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They go through fertility problems before finally getting a pregnancy that sticks, can we have the story of when they discover that Yuuri's pregnant with Irina? (Have you done this one already I haven't seen it, sorry if you have, love your stories!)

Whispers I’ve been waiting for this ask.

So as mentioned before, Yuuri retires from skating at twenty-eight and begins coaching and choreographing with Viktor. Because their desire to have children is a big part of the reason why Yuuri retired, they start trying to have a child right away. This would probably be late March, after Worlds. By early May, one of Yuuri’s pregnancy tests comes back positive. 

Unfortunately, at Yuuri’s first ultrasound, they can’t find a heartbeat. (I wrote a long-ass scene to do with this but then I pretty much realized that it was full of medical gibberish and crying and probably very boring, so I left that out) 

The miscarriage happens in June–and it takes awhile before Yuuri’s hormones are back to normal, in part due to stress. This is a great contributing factor to their conception problems. 

In December, Yuuri is almost sure he’s pregnant. For Viktor’s birthday, one of Viktor’s gifts is a gift-wrapped pregnancy test. 

“Have you taken it?” Viktor asks, and he’s holding it in shaking hands.

“Not yet,” says Yuuri. “I was thinking we could–it would be a nice gift, if we found out together.”

Then it comes out negative. And Yuuri cries.

“I’m sorry,” Yuuri sobs into his pillow on their bed, curled up into a little ball with Viktor trying to wrap as much of himself around him as possible. “I ruined your birthday. It was a stupid idea, I should have just taken it by myself and not disappointed you. I’m sorry.”

“I thought it was a lovely gesture,” Viktor whispers against his shoulder blade. “I love you, you know.”

“I ruined your birthday,” Yuuri sniffs again. 

“The night isn’t over, yet,” Viktor tells him.

They go out and get pretty extravagantly drunk. It’s probably not the wisest course of action, but it’s better than sitting at home, staring at the four walls and crying. 

In February, Yuuri sits Viktor down and says, “Maybe we should take a break. Just for a little while.”

Viktor closes his eyes, sighs, and nods. Because he loves Yuuri, and he knows how tired they both are.

(But a little voice in the back of his mind is saying Lilia and Yakov said they were taking a break, too. And that break lasted twenty years. And then it was too late.)

They go out for White Day, which they enjoy celebrating despite not living in Japan at the moment, and when they go to bed after a nice dinner and some dancing, Yuuri realizes that some sort of…pressure has been lifted.

“That was fun,” Yuuri whispers to Viktor afterwards, head on his chest and palm against his belly.

“Mmm, one can only hope,” Viktor murmurs back, and laughs into Yuuri’s hair. “Isn’t sex supposed to be fun?”

“It hasn’t been, though,” Yuuri whispers. “Not for awhile.”

Viktor, almost contemplative, brushes Yuuri’s hair behind his ear and kisses his forehead. “Maybe we’ve been putting too much pressure on ourselves,” he says, and reaches over to turn out the bedside light.

A month and some change later, Yuuri is standing in at store with his phone out, staring at his grocery list. He accidentally flips to his calendar app, where he’s been keeping careful track of all his various cycles, and realizes something.

He counts backwards six times, grocery basket forgotten next to him in the aisle. Someone actually taps his shoulder to ask if he’s alright, because the look on his face must be similar to that of someone who’s seen a ghost.

“I’m fine, thanks,” he mumbles vaguely, and all but runs to the family planning aisle. 

“Yuuri?” Viktor asks, when he comes in the door without so much as a hello. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine!” Yuuri calls. “I just–I need to go to the bathroom! Sorry!” He drops all his other purchases on the island counter and books it to the bathroom, more or less slamming the door behind him. He hears Makkachin whimper at the door for him. 

“Oh, that’s…that’s fine.” He hears Viktor going through the bags in the kitchen. “Did you get onions?”

Yuuri doesn’t really answer, since he’s so busy peeing into a cup–Viktor’s drinking cup, unfortunately. He dips every test he bought–eight tests of four different brands, because he is Viktor Nikiforov’s husband and being over-the-top is kind of the Nikiforov MO, also because he is not fucking around–and lines them up neatly on the counter, then tries not to hyperventilate as he sits on the edge of the bathtub and waits for the tests to develop. 

Viktor knocks on the door. “Kitten? You forgot beets. And half the other things on the list. I’m not complaining, just–is everything okay?”

“Um–just–just give me a minute!” One of the tests is starting to fade in–he knocks two others onto the floor in his hurry to grab it.

One pink line. His heart drops, and he drops with it–sinking onto the floor.

“Yuuri? Are you sick?” Viktor jiggles the doorknob. “Sweetheart? Can you talk to me?”

Yuuri, still vibrating with adrenaline, leans over and unlocks the bathroom door. “You can come in,” he murmurs, not even bothering to hide the despondency in his voice.

Viktor nudges the door open gently, and Yuuri can tell that he knows what’s happened the moment he sees Yuuri sitting on the bathroom floor surrounded by pregnancy tests.

“Oh, Kitten,” Viktor murmurs, hunkering down on the floor with him.

“I’m late,” Yuuri tells him, sniffing. “So I thought–I don’t know, I shouldn’t have even–but I thought maybe…”

Viktor sighs, and gathers the tests that fell on the floor–a pair of expensive ones, with the digital display. He glances at them and clicks his tongue, then does a double take. And a triple take.

“Yuuri,” he says carefully. “Did you look at all of them?”

“No,” Yuuri sniffs, swiping the tears of his cheeks somewhat fiercely. “I didn’t want to–to see all of them say negative.”

“Yuuri.” Viktor sets the two digital tests in front of him, and then reaches up to the counter to retrieve the other five. He lines them all up in a careful line.

Pregnant. Blue plus sign. Blue plus sign. The word YES–

“Oh my God,” Yuuri says, searching through them. “Oh my God. Viktor.”

“Where’s the negative one?” Viktor asks, eyes roving frantically along the floor. 

“Here.” Yuuri hands it to him, shaking now for a totally different reason.

Viktor holds it close to his face, and if Yuuri didn’t already know that that man loved him he would have at that moment–you have to love someone to willingly put something with their pee on it that close to your face.

“Look, look.” Viktor holds it out to him, and points to the spot where there might be a very, very faint pink line. “It’s early yet. It’s faint, but it’s there. They’re all positive. Eight positives. Yuuri. Yuuri.”

“Oh my God.” Yuuri presses his face into his hands. “Oh my God. Viktor, oh my God.”

“I know!” Viktor brushes his hair back, kisses the side of his head. “I know! Yuuri, oh baby, please don’t cry. Shh, don’t cry.”

“I’m crying because I’m happy!” Yuuri wails, feeling ridiculous with tears streaming down his face, a grown man huddled on a bathroom floor just sobbing his eyes out.

Come to think, this might be Yuuri’s first happy bathroom cry.

“We’re going to have a baby,” Viktor coos to him, head resting on his shoulder.

Yuuri wrings a hand, hiccuping. “What if I–”

“Don’t,” Viktor says. “Don’t think about that. Remember what the doctor said? Most people go on to have perfectly normal pregnancies after a miscarriage.”

“But I’ve been having so much trouble–”

“That was stress. And hormones. And maybe other things, but it doesn’t matter now because you are. You are pregnant. There are eight tests here telling me that you’re going to have my baby–and I have complete faith that they’re right.”

Yuuri stares at him, eye still swimming in tears. He sways forward until their foreheads are pressed together, and grabs Viktor’s hand to push it up underneath his shirt, pressed warm against his belly. 

“Who should we tell?” he murmurs.

“Let’s keep it to ourselves, for now,” Viktor whispers back. “You know me, Yuuri. I’m Russian. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t tell anyone until your water broke.”

Yuuri, who a year ago thought Russian pregnancy superstitions were pretty extreme, can’t disagree with him. 

When Yuuri announces to his and Viktor’s students and he won’t be skating for awhile, the look Lilia gives him across the rink is disturbing levels of all-knowing, but Yuuri figures that it doesn’t really jinx anything if the person figures it out themselves–and has as-yet undiscovered superpowers aiding them.

“I think Lilia just smiled at me,” he whispers to Viktor as he leans against the boards, watching their students warm up.

“Pregnancy brain,” Viktor tells him gravely, but there’s a joviality to his voice that’s hard to miss. 

Prompt List

Here is my prompt list! It is organized and labelled! Feel free to send in requests for the numbers and reblog and use for yourself, just give credit where appropriate ;) Enjoy! (I can always add more categories! But this is what I have for now!)


1. “I like your face.” 

2. “You’re too damn overprotective!” 

3. “Stop being so jealous will you?” 

4. “You’re my favorite.” 

5. “Come cuddle me.” 

6. “I just need a hug.” 

7. “I’ll kill the bitch.”

8. “Are you sure you like me?” “One hundred percent.” 

9. “You’re too damn perfect.” 

10. “Why do you send me porn audio messages while I’m in class?” “So you can meet me in detention and we can try that under the desk.” 

11. “Hold my hand so people know we’re dating.”

12. “Did you just lick the side of my face?” “I claimed you.” 

13. ”Okay but if my parents catch us, we’re dead.” 

14. “So we order a bunch of food and pig out?” “Pretty much.” 

15. “Come sit on my lap.” 

16. “Don’t cry, please?” 

17. “There’s no need to shove your tongue down my throat. I just wanted a kiss.”

18. “Your makeup is running. I think I know a way I could help. “

19. “You know I’m here if you need me.” 

20. “I can try to help you with your homework.”

Marriage/Relationship after wedding-

21. “Are you still sure you love me?” “A thousand percent.” 

22. “I can’t tell you enough how beautiful you look in that dress.”

23. “I can’t tell you enough how handsome you look as my groom.”

24. “So who will be the first to get cake smashed in their face?”

25. “We’re so having fun tonight after the ceremony is over.” 

26. “Just wait until I get you back to the hotel.” 

27. “Thank you for loving me no matter what, even though I piss you off a lot.” 

28. “Do you have to spoon so close to me?”

29. “I like this bed sheet.” “It doesn’t matter for me, you take all of the blankets and mattress space anyway.”

30. “Is walking around naked really necessary?”

31. “Watching you do you makeup still turns me on to this day.” 

32. “I still appreciate your lingerie.” 

33. “Can I help you make dinner?” 

34. “What do you want for breakfast?” “Is it pancake Sunday?”

35. “You’re sick, just chill out and let me clean for you.” 

36. “You mixed the reds and the whites! I’m never letting you do laundry ever again!” 

37. “So how about children?” “You think we’re ready for that?” “I’m ready for anything with you.”

38. “Join me in the shower?” 

39. “I’m taking you out tonight, go get ready.” 

40. “You know I’d do anything for you.” 


41. “So I have really good news…”

42. “So what do we name him?” “Girl…its a girl.” 

43. “I can feel it moving! Get over here quick!” 

44. “I’m really craving salt and sugar.” “I’ll go get you something from the store.” 

45. “Is there a reason you’re hunched over the toilet bowl?” “I should have told you this sooner…but I’m pregnant…surprise?”

46. “I feel fat.” “But you’re perfect.”

47. “This stomach just makes it harder to cuddle.” 

48. “I love the both of you with all of my heart.” “Actually, the three of us.”

49. “Twins? No that can’t be right.” 

50. “I skipped my period…” “What? No no no…” “Oh my god.” 

51. “So these are the pictures from the doctor’s visit?” “Yeah, that’s our baby right there.” 

52. “Every night at midnight I have to pee I swear.” 

53. “I can’t look at food all of a sudden.” 

54. “That sandwich looks really good right now.” 

55. “At least your boobs are bigger.” “Is that too much?”

56. “I hope the baby has your eyes because they’re beautiful.” 

57. “I think my water just broke.” 

58. “Can you feel it kicking?” 

59. “Um…we need to get to the hospital right now. This child is coming out of me.” 

60. “This hurts so much. We have to use condoms next time, you can never plan this pain as much as you plan for the baby!” 


61. “Don’t eat that!” 

62. “Mommy will be mad if you do that!” 

63. “Daddy won’t be too happy if you do that!”

64. “I can make you pancakes or waffles for breakfast.” 

65. “Be nice to your sister!” 

66. “Don’t treater your brother like that!” 

67. “No cussing in this house young man/young lady!”

68. “We can go to the park if you do your homework.”

69. “Mommy, Daddy, I want a little sister or brother.” 

70. “Where do babies come from?” 

Sex/Sexual Suggestions-

71. “So how about we take this…down the hall?” “No.” “Oh come on! Please?” 

72. “We haven’t had sex in like a month, you’re just going to tease me like that?”

73. “Aww you’re blushing, but I’d like to make another pair blush.” 

74. “Don’t bite that fucking lip.”

75. “You know you can go faster right?”

76. ”Did you just…really?! Inside me?” 

77. “You’re literally perfect.” 

78. “Did you dress like this all for me?” “You know I did.” “Well let me unwrap you.” 

79. “I could watch you ride me all day.” 

80. “Your head between my legs sounds good right now.” 

81. “If you dressed in a suit I would fuck you as an equivalent to you fucking me in lingerie.” 

82. “You have ten minutes, if my parents hear us or see us we are done for.” 

83. “You’re really cute when you’re bent over and waiting for me.” 

84. “My hand or the belt?” 

85. “Let’s get you cleaned up and I’ll buy you something to eat.” 

86. “What are you doing? That was my favorite shirt, I told you not to tear that.” 

87. “Keep the panties on, I’ve only dreamed of fucking you in that exact pair.” 

88. “Are you sure?” “Yes I trust you with my life.” “Well then get over here.” 

89. “Don’t make too much noise, we wouldn’t want everyone to hear you now would we?” 

90. “Why so much noise? Have you never been fingered before?” “N-no.” “Good let me continue to enlighten you.” 


91. “Why do your eyes look like that?” 

92. “No you can’t be, no no no.” 

93. “So how old are you really?” 

94. “My boyfriend/girlfriend is a vampire.” 

95. “How did you do that? I mean you just changed into something stronger.” 

96. “If we want to be together then you have to tell me the truth, that’s all I ask. I’ve been nothing but truthful to you!”

97. “Y-your teeth. What?” “It’s nothing.” “That isn’t just ‘nothing’ what was that?” 

98. “I think its best if you stayed away from me, you’re nothing but dangerous to me.” 

99. “I’ve thought it over…I want to be with you still. You being a vampire doesn’t change how I feel about you.” 

100. “Tell me everything. You know I soak up history like a sponge.” 


101. “What is with all the chains?” “You shouldn’t be here.” “I’m just curious. Is something wrong?” 

102. “No! You’re obviously in pain I’m not leaving you!” 

103. “That’s how you break the curse? Oh…my god.” 

104. “Isn’t this going to cause problems between you and I?” 

105. “Your mate? No way.” “But my wolf desires you.” “You’re crazy this isn’t real.” 

106. “I appreciate you protecting me but isn’t it getting to be a little too much?” 

107. “I’ll keep your secret.”

108. “Y-your eyes…they’re beautiful.” 

109. “How many…people have you hurt since you turned?”

110. “I’m not afraid of you. So don’t think I am.” “You should be, you’re stupid if you aren’t.” “I do a lot of stupid things and falling head over heels for a werewolf is one.” 

Cuddling with Taeyong
  • hey lmao
  • look who has other ty track request
  • i don’t think there exists enough words to explain how much i love lee taeyong
  • he’s one of the most caring and sweet persons i know 
  • and, not to be dramatic or smth
  • but i would take a bullet for him
  • lmao someone please stop me
  • but yeah, two cuties requested this so <3
  • here u go~~
  • let’s start this !!
  • even if ty is not the clingiest person in public
  • forget about that when both of you are alone
  • he’s probably always have his hands over you
  • even if is just to hold your pinky or play with your hair
  • he just n e e d s to be always touching you
  • and, yeah, he would LOVE cuddles
  • yall would do it really often
  • you’re just so soft and warm and he loves snuggle with you and kiss you and omg
  • specially if you’re a lot smaller than him, you’re just so adorable
  • but let’s go to the story now
  • you were alone in the dorms that day
  • he doesn’t really like cuddling in the dorms, tbh even if it’s just the both of you
  • he knows perfectly that if he gets caught the members would never stop bothering him u know
  • but that day he was feeling really clingy, more than he normally is
  • he would constantly hug you and kiss your cheeks and lips and jesus christ i feel weAK ALREADY
  • “jagi~~ wanna cudle?”
  • “now? and here?”
  • “yeah, we’re alone and they promised to don’t comeback until a few hours”
  • and you were doubting a lot but his aegyo conviced you
  • “pretty pleeease~~”
  • “uhmm, okay babe”
  • and it was the weirdest thing for you but of course you said yes
  • i mean the most perfect human in the earth is asking you to cuddle duh
  • he grabbed your hand and guide you to his room
  • not always, but sometimes you would love to listen to some quiet music while cuddling
  • and let me tell you that listening his soft voice mumbling the lyrics of the songs in your ear was the most pleasing thing ever
  • the cuddle possicion would always change w him, but this time is him being the big spoon <3
  • so imagine his long arms around your waist
  • and his loving kisses in your neck <3
  • and yeah, why not some hickeys here and there
  • and you would interweave your fingers with his and sometimes place some kisses in his hands
  • “aren’t you even a little worried about the members?”
  • “not at all, i missed having you in my arms so much”
  • he’s so soft and adorable i’m in pain
  • “you’re the best boyfie ever, did you know that?”
  • he would laugh at your cuteness and kept kissing your skin
  • and you’re there suffering because this is just perfect
  • this is probably what being in heaven feels like
  • “say that again in my face so i have a good excuse to kiss you”
  • you turned around and cupped his face with the most beautiful smile in your face
  • “i don’t deserve you, y/n, you’re too precious”
  • “don’t say that, baby. i’m sure we’re made for each other”
  • you would hug him in silence and just think about how lucky you are
  • he always gets so soft while cuddling
  • he would constatly say the cheesiest things to you like
  • “i love you so much y/n”
  • “you’re so perfect, baby”
  • “you’re my entire world”
  • “i’ll do everything for you, y/n”
  • ew so cheesy
  • lmao, this was literally me in the beggining of the post
  • you would separate from his embrase and look at him one more time before kissing him
  • you peck his warm lips multiple times
  • and everytime the kisses would get more and more pationated
  • and when you were literally making out
  • “ok yeah, i understand you guys love each other a lot and that stuff but i don’t feel like it’s right to do that in the same place where other eIGHT PEOPLE LIVE”
  • ty track is shooketh
  • he would let you go and get soooooooooo nervous lmao
  • “j-johnny! h-hey, my, old friend, d-do you remeber all those times we spended together when we were traines? g-good times”
  • “wow, were you too cuddling? aw that’s cute, w-wait are those red marks in noona’s neck what i think it is? w-where you fuc-”
  • “but we are roomates”
  • lmao
  • the members kept teasing him and you for the rest of the month
  • so yeah, lol, what a fail

  • ❝ at what point did we as a society decide it was okay to put your fucking make up on with a paintball gun?? ❞  
  • ❝ I’ll alert the media shall I? ❞
  • ❝ Jesus fucking christ it’s only wednesday. ❞
  • ❝ what time is it acceptable to start drinking? ❞
  • ❝ i woke up murderous today, I don’t even know why. ❞  
  • ❝ is it coffee time yet? ❞  
  • ❝ she does realise it’s dress down, not dress like a hooker, right? Maybe someone should tell her. ❞  
  • ❝ i volunteer as tribute. ❞  
  • ❝ i done it last week I don’t volunteer as tribute. ❞
  • ❝ well that’s an hour of my life I’m never getting back. ❞  
  • ❝ i really hope no one listens to that call I muted him twice to call him an asshole. ❞
  • ❝ look, a mocha is not coffee. It’s chocolate masquerading as coffee and frankly I’m offended. ❞  
  • ❝ what the fuck is wrong with people? ❞
  • ❝ why are people so stupid? ❞
  • ❝ what kinda fucking moron barbecues inside? ❞  
  • ❝ no it’s fine, I love doing other people’s jobs. ❞  
  • ❝ what kind of magic sorcery is that?? ❞
  • ❝ oh my god when will this day end?? ❞
  • ❝ I’ve already accepted that i’m going hell, so fuck it, i’m in. ❞
  • ❝ is it friday yet? ❞
  • ❝ shouldn’t evolution have weeded out that kind of thing by now? ❞
  • ❝ i emailed you, ignore it until i come talk to you. ❞
  • ❝ where the fuck did he get his degree, a christmas cracker?? ❞
  • ❝ i can’t even look at you right now. ❞
  • ❝ i’m so angry i could punch babies, i mean not literally, babies are cute, but people. i could punch people. ❞
  • ❝ i like ruining peoples lives, it’s fun. ❞
  • ❝ i’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that. ❞
  • ❝ fuck my actual life. ❞
  • ❝ oh my god, it’s too early for this shit. ❞
  • ❝ yeah — can you like, say that again because i know i look like i was listening but i honestly have no idea what you just said. ❞
Maternity Memes

Memes about motherhood, having babies, and parenting. Some borderline NSFW and mildly offensive. Includes adoption!

Pregnancy& Motherhood

  • “But you’re hardly showing!”
  • “You are really big now!”
  • “Maybe it’s time to shop for something more flattering?”
  • “Maternity wear. You. You’ve gone without it for too long.”
  • “Did you hear the baby’s heartbeat?”
  • “How far along are you?”
  • “So when are you due?”
  • “Do you have nursery themes picked out?”
  • “Are you having a little boy or a little girl?”
  • “I know you went to get the ultrasound done.”
  • “You have to tell me if pregnancy sex is as kinky as I’ve heard it is!” 
  • “Just consider gender neutral colors for a second. Hear me out.”
  • “I’m just saying gendered colors are not as evil as people make them out to be.”
  • “You’re certain the baby isn’t someone else’s right?” 
  • “You can’t clean the cat box. There’s other stuff you can’t do while pregnant, either.”
  • “If you get put on bedrest, your entire house will fall apart and you know it.”
  • “So I guess you’ll go straight back to work after this?”
  • “Goodbye working world, hello stay-at-home-mommy! Right?”
  • “Your feet have got to be killing you!”
  • “Your boobs are gonna get so huge!” 
  • “You know you’ll be sore from breastfeeding, right?”
  • “So I guess you’re gonna pick a side in that breastfeeding and bottlefeeding thing, right?”
  • “I hope you’re not afraid to accept some help. You’ll need it.”
  • “I hope s/he is going to be pitching in more?”


  • “You’re not gonna keep it, right? I mean face it, you’re not parenthood material!”
  • ”I understand you don’t want to keep the baby and I support whatever you want to do.”
  • “You’re giving up your baby to great parents. That’s not selfish.”
  • “That’s so selfish of you to not even think of your baby. Of course they want to know you more than two strangers just raising them!”
  • “Wait, so you’re adopting a baby?”
  • “I don’t think I’d be able to love a child that isn’t my blood.”
  • “You already love them so much. It’s obviously meant to be.”
  • “How much does a baby cost, anyway? Can’t you just buy a dog and call it even?”
  • “Are you afraid your paperwork will get rejected?”
  • “Does traveling to get your baby scare you?”
  • “Will you change their name?”
  • “Did something happen to the parents?”
  • “I’m certain you’re strong enough to answer their questions when they’re old enough to ask them.”
  • “You shouldn’t keep secrets about their life. Don’t lie to them about being adopted.”
  • “I wouldn’t call it lying. I would call it being selective. They don’t have to know they didn’t come out of your womb, right?”


  • “Once you have a kid, you lose everything. Your sex life, your party life, your quiet life. It’s gone.” 
  • “Those eighteen years go too fast.” 
  • “So what’s more exciting? The poopie Picassos at 3am or the green bean Van Goghs at dinner?”
  • “I guess you haven’t heard a modern music station in the past year. I guess you’ve memorized the soundtrack to the latest cartoon musical!”
  • “So is the sugary cereal for them or are you happy you get an excuse to eat it again?”
  • “Be honest. You play with your kid’s toys more than they do.”
  • “When they call for you, you feel like a superhero because you are their super hero.”
  • “When you accept that a toddler is just a tiny drunk college student having a meltdown, you start to feel better.”
  • “If I have to sit through the Wiggles one more time…”
  • “I like hanging out with you more than my child-free friends. You have food. You have ice pops. You also have Disney movies.”
  • “Lego bombs. Oh my god, lego bombs in the carpet..”
  • “The minivan was probably the sensible purchase.”
  • “I had no idea a baby could fart that loud!”
  • “Dressing baby girls is fun. Then they age three years and the boys get the better, tasteful clothing. Girls? No they get the glitter bombs from hell.”
  • “They say you love them the first time you hold them.”

I got a phone call from T’s teacher yesterday morning.
I thought, since the flu is going around, that she was calling to tell me that T threw up all over her desk and I needed to come get her.
“K, I just wanted to tell you that whatever it is that you are doing with T it’s working. Its working so well.” (She’s almost in tears talking to me)
“I got the results in for the district testing and she is in the 96th percentile over all. She is getting an award for the highest test scores in the school. K, you have no idea the change I’ve seen in this kid. It’s like she’s figured out who she is. She doesn’t just give up when things get hard. She is persistent and happy and doesn’t care what the other kids say about or to her. She has taken on positive leadership roles in the classroom, and she has gone above and beyond to help others and to follow the rules, she listens attentively and takes interest in the material and I couldn’t wait to send these out I had to call you.”
At this point her teacher starts crying which makes me start crying.
“I just want to thank you for whatever it is you’re doing and for allowing me to be a part of such a positive change in a child’s life. Having t has made me remember why I wanted to be a teacher to begin with.”
Oh….My…..God……I cried. With pride.
My baby is so amazing.
She struggled so hard and I worried so much and her teacher has been amazing and goddamnit t is so amazing this child is incredible. I’m so sorry for the long post but I’m crying as I type this because through all of our trials and our horribly bad messed days when I feel like I should have never been a mom, or that I am just going to destroy her life, a beacon of Hope and positivity shines through and gives me purpose. These are the moments that make all of the bad days non existent guys. I’m so freaking proud.


I hope you like it! <3 <3 <3

*Warning- Kinky (hair pulling, spanking, biting.)* You have been warned ;)

You’re Mine

I sat chatting and giggling with my friends at the restaurant, I hadn’t seen them in months what with being on tour with Brendon, so it was nice to get out and see some friends before we headed off again.

“Ugh god guys I’ve missed you guys so much.” I gushed, finishing my meal and pushing my plate away.

“I know, it’s so great that you’re happy on tour with Brendon but we miss you when you’re gone.” Anna said, smiling and touching my arm.

“Yeah we miss you.” Johnny said, I felt awkward him saying that with him being my ex, I didn’t know why he was still hanging round with my friends and trying to talk to me, truthfully I didn’t really want him there. He was still behaving so weird with me, even though I was with Brendon.

“Well ya know, I love touring with Brendon, it so fun and I love the guys and we get to travel together.” I made sure to bring up Brendon in front of him, it might make him get the damn hint.

“Yeah but you can’t base your life about his schedule.” I took a deep breath to keep from losing it, quickly wanting lunch to be over now, I’d already had enough of him making comments about me and Brendon.

“If they’re happy and it works for them then that’s great, her and Brendon love each other Johnny.” Jasmine interjected, smiling at me, she knew about how awkward I felt and always tried to support me with it. We carried on talking and catching up, it was cute how Jasmine kept mentioning Brendon and asking about how it was going to help me. Johnny’s friend Robbie was there too, he kept joining in on the comments which was pissing me off, I had had enough now and just wanted to call it a day.

“Look guys, I better get home, I’m so tired from getting home yesterday and just wanna chill.” We paid the cheque for the food and left the restaurant, it was within walking distance of mine and Brendon’s house so they decided to walk me home. Once we had to go our house I realised I had forgotten my keys, I rang the bell, waiting with my friends with me, Brendon answered the door, I had left before he had woken up so he had messy hair, his eyes slightly squinted, he looked so cute. I smiled widely and hugged him.

“Hey sleepy head.” His eyes instantly ended up on Johnny, wrapping an arm firmly around my waist as he pulled me into a kiss.

“Hey baby.” He looked to the rest of my friends with a smile. “Hey guys!” They all said their greetings, I smiled and gave them all hugs, Johnny hugged me before I could argue, I ended the hug quickly and said my goodbyes to them all. Once they were gone me and Brendon went inside, Brendon sat on the couch, I could already tell he was pissed. “So… how was lunch?” He asked, his tone slightly sarcastic and sour, I sat down on the couch next to him, touching his arm gently.

“It was good, it was nice to see them.” I looked at him but it didn’t really look back.

“Yeah?” Was all I got in response.

“I didn’t know he’d be there.”

“Yeah ok, it doesn’t matter anyway.”

“Oh for gods sake Brendon it blatantly does matter.”

“Well I’m totally going to be happy about you going to lunch with your ex aren’t?”

“I didn’t know baby, and why does it matter anyway.” I tried to stay calm shuffling closer to him on the couch, he was being so cold with me.

“Because its obvious you still have feelings for him!” I froze, did he really just say that, I kept my cool, I knew losing it would only rile him up more.

“What? Baby, I don’t have feelings for him, I love you, only you.” He went silent to my response so I cuddled up to his chest, giving him a soft kiss on the lips. “We’ve been together over a year now, I’ve been on tour with you, and you really think that I would go back to him? You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” I earned a small smile for my comments, his arms snaked around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“I’m sorry, I’m just scared to lose you Y/N.” He said softly, kissing me again, I kissed back, slipping my hands up to his shoulders, gently running my nails along that spot on his neck, he shuddered slightly, looking at me through dark eyes, I knew full well I was teasing him.

“Besides, I know where I’m well treated.” I teased, leaving that comment down to his interpretation, he bit his lip slightly, smiling devilishly, I grinned back at him, knowing I was getting to him, he gripped me and pulled me onto his lap, my knees either side of his hips. We stated kissing more, his hands on my back, running along my spine, he groaned slightly as my hips ground down against him, gripping onto my ass firmly. His tongue fought for dominance against mine and unsurprisingly won, one hand sneaking up into my hair to hold my head still, I was firmly in his grasp, I could tell his was going into controlling mode now, my thoughts were confirmed when he gripped my ass in both hands and stood, carrying me to our bedroom as I giggle in his arms.

He threw me down on the bed, looking at me, I wriggled slightly, biting my lip as he looked down at me.

“You know, I might feel jealous of your ex but I know there’s something I can give you that he couldn’t even come close to.” He smirked, hooking his fingers on the waist of his sweatpants.

“Oh… what’s that?” I asked in a teasing tone, standing and walking to our bathroom to check my hair, I didn’t need to check it but I wanted to tease him, he followed behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind, his lips met my neck, kissing up and down, onto my shoulder, biting gently. “Well?”

“You wanna know?” He asked meeting my eyes through the mirror, I nodded biting my lip. “Well… I bet he couldn’t fuck you like I could.” He whispered, the husky tone I loved so much creeping into his voice, he smirked at me through the mirror as another kiss made me shudder, I ground my hips back slightly gaining a loud groan. His eyes were fierce and dark, fingers curling against my hips, he gripped me and spun me round, swiftly unbuttoning my jeans and yanking them off my expertly, while he was crouching to pull them off of me he began to place kisses on my thighs, shoving me back against the counter in the bathroom. He threw one of my legs over his shoulder and began licking fast against my clit, my back arching as I threw my head back, he held my as in both hands as he hungrily licked my clit. I secretly loved it when he got like this, desperate to show me why he was the best, his tongue lapped circled over my clit, two fingers sliding inside me, I groaned as he began to pump his hand fast into me, curling his fingers to rub my sweet spot, my hand snuck into his hair, gripping it gently.

“You’re so wet.” He moaned against me, the vibrations making me shudder, I could feel myself getting close to cumming already, he knew exactly how to drive me insane, my stomach beginning to tighten, that familiar feeling of heat building.

“Fuck… Brendon I’m close.” I whimpered desperately which only spurred him on more, he began to move his tongue more aggressively, pumping his hand fast and hard, the leg I was standing on began to shake show he hoisted me up so I was sitting on the counter, giving him better access, I gasped, my head lulling back as I was close to cumming. I noticed his hand slide down into his boxers, stroking himself up and down slowly, he moaned out, the vibration on my clit sending me over the edge. My body tensed up as I came hard, whimpering out his name over and over, I felt him smile against me, his hand still working in his boxers, he kept going for a while to draw my orgasm out. He stood, shoving his sweats and boxers off and gripping my knees, pulling me into him, wrapping my legs around his hips.

“Taste yourself.” He growled, pulling me into a rough kiss, I gripped onto his shoulders as he pushed in roughly, growling against my lips as he began to move his hips, he dove straight into a fast hard pace, his hips snapping against my own. One hand was gripping onto my thigh as he moved, throwing his head back in pleasure, even though we had been together a year I still wasn’t adjusted to him, his pace was relentless, slamming into me aggressively, fingers curled against my skin, I moaned out loud, throwing my head back. He smirked in response, I knew he was getting what he wanted, to show me he was the best. Still moving he stripped my shirt off, unclasping my bra and throwing it to the ground, I followed suite and pulled his own tshirt off, as he moved he dipped his head and began kissing my breasts, biting the sensitive skin there. My head rolled back in pleasure, gasping sharply as I felt his teeth graze my nipple. He began licking and sucking it, only intensifying how I already felt, I gripped onto his hair again, moaning out loudly.

“Fuck Brendon!” I gasped, he moved his head up to face me, pulling me into another kiss, this time his hand ended up in my hair, holding me still, I couldn’t move against him, I whimpered into the kiss, gripping tightly to him, I gave his hair a playful tug, he groaned out. I felt his hand ball up in my hair, pulling it back roughly, exposing my neck, he began to speed up as he bit down on my neck, I couldn’t move my head forward, stuck with it pulled back, I felt my stomach tightening again, I was already sensitive from his earlier assault on me, I could barely stand it.

“You feel so fucking good baby.” He growled, biting my earlobe, I whimpered desperately, beginning to tighten around him, he looked up and smirked at me. “Is somebody close again?” He teased I nodded, he pulled out and yanked me off the counter, spinning me round and bending me over it he hand balling in my hair again, pulling back head back as he slammed back into me. His hips slammed against my thighs as he moved, biting my lip, I felt him tug my hair, a shiver of pain shooting down my spine, I felt his hand crash down against my ass, causing me to moan out loudly in pleasure. “Cum for me baby.” He moaned, hips slamming hard and fast into me, I was so close I would barely stand it, tightening around him over and over as my body tensed up. “Now baby… say my name when you cum for me.”

“Fuck yes! Brendon!” I practically screamed out, feeling my body hit its peak again, he grunted loudly, feeling me tighten around him, my legs were getting weaker by the second I wouldn’t be able to stand much more of this. He held me in that position, the way he was holding my hair pulled my back into an arch, allowing him deeper, I could barely think, waves of pleasure fogging over my brain, and still he kept going, not even the hint of being close yet, his relentless movements driving me insane. I felt a hand move under my stomach, supporting me slightly, however rough he was he was always considerate of me.

“You’re so damn tight Y/N.” He moaned, I could see his face through the mirror, his head back, lips parted as he panted loudly, hair floppy and all over the place, the way his muscles tensed in the arm holding my hair, his sexy tattoos on his arm, he was driving me crazy. He yanked my hair hard, pulling me upright, biting my earlobe, his hips still moving, slightly slower now. “Get on the bed.” He ordered releasing me, I complied and walked over to the bed.

I wasn’t given the chance to lay down myself before I was shoved down onto the bed, he climbed in between my legs, pulling me down towards him, I giggled and squealed as he did. He supported himself above me, pushing back in again, he liked being on the bed because he could get the angle I loved, which he instantly pulled me into, slamming into my gspot with every thrust now, I yelled out in pleasure.

“Look at you… so sexy.” He purred, leaning down close to me, our bodies pressed together as his hips moved, I felt myself getting close again, three times, this one was gonna knock me out, I was sure of that. “You’re mine!” He growled deeply into my ear, sending a shudder down my spine, I gripped onto his shoulders, my body getting tense with every snap of his hips. “Say it… tell me you’re mine.”

“I’m yours Brendon.” I whimpered, he knew he was driving me insane, my body beginning to quiver and shake against him, my fingers curling on his back, scratching slightly, but it only drove him more insane speeding up his hips, I was on the edge of cumming again. I felt my nails scratching his back, he grunted out loud, his head thrown back in pleasure, I felt his own muscles tensing under my fingers, throbbing slightly.

“Baby I’m close…” He groaned out, kissing me hard, biting my lip slightly, I felt the throbbing growing more intense, sending me over the edge, I yelled out in pleasure, screaming out.

“Brendon! You’re the best!” I yelled repeatedly as I came hard, my body going rigid, mind clouding over, I couldn’t barely remember my own name, waves of pleasure sending me spiralling.

“Shit Y/N!” He groaned low in my ear, cumming with me, I felt him throb as he reached his release, moving slow to ride out both our orgasms, he pretty much collapsed on top of me, panting loudly. “Fuck baby.”

“I know…” He rolled off me, both of us sweaty and worn out, he pulled me into his arms, stroking my back, his gentle side returning now. “I did mean all that though Brendon.”

“Hmm?” He kissed my forehead gently, smiling at me, his eyes sleepy again.

“When I said I love you, I really do, I couldn’t bare the thought of losing you. Especially not for some dick who fucked me around.” He gave me a soft smile, stroking my hair and back.

“I know baby, I’m sorry I got so defensive… I just… I’ve never felt like this before… I love you. I’m just scared of losing you.” He blushed as he spoke. “I mean come on, I’ve written songs for you!” We both giggled at the comment, snuggling up together, he yawned, pulling the covers over us.

“Oh come on! You haven’t even been awake that long.” I tried to get up but was stopped by his hand pulling me back against his chest.

“Don’t care, I’m sleeping and we’re having a nap.” He gripped hold of me playfully, nuzzling into my neck, stroking my back gently.

“You’re so cute.” I snuggled into his chest, wrapping my arms around him, as soon as I closed my eyes I felt the tiredness set in, his small little tired groans made me smile as we cuddled. God I was so in love with him, what did I do to deserve him? I didn’t know, but at this point I wasn’t going to question it too much.

I really hope you enjoyed it! I loved writing it! <3 <3

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Hux is a Beta but he's never let that hold him back, even against an Alpha like Ren. After Starkiller, Snoke calls Hux to him and demands more from him, that an heir is required. Before Hux can protest, he's knocked out and taken away by medical droids. When he wakes up, his body feels like it's burning and he's never been so horny in his life. The Droids tell him that his dynamic realignment, as ordered by Snoke, was a complete success and that Lord Ren will come for him shortly.

oh my god oh my god beta Hux being forced to become an omega so he can carry children?? (I mean, betas can have babies too) and Hux is just so scared because he’s no idea what’s happening to him and suddenly Kylo Ren is at the foot of his bed and touching him and all Hux can do is let him because Kylo’s touched are easing his pain

Post-show Ashton Would Include:
  • big, sweaty, tight hugs with little spins and big big BIG SMILES WITH DIMPLES
  • running to you and scooping you up as you laugh and hold him close, kissing him quickly with a “YOU GUYS KICKED ASS” and him taking you to the dressing room where he beams about how amped he is and how epic that show was
  • sometimes pushing you against the wall and kissing you roughly because fuck he has so much energy and he’s hot as fuck up there
  • his heated body pressed against yours and heavy breaths being released
  • fucking amazing sex lbrh okay he’d have such a rush he’d go HAM
  • like fingers and tongue/finger combo and SO MUCH DIRTY TALK
  • doing it on the dressing room couch because he couldn’t wait
  • him asking you to suck him off so he could sit down and relax for a bit before fucking you into oblivion
  • “FUck yeah baby, right there. god, you’re so good to me”
  • he’d be the type to like talk about the show while you’re blowing him
  • “oh my god, did you hear Michael forget the lyrics? that was hilarious.”
    “Yeah, i did, but i don’t feel like thinking about Michael while your dick is in my mouth”
    “Right, you can go back to doing what you were doing”
  • whimpering because he’s just SO turned on he needs to cum but he told you before not to let him because he wants to cum inside you
  • not having a condom so he’s gotta pull out which leaves a lil stain on the couch to which you two laughing
  • leaving hickies along your shoulders and collarbones while telling your in his raspy voice how fucking beautiful you are and how horny he gets up there when he finds you in the front row, dancing and singing along
  • afterwards, laying half next to you and had on you with both of your sweaty bodies intertwined
  • his head laying on your chest with your fingers in his hair and his arms wrapped around your body, his big smile apparent with dimples as he told you how happy he was that you were here and how much he absolutely loves seeing you there to support him and his band
  • getting up to put his clothes on and you doing the same, him belting lyrics of different songs all mashed together and dancing around, still hella energy inside him
  • driving with the boys to get fast food or smth bc fries after a concert is the best thing you could ever do
  • resting your body on his while you guys head on back to the hotel/bus and falling asleep, him as well, holding you and just cuddling in sweats
  • forehead kisses before he falls asleep, whispering, “i love you so much princess” and the boys smiling to themselves because wtf that’s SO cute
  • luke would probably sneak a pic too and upload it to which you get mad because it’s not a good angle but ashton loves it because you two are one

If you want, you could check out my selfies because I am a child and I need attention
Requests are open!

That’s A Record Part 2

Originally posted by biderek

Request: Part 2 to that’s a record?? By the way I really love your writing you do a wonderfully job!!!

Author’s Note: This is pretty short and fluffy, so I hope you like it! I wanted to make it different from the other pregnancy fics I’ve done, so I tried this out c: Enjoy!

Warnings: Language; so much fluff


“We’re gonna be late if you don’t get your ass down here!” I called through the house. I could hear Derek running around somewhere, but Lord only knows what he was doing.

“Hey! I thought we talked about the language thing,” he shouted back, slight reprimand in his tone. I rolled my eyes, mocking him a bit since he wasn’t around. I stood and waited, arms crossed over my chest, for what seemed like several more minutes.

“Derek, would you-”

“Alright, I think that’s everything,” he announced, rounding the corner into the entry way and narrowly avoiding a few boxes.

“We really need to get the rest of this stuff unpacked,” I mumbled, my thoughts trailing off. “And then we still have to finish buying everything, and-”

“I know, sweetheart, I know. But don’t worry,” he assured, leaning down to press his lips to my forehead. “We’ll get it all done.”

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Just found out my african grey parrot scooter died. He was around 30 years old. I grew up with him, and I didnt even have a chance to say goodbye, I havent been home all summer. Im crying oh my god winter break was the last time I saw him. Im vrying I miss him so much already he was so smart and so sweet and my parents said they found him in my room oh my god my baby

I was just looking up parrot diets because I know he wasnt eating super healthy and I was going to change it once I got back but now I guess thats pointless :(

I loved him so much I hope he was happy

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I use to live in a house that was super fucking haunted but it was normal for me because I lived from when I a baby to when I was 8 anyway one day I saw a 6ft man standing in the kitchen doorway he was pretty much just a shadow and I could slightly see through him but I could just feel the bad vibes and I knew if I would've gotten any closer he would kill me so that was fun I also had the experience of mice running through my body one night and that's rad

oh shittt god that must have been terrifying jesus christ thankfully my house just has one ghost boy that doesn’t do much other than steal shit i need and put it in the attic near the cursed doll, close/open doors, lock doors, and walk around the house
but his energy is good (or not bad i guess) honestly so i know he wouldn’t actually do shit to harm me
but goD bad energy ghosts are always terrifying also mice??? what the fuck????

knjedits  asked:

you can make a reaction with BTS when you ask them in marriage? i'm sorry for my english and thank you 💗

Hi, darling, thanks for your request, and i am so sorry for the wait.


When you two are sitting in the couch watching a romantic movie with your head resting on his lap, and one part of the movie, the protagonist tells the boy to marry her, you with camly ask to Jin if he wants to marry with you. He thinks you are joking when he see your face was serious, he become shy and accept. 

Originally posted by jhopies


Both are in the studio, Suga working on his mixtape and you sitting behind him in the couch, when he stops working to take a break instatly when he removed the headphones you ask him if he wants to marry with you, he was really surprise when you ask him that, you two have a lot time together but you never think that things. He look at you blushed and ask you if you rellay are sure in what do you said, you smile and agree. ‘OKAY, LET’S GET MARRIED’, he said to you.

Originally posted by jjks


‘Marry me’, you said to him when he just have a few minutes awake. He laugh but when he realize you are being serious, he say with his heart in the mouth (is a expression in my country) ‘WHAT?’ he said to you with a smile and screaming, of course.  ‘Namjoon, omg, just say or no’. ‘OF COURSE I WANT TO MARRY YOU, Y/N’ ‘I ask myself if you are the man in the relationship’. And he start to kissing and hugging you.

Originally posted by kppoptrash


‘OMG, Y/N, OF COURSE I WANT, BUT… THIS IS NOT A REALLY PROPOSE, I HAVE TO PROPOSE TO YOU, NOT YOU  TO ME, OMG’. And yes, are little hope start to cry. ‘Hoseok, it’s okay, just…’   ‘IT’S NOT OKAY’   ‘jEsUS ChRIST, hOSEok’.

Originally posted by hoseokayo


‘OH MY GOD, it is how a women feels when asked to marry? Because is the best i have in my life’. ‘IS A YES?’ ‘OF COURSE *gif*’. LOOK AT CUTIE BOY, MY HEART IS SO BLESSED RIGHT NOW.

Originally posted by booptae


You were talking with a friend while you are walking but you not realize who was infront of you, when you ask to your friend how to ask him to marry you, he quickly turns to you and giving you a smile with jumpscare. ‘Just ask me and i will say yes, baby.’ (OKAY, THIS REALLY KILL, JUST IMAGINE THATTTTTTT, MAN)

Originally posted by dhjung


‘You want to marry with me? really?’ ‘Oppa, if you don’t want is okay, we are really young…’ He cut you off with a hug. ‘Let’s wait another year, and let’s get marry, okay?’

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I am sorry if this take me to long to write it.

*credits to owners gif*

BTS react to you feeling exhausted

Guys, thank you so much for 375+ followers! Please enjoy this short but hopefully satisfying reaction well, we’ll have a longer, “serious” one tomorrow (Saturday, April 2nd) :*

Lots of love to BTS and A.R.M.Y. sends your Al eonni <333

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Jin: “Shhh baby, just lay down for a bit and relax, okay? Oppa will prepare dinner in the meantime~”

Originally posted by b2utygot7

Suga: “You feel exhausted? Me too, I can’t even remember when I didn’t feel exhausted to be honest. Let’s just take a nap together then~”

Originally posted by ew-jiminnie

Rap Monster: “You feel exhausted, baby? That’s a shame because oppa feels INFIRED today~ [insert excited seaweed dance]”

Originally posted by seoulsistersopi

[Thank you @seoulsistersopi for making this gif, it’s my everyday source of joy :D]

J-Hope: “[suddenly gets worried] Oh my god, really? Is there anything I can do for you, ________? Would you rather I’d leave you alone so you can rest a bit? Or would you like to drink some tea? Can I bring you anything?”

Originally posted by junghosyub

Jimin: “[Suga’s reaction but with a different feeling to it ^^] So you feel exhausted? Let’s go to bed early then. I’ll pamper you enough to make you feel comfortable again and relieve all of your stress~”

Originally posted by aegyojimin

V: “Ahh, come here, ________! I have enough energy myself to transfer some of it to you. The tighter the hug, the more you’ll feel refreshed afterwards, promised~ [insert gif] Feel any better yet?”

Originally posted by catbugmp3

Jungkook: “[teasing you] Get up, nuna ! Why are you being all grumpy like that? It’s not even night yet and you are already sleepy. Are you getting old or what? [throws pillow into your face]”

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Kind of silly, but Darcy learning about what happened to Natasha in the Red Room and declaring "don't worry, I shall have your babies!"

OH MY GOD I am now filled with Surrogate!Darcy feels! (I should be writing Glitch, not obsessing over this idea! Also I took it someplace very not silly) (I am gonna go buckynatdarcy on this, because I am too into the pairing) 

Just imagine Natasha telling her and Darcy hugging her super hard. (Thinking stuff like: My precious Russian swan, I will protect you)

Darcy taking some time sitting in her favorite chair, drinking tea and thinking it over and over, but she can’t deny it. She wants to help.

Bucky and Nat walking into the room and Darcy half screaming: “Guys! Don’t worry! I shall have your children!” and them staring at her in shock

Pregnant!Darcy throwing up and hating the smell of onions so Bucky and Nat throw out ALL OF THE ONIONS (”guys, she doesn’t even live on my floor” steve frowns, “i like onions”)

The Russian Assassins practically getting into fights over being the one helping Darcy up and down from the couch when the baby starts growing

(Darcy sometimes hides in Maria Hills room, because “who knew Nat would be so smothering?”)

Darcy running into the training room smiling and screaming “it’s kicking!” and almost falling over because that is one hella strong child. 

Tony trying not to cry when they show him the sonogram. Jane bawls, and Thor pats Darcy on the shoulder, because he’s afraid of hugging her too hard

“If it’s a boy, I think you should name him Clint”

Bucky and Nat both being completely awed over how beautiful Darcy is when she’s pregnant

When she can’t move much,  they both carry her or bring her all the food she wants and even watch Supernanny with her

Both of them freaking the hell out when she goes into labor 

Darcy is having none of their shit. Hello, she’s about to press their super-serum baby out of her vagina, she is the only one allowed to freak, ‘kay?

Darcy, sweaty, exhausted and high on painkillers, endorfins and the end of the pain, holding her sleeping, tiny, beautiful girl, looking down at the small nose poking out from the blanket, and not being able to stop crying

Natasha seeing her holding their child and kissing her. Bucky cries. He kisses them both. “All my girls”

Bucky punching EVERYONE who makes inappropriate breast-feeding jokes

The girl has red hair and Bucky’s blue eyes and Darcy loves her so much

“What about Clintina?” “NO!”

Just imagine the four of them returning to their apartment, and curl up on the bed and gaze at their child

“What about Olivia?” “Margaret?” “Janet?”, “Ekaterina?” 

(I couldn’t decide on a name, so I just ended it here. I am not sure this is what you wanted, but this is what happened in my head) 

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You brought this upon yourself, but daddy!ashton and baby girl Irwin spending the day together because they've missed each other so much and she just does not want to fall asleep because she's afraid he's gonna be gone on when she wakes up


daddy!ashton going all out with planning a super fun day for baby girl irwin because it’s been so so so long since he’s last saw her due to touring so he takes her to all these cool places and buys her all this stuff that he knows she doesn’t need and knows that you’ll scold him for buying because baby girl irwin already has three of whatever ashton’s bought her but he can’t help but feel the need to spoil his little girl because he’s missing out on her growing up because of his career and although he loves what he does as well as all his fans so so much, he hates the consequences that come with being internationally famous and he hates having to be away from his daughter and you for such long periods of time so he feels like it’s the least he can do and at the end of the day, baby girl irwin is so close to falling asleep but every time she feels her little eyes begin to shut, she forces them open and ashton is half laying on her little princess bed which is all sorts of shades of pink as such, with a frown on his face as he strokes her hair and tells her ‘go to sleep, sweetheart’ but she just shakes her head of little golden blonde curls before clutching at his shirt with her tiny hands and she honestly has the saddest look on her face because she’s so afraid that he’ll be gone again when she wakes up and when a very concerned daddy!ashton asks her “what’s wrong?” she tells him only for ashton to pull her tiny self into his arms, holding her close as he releases a soft sigh, his head shaking slightly before he mumbles quietly “i’m not going anywhere for a while, princess” and so to make baby girl irwin feel a little more reassured, ashton promises to not leave her side for the remainder of the night and he doesn’t, but you do find him half hanging off her bed the next morning, sleeping in an awkward position but both sleeping soundly

showering with luke would include:

-”hey princess this shower would be so much better with you in it”

- putting on some sensual music bc he thinks he’ll get laid 

- him almost falling bc you came in very quietly

-”holy shit my heart just stopped beating for a minute don’t ever do that again”

- rubbing his shoulders 

- hearing a little moan or two escape from his lips bc it feels so good

- getting turned on from him moaning

- “stop moaning luke you’re turning me on”

- him pushing you up again the shower wall and roughly kissing you

- wrapping your legs around his waist as he thrusts into you

- “oh god you look so great with this water running down your body babygirl”

- him hinting at round two by dropping soap on the floor

- “hey i dropped the soap do you wanna pick it up”

- “did you really just try to go for round two by dropping soap”

- him wanting to wash your hair bc it’s so long and pretty

- washing his back because you like to feel his back muscles

- basically just standing in the middle of the shower making out


- “oh my god luke calm down it’s just shampoo”

- probably having round two because in his words “i can’t help it baby seeing you naked makes me instantly hard”

-wrapping up in towels and laying in bed eating junk food all night

- “you know i love you so much right”

- “yes lucas i know and i love you so much also”

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