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Oscar reveal - same as the Starz CFO tweet of Sam and the supposed "gf" from online site that had to be removed almost immediately as it was the wrong female. LOL DG receives Starz/OL PR packets that she is paid to promote. This isn't ALL about DG. Yes, she is awful, but she is also following a paid and laid out agenda here and don't think otherwise. They are all complicit in this nightmare. Unfortunately through some poor choices, so are Sam and Cait.

Oh yes I do remember now. Diana all happy posting, then saying they were sent those links to tweet…what a mess. And I do have screencaps of the CEO’s slip. It was hilarious. It’s clear there’s an agenda, and memos are sent (it’s not just a funny line here, it’s actually true many times) and people are taking part whether for money or forced. Diana just enjoys stirring the pot. As for Sam and Cait, I do believe they have SM obligations too, in his case including interacting with Skipper every other X period of time. If you analyze his SM it’s anything but normal/random behaviour/pattern. 

                                ❝         i don’t know how many times we’ve discussed this, sun.         ❞ she said as they walked through the darkness, her arms crossed over her chest.  ❝         i hear from both sets of ears. i can just hear more finely with my cat ears. loud sounds and high pitched noises bother me terribly. can we focus on the task at hand, now ?         ❞  

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Don’t believe fake tweets from “Misha”.

If you’re a fan that makes fake Misha tweets claiming Destiel is coming, you’re an asshole. Full stop. 

Don’t fall for shit like this, guys. 

Tweets like the ones below, they’re all fake. 

There are a lot of ways to spot a fake, but let’s go with the easiest one: Misha rarely deletes tweets unless he’s said something offensive and regretted it. If you don’t see the tweet on his account, he probably didn’t say it.

And don’t forget that Misha has two MILLION followers, many of whom have tumblr accounts. If he made a real tweet about Destiel (or brushing his teeth, or pickles, or an offensive joke, or ANYTHING), there would be several, if not dozens of screencaps coming from multiple phones/computers on many different accounts. These are all just tweets fabricated by random bored assholes who think it’s funny to trick people. 

This ship means so much to some people, I really, really loathe the people that get their jollies getting people’s hopes up. 

Diary ng Panget The Movie (2014)

Diary ng Panget is a movie based on the best selling book series of the same title as popularized on Wattpad and was written by haveyouseenthisgirl. The movie stars Nadine Lustre, James Reid, Andre Paras and Yassi Pressman and was directed by Andoy Ranay.

The story is about a girl named Eya,  a simple scholar studying in a prestigious school Willford Academy. Her life suddenly changed when she met two hotties and a pretty cool British girl. 


It was awesome! Ten times more hilarious than what I was expecting. The cast was perfect fit for their roles. I couldn’t imagine the movie being done with different actors. They were all newbies, and they did great so kudos!

Well the movie pretty much stayed true to the book from beginning to end. I read the published book, so I was kind of left hanging when I realized they were only doing books 1-3. But then I heard that the movie followed the wattpad version and that’s really how it ended from there. The book version still has the fourth book that tells of what happens from the end of the movie and on. So, I’m kind of (wishful thinking) hoping and praying they do a second movie. 

The book was very hilarious because of the comedic take of narrating a story made by the character of Eya. She’s just makes everything so funny. I had doubts on how they will pull the humor off, but the movie exceeded my expectations. It was just a laugh trip. They also added extra hilarious scenes that just worked. And for that they get an A+!

As for the kilig parts of the movie, well, upon seeing the trailer I knew this was going to be a kilig fest. Nadine and James has this chemistry that’s just spot on. They have this spark and I just love the pairing. Very and Eya and Cross. Its just perfect! I say the same for Andre and Yassi.

Over all, the movie was amazing. Though, it kind of left me hanging there it was still good. The applause and the recognition from here and there is just well deserved. I can tell you, from what I saw yesterday at the cinema I know this is just a successful movie. The place was so crowded and people just cheer on every Eyoss scene and like laugh really hard every funny scene. Hands were clapping and slamming, I might add. I don’t know how many shoulders have been hurt from all that. Hahaha. 

If you haven’t seen Diary ng Panget then I suggest you go to your nearest cinema tomorrow. Go, you won’t regret anything.

Rating: 4.8/5.