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Do you have any disability headcanons?

  • i love @extraordinary-wizard‘s autistic marcia headcanons which can be found here
  • silas has dyslexia, and it’s one of the reasons people thought he wasn’t that bright. alther could see otherwise however, and recognized silas just needed to do things a little differently
  • wolf boy also has dyslexia, which is one of the reasons he didn’t learn to read or write until living with aunt zelda
  • mrs. gringe has bipolar disorder
  • rupert has celiacs, which they found out because he had to be hospitalized at about 3 when he ate a lot of bread for dinner
  • syrah, sep, and all 3 marwick brothers have ptsd, though septimus and syrah’s are a little stronger than the others
  • simon, syrah, and nicko have depression
  • jonas sarn is partially deaf, as are many in the pathfinder village
  • in my modern au, septimus and simon are both diabetic, and i’m debating making silas diabetic as well (which can be found here, here, here, and here)

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Tbh I hate that post that’s like “YOU’RE JUST IGNORING BAD THINGS BC YOU RELATE TO RUMPLE” - like, no, Belle and Milah remind me of my abusive ex’s and Rumple has TRIED talking to her, he’s done everything she asked and she turned him away, he did ONE bad thing last season but oh well right? Argh. I’m so MAD.

Gee, do everything your significant other asks you to, and they’re still not happy? They heap more emotional abuse upon your head? Meanwhile, they’re getting off on the control they have over you. You bend over backwards trying to give them what they want, trying to please them, just—trying to make them happy again–fuck! I fucked this up. Obviously it’s all my fault, because we were happy, once—and the more you do, they lose all respect for you and start treating you as if you disgust them? Huh. Sounds familiar. 

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That inner voice isn’t always that specific or that clear; it’s more of a subliminal buzz, just below the surface of conscious thought, but you know about it, don’t you? I’ve been there, you’ve been there, @charmedrumbelle has been there–lots of us have been there. We’ve lived it. We know the terrain well. We know it TOO well. 

We’ve had significant others yanking us to and fro, emotionally, until we don’t know whether up is down or down is sideways. Nothing makes sense, anymore. You think, They’re successful/respected/whatever, so it must be me that’s wrong. It doesn’t feel right, what they’re doing, but … okay. Until you finally break free when it feels wrong enough, just at the right time. Or until they lose interest in this marionette because you’re no longer a challenge. 

What post? Point me toward it. I might have some words to share, if I’m in the right mood tonight or tomorrow.) 

things my bro’s lifting coach has done as sportacus headcanons

- frequently goes on lengthy rants about the benefits of peanut butter

- tossed 3 heaping spoonfuls of protein powder directly into his mouth followed by some water, then shook his head vigorously to mix them

-”have you just tried eating more spaghetti?”

-pulled a stick of celery out of his back pocket and just started eating it

-puts spinach on e v e r y t h i n g

Imperative - Cassian Andor X Fem!Reader

Your bio says requests are open maybe could you do something with Cassianxfem!reader dealing with depression and anxiety.She wants to do everything she can for the rebellion, but sometimes her mental illnesses hold her back, and she feels useless because of it. Cass reassures her that she’s helped them heaps, kisses her, cuddles her, and idk just something really fluffy. Ive been going through a rough time and your writing has really helped me, so thank you. Thanks in advance if you do write it

I’ve been having a tough time as well so this was very emotional to write. Sorry if it’s short, I tried to make it as sweet as possible! I even tested my own Spanish skills so if I got it wrong, I’m sorry! I hope you enjoy it my friend, and I hope things get better. May the Force be with you.

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It had been a busy day on Yavin 4’s rebel base. You attended at least four meetings regarding fuel maximization for the X-Wings, then two more about your last few mission reports. Mon Mothma had been more less pleased with your progress on retrieving information from Empire transcripts, but you felt like you let her down. The translations of the transmissions had been so stressful, and everything else you were dealing with effected the results.

You had been diagnosed with depression a while back. You couldn’t figure out what exactly had brought it on; whether it be family or friend drama, your work, or the Empire’s shadow. You just felt heavy and empty all at once. At times, when you talked to someone during your lunch period, you felt a bit better.You found yourself talking to some of the Rogue One squad at lunch. They had completed a near suicide mission but came back in one piece; they were an inspiration to the whole base and sitting by them was an honor. You were introduced to the group by Jyn Erso, who had met you at a briefing of your findings. From there you grew close to all of them. Chirrut was so kind to you and he always seemed to know how you felt. Bodhi was a friend to you as well. The pilot would talk to you quite openly about his problems, to which you would give  advice and vice versa. While Bodhi kindly gave you good advice, to the issues you did bring up, and it only went so far. It was Cassian Andor and his droid counterpart, K2SO, that you found helped you the most. They would distract you with stories about their missions and that would result in hilarious bickering between the two of them. Lunch was the highlight of your day, but then you would be thrown back into the web of self loathing and sadness you had woven for yourself. Whether it being unsatisfied with the way you looked or feeling that you could do more to help the Rebellion, it left you very unhappy. When you needed it the most, no one was there to pick you up off your feet.

It hit you all at once as you were walking out of your last meeting of the day. You needed to do more for the people that took you in, that are fighting against the Empire for the better of others like you. But you couldn’t, not really. You were already pushing yourself, but maybe if you tried harder, you could bring in more results when it came to the intercepted Empire transmissions. The guilt of not providing started to eat away at you as you made your way to your quarters. Tears sprung to your eyes and you started walking faster; hating yourself for letting your mind and heart become such a mess. When your door came into sight, you heard someone shout, but you couldn’t tell what. Your thoughts were racing a mile a minute and you couldn’t focus on one thing for too long. When you closed your door behind you, you sank to the floor. Tears clouded your vision and you attempted to keep your sobs quiet. The walls to the rooms were thin and you didn’t want anyone to know how vulnerable you really were. You brought your knees up to your chest and kept crying. After your sobs grew quiet, a soft knock against the door startled you.

“Y/N, can I come in?” Cassian’s voice boomed through the door. You stood, quickly wiping your eyes, and opened the door. The moment Cassian saw your face he rushed to you, hugging you tightly. “Mi cariña (my darling), what’s wrong?”

His voice melted you and tears started to fall again. Cassian closed the door with his foot, and he lead you to sit on your bed. You leaned your head against his shoulder while one of his hand stroked up and down your back. When you calmed enough to speak clearly, you pulled away from him.

“Sorry, I got your shirt wet…” Cassian just shook his head, brushing some of your hair behind your ear. “Don’t be silly, now please tell me,” he placed his hand on yours, causing you to look into his eyes, “what’s wrong?”

You stared at him, and saw the type of kindness that you had only heard about.

“I don’t, I can’t do enough for the Rebellion. I need to do better and and-” Another sob shook your whole being. He pulled you back to him, tugging you lose to his chest. You could hear his thunderous heartbeat booming as if he were nervous. “It all gets a little too much sometimes.” You managed in between sobs. Cassian’s hand soothingly stroked your hair as he spoke, “I know mi amor, but you’ve done enough. With the work you do, you’re imperative for our success.”

“What’s that mean?” You whispered, causing him to chuckle slightly.

“What does imperative mean?” You hit his shoulder lightly, and pulled away just enough to look into his face. “You spoke a different language, ‘mi amor’ you said.” A small, pink blush rose to his cheeks. “It’s my home planet’s native language, some call it a romance language, Spanish.” He paused, calculating what he should say next very carefully. “Mi amor translates to ‘my love’.”

Heat found it’s way to your cheeks, a you wiped newly fallen tears away from your eyes.


Cassian gave you a shy, handsome smile, his confidence wavering. “I just, yeah. The first time I saw you I knew that I had to make you smile. Like my life depended on it. I couldn’t stand to see such a beautiful girl so sad.” His gaze was warm when it met with yours. “I know you feel,” he paused searching for the right word, “bad about yourself. More than other people do about themselves. But you are so important, Y/N, and I-” You cut him off by pressing a kiss to his cheek. When you moved back, his eyes were wide in shock. You only had a moment to register what he was doing before he pressed his lips to yours. It was soft, as if he pushed further, you would break. He carefully placed one hand on your hip and the other to the back of your head, slowly pulling you closer. Your hands were cupping his jaw, and he slowly laid down on your bed. You fell to his side, and he turned to face you with a dumb grin on his face. “I love you.”

You entangled your hands with his, and cuddled into his chest. “I love you too.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead, and whispered, “Buenos noche. (Good night)”

The next morning when you awoke, you felt Cassian’s warmth next to you. You turned to face him, and was met with brown eyes. He gave you a smile and reached out to stroke your cheek. “Tu son muy bonita en la mañana….(You are very pretty in the morning)” He murmured sleepily. You felt a blush on your face despite not knowing what he said. “That sounded very sweet.”

“It was,” he said with a wide smile. He placed a kiss to the tip of your nose, causing you to giggle. While you still felt heavy with melancholy, Cassian’s affection burned a sense of hope in your heart that things would turn around.


Oh gosh thank you both so much, you have no idea how happy I am right now :D Thank you for lighting up my day!

I can’t quite comprehend being an inspiration to anyone, wow, thank you <333
*cries happy tears*

Here is a random angsty sketch I quickly coloured for anon #2 
I do still love RWBY! I am just fickle with my fanarting. There are heaps of things I love that I hardly ever draw fanart for and heaps more that I have never drawn fanart for at all. 

(List of things I really really should draw fanart for one day: Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Harry Potter, The Lunar Chronicles, Disney movies, His Dark Materials, Skulduggery Pleasant, Sailor Moon, Princess Tutu, Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Clear Skin Guide

This guide and these tips have been approved by a dermatologist.

If you’re suffering from acne and you want clear skin, just know that it’s not an overnight thing and it will take some time. It might even take up to three weeks for you to see any kind of drastic differences. You have to be true to yourself and dedicated as well. Below are some tips that I’ve combined from personal experiences as well as some tips from my dermatologist.

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like that’s the thing with nostalgia culture i don’t get, when i watch la la land and the force awakens it’s like, okay, yeah, you’re telling stories that have been told a hundred times in the same way that they’ve always been told, and for some reason people heap praise on that? things are considered laudable because they’re just authentic recreations? is that where we are right now as a culture? we’re more likely to praise something that slavishly recreates the past than something that looks to the future? i really don’t mean this to be mean or petty, i genuinely just don’t get it. i do not get the appeal of nostalgia culture.

Get to know the carry on fandom tag

Thankyou @snowkatze for tagging me <3


first time you read carry on:
May 2016

times you’ve reread it since then:
I’ve never actually reread it cover to cover but I pick it up and reread random sections of it on pretty much a daily basis

written any fanfiction/created any art?:
Yes! I write heaps of fanfic. I also do craft things like those lil snowbaz pompoms I made

favorite character:
Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch

least favorite character:
ack… it’s gonna have to be the mage

most underrated character:
Oh no there are just so many excellent ones to choose from… maybe Garreth? I’m also really curious about the Dev/Niall/Baz friendship

initial reaction to chapter 61:
I have no idea what this is but I searched ‘screaming’ in the GIFs and this felt the most accurate

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favorite quote:

‘He’s half a fucking numpty himself’

or ‘Nobody’s seducing a vampire’

also when Simon says to the nymph ‘you’re impossible’ and she answers ‘I’m improbable’

also ‘Down with the Mage! Peacefully and legally!’

and so many more… the entire book is my favourite quote tbh

I tag: @sugar4ndroses @pitchonthepitch @littlepuffrosebud @bazyounumpty (idk if you’ve done this already but hi)

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Hi Riley, my girlfriend is a digital artist and she's, like, really good, but she can't seem to get a following, or anyone to really notice her, I mean, she's been on dA for years and has 200 watchers. Do you have any advice for her?

I swear i answered this but tumblr mobile is a heaping pile of mistakes.

Go out and comment on other people’s work and profiles. Say nice, sincere, and intruiging things that spark people’s interest. Simple comments like “nice art!” are cool and all, but telling someone what exactly you like about their stuff or them as a person will interest them much more than the usual compliments.

If you just sit and wait for people to come to you without putting fourth effort to include others, well what do you expect?

If you make simply interacting with you a good experience, more people will want to involve themselves!

After that your work will speak for itself.

I hope that helps ❤

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I have to ask, are you writing more Becketcest this year? Because I miss your fanfics of them like I imagine a bird with a broken wing must miss flying.

i miss them tooooooo but idk how much more juice i have in me to write pr which breaks my heart ;______; but here is a 1920s!AU of these kids because i found it in the heaps of incomplete sentences that are my wips:

Raleigh is sitting at the edge of the tub in their crappy apartment, bare feet against the cracked tiles, smile wan as he samples another round that Yancy passes him. He doesn’t take the chance to glance at the content, just tips his head back with blind faith in his liver to tough this one out too.

It goes down, fast and easy. A steady warmth that spreads.

And Raleigh makes a surprised noise against the burn at the back of his throat because he has to admit this is most definitely one of their better concoctions.

“Good?” Yancy asks with a grin even if Raleigh is already enthusiastically nodding his head with his glass raised. Which turns out to be both an overestimation and a mistake on his part when he almost topples over from his perch on their bathtub.

Yancy doesn’t quite hide his laugh and it echoes in the narrow space.

“I think that’s the last round for you, kiddo.”

Raleigh doesn’t protest because he trusts his brother even more than the blind faith he has in himself, counting all their failed trials and early attempts in bathtub gin. He thinks it is unfair that he will most likely forget the better parts of tonight when he wakes up tomorrow but Yancy is reaching over to take the glass from his hands.

Reaching over to rub away the shine from his baby brother’s mouth.

“Maybe just one more round?”

When he kisses him, it is not all alcohol that makes it intoxicating.

If there’s one thing I should have learned by now, it’s not to put presents on the floor when I have a dog around. She doesn’t destroy them or anything, just likes to rip off the paper and leave it all. over. the. floor. I’m thinking I’ll have to start making a present table instead of just having them under the tree. Because my condo currently looks like Christmas morning, except without the heaps of people and festive music. 

You know, i have the sneaking suspicion that Steven needs to see an actual fucking licensed therapist, and maybe a child psychologist, since absolutely no fourteen year old should be suffering from the obvious PTSD he suffers from, or the lack of identity he has since his foster parents never allowed him to properly develop has a human, instead keeping him infantile and bound to the standards of his long-dead mother, creating a crippling sense of self doubt and alienation inside of him, which leaves him being unable to function maturely in an interpersonal level beyond cripplingly naive, non-threatening and easily steamrollered and exploited “friendship”, which, when shown to be ineffectual, causes him to have depressive episodes and heap guilt upon himself for things that are not his fault.

But then again, I could just be spouting bullshit. What do I know?

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Are you planning on keeping one of the Brum/Billie pups?

No I wish but three dogs is our maximum limit and we need to be able to take any back if things go wrong with new homes so we will always have a spare bed here for members of the litter even if it’s just to baby sit
One of my close friends is thinking about getting one though so we will be able to see it heaps if they do

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To me anyway, your art trademark is lovely flowy hair and really soulful eyes. Your art is always really full of emotion as well.

Awwwww - thank you thank you!!! Those are two areas that I spend a lot of time on. Hair and eyes. They’re my favorites (even if the hair gives me fits sometimes) and I’m glad the emotion comes through! I keep worrying that everything I do looks stiff, so this makes me smile. ^.^

Art trademark thing >

Ok so as you may have noticed I started reading killing stalking recently

if there’s anything specific that you need me to tag like trigger warnings etc. when I reblog KS related posts please do tell me!!

I’m too disorganised to have sideblogs so everything just goes on my main like one big trash heap but I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable bc of what I’m reblogging on here!

so just give me a shout, I can tag whatever you need me to x

It’s okay; If I’m different, if i’m seventeen and i don’t have my life sorted out, if my life isn't like the movies, if I don’t have perfect grades, if all i do is sit inside all day,  if I don’t go to party's and get drunk, if i’m  not popular, if i don't have a boyfriend, if  I don’t have heaps of friends, its okay, if I don’t even have a best friend. The only thing that could make me happy is being me, so as long as I follow my heart and I do what I want, then I’m not missing out on my life just because everyone else is doing what is “normal” and i’m not . 17 doesn't have any guidelines.
—  what i’ve learned while being 17 

more on my love for kent parson (because I’m heated up now™): he has Suffered so much and i know the feeling of when you Fuck Up So Bad and end up slumped against a firm surface (because the last thing you are is firm and supportive and strong) or even laying on the floor bawling, or worse, silent and wide eyed and just breathing. those are the scariest because you truly have no emotion left in you, all the crying is done all the screaming is over. you’re just a heap of bones and flesh that keep fucking up and you can never do anything right so you lay there, motionless, going through 1000 thoughts and feelings but not acting on any of them. i know for a fact kent has been there, that he’s felt this hollowness that comes with guilt and nausea and fucking up. i love him so much someone please hug him for fucking once

I rewatched XMFC tonight for the first time in A WHILE* and it was! an experience!!

  • I would not have thought it possible that I could be surprised by how much of an asshole Charles is in this film, given that it is HIS DEFINING CANONICAL PERSONALITY TRAIT, but oh my god. oh my god. you guys. he’s the worst person in the world, except for maybe Erik, it’s a toss-up. they are, together, the worst people in the world. it is amazing. this is clearly the reason I love this franchise so much. they are both just trash heaps. the thing is, the movie clearly is under no misperceptions about this. he is awful from start to finish and accidentally stumbles into doing something good or having a correct opinion OCCASIONALLY. it is truly magnificent.
  • I literally grinned and giggled like a blushing schoolgirl any time Erik pulled any of his stupid antics. I don’t care, I can’t help it, I lurve him and his melodramatics and chic clothes. WHERE DO THE CLOTHES COME FROM? DOES HE HAVE THEM STASHED AWAY IN EVERY CITY? HOW MUCH TIME HAS HE SPENT ASSEMBLING HIS WARDROBE? WHAT IS THE STORY BEHIND THE OBVIOUSLY HANDMADE CAPE ETC? I demand >5000 words of fanfic about this pronto. I must know. it is too delicious. nobody wears a fedora like Michael Fassbender wears a fedora, I am just saying. (Jon Hamm. that’s it. nobody else should bother making the attempt.)
  • re. Erik: he is. such. a. weird. man. everything he says is like, profoundly socially inept. he just lurks around and then says weird shit to teenagers about how THEY SHOULD BE PROUD OF WHO THEY ARE!! and scurries away, but like, not in an endearing way. nobody has ever thought about how he comes off as much as this man and yet he has literally no idea how he does, in fact, come off to other people. he is just a colossal failure in this regard. “just shoot me in the head, Charles, old buddy, old pal! it will be so much fun!!!!!” THIS IS NOT HOW WE PLAY WITH OTHERS, ERIK. EVEN IF WE LIKE THEM VERY MUCH. MAYBE GO GET SOME NICE CHOCOLATES.
  • speaking of which: this movie is so gay. it’s so gay. I know this is Not News but oh my god. as I was just saying to @connaissais, this is really the reason I feel legitimately resentful of the fact that the relationship will never be ~canon, whereas with basically every other media property I don’t give a shit: I really feel they went 9/10ths of the way in a very deliberate fashion in this film and then didn’t seal the deal. like, when Erik and Charles meet it is by way of Charles JUMPING INTO THE OCEAN to rescue a hot stranger from drowning himself, and then they cling to each other in the ocean for a while, and then they come up and gush at each other about not being alone. and that! is only! the beginning!! I mean!! COME ON. COME ON.
  • the thing about this movie, I found watching it this time, is: DOFP is definitely a “better” film, I think the best of the four X-Men films I have seen (X-Men, X2, and then these two), but I think this kind of goes higher and also lower. the stuff that works in this movie REALLY works. it has a much more affecting range of emotional content than DOFP (the major failing of that film to my mind)—the Charles/Erik stuff is total dynamite, and then the stuff establishing who Erik is and why he is so fucking out of his mind REALLY works. I mean, it is incredibly superficial and dumb—the scene at the beginning with Shaw is not exactly great cinema, BUT the one at the end in the submarine is really, really good, to the point where I went from like, gleefully cackling along with the movie to all of the sudden being unironically engrossed. the last act of this movie, wild historical inaccuracies aside, is really, really good. it really gets you in the gut. BUT the stuff in this movie that doesn’t work is a complete and total disaster. Darwin, Angel, the Hellfire Club scene (literally so bad it deserves a spot on this list), the creepy stuff with Erik and Raven, Charles randomly kissing Moira, some of the historical stuff that really goes too far into “uh huh” territory (you couldn’t??? just???? pop over into the USSR whenever you felt like it???????), random dangling plot threads everywhere, etc etc. whereas I think DOFP, for all its total wall-to-wall madness, is actually pretty coherent plot-wise, and very steady tonally. obviously it also has some problems but it’s pretty high quality all the way through, as far as I’m concerned.

to sum up:

just guy pals, doing guy stuff, nbd.

*it is possible I have not seen this movie in over three years. no, seriously.

With most celebrities, fans automatically assume that they’ll never meet him or her because they can’t afford to pay for a meet & greet, or because they’re an international fan, or a heap of other reasons. Taylor’s so unique in the fact that every single Swiftie has the equal possibility of meeting her… It doesn’t matter who you are or what your circumstances are, you’re just as likely to meet Taylor as any other fan is. I see posts all the time saying that it’s not ‘if' we meet Taylor, but rather ‘when' we meet her. I think that’s a beautiful thing and Taylor deserves so much recognition for being that way with us. She doesn’t have to do any of this at all, but she does anyway because we’re more than just a bunch of fans to her - she cares about us and honestly wants to get to know us.

I can safely say that ST has made me a better person. It’s made me a bigger person. A more friendly person. A more encouraging person. A more patient person. A smarter person. A more tolerant person.

It made me realize how true it is, that you reap what you sow. If you litter your fields with hatred and jealousy, that’s all you’ll have. However, if you replace that mixture with good things… love, acceptance, tolerance, open-mindedness, friendliness, kindness, willingness to listen and learn… you’ll wind up with a heap of inner light that not only blankets you, but everyone around you.

The world is a really big and fucked up place. A single person can’t make an impact on it as a whole. But I found that showing kindness to just one person has the ability to become infectious…because they might go on to show it to another, and another after that.

I have so much inner peace from knowing that I’m doing the best I can, and that whatever it amounts to, it’s enough. The same can be said for you as well. <3 Don’t be so hard on yourself.