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Tem: Asgore! I avoided drawing him for as long as I could!

Dusty: The skeleton brothers, and it’s great cause I have a fantastic example of how much I avoid drawing them


I keep thinking about a modern Animorphs AU and I’m so in love with it
It honestly has so much fun potential and I could go on forever about it, but here are just a few headcanons I have:


  • He just doesn’t Get social media
  • Marco’s always telling him to update his profiles more, but he never does
  • Only really goes on facebook and the occasional forum or chatroom
  • Most of his posts are Marco tagging him in things
  • Him and Tom would play video games a lot together, and Jake still tries to get him to play more
  • Jake usually just resorts to going to Marco’s house
  • Probably has a very dad-like phone case for his smartphone
  • Marco and Rachel make fun of him for it
  • Likes really outdated memes (Marco groans in the distance)
  • Someone please help this child


  • Gets in trouble for wearing crop tops at school
  • Has an aesthetic blog on tumblr
  • Lives on Instagram and pintrest
  • Her room looks like something straight off of pintrest
  • Watches so many beauty vloggers on youtube
  • Secretly wants to start her own beauty channel, but knows that she can’t being an animorph
  • Sends Cassie beauty and fashion hacks and tutorials all the time with the hope that she’ll get into it
  • It doesn’t, but she still does it


  • Spends a majority of his life online
  • Stays up until 3am on school nights going through reddit
  • The pirate KING
  • Has folders filled with illegally downloaded music and movies and anime
  • As a hawk, one of the animorphs brings him a tablet to use in the forest
  • He shows Ax anime
  • This was a bad idea
  • Everyone thinks he’s really tech savvy but mostly he’s just really good at googling things


  • He owns so many video games and different consoles oh my god
  • He always invites Jake over to play
  • Spends his nights trolling online
  • This boy is the absolute meme king (But let’s face it, that’s not even a headcanon. We all know this.)
  • He always sends Jake memes and funny posts he finds
  • Just take this moment to imagine Marco sending Jake cursed images or out of context gifs and saying “this is you”
  • Posts selfies c o n s t a n t l y
  • Literally all of his selfies have all these filters and he does all the stereotypical douche poses
  • Probably posts at least one selfie a day and brags when it gets liked
  • Jake always likes out of pity
  • Tries to grow his hair out for a man bun because the ladies will love it
  • Rachel tells him this is not the case. He ignores her


  • She’s had the same smartphone for the longest time
  • Honestly the only reason she has a smartphone is because Rachel finally convinced her to join modern life
  • The screen is incredibly cracked because she keeps dropping it while working with the animals
  • Like Jake, she doesn’t really get social media, either
  • She follows so many animal pages on facebook though
  • She just doesn’t get internet humor
  • Sometimes she thinks she gets it, but she never does
  • Rachel and Marco die a little bit on the inside every time Cassie brings up something she found online because it’s always old and outdated jokes and memes
  • Jake always laughs though
  • Accidentally liked an old picture of Jake once
  • She texted Rachel frantically asking her what to do
  • Rachel was dying
  • Honestly Jake probably didn’t even notice. He was just happy Cassie liked one of his pictures


  • Marco showed him a meme once. He had no idea what the point of it was, but now he won’t stop trying to reference memes. Marco regrets his decision. Tobias tries to help him understand memes more. It’s a lost cause. Ax now brings up memes at the worst possible times.
  • Remember how I said Tobias showed him anime. Ax loves anime.
  • He ends up getting into quite a few of them and sits in the forest draining the battery of their electronics
  • He doesn’t even need subtitles because of his translator chip
  • Tobias gets frustrated because every time a new episode of the anime they’re watching comes out, Ax watches it before him and is really bad with spoilers
  • Scoffs at touch screens (“You need to use a screen to touch? A hologram would be much easier.”)
  • Marco insists on setting up a facebook profile for Ax’s human morph because he thinks not having a facebook in modern day might make controllers suspect him
  • Now imagine Marco helping Ax take selfies for his new profile
  • Words cannot even begin to describe that shipwreck
  • The other animorphs cannot stop laughing at how ridiculous his pictures are

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If you haven't done him already Damian headcannons would be the greatest. ❤

*claps* this smol little king

earned the nickname Simba from Steph, he hated it at first but after she forced him to watch Lion King he loved it (Dick tried calling him that once and he got such a harsh glare he felt he was being burned) only Stephanie may call him that

Damian, my sweet summer boy, I’ve said this in another headcannon post but he loves marigolds

he lost a tooth eating popcorn (self projecting? yes, yes I am)

when he gives a real, 100% genuine smile his little nose wrinkles up just slightly, nobody can say no to that because he’s just so HAPPY ABOUT WHATEVER HE’S TALKING ABOUT AND OH NO NOW THEY HAVE TO GET HIM EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH SAID THING

mastered the puppy dog eyes+pout, Cass was a wonderful teacher, its too much power

will never admit it but Jason is his favorite brother, everyone knows anyways, Dick is jealous, Jason is smug as fuck, Tim is honestly not even surprised and too tired to care (let this boy sleep)

once he’s comfortable in the manor and stuff he doesn’t lay so flat on his back, he curls around a pillow, there are multiple pictures that make their way around the batfamily and their circles, no one tells damian, damian never knows

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the main three say 'i love you' to their s.o for the first time? when and how would they say it

im back bitches 


  • it was after a date night, after you two were just aimlessly walking around, looking at shops and stuff
  • the lights looked so pretty?? and you’re so pretty?? 
  • Viktor cannot help but to stare at you because the lights in your eyes and the lighting is just so captivating,, he thinks you look beautiful
  • when you turn to him and ask if he is alright
  • “i love you”
  • it’s plain and simple, he breathes it and smiles a bit, hoping to get a smile in response
  • spoiler alert
  • he gets one, because you love him too !!
  • and it’s then that he realizes how much he loves you, and how he’s so happy to have such an amazing partner like yourself!
  • needless to say, date night continues, but it feels a bit more special


  • probably when you two were just home together, maybe eating with each other, cuddling, in the hot spring, relaxing ! 
  • just really domestic and cute things are going on, pleasant conversations, gentle hand touches, head stroking, etc. 
  • Yuuri is really content and happy at the moment, so he focusses his sight on you
  • You’re not really noticing that he is staring at you, but he’s so in love with you wow
  • “I love you”
  • very soft, almost nervous
  • you immediately stop what you’re doing and look up, caught off guard by the action
  • but you love him too so you return the i love you
  • things continue, and if eating, you’ll stare at each other more, if cuddling, you’ll hold each other a little closer, and if in the hot spring, once again, being held closer


  • after a competition, no doubt about it
  • Yuri, your amazing partner, obviously won and was quite happy, wanting to get some recognition from you + Yakov and Lilia as he made his way over to the kiss and cry
  • you hug him and tell him good job, maybe giving him a kiss on the cheek or something!!
  • he’s blushing bc hes cute and a baby
  • he’s caught up in the moment, so he says it ( but in a whispered tone so it’s only you who can hear him )
  • “i love you-!”
  • he’s shook after he says it and looks around desperately trying to make sure that no one else heard
  • bluS H 
  • you’re probably a little embarrassed too !! but you still whisper it back because you love him too
  • more hugs and purity it’s cute 

summary: yuri is cute and deserves the world and viktor is a fucking dork and yuuri deserves a lot too he deserves saturn bc it’s round and has a ring like he does 

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Not sure how much you are into matt/techie, but I love the idea of Kylo being the one who has to be like "okay matt, if he wants you to breed him he means it seriously, this is why I have four children". It's the most awkward conversation for both of them

“Has he asked you to breed him yet?”

Matt chokes on his coffee, surprised that Kylo has just said something so raunchy in the middle of a bustling cafe. He looks around, glad that no one has overheard Kylo’s obscenities.

“Wh-what?” Matt leans in, whispering, setting his mug down on the table for the fear of dropping it.

“Techie,” Kylo clarifies, eyes wide, obviously wondering why his coworker is having a problem understanding. “Has he asked you to breed him yet? It didn’t take Armitage long to ask me.”

Matt scoffs, pushing his glasses up his nose, feeling a blush spreading up his cheeks.

“I-I don’t…Yeah. But I thought that was just the way he spoke.”

Kylo tuts. “He means it, Matt. If he mentions anything about a ‘litter’, he means it.” He shrugs, pulling his phone out of his jacket pocket, clicking it on and showing Matt his lock screen wallpaper. “This is why I have four kids.”

“Four kids in one go?! What’s that, like, quadruplets?”

“–Quadruplets, yeah,” Kylo smirks, looking at the picture of his family before putting his phone away. “Foxes literally mean ‘breed’. Fill them with pups and wait for them to pop.”

Matt bites his lip, and suddenly his blush is because he’s thinking of Techie presenting himself to Matt to be bred, legs spread and eyes pleading. Clearing his throat, Matt looks over the top of his glasses at Kylo, having the feeling that his friend knows exactly what he’s thinking.

Kylo takes a large bite of his panini, chucking.

“Thought I’d warn you,” he winks.

“Thanks,” Matt says sarcastically, though sneaks a look at his watch, working out how long it is before he can get home to his fox.

If you have free time, read the Seerah of the Prophet ﷺ. Know who your messenger is, try to live the life he lived and grow to love him just as he loved you.

Parabatai Lost Review aka Shut Up Raj

-Real Jesus tears over Jalec scenes, especially the first one, it was so cute
-Maia, sweetheart, I love you but you gotta chill out 😩 killing me and Jace here
-Can Aldertree just go fuck off please
-Thank god they let Jace show weakness, I love it
-“Shut up Raj” ICONIC. I can’t honestly hate him as much because of the upbringing he had but damn, big mistake fucking with Magnus
-Okay I’m sorry but y'all, the writers are looking at our fanfic because the Raphael/Elaine convo was so out of the classic “be my roommate/boyfriend” cliche IT HURT
-Seriously, the Saphael was heavy this episode!
-What does Jocelyn do in the Institute? Just paint? I’m just curious
-Clary’s outfits in this episode were so good like wow I’m shook

Very good episode, just annoyed at the miscommunications. Poor Jace can’t catch a break from being put through hell. Can’t wait for the next episode!

More stuff for the KBTBB Fantasy AU!


  • Just like any fantasy setting, they have rpg classes!
    • Eisuke: Warlord
    • Soryu: Dragoon
    • Baba: Adventurer
    • Ota: Beast Master
    • Mamoru: Sentinel
    • Shuichi: Alchemist
    • Luke: Battle Cleric
    • Hikaru: Sniper Ranger
    • MC: Hero
  • Before Eisuke became a cruel and heartless king, his sister used to live with him at the palace. She was unable to handle seeing her brother devolve even further, so she left. Part of the reason why he wants to get rid of the curse is so he can be with her again.
  • The Ice Dragons are the palace’s elite guard! After the curse, they became extremely vulnerable to sunlight, and can’t go out during the day. They’re strong at night, but weak during the day.
  • Soryu’s a good guy at heart, but because of how people view him and his curse, he keeps his distance from people.
  • Baba wears those cool steampunk goggles! He can’t go out gallivanting like he used to, so he mostly just hangs out with the guys. He’s silently hoping that by some miracle, MC might be impervious to his curse because of her status as the hero.
  • Ota keeps trying to downplay his curse, but deep down, he’s extremely affected by how impaired he’s become. One day during battle, he’s about to deliver his final move, but then he suddenly can’t see what’s in front of him anymore… (he might even accidentally hit someone). The vague blurs of blue with MC are what keep him going.
  • Mamoru kinda gave up hope that his curse would be lifted, so he just lives with it and tries to endure it…
  • Shuichi feels so frustrated at what he’s become, so he always tries his best to make himself useful, even if it means he has to write down literally everything. Poor Shuichi already has a compendium full of daily logs.
  • Oh, Luke… He never really had much regard for himself before the curse hit him, so he just silently endures the pain his healing brings.  Even if people hate him, at least he can do what he does best.
  • Hikaru’s ghosts just stalk him quietly. They never say anything, only choosing to gaze lifelessly at him. Honestly, Hikaru would prefer if they could talk, so they could at least indicate that they heard his heartfelt apologies.
  • MC  usually helps whoever needs her the most at the moment. If she could, she would help Everyone She Sees. The others try to stop her when she goes overboard.
  • Ota makes MC a blue bird charm to ward off bad luck, and he’s shook because the moment she wears it, his vision goes back to normal for an instant.
  • MC is somewhat impervious to Baba’s curse!  She can only look into Baba’s eyes for about ten seconds before she starts feeling Funny. If she does fall in love with him by accident, she has to get knocked out immediately.
  • There’s a ghost child that follows Hikaru around all the time, and he feels guilty every time he sees the kid. He tries to ignore the kid, but the kid always looks like he’s crying… so every time Hikaru can’t handle it anymore, he actively seeks out MC so she can hold his hand.
  • One time after a battle, Luke saw MC clutching her chest really tightly. He didn’t pay it much mind at first, but he later noticed she would clutch onto her chest each time she helped someone…
Got7 reaction to having a Latina girlfriend

A/N - Requested by @muraldepaleta - hope you enjoy it, even if it is a little on the shorter side. Keep on sending in your requests everyone~

Mark: I think Mark would love to date someone with a different culture to him and who can teach him more about it. I think he’d find her really attractive and would love dating her.

JB: I think Jaebum would be the least likely to date a Latina girl but that being said, he’d still be open to it and if they got along, he’d love her so much and think she was amazing.

Jackson: Jackson would love a Latina girlfriend omg I really see him obsessing over his girl and just non stop loving her to pieces. He’s probably the member who’s most likely to date a Latina girl.

Jinyoung: I feel like Jinyoung is similar to JB but he’s still open to dating anyone, as long as he is attracted to them and they have a nice personality. For him that’s more important regardless if she’s Latina or not.

Youngjae: I can see Youngjae dating a Latina girl mainly because I think he’d love dating outside of his own ethnicity and meeting people from all over the world,

Bambam: Bambam would be really open to dating a Latina girl and probably finds them really attractive. He’d love dating someone from the opposite side of the world to him and would just love talking to her.

Yugyeom: I think Yugyeom’s in the middle in comparison to all the other boys. I think he’s just in love with being in love so wants it to happen, no matter where she’s from or anything like that.

THE FINAL PROBLEM (spoiler!!!)

So, Sherlock finally comes to an end. But is it really ended?

Let’s talk about the episode, first of all. Eurus is a pure genius, as a character. So deeply alone. She knows how to break you without touching you.

Sherlock seems really human, discovering about his secret sister, and who judges?

Mycroft was art. You can see the love that he feels for his brother.

Watson was maybe too in the corner. Not so much considered.

But obviously, the final problem was all about Sherlock. All about HIS final problem.


And it was quite shocking that Moriarty was really dead and that Eurus just moved him like a toy. I expected more from him.

Redbeard was a surprise. I couldn’t have imagined that Sherlock’s dog was just his dead best friend.

If Ben doesn’t win an award for this performances, I’ll eat someone.

I liked the episode. It gave us a bit of all and a bit of nothing.

Sherlock and Molly’s moment was touching. I mean. I’m not for Sherlloly, I can’t see them together, but the second “I love you” that Sherlock said… was… so real. I can’t tell.

Final really fast but clear. Eurus and Sherlock playing violin. John and Sherlock re-building 221B and of course with Baby Rosie.

Mary knew.

She knew that the only way to let them be happy was dying. The final problem couldn’t be solved with her.


Some things are not clear. Like:

1) John’s letter to Sherlock. He never read that, as we know. Why telling us about it??

2) In TAB Mycroft talks about a list, that Sherlock makes everytime he’s high. Mycroft talked about a day, a particular day, when his little brother promised him to make a list. Why didn’t we hear about it anymore??


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rowaelinherondale  asked:

Julian or Jace?

Definitely Julian. I don’t even have any remorse, just save Julian at all costs. That poor boy has been tortured so much. Someone just save him. Please. #ProtectJulian2k17

This is random but is anyone else concerned about that whole “ruthless heart” thing? Like poor Julian has been through SO MUCH CRAP and people are judging a slight character flaw, which is honestly just him trying to protect his family? Like I don’t see anything wrong with that? And I love Julian so much and I’m so worried about him in Lord of Shadows and now I’m rambling but ugh what is going to happen when he sees Mark and Emma together? It’s going to destroy him but he’s already broken so much and you guys we literally need like 3 hours just to talk about Julian Blackthorn. 

Send me two characters and I’ll tell you which one I’d save.

Originally posted by phil-molestermoon

I’ve had this little imagine in my head for a while now and I don’t your word count terms or anything so if you don’t post this it’s fine but I don’t have any friends that like Haldir as much as I do so asfdmckxndjnd

What if Haldir fell in love with a human? I know we’ve all thought about this but imagine them knowing a metric crap-ton of mythology about Lothlorien and wanting to see it for herself. And Haldir sends a warning arrow that nicks her ear. And she just goes off on him.

‘Who do you think you are shooting arrows at me, huh?! All I wanted was to see the trees and meet some elves but noooo- some mean elf has got to be shooting arrows at me! How rude!’

And he asks her what she’s doing there with a raised eyebrow and a slight smirk that she doesn’t pick up in her enraged state.

'I told you! I wanted to see the trees and the elves and the creek, I heard you were nice, but now I see that I was wrong! You made me bleed!’

And he apologizes, offers to tell her about Lothlorien in return. She accepts but is not very happy about the arrow that cut her ear. He finds her fiery attitude and personality charming, and sort of falls in love instantly. He apologizes again before leading her back to the edge of the river.

She doesn’t cross it. She stays.

'I want to see more, I didn’t come all this way just to be shot at and sweet-talked by a handsome elf.’ Haldir raises another eyebrow and she notices it this time.

'Take me to see Lothlorien, Haldir.’ How the hell is he supposed to resist that?

Spoiler alert, he doesn’t resist it, at all.

-I’m done, I don’t even know if this was appropriate for something to submit because I don’t know the rules but here take it I gave myself feels-


Before there were heart stutters, but here’s where Cole’s emotional state takes a plunge. He’s still restraining himself, of course. But really, why would this information shock him? He should’ve assumed it meant anyone but him. The fact that he believes it’s him means his humanity’s returned with a vengeance.

I would also like to point out here that I love how Charmed handles this:

- Cole is Phoebe’s true love

- Coop is also Phoebe’s true love

- It’s possible to have more than one true love

- Just because you lose the first, doesn’t mean it was your only chance

There’s so much hope in this message.

Yes, writers, yes.

It makes me sad to think about the possibility of Bellarke, but in a good way.

Like just imagine how the characters would change so much when it becomes canon. Bellamy would probably never leave Clarke’s side ever again. He’d be so devoted to her more so than he is right now. And Clarke will be so nervous to be in a relationship with her best friend, since all her loves die. But she’ll still unconditionally love him.

I literally cannot wait till season 4 because I have a strong feeling about canon bellarke by the end of the season.

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i am in so much pain. oh god i love johnny so much he doesnt deserve this. there is so much angst. and i especially cant handle it bc idk if marvel is even going to care enough to fix it any time soon?? like pls just let johnny be happy. let someone help him. i need some spideytorch fluff to make me feel better

Since I have no comics crystal ball or a mole on the inside, I can’t predict when in canon things are going to get better.

But I can write a lot of hurt/comfort. Trying to get this one done pretty soon; sickfic h/c set post-Rocket Raccoon #1:

“What are you talking about?” Johnny asked, groaning a little. “You’re so loud.”

“What am I talking about?” Peter said. Johnny cracked one eye and found that he had actually put his hands on his hips. “It looks like a bomb went off in here, except the shrapnel is made out of old pizza crusts.”

“You’re the one who doesn’t eat the crusts,” Johnny mumbled, pulling the blanket up over his head. “Pete, my head hurts and you’re channeling your aunt.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Peter said. His voice grew a little distant as he moved around the room. “You got anything for that? Advil? Alkaseltzer?”

“Don’t think so. I don’t really get sick a lot,” Johnny said.

“You also don’t have anything to drink that isn’t 80 proof,” Peter said, coming back into the room. “Here, sit up. Drink this for me.”

Johnny groaned, but grudgingly did as Peter asked, taking a glass of tap water from his outstretched hand. His sore throat protested, but Peter’s stare was withering. After Johnny was done Peter touched one hand to his forehead.

“You’re not hotter than usual…” he clucked.

“Thanks,” Johnny snorted. Peter’s hand felt good against his clammy skin.

“Not even going to make a joke about my thinking you’re hot, huh?” Peter said, taking the glass from Johnny. “You really aren’t feeling well.”

“Mmf,” Johnny responded intelligently, falling over and burying his face in the couch cushions.

There was a sigh from above, and then there were long fingers in his hair. That was nice. Johnny made an approving noise.

“Yeah, okay,” Peter said. “I don’t have the time or the inclination to play maid for you –”

“What about the outfit, though? You got that?” Johnny mumbled. Peter ignored him.

“—and I’m not leaving you in what basically amounts to a dumpster behind a shady nightclub.”

“Nice,” Johnny said. “Really nice, Pete. What’s your amazing suggestion, then?”

“Come home with me,” Peter said.

Johnny cracked one eye open. “Come again?”

“Come back to the Baxter Building,” Peter said. “It’s marginally cleaner than this place, anyway, and I’m betting the Inhumans don’t believe in ginger ale and chicken soup.”

“I haven’t asked,” Johnny said, stomach twisting. Crystal might bring him some, if he really begged, but Medusa was still a sore spot between them.

“Well there’s both those things back on Manhattan,” Peter said, voice all coaxing. Johnny kind of wanted to hit him, but not as badly as he wanted to wrap his arms around him and put his head down against Peter’s wiry, dependable shoulder and sleep for a month or until he felt better, whichever came first. “Big television I never use… Come on, you’re sick. You don’t want to be alone right now.”

Johnny opened his mouth to ask why Peter thought he’d be alone, and then he took another look around his quarters and shut his mouth.

“Alright?” Peter asked.

Johnny almost said no. Knew he should say no. But he thought about the warmth of Peter, when he let all his defenses down, and he thought about the Baxter Building, the only home he’d ever really known, and he thought about how horrible he felt, and his resolution dissolved.

He told himself he was only agreeing because Peter wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Alright,” he echoed, swallowing hard.

“Alright,” Peter agreed, pulling Johnny up into a sitting position. Johnny groaned, trying to hit him on the arm. “Yeah, that’s real nice. Upsy daisy, hotshot. You’re coming home with me.”

“I’m too sick to fly, we’re too far to swing, and I’m not riding in a web raft,” Johnny said stubbornly.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Peter said, rolling his eyes. “I chartered a boat. Now you can walk or I can carry you, but you’ve only got five seconds to make the decision.”

Johnny looked at Peter’s expression, the set of his jaw and his drawn together eyebrows, and abandoned all suspicion that Peter was bluffing. He huffed, dramatically tossed the blanket back, and staggered to his feet.

“This had better be a nice boat,” he said.

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Shallura coffee shop au please! (I love your writing so very much)

notes: aw thank you so much! i read your reply to the greaser au piece and i have to say i’m still smiling from ear to ear!

When he sees the heart-shaped rings of white milk foam over his latte, he thinks that maybe her cinnamon wink and her honey-sweet voice assuring him his drink is “made with love” is not just part of the cafe brand.

He raises the white mug to his lips — almost spills the hot drink all over himself and his laptop when he sees her standing in front of him, one hand placed daintily on the table and the other rested on the curve of her waist. She leans in toward him, lowering her heavy eyes and offering a sly smile.

“So how do you like your coffee?” she asks him slowly through pursed lips. “Hot? Steamy? A shot of cream at the end?”

this wasn’t supposed to end this way. i made it suggestive oops. maybe sorry not sorry.

send me an AU and a ship and i’ll write you a three-sentence fic!

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with the enchanted au write your favorite scene!

Sure! Sorry this took so long. I changed the scene and dialogue to fit the characters. But it’s pretty much the same idea of Enchanted. I hope you enjoy! I had a lot of fun with this one! I love this movie and I loved the ending! Those who haven’t seen the movie may not understand why this is Tomco… but I promise it is.


“How long have you dated Janna?” Marco asked. He was walking along the rocks by the lake. Tom was slugging by next to him. He thought for a second.

“Five years, just about.” He decided, it took him a minute to remember what month it was. Marco jumped down off of the rocks wall and put his hands on Tom’s shoulders, he was utterly shocked.

“Five years! And you haven’t proposed!” Marco cried. Tom shrugged.

“Uh, yeah I guess.” He admitted. “Janna and I aren’t married people. We kind of just do whatever. And that really pays off sometimes.” Tom assured. Marco shook his head and grabbed Tom by the shoulders again.

“Marriage is wonderful! You must marry the person you love so they know you love them!” He cried. “That’s what Star did.” Marco mused. Tom raised an eyebrow.

“Woah wait… didn’t you guys just meet?” Tom asked. Marco nodded.

“Yes! She was wonderful! She rescued me from my tower… and then proposed!” Marco shared. He mused and jumped up and down.

“You just decided to get married? Out of the blue?” Tom asked. “You didn’t even go on a date first?” Tom asked. Marco looked confused.

“What’s a date?” He asked. Tom face palmed.

“Oh for the love of…” He looked up and the two continued walking. “Well, a date is when you find someone that you click with. And you go out together and talk and sometimes get food. And you get to know each other.” Tom explained.

“So is this a date?” Marco asked. Tom froze and blushed a little, rubbing the back of his head.

“N-no! No. A date is with somebody you like.” Tom told him. He winced when he saw tears well up in the princess’ eyes.

“Are you saying you don’t… like me?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“No! No, no, no, no! I… like you.” Tom muttered. “I meant like them romantically. The way I like Janna.” Tom explained. Marco at once brightened up.

“Well that’s more the reason you have to marry her! How many dates have you and Janna been on?” he asked. Tom shrugged.

“I can’t even count.” He laughed.

“Well that’s why you have to propose. Let he know she loves you.” Marco explained. Tom rolled his eyes.

“She knows I love her.”

“But how?” Marco asked. Tom looked confused.

“H-how? How what?” he asked. Marco took Tom’s hands and started singing.

“How does she know, you love her.” He sang. Tom shook his head.

“Nope, nope. Stop this right now.” Tom begged. Marco didn’t listen, he spun around and continued to sing. A few people began to stop what they were doing and looked at him. Tom shook his head and tried to pull Marco away. “Nobody look! Everything is fine.” He assured. “Marco cut this out, people are looking.” Tom hissed through his teeth.

“How does she KNOOOOOW she’s YOOOOOOURS!?” Marco sang at the top of his lungs and spun around. Tom sat down on the bench beside them and put his head in his hands. First his girlfriend become furious at him, and now he’s in the park with a singing princess who invited herself into his home. Tom looked up and saw Marco sitting by a tree with birds.

“Marco! Don’t touch those they’re gross and full of diseases.” Tom gagged and ran up to him.

“They’re doves!” Marco mused. He gave the doves a wreath of dead flowers and looked at them. “Take these to Janna please. I know she hates flowers, so I picked all the dead ones I could find. Thinking they were better for Janna. Now go little dove friends!” He called. Tom rolled his eyes.

“What? They’re birds. They’re not going to know where she lives.” He groaned. Marco looked back at the birds and cooed at them. The doves flew away with the flowers and Marco smiled and waved at the birds. He ran off and continued to sing and dance with various people in the park. Tom sat down and jumped when his phone rang. He looked down to see it was Janna, he was confused because she was still very mad at him.

“Hey… Janna?” Tom asked. He was shocked when he heard the happy voice on the other line.

“Hey Tom! I got the flowers! That was so sweet of you.” She sounded happy about getting creepy dead flowers… that was Janna. Tom looked off and shook his head.

“No fucking way.” He whispered. Janna laughed on the other line.

“You know I hate flowers! Of course I liked the dead ones, it was cute.” She laughed. “Anyway, I believe you when you said nothing happened with that princess guy. I was just jealous to see him there and I freaked out. Are we okay?” She asked. Tom looked over at the princess who was still dancing and spinning.

“Yeah… Yes, we’re okay. Thank you Janna.” Tom said.

“Well my boss is in today so I got to go.” Janna told him and hung up fast so her boss wouldn’t catch her on the phone. Tom laughed a little and hung up too, looking at the princess who almost ruined and then mended his relationship.

“Hey Marco!” Tom called. Marco ran up to him. Tom sighed. “Thanks for the flowers, janna loved them and that was really nice of you to do for me.” Tom told him. Marco smiled and nodded, he gave Tom a big hug. Tom coughed, as he was being crushed. This princess had shockingly strong arms.

“Of course Tom!” Marco mused. “My prince Star would do something that romantic too! She’s amazing.” He mused. Tom laughed.

“I still can’t believe you’re getting married to her. You guys just met! Maybe I should do what you do. Just meet a girl I like, take her to lunch and get married.” Tom laughed jokingly. Marco laughed a little as well and shrugged.

“Well if you really love somebody… why wait?” Marco asked. “Don’t spend so much time being less happy than you could be.” Marco told him, and ran ahead. Tom stopped and just stood there for a long time thinking to himself.

“Oh…” Tom whispered to himself. “Don’t be less happy than I could be…” He repeated and watched the princess look at ducks in the river with wonder in his eyes. “I wonder how he does that…”

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yes hello, I am a shy marshmallow who is sleep drunk atm and I just wanted to say I love Zen so much holy heck. I'm a little sad cause I feel like a lot of people really only care about the fanservice-y aspect of him? Like don't get me wrong I love me some naughty Hyun I wouldn't be here if I didn't lmao. But it's like. Give me more fluff. Give me more feels. Why does Seven get to have all the fluff and feels to himself I love my precious flirty actor babe with all my heart I'm d y i n g please

Hey marshmallow, I know how you feel. I have that kind of cravings too and believe me when I say I do draw fluffy romantic stuff as well. It’s just… that stuff is more personal, it’s recognizable as my style and I wouldn’t want it to mix with my nsfw stuff. Sorry T_T I do reblog adorable Zen fluff, though. I’ll start adding a Zen fluff tag to my fluffy reblogs! It should help.
As for Zen getting “shallow lust” from part of the fandom, well…
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