i just have something in my eye


and when i look at you, the stars glow in my eyes. it’s strange, because my eyes have never held anything so warm and bright before without being burned.

Seventeen as cheesy pickup lines

S.coups: Are you a campfire, because you’re hot, and I want s’more.

Jeonghan: What time do you have to be back in Heaven?

Joshua: When God made you, he was just showing off.

Jun: How much were your jeans? Because they would be 100% off at my house.

Hoshi: Your lips look lonely, would they like to meet mine?

Wonwoo: You look like trash, can I take you out?

Woozi: Looks like you dropped something… My jaw.

DK: If I could reach out and hold a star for every time you’ve made me smile, I’d have the whole sky in my hand.

Mingyu: You know what material this is? [Grabs his shirt] Boyfriend material.

The8: There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can’t take them off of you.

Seungkwan: See these keys? Can I have the one to your heart?

Vernon: Your dad must be a drug dealer, cuz you’re dope.

Dino: Let me tie your shoes, I don’t want you falling for anyone else.

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To be honest, brian is really overrated. even though his character grew up in the fifth season I still think he remained heartless and an asshole until the end. people here should really appreciate and give more attention to the other characters. this is just what i think.

okay, i understand that you have your own opinion and that’s fine, you don’t have to love brian but you don’t have to shit on him and call him a heartless which is something he’s not. and he’s done a million and one things to prove that???  brian could be a little shit and he made mistakes (just like every single character on this show). he is a lot of things but heartless isn’t one of them. do i really have to list every good thing brian has done for his friends? (honestly just watch s1-5 so you see what i mean)

i agree, other characters could get more love because they really are wonderful characters but at the end of the day, everyone here posts whatever they want to. if someone wants to dedicate their entire blog to ben or lindsay, that’s okay. and if someone wants to dedicate their entire blog to brian, then that’s okay too. if you don’t like when brian gets a lot of love then tough luck because brian is someone who is massively loved by the fandom. you don’t have to go around messaging people who clearly love and care about a character (anonymously, might i add) telling them that they are “overrated” and “heartless” and an “asshole”. at least try to find a blog who appears to have the same thoughts as you because i honestly find this really rude.

my blog is 99% brian kinney so like im just wondering wh y u would even

summer with(out) you - a letter
summer with you was different. yeah, it wasn’t like this - it was that orange tank top i always wore. i forgot how much i loved orange. it was you loving my red hair and us talking about writing songs, but never writing them. it was me crying and you calling me when you needed something. it was a lot of red eyes.

what i’m trying to say is: i thought i wouldn’t be fine (and on some level i’m not), but mostly i am. mostly i’m breathing. and i spent the week with my sister, and i went to the beach with my family, and you weren’t there for any of it. it hasn’t been anything like summer with(out) you, you know?

when i think about summer with you i realize just how much we have changed, and i think just how messed up were we?

and now, now i’m getting ready to do things that terrify me (things like college and leaving) and i’m trying to remember you telling me that i’m strong and that you love me, but i can’t. your voice keeps getting softer.
and now, that’s how i miss you.

i miss the things i can’t fully remember; it’s been so long, i miss remembering more than i miss you sometimes.

and now, this is what it feels like: it feels like there is no ending. i loved - love - you in a very real and scary way. in a way that i don’t always want to. in a way that makes me want to call you almost everyday and say look at me, baby, i’m alive i’m here i’m breathing thank you for sticking by me, thank you. but i don’t. i don’t ever do that. that’s what i’m afraid of.

i think i believe that writing all of this will make you remember how much love we had in our hearts when we were young and it was summer, even if you never read a word of it. i think i believe that writing letters and not sending them is enough for you to know how much you mean to me. i think i believe in us that much.

we were a lot of things, you know; we were confused and in denial, mostly. we left a lot unsaid. but underneath all that, we were love. we were overflowing with love.

i don’t want to forget that. i don’t want to forget how purely you loved me. i don’t want to forget the moment i learned to love you. we had so much, so much love

and now, it’s the middle of the night and it’s july and i don’t know what to do. because i still love you, i miss you in the worst way, and i’m terrified that we’re on our way to forgetting. i’m terrified because there is a lot that i don’t think i’m ever going to be able to tell you. i don’t know how to deal with that.

Someone Please Stop Lance

Clickbait Summary: “Should I be closing my eyes? I feel like this is something I should be closing my eyes to.” Pidge says.

Coran comes in rubbing his hands together and says the words each paladin has learned to dread, “Alright guys, we have a wonderful opportunity for you!”  

Everyone groans. Yes.  Even Shiro.  He does it just under his breath.  That sentence means a training exercise.  “This training exercise will—“

“Coran, give us a break.” Lance drawls with his hands behind his head.  “Haven’t we proved that we’ve had enough training?  I mean, look at this muscle!”  

“What muscle?  Or are you referring to that pudge you’re currently showing?”

“That’s not pudge! Those are abs in the making!” He covers his stomach defensively and glares at Keith.  “And stop hissing over there!”  

Snickers continue to flow, even with the hand pressed to Keith’s mouth, “Abs in the making…” He wheezes. 

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My human part 2

Request: Sort of? 

Pairing: Stiles x Reader 

Warnings: Just the usual cursing, I believe that is all. 

A/n: Okay, guys! Here it is, in Stiles POV. let me know what you think…if anyone likes it, I’ll finish it off with a part three :) Hope you enjoy..Oh! and if anyone would prefer this to be in the original POV let me know, I just thought I’d try something different. 

Please read Part one first :)

There was something about the way that she looked at me, her eyes gentle and comforting; It made me feel at ease, for the first time in months.

 “Me? but, why?” I asked her. She looked from me to my dad, and back to me. She was hesitant, which made me a little uneasy.

“I have to talk to you in private, Stiles.” She replied.

 This should have made me feel uncomfortable, right? A girl wanders into the woods naked and then says she’s been looking for me. Of all the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills, she was looking for me, the human. Scott told me that she was dead asleep on top of the Nemeton. She knew what they were, meaning she was most likely supernatural as well…why else would she would she have been drawn to the Nemeton? 

 One look into her dark, serene eyes and any apprehension I was feeling subsided. 

 “Anything you need to say you can say in front of u-” my dad began to say, just being his protective self. I cut him off, there was something about her that I had complete trust in.

“Dad, it’s fine. uh - can we talk in your office?” I asked him, knowing that he would be skeptical but would eventually agree.

“Stiles..” my dad began, looking from Delilah to me. 

 “Dad, it’s okay.” I reassured him.

“Alright, but I will be right here with Parrish,” he said nodding to the door of his office.

 “Right on the other side of that door, with Parrish. and a nine millimeter.” he said looking to Delilah. She did not seem as offended as I would have expected. My dad pretty much just threatened her and she was…holding back a smile?

 “Okay, dad.” I replied, rolling my eyes. I turned back to Delilah and held my hand out to help her up, but she wouldn’t take it. She looked overwhelmed, and exhausted. I decided to keep my sarcastic comment to myself. She stood up and waited for me to start towards the door. I opened it and queued her to go in, she did and I followed right behind. For a moment there was nothing but silence, but it was an eerily comfortable silence. We spent a few moments staring at each other, almost as if we were both wondering if this was really happening. 

“So..you wanted to talk to me?” I said awkwardly attempting to break the tension. She held back a laugh and looked me in the eyes. She moved closer. 

“Stiles, you’re in so much pain.” She said to me, I automatically went on the defensive, does she seriously think she can just walk in here and I’m going to talk about feelings? No, that’s not how any of this works.

“No, not really. You know, just a few bruises from lacrosse practice, I’m good.” I told her a little more snarky than I had intended. She took offense to my tone, no doubt.

“Okay, I’m sorry but can you just tell me who you are and why you’re here?” I asked. It’s only fair, right? 

“Okay, Stiles. You might not believe me though-” Delilah started to say, but I had to cut her off right there.

“You have no idea what I’ve seen, I think I can believe anything at this point. Try me,” I told her. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but she has no idea the town she just walked into was full of some unbelievable things.

“Stiles, give me your hand,” she said getting closer to me. I was starting to get nervous, and you could tell by the look on her face that something was going on with her too. I could see her palms sweating and her hands starting to shake.

I let her take my hand, and when I did she closed her eyes. She was so beautiful, but when I looked at her holding onto my hand, she looked so vulnerable - scared - even

Her face flinched before her eyes shot open. 

“Stiles, I know this is strange. But I can’t help you if you don’t let me.” She said looking up to me.

“Who are you, Delilah?” I asked her candidly, furrowing my brow to her. Why did she even want to help me? She didn’t know me. She doesn’t know the things that I’ve done.

“Stiles, please just let me help you.” she said calmly. 

“I don’t want help, I just want to know who you are,” I said to her bluntly, making her wince at my words.

“Okay, fine, but first I want you to know something.” she said as if she didn’t know how to begin. She was so skeptical; she made me nervous, but completely calm at the same time. I’ve never felt anything like it. Its like, I know I should be nervous, but I wasn’t.

“Alright,” I agreed to listen to what she had to say before she revealed what kind of supernatural creature she was and why she was looking for me. 

“Stiles, everything you feel - I can feel. Like, your anxiety, right now. I can feel it. You’re so nervous. I just want to help you.” She said dubiously. All I wanted to know is what she was.

“How?” I questioned Delilah farther. I wanted answers. She was right, the anxiety from everything going on the past few months has definitely taken its toll on me. The guilt was unbearable, at times I thought I was going crazy.  

“Stiles, I’m what humans call a Selkie,” she stated. I didn’t know what that even was.

“Stiles,” a knock at the sheriffs door made us both jump. I wanted to know more about her, but here obviously wasn’t the right place.

“Yeah, coming” I answered, stepping away from her, just now realizing how close our bodies were. My mind was racing, selkie? I tried racking my brain, this is one supernatural creature that I’ve never heard of.

 I walked to the door, Delilah following close behind me. I walked out and see Scott waiting with my dad and Parrish. As much as I wanted to talk to Scott, I needed to be alone with Delilah so she could tell me more.

“Stiles…” Scott began to say when he saw Delilah behind me.

“I have to talk to her, then I will come find you.” I told him assuredly.

Scott and my dad exchanged glances and then looked to us. They wanted to know about her as much as I did. I know they just wanted to protect me, but I was starting to get anxious. Delilah grabbed my hand, she was feeling it. She knew.

“Okay, Delilah. I need you to explain to all of us what you are. Why you’re here. Then we can talk.” I told her, knowing that some kind of explanation may put Scott and my Dad at ease. I turned to her, her hand falling to her side.

“But, I-” She stopped mid sentence, I didn’t understand why she was so hesitant to tell them.

“Please,” I asked, I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave the station without someone tailing us if she didn’t just tell them. She opened her mouth as if to say something but quickly shut it again.

“You can trust them, I promise.” I tried encouraging her to go on.

“Okay,” she said trusting in me. She looked at all of us, and you could tell she was trying to think of where to begin. 

“Humans call us Selkies,” she started, a heavy sigh leaving her lips,

“Seal people.” She said.

“Seal people?” we all questioned her in unison.

“I’ve heard of that!” Scott exclaimed.

“Where?” I asked him, furrowing my eyebrows at him.

“Lydia, and the -” he started and I automatically knew where he’d heard of a Selkie.

“Beastiary.” Scott and I said in sync.

“Okay, whoa whoa whoa,” My dad interrupted.

“Seal people?” He questioned looking at Delilah.

“Yes,” She said looking to the floor.

“Why were you looking for Stiles?” Parrish asked her. All of the questions were starting to bother me, I needed to talk to her.

“Guys, I’ll be back later. I’m going to talk to her. Alone.” I said pragmatically. 

“Okay, listen..Stiles, I wanted to tell you something privately before you leave.” Scott said seriously. My heart jumped, this was going to be bad news. I can tell just by the way he said it. Delilah grabbed my hand again, and I relaxed a bit, my nerves became tranquil.

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” I said to Delilah, letting go of her hand before following Scott into the hallway. I felt bad leaving her behind, but she seemed perfectly comfortable talking with Parrish.

“Listen, you need to know…” Scott began nervously. 

“What is it?” I asked him, agitation creeping up  again. 

 “I saw Theo, that’s why Malia and I were in the woods. We chased him. We couldn’t get to him in time. That’s when we found Delilah.” He said abruptly. It felt like I got hit by a bus, Theo. Fucking Theo.

“I thought he was in hell with the sister that he fucking murdered!” I whisper yelled to Scott.

“I-I don’t know why he’s here or what’s going on. Just watch your back, man.” Scott replied trying to calm me down. This is bullshit, I thought that problem had been taken care of. Oh well, I can’t worry about Theo right now I reminded myself.

“I can’t deal with this right now, Scott. I’m gonna go talk to Delilah and see what the hell is going on with this chick.” I told him nodding to where Delilah was. 

“Okay, just wanted to let you know. Call me when you get it figured out. I’m going to talk to Lydia.” He stated walking back into the office. Delilah was talking with Parrish and my father, their eyes trained on her when she spoke. 

“Hey, let’s go for a ride.” I said walking up to her, my dad and Parrish both looking up to me. Delilah stood and smiled at them. My dad gave me an approving nod and I turned on my heal and lead her out of the station to my jeep. 

 I got in the drivers seat and she sat in the passengers seat quietly. I put the jeep into gear and we set off. I knew where I wanted to take her, it’s the same spot that I took Scott to get drunk when Allison dumped him. It was secluded and quiet, exactly what we needed at this point. I wanted to know everything. 

 The ride was quiet, but it was comfortable and just being in the same space as her made me feel calm and levelheaded.  

When we got to the hill, I put the jeep in park and turned to Delilah. She looked at me with pure curiosity.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked her, intrigued with her expression.

“I just - Stiles, I  am so curious about humans. Well, about you.” she said hiding a shy smile. I let out a low laugh, wondering why. 

“Okay, I don’t even know where to start Stiles. When I turned 18, my father explained it to me like this:

Selkies are drawn to humans, physically and emotionally tied. That is why so many of us have left our lives in the sea. But, it’s not just any human. It is a human that needs saving. He said that I would be drawn to one human throughout my lifetime. Stiles, you are my human.” She quickly looked to my eyes, surely to try to channel my feelings or something. I was her human? like, she’s laying claim to me already? Why exactly do I need saving? What do I have to do? Obviously I have some issues to work through, but ‘saving’ was a bit of an exaggeration..

“Okay, so why were you drawn to me? I don’t need saving. I mean a few years ago when I got possessed by a nogitsune,” I rambled at her. I wasn’t angry, I was just so confused. 

“I didn’t begin to get any type of connection to the human world until I was of age. I didn’t realize I - I -” she said nervously to me. She had a connection with me, that’s why I’m calm around her, right? 

“Is that why you make me feel so calm?” I asked her. She lifted her head and our eyes met once again and suddenly I was at complete peace with the world for a minute. It was a beautiful feeling.

“Yes.” she said smiling in return. I had one more question that needed to be answered.

 “I believe you when you say that you don’t want to hurt anyone. I do need to know one more thing. Why are you so worried about Scott? You were just so skeptical of telling him that you’re a selkie.” I questioned her, if there is anyone in this world that I can trust -that anyone can trust- it’s Scott. She opened her mouth, about to tell me, when my phone starts blaring. It was Scott. I answered immediately.  

“Yeah man, what’s up” I answered.

“Stiles..where are you and Delilah?” he asked me hurriedly. Something was wrong.

“We’re at the big hill, why?” I asked confusedly and looked to her. Her expression no longer calm.

“Stiles, I think…I think Theo took something of hers. Something of Delilah’s. Something she left at the nemeton. Lydia and I just followed him there and he was digging something up-”  he rambled, but my thoughts kept going to Delilah. I looked at her again, she looked so confused. 

“Stiles?” Scott said on the other end of the line, I knew I must have missed him say something.

“W-what?” I asked Scott, returning my focus to him.

“Lydia wants you to ask Delilah where she hid her sealskin.” he stated firmly and quickly.

“Her wh?-uh-Delilah, where is your sealskin?” I asked, looking back up to her.

Suddenly, complete and utter terror spread over her face,

“At the nemeton.” She stated, horrified.

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Caddy tell your mom about the green magic in your eye!

Jennifer: “Your eye? They mean your blind eye?”

Caddy: “Well, it’s… remember that thing I did with the photographers, mom? How I stuck them in place with my Green Magic? Well, whenever I do something like that, my eye kinda… opens by itself.”

Jennifer: “Caddy-!”

Caddy: “I-I still can’t see out of it! It’s still blind, just… “

Caddy: “… Sorry if that got your hopes up, ma… ”
Jennifer: “Well, you know how much I’d love for you to get your sight back someday, Teacup - but just being able to see both my baby’s beautiful eyes again would be wonderful. Have ya seen a doctah about it yet?”

Caddy: “Eh, not yet… I’m like 90% sure it’s just some kinda weird quirk with my Green Magic, but-”

Jennifer: “I’ll make a call to Dr. Kirin in the morning, see if they can squeeze you in sometime in the next few weeks… if that’s okay with you of course, Teacup.”

Caddy: “Y… yeah, of course that’s okay. Thanks, mom.”

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is it a common thing for us to get really irritated/wound up over particular things when other people are eating? one of my biggest "pet hates" of sorts is when people talk with a mouthful of food, and since i came home from uni for good the other week, i've noticed that my mum always does it whenever she's eating something and it's annoyed me so much today having had family friends over for dinner that i had to leave and come upstairs at the first opportunity i had to escape it? i can't (ctd)

(ctd) help giving her an annoyed look out the corner of my eye when she does it and i’ve been told off a few times for “looking at her like that” but i can’t say anything about it without it being highly likely that i’ll get told to just ignore it or that she can’t help it?

Yep you should look into misophonia

- Sister Cat

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Hello,can I share something with you? I've just downloaded Neko Atsume after reading about it in a Fenders fic and omg I love it! My husband thinks I'm crazy but I'm so happy and excited! I'm allergic to cats so I can't get a real one but here after just 15 minutes I have Snowball, Marshmallow and Breezy and it's so great ♥ Oh and can I also say that I love your writing and can't wait to read more of it ♥ Could you maybe add something to the Metal mage AU? Oh and I wish you a nice day :)

NEKO ATSUME! I love that game. It makes me laugh so much…plus, cats when I’m at work. XD 

Just wait till Tubbs shows up. I swear - that cat…reminds me of one of my real life cats.

And since you asked so nicely - why yes, I think I can add to the Metal Mage AU. I got a great idea a while ago and I just need to write it. I’ll put it in my “to write” list. :D

And thank you for this lovely message! Made me smile so much!

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19 and 47 please!

  • 19. If you could change your eye color, would you?

Oh hell yeah! I HATE my eyes. I would much prefer to have brown, hazel or green eyes. Pretty much any colour than the boring blue that they are :/ not saying that all blue eyes are boring - I just hate mine in particular.

47. Do you replay things that have happened in your head?

Oh my god @bebetheflowerbug, I do this far, far too much than is strictly healthy. For example, *ahem* story time:

When I was 14, I was sitting on a bench in Spain when an elderly couple approached me, asking me something. Having instantly forgotten my years of high school Spanish I panicked - blurting out: “no hablo español!” The couple nearly passed out with laughter and to my horror, began motioning to their friends to come join in, as I sat motionless, ice cream dripping down my hand.

I said ‘I don’t speak Spanish,’ in Spanish, to Spanish people.

They found it hilarious.

14 year old me, did not.

Another one of my Spanish faux-pas went like this:

One time I asked my Spanish teacher why when we want to say “with me” we have to use the word “conmigo“ instead of pushing the two words for “with” and “me” together - “con yo.”

She turned a deep shade of red and wouldn’t answer me. I found out years later that “con yo” sounds like the word “coño” which translates into “vagina.”

Those two memories alone are enough to keep me up at night…

Earlier my husband and I were driving around looking for Pokemon and we found ourselves in a nice neighborhood surrounding a lake and we could see there was a ton of really good Pokemon close by the water. So I ask him if he wants to get out and walk around and he’s like ‘uuh I don’t think so.’ And he points to this lady just standing by her mailbox staring at us with literal sparks coming out of her eyes. And that’s when I realize that my black husband is too worried that walking around in a white neighborhood looking for Pokemon might cost him his life. And if you’re a white person and don’t think that something is wrong with that then something is wrong with you. Also if you have any black children in your family please talk to them and make sure they’re safe when playing this game. It’s scary out there.

but first, some music

It wound up feeling like a really natural place to break the book, because after Peeta’s back, and you have a whole different set of priorities,” said Craig. “There’s a whole different process that Katniss goes through with him once he’s back. … This look she gives Peeta — she’s looking at somebody who she really loves who isn’t just a pawn in this chess game the way he is to everybody else.
—  Mockingjay screenwriter Peter Craig on Part 1’s ending (x)

goofy phrases the paladins have used in casual conversation at least once

  • what’s the haps chaps
  • what’s the story morning glory
  • real eyes realize real lies
  • ding dong, you are wrong
  • move, i’m gay
  • git gud
  • (about to do something mundane) WITNESS ME
  • “if you die in space you die in real life” 
    “well, you’re not wrong”
  • (forming voltron) this is my kitty cat, this is their kitty fat, it goes pat pat pat (voltron suckerpunches the bad guy)
  • space… the final frontier.
  • what the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little zarkon?
  • (referring to the food goo) i don’t like green eggs and ham
  • (someone enters the room)
    “it’s dat boi!!”
    “oh shit waddup!!”
  • (voltron does something awesome) that’s the cat’s meow