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Hey Leo! What do you think about Keith's "I can't explain it but I think we should attack the cruiser" in the last episode? I thought he had just deducted it but based on this line I guess it was another one of his gut feelings, sooo intuitive Keith strikes again? People say he's quintessence-sensitive, so do u think he somehow sensed Haggar's energy and then put 2 and 2 together and figured it out, or what happened there?

 Okay so, I have been saying Keith’s quintessence sensitive from day one. It’s where I got the whole “druid Keith” idea from, and now that we know druids are more so a creation of the rift, well–I think Keith’s instinctive knowledge of certain things is inexorably linked to that other reality. And its magic. When he contacts Matt, he says, “I can’t explain why, but I know we need to attack that fleet.”

 You know what else that sounds like? When he mentions he can sense the Blue Lion and says, “I can’t explain it, really. I was lost and kind of drawn out to this place. It’s like something…some energy, was telling me to search.” 

Keith just inherently knows certain things, has a sixth sense for it. This goes well beyond good intuition. He was able to feel the Blue Lion’s presence a whole year before her own pilot–sensing her the same way Haggar did. 

He was the only one able to connect with his lion over a vast distance–the only other paladin able to do this is Zarkon, and even then, only with the aid of a druid. In season 1 when that druid attacks him, Keith doesn’t get those same fatal, glowing wounds that Shiro and Thace and Antok do. He’s not as badly affected, and he’s able to heal himself by manipulating raw quintessence–something we’ve only seen from other druids. 

The common denominator here? Haggar didn’t start off as a “witch,” she was a regular alchemist. A scientist. She acquired those abilities though exposure to the rift and all its pure quintessence. And the Lions and this entity of Voltron are from this other reality as well. So honestly? I think Keith was able to sense Haggar’s power and its malicious intent because he has some sort of connection to the rift. 

I’d also like to point out that Keith seems naturally drawn to high concentrations of quintessence. Whether its the Lions or containers of raw quintessence, Keith won’t pass up the chance to investigate it. Keith is pretty much our introduction to quintessence and how the druids work with it. He sees the druids and the quintessence, wonders what’s going on, and decides to follow it. Later, he tells Coran he’s going to grab some of it. And later, when he accidentally crashes into a tank of it, he manages to heal himself. They could have used any character to narratively link to quintessence this way, but they chose Keith.

And then later, Keith starts taking jobs with the BOM tracking these huge supply lines of incredibly rare, pure quintessence. Keith is incredibly concerned about this, and keeps trying to convince Kuron that following up on those leads needs to take priority. Yes, he’s chasing them in hopes they’ll lead him straight to Lotor. But again, he’s following after trails of quintessence again. When discussing the mission, he also says “We have–” then stops, and corrects himself–“I have to take it. I need to be on that mission.” This is very much a personal matter. Even if he can’t fully articulate why, he feels like he just has to be there. And narratively speaking, I think it would be quite interesting if both our half-galra ended up being tied to the rift from opposite ends of it–quite literally. 

So yeah. Considering how Keith seems to be drawn like a magnet to major powerhouses of quintessence, the thing with Haggar’s ship doesn’t surprise me

Yeah so I feel like I sort of owe you guys a legitimate attempt at Snowbaz after spamming you with a torrent of Voltron garbage.

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I think the "aphobe" thing was about the queerplatonic relationships post? Though out of curiosity, why don't you think they're a thing?

Okay, I realize this is a delicate topic, and I’m sure this will offend some people - But that’s not my intention!!! I’m just … I’m just confused more than anything? Maybe I don’t have enough information or I’m missing something - in which case I would greatly appreciate it if someone would educate me please!! 

I just… feel like it’s an unnecessary label? What they’re describing as a queerplatonic relationship is just… friendship? Like that’s just how friendships are? Like friendships - true friendships - are extremely intimate to the point where it falls into the category of a queerplatonic relationship. The various ways I’ve seen queerplatonic relationships be described is the same as how friendships are described. Its the same description?

I don’t know. Maybe I’m lucky for having all of my friendships be that intimate? Maybe yall got shitty friends so you’ve been conditioned to think friendship is something less than what it really is, and I think what happens is that you get a real friend, that treats you like you should be treated, and is more intimate than what you’ve known before, so you think “well, friendship is down here, at a less intimate and personal level, so what I’m experiencing now is more than a friendship, it must be a queerplatonic relationship.” but its not, that’s just how friendships are supposed to be. 

I don’t know. Maybe I’m the odd one out for having all of my friendships be that intimate. Maybe I’m the odd one out for thinking that friendships are supposed to be like that. 

If I am the odd one out and friendship isn’t supposed to be that intimate, then yeah, call them queerplatonic relationships! And if that is the case - then I guess I’m just good at having queerplatonic relationships haha 

hey guys i’ve been really hesitant about making this post because part of it feels like oversharing, but my dad isn’t waking up and we don’t know why. i really don’t have all the details because he was on a business trip (all I know that he is in the hospital and still breathing) but if you’re religious and don’t mind sending out prayers for him that would be great. even if you aren’t religious, just some good vibes sent this way would be greatly appreciated. i’m sorry for putting this in the tag, but my dad is honestly like my world and this day has been the absolute worst so i’m just trying to rally up as much support as possible.

(Okay so a little warning first. This will probably get a bit long and cheesy but I might a bit drunk and full of delicious food and cake, so I’m sorry in advance.)

First of all, I’ve celebrated my 26th birthday yesterday and I have to admit birthdays are always a bit tricky for me. I usually have some kind of personal crisis ‘cause I just keep thinking about how my life is not where I wanted it to be and my head is just all over the place. This year thanks to a bunch of people here my birthday was actually really great. So I wanna thank once again to anyone who send me good wishes and even wrote me a fic and created a gifset and a moodboard for me. Every single word, every single thing meant the world to me, so thank you again. 

Also, I’ve been on this site for around 7 years (god, that makes me feel old) but this is the first time that I’ve actually been a part of a fandom and properly interacted with people in it. We have our moments but most of the time I’m having a great time here. I’m in awe with all you talented people (fics, gifs, videos, graphics, art, moodboards, anything really) and with all the funny and smart things you write. I wish I could speak individually with every single one of you but I’m a bit awkward when it comes to interacting with people, so mostly I’m just admiring from a far and expressing my excitement in my tags and posts. Those that I do talk with, you’re true sweetheart and I love you to bits <3 All the others, I’m looking forward to talking to you in the future.

Following this rambling is an alphabetical list of blogs I love seeing on my dash. I admire you and I love you and you make my days brighter. I probably forgot a few of them, so sorry for that. Also, I’m always looking forward to meeting new people/blogs, so this list might get longer in the future. Thanks for reading this mess and now go and follow these awesome people <3

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Your answer to that last anon was 100% spot on, can you please explain why I love shrinkyclinks so much??

hahhahaaha it’s now officially ‘ask Viper’ night. 

Okay, umm….. I’m not sure about other people, but for me it’s the size difference. I just fucking love size differences so damn much, and while we already sort of had that with pre-war Stucky, having someone who looks as menacing and deadly as Winter Soldier!Bucky does paired with cute, smol, breakable Stevie is just *squeals* <333333333


Except that’s just how it looks on the outside but in reality it’s completely the opposite, it’s a total role-reversal, because Bucky’s this big fucking softie and just basically and oversized teddy bear, and Steve…… Steve’s the farthest thing from breakable you could ever imagine. 

You know how dog trainers always say that Chihuahuas are always barking at other dogs because they mistakenly think they’re a lot bigger than they actually are? And they’re sort of constantly angry because they actually can’t do a lot of things that the bigger version of themselves that’s in their heads can?

That’s skinny!Steve. 

And when big!Steve shows vulnerability, that’s okay, because he gets to be strong most of the time. It’s a relief, even. But skinny!Steve can’t allow himself to show vulnerability, because he already hates being too weak all the time enough as it is (and he’s not, he’s not, but we’re always our worse judges). Only with Bucky he does allow himself to be vulnerable, and that makes it even more special.

And when Bucky’s not just Bucky, but even bigger and stronger and just *more* than he already was… that Steve can still let himself be vulnerable around him…  that makes it so much more meaningful. Especially when, at the same time, he can still be the bossy one, be the one comforting Bucky sometimes, be the protector and not just the protected, or just be what Bucky needs, too.

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I’m just curious if you have any advice... I’m very emotionally unstable at the moment and it seems when ever a topic or something reminds me about things I’m currently upset or angry about I just feel like I’m gonna have a panic attack or break down in tears but I don’t want to tell anyone because I feel like it’ll make them feel I’m trying to make them feel sorry for me I just don’t know what to do (sorry for this if it’s annoying I just want some advice and anytime I say it aloud I get upset)

Okay, look. Im not really the best at advices. But i know that bottling yourself up its not a good idea.

It doesn’t matter of you feel like youll make everyone feel sorry for you. If you need to vent, do it. If you need to cry, do it.

The others dont matter right now. You do.

Learn to take care of yourself. Sometimes we need to be a little selfish.

But things will never get better if you bottle everything up. I know that for a fact.

The ramble about bird!Dirk’s wings in The Price for Fire that literally no one asked for

but i’m up hours before my alarm and i’m having Feelings™, so here have some word vomit anyway sorry if i make you cry

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Jealous Kara Danvers Would Include...

Requested by anon: Jealous Kara Danvers would include… Thanks!

  • Kara is usually the sweetest girlfriend you can possibly ask for
  • She constantly tells you how beautiful you are and never hesitates to show PDA
  • Because she knows how pretty you are, she gets pretty jealous when she sees someone at Catco flirting with you
  • Accidentally shattering the mug that’s in her hand
  • Telling you that everything’s okay even though it’s obvious that she’s not okay
  • That night at dinner she eats a lot less than usual, not even finishing half the potstickers that she ordered
  • Giving you a sad pout when you ask her what’s wrong
    • “It’s just that you seemed to have a really good time talking to my coworker and she touched you and I thought the two of you probably had a thing going on.”
    • “Kara you know that I only have feelings for you. You have nothing to worry about.”
  • Usually the conversation is followed by sad puppy eyes and a small voice saying “Are you sure?”
    • “Yes, absolutely”
  • Cuddles on the couch as she orders more potstickers

Hullo. Before I say anything else, I just want to say I’m sorry, and that I hope you never have to go through anything like that again. 💖

Forcing someone to say yes, no matter even if done gently, is absolutely not okay. The way you feel right now, however low-key your distaste about what happened may be, is perfectly valid and you’re more than entitled to feel like you were violated, because you sort of were, even if your relationship was loving otherwise. I don’t think you’re looking to take any kind of legal action against your ex but clearly these incidents from your past relationship are still troubling you and I’d urge you to speak to someone you’re emotionally close to and trust, or maybe a therapist?

I hope I helped in some way or another, however insignificantly, but I’m worried about saying the wrong thing and further upset you. You are absolutely welcome to send me another ask or message me if you have something else to ask/say.

Lots of love to you, darling. xo

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Oh no, my sweet little senpai have sick? Are you ok? It is bad? How do you feel now? Man, now I'm so worry. Hope you get better soon (╥﹏╥)

awww its okay!! its just a fever— i’ll get better in no time! I’m feeling a bit better than i did earlier. Please don’t worry about me, thank you very much for your concern!! :,,))

man you guys are like, super nice to me??? thanks so much!!! its nothing a bunny cant handle :,))

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I love Jensen's tattoo. But at the same time it feels so weird?? Not in a bad way or anything, but like... we've been drawing fanart and writing about this guy forever, and now something about that fandom image has been permanently changed. It just feels... odd, haha. But I'm so happy for him 😊 I wonder if he'll get something for the twins eventually

I think he has to get something for the twins now. And yeah, I guess it’s disconcerting that the real image doesn’t match what we all have in our heads for “Dean” but…Dean and Jensen are separate, and that’s okay.

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i want to love trl so bad. the dolan twins are on there, so that’s why i really want to enjoy it. but whenever they make them do this crazy stuff i start to get this weird feeling that they are being used for the views. also i low key felt so bad for ethan since he basically humiliated himself on live television. youtube is okay…but live television. yes he looks hot in that outfit and shirtless yeah…but seeing him having to walk in front of everyone like that is not my favorite thing to see.

They’re being treated like puppets, it’s insanely inappropriate and ridiculous. Have the producers forgotten about how they’re still only 17? It’s embarrassing as fuck and it just makes me so mad that they’re probably under a contract and that’s why they can’t escape this shitstorm.

I also just now figured out that it’s actually saying a lot that I’m able to practice things now (or again). Because I’ve been afraid of practicing, especially practicing things that I know I’m not good at yet, for a long, long time. Because practicing means trial and error, it means mistakes, and that was something I couldn’t take for a long time in my life. One mistake made me question my whole worth, and it took me a long time to recover from those little mistakes I made.

So me being able to practice and fuck up and shrug about it and say “Eh, next time”, actually means that I’m in a much better spot now. I’m not just being sarcastic about my mistakes now and then tearing myself apart, but I can actually accept that failure is okay, I don’t always have to be perfect, and people who say I have to be are jackasses.

A good, good feeling!

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since u said that u dont have any romantic feelings for casey and u have a crush on someone else (uuuu I really can think who is)” , did he and u finally sit and talk about this to clarify it? or he still thinks he has a chance

Casey knows we will only ever be friends and he’s okay with it. He’s just a natural flirt. Okay, maybe he sulked for a while but he’s okay, don’t worry!

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I am a white male dating a black girl, but my parents might not approve of me dating someone of another race since they are racist especially toward black people. How can I go about telling them? I have been keeping it a secret from them for a long time.

Talk about her to them while not stating her race. But don’t, like, say she’s white and then be like “surprise”, just talk about her without ever saying she’s black. Let them get to know her that way, and then introduce her.

And if they’re not okay with that, fuck them. Honestly at this point in 2017 I’m just like “fuck racists.” I no longer care about racists’ feelings being hurt. 

Okay, I’m gonna go couch it up, people.  I’ve got the dentist tomorrow, and I’m not looking forward to it.  I mean, I’m looking forward to having it done, but the whole event, and the healing process and all that, I’m just feeling pretty blah about it.  Plus it’s my molar in the very back, and they grew in sideways, so I think it might be a doozy.  Then again, I might just be working myself up.  But whatever.  Point is, dental work sucks, but dental work on very little rest sucks a whole lot more, so I’m gonna go wind down in front of Endeavour reruns, ‘cause that’s my comfort zone yo.

I keep lying to my mother and telling her I love her. I’m clearly giving her false hope.

She’s been trying to be nice to me and keeps doing favors for me, but frankly that will not improve the relationship one bit, because I refuse to open myself up to her for fear of being hurt.

They both expect to have a Conversation with me on the weekend about how I feel about doing things with them. I hate Mom and feel vaguely okay about Mama.

What should I do? Can I just tell Mom to back off and stop trying to be Nice to me? Can I tell her I’m tired of her asserting her connection to me in any way, that I want to stop talking to her, that I feel she ignores my consent?


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thank you sososo much for all of your positivity and validation. i live in the RI ss area, and I've been a massive fan for 8 years now, ever since 3rd grade. i knew that i wasn't going to get invited but it still kinda hurts, ya know? i genuinely am super excited for everyone that got to go, i just wish i could've experienced that happiness with them. so yeah. thank you cause you make me feel a little better about feeling sad about it

LISTEN. If anyone tonight has a right to be sad (and everyone does but you now what i mean) ITS YALL LIVING IN RI. AND THAT’S COMPLETELY OKAY. Like if I was you I would too. I’m on the other side of the country and part of me feels sad BUT HONESTLY SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVITY. I’m not saying you have to like it and I’m not saying you have to feel 100% positive but at least surround yourself with it! I hope you don’t mind me posting this but it has positivity so I’m gonna post it. If you want me to delete it just shoot me another message!

Mmmm, but seriously, every shaladin I have seen is an adult, every anti is a minor… so you have adults making minors uncomfortable regarding romantic and sexual relationships, and responding this by telling the minors that they’re all overreacting and being silly and should just accept it and basically refusing to actually address the issue… and y'all still think it’s okay to argue that we should ‘respect’ these people their ships? Mmm, yeah sorry, but I care more about kids feeling comfortable than assuring adults that their paedophilic behaviour is acceptable. Just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s okay