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My favorite thing about Zutara is how Katara would have to be the "fun" one in the relationship. Like?? Imagine how HAPPY that would make her? She doesn't have to be the mom and someone would appreciate her more chill ways of entertainment (like yoga and sports, compared to Aang literally hurling himself off a cliff face)! And it'd work well for Zuko cause he would need a more calm introduction to liking things for their own sake! I just love this pairing!!!

She would just be able to relax and not have to worry about Zuko’s socks being washed or the last time he ate. He wouldn’t need her to cook for him or make his bed or check in on him to ensure he hasn’t drowned in his bath water. He behaved like an adult in the Gaang, unlike Aang, who was a entitled, belligerent baby for all of season 3 and literally needed all five members of the Gaang to keep him on the right path towards his destiny. 

So I’m in the toilets at the camera shop I go to washing my hands minding my own business, and I notice this lady at the taps looking me up and down scowling. Note I’m wearing my hair down and not carrying a camera. So I go like

“Is there a problem?”

And she just says

“Are you Rose Red?”

And I’m like

“Geez, what gave it away?” Because I have zero chill when it comes to my reborn enemies and relatives and she starts going off her nut at me, screaming, literally screaming all the usual

You killed me, I was your sister in a past life, blah blah blah. Now she’s so loud that this subway driver comes running in from outside to see what’s going on.

I just turned around and said

“I don’t know who you think you are but how dare you talk to me or anyone like that.“

Highlights from Ophelia.

- some man yelling “viva la Ireland” followed me a woman yelling “Richard get back inside you haven’t any clothes on.”

-lots of leaves, sticks and fences blowing around.

-a 10 year old flying her kite

-I have gained 6 (six) wheelie bins.

-me neighbours washing stayed on the line.

-no one has a shed anymore, they just fecked off.

-I ran out of tea-bags and took a walk of shame to the offy.

-someone’s roof is now in my garden.

-a car was being dragged down the road by the wind.

-me grandpa and I stood in the garden and watched his shed fly away.

-me neighbours little kid screamed bible verses out his window

Feel free to reblog and add anything you’ve done/seen

So I’m in the toilets at the market I work at washing my hands minding my own business, and I notice this young girl at the taps looking me up and down scowling. Note I’m wearing my golden jaguar hat and have a Killmonger tee on. So I’m like
“Is there a problem?”
And she just says
“Are you a fucking Killmonger stan?”

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Could I request Fuyuhiko and Peko when their daughter asks them to play some princess make believe game with her? With Daddy as the princess, Mommy as the Knight and (daughter) as the evil ferocious dragon?

Awww that sounds adorable! I shall do my best :D

Request: Fuyuhiko & Peko playing with their daughter

- It was just after dinner time

- Peko was in the kitchen, washing the dishes whilst Fuyuhiko was busily sorting through the papers on his desk

- Usually, their daughter would be busy playing with her toys, but not this time

- She makes her way over to Peko and starts tugging at her tights

- “Hm? What is it [Child’s name]”

- “Play with me mommy!”

- She lets out a little laugh as she dries her hands on a towel

- “Hm… Okay, but only because you asked so nicely”

- “Yayyy! You have to wait here though, I have to go ask daddy to join!”

- Peko gives her a nod as she quickly runs off to find Fuyuhiko

- Literally a minute later she’s dragging him by the hand towards Peko

- “Okay we’re all here now! I go get costumes!”

- Before either of them could protest she’s already making her way towards her room

- “What do you think we’ll be playing this time Peko?”

- “I cannot say, she always seems to come up with new ideas”

- Minutes later they turns around to find her holding a dress, Peko’s bamboo sword. a tiara and a green hoodie with spikes

- “Okay so mommy is a bwave knight that has to rescue princess daddy from the fe… fe… fewo… fewocious dragon, [Child’s name]!”

- “Wait… Isn’t it meant to be princess mommy?”

- “No! Mommy is the bwave knight!”

- She quickly hands Peko her sword and asks Fuyuhiko to kneel in front of her

- Once he finally does, she places the tiara on top of his head and hands him the dress

- “Do I… Have to wear it?”

- “Of course! Princesses are pretty so daddy has to be pretty too!”

- Peko lets out a little laugh at that which earns her a quick glare from Fuyuhiko

- “Fine..”

- Once he’s finally done changing, the dragon takes him by the hand and they both run off to the living room

- “Rawrrr! I have captured the princess and now no one can save her!”

- “Oh we’ll see about that!”

- Peko steps out of the kitchen, sword at the ready

- The dragon turns to face Fuyuhiko and in a whisper she says

- “You have to show that you’re scared daddy! I’m a scary dragon afterall!”

- He exhales before looking straight at Peko

- “Oh please save meeee, I’m sooooo scareeeeed”

- It takes a while seeing as most of the floor turns out to be ‘lava’ but eventually Peko finally manages to ‘slay’ the dragon

- She smiles as she picks up Fuyuhiko, bridal style

- “Well princess, you are saved. How about a kiss for the brave night hm?”

- This causes Fuyuhiko to turn bright red and [Child’s name] to burst into a fit of giggles

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i also want to add that i'm not trying to be negative or ruin people's experience. i just think its' important to talk about these issues :/ every time i do people get so upset and i just wanna help

No ur not nonny ! I do believe it is an important subject to talk about & if you’ve been on my simblr, you have noticed that I am very open in criticism & negative comments & I respond them to them np! Like I said, I don’t believe that I have white washed my sims & I know there are ppl out there who do intentionally & I don’t agree w/ that! But I personally rn i need a break from tumblr for a bit b/c school’s been a toll (getting burn out from it haha) but I’ve always been open in criticism :+) tysm for putting forward in ur opinion anon as I know it’s difficult to!!

Reigning Madness – Chapter 18


Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: None for this chapter

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Caroline shut the door and walked over to her coffee table where she collected a pair of used wine glasses and returned them to the kitchen. She was smiling, but she didn’t answer my question. “Caroline, what was my brother doing here just now?”

   “We were just talking,“ she said over her shoulder. "It was a nice visit. We are friends you know.”

   I followed her into the kitchen, leaning across the tiled counter as she washed out the wine glasses and a few small plates that had been in the sink. “You guys have to be careful. You know the pap is stalking me right now, and there’s a very real possibility they’ll start camping your place out too. I can’t have my brother seen coming and going from your apartment all the time. It could undo everything we’ve done.”

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So I’m in the toilets at the market I work at washing my hands minding my own business, and I notice this young girl at the taps looking me up and down scowling. Note I’m wearing in my hair a snake and a frog accessory and have an open umbrella indoors. So I’m like

“Is there a problem?”

And she just says

“Are you a fucking Kogasana?”

best friends to lovers!taeil

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  • i think it would happen very smootly
  • he’d give you these subtle signs very often 
  • but you’d still doubt if he really meant it that way
  • you’d probably spend a lot of thoughts on it 
  • he’d just keep on being your best friend as usual
  • trying his best not to let you know yet
  • but i think he’d realise that you’d eventually find out
  • one day the truth would just be there
  • and there wouldn’t be a thing able to deny
  • the both of you almost do everything together and are so close
  • so it’s a little scary to think of that being broken
  • only because one of the two started catching feelings
  • taeil is quite sentimental
  • he’d cry just imagining how your friendship would get ruined
  • he’d have to wash away the pain of you two not being as you used to be
  • it’s those real deep thoughts that would cross his mind
  • they’d keep him from letting you know
  • but also motivate himself to decide
  • one day you’d stay at his place to help him with homework
  • he’d be really quiet and calm
  • normally it was always fun and the both of you joked a lot
  • but the mood would be so different now
  • “(Y/N), i’m not really thinking about this homework at all”
  • “what do you mean?”
  • “there’s no things i want to say about this, i want to talk about us now”
  • “what is wrong? what happened to us?”
  • “nothing, i just have some things to let out”
  • “such as?”
  • “it’s you, i’m in love with you, i want to be with you”
  • “you already are with me, aren’t you?”
  • “not in that way, (Y/N), i want us to be more than ..”
  • “friends? you want us to be more than friends, taeil?”
  • “yes, actually i’d really love to”
  • “how long have you been feeling this way?”
  • “long enough, i promise”
  • he’d be staring into your eyes as if his life depended onto your gaze
  • his heart beating fast underneath his sweater
  • “taeil, i love you too, as more than a friend”
  • “(Y/N) what? are you being serious?”
  • “yeah, i’ve been cruhsing on you for a time”
  • “i can’t believe this, i love you so much”
  • he’d lean in for a big hug and let you feel all his emotions
  • as if words spoke through his body
  • “(Y/N), please trust me”
  • “i trust you, don’t worry”
  • “i trust you too, let’s just be together, baby”

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I want to thank Louis Tomlinson for education me about ezcema. I have ezcema & tried everything to get rid of it, cortizone cream, aloe, coconut oil, nothing worked. But then I saw Louis's music video for Just Like You. I was enjoying the music on YouTube when by accident I hit the pause button. It happened to be right at the point where there was an article on ezcema and washing powder. Ever since I changed my washing powder my ezcema is GONE. Thank you, Louis Tomlinson, for educating me.

I don’t see any other living legends educating us about eczema like this. Legends only.

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I just realised that Persil is some cleaning product for clothes. And that a Persilschein got you basically "clean" of being persecuted. And I cant believe that either of them may have been named after the other, and that a cleaning product could maybe so incredibly morbid... Now though I need to look through my Grandmothers stuff to find that Schein though...

//You are correct, Persil is a washing product and actually the “Persilschein” was named after it, because it got you clean. Obviously it wasn’t the official term but it was used by Germans of the time. 

  • Boomers: send their kids to colleges and universities run by socialists
  • Millennials: become socialists
  • (it's almost like when you send your kid through a system that brain washes them they just might get brainwashed)

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okay being honest here... if that white washed log head neck did not make that video ...i wouldn't have know about Kyla but that does not mean what he did was right...i just wished he supported her instead ...i was really hoping for that but you know YOU CANT TRUST PEOPLE WHO CANT BLEND FOUNDATION RIGHT....

fax,,, now imma chill and wait for you to say it louder for the lil lipless uglies that’s taking his side, they in the back

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Have you tried getting a job??? And if you already have one maybe going to your neighbors to see if you can like wash their car, cut their grass, walk their dog, babysit their kids. I just think you’d have more luck that way then asking people on the internet for your book donation. People either don’t have the money to donate or they don’t want to use their cards to donate to someone they don’t know.

Yes I have tried searching for  a job. I do have one but I will not get paid until the end of the semester. As of now, I am still searching for a job but it isn’t easy. I am a full time student as well so I don’t have alot of time or a flexible schedule. Anon you are acting like bloggers don’t ask for donations all the time, and I am aware that people don’t have money or don’t want to donate-I’m not forcing anyone to donate I’m just asking. 

If that offends you or the other anon just unfollow. 

  • Everyone in the AOS Fandom: I swear to god everyone in the Skoulson clan has victimized us at least once for not shipping Daisy Johnson and Phil Coulson which is gross and racist af...
  • Skoulson Stans: YOU ARE NOT GONNA BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED GUYZ?! So I’m in the toilets at the market I work at washing my hands minding my own business, and this 14 year old girl who is obviously a gross Philinda Shipper taps me on the shoulder with this strange look on her face. Note I’m wearing my hair down and have a “PHIL COULSON LIVES” tee on. So I’m like
  • “Is there a problem?”
  • And she just says

okay but do y'all just really wipe your butt with ONLY toilet paper after taking a dump and dont wash??? cause i grew up in the philippines and the protocol is washing your ass using a dipper and water with some soap or soapy water.. like the only time i ever settle with just wiping is when i use public toilets but even so, i use flushable wipes after wiping with toilet paper. i mean i have good fibre intake so there are times when i wipe, it will be spotless but there will also be days when wiping just doesnt feel enough like you have to wash too. like wont it smell if you just wipe with toilet paper and not wash?


she had the world // panic! at the disco