i just have so many feels about hook doubting emma would save him

About that ending - 6x12 meta

Needless to say the sensation of deja vu that I had last night when an episode we were so looking forward to ended up with a bitter sad taste (remember 3x17? Remember 4x04?)

But while it was shocking and sad, and also frustrating and made us really angry to see once more A&E increasing the levelness of Hook’s viciousness in the past in an unnecessary way, I also see something good coming out of it.

When the season started and we learned in episode 6x02 that David father’s death was different than what he thought, a strong theory was that indeed Hook killed him. And back then although it was an upsetting theory (which sadly ended up being true), it did make sense to me that they would do something like that, but not only to “spice things up” “plotly” speaking, but also because this could be an important step for Hook’s redemption arc and the evolution of CS as true love.

Let me explain what I mean here. 

Well, the way I see it, it is much much much easier to forgive someone for things he did to others. Emma knows what Hook was, she said she will always choose to see the best in him. And while it is one thing to say it about things he did to Ursula, or things he did while being controlled by the DO’s darkness, it’s an entire different story to follow these words when it comes to hurting first hand someone who she loves very deeply.

Hook eventually was the reason David grew up without a father. True, if he wasn’t there he would have died anyway, but he had a chance to save his life back there, to bring little David back his father. And he didn’t because darkness was eating him from the inside at that moment. It was actually the first crime we saw Hook makes that wasn’t out of passion but pure cruelness…

But as always with these things, the past is coming to slap him in the face 50 years later. Hook is learning again and again that no matter what he does, how he redeems himself, his past actions will always have consequences. And now it’s a big test for him. On one hand, no one knows! He can take it with him to the grave! David found peace, he gave him his blessing to marry Emma, things are better than ever with David, and stably perfect with Emma. But as we saw in the promo, Hook can’t just hold something like that back. He is a completely changed person and he has never since the beginning of his redemption disowned his own past actions and he always took responsibility over them. And as many times before, he came back to the place where he feels unworthy of her.  

That horrible familiar place for him that he finally was able to overcome, sneaking up on him again. 

This point where Hook is at now, is maybe the most challenging part of his on going redemption arc. Because unlike all the other times that he owned his past actions, this time doing the right thing might get him to lose the person he loves most, rather than to get her closer to him. I think the only time Hook was in that same place, where telling the truth may lead to Emma pulling back from him was in 3x05/3x06 when he decided to let the gang know that Neal was alive. He just kissed Emma and had the possibility of starting something with her when he learned her “big love” was still alive. Back then he chose to tell the truth at the cost of losing the opportunity to be her new love maybe, and it ended up causing the exact opposite because she admired his actions back then, and eventually the love she felt for Neal wasn’t as strong as he thought and she ended up repeatedly choosing him instead.

Now it’s even harder, because while back then Emma was a “potential love” here she’s already his completely, in a sacrifice my own heart for you kind of way. He can lose it all if he would choose to do the right thing here, or live with the guilt and the familiar sensation of being unworthy of her for the rest of his life. This is maybe the most significant point in his redemption arc than, and by the things we saw in the promo, seems like once more, our beloved pirate will indeed choose to do the right thing, which is another big incredible step in his redemption because it’s one thing to do the right thing when you know people will admire you for it, and a complete different thing to do it, while you know it may cause people to never look at you the same again, or even leave you.

As for Emma, I think this is also a big test for her love for him. Again, it is one thing to forgive over things he did to others than things he did to someone she loves. But as always, I’m sure she would once more surprise him here. It may not happen during one conversation, like when he tells her what’s wrong and she end up forgiving him during it, she may need to take some time, maybe having her own session with Archie about it (which btw, it’s amazing and good that he went to him with it!), but she will forgive eventually. Charming will forgive him eventually, too! But this would be the biggest test of accepting Hook as a changed man.

One thing for sure, I don’t doubt that this horrible thing will end up making their relationship even stronger.  

Alone, Until I Get Home (8/?)

Summary: In Boston, Henry Swan’s six-year-old brother Ian finds a book titled “Once Upon a Time” hidden beneath the seat in their mom’s old yellow bug. As soon as Henry touches it, he remembers.

Season 3 Canon Divergence-Emma finds out she’s pregnant a few weeks after she and Henry leave Storybrooke with new memories and new lives. Nearly seven years later, another Dark Curse puts her family in danger, and Emma must return to Storybrooke to help them.

Who’s powerful enough to cast the Dark Curse? And how the hell is she going to tell Hook they have a son together?

A/N:  Ah ha HAAA. Ok, so BIG THINGS were supposed to happen this chapter, but as I started writing I realized other, smaller things need to happen first. So here’s a a chapter lovingly titled Kilian’s Very Exciting Day (aka Captain Cobroctopus Goes to the Park).

Also on: AO3

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Peter Pan Fic Rec

Okay so since I’m the one who’s been complaining about soft hearted OC or Y/N, I think I owe y’all this. I keep track of every single fanfiction I read on a rec blog (but it’s in French and not on tumblr) so I figured I should make the same thing here.

Echo by PurpleLady

I just had to be her. The one he fell in love with, the girl who was taken away from her brother, got aged back to being sixteen- forgetting my memories for 28 years in the process, and then having to jump into a giant portal not knowing where I would be taken. “He thinks I’m Robin Hood’s twin sister who got kidnapped by Peter Pan for two decades.”

It’s over 300k long and it’s mindblowingly good. The author recreated the way the episodes work, she swtiched between past and present scenes that intermingle really well and everything is perfect. She did incredibly well with so many characters and the OC has depth and is relatable. Also, she’s a ‘bad guy’ technically.

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Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 40

As the door slammed closed, I leaned my back against it before crumpling down to the floor in a heap. I felt like my world just toppled in on me.

When people disagree, there seems to be one of two ways they tend handle it. One way is to talk through everything, no matter how heated. They don’t stop until the problem is resolved then they let it go and move on.

The other is to take a break, give each other some space to let emotions cool down then talk it out. Waiting gives you time to pull your thoughts together and think before you speak so that you don’t do or say something you’ll regret later.

Based on his behavior, Jared and I are clearly opposites in the way we deal with arguments.

He wanted to talk right this minute and I needed space. I understood what he wanted, I just couldn’t give it to him. It was my instinct to run, he has never reacted like that towards me ever before. When he wouldn’t let my arm go, I knew he was pushing me beyond my boundaries and I didn’t know how to convey that other than to safe word. It was the hardest little word I ever had to say.

The bathroom door had barely closed before I heard him on the other side. Closing my eyes, I could still see his shocked and hurt expression behind my lids and that crushed me.

“Vivie, open the door, please.” He said softly.

Tears flowed freely as I pulled my knees up to wrap my arms around them, trying to calm myself. I was torn. I needed space to think but I also felt like I needed his comfort at the same time. Jared had become my rock.

His voice was devoid of any anger when he spoke but I still wasn’t ready to talk to him. It was hard enough having to deal with being face to face with one of his model fuckbuddies but then to have him upset at me for how I handled it was more than I could deal with.

“We need to talk about this and not through a door.” He asked again, “Baby, please talk to me. Open the door.”

I didn’t answer him because I really didn’t know what to say. I was still trying to organize my thoughts.

What I did know is that we were both upset and the last thing I wanted to do was let this blow up any bigger than it already was. I needed to think and calm down so I didn’t get even more defensive and say something I’d regret.

“Please give me a minute.” I finally responded, sniffling.

I heard either his forehead or his hand lightly hit the door. He didn’t say another word but I could hear his frustrated huff.

Jared did what I hoped and prayed for. I wanted him to throw Ana out as rudely as she waltzed in. How he handled her, with no holds barred, I knew he chose me and I felt my heart swell. But then a split second later it all fell apart and it didn’t have to be that way.

Knowing this was clearly an uncomfortable situation for me, all I wanted, all I needed was for him to hold me and quell my insecurity. What I needed was for him to pull me in his arms and tell me he was sorry I had to deal with this. Had he done that, I’d feel totally different.

Instead, he did almost the exact opposite.

As I thought about it, I realized where his misplaced anger was coming from. It was like a lightbulb moment.

Since the day I met him, Jared did everything in his power to be as perfect as he possibly could in all things. He WANTED me to see him as the flawless man he truly wants to be and I did. No one is perfect but I felt like he was perfect for me.

Ana put a chink in that perfection. By showing up like she did, she put a spotlight on a very cliche part of his life I think he hoped to keep safely hidden from me. He was worried I would think less of him. That’s why he lashed out.

Jared has always said he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants but that doesn’t mean he wants people to know about it. There is a very public side of him, a persona he’s created and that side I really haven’t seen since that first concert in Chicago. Being the man he is, always needing to control all situations, without a doubt he knows exactly what’s being said about him. What rumors are going around. And, he’s very careful about what he puts out there.

His private side, however, is so much more relaxed. So much easier to connect with. That’s the side I see now. It’s this side that doesn’t really seem to fit with the friends with benefits, casual fuck cliche.

Unfortunately for him, his public life is well documented online. I already knew about his reputation with women thanks to my google search after those girls ridiculed me at the show in Chicago. Not that I ever told him I did that because really, at the end of the day, I didn’t care. I only cared about the man he was to me. We all have a past. Some are just more embarrassed about it than others and based on today, he was clearly embarrassed.

I understood it though, I really did. He already told me it had been years and years since he had any sort of relationship with anyone. I knew he wasn’t a monk, why would he be? He had needs too and if those girls were okay being his no strings attached, one of many, dirty little secrets, who was he to complain?

Although we never talked about the status of our relationship, I hoped now that we were together, that part of his life was in the past. Being one of many is not something I’d be okay with, even for him. I had no desire to be with anyone else and I could only hope he felt the same way.

No matter where we stood though, dealing with his past hook-up wasn’t something I expected, at least not in this way. Did I think at some point I’d meet someone he’d been with? Of course. We’re all adults. But, the way this situation with Ana went down was way beyond that.

Ana’s behavior and attitude made it seem like they were in a very current relationship, or whatever you want to call it and that made my insecurities flare up. Maybe I wasn’t enough. If the roles were reversed, I would think even a secure man like him would be a bit thrown. I think I had a right to be upset.

Now the big question was, where do we go from here?

Taking a deep breath, I knew I couldn’t stay locked in here all day. Emma would be calling any minute to let us know the van was here which made the shitty timing of all this even worse. The last thing I wanted to do was for anyone to know something was wrong or to think I was crying.

I knew it was time to face him but I also needed to pull myself together before I opened that door. Taking a deep breath, I tried to calm my chaotic emotions. I didn’t want him to see the mess I was on the inside.

“Vivie?” He asked softly, “Baby girl…”

I had to answer him, I couldn’t put it off any longer.

“I’ll be right out.”

Getting up off the floor, I walked to the counter and turned on the faucet. Dampening a washcloth in ice cold water, I wiped the smudged mascara from under my eyes. Touching up my make-up made me feel a little better since at least now I didn’t look as terrible as I felt.

With a sigh, I took one more look in the mirror before zipping up my make-up bag. My eyes were still a bit red and glassy but there was nothing I could do about it. This was the best I could offer and worse case, there were always sunglasses.

Reaching for the handle on the door, I pulled it open not expecting to see Jared standing in the doorway. As our eyes connected, I saw both sorrow and relief in them. Wrapping his fingers around both of my arms, he gently pulled me into his embrace.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered as his arms held me closely to his body, “I shouldn’t have taken my frustration out on you.”

Laying my head on his chest, I could hear his heart racing. I needed him to hold me, to apologize and in doing so my own anger began to slightly fade.

Slipping my arms around his waist, I held onto him as tightly as he held onto me. I could feel the tension still held in his muscles under my hands but slowly, the longer we stood there together, comforting each other, the more settled we both became.

I was worried that if I spoke, the floodgates would open again and I’d be a mess so instead, I nodded my head, accepting his apology.

“You did nothing wrong…” he said but before he could continue, the door buzzed and his phone rang at the same time. “Shit.” he huffed.

Whatever we needed to say to each other would have to wait until later.

Black and White

Summary: After Emma declares that Gideon is beyond saving, Belle and Rumplestiltskin have a talk about the “hero” view of a black and white world.  Truths are shared, and decisions are made.  Post-ep for 6x16, “Mother’s Little Helper”.  Spoilers abound.

Read it on AO3 | FFN

The words kept running through Belle’s mind. They only see the world in black and white.  Instinct had made her object to that statement about the town’s heroes, made her say that they were right to mistrust Gideon.  Gideon had wrought so much destruction in just a few short days, trying to kill Emma, and then asking for her help only to betray her and try to kill her again. He was acting like the worst of villains, hurting people without a care in the world—but he was her son.

Their son.

“Do you really think that we can get through to him?” she whispered, so very aware of Rumplestiltskin’s hand on her own. His touch was light, gentle.  It was everything she needed and Belle wanted to cling to him, but she didn’t dare let herself.

“Of course I do.  I spent so many years reveling in the darkness, and yet you reached me time and again.”  His smile was crooked, but it made Belle’s heart clench.

“Not when it mattered.”  She had to look away, remembering stopping Rumplestiltskin from killing Hook in the clock tower, forcing him out of town because she didn’t know how else to stop him.  Because I didn’t try anything else, she admitted to herself in silence.  Yet Rumplestiltskin hadn’t let her in, then.  He hadn’t been honest, not the way he was now, and that had led them straight do destruction.

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Bullet Points: Damn You, Leroy

A Wondrous Place-part 1

Bullet points are encapsulated scene analysis from the top of each act to the bottom. (each act is bookended by a commercial break)

1. Interesting blocking right from the first frame. Emma is seated on the counter with her feet quite literally not on solid ground. 


She moves from hunched forward to leaning back for a slight stretch. Her hair (gathered over one shoulder) and clothes (dark) are both atypical for her. Very subtle but clear representations that Emma is off her game.

2. “Where the hell is Hook anyway? Didn’t have the guts to come and tell me himself?”

This line does a nice job of giving us a lens through which to view David’s reactions (as limited as they are) in this ep. He’s only recently come to have a much more positive opinion of his father and now he finds out Hook, even with all the mitigating factors in place, was the one who killed Robert.

Had David stayed awake for the rest of this episode I think his story evolution would have been a lot different. Given a little time to process all the new information that got dumped on him I think he may very well have started to have a few questions. 

He has a very clear picture of who Killian really is. We know that for certain after their discussion on the dock a few eps back. But he just learned that Hook killed his father, followed immediately by news that Killian left town leaving his daughter a mess emotionally … it’s not really surprising his initial reaction is what it is.

As a matter of fact, as many lapses of common sense that need to be hand waved when talking about a show involving fairy tale characters and magic, I’d have thrown a shoe at my tv if David’s initial reaction was to support and defend Killian. I mean…come on.

3. “I told him if he wasn’t ready to trust me we shouldn’t talk for a while …”

The importance of this line really can’t be overstated. Emma places the impetus for Killian leaving on herself. She frames his leaving as something that was brought on by what she told him. So on top of everything else the text will reveal in the upcoming scenes about Emma’s state of mind there’s this little seed.

The fear that it was something she did/said that drove him away. Which is at the fear of her abandonment issues. That niggling little doubt that it was something about her that made everyone leave. Which is as much a source of pain as the abandonment itself.



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Come Away With Me (1/1)

Summary: Emma feels trapped in her role as princess and yearns for a life of freedom and adventure. A certain pirate offers her everything she’s ever wanted and more. On AO3.
Rating: M (mentions of sex but no actual smut, could probably be rated T but this is just in case)
Word Count: ~5100

Emma managed to escape the chaos of the ball while Grumpy and Sneezy caused a scene, loudly arguing over something petty, no doubt, and putting a damper on the otherwise festive atmosphere. She’d never been more grateful for her honorary uncles’ ill-tempered manners.

Her formal attire was beyond uncomfortable. No matter how many times she’d told her dressmaker to use soft, delicate materials like silk or velvet, the woman seemed to have her heart set on whatever new and exotic and stylish fabrics she could find. (Oftentimes, this backfired, leaving Emma with red rashes from chafing. But luckily, trends tended to be set by royalty so Emma had the benefit of seeing the rest of the court in gowns just as uncomfortable.) The lacy edges itched her skin, the corset was laced a bit on the tight side, and the beaded necklace she wore kept catching on the baby fine hairs on the back of her neck. It was dreadful.

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Fic: How Lucky We Are (5/?) (M)

Author’s note: As promised, an update! A little smuttier than I expected, but you know me. The muse wants what it wants. I hope you like it! We’re abouth halfway through this story. :)

Summary: What happens when a revenge obsessed pirate meets a princess at a ball?

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Chapter 5

Killian blinked hard, an annoyed groan in his throat. His shoulders still ached fiercely, a consequence of his imprisonment. Still, it was worth it. He blinked against the light streaming in from the open window sash. Where was he? He had a vague recollection from the last few hours, the Queen permitting them to leave the dungeon. Emma. Where was Emma? He started to roll over, only to encounter something warm and soft. There was a muffled murmur and he pulled her deeper into his arms, burying his nose in her hair.

“Ugh, Killian,” Emma whined. Even as she complained, she sleepily drew his arms even tighter around her. She felt warm and safe; it felt like her dream world was real.

“Hush, love,” he mumbled, hand flat on her belly. She was nude, fitting perfectly against him. He had no idea what time it was; they’d arrived their new accommodations in the early morning, wasted no time in christening the bed. However, they quickly fell into a deep sleep, exhausted. What mattered was his princess was in his arms and not in that cell.

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The Masks We Wear (1/?)

Killian and Emma are colleagues, friends and they’re madly in love with each other. If only they could work out that their feelings are totally requited. But then, if they still haven’t figured out that they work together as superheroes in their spare time, there’s probably no hope for them. Probably.

Rated M

Also on AO3

I’m so excited to share this with you all! Thanks to the lovely @coffeewithcaptainswan for beta duties, and to @artandteaandstuff for being my cheerleader. Look, I’m finally posting it guys!

Emma dropped her lunch down on the table, slumping low in the chair next to it. There was a magazine lying there. The oh so imaginative headline Heroes! jumped out at her.

She did not have time for that shit. Especially not on her lunch hour.

With a sigh she flipped the magazine over, wanting to ignore all reminders of her superpowered alter ego, only to be confronted by a separate headline Villains! accompanied by a shot of “The Dark One” in all his glittery skinned glory.

How do they not see that he’s Gold?

Unbidden the memory of a similar conversation with The Survivor resurfaced.

“People don’t see what they don’t want to,” he grinned, but the smile was cold and didn’t reach his eyes. “For instance this mask of yours,” he trailed a finger along the edge of cloth covering the upper part of her face. His touch made her shiver and she longed to nuzzle into his hand, but such luxuries were for normal people, not them.

She realised that he’d stopped speaking, perhaps as caught up in the moment as her. The realisation hit him at the same moment he met her eyes and he moved away.

“Your mask is hardly the most effective of disguises -”

“Speak for yourself! You-”

“I do,” he cut her off with a chuckle. “We, both of us,” he gestured between the two of them, “have terrible disguises that we’d advise against anyone actually using while trying to conceal their identity. And yet, I bet no one, not once, has mentioned that you look even a little similar to your counterpart.”

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the lady swan (2/4)

After falling through Zelena’s time portal alone, Emma finds herself on Neverland, meeting the acquaintance of one Lieutenant Jones and his brother. But the time spell is torn, and Emma finds herself diving through the years, each time meeting a different version of Killian Jones.

Season 3B Canon Divergence, Lieutenant Duckling, Captain Duckling

This is the second chapter of my CSSS gift to @stubble-sandwich​! Tori, the more I talk to you, the more I am so happy I got to write this for you! Special thanks to @killiancygnus​, @abbadons-little-witch​, and @hook-come-back-to-me​ for looking this over and cheering me on. You ladies rock!

Catch up: Chapter One

AO3  FF.net  Rated T+   6k words

Chapter Two: The Dread Pirate Jones

The warmth of the campfire is comforting on Emma’s fingertips. Her knee bounces in comfortless tension. She can feel the way Killian watches her, the way a man looks at a beautiful treasure he’s never seen before and can’t wait to finally have in his hands. It’s not much different than the way he typically looks at her, but feeling it again after having he’d been quiet about his feelings for so long is a bit overwhelming.

“So, what can we help you with?” Liam asks, frying up a fish for her to eat.

“I assume you know of my curse, being unable to leave Neverland,” Emma answers, playing along.

“Are you looking for help with breaking that curse?” Killian speaks this time, leaning forward to examine her face a bit closer.

“No, no. See, that’s the thing. I was able to break it myself through…” Emma struggles for a moment. “A deal that I made with the ruler of this island. He’d rather have me gone than helping sailors leave.”

“Who? That boy?” Liam scoffs. Emma cannot help but feel as though Pan is watching them. She can sense his eyes in the trees, through the vines, dripping from the humidity. He’s out there, and she’d rather not provoke him.

“He’s not one to be trifled with,” Emma answers. “Take it from someone who knows from experience.”

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I watch the episode last night, and now I feel the need to share what I see with you guys. First off all, it doesn’t matter if you like WolfieKansas or not, because A&E did it and there is no coming back. I actually appreciate this new couple and how A&E choose to display their story.

In each WolfieKansas scenes, all I saw was Swan Queen. I know I’m not the only one in the fandom who have seen parallel between them. The truth is:


The evolution in the relationship is exactly the same as Swan Queen, expect it’s all in one episode. 5 seasons into one episode. I know some of you are going to say: “stop fooling yourself and accept the fact that Swan Queen will never be.” I don’t care! I know what I saw. So if you’re interesting to find out why I see Swan Queen please keep reading.

First of all, Dorothy and Ruby don’t get along, “don’t mix” like Emma would say, because hate is a strong word. Dorothy doesn’t really like Ruby, because she’s the reason Toto ran away. In season 1 and Season 2, Regina and Emma didn’t like each other, they hated one another because of Henry. Regina hated Emma because Henry ran away to be with his birth mother.

So really, it all started like that. Dorothy is actually Regina, Ruby is Emma and Toto is Henry.

If Ruby hadn’t been here, Toto wouldn’t have run away. If Emma didn’t stay in Storybrooke, Henry wouldn’t have turn is back against Regina.
Then Toto disappeared, Dorothy and Ruby work together to find him. Dorothy is still reluctant but, she doesn’t have a choice. They find out, that Zelena has him. So they’re going to face Zelena together. They’re making a plan to defeat her. That’s exactly what happen in Season 3. Henry is being kidnapped at the end of season 2. They go to Neverland. Emma and Regina have to learn to work together in order to free Henry from Pan. They’re making a plan. They used magic together to get to him.

Dorothy calls Ruby “Wolfie”, it’s an affectionate name and she’s the first one to try this out. Regina does the same in some kind of way. In season 4, she calls Emma, Miss Swan, to tease her first, then she uses it to make her understand that she’s angry with her (Season 5). Emma answers with Madam Maire, in 4x13. They flirt in this episode and touch when they defeat the Chernadog. Dorothy too touch Ruby just after their flirt. Season 4 is practically just flirt between the two.

“Do you trust me? Yes.”

How many times Emma asks this to Regina? Too much. But here, it’s Ruby who asks Dorothy; the same way Swan Queen plays it. The longing look, and the “yes” determinates.

Dorothy realizes her feelings for Ruby when she saved her life, showing her true form: the wolf. She sacrifices her human nature to become the beast, the wolf. The parallel here, is not evident, with Swan Queen but it’s right under our nose! End of season 4 episode 23. Regina is in danger, Emma saved her life, taking the darkness, becoming a beast. Rumple was the Dark One before, and the beast. So Emma becoming the Dark One, make her the beast! Not a wolf, Ok. But still a beast. Regina realizes at this moment that she’s in love with Emma, ense 5x12.

“I can’t turn my back on the people I love”.

In order to find Dorothy, Ruby goes to another world with a location spell. Regina wants to find Emma now, and uses her blanket to go to her. It’s a location spell that take them, her, to Camelot. In another world.
The parallel has been switch. At this point, Ruby became Regina and Dorothy became Emma! So till the end of season 4:
Dorothy: Regina   Emma: Ruby

Season 4 sacrifices:
Dorothy: Emma     Ruby: Regina

Emma clings to Hook but Regina puts a lot of distance between her and Robin Hood, because of her realization. Indeed, in the episode, Regina calls Robin by his full name: Robin Hood, which is professional manner. And if we want to dig deeper, when Robin was injured in Camelot, it was Regina’s fault. He would have die because of her. Ruby hate her boyfriend, it was her fault. So really: Regina became Ruby at the end of season 4.

So after Emma’s sacrifice, Regina is Ruby and Dorothy is Emma.

I know Emma not under a sleeping curse, but she’s numb and lost. Her instinct is asleep and she’s still use Dark One method to help Hook.
Ruby doubts she can help Dorothy waking up, she doubts she can save her. Regina is there too at the current time. She supports Emma but she doesn’t know how to free her from this state, this issues. Regina doubts she can free Emma from the darkness. Yeah I still believe she’s under the Dark One curse! A curse can only be broken by True Love Kiss!

I’m letting the parallel aside now and focused on the True Love Kiss. If we look, the TLK symbolize love. It was their first kiss, and also a declaration of love. The same scenario happen for Snowing and Rumbelle.
We knew Ruby has feeling for Dorothy but we didn’t know is they were reciprocated until the kiss. Ruby tries and it works. Plus they didn’t say “I love you”, they talk about Dorothy leaving. Ruby asked why.
Ruby being Regina, I think that what would happen between her and Emma. Ruby didn’t believe in herself and Dorothy feelings the same way, so she searched for others solutions. Someone Dorothy would love as much as Toto, it lead to her aunt. Regina does the same. Emma and Henry already share TLK and apparently, Emma is in love with Hook, so she lets him help Emma because Regina doesn’t believe in herself and she’s sure Emma loves Hook, and not her. She’s backing off.

“I saw the way you worry about her”

Snow knows Ruby is in love with Dorothy, because she sees how Ruby panicked when the options were running out. Snow gives the same look at Regina in 5x01 when she sees her daughter’s blanket. Snow knows Regina is in love with Emma, but she doesn’t push her, because Regina step back when Hook takes the lead. She stays out of the picture when she’s not throwing shades at him.

The fact that TLK always is the first kiss between two characters proves that Outlaw Queen and Captain Swan are not true love. That’s just another evidence seriously. Snowing, Rumbelle and WolfieKansas never say “I love you” before the TLK, it’s the kiss that declares it. Comparing this with C$ and OQ, this two couples already share affective gesture and a lot of disgusting kisses. Emma and Hook said “I love you” an amount of time to convince themselves, and Regina and Robin slept together even if Marian was in danger. No TLK. Normal. They’re just couples.

Emma is in an abusive relationship
Regina is in a rebound one.

The same logic applies with Henry (first kiss) but not in a romantic way of course. Season 1, Emma shows she loves Henry by kissing him on his forehead. TLK. First affective gesture. Season 3, Regina proves she loves Henry by kissing his forehead too, at the same time saying I love you. TLK. First affective gesture.
Regina and Emma need to discover what that mean and that their happy ending is their family. The Swan Mills Family. Regina is aware of her feelings for Emma but tried to keep them at bay, to herself. The looks we seen between Dorothy and Ruby are the same Regina and Emma share.

I have hope! I know that A&E didn’t parallel Wolfie Kansas with Swan Queen for nothing. The GA needs to understand that a True Love Kiss can be share between two women or two men, by the LGBT community too.


That’s what Emma said to Regna, that’s what we saw in Sunday’s episode. A&E make the first step with Wolfie and Kansas, opening the eyes of the GA, showing that Swan Queen is existing since the beginning. This episode is a glimpse into the future for Emma and Regina.

So hang here Swen, soon will be our turn. Emma and Regina are just not ready to try yet. They need to understand that their son, they’re a unit, a family.


The very fact that Emma and Regina didn’t know about the TLK between Ruby and Dorothy is a clue. Henry wrote it and seems happy, even wondering. Wondering if one day, he would write this for this moms. David smiles and flip the page, choosing to show Emma is mother with his brother, because he senses Emma is not ready to admit it. He told Hook he came to the Underworld for Emma, not for him. He just follow the process of his daughter. We all saw how Regina and Charming, or with Snow, how they accept her, defend her. They don’t ac the same way with Hook. They don’t trust him.

Having Emma and Regina helping Ruby find her true love is a way to say, they’re on this path together. They are building their love, it just take a lot of time for them and mistakes and hurt. Emma came from the real world and Regina opens herself to it. She let go of her fairytale character. She was the Evil Queen. Now she’s just Regina.

The best relationship are rooted in friendship

Operation Swashbuckle

A/N: Has not been beta’d, so please forgive any errors I’ve made in my sleepy state. I’ve been working on this idea for way too long and it needed to be posted before I went crazy. Tagging a few people at the bottom that might enjoy this one–let me know if that’s not cool. Thanks, everyone! 

Summary: Henry decides that after three hundred years, it’s time Hook celebrated his birthday. Set at some vague point in the near-ish future of the show. 

Words: 4,400K

Rated: T for mentions of sexy time and explicit cuteness

Find on A03 here


“You want to throw Hook a birthday party?” Snow asked.

“Yeah,” Henry said. He shuffled his feet a bit, hands stuffed into his pockets. “Belle and I thought it would be nice. You know, with everything going on around here, it would be a good distraction. Or something.”

David piped up from his position near the sink, where he was drying dishes with a hand towel. “Isn’t he like, three hundred?”

Henry shrugged. “I don’t know. I think so? I kind of left that up to my mom to find out. To be honest, I’m not even sure Hook knows how old he is anymore. He probably stopped counting after about one hundred.”

David gave a thoughtful look and nodded in agreement. “Fair enough,” he said. “I guess I probably would, too. Either way, that’s a lot of candles." 

"Curses make everything confusing,” Snow added, as she took one of David’s dry dishes to put away. “I think everyone in Storybrooke is technically twenty-eight years older than they think they are.”

“Okay, this is giving me a headache,” David said, shaking his head. 

“Right,” Henry said, “Anyway, you guys in?" 

"Of course,” David and Snow said in unison. David gave his wife a fond smile before adding, “Just let us know what we can do. Your grandmother is great with decorating. I’m always good for a distraction. This is a surprise party, right?”

Henry grinned. “You know it!" 

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Eyes Wide Open

A/N: I saw THIS POST by @killians-dimples a while back and it got me thinking about some things. Eventually my thinking turned into this whatever-it-is. It’s not smut exactly, but it is very much about sex. Psychological smut? Is that a thing? This is very different from the stuff I usually write…just trying something new, I guess.

Rated: M (to be safe); Word Count ~1900

[Read on AO3]

Summary: My take on Emma and Killian’s first time together. Canon Universe, post-Underworld

It’s time - long since past time, if she’s being honest with herself. Back from the Underworld, doom and destruction averted for the time being, the scars of the last few months certainly not fully healed, but at least the deepest tears have knitted together, finally stopped bleeding. Waking up next to Killian, cocooned in their blankets, in their bed, in their bedroom, in their home had changed from frighteningly and beautifully surreal to a welcome and comfortable normal. It’s a fact strange enough in and of itself - that Emma Swan has allowed herself to become accustomed to such domestic normalcy at all - but, coupled with the fact that after weeks of cohabitation, she and Killian still haven’t…

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his sea of stars (1/1)

When Emma falls under a sleeping curse, Killian searches high and low for a way to save her. He finds an old text with the story of a fisherman and a princess who have a story that is curiously familiar.

Soulmates AU and Lieutenant Duckling AU

This is a (late) birthday present for @queenemmaswan​ on tumblr, who told me she wanted angst and soulmates! Here’s my very strange take on that. Joyeux anniversaire, mon amour. Enjoy!! ♥ 

❁  AO3  ❁  FF.net ❁ Rated T  ❁ ~10k words

Storybrooke, Maine .2016.

Moonfall bathed over Killian Jones’ hair like a sea of waves reflecting lunar brilliance. He sat in the shadows, bodily exhaustion making it impossible for him to do much more than sit in torturous apprehension. His own restlessness seemed to be increasing by the minute. His mind told him to sleep, and wait until the morning to continue his search for a solution. But his heart? The fiery organ beating his chest told him to fight, fight, fight.So he poured through endless pages, one pointless book after another stacking in a messy pile beside him. No book had the answers he was looking for.

“You don’t look too hot.” Killian spun around to see Henry standing in the doorframe, shoulders scrunched in a little. The boys eyes lingered on him for just a second too long, and he was probably taking note of the redness around Killian’s eyes and the dried residue on his cheeks. “I take it you haven’t found anything.”

“You’d be the first to know, lad,” Killian promised. He reached out a hand, a humble request. Henry walked over and allowed the man to wrap an arm around his shoulders. It was a subtle, momentary exchange of support, but it was something they both needed.

“No progress at all?” Henry asked quietly. Hook was silent for a moment, as if speaking the answer aloud would make it real.

“No,” Killian said quietly. “I haven’t found anything that will help us wake your mother from her curse.”

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Captain Cobra Swan 5B One-Shot

So, yesterday I saw this life-ruining post by @winter-by-the-sea and my muse went batshit crazy for it. So I wrote the thing and you can blame Svenja for the Jones brothers/CS/Captain Cobra feels.

Because that’s what our family does

He’d been in the Underworld for the real-world equivalent of twenty hours. Less than a day. And already the bone-deep ache of missing Emma, the desperate longing to feel her soft skin beneath his fingertips just one last time, had firmly set in and made his no-longer beating heart feel like a lead weight in his chest.

But time didn’t exist in the Underworld, day and night merging to create one long, torturous eternity. He wondered how long it would be before he stopped measuring by days and hours and minutes. He wondered how long it would take for the crystal clear image in his mind of Emma’s beautiful face to blur at the edges of his memory. 

Or perhaps the memory of her wouldn’t blur at all, and that would be his eternal punishment.

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Smooth Sailing (with a chance of definite passion) (1/12) - They’d Be Crazy Not To

I’ve decided to do my own throwback hiatus project and pull out some of my old stuff. This is my very first CS fic. I hope there’s still some interest out there for post season 3 stuff? I’m planning to post a new chapter every 2 or 3 days, so there won’t be a long wait for the updates.

Summary: post 3x22 - I wanted to explore the question where the relationship was going without obstacles like Elsa and Marian. Later, though, other obstacles might appear, because as we know - there’s always a crisis.

rating: T, but that will change to M in chapter 3.

you can also read it on ff and ao3.

Chapter 1: They’d Be Crazy Not To

They’d both completely lost track of time, lost in themselves and their newfound closeness there in the cold of Granny’s outdoor patio. They were so enveloped in their own little microcosm that neither of them felt anything except an all-encompassing warmth glowing inside which seemed to heat up the chilly air. Emma had gradually moved in to Hook so closely that she was almost sitting on his lap; he still cradled her head in his hand while her fingers were entangled in his hair at the nape of his neck. They softly swayed back and forth like reeds in the wind while kissing, breaking apart again, caressing each other’s face, running gentle fingertips over scruffy jaws, silky cheeks and smiling lips… smiling – happy, unbelieving smiles – and kissing again. Not a single word had been uttered since his plain and simple, yet so mind-blowing, “Aye.”

Only a few moments had passed since Emma moved in for that kiss and Hook – after a few seconds of disbelief – had raised his hand to her head and kissed her back, very slowly and carefully at first, then stopping midway like he wanted to make sure that she really, really was accepting this. Embracing it. Or maybe it had been minutes? Hell, as for them, it could have been hours. Nothing, nobody seemed to matter or even exist anymore but them.

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Harry Potter Book Club

For @thegladelf, who is sick and in need of many wonderful things. She prompted me with “Killian discovers Harry Potter”, which is simply a fun and nostalgic scenario to write. So, dear, I present you “Harry Potter Book Club” and hope it makes you smile!

Summary: Killian and Belle read Harry Potter for the first time, with Emma and Henry joining in on the fun. (Set during the six weeks of peace between 4a & 4b) Captain Book BroTP & Captain Swan OTP


He is a fool, or rather, he feels like one.

As he stands outside the library, swaying awkwardly by the door, Killian silently curses himself for thinking this to be a good idea. He’s always been one for grand gestures, but he doubts the success of his plan, or if it will be well received. Besides, he’s doesn’t even know if she’s already read the bloody thing.

He sighs, and rights himself. There’s no use delaying this any longer.

She’s behind the circulation desk when he enters, and doesn’t even bother to glance up from whatever book she is perusing. He’s half a mind to warn her against lurking pirates, or at the very least to remind her to mind her surroundings, but he notices the rose of her skin and the tear tracks she’s not bothered to hide, and he thinks better of it. Instead, he makes a loud coughing sort of noise and pretends not to notice her wiping her cheeks with her sleeve.

“Belle,” he greets with an enthusiasm that feels out of place for the situation. Still, he soldiers on in hopes that he can improve her spirit.

“Oh, hello, Killian,” she replies back, and he can’t help but smile at how she says his name. She’s one of the few, besides Emma, that really uses it. He rarely minds the use of his more colorful moniker, but there’s something more human about being referred to by his actual name. It makes him feel less of villain, especially when Belle uses it. Considering all the wrongs he’s committed against her in the past, it’s honestly a surprise she’s working to forgive him. “I think I might have a lead on a way to free the fairies.”

“That’s good,” Killian says with a grimace. For the past few weeks, they’ve been researching ways to free the fairies from the hat he, under the control of the Crocodile, trapped them. While the guilt still gnaws at him, no one seems to particularly blame him, which almost makes the situation worse. However, Killian has resolved to save them, one of the many messes he’s made that he wants so desperately to rectify. His relationship with Belle is another one of those things.

“I’ve brought you something.”

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hook-come-back-to-me  asked:

8 & cs for the drabble thing thanks dear <3 :)

I went over so many ideas for this prompt, and this is what I settled on. I’m not entirely certain about it, but I think it turned out okay? Hope you all enjoy it! Apologies for any grammar/spelling mistakes!

Prompt: “Wanna bet?”


It occurred to him that he hadn’t caught a glimpse of his Swan for quite some time right about the same time Snow White sidled up to him, with a gentle yet firm hand against his arm. 

“You should probably go upstairs.” She had a smile on her face, but the urgency underlying her quiet tone and the look in her eyes made it clear she was saving face for the many guests around them.

Killian raised a concerned brow. He started to inquire what was the matter, but Snow cut him off with quick squeeze to his bicep. 

“Your bathroom. Just go.” She didn’t leave any room for further questioning. He nodded and turned to head towards the staircase leading to the second floor, hearing her make some mundane excuse for his abrupt exit. He tried to keep his demeanor calm as he moved through the small gathering, smiling tightly at the well-wishers he passed before he reached the stairs. Clearly Emma was in no immediate danger, but anything being amiss when it concerned his love was certainly off-putting. Especially when they were meant to be celebrating.

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Hope Beyond the Dark

This is a little snippet for @optomisticgirl‘s birthday.  I know it’s well past the actual day, love, but I couldn’t let it pass without writing you a little something.  You’re such a sweetheart and I’m so happy to have “met” you.  I hope your birthday was wonderful.

Enjoy a little tenderness from our loves! 

He wakes, Emma’s arm heavy over his stomach.  Tears fill his eyes at the possessiveness he finds in the gesture, at the way she grips him tighter to her even in sleep.  She came for him, this stubborn, courageous woman traveled to the Underworld, risking her safety and that of her family…for him.  He can’t get his mind wrapped around that, can’t believe that she continues to love him after all he’s done.

After all he has done in his illustrious career on the seas, after all the havoc and the pain he has caused by hand and hook, she wants him still.  She had pushed away all reason and logic to chase after him, to chase love.  She believes in them, wants a future, a “white picket fence life” with Captain bloody Hook.

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Emma's emphasis on 'home'...

…makes me think she is trying to force the traditional lifestyle we’re all taught to strive for and and she was never able to have before Storybrooke.

She went to SB as a sexy friendless orphan and turned into a sexy heroic mother with the nuclear family she never had and the socially acceptable male love interest she is expected to end up with.

The only problem is… this life isn’t right for Emma, she’s trying to mold herself into something she’s not and it’s causing nothing but trouble for her and those around her. She isn’t the perfect hero, she isn’t the perfect daughter and she isn’t meant to end up with Hook.

This season is supposed to be about the gray areas right? In fact that’s what all of OUAT has been about all along hasn’t it? We’re constantly being reminded that heroes can do bad things and villians can do good things.

We’ve witnessed Emma (and basically everyone on this show tbh) perform morally corrupt actions to protect the ones she loves and we’ve seen Snow react with judgement most of the time. (When Emma sides with Regina to rip out the lost boys heart, Emma killing Cruella, Emma becoming the DO). In fact, Snow reacts poorly any time Emma is anything other than the daughter she envisioned her to be. Examples that come to mind are the aforementioned actions, Snow pushing her towards both Neal and Hook, Snow being afraid when Emma can’t control her magic, judging Emma’s decision to return to NY with Henry. I’d argue that Snow is a huge reason why Emma is so intent on fulfilling the role of savior/ unrealistic epitome of goodness.

I don’t think the fact that Regina, Emma and Snow are the ones Hades chose to keep in UB is a coincidence. After all why would he keep Regina, the one with the most potential to help souls move on, and Snow, the one with the most determination to save the souls in UB, when they are the most likely candidates to ruin his soul sucking operation? I believe Regina, Emma and Snow have the most unfinished business and are therefore the least likely to escape the underworld. Especially considering that all of these ladies are extremely stubborn and seem to have trouble acknowledging or expressing their feelings. I also believe that all of their unfinished business is intertwined.

We’ve been shown that Emma and Snow don’t share true love because in 5.11 Snow kisses Emma’s forehead but she remains the dark one. Why don’t they have true love? Because Snow doesn’t completely accept Emma and Emma doesn’t show her true self to the ones she loves. The scene at the well with Regina demanding Emma let down her walls comes to mind. There have been other instances highlighting the fragile relationship that snow and emma have but they are usually overshadowed by the newest big bad or everyone dealing with getting thrown into a new realm.

I’m not entirely sure what Regina and Snows unfinished business might be but I see them sharing more moments in 5B. Regina has admitted they are friends, perhaps the final step is for Snow to admit they are family.

As for Emma and Regina’s unfinished business, well that should be pretty obvious. Many SQ shippers hold out hope for a TLK between them in the finale. I think there is definitely an emotionally charged confrontation in store for them in the back half of this season. We’ve seen Emma putting distance between her and Regina the entire time they’ve been in UB. The Dark Swan storyline has been one big Swan Queen roller coaster with Emma sacrificing herself for Regina, then trusting her with dagger. We saw Regina share her most hurtful memory leading to a more intimate understanding between her and Emma. We saw them work together in Camelot and we saw the tension created by Emma turning dark. Regina refuses to leave UB because she needs to help the ones she loves (i.e. Emma, she’s the one that needs help). Meanwhile we have Emma putting distance between her and Regina both physically and emotionally. Hades is shaping up to be the most powerful villain yet on Once which means the only ones capable of defeating him are Regina and Emma and the only way they can take him on are if they are in sync, which they are currently not. Why create this divide if we aren’t getting a confrontation and resolution at some point?

As for Hook, I believe there is love between him and Emma just not true love. Throughout their relationship we’ve only seen them growing worse and ultimately becoming the worst versions of themselves. Hook is constantly deceptive and Emma only responds to him at the behest of other characters. I think both are selfishly choking the life out of this relationship to try and be something they’re not. Hook uses Emma as the center of his goodness only acting the hero as it pertains to her. This is unfair to both Hook and Emma because he is dependant on Emma to determine his actions and therefore he is unable to grow as a character. Emma on the other hand is desperately holding on to Hook to try and fulfil the fairytale romance she believes she needs. Snow and Charming are the ultimate example of true love, having them as parents would without a doubt pressure Emma to attain that same status. Plus Snow and Charming approve of Hook and encourage Emma’s relationship with him. There may also be a sense of guilt fueling Emma’s mission in UB. She doesn’t want to do to Hook what Neal did to her. She put him in hell and she can’t leave him there to suffer. However we as the audience know that Hook could have moved on, he just chose not to. Emma is not his unfinished business. Also, we know that people can’t be brought back from the dead. Daniel and Frankenstein’s stories showed us the consequences of trying to perform such a feat. Also Hook’s body is rotting in Storybrooke so…

My problem is that everything Emma has been trying to be has been forced upon her. She was forced into the position of savior by her parents and Henry. She was forced into the position of daughter when the original curse was broken. Snow immediately wanted that relationship without any build up. Emma was pursued relentlessly by Hook and encouraged to date him by Snow and Charming. The only person who seems to accept Emma as she is and challenge her to be the person she was meant to be is Regina, and vice versa. Emma’s bond with Regina is one of the most organic on the show (second only to Emma’s relationship with Henry) they haven’t forced each other to be something they’re not and they’ve progressed to where they are now through mutual trust, acceptance and support.

This is so long! I’m sorry, I just have a lot of feelings and also too much time on my hands