. He felt as though they were worthy to defeat him. They earned it.

In a setting where Sasori isn’t so detached from human emotions, I think Sakura would be able to bring out the good in him and make him happy with his life, and vice versa. So yeah… That’s why I ship Sasosaku! :)

As for SasoDei… That is a whole other rant. Seriously, I could talk about why I don’t ship it for hours. If you or someone else wishes to hear that, you are welcome to ask! I love talking about this stuff! Especially anything to do with Sasori or Deidara.

Also, here is an analysis of mine on canon Sasori. It may help you understand more about why I think the way I do about him with Sakura. 


I watched the last Haru episode of The Return of Superman a few weeks ago. That scene broke my heart, because as we started to know more about Tablo, you can just feel all that he’s feeling, both the happiness of having such a loving family, but also in many ways, the grief and the longing for his own father. We will miss you, Tablo and Haru. I feel like they became part of my family too. I hope Haru continue to grow up laughing, loving and being loved.

As the few final scene ended, they gave a big hug to Haru’s mom, Kang Hye Jung. I would like to extend a hug to this awesome family that let us share their life for so long. I wish all of them even more love and happiness for the future.


Haru and Tablo making us laugh, that was love too :’)

ktbeh  asked:

Have you seen the spoilers? They ofc don't mention Beth, but there are frequent flashbacks to24th the moment Maggie and Sasha have together after her death. Just saying...

Hey Hon. I just answered something about this. (Sorry, I should have combined them.) But yes, even if Beth doesn’t show up in the finale, there are some powerful callbacks to her and her arc. 

And what Maggie apparently says during that scene? Whoa. As I just said in a previous Ask, even if she doesn’t show on Sunday, I feel like she’s right there, just a breath away, and will be in 8x01. It will totally suck to have to wait all summer to find out, if that’s the case, but there have been way too many signs of her this season for me to give up yet. 

Here’s hoping she does show up, though, and make all of our lives much easier. ;D Thanks so much. Totally with ya in side-eyeing this scene! Xoxo!

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So, I was just thinking about all the scenes we didn't get in the movies and had forgotten about the watching the QQ scene. That, along with a better cave acne, cheese buns time, and the rooftop scene really would have put rest to any playing up of a love triangle. I guess I see now why they weren't included. Too bad because it's the combo of all those scenes - along with the beach and resuscitation scenes, that show everlark's first growing together.

I agree! 

Catching Fire is overwhelmingly an Everlark book that sets up Katniss’s feelings in Mockingjay. There are so many things that are missing from the movie that, like you said, would sway everyone to ship Everlark. You put it well when you said it was their “growing together” period.

You know I love Everlark and would want everyone to be on that ship. But I understand movie making and why they do what they do with the “love interests.” Do I want people to ship Everblow? Of course not. Like my husband helped me to see, there are always going to be those who don’t ship with me–however illogical it is. :)

My hope is that they portray the relationships well. By that I mean, adding the nuances that are in the book that pertain to that Everblow kiss in D2. Also, portraying Blowhard’s character that’s supposed to be the opposite of Peeta’s in the end. I also want them to show Katniss’s love for and dependence on Peeta in MJ, which I think they will with the Pearl.

I wish they would’ve just filmed those scenes we miss and made us pay an exorbitant amount for them or posted them online as a series

Everlark Webisodes: Growing Together:

  • Webisode 1: The Real Cave Scene
  • Webisode 2: Peeta Tucks Me In
  • Webisode 3: Ogling Peeta’s Eyelashes While I Eat Cheese Buns
  • Webisode 4: Training Roof Spooning
  • Webisode 5: The Roof Date & the Energy Field

It’d be a hit series. :)

Thanks for this Ask.

After watching the special scene released today (ArchieRonnie singing Kids in America) which was amazing BTW they sound great together. So many questions. 1) what was wrong with Cheryl? 2) what was wrong with Betty? Arch & Ronnie didn’t do anything like too close or intimate but she was just getting more jealous and weird looking the whole was through. As for Cheryl, I have a feeling something happened before this (obviously). Also at the end of this episode it’s supposed to feature an arrest? Like I just need to talk about this with someone please message me. (Only if you like ArchieRonnie though thanks)