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Cuddling & tickles // 3:51 pm

Pairing: Reader x Shawn Featuring: Shawn Mendes Warning: fluff Prompt: you haven’t seen your boyfriend in awhile. [First Name]’s POV The TV made a click as it powered off, the room suddenly became very dark. The curtains were drawn closed and the lights were off, the only sound I could hear was Shawn’s soft snores, that were somehow gradually getting louder. I looked over the covers to see Shawn curled up asleep, a ripple of warmth spread through me just knowing that he was here to stay the weekend with me. I knew how crazy the past few months have been for him, he was always doing something or recording something, and finally he’s here with me. Asleep, but at least he’s here. “[Name]?” Shawn’s groggy voice made me stiffen in surprise, thinking I’d been caught staring. When I was about to say something I realized he was still asleep. He was dreaming about me. Awh. “[Name]? Hello?” His voice was still groggy but it sounded really sexy, “I need you.” He mumbled. My heart aches and all I wanted was to wake him up and hug him. I scooted closer to him on the bed and gently out my arm on his. “I’m here,” I said softly trying not to wake him but manage to calm him. He didn’t say anything or do anything at first, then his arm came around my waist and pulled me to his chest. Butterfly’s swirled in my stomach (which tended to happen every time Shawn touched me). I loved the way he’d make me feel inside and out. A small smile spread to my face as Shawn’s head rested in the crook of my neck, he mumbled a few incoherent words before his snores filled the dark room again. I wanted to laugh at how adorable Shawn was. It took me awhile, but I managed to fall asleep. Usually I’m easily passed out when I’m in Shawn’s arms but tonight all I wanted was to look at him. To take in ever detail of his face, his hair, every thing that pulled me to him in the great way it does. The following morning when I woke, the small flat smelled of bacon and hashbrowns, Shawn’s specialty. My feet padded on the cold hard wood floor as I followed the sunlight out to the kitchen, he stood adoringly in his grey sweats and his toned torso bare. He heard me walked down the short hall and turned to look at the god awful mess I was, and smiled. “Good morning, beautiful.” Shawn said, grabbing his spatula free hand and wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me to him, placing a kiss on my forehead. “I thought breakfast in bed would be a good idea?” He asked, cutely. “It’d be a great idea,” I corrected smiling up at him. Shawn only nodded but his smile never faltered as he turned back to the bacon that was sizzling. “What do you wanna do today?” He asked me, I walked around and took a seat on one of the three stools that faced the counter, I watched my handsome man cook me breakfast. “I haven’t thought that far,” I confessed, “maybe curl up on the couch and watch movies?” I laughed. I’ve never been very good at planning a days agenda. “Sounds perfect to me, but then again, as long as you’re there it’ll always be perfect.” My cheeks turned pink at Shawn’s small way of flirting, I loved it when he flirted with me, and when he showed me off to everyone that I was his. SHAWN’S POV I watched from the corner of my eye as [Name] took a seat at one of the stools, she always looked so good in the mornings. Not saying she didn’t look good every other time or day but mornings were when she was natural; no makeup or hair styled, just her. I loved it. The bacon I made was fantastic (not to toot my own horn but TOOT). [Name] kept going off about how great today will be now that we have time for just her and me and I couldn’t agree more. “What do you want to watch?” She asked, leaving my side on the couch to go roam the DVD shelf, I watched her little strut as she walked across the small living room. She was in a sports bra and my boxers, which looked incredibly attractive on her. “Yoohoo,” [Name] called, catching my attention from my thoughts. “Sorry, uhm. You choose,” I was caught off guard. It was embarrassing when that happened because she knew I was staring at her - thinking about her. We’ve never actually have ‘made love’ yet because we both want to wait for the right moment. We both want to make sure that we’re ready for it, and we don’t want to make any mistakes or have any regrets. I do love her with everything I have in me, I do. But we just want to make sure. Of course, I was think about just being reckless for once and all these crazy dirty thoughts go though my head about 55% of the day because, I mean, my girlfriend is incredibly hot. She’s literally the best girlfriend I could’ve asked for. I love her laugh, the way she struts when she knows I’m watching, she always makes sure that I come first when I out her first, she never tried to start an argument but when we do fight she just lols to cute to stay mad at, I love when I’m in a bad mood or I’m upset she’ll make sure to throw pillows at me until I laugh. I only laugh because she has the worst aim and can never actually hit me. [Name] is perfect for me. She makes all my wrong’s right. “Shawn? Hello?” Her fingers came clapping down in front of my fave once I realized I’d zoned out again. “Hey, look. If you’re too tired to watch a movie we can always just not and go take a nap?” [Name] said, she sat down on the couch beside me again. I grabbed her hands swiftly, “what, no. I want too, sorry. I was just thinking about you, that’s all.” Her cheeks blushed red for the second time this morning and she tried to hide it by pushing her face into the couch. “Yomh mmkhg mm mluch,” she mumbled into the couch, I laughed at how childish she was. My hands reached for her sides, getting prepared for the war that was about to start. “I’m sorry, could you say that again?” I asked sweetly. Her head lifted up a little. “I said-” my hands dove for her and the room busted with her adorable laughter as I tickled [Name]. Her hands flailed and she kicked at nothing as her breath caught in her throat and her laughs were jumbled with her attempt to breath. “Sh-shaWN! S-s-stoOP!” She laughed loudly, her hand finally grasping mine and trying to push me away. I laughed as well, taking me strength to my advantage and I pushed her down (not roughly) onto the couch and placed my legs on either side of her. [Name] was still trying to yell at me but her laughter made her choke and she continued to try and kick and push me. This only made me laugh harder at how cute she was. I eventually stopped so she could regroup herself and she glared up at me as I was still smiling like an idiot. “You’re a butt,” she huffed. I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, then her other cheek, her nose, and lastly her lips. They lingered for a moment before [Name] wrapped her now free arms around my neck and pulled me closer.

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Done with the plugs! I <3 all of you for being so encouraging.

Next, going to pour fabritac in there and swab it around best I can without being able to see up ins.

I was planning to straighten and trim and curl it, but I kinda love how she looks this way, just finger combed, so I’ll leave it for a while.

I never wanna reroot again though, crickey. My current plan is to win the lottery, then it’ll be wigs for everyone! I’ll let you know how that goes.

( @katenicolai I even have like half as much hair still left thanks to Moony Maddie XD)


7 months + 5 days old

Noah and Lumi are now 7 months old, and this time I won’t be 2 weeks late on their monthly update. And before you ask; yes, they both just recently got their first haircut. Their hair had started to grow out weirdly, and no matter how much I absolutely miss Noah’s gorgeous curls, my sister agreed to cut their hair and give it a chance to grow out better. The same thing had to be done with Aiden, and just look at how beautiful his hair is today. I’m definitely looking forward to see Noah’s curls grow back out on his little head. On another note, Lumi is really starting to look more and more like me. It’s kinda scary, actually. But I would be lying if I told you I don’t have a gorgeous baby. Damian and I have really done a good job!

Moving on; as mentioned in my last post, Lumi just recently started pulling herself up, but there are no signs of Noah following in her footsteps. He’s not busy like his sister is to grow up. But I have to be honest and say that I’m looking forward to when they start to walk on their own. They might only be 7 months old and still babies, but they are getting really heavy to carry around! Of course I’m used to carrying children around - I have six of them! But I just recently made an unfortunate movement and hurt my back while cleaning in the kitchen. So yes, they’re heavy! Noah now weighs a bit more than his sister. It’s the first time after their birth, since Lumi quickly gained weight and surpassed him. And he’s actually a very picky eater, which is terrifying, because we haven’t introduced them to a lot of different foods yet. Hopefully he’ll grow out of it like his father did. Yes, Damian used to be a picky eater as well. Now he eats everything, haha.


“I can hurt her you know.” Eric says, stepping towards you threateningly. You can see Tobias tense up, his fists curling at his sides, barely able to control his anger. It’s not worth it Tobias, don’t pick a fight… You think, shaking your head softly.

“She’s so weak you know, so fragile.” Eric wraps his hand around your arms tightly, causing you to whimper. You’ll have bruises there tomorrow. “I know how much you care about her, but someday she’s just going to break” He says, twisting your left arm so far up your back you hear a popping sound. 

“Can you handle the loss Tobia-” He starts, before being interrupted by a loud cracking sound causing him to crumple to the floor. You look up to see Tobias shaking his fist, which will bruise from the punch, before he curls you up into his arms.

“I’ve got you. I promise you’re safe.”

I’m just a curious old sod. I just want to know how everything works. I’m a nosy old bastard. I just have to know about things, and I can’t see how anybody can live on this planet and not want to. I get so despondent when people seem to curl up and die. They just don’t have any interest in living anymore. I want to shake them and say, “Look, it’s still great out there!” Every day is great. And to let these days just go by you is a waste of a gift you’ve been given. Life is a gift from God, and to waste it is a great sin. Go do something for somebody else, if you’re bored. Just don’t sit there being a lump.
—  David Bowie

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your hurley cosplay sounds so cool! I'm not sure about the hair (the curling sounds pretty nice), but I like your idea for the sash! I kinda always imagined braided vines for it.

thank u!!! i keep flopping back and forth on hair tbh like i definitely see it being short and i have a few potential wigs i could wear but ill always jump at the chance to Not Wear One lmao
and yeah the sash seems p well accepted as how most ppl imagined it so im def goin w that idea!!! mostly i just hope we can get the masks looking good, im not super expierenced in prop making but my girlfriend (who will be sloane) is pretty good with them so im sure well figure them out somehow!!!

rly dead over arab girls tho like we are just so diverse and gorgeous !! eyebrows are always on point and some of us rock hijabs SO GOOD like every single hijabi i know is so fashion forward and literally always looks so beautiful!! some arab girls rock our curls SO GOOD, like honestlly arab girls have the most beautiful curls and that shit is 100000% natural like wtf is a perm?? plus we got that forever tan and we got some LONGASS eyelashes !! plus we have such a gorgeous, vast, rich culture and we stay respectin our parents and we stay respectin where we come from like ugh i just love arab girls 


Church was a little better today. 

I was anxious going to church (Actually i was already dreading it and didnt want to go , I didnt want to see him and I also didnt want to see H). 
I arrived and H is at the same station I’m at , i feel dead inside any how and pretty sure i looked it on the outside. Normally at church even when it is really bad I make an effort with my appearance , instead today my hair is in a low side ponytail , i have just plain boots , jeans and a t-shirt on , my make up is only foundation and some mascara (Normally to church my attire is dresses , skirts , heels , my hair is a lot of the time curled or pinned back , i wear lipstick, blush , mascara i didnt look well put together today ). I didnt have the energy for anything more than this. 

I saw H I attempted a smile but i dont think my face moved an inch, i dont know if she saw me i doubt she cared anyhow. I was a client to her , I told her that in therapy i couldnt have her caring for me, that i was a number i was a pay check i was however much she was paid an hour , she told me she cared. She wrote in that letter to me she saw me like a child of her own , that we had a special relationship , she was closer to me than any other client and that there are clients who come into your lives who touch you and impact you like other clients wont.She told me she enjoyed our normal talks, that she selfishly as she wrote wanted to keep me.  It all was a load of crap. 

Ross smiled at me when i entered and he asked if i was okay as i entered i saw FZ , I backed out of there the anxiety and panic hits i couldnt breathe , my skin is closing in , my body is on fire , i am stuck in my skin , i am trapped , it seems more and more people are appearing and I’m trying to back out , Mrs C asks if i am okay , i hear her saying my name over and over but i cant respond , I’m trying to get out , i can hear her keep saying my name asking if i am okay. I get to the bathroom and try and control my breathing, I see my reflection I don’t recognise myself anymore. I see that I am as white as a sheet. 

I go back down when I have my self together , i am aware he is there , he’s in that shirt again. Ross comes up and asks if i am okay , I ask him if he has seen my aunt (she wasnt there) he said here why dont you take this seat and he put me on the bar stool by the front door . B arrived not long after and he came and sat with me , then the life group leaders arrived and they came and talked to B and I. I like sitting with B, It also though is awkward because of FZ, Ross said at the end that B seems caring and that he looks out for me.  B’s humour is almost as cynical as mine which is great.  The life group leader came and talked to me at the end and she said she was thinking of me in the sermon today. 

So all in all , I survived , i had a panic attack but made it through the whole service without having to leave which is the first time in a month i have managed to keep myself grounded enough. 

Thorin is a hairdresser, Bilbo is his client and Thorin is so busy staring at his face in the mirror that he completely messes up the haircut. As an apology for that tragedy (because oh dear, it really is) Thorin asks if he could buy Bilbo dinner sometime. Or at least that’s what Bilbo assumes all that mumbling must have meant and even if it looks like it it’s not very likely Thorin actually meant to ask out the floor. So Bilbo scribbles down his address (to Thorin’s complete and utter amazement) and goes “Pick me up at 8, I have a place in mind. I’d tell you to dress nicely, but apparently you always do.” He winks, grins and leaves, hoping Thorin didn’t see how much he blushed himself.

during dinner Thorin keeps looking at Bilbo’s too short curls and cringing. Bilbo tries to console him with “It’s just hair.” and that backfires horribly because “EXCUSE YOU MY ENTIRE CAREER IS DEDICATED TO HAIR” - “N -No, I - I just meant it’ll grow back. I don’t mind all that much. And if it takes a horrible haircut to get a date with you I’ll gladly look horrific for a while.”

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Kinda accurate? 

Another anon asked me how I do it - 

I just have a trimmer (like, the electric kind) and set it down to 3 and basically go from the back of my skull at that width all the way towards by temple, tracing around my ear. I also go a bit higher near my face, but you can’t see because my top curls end up falling over onto it.

I used to also trim the back, but recently I’ve been letting it grow out, because, silly as it sounds, I want it to get long enough to braid again. I miss having long hair. 

3 is really close to my head, and since my hair’s really thin, it looks like I shaved myself bald. But it grows out again really quickly into a comfortable fuzz, so I don’t mind. 

You’re beautiful. I don’t mean just physically beautiful but every way beautiful. Inside and out. Not to say you’re not physically beautiful, you most definitely are. You have the beautiful eyes that I love so much, especially when you look at me. You have hair that falls perfectly around your face likes it a frame to show the world how beautiful you are. You have a body that I love and will always respect. But all that is just surface level and it’s what everyone sees including myself. It’s the little details I notice. Yes, your eyes are beautiful but nobody notices the emotions they reveal except for me. I get to see how you care for me and love me when you look at me. Your eyes reveal the emotions that you try to hide but I see them hidden. I notice the way your hair falls around your face. The way it curls and bounces as your head moves. The little different colors in it. The brown, the blonde, the little hints of a reddish color. I see them. And your body. Your body is perfect to me. The way your body curves and how it moves as you walk or move about. I pay attention to those little details. I pay attention to the details nobody cares to notice because I know I do. This is just all physical details, I’m also attracted to your mind and personality. It’s perfect to me. Your sarcasm that’s very subtle to point where I think you mean it. Your sense of humor similar to mine. That you find the littlest things funny and the most elaborate jokes. How we can create little inside jokes that only make sense to us. I love all of that. I love that you act like a little kid sometimes but know when to be serious. We can talk about anything and everything under the sun and still enjoy those comfortable silences. In short, my love, you’re more than beautiful. You’re perfect but then again nobody is perfect. Everyone has their imperfections. We both have them but it’s your imperfections that make me love you more. Those imperfections you have make you perfect to me.
—  you’re more than beautiful