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People who treat their friends bad make me so angry. You have this great person in your life & think it’s okay to just treat them horribly & act like it’s no big deal? How do people not see that that’s NOT OKAY AT ALL?

I’m all for body positivity but telling fat people to love themselves and be confident in themselves isn’t gonna change the fact that society (and skinny people) constantly tell us how ugly, unwanted and lazy we are

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Maybe werewolves get used to the pain after a while. Like people who get tons of tattoos.

Maybe. But this:

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All looks like it would take a whole lot of getting used to. Those guys have to be doped up to hell and back to deal with all of that. I bet by the time the next transformation rolls around, they’ve just stopped being sore.

I’ve been writing so much lately. It’s cathartic and I am pleased that people on tumblr have received it so well. So here we go again with another long ‘read more.’ This one deals with my struggles with perfectionism, and if you’ve ever wondered about my blog title, here’s the answer to that.

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i’ve been at work all day but i am having so many emotions about one direction and louis tomlinson and this fandom and i need to just get them out.  one direction isn’t just a band they’re a FAMILY.  people never quite understand what the Big Deal about them is for people who have fallen as hard as we have and I think this is what it goes back to.  One Direction has fun pop tunes.  They’re all talented guys who are easy on the eyes and charming.  But they’re a FAMILY.  The way they are with their families and with each other and with everyone in their lives is what keeps us all coming back even through a long hiatus.  Even through band members leaving and drama and in fighting amongst ourselves the best thing about them is the knowledge that these boys are Best Friends - no, they’re BROTHERS.  They’ve experienced things together that no one else in this world has and they’re always there for each other - they love each other - not in a romantic way but in every other way possible.  They’re the found family we love hearing about - the definition of the family you choose.  

And they brought us all each other, and I feel very much like I’ve met people in this fandom that my life is truly better for knowing.  We’re a family too, and we’re a family because of them.  We’re here for each other when shit gets tough and when it all feels too much - we’re like them in a way - brought together by some crazy circumstance but always there for each other.  I feel this way about so many of my mutuals.  

I am filled with love for fandom tonight.  Yes, there are parts and people who I don’t want to know - who I don’t like and agree with, but this last year and change we’ve all been through some crazy shit and the last two days has been difficult but we’ve all been here to lean on and to grieve with and that’s so special.  

I’m feeling sappy tonight but I just really needed to get this out.  I love this fandom. I love these boys.  I find so few reasons to keep going these days.  These boys and you all give me precious little to look forward to and that’s important.

One Direction saved my life and continues to save my life through the guys and the music and the dumb videos and the fics and the fandom and the people and I love you all.


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FFS - GIVE IT A REST. It's almost Christmas. I promise to get you all bigger and bigger spoons to stir with if you can just knock it off for a bit. Why can't you keep all these theories to yourselves on your own Anti blogs? Seriously...🙄

Hey, hear that guys? Bigger spoons for you if you can hold off til Christmas. Sounds like a GREAT deal!!
They do have their own blogs- but they must be really boring, even to them, since they seem to spend all their time on ours. It seems they agree that our blogs are more fun lol!! 😂


Note: Just a short imagine that came to be because I got into an argument over the phone with my brother while shopping at the mall with my friends. When I found them in the store after talking on the phone outside, my best friend hugged me for like three minutes straight, not letting go, even when I tried to push him away. So yeah, it made me think of being in a relationship with Shawn and having him just know when something was wrong without you having to tell him.


“You don’t understand,” You say, sighing loudly over the phone with your brother.

“What don’t I understand, y/n? I can’t believe this is such a big deal, I don’t even know what we’re arguing about anymore.” The hostility in his tone is evident, frustration, and irritation also obviously present.

“Look, I’m sorry,” You keep your voice low, even though you want to raise it. “I don’t even know what I’m saying, and I didn’t mean to make you upset.” You try to smooth over the argument. You don’t want to be mad at him. You don’t want him to feel like you’re against him, because you’re not. You just don’t agree with him on every decision he makes. And that’s fair, but that doesn’t mean everything needs to turn into an argument.

“Well too late. I’m just so disappointed, and this is so stupid. I don’t know how you don’t see that.”

“I see where you’re coming from, but I just don’t agree with you.”

“Okay, whatever y/n.”

“No, wait. We need to talk about this,” you try to say, knowing that this argument is not resolved, not in the least.

“I have to go.” And with that the line clicks dead. You stare at your phone for a minute before looking away from the screen. Why does he always have to do this? Why does he always have to call, complain about your parents and other family members, then get upset if you don’t immediately take his side and tell him he’s right.

You throw the phone onto the other couch, not even wanting to look at it in this moment. You prop your elbow on the armrest of the couch you’re sitting on and rest your chin on your hand, just thinking. You’re still trying to figure out how to process this and how to feel about the entire situation. The worst part of the argument is it is now hanging over your head and it wasn’t resolved at all.

You’re still staring off into space when your boyfriend enters the room. “The crowd is going to be insane, I already know it.” He says, excitement radiating off of him. You force a smile onto your face. You’re here to see your boyfriend perform, that’s what this night is about, and you don’t want to let your brother ruin it. Forcing a smile on your face, you respond. “That’s great babe.”

Your smile must not reach your eyes because the smile that was on his face immediately fades. “What’s wrong?” He asks.

“Nothing,” You insist, not wanting to ruin his night with a stupid family thing of yours.

“You’re lying. What is it?” He asks, taking a seat next to you on the couch.”

“I just got into a stupid argument with my brother. It isn’t a big deal.”

He pulls you into his arms, “I’m sorry, do you want to talk about it?”

You know that he has to be onstage in less than ten minutes, and that he should be getting prepared for that and getting into the performing mindset.

“No, I’m going to be fine. It’s just got me in not the best mood right now, but I don’t want to ruin your night too.” You respond honestly.

“It won’t ruin my night, but it makes me sad to see that you’re upset.”

“I’ll be fine, babe. Just get ready to kill your performance.” You say, forcing a smile onto your face.

He kisses your temple but doesn’t release you from his arms. “I’m here for you, okay. If it’s important to you then its important to me.” He pecks you on the lips, “We’ll talk about it after?”

“Yeah, you better go.”

“Okay,” He says, but he still doesn’t let go of you. He sits there, holding you in silence for three more minutes before he really, really has to go. And even though you didn’t tell him everything yet, even though your argument with your brother is still unresolved. Just those three minutes with him made you feel a little better. It made you feel like even though the situation isn’t resolved, things are still going to be okay. And you’re going to be okay, because you’ve got Shawn by your side. And yes arguments are hard, family is a difficult thing to navigate, but you’re going to be okay because you know you’re not alone.

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Do you know if shadowhunters will ever be put on netflix in the US? A lot of other freeform shows are on, and netflix obviously has the rights in other countries so I just wonder why it's not up yet in the US?

I don’t know if it will be, but it’s not on Netflix in the US because only Freeform and Hulu have the rights thus far in the US. The deal to put it on Netflix was specifically only for international Netflix, and there has not been any news on the show becoming available on the US Netflix

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i just want to say that i love your artstyle, and also wanted to ask if the mightyena and others will ever be seen again?

((Pffft I might go back to the other blogs, I’ve even considered new blogs, but a lot of people like this one. For the most part, I can only really do two blogs at a time, or one and doodle random stuff on the side. I don’t get a lot of time and I try and do a lot when I can. 

To be honest your not the first to ask this, got a few for the rino blog to come back, first for the mightyena one though. Either way, we’ll see, if I go back cool, if I don’t well its something your just gonna have to deal with, and thanks btw glad you like my art style. ))


“Tavares! You in here?” He heard the shouts clearly. Harbor groaned. She recognized the voice, and the annoyance was enough for her to overcome the pain for a few moments. If he hadn’t run her out of her temporary home, she wouldn’t have been in this mess to begin with.

“Don’t let him in-” She clutched the cloth that Tavares had laid onto her wound, tightly.

“Listen, I know how Gabriel is, but I need help. Do you want to die?” He then looked over to the rude brunette. “You should have just helped me. Deal with Gabriel now.”

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What's the deal with pelicans? Why are they so... horrifyingly cute?

Okay, let’s talk pelicans! 

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Pelicans really are amazing birds! These magnificently awkward birds are amazing fishers and generally really goofy birds. While I’ve not personally gotten to work with many, I have gotten to work with one while I was still helping at a wildlife rehab center early on in my bird handling “career”. 

I probably spent the last two hours looking for photos of my dear friend Nigel. So instead, I’m just gonna have to tell you all about him. Nigel was a brown Pelican that came through the facility I worked at because of our close proximity to a very large vet clinic. Due to some circumstances I am unable to remember, Nigel had the tip of his left wing amputated and spent some time with us so he could be monitored by the vet clinic but still recover in a more peaceful environment. 

After about the first week of care, Nigel began to feel better and decided it was more entertaining to follow the volunteers around the facility than to simply sit in his own enclosure and recover. He was always very polite about it and stayed out of the way, but he insisted on having the run of the place, just so he could interact with people. 

So for the next 2-3 weeks he had the run of the rehab center’s work space. He made a habit of following us around, vocalizing when we were near and if we startled him, he would clap his beak together before stretching it out like the gif below. 

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Ultimately, he recovered and was transferred to a zoo in our state. 

Nostalgic, anthropomorphic story aside, ever since working with Nigel, I’ve had a soft spot for pelicans. They are incredibly unique and interesting birds which I would love to work with again some day. 

I wish I could tell you more about them, but unfortunately, I don’t have much more to share because I know relatively little about them beyond their care (I simply live too far from the coast to observe or learn about them first hand). 

To answer the questions though, I’d say that their goofy looking proportions and awkward movements draw most people in. For those who have worked with them, the one thing they cannot do is poop in a way that is not extremely gross and incredibly messy (mostly due to the fish diet). 

I think that my favorite part about Maze/Linda is that it isn’t “Linda teaches Maze how to be a Real Person” it’s “Linda gives Maze the skills she needs to deal with humanity and then they go have shots and end up stealing a yacht from some rich jerk”. 

From now on, my standards for the type of man I am willing to be with are my standards, they matter to me, I set them, I decide them. Some might say they are extremely high and I’m fine with this. I’m fine with being single forever if it means I won’t sacrifice my assertiveness and my well thought out standards just to say I have a man. I’m. Not. Settling. I’m not dealing with wishy washy nonsense. Mediocre things are not appealing to me anymore. I’m not excusing things that actually matter to me. I love myself so much that I refuse to put myself through unnecessary pain. I refuse and I am fully prepared for both the good and the bad that might emerge from this mindset.


(Extra long chapter! Enjoy! :3)

Chapter 12- Impromptu Performance

Hacker follows Geno, helping troubled monsters as they go, “Geno, this was done by B.U.G.S… The code has been eaten through. I can see it on my glasses…”

“Eaten?” Geno looks worriedly around the ruined landscape, “I don’t know if we can repair that… We’d best get everyone to safety.”

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LOL that not even her bro chill you gotta calm down and stop assuming. You're obsessed and sad. What are you going to do? You can't find shit beside people rl fb and expose their number big deal they can change their number. You have to get off rp and do something productive with your REAL life. You're obsessed with my friend and you need help

First off, I’m not your “bro”. Second off, “your friend” or is this you defending yourself? Because the IP from this anon is the same one as the first confession! I just find it funny that I leaked your number for you telling someone to kill themselves and three days later I’m getting hate from the same place your area code is before you changed your number. I’ve heard you been rumored to get on other peoples accounts and defend yourselves on them so it wouldn’t surprise me. Also do something productive? I have a full time management job, go to university full time, and am apart of my varsity cheerleading squad, still have time for a social life as well. What am I not doing with my real life? And trust me, I can do much more than a phone number and Facebook. I will leak addresses, contact jobs (especially in 2016 when most don’t take employee spreading online hate), I will let friends and family know how transphobic you are. Do not push me. I will show you what it’s like to need help. I’m not the one. BTW, you live on Teller Ave in the Bronx, right? Don’t come onto my site again.

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btw someone said that content cop on keemstar was way worse and leafy's content cop was kind of joke(bc ian's argument weren't too serious or something) and leaf and ian follow each other on twitter and i don't think they are enemies. and i remember pewdiepie said in vid about fake pewdipies or cosplays that leafy has no chin and it was a joke not a big deal and then after content cop just BOOM

tbh, both videos were vicious. i understand most of leafy’s content cop was NO CHIN XD and criticism but it’s impact was very vicious. people said leafy’s response was shit etc because “content cop doesn’t need a response, it’s just criticism” but you have to understand that, he was getting sooo many comments calling him a pussy for not responding, it was a full-on attack on his channel as it was suffering. i agree that calvin should’ve never uploaded that video as it damaged him further but if you place yourself in his spot, i get why he did it. plus, he was asking advice to nick who was egging him on “go in on him!!” so fuck nick for giving shit advice when he was freaking out.

 and dude, like ian did not invent the “no chin” thing, like after the content cop happened i was looking back at one of my old messages and I made a joke saying calvin had “no chin or bottom half” and like you said, pewds made fun of him for that too so like… it wasn’t a big deal until ian pinned that as an example that shows calvin is insecure… flawless reasoning…

so i just had a drunk dude shout at me it’s “fucking rude not to wave back” from his balcony as i walked past. Like listen bitch, it’s fucking 1am. I just want to go home and not be bothered by you. It’s dark out. I have my flashlight out even though my complex is decently light.  Like they had been going “Hello! Hello! over here!” at me and i didn’t realize it. And I looked around confused and made eye contact (big mistake). I don’t want to deal with them at all. i’ve been catcalled in the dark and I’ve had dudes harass me about things at dusk.