i just have to finish my homework and then sleep

some adhd lance hc’s

made by someone who’s got adhd and who loves lance. go figure!!!!

  • lance is a combination adhd type who leans more towards inattentive than hyperactive, but does have his moments!
  • teachers would be confused because he’s a bright kid who has a lot of potential but always turns his homework in late or not at all.
    • it’s the mix of procrastination, executive dysfunction, and fear that the assignment isn’t good enough.
  • stims by using his legs. does the leggy bounce™, leg shake™, the bicycle in the air™, stretches™, etc.
    • some bitch ass teacher: lance can you stay still for a second? you’re distracting the class.
      lance, who shakes his leg even more: just saying, but the only one who doesn’t seem really focused on the lecture is you.
  • knows other people perceive him as being dumb or annoying because of his symptoms. even if he pretends otherwise. 
  • some neurotypical: ooo shiny! a squirrel! haha, i’m so adhd and random.
    lance: you’re like the worst type of person.
  • when the rsd hits and he feels the suffocating feelings that come with it
    • happens when he least expects it to. (i.e. in episode 4 where he talked about his mom)
    • the emotions gets him really fast. sometimes he’ll start crying without meaning to, or end up getting so angry in a flash and then acting like nothing ever happened.
    • will usually isolate himself in order to not ‘burden’ anyone with it.
  • lance would frustrate cry if he was stuck on an assignment that should’ve taken only half an hour, but he’s on hour three, it’s past midnight, and he can’t read.
    • every time the teachers say that there’s no reason for anyone to not finish their homework, lance looks into the camera like he’s in the office. 
  • hyperfixates. a lot. anything regarding the ocean, space, flying, adventure, the great unknown are some of his known hyperfixations. 
  • has a hard time sleeping because his brain won’t stop. just never stops. 
  • also has a tendency to have bad memory/comprehension issues
    • will ask for things to be repeated because sometimes he literally cannot understand or even remember what the other person said
    • allura: lance, please pay attention while we’re giving the instruction for the plan. this is important.
      lance: i know, my bad. i was just looking at keith’s hair and noticed that his hair curls around his ears.
      keith: what?
      lance: you have my full attention, princess!
Seijou as things my year has said
  • Oikawa: You doubt me? You fool, once I cut down unnecessary actions like sleeping I managed to finish the powerpoint we have to present in third period, did my chem and maths homework, tutored my brother AND look drop dead gorgeous today.
  • Matsukawa: Life goals: eat a can of pringles in less than 20 seconds, get some kickass facial hair, maybe do something about those A level things we have to do idk.
  • Hanamaki: It's not pink, it's rose gold! There is a HUGE difference between pink and rose gold!
  • Iwaizumi: You can talk shit about me, you can talk shit about my friends, but don't you DARE talk shit about Godzilla-senpai.
  • Yahaba: Not only do I have all the joys of incredible vanity, I can also kick your ass.
  • Watari: No, rubbing my head does NOT give you good luck.
  • Kindaichi: I just want someone to curl up with me and watch High School Musical and feed me pringles is that too much to ask?
  • Kunimi: What's the point of turning up if Cake Friday's cancelled?
  • Kyoutani: To be honest you annoy the living shit out of me and the only reason I hang out with you is your cute dog.

Hi guys!! Long time, no post, I know, I’ve been super busy, but I’ve been planning on writing this post for a while, so I’m glad I finally have the time! 

Which brings me to the topic of this post. It’s so hard to find time for our hobbies, like reading, blogging, writing, etc. But honestly, we have more time than we think we do. It’s just a matter of finding it. And as someone who managed to finish all seven seasons of “Parks and Recreation” in a month and a half while also finishing all of her homework and getting a halfway decent amount of sleep, I’m here to give you some tips that have helped me find some time in my day, and hopefully they’ll help you find some time in yours.

Bus rides will become your best friends •
Seriously. They will. I take the bus to and from school every day, and I use that time to read, add stuff to my tumblr queues, and occasionally watch shows on Netflix. It may feel like it’s only a little bit and that it’s not worth it, but I promise, every little bit adds up. Even ten pages every time you’re on the bus adds up to a whole book before you know it! And a few episodes may not feel like much of a binge-watching session, but they’ll fly by before you know it. Use that time. It makes so much of a difference when you do. Bonus: it makes your bus ride feel so much shorter, and it gives you something to get you out of bed.

And even if you drive, you can still use that time
Obviously, you can’t read or watch Netflix while you’re driving, but you can listen to an audiobook, or catch up on that podcast that you’ve been meaning to listen to. BUT do not let it distract you from driving. Nothing is worth that. Don’t put it on too loud and make sure you can still concentrate on the road. But if you’re the type of person that focuses just as well or better with stuff playing in the car, then by all means, make the most of your time.

• Bring stuff with you wherever you go in case you have a free moment •
I always carry a book and my journals with me in case I have a random, unexpected bit of free time that I can use. Sometimes I’ll have a substitute teacher and I’ll finish the assigned work early, or I’ll be waiting to be picked up from somewhere, or I’ll get somewhere early and have to wait around for a while. Those moments are the perfect opportunity for me to read another chapter or write a few hundred more words. You never know when those moments are going to happen, so it’s good to be prepared just in case they do.

• Sometimes, you have to put your phone down •
I know, I know, I love my phone too. I’m on Tumblr and Twitter all the time. But sometimes, you have to put your phone on Do Not Disturb and focus on what you love. Social media takes up more time than we realize, and that time could be better used working on something that you love. Work on a new blog post, write a poem, take out a sketchbook and draw something. Leave the internet behind for a while and dedicate yourself to something else, something wonderful that you’re proud of.

• Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later •
I can’t even tell you how many more blog posts I finished, words I wrote, books I read because I used all of those small windows of time. Even if it doesn’t seem like a lot, every little bit of progress matters. You’ll start to notice it after a while, and it’ll all feel so great. You’ll be so proud of yourself, and I’ll be proud of you, too.

Hope this helps someone out there!! :1

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anonymous asked:

I have a horrible sleep pattern (I always go to bed past 1 am and I feel dead every weekday) and idk how to stop it. I'm usually up doing homework, but on weekends I just cat sleep and end up on my phone. Basically my time management sucks. How do I fix these problems??

Hellooo! Ahh, this has been me after the holidays. For your homework, try setting time limits. It probably isn’t ideal for you anyway to be doing homework right up until bed. It’s best to have time to relax before you sleep. When I was in high school and the demand to have finished tasks daily was a lot higher, I would get up early rather than staying up late. I would finish at an easy point I could go back to and then get up at maybe 5 or 5:30am. I personally preferred to sleep earlier and wake up earlier than sleep super late. I felt I wasn’t as tired in the mornings. With your phone, perhaps trying to turn it off or leave it away from your bed. Check it for 10 minutes or something before you go to sleep but limit your time. In reality, the more you use it before you sleep the more awake you are. 

When I was writing for The Academic Zine, I did an article about sleep hygiene and some tip on getting yours on track. I’ll copy and paste it below so you can have a read! 

1. Plan your ideal sleep routine. The first step to improving your sleep hygiene is to make a plan. While a few early nights can get you started, fixing your sleep hygiene will not be instantaneous. If your internal body clock is out-of-sync such that you only feel tired at midnight, getting sleep is bound to be a tough process. We suggest making small and manageable goals.

Start by setting a goal, such as getting ready for bed half an hour earlier or reading a book instead of checking your Tumblr. Make adjusting your sleep pattern more enticing by tracking and monitoring it. Downloadable phone applications help gamify your attempts to improve your sleep patterns, giving you more motivation. They offer information including your movements during the night, how your day affected your sleep, and the progress you’ve made. If you don’t want to use your phone while you sleep, make a habit tracker. We all know the pleasure of crossing off another day of the month that you managed to stick to a new habit.

2. Turn your room into a sleep sanctuary. In order to sleep comfortably, it is important to make your bedroom a calming environment.  Avoid studying in your bedroom or at least on the bed. Constantly using the bed for studying will weaken your brain’s association between being in bed and sleeping and instead associate it with working. Make the effort to use a desk or another room for studying so when your eyelids are drooping, you can go to your room, remove yourself from any stresses you’ve had, and take time to relax and recharge.

Get your sanctuary started by adjusting the light, temperature, and noise level. Use curtains or black-out blinds to make the room completely dark. If there is unavoidable light, you can try using a sleep mask. As the seasons change, it is natural to kick off the sheets or wrap up extra snuggly. However, if waking up because of temperature is a regular occurrence, take that as a sign to make a change. Try adding or removing a blanket, change your type of pajamas, and/or place a heater in the room on a low heat setting.

3. Prepare for the next day. As a student, I know how it feels to be tossing and turning because you’re worried about the next day. The easiest way to calm a racing mind is by preparing for the day ahead before going to bed. Small ways to prepare include organizing your bag, charging your phone, laptop, or tablet, and updating your planner or bullet journal. 

4. Take time to relax before bed. After a stressful day or long study session, getting into a relaxed and calm mood is the best way to prepare your mind for sleeping. Taking the time to destress can help to reduce the feeling of anxiety by detaching your mind from the events of the day. You can try reading, journaling, drawing, doing yoga, or taking a warm shower. Make it a habit to put a relaxing activity at the end of your to-do list so you can finish the day on a positive note. Finding an activity that helps focus your attention, calm your mind, and that you enjoy can be perfect for a bedtime routine.

5. Things to avoid. Right before your head hits the pillow, it is best to avoid things like using your computer or phone for extended periods of time and consuming any substances like caffeine or alcohol. While it is always tempting to watch just one more episode of your favorite show before going to bed, the screen can make you feel more awake. The time gap between exposure to light and your bedtime impacts the melatonin in your body, which is the chemical that signals drowsiness and makes you feel tired.

6. Exercise during the day. Exercise is not only good for your mental and physical health but also your sleep quality. Studies have shown that people who exercise the recommended amount per week had significantly higher quality of sleep, felt more energized during the day, and had improved concentration when they did feel tired. Make the effort to have at least 150 minutes of exercise during the week. Try taking a walk, going to the gym, or joining an exercise class. It is best to finish any strenuous physical activity a few hours prior to going to bed. If you exercise before sleeping, any energy you didn’t direct towards the workout will keep you feeling alert rather than sleepy. Light activity such as yoga or mediation is recommended as a late night workout.

7. The art of napping. Napping was one of the best parts of childhood, right? Now it seems when you accidentally fall asleep you feel worse than you did before. That’s because you’re either not napping for long enough or waking up during the deepest part of the sleeping cycle. How much is the right amount?

  • 1- 5 minutes (micro naps): great for having a small boost of energy and stopping that sleepy feeling.
  • 10-20 minutes (power naps): enhances alertness and concentration, elevates mood, and sharpens motor skills. Coffee takes 20 to 30 minute to take effect so if you want to boost alertness, have a cup before napping.
  • 45 minutes: helps to boost energy, creative thinking and boosts sensory processing.  Try setting an alarm to avoid the feeling of sleep inertia, grogginess, and disorientation which comes with the next phase of sleep.
  • 90 minutes: clear your mind, improve memory recall, and recoup lost sleep. By waking up after 90 minutes you’ll avoid the feeling of sleep inertia as you wake up from REM sleep.

8. Hack your sleep. Technology can make your sleep pattern more enticing by tracking your progress. Numerous apps available from the App Store or Play Store offer ways to see how your body responds through each phase of the sleep cycle. Try Sleep Cycle, Sleep Genius, or SleepBot. If you own a FitBit, try wearing it to bed. The app can set sleep goals, set an alarm, and track your sleep quality. Sleep calculators are also available (e.g. http://sleepyti.me) and allow you to nap without worrying about feeling groggy afterwards.

9. Avoid making a habit of all nighters. It is best to limit the number of times you are staying up all night even if it seems the only way to meet a deadline. Try using different time management methods – such as the Pomodoro technique – to avoid staying up all night. Making a habit of all night working sessions can, over time, decrease your concentration and result in poorer long term memory. If sacrificing sleep is the only way to meet a deadline, it is best to do it right. Try these tips:

  • top up your energy – take a nap, stretch a little, or drink a coffee.
  • eat protein – when you’re working hard, your body needs something to burn. Despite the tastiness of carbs, they store energy for later and can make you sleepier in the long term. Try including meat in your evening meal, or snacking on nuts and seeds.
  • move around – make an effort to take a break every now and then. Get up, stretch, move around, and reinvigorate yourself with energy.
  • music – keep yourself alert with some tunes. Instrumental songs or movie soundtracks often promote productivity and focus. If you’re feeling sleepy, put on your favorite song and have a silent sing along to get you back in the mood!
  • remove all distractions – if you’re texting a friend, watching a TV show, or checking your Facebook whilst attempting to finish a task, you’re wasting time. Having 20 minutes of concentration, followed by a 5-minute break, will be more effective than pausing every few minutes to reply to a message. If you use the Pomodoro technique, you can utilize your breaks to do this.
  • focus on one thing at a time – keep your concentration there until it’s done or it’s time to take a break. Multitasking when it is late will reduce your attentiveness to one task and could therefore reduce the quality of your work.
  • work at a desk – as aforementioned, avoid making a habit of using your bed for work. All-nighters are probably most comfortable in bed but after continuous use you’ll feel instantly more sleepy and unproductive as your brain is associating your bed with sleeping and relaxing. If you have a desk you can use during a late night work session, be sure to use it.
  • reward yourself the next day – after pulling an all nighter you need to recentralize your internal body clock. If you’re feeling tired, make an effort to go to sleep slightly earlier. Try taking a few hours to relax and do something you enjoy.

10. Stop mourning your mornings. Not everyone is a morning person, especially if you’re waking up super early. Setting a motivational routine can improve your morning mood. Set an alarm that doesn’t interrupt your sleep cycle. Sleep Cycle, as mentioned previously, wakes you up when your body is most alert which means the feeling of sleep inertia is reduced. When you get up, take two minutes to stretch. Allowing your body to stretch out after a long night sleep helps to rejuvenate our ligaments and release any tension in our joints. Washing your face with cold water or taking a shower help to make you fresh awake and fresh. Whether you eat straight away or get ready, make an effort to maintain your routine.

I hope this helps! :-) xx

Homework doesn’t stop for Valentine’s Day… college au Shallureith (Sheithllura?) for my Voltron Secret Valentine @kat-disturbed! Hope you have a great day!

Shiro promised he was just resting his eyes. I think he’s the kind of student that’s almost perfect in every way but once or twice a year he works himself too hard and sleeps through a final or forgets about an assignment entirely. Good thing he has two sweet s/o’s to help him finish his work after he passes out.

Luhan scenario - Lion or lamb?

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Not requested

Genre: angst, smut, sorority/fraternity feuds

Summary: The leader, the alpha, the king of his pack. No one ever stands up to him, unless someone gives him reason to kneel.

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The Reason She Sleeps In Class

for @miraculousfluffmonth day 2- Goodnight Kisses

It was late. He had come in hours ago, already tired. Dropped his transformation and flopped onto her bed. He didn’t even check to see if there were people in her room, that’s how tired he was. His father had him go from school, to fencing, and then to back to back photoshoots. He just dropped onto her bed and was out like a light.

If Marinette had not been in the room, she never would have known he was even there.

With a soft smile, she walked over to him. “My sleepy little model.”

She shifted him so that she could lift the blanket on her bed. She then proceeded to roll him under the blanket and tuck him in. She placed a kiss to his forehead. “Goodnight.”

As she pulled away and stood up, he reached out and grabbed her arm. “Mari…”

“But you couldn’t help me tuck you on…”

“Tired…” He pulled at her. “Stay.”

She pulled away from him. “I can’t. I have to finish my homework.”

He shook his head. “No. I’ll do it for you before I go, just sleep now.”

She sighed. “Fine… But you better do it too, my grades aren’t suffering just because you wanted to be cuddled.”

He nodded as she slipped into the bed with him. “You’re lucky I love you.”

He pulled her closer. “The luckiest.”

He woke up hours later, no longer tired. He poked Marinette. “Mari?” He whispered.

“Go to sleep.”

“But Mari…”

She reached over and kissed him on the forehead. “Sleep Adrien.”

He pouted “But you missed.”

She sighed and kissed his nose. “No more. Sleep.”

He frowned, but he knew by her tone that she was serious. He decided that he was too.

He began to fidget.

He itched and twitched and moved while she tried to sleep.

“Stop moving.” She whined.

“I can’t sleep.”

“Why not?”

He smirked. “My girlfriend won’t kiss me goodnight.”

She was quiet as he waited for her response. He wondered if she would finally do it, when he felt a hand on his arm.

Did she just?

“Did you just hit me?” He rubbed his stinging arm.

“Yes. Now go to sleep.”

He sat up, offended. “I’m afraid I can’t.”


“You’ve wounded not only my skin, but my honor as well.”

“Oh, so now you’re Prince Zuko? I’m too tired.”

“And now you’ve offended the best character ever created. You must pay!”

Before she could understand what he was saying, he began to tickle her.

She shrieked. “ADRIEN NO!” her giggles filled the room.

“Say sorry and I’ll stop. And you have to promise to give me a proper goodnight kiss. Only then will I stop.”

She spoke between laughs. “Why… would I… say sorry to… an over… glorified… hot pocket?”

He gasped and his tickles became more vicious. “How dare you?” He loved Zuko because he could relate to him the most, Absent mother, unloving father, a group of friends who used to dislike him, someone close to him that doesn’t understand him and hates his friends (Oops, too sad for this short fic), but he knew Mari was joking.

Doesn’t mean he has to let up.

“Say sorry, Beautiful.”

“Never!” With a random burst of energy came her defense.

Soon, they were both tickling each other.

“Adrien, stop! I want to go to sleep!”

“Surrender to the terms then!”


And on it went

“How do her parents not know? They’re so loud!”

Tikki giggled. “They know, they just think they’re cute.”

The cat kwami was confused. “How do you know?”

“I’m not always in her room, Plagg. Sometimes she needs privacy. Sometimes I need more cookies.”

“So you just roam around whenever you want?”

She side eyed him. “Are you saying that you don’t?

“It’s different, Adrien’s house is huge but empty. I can go through 20 rooms, not repeat a room, and still never run into anyone other than Adrien. If you go into 5, you’ve run into the whole family.”

“Whatever, Plagg.”

He smiled. He knew he was right. “It’s weird how you’re supposed to be the good luck, but I’m the one who’s always right.”


“Shhh. Your chosen is trying to sleep.”

“She’s having a tickle fight…”

“About trying to sleep.”


“No, look!”

Marinette grinned. She had flipped their positions so she was the one looking down at him. “Pinned ya.”

He pushed up against her hands. “You’re still not going to sleep until my demands have been met.”

She pouted. “You’d really keep me from sleeping?”

“Aaahhh! Not the Big Eyes. Mari, stop.”

“Then let me sleep.”

“No! I must be strong.” He closed his eyes so he couldn’t see her face. “For Zuko!” He found some strength and flipped them over.

“I’m starting to think you like him more than you love me. Besides, Katara is clearly the best character. She’s the only one who doesn’t let her emotions rule her. She does what she needs to do, not what she wants. No matter how much it hurts her.”

“Mhmm. Well, you can be the Katara to my Zuko. A perfect match.”

She stared up at him, wide eyed, and whispered, “Zutara Shipper! The unholiest of ships. I cannot believe…”

He stopped and got off of her. “You just dissed my OTP. Mari how could you? I thought you loved me!”

She just looked at him. “Adrien come back to bed.”

“No. I’m hurting.”





“… I’m sorry.”


She sighed. “I’m sorry for insulting your OTP, I know it was wrong and I won’t do it again, I promise, just come to bed.”

He slowly got back into the bed. “Still not going to sleep.”

“Adrien please? I’m tired…”

“Do it.”

“I’m sorry for insulting Zuko. I know how you love him.”

He smiled and laid back down. She curled herself around him.

He looked at her, hair loose and falling into her face. She looked so beautiful he didn’t know what to do. So he told her.

She blushed. “Shut up and go to sleep.”

“Will you ever let me be the big spoon?”

“You’re a few years too late for that, cutie. Besides, you like being held.”


“Are you going to let me go to sleep now?”

He pretended to think. “You still didn’t meet one of my demands. I want a proper goodnight kiss. I can’t sleep without it, and neither will you.” A loud yawn escaped him, and she knew he was going to be asleep within 10 minutes whether she kissed him or not.

Doesn’t mean she didn’t want to do it anyways.

She giggled and kissed him gently, before pulling back. “That’s all you get. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Beautiful.”


Plenty, my friend. I built a massive pillow fort last week. I beat my previous how-late-can-I-sleep-in record by not waking up till dinnertime. I completed a new video game twice. I wrote the first chapter of my autobiography. I discovered how to circumvent the effort of actually doing my homework by pirating the lessonbook Mom uses and copying down the answers. I started and finished three new holodrama series.

But according to my parents I’ve been sitting around doing nothing. I guess they just have a different definition of “accomplishment” or something.

thefuzzyliz  asked:

I would like to have a fluff scenario where Bakugou indulges his gf in cuddles and kisses on a cold night in the dorms. 💕💕 Thank you lovely, best wishes for your blog to grow!!!


It was a cold night after another hard and tiresome day at U.A. High. Just when you had finished with showering and doing homework your phone lit up. A message from your beloved boyfriend. “Hey babe, wanna sleep over at my room?” The thought itself was sweet but he lived across the floor, he could have come himself to ask you that. You laughed as you imagined him saying “like hell I would get up for that” with a faint blush you had already seen thousands of times. If he didn’t bother getting up, why would you bother texting back. Actually, you wanted just to barge into his room and half-surprise him since was pretty sure you would say yes. You grabbed your phone, a devilish smile plastered on your face.

You opened your door and almost screamed when you saw him as directly in front of you, a few centimeters between your faces and bodies. “Hey babe.” That cheeky smile would never fade to make your heart beat faster. “But.. you..” Leaning on the doorframe with one arm while letting the other rest at his hips, he leaned in closer until he was right in front of your face, almost feeling the heat your cheeks emitted. “You could have answered me, you know?” The cool you lost for a second came back and so your sarcasm he loves so much. “And you could have asked me personally, you know?” “But I love teasing you, look at that blush, so precious.” “Truly lovely, you should try it out yourself more often.” “As if.” And with that he lifted you from the ground and threw you on his shoulder. “Real mature, Kacchan.” “I thought I told you not to call me that.” “But Deku can call you like that and I don’t, that’s so unfair, Kacchan.” As soon as you finished that sentence you were put down on his bed, the first thing you saw his crouched stature, with his face directly in front of yours, staring at you, without saying a word. You knew exactly what that look meant. “But I love teasing you, look at that blush, so precious.” Before he could turn around or say anything, you cupped his face with your hands and planted your lips on his. You smiled at each other, eyes gleaming with joy and love. “I love you.” A few seconds passed before both of you started chuckling because you said it at the same time. 

He climbed into his bed, put an arm around your waist, pulling you closer and the blanket over your two already intertwined bodies to shield you from the cold. As time passed countless kisses and laughs were exchanged, soft strokes placed at each other’s cheeks and heads as well. Another kiss was shared, but this time your boyfriend moved away, grinning like there was no tomorrow. “What is it?” The smile you wore never left your face when you were with him but now it was filled with happiness and curiosity. “Nothing, I’m just happy.” As those words left his lips, your lips stretched even more, eyes becoming smaller but expressing more emotions. Just as you wanted to open your mouth, the sound of his voice interrupted the command your brain was just about to send. “I love you, ___.” It was moments like these you lived for. “Hah, I said it first!” Yes, you still lived for moments like these. Laughter came from your lips like a harmony played by the most capable musicians. “This is no competition, Kacchan.” As soon as you realised your own words, it felt like a light bulb was turned on above your head. You turned around and reached for your phone to write something very important. “Oi oi, what are you doing, making me compete your attention as well?” He came closer and his arms embraced even more of you. You turned around and peppered his face with kisses. “That’s more like it.” He was just about to kiss you again when you both noticed that his phone vibrated. He just shrugged it off and went in for the kiss he was already waiting too long for to be delivered. “You should look at it.” It was hard to speak in between his sweet kisses but you knew you had to. “I couldn’t care less.” “Maybe it’s something important, from someone important, you never know, Kacchan.” He knew the instand you used his childhood nickname that it was from you. He reached for his phone not letting you go. “I love you more.” His face softened up as he turned to face you. “Really ___? You’re making this a competition, you know? Seems like I have to show you that I love you more, can’t be helped.” He threw his phone away, reached for your delicate frame and took you into his strong arms, almost not letting you breathe from his kisses. “It’s useless Kacchan, I love you the most, seems like you have to live with that.” Eager to show your love to each other, you forgot about the cold since it couldn’t stand a chance against your burning feelings.

Within Closed Doors

Sub Jungkook smut

These don’t exist so I decided to write my own even though this is my first time writing smut and it’s probably really shitty but it’s ok.

Warnings: use of blindfold, orgasm denial , crying

This is also gender neutral so everyone can enjoy it! :D

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Loud Whisperer (Louis Tomlinson Imagine)

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(not my gif! credits to owner)

REQUEST: (from anon) If you are still doing requests, can you do one where Y/N and Louis are best friends but Louis secretly has feelings for Y/N and tells Liam that he has feelings for her but she over hears? Sorry I’m really bad at making requests!

My first imagine got a lot of great feedbacks! Thank you so much! I’m so sorry that this one took too long… I kinda fell and hit my bum so I had to rest and do nothing for a few days…

Anyways… Enjoy! Requests are still open. 

Masterlist here (x)



One may ask how I started feeling differently towards Y/N, my best friend. You can try asking, but even I don’t know the answer. All I know is that after that one night, I finally knew…

I fell in love with my best friend.


We were at Y/N’s place for our movie date night.

Before, it was just something that Y/N and I did ever since we were 12. Every Friday, our parents would allow us to sleep over to each other’s house and finish homework together. We’d then eat dinner and watch a few movies until we fall asleep on our sleeping bags laid on the living room floor.

With One Direction, we seldom have the chance to do so. And when we do it, the lads usually tag along with their girlfriends. Luckily today, we had the night to ourselves. It’s been awhile since Y/N and I had our movie date to ourselves. It was a refreshing feeling, to be left alone with her like old times.

“Hope Chinese is ok? I ordered our usual.” Y/N said to me as soon as I get pass the door.

“You actually read my mind. I was just about to ask if you wanted Chinese.” I said, directly making my way to the living room to set up my sleeping bag. As I was about to unzip my sleeping bag, I felt a pang of nausea, making me sit down on the couch. Y/N entered the room, seeing me collapse on the couch.

“Lou? You ok?’ she asked, checking to see if I was ok.

“Gosh Lou! You’re burning up!” she exclaimed.

“I woke up with a headache but thought nothing of it. Didn’t know it’d end up this bad.” I said in all honesty. Y/N sighed.

“Alright. Put your arm around my shoulder. Let’s get you to the bedroom.” She said,

“But what about the movie night?” I asked, the feeling of guilt and a mix of nausea overtaking my body.

“Who cares! Your health is more important.” She explained.

The whole night Y/N took care of me. She wiped sweat off my forehead and rubbed my back when I felt the need to puke. The feeling of her that close from me… it felt comforting, familiar. It was that kind of feeling that made me want it more and more. It was the feeling that I didn’t want to let go.

The next day I woke up with a sleeping Y/N beside me. The first thing that caught my eyes were her lips. My mind immediately thought about how it would’ve felt with mine.

After years of pushing the feeling away, I admitted to myself. I’m in love with my best friend.


Tonight was the first time in months since we’ve had our movie night. Unfortunately, the lads along with their girlfriends tagged along. It was my turn to host, so everyone was now gathered inside the mini theater I had in the house.

“Lou! Could you get more beer and popcorn? We’re all out from here.” Niall shouted from the mini bar inside the theater room. I groaned and stood up.

“And maybe bring in those prawn crisps from the Philippines in your pantry?” Y/N asked with a pouty face.

“No one’s touching my prawn crisps. Eat what’s being served.” I said. Those prawn crisps are my guilty pleasure. I don’t know why, but they’re addicting.

“Please!!!!!” Y/N begged, giving me those pouty eyes and lips once more.

“Ugh! Fine! But just one pack.”

What else can I do… that pouty face got me.

“I’ll go with you, lad.” Liam said.

We went down and got everything we needed. As we were waiting for the popcorn to finish, Liam asked out of the blue, “So, no plans on making a move?”

“A move on who?” I asked.

“You know who.” He said, winking.

“She’s my best friend. What can I do? I can’t lose her.” I said, with a ‘duh’ tone.

“But you do love her right? You’re so whipped.” He said, picking up the beer from the fridge.

“I am, mate. I really am… and I really do. I care for her like no other. She makes me feel special and I hope I can make her feel half as much as she does me.” I said, smiling like an kid who was just given candy.

When we turned around to get back inside the theater, we were surprised to see Y/N by the door, eyes wide open. Nervousness started filling my entire body.

Did she hear us?

“I heard.” Y/N said, reading my mind once again. I was stuttering, trying to come up with an excuse.

But I wasn’t given the chance. I was about to open my mouth to say something when I felt a pair of lips connect to mine.

Y/N’s lips.

And just like how I knew that I love her, I knew that she loved me back.

Imagine being Barba’s daughter and a witness at one of his trials

Continuation of this Imagine here 

Imagine being Barba’s daughter and a witness at one of his trials

“So I’m not allowed to say objection?” you teased, looking over at your Dad, who was leaning against his desk.

“No.” he sighed walking over and leaning against the edge of the witness box, “How many times do we have to go over this?”

“I was only joking,” you confessed earning a chuckle from Lieutenant Benson who was leaning on there other edge of the witness box where you were sitting, in the empty courtroom, “Though to be honest I am wondering what if I think something constitutes an objection and you don’t? Do I still have to answer the question?”

“You have to answer all the questions unless the judge dismisses it.” your Dad explained again for what you could tell for him was the umpteenth time, in actual fact it was only the third.

“Okay but what if you don’t object to a question that I think you should object to?” you continued.

“Y/N?” Your Dad briefly smiled before grabbling your face and shaking you slightly with every word as you looked up at him, “Do you trust me?”

“Less and less as times goes on.” you joked, looking up at him, your face still in his hands.

He grinned before saying, “Well I need you to also trust that I know what I’m doing and I’m good at what I do. If a question needs objecting too I will, okay?”

“Okay.” you agreed as he let go of you, “But…”

“What if you come guys come with a signal?” Lieutenant Benson interrupted causing you both to look at her.

“A what?” your Dad prompted, not understanding.

“A signal,” she repeated, flashing you a smile, “Like a tap or a scratching your ear, maybe.”

You turned to your Dad snd you watched as he went to say something but she quickly interrupted.

“The defence could hardly dispute it either. She’s your daughter. The court can’t stop you from having one of those.” she elaborated, “You maybe already have one.”

You looked back at your Dad. He began to look slightly guilty. You didn’t have any secret signals or inside jokes. Your relationship at that point was in the beginning stages of getting better. 

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170211 5:35AM

I regret that I took a nap. 30minutes became 3 hours and when I woke up it was already 11pm. I had two weeks to finish my homework but I kept on pushing it back so I ended up pulling an all-nighter. Now I don’t have enough time to sleep because I have to wake up at 8am to get ready for Japanese class. I’ll just watch the topics I missed last Saturday through an 인강 so that I will be ready for later’s lesson. ZOMBIE MODE LATER.

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Prompts for a popular high school senior (male) struggling with family, friends, and self?

“Think about it this way: in five years, you’ll be onto big and better things and barely remember any of this.”
“I agree, that is a positive outlook, but that does nothing to address my current problems.”
“Just relax a little, then?”
“Have you ever had to deal with responsibilities?”

“Hey, Craig is everything okay? You haven’t been turning in your homework recently.”
Everyone else filed out of the room, unaware of how Craig’s breathing was now forced and his shoulders began to hunch forward. Looking over his student’s shoulder, Mr. McNamara watched the last kid exit.
“They’re gone.”
As soon as he spoke, Craig let out the breath he’d been holding, his shoulders shaking as tears streamed down his face. He raised his hands to wipe at his eyes, embarrassed.
“I don’t have a class this period. I’ll call Mrs. Sherry and let her know I have you. Just sit down and relax for a little while, I don’t mind.”

“Aren’t you coming to the bonfire?”
“Nah, not this time.”
“Come on, it’ll just be the four of us. No Kurt. No Heather.”
“I have to get home. Chores, y’know?”
“Alexander Gates, you are one of the worst liars I have ever met.” June paused, giving Alex time to defend himself, but he didn’t. “I’ll see you next Monday, okay? If anything changes or you need help, you better call me or I’ll kick your ass.”

“I wanna go home.”
“You gotta finish your homework first, Gabe.”
“I can finish my homework at home.”
“You can, but you should just finish it now. That way, when we do get home, we can go out and play, right?”
His younger brother returned his attention to his multiplication tables. Tammy, his little sister, sat watching him when she wasn’t helping Gabriel with his homework.
“Do you not have homework tonight, Tam?”
They looked at each other, an unspoken conversation between them.
Why are you always trying to keep us out of the house?
You know why.

“I don’t know what’s crashing faster, my body or my mental state. I don’t have any friends to deal with anymore, but I barely sleep on the week days and my mom won’t shut up about my future. She only wants to talk about college and career stuff, though.”
“Isn’t that important?”
“Of course it is, but I wish when I brought up testosterone and changing my name that she wouldn’t just… shut down. It’s always a discussion for later, but I’m pretty sure later means never.”

🌟My School Day Routine🌟
  • 6:45 - This is normally the time that i get up.  It’s pretty late considering most of my friends have to get up at 6.
    • I normally wash my face, moisturize, and put some mascara on.
    • My breakfast normally consists of a granola bar or some sort of baked good and a yogurt or smoothie.
  • 7:15 - This is normally when one of my parents takes me up the bus stop.  When the bus gets at the stop, I normally just blast some music or do some last minute studying.
  • 7:45 - My bus tends to arrive at school only a few minutes before the bell rings which doesn’t leave me much time to put my things away.
  • 8 - 8:30 - We have half of an hour for activity period which includes clubs and just studying and such.
  • 8:30 - 2:30 - These are my classes.  This includes Algebra II Honors, World Literature Honors, World Cultures Honors, Spanish II, Theology (catholic school), and then Chemistry Honors.
  • 2:30 - 3 - This is normally the other time when I blast my music lol.
  • 3 - 3:45 - I do some of my homework during this time, but not all of it. 
  • 4 - 5 - This is when I do my personal after school activities such as piano, going to the gym, things like that.
  • 5 - 6 - MORE Homework
  • 6 - 6:30 - Dinner with the family/
  • 6:30 - 7 - Taking care of all of my pets - my cats, Olie, Maynard, and Kitty; my dogs, Toby and Pippi; and my fish, Jeffrey.
  • 7 - 9 - Studying and finishing any left over homework or any notes that I might not have finished.  
  • 9 - 11 - This is when I just watch any of my netflix shows or read a book or anything like that
  • Then I sleep and repeat!
Search (Jongdae x Reader), pt. 1

Kim Jongdae: best friend and little shit.

Part 2 ○ Epilogue

Request: Would you be willing to write a soulmate AU with a member (you can pick!) of EXO’s beagle line? Thank you so much ❤️

fluff, 2.3 k words, jongdae/reader, soulmate au

// AGE 6

“________, this is Jongdae.” Your mother lets go of your hand and gestures at the boy in front of you, his hair tousled and his lips curved in a small smile.

You offer him a shy wave, which he returns.

“Aww,” Jongdae’s mother coos. “You two are so cute. Play nice, okay?” With that, the two mothers leave you two alone. You watch them close the door to the playroom, which is lined with toys and games of all shapes and sizes, before you turn back to face Jongdae.

“Hi,” he says, sweet and playful.

“Hi, Jongdae.”

He gives you a toothy grin and extends a pudgy hand out toward you. “From now on, let’s be friends,” he says, decisively.

You grasp his hand, the kind of bright, innocent smile on your face that only six year olds can truly muster. “Sure.”

// AGE 14

“Hey, Jongdae, are you gon—“ You stop talking, dropping your bag on the ground in shock, when you see Jongdae sitting on the floor eating a bag of potato chips. Your bag of potato chips.

He quickly turns around, eyes widening upon seeing you, and then he’s gone. The little shit scrambles up and away, socks sliding hazardously against the hardwood floor.

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Mornings (Optional Bias)

Annyeong~ And Merry belated Christmas~^^“ Anyway, I kinda wrote this like a couple of days ago and never bothered to finish it~. Also just saying, I’m kind of hesitant with what I’m about to say lol I’m a little scared if I should start accepting requests or something cuz I really don’t want to like disappoint you guys with my horribleness and I get busy with sports and homework so Idk.. anyway enjoy lol

Mornings were never your favorite, having to get up so damn early and drag yourself to get dressed and get to hell torture work. However, it was mornings like these when you woke up with a stifled yawn and was met with the adorable and vulnerable sleeping face of your boyfriend with his arm protectively hooked around your waist.

It saddened you that these were probably the only highlights of your day since he and his heavy schedules as an idol prevents him from spending any quality time with you. He always came home late when you were already knocked out on the couch awaiting his arrival.

Despite all these downfalls, you still supported him no matter what and always encouraged him to keep moving forward.

A small smile danced across your lips as your eyes trailed along every little detail of his face. He was so perfect and way out of your league, always making you question what you did to deserve this idiot god piece of art.

Turning over with much effort due to his arm, you checked the illuminated clock on your phone’s lock screen and cursed under your breath at the time. You were going to be late at this rate if you keep admiring your boyfriend’s charming features.

Right as you sat up, the arm around your waist tensed and pulled you back down. Your face pressed into the warmth of his broad clothed chest, his scent relaxing your alarmed expression. Looking up meekly, you found a pair of mocha eyes half-lidded with tiredness, barely even showing at least half of his irises.

His eyes trailed down your surprised expression to the his t-shirt that hugged your body in every way perfectly. A tired smile stretched his lips as he let out a soft chuckle and yawn.

“Mm.. baby you look great in my shirt..” his voice husky with sleep and slight mischievous as he swoop down to brush his lips lightly against your forehead. His arms pulled you even closer to him until your bodies pressed tightly together, legs tangled and body heat exchanged.

“Aish, let me go,” you pouted almost reluctantly, “I have work in like half an hour.” You had to admit, practically a whole part of you just wanted to call in sick and lay here forever with him.

Your words falling on to deaf ears, he shook his head and nuzzled his nose against your cheek and mumbled softly.

“Work can wait, just a few more minutes, baby.”

The offer was tempting, way too tempting especially with the way his fingers were mischievously dancing across your shoulder blades, pressing here and there in a way too relaxing massage that made you goo in his arms.

“I’m serious,” you whined, forcing yourself to struggle out of his hold. 

“Just call in sick today,” he offered, his left hand crawling up your shoulder and into your messy bed hair. You shivered slightly as his warm finger tips glided through your hair and brushed it with care. His soft lips weren’t helping either, brushing ever so lightly against your temple before moving slowly down the expanse of your cheek and teasingly pecking the corner of your mouth.

You hated it when he was like this, it was just too hard to resist him. No way were you ever going to get to work today.

“..Fine.. just a few more minutes..”

things i’ve said/heard at school

( lbr i said all of this, ri pm e )

“the universe can’t get any bigger, it’s already biggest!”
*loud, terrible singing of defying gravity from wicked*
“i could reenact the entire opening scene from the lion king RIGHT NOW if i wanted to. i just need a cat & some funky face paint.”
“dick pics? how about dog pics?”
*googles pictures of funny dogs*
“look at this freaking dog, look at him, he has a freaking PEANUT BUTTER JAR STUCK ON HIS NOSE!”
“oh my god what is happening, i’m so confused, someone hold me.”
“ ____, get off the floor.”
“the floor is my kingdom now, you can’t tell the queen/king of the floor to do anything!”
“i literally wrote in the essay ‘do you even read these’ & got a 100%.”
“( place completely ridiculous nickname here ) IS A TOTALLY VALID & GOOD NAME TO GO BY.”
“he looked at me! he LOOKED AT ME, & I LOOKED AT HIM! we looked at each other, WE’RE IN LOVE!”
“you can’t just go up to the money guy at taco bell & ask for his number.”
“well look at that, apparently you can go up to random guys at taco bell & get their number.”
“they …. ran out of mac ‘n’ cheese the minute i got to the front of the line … EVERYTHING IS FOR NAUGHT, MY LIFE IS OVER, GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD!”
“it’s literally just macaroni, i could go home & make you some right now & bring it to you tomorrow.”
“please, please, please bring me mac ‘n’ cheese. please.”
“why is this a daily thing in our lives?”
“wait …. if theodore isn’t after franklin roosevelt … who was president after him?”
“was theodore roosevelt even a president …?”
“the entire time we were taking that test, i had fergalicious stuck in my head.”
“let’s braid our hair together! it’ll be like tying each others shoe laces to each other, but instead it’s braids!”
“no, no — that’s a terrible idea, how about we tie our shirt sleeves together!”
“why not both?”
“sometimes i think about dinosaurs & what it would be like if they weren’t extinct & how it would be to ride on one.”
“can you imagine it??? in zoo’s, the signs would be all like, dinosaur rides, $5 each! & you can just fly around or run around with your dinosaur pal!”
“we should bring dinosaurs back, why did they just fade out?”
“dinosaurs didn’t fade out, they exploded from a meteor ….”
“please, just get some sleep. maybe you’ll stop saying stupid stuff if you do.”

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adrinette and 4 :)

Adrinette with “Why are you in my bed?” for you, my good friend!

Title: Snuggles
Summary: Marinette really just can’t catch a break.

Marinette greeted her mother, hugging her quickly. “I finished the deliveries, was there anything else you wanted me to do?”

Her mother shook her head. “Nothing dear. Thank you so much.” Marinette grinned and walked up to her room. Climbing through the trapdoor, she put her purse down.

“The last delivery was far,” Tikki chirped as she hovered out of the little bag. “You really should transform getting to some of those to make the trips shorter.”

Marinette laughed. “Transform more? I never thought I’d hear that from you, of all things! Always telling me not to transform over nothing all the time!” Tikki giggled in response. Suddenly, Marinette heard a strange noise coming from her bed. She looked at Tikki, who shrugged. They crept up to her bed, carefully.

Marinette groaned as Tikki burst into laughter. “Adrien,” Marinette chided, poking his face. “Do me a favor and explain to me…why are you in my bed?”

“Five more minutes,” he mumbled. Marinette slapped a hand to her face.

“What are you doing in my bed, you strange kitten?” Marinette prodded, poking his face again with her other hand.

“Your mom let me up,” he responded, yawning. “And I was tired from school. So I slept because your bed is warm and cozy.” He smirked devilishly at her. “Why don’t you join me?”

“Because you are a weird, silly kitty and I don’t want it to rub off on me.” Marinette responded with a matching devilish grin.

It soon morphed into fear as his smirk widened, and he got up.

“What are you…” He pounced on her and tackled her to the floor. “Adrien!” she yelped. He picked her up, arms encircled tightly around her waist, and pulled her into her bed with him. He snuggled close, putting his face against her neck. Marinette sighed.

“I win.” he murmured happily.

Marinette giggled. “Whatever you say.” she hummed, cuddling against his head. She ruffled his hair with her fingers, causing him to purr. “You’re really warm.”


She sighed. “If I fall asleep it’s your fault,” she warned. “I just had four deliveries and I’m exhausted.”

“Sounds good.”

Her eyelids fluttered shut, as she felt Adrien’s breath against her skin. The warmth and the softness of her bed made her feel lethargic, and her breathing slowed.

“Sweet dreams, my Lady.” she heard, before she drifted to sleep.

When she woke up, she yawned and opened her eyes. She giggled when she saw Adrien’s green eyes staring at her own.

“Good morning, princess.” he whispered.

“How long was I asleep?” she asked.

“Just an hour or so.” he responded. “Your mom hasn’t commented yet, if that’s what you mean.”

She rolled her eyes. “Okay, that’s fine.” She yawned again. “I have to start the homework for tonight or I’ll never finish.” But his grip around her waist didn’t loosen. “Adrien seriously, let me get up.”

“I want to snuggle,” he declared stubbornly. “I have no intention of letting you go.”

“Adrien, let me do my homework.”


Marinette groaned. “Tikki, help me…” she called. Tikki floated over to her, laughing.

“I doubt I could do anything to help against his stubbornness, Marinette.” she replied. Marinette sighed.

“Yeah, what are you going to do, little Ladybug?” he taunted mischievously. She let out a little huff at that. He chuckled. “You’re cute when you’re mad.”

“I am not. Come on, you have homework too.”

“But cuddling is more important.”

“Well if you’re smart maybe!” Marinette cried indignantly. “I actually have to do the homework.”

“You’re smart.” He pouted. “Stop putting yourself down.”

“Adrien you really need to let me go.”

“How about no?” She squeaked as his embrace tightened. “Let’s stay like this a little longer.”

Not willing to argue anymore, Marinette conceded. “Fine, but when my mom comes up here you’ll have to let me go then.”

Adrien grinned at her, reveling in his little victory. Marinette giggled in response, kissing the top of his forehead.

“How adorable,” Tikki commented, brightly.

“How gross,” Marinette heard Plagg comment from her desk. Adrien rolled his eyes, and Marinette laughed.

“He’s busy gulping down the cheese I brought, he has no room to talking at all,” Adrien complained.

“Let him be, silly.” Marinette scolded lightly.

“Listen to the girl,” Plagg chimed in.

“Why don’t you take her advice and leave them be?” Tikki told him.

Marinette glanced upwards, getting an idea. She used her arm to knock over a basket, causing a ball of yarn to roll out onto Adrien. Distracted, he pawed at it and let go of her. Taking the opportunity, Marinette jumped out and ran to her desk. Adrien gasped.

“You little trickster!” he cried.

“Looks like I win after all,” Marinette chuckled gleefully. He stood up, narrowing his eyes at her.

“Are you refusing me my cuddles?” Marinette turned to her tablet and started working on it.

“Maybe,” she responded, distractedly. She didn’t notice he was right behind her until she was lifted out of her seat. “What the…put me down!” He didn’t listen, holding her over his shoulder. “Adrien Agreste, put me down this instant!”

He snickered. “Okay,” He placed her down on her bed. He then lied down next to her and hugged her again.

“Oh…!” Marinette muttered angrily. “…I give up! I just give up!”

Adrien laughed. “Just give them an excuse.” he stated childishly.

“I doubt any teacher would accept the excuse ‘My boyfriend refused to let me do my homework because he wanted to cuddle’.” she retorted.

Adrien pouted. “Fine…” Finally relenting, he let her get up to get her tablet. Seeing his defeated expression, she laughed lightly. Bringing all of her materials onto the bed, she wrapped her blanket around the two of them.

“Better?” she asked.

“Best,” he responded, cuddling with his arm around her shoulder. Marinette giggled as she got to work.

Somehow, snuggling with a warm kitty helped her focus. Maybe it was his soft purrs or their shared warmth, but Marinette thought she would definitely be willing to have an afternoon like this again.