i just have miserable feelings

The fact that French students still barricade their high schools/university buildings with furniture to protest shit is the True™ les Mis legacy

things i have observed about different fandoms

Harry Potter

  • your hogwarts house is more important than your name
  • so vast?? so old??? scary, kind of.
  • really old classic fics
  • used to have ship wars like all hell, and kind of still does??? but not really??? it’s better now
  • every other fandom has a harry potter au.
  • split into different sects that are practically whole different fandoms. there’s the marauders fandom, the golden trio/canon era fandom, the fantastic beasts fandom, the next gen fandom – they’re all like little umbrella fandoms under one great big potter net.
  • no one’s favorite character is harry potter.
  • they don’t talk about the cursed child.
  • will never die.


  • holy shIT this fandom is a minefield
  • a lot of teenagers??? like??? a lot???
  • an alarming amount of smut fic
  • i dont know a lot of this fandom is really immature and there are so many ship wars?? like??? 
  • ignoring actual historical material in favor of coddling your favorite character
  • the dub is one of the most quotable things i’ve ever seen
  • hetalia is very much a starter anime. a lot of people get into this anime as like a gateway drug and grow out of the fandom later on.
  • lots of bad fic, with rare absolute GEMS thrown in.
  • some fics are beautifully researched, intricate, historically accurate, and amazing. so much potential for fic in this fandom.
  • george devalier.

Les Miserables

  • frENCH
  • the main character is jean valjean
  • much of the fandom does not realize this.
  • les amis are love, les amis are life. jean valjean?? who??? javert??? who’s that?? fantine????? WHO THE FC U K
  • emerges from the deep once every few years when a movie or something else comes out.
  • The Movie Musical shot the fandom to new heights and launched a new era, but now has mostly calmed down???
  • also will never die. been around since 1862 and still going strong.
  • used to be eponine stans (eppyboppers) who hated cosette??? and usually shipped eponine with marius or enjolras. thank god that’s over.
  • literally everyone ships E/R.
  • even the actors ship E/R.


  • no
  • nOOOO
  • dying??? (hopefully)


  • oikawa tooru is universally adored
  • pretty much everyone ships the same things?? like obviously not, and there are so many great character dynamics and rarepairs, but ships like bokuaka, iwaoi, kagehina, etc. are so ingrained in the actual canon that everyone ships them a LITTLE bit, even if you ship the character different ways too.
  • you can ship anyone with anyone. literally. go fuckin wild.
  • everyone has normal hair except for the one owl guy.
  • incredible aus.

Yuri!! on Ice

  • at this point 90% of the fandom is just screaming over any new content they get b/c it’s all so great.
  • everyone under 20 gets shipped with yurio, and every one of these ships is somehow controversial.
  • fandom swings back and forth between wanting JJ to die in a fire or being ready to protect him to the ends of the earth.
  • sala or sara??? nobody can decide??? (spoiler alert: it’s sara, that’s a real italian name, sala is the word for living room.)
  • even the people who despise the dub can’t hate it THAT much
  • at one point the fandom hated chris, but now he’s just kind of the weird overly sexual uncle at the family barbecue
  • giaCOMEtti
  • kubo-sensei is a goddess

what have you done

I think what I find the most fascinating with tinhats is how determined they are to be unhappy.

Like, yes, they pretend to be happy. They spend their days saying antis are pressed and miserable and that they, the virtuous tinhats, are just enjoying the lives of their favs, despite hating everything they actually see of said favs’ lives and regularly feeling angst about it.

But we all know what they thrive on is despair.

And I just… don’t understand why?

Because at the end of the day, turning their tinhat theories around and putting a positive spin on them would have been… so easy??

Why didn’t they just decide that Briana was a surrogate? That Danielle and El (and whichever girl Harry might be briefly linked to) are friends of theirs happy to help them “blend in” until they’re ready to come out?

Why didn’t they just go with the idea that instead of a big conspiracy to keep Louis and Harry unhappy, they themselves just decided that they weren’t ready to come out yet, or did not want to deal with the inevitable scrutiny?

They could get to enjoy Freddie, they wouldn’t have to imagine Louis as a mere pawn, a spineless man whose suffering is basically ignored by his partner. They could just enjoy both Harry’s and Louis’s solo careers for what they are, and STILL imagine them spending time together whenever we don’t see them.

Like, they’d still be wrong, obviously, but at least they’d have things to rejoice over instead of spending their days desperately trying to find explanations for things that can’t be explained away!

Yet any time a tinhat tries to put a positive spin on things, they’re shunned by the rest of the group.

And I sit there wondering… why???

128 // Sometimes things are just, messy.

Three days have passed but i can still feel the frustration in my pocket. The kind of frustration that makes you want to yell at every person you find annoying, the type wherein you want to scream and shout your heart out because you’re too tired and you just want a fxcking space to breathe for a moment, the ones wherein you want to stab anyone who makes your blood boil to the Nth level in the slightest sight of an unforeseen circumstances, the ones where but usually ends at your room (with all your personal things all over the place), crying.

I’ve been trying to pass through this, i really am and with all my might, and i’m in the verge of having a breakdown but you know… i can’t. I’m trying not to. It’s hard for me to stay still and smile at everybody and greet them happily every single day but if only someone could notice i’m in dire need of a serious break or help, i’d be glad. But nah, nobody ever notice your darkness. No one ever dared to see them, either.

You know how fxcked up i feel right now? It’s when while writing this, tears are streaming down my face. I just feel so hopeless, and frustrated. I am not sure if this is a simple depression or a manifestation of my raging hormones, but tonight, my heart doesn’t beat for anyone or anything anymore and the fire inside me has been put out long enough that i no longer know how to ignite them.

I think it’s okay to admit that these days—i seem to have lost my way. I don’t want to ask for help, because i think i’m used to the fact that i usually rescue myself from every shit i stepped on but also torn because i want someone to hear my mournings and withering emotions. Sigh. I just want to rest, i want to rest and be at peace with my personal troubles.

Sorry, this post has been long overdue. I tried to shrug the ill feelings but nothing came good, so far.


“The power of a glance has been so much abused in love stories, that it has come to be disbelieved in. Few people dare now to say that two beings have fallen in love because they have looked at each other. Yet it is in this way that love begins, and in this way only.” – Les Misérables

Cosette | Marius 
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Montparnasse’s eyes fly open. What the hell?? He rolls out of bed, actually pressing his hands to his ears against the piercing noises that seem to come in through both the window and his ceiling. He grabs a pair of jeans and puts them on, not even bothering with shoes before he grabs his keys and slams the door to his apartment behind him and runs up the stairs to the attic floor. The door is locked, but Montparnasse has everyone’s keys. The hellish noise is even louder here.

“Gueul!” he yells.

No answer, big surprise.

Montparnasse kicks open the door to Gueulemer’s bedroom and sees that the dormer window is open. An extension cord is draped across the windowsill, leading outside. On the flat roof it leads to Gueulemer is leaning over something metal and rusty. He’s wearing gloves, goggles and ear protection. Lucky him.

Montparnasse sticks his head out the window. “What the ever-loving fuck are you doing!”

Gueulemer clearly doesn’t hear him and he’s completely focussed on his work. Whatever he is holding, it is plugged in the extension cord and screeching and sparking whenever he pushes it against the metal.

Furiously Montparnasse turns back into the room, grabs the plug of the extension cord and pulls it out. The noise stops. If his ears could sigh in relief they would.

“What- oh, hi,” Gueulemer says, turning towards the window and seeing Montparnasse. He properly switches off the now unplugged contraption and pushes the goggles up his head, or as far as his dreads will allow it. “What’d you do that for.”

“Gueul,” Montparnasse glowers. “It is Monday morning.”

“Yeah, so?” Gueulmer shrugs.

“What are you doing?”

“Fixing something for the car,” he says.

“On the roof?” Montparnasse snaps incredulously.

“Don’t have electricity outside in the street,” Gueulemer grunts. “I’m almost done anyway.”

“Done doing what,” Montparnasse spits. He sleeps in on Mondays. Gueulemer is actually insane. The air is thick with the smell of burning metal and there’s smoke blowing in through the window.

“Removing rust,” Gueulemer says, putting his goggles back on. He gestures to the extension cord with one of his enormous, gloved hands. “Plug that back in, will you?”

“No I will not,” Montparnasse says. “You have actually lost your mind this time.”

Gueulemer gives him an unimpressed look. Or at least Montparnasse thinks that is what it’s meant to be, it’s rather hard to tell with the goggles. “You use my car more than I do,” he points out.

Montparnasse stares at him for a moment. “Fine,” he grumbles, abruptly turning away from the window and plugging the extension cord back in. “But you can not fucking do this again. Not on monday morning, not ever. Are you trying to get us kicked out?”

“I’ve lived here longer than you,” Gueulemer protests.

“Have you ever done this before?” Montparnasse demands, crossing his arms.

“No…” Gueulemer admits.

Montparnasse scowls at him.

“Okay, okay,” Gueulemer mutters. “I’ll go to a garage next time.” He switches the grinding thing back on and it starts whirring ominously. As soon as it touches the steel the screeching resumes. “I’ll be done in a minute,” Gueulemer’s voice booms over the grinding noise and he gets back to work.

He better be, Montparnasse thinks darkly. With a groan he rubs his temples and flees Gueulemer’s room. And he thought Babet shorting out the lights three times last week was bad.

What about Javert not dying, and finding Valjean again?

And what if he’s still confused and he’s still trying to understand, and so when he finds Valjean, he just stands there on the doorstep for a moment, wondering whether he should just turn around and try to stop thinking about this convict or whether he should just arrest him, and when Toussaint opens the door, he’s still just standing there, trying to make up his mind.

Toussaint immediately shouts for Valjean, because this is a policeman and they could be in trouble and Fauchelevent Valjean has to know what to do.

So Valjean goes to the door, and his eye widen when he sees Javert.

But he remembers his promise and so he holds out his hands, expecting Javert to cuff him and bring him back to the galleys.

Javert looks at the ground for a moment.

“Valjean. I want to understand.”

Valjean stares at him for a moment, completely shocked.

And then Valjean invites him in for a cup of tea, and they talk. Eye to eye, as equals, for the first time.

By the end of the afternoon, Javert realises that they’re not so different after all.

And then when Cosette leaves to marry Marius. Javert and Valjean decide that they should leave Paris for good.

They find a cottage in the countryside and spent the rest of their lives together, (either platonically, as friends, or in love. Both options are good) and they grow roses and go for walks in the fields together, and Marius and Cosette visit from time to time.

The two men who’ve spent almost their entire lives alone are never lonely again, because they have each other.

And they live happily ever after and NEITHER OF THEM IS MISERABLE EVER EVER EVER AGAIN.


Man people talk about seasonal affective disorder sometimes and how cold gloomy weather can make depression worse but man my mood is always more negatively affected by boiling hot sunny weather

Dear @ariaqueen96.

I know you are such a hardcore hater of Sakura Haruno. I don’t mind it, really, you can bash Sakura Haruno by Kishimoto all you want. She is a fictional character after all. She couldn’t careless about your opinion.

But you came to my blog, uninvited, leaving nasty comments regarding Sakura Haruno’s actress, Yui Ito. I let you once, and twice. I thought you just have miserable life so you feel the need to look for attention. But you keep coming and commenting, bashing Yui Ito, a real human who hasn’t done anything wrong with your life, and getting mad and angry, saying stuffs like she’s ugly, fat, Sasuke doesn’t like that pink ugly bitch, etc, just because she is an actress who portray Sakura. 

What’s wrong with your life?

What kind of terrible life that you have that you feel like it is right to bash someone’s look based on your opinion?

Why are you keep coming here eventhough I never once bash your favorite, Karin Uzumaki, or even visit your blog? What you gain from bashing a real human?

I’m sorry, but I will block you because I don’t want to see more nasty comments towards Yui Ito or any Live Spectacle actors which is caused by your own hatred to fictional character. And I don’t want you to waste your brilliant mind to bash real human, not in my blog at least.

Just like what Ryan Higa said, we shall never hate a bully. We should pity them from the bottom of our hearts. You know why? Because their lives’ suck so bad

i am in ultimate woe is me mode rn. tonsillitis, painful and chesty cough, mild uti, and healing a new tattoo that’s now in itchy stage. all the while in a foreign country.

just-french-me-up  asked:

Okay prompt thing: Montparnasse has to squat the Triumvirate's apartment for some ungodly reason. No murder allowed but it comes close

“I am going to kill him!” Courfeyrac stomped his foot in annoyance and got a raised eyebrow from Combeferre on the couch and an annoyed sigh from Enjolras in his usual stool at the breakfast bar. He clung to a towel and change of clothes with one hand and held a bottle of shampoo in the other and frowned. “Do you know what he’s done this time?”

“Used all your soap?” Enjolras guessed, though he barely lifted his eyes from his computer screen and morning coffee.

Courf’s frown deepened, if that was possible. “No.”

“Stole your eyeliner?” Combeferre tried, and Courfeyrac shook his head.

“Not ever close. He kicked me out of the bathroom.” He held out the shampoo bottle, like that would somehow prove something about his point. “I have a class in an hour, and I need a shower before I leave, and he kicked me out!

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Okay, but why don’t I see more people talking about how it’s Grantaire who is the last voice on the barricades to speak for the republic.

Like, Enjolras doesn’t feel the need to speak up or over him, he just smiles.

And it’s Grantaire who has the last “Vive la république.”

More Necromancer Jean Prouvaire Headcanons
  • Jehan feeds a horde of birds at the park, all of which they have brought back to life at least once.
  • Sometimes they lie awake at night, thinking of all the hedgehogs and cats they’ve never met thus never saved, and that makes then a tinsy bit sad
  • Watching zombie movies makes them incredibly tense because WHAT IF THAT REALLY HAPPENED THO
  • Jehan can wake the dead but they can also communicated with the dead. They often spend their Sundays in cemeteries, taking to people whose children and grandchildren never come visit, change the flowers…
  • “Your headstone looks absolutely lovely Hortence! Are they using some new polish? Anyway, what were you saying last week? About the day you met your husband? That was really sweet, can you tell the story again?”
  • They’ve made intensive research to find Virgil’s, Dante’s and Keats’s bodies because they have SO MANY QUESTIONS
  • They realised they could bring things back to life when they had to do the frog dissection thing in class. The frog hopped right off the table after Jehan had touched it. Jehan freaked out because “THEY WANTED ME TO KILL A FROG, THE FROG WAS ALIVE!”
little les mis headcanons
  • courfeyrac: never wears socks. ever. you will never catch sight of a single sock (apart from that really fluffy pair covered with bunnies because sometimes it's cold oK?!)
  • combeferre: has 4 moth tattoos. none are visible. courf knows the location of all 4 and his favourite is the one he can trace across ferre's ribcage
  • grantaire: absolutely 100% does NOT have an entire folder dedicated to cute kitten pictures on his laptop hidden inside 4 other sub folders that are all titled after monet paintings
  • enjolras: a sucker for chart pop music. will furiously deny having any interest in any of it but courf has caught him singing along very loudly and very badly to taylor swift in the shower at least 6 times
  • jehan: the only person in the world who can find the ugliest, nastiest, grossest jumpers in the world and make them look like masterpieces. owns 12 pairs of glasses all with floral frames that coordinate with whatever ugly jumper they're wearing that day
  • feuilly: makes everyone little origami fans with messages like "you're FANtastic!" "you BLOW me away!". once gave enjolras one that he'd turned into a badge saying "feuilly's biggest fan". enjolras has it pinned to his satchel
  • joly: makes the best cold-curing soup you've ever tasted. he has committed everyone's favourite to memory and will show up on your doorstep with a pot before you can even sneeze
  • bossuet: has alopecia. got his eyebrows tattooed on the moment he turned 18. the one side is composed of stars loosely based on the constellation of his star sign
  • musichetta: wears pastels, flowers in her hair, possibly the only person to be on par with jehan in the floral wardrobe department, will own your ass at arm wrestling and take none of your bullshit
  • bahorel: dogs. dogs everywhere. volunteers at a rescue centre because his landlord doesn't allow pets. his favourite is a little mongrel with one ear who maybe comes home with him 3 or 5 days a week because no one has adopted her yet and she needs cuddles dammit
  • eponine: eats food whilst walking around the store and puts the empty packet back on the shelf. owns 5 pairs of black doc martens all with different colour laces. can see through every single lie and denial grantaire has ever made and will never comment on the way he looks at enjolras when he's not looking
  • gavroche: can hack and navigate anything you put in front of him. computer genius but doesn't have one of his own so likes to play with everyone else's. if you have any embarrassing shit on there you're screwed. found grantaire's kitten folder. printed out several pictures and sellotaped them to grantaire's front door
  • cosette: group mother. will listen to anyone's problems like they're the most important things in the world. volunteers at a youth shelter for at risk kids. avid rubber duck collector. would marry a frozen yoghurt
  • marius: teaching assistant for german and english foreign language classes. took most of courf's socks when he moved out of their shared apartment - the argyle ones are his favourite because they match his jumpers. always rolls his jeans up to show off his socks. basically feels the opposite to courf about socks