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“Was that Katara again?” Sokka smirked.

“You seem to conveniently make these comments when she’s gone. I wonder why.”

“What? A guy can’t tease his best friend?”

Zuko glared at him.

“All I’m saying is you’ve been sneaking around. Could get a guy suspicious.”

Zuko jumped. Sokka was smart, but did he figure it out already? “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he snapped.

“C’mon Zuko. I’d have to be blind not to put two and two together.” Sokka crossed his arms. “What? Did you guys think I wouldn’t notice?”

“Sokka, I think you’re imagining things.”

“Nice try, but it’s my big brother duty to make this kind of stuff my business.”

Zuko’s eyebrows knitted. “I’m confused.” Wasn’t he talking about the surprise birthday party?

“You and Katara.” Sokka wiggled his eyebrows. “C’mon.”

“What about us?”

“Dude, you totally have the hots for my sister!”

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I was tagged by @langsty-mc-langstface. Thanks for that I never get tagged for anything.so, umnm yeah here we go… 1. Fav ship: Shance And down the Shanti hole we go…. I was sexually assaulted by my 18 year old cousin when I was 9… That being said, I know pedophilia, shipping Shiro with Lance is not pedophilic, it’s cathartic for me, because it is a consensual relationship where the age Gap is not viewed as wrong in context. Ok I’m done defending myself, shoot me in the comments and reblogs 2. Fav show: Voltron legendary defender / RWBY/ Avatar/ Legend of Korra I like shows where disability, including mental illness are dealt with more subtly than just hey yeah I’m feeling kinda depressed cuz I can’t -blank- I’m going to sit here and feel sorry for myself, I especially like it when people admit that they have problems and get help! That shows a whole new level of strength. I looked up to Sokka because he was a lot like me, and I am autistic so it made me happy that no one assumed there was something wrong with him because he was kinda awkward and off the wall, he was also really emotional and I got that, boys can have feelings too. 3. Pizza or Burgers: neither I have IBS and can’t eat either of those, which sucks cuz I used to love pizza and anything​else with cheese, I had a Russian ballet teacher as a kid who called me mouse, ha ha. 4. Rain or Snow: snow I’m about to sound really depressing but I love hanging out in the snow for hours and just get buried in snow, it’s just so gentle… 5. Dream job: Death Now hear me out, Death takes you where you are meant to go after your fate has run it’s course… Isn’t that nice, you could be left roaming the astral plane forever, or worse, you live forever, could you imagine…. 6. Favorite school subject: history I want to learn from the past to better the future, which is why I’m so concerned about the chechnya situation right now. My questions 1. Favorite song? 2. Star sign? 3. Favorite oral story? (please share!) 4. Proudest moment? 5. Sneks. Yessssss or no? 6. Who inspires you as a person? I tag @joshkeaton @crochetfairyfangirl @willowstarr @who-doesnt-like-pandas @readabookkids @chimcharstar Have fun roasting me later!

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I think Katara had feelings for Zuko but never said anything bc she thought he couldn't like her. They both blushed alot when called out on it and it might explain her lacklustre attitude toward Aang. The romantic aspect of Kataang in atla looked completely one sided to me.

I can’t say that she never confessed due to him probably not liking her but I think that there was something they felt about each other. Zuko’s betrayal in Ba Sing Se hurt HER more than ever because they bonded over their mothers and she thought ‘hey maybe he is not so bad after all’. They probably felt something for each other but didn’t know what it was, probably it wasn’t love love, maybe it could be called a crush. I think at least Zuko felt something towards her, was it a crush or just a feeling of repaying for what he did to her I guess we won’t know but we have got to remember that he said to Sokka

‘I don’t know why but I care about what she thinks of me’ 

As for Kataang, I will never see the romance in them…sure it couldn’t be more obvious that Aang has a crush on Katara, it’s a bit hard for me to believe that a 12 year old boy (ok 112 chronologicaly) knows about true love as soon as he is out of an iceberg…what if it had been Sokka holding him after he fell from the iceberg? What if it had been Sokka the first person Aang saw when he opened his eyes?

I absolutely love Aang, he is my little cute bald boy but I highly dislike when he forces kisses on Katara, not once but twice…he kissed her at the day of the black sun and then on the ember islands and told her “We kissed at the day of the invasion and I thought we would be together” he says “We” but I never saw a “we” in that moment, I saw Aang kissing her, not the other way around. It’s like to him a kiss means that they will be forever together, it’s like he sort of lives in a fairytale where he will get the girl just because he is a hero. It’s just my opinion but I usually tend to dislike pairings like that.

As I said in a post yesterday, Kataang had the hugs, had the kisses. Zutara had one bonding moment, one hug and one sacrifice scene. But to me those tiny moments that don’t involve kissing meant a lot more to ME than all the Kataang sweet and cute moments because to me a relationship shouldn’t just be based on ‘how cute they are together’ or like a friend of mine said ‘well they kissed a lot’, a relationship isn’t just about cuteness and kisses, it’s about bond and mutual respect.

Anyway I will never be able to see Kataang as romantic, I see them as a BroTP or as a mom/son thing.