i just have so many john feelings okay

This is so… intimate.

Just imagine that nothing had happened before this - nothing about the dead wife or the feeling of fault; that Sherlock didn’t stuff himself with drugs and wasn’t hurt by a very close person; that both of these are not broken anymore.

Imagine them having a little chat about some trivial everyday things, and then John saying: “I wish you knew how much I love you. My love for you is so strong that may even kill me one day. And.. I can’t help it, so I feel scared because of it.” 

And Sherlock answering: “I..I know what you’re feeling. It’s okay, John. We will dance together through this storm”. Then hugging him with his hands slightly shaking. Just.. just too many feelings.

detectivesinsuits  asked:

Greetings! Which 'Johnlock-won't-happen' argument do you hate the most?

Ohhh Boy, Lovely. This is like asking which type of mushrooms I dislike the most (the answer is ALL OF THEM).

Hate is a strong word, one I try not to use often because I do believe in karma. I prefer “dislike”, so which one do I dislike the most? Probably the “John is straight because he married a woman!” argument. Those that use this argument, I feel, do not realize that 1) you don’t have to be straight to be in a ‘straight’ relationship (essentially, they’re all erasing the other types of sexualities and orientations) and 2) that they actually believe that Mary and John are in a “happy” relationship. It’s the latter that genuinely saddens me the most on a personal level, that people truly cannot see how abusive Mary is to John, and how disinterested John is in keeping the relationship stable. These to me point to, sadly, possible toxicity in their own lives and not realizing it. I really honestly feel bad for them… I hurt so much for them… no one should think that it’s a healthy way to live. Some see it and some don’t… I think it’s a matter of perspective.

Let me tell you a little story, to help you understand why I am so passionate about Mary’s not-so-niceness. It gets personal so I’m going to put it under a cut.

TL;DR: People disregarding John and Mary’s relationship as a toxic one is what bugs me the most, that John ACTUALLY forgave her, AND deny John’s bisexuality. There’s more going on below the surface reading; all the clues are there and I think if people really did take the time to sit back and think about it, they would see it all too.

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Person of Interest 4x01 - Panopticon

Let’s talk about this scene. Shaw knocked out John because he was going to get his fool ass (and every body in the the team) caught. Now, the more expedient thing would be that she could have parked the car somewhere safe and leave him there. After all, she’s already in trouble with her boss. 

But, no, she stays to make sure he’s okay and kept watch until he woke up, then she tried to talk some sense into him.

And I just have so many sibling feels for them, okay? 

My personal review of The Final Problem

What I liked:

- We’ve done a 180, from a show that’s all about the crime, to a show that’s both crime and emotional context, and then finally to a show where the decisions of the characters are based almost purely on emotion. We’ve watched Sherlock become human and seen the repercussions it brings.

- Every Moriarty scene, wasn’t Andrew BRILLIANT?! We got complete closure on Moriarty.

- Sherlock calling John family; we all know it but it’s beautiful to hear him say it.

- The subtle realisation that despite being less intelligent than Mycroft, Sherlock is stronger in many ways. Message me if you want my explanation for this.

- The way Sherlock got so angry after manipulating Molly, as it proves that he genuinely cares for her.

- John, and how he couldn’t shoot that man in the head. Just couldn’t. That was so pure. And how despite that, John remained a soldier the whole way through.

- The entire scene where Sherlock has to choose whether to shoot Mycroft or John, but more importantly Mycroft’s reaction to it. His complete willingness to die for John, because he knows Sherlock needs John more than him. His matter of fact manner - it had to be him. The fact Mycroft was willing to make that sacrifice was so so pure and I just can’t *-*

- Mycroft’s fucking umbrella sword gun. I’m in love.

- Redbeard being a boy not a dog - I think many people realised that Euros had harmed Redbeard in some way, so to make it a surprise, BOOM, Redbeard is a child not an animal.

- Okay, I’m ready for the hate…. Mary’s final voiceover. We got more closure for her character, and someone on the outside, just like us, summarising Sherlock and John’s closeness.

- When she (Mary) said something like, ‘Without me, I know what you could become.’ BE STILL MY JOHNLOCK HEART.

- The scene of Sherlock and John together playing with Rosie.

What I disliked:

- Some parts felt sort of, dare I say it, far fetched? I don’t know how to quite explain it… Perhaps over dramatic might be a better term? For example the way Eurus was sat crying… and that she just wanted someone to help her ground her… The way the cipher for the song was on the gravestones… etc.

- The way Molly was reduced to a teary wreck, I liked the Sherlock side of it but I just feel Molly deserves better from the writers.

- The freakin well scene. I was holding out for a nearly submerged John crying out for Sherlock, and a dramatic and dangerous rescue. Not a bloody rope and and a spotlight. THE CHAINS.

- The final set of scenes felt rushed… If each had been elongated for a couple more minutes I feel like that would have been a more rounded and fulfilling ending. I wanted proper closure for Molly, Greg and Mrs Hudson, not just Sherlock and John.

The only real disappointment I feel:

- How so many ‘fans’ reacted with unfiltered hate towards the writers. Having opinions is okay, criticism is okay, (isn’t that what I’ve just done?) But there is so much mindless and ill-considered hate out there, just because Johnlock didn’t become canon. Did you really expect gay butt sex on the BBC at 9:00pm? Admittedly, it could have been revealed more subtly, but still, it is the writers story and that’s not where they wanted it to go. Respect that. And for goodness sake, don’t call it ‘queerbaiting’. Watch it from another perspective and see how all the hints at their gayness can be interpreted as friendly, or family love.

John and Sherlock love each other. They don’t need to fuck to prove that.
Thomas Wayne/ John Grayson Headcanon AU: Chapter Four

John Grayson moves to the luxurious and mysterious Wayne Manor to get away from the haunting memories of his dead son and wife. This effects Thomas in ways he hadn’t thought it would…

When Thomas had said he would send a car, John had not expected a Bentley. The acrobat’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head at the sight of it. It’s shiny, waxed glamour looked out of place among dusty circus tents. It was too nice to belong in Haley’s Circus.

For the Readers (just some FYI):

Rating: T

Previous Chapters: One  Two  Three

This fanfic was inspired by the artist evinist whose art always steals my breath. Inspirational Thomas Wayne/John Grayson picture can be seen here.

Basis of this fanfic was from the brilliant stratataisen. Outline of it can be found here. (Spoilers will occur if you read the outline BUT you’ll understand the timeline and story much more if you do read it.)

Thank you to both for the inspiration. And another special thanks to the lovely wingofthenight for editing this chapter. You’re fantastic. 

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I see so many posts about how now that Sara’s back she’ll see Olicity in action (obvs not literally cause that would be super awkward) but consider this:

Sara finding out Diggle named his daughter after her.

Sara Lance, who has considered herself damaged by the League since the beginning of season 1, Sara who had never felt as much a part of the team as the rest, finding out she was important enough John and Lyla named their daughter after her.

Imagine it.

I have a lot of Mary feels okay

because of course the woman John marries has got to be badass and awesome as fuck

but not just that

she understands Sherlock, and she understands that John needs Sherlock and Sherlock needs John and she in no way feels the need to get in the way of that relationship nor believes herself superfluous to it

she just goes ‘I am here and I am important to John, he is important to me, Sherlock is important to John and therefore he shall be important to me’ NO FUCKING QUESTIONS ASKED

because she is everything John needs in a romantic partner and I have so many feels about how perfect she is for him right now

all his other girlfriends didn’t work out because they simply refused to get the connection with John and Sherlock and the way they worked

but Mary just

I could say all this and more much more eloquently but 

all hail fucking Mary okay

Mary for the fucking win I love her

Okay, but seriously

Ever since Series 3 aired I have seen so many posts with theories about Mary being Moran and working for Moriarty and trying to kill John, etc etc. And in some ways that does seem like a nice plot line, but it’s just…I don’t know. Part of me feels like Mary should be a good character, even if she has her flaws. 

You know what I’d love to see in Series 4?

I’d love to see Mary being a badass motherfucker. I’d love to see her helping John and Sherlock take down Moriarty. I want to see her use her assassin skills to go up against Moran, and then win. I want John and Mary to relearn who they are-and fall in love all over again, knowing precisely what the other is capable of.

Just a thought.