i just have big canine teeth

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Do you think you could give tips on how to draw teef?? You're so good at them and I really wanna learn, like with plant monster or the halloween version of your overwatch oc, they pop out and it's just- how does one draw so well???

HMMM well let’s see if I can find some references to put together! My teeth drawing experience comes from a combo of looking at tutorials/others’ art, and having an interest in bones and having to learn some things about tooth set-ups for a few different classes throughout my schooling. 

Okay so first, is this tutorial. It’s specifically for sharp/carnivore teeth, but it holds a lot of ground for setting up teeth in general. 

There’s also this one - which I love because it touches on both realistic and cartoony methods for drawing teeth. There are a lot of words explaining things, but it is very much worth the read!

There’s another reference post floating around, which while it has mostly good resources, has a particular image in there that I really hate because that is NOT how teeth work or look at all for the categories they chose. So here’s the one that I do like.

[from this artist]

In the same vein as this, when I do teeth I tend to imagine strips first, draw the strips, and then define the teeth after the fact. And if large canines are involved, make sure that they look like they form an almost zipper-like closing when the jaws are together. That’s something I heard my orthodontist say back when I had braces and was getting looked at, and it’s stuck with me ever since.

Diastema are a biiiiig thing in large canine’d jaws that I see artists sometimes leave off - basically it’s any space between teeth but for this post’s purposes, it’s the space that a canine of the opposite jaw fits into when the mouth is closed. Otherwise the mouth can’t close all the way and things just look weird!

See how there is a gap in each dental arcade for the corresponding canine to sit in? It’s a lot easier to see with the lower canine, but there’s one there for the upper canine as well. It’s worth noting that this is just in the instance that the canine is so large that it will extend far enough to need a space. If something has large canines but they’re not particularly long, the might not need a diastema!

This tutorial is also really nice for drawing big bite-y teeth. 

I also recommend looking up pictures of irl teeth and jaws for reference - even in fossil species! There are some fantastic things out there in nature for inspiration. I particularly really like Dunkleosteus teeth, for example.

Seals also have really nice teeth.

Hope that helps!


Boghtmaw sketches! As u can see they’re most inspired by thoroughbreds, akhal tekes, and marwari horses. Long and rangy, streamlined, built on the forehand, with powerful necks. Built for sprinting. They hunt in packs, usually targeting species like the woolly rhino or long horned bison, and work in short bursts of speed to cut out individuals. Quick and agile for dodgin them horns. Lone individuals will feed on things like wolves, lynx, etc.

They don’t actually have pointy teeth all the way up their faces like I drew, they just have big piercing canines to open up veins, and suck blood in much the same way a horse would crib on wood. They live off of blood because the lack of heavy meat in their stomach allows them to keep up their speed and agility (nitpicky biologist types, don’t you dare). They’re 18-20 hands tall on average. They have pretty normal herd structure, divided either into groups of bachelor stations, or bands of mares with one breeding stallion. The breeding stallions sometimes reach 22 hands and supposedly take down and feed on mammoths.

Last pic is a vague estimation of where an average person would stand compared to the average boghtmaw. I put in a lorhead for comparison too but it looked like crap so I cut it out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Vocal team kinks in detail please omg

I did hip hop team so I should stop being a fucknut and do vocal (and performance) team already since there’s multiple requests for both right yes 


Hair Pulling: okay not bc Jeonghan has long hair or his bob and whatnot but bc I legit see him as one who would have a thing for hair pulling, but more often pulling your hair than you pulling his. Especially when receiving blowjobs and if you do doggy style he gon get that shit

Biting: I think Jeonghan would like biting as well as being bitten. Not so hard where either of you are like bleeding or something because god damn but like more than just a little nibble but not too painful do you understand me probably not

Being Deep Throated: I see Jeonghan as a hisser and also someone who goes “ah” in bed and SO this would be right up his alley just like he would be right in your mouth I hate myself

Face Fucking: okay this is kind’ve a big dick move because it’s similar to the one above but I mean Jeonghan bites his lip a lot and I could see him doing so a lot if you were to allow to fuck your face and so I meAN


is already done here whoops 


Biting: long story short I have a weird thing for Jihoon’s teeth like I really love his teeth they’re v cute and his little canines IDK ALRIGHT I JUST FEEL LIKE HE WOULD ENJOY BITING WITH THOSE TEETH ST O P JUDGING ME

Domination: okay so Jihoon is always saying how he’s not cute and stuff and I’m pretty sure  he can beat someone’s ass if needed despite his small stature anD he hates being taken lightly because of his height so I feel like he’d have a thing for domination as sort’ve a reminder not to underestimate him. Especially on a day when you tease him all day about being cute and small and whatnot that night he’s gonna top you so fast and be like “aw look how cute” in the same teasing voice you used on him when he sees that look of shock your face from it being unexpected I made this too long yikes

Rough Sex: also related to the last one, Jihoon would also enjoy giving it to you rough in that situation for the same reasoNnSs and if you like it rough then I mean added bonus woo

Finger Fucking: Jihoon also has really nice hands mmk and he can play piano play guitar play the motherfucking drums like boi what them hands do, that and I could also see him with a smirk on his lips as he watches how unravelled he can make you with just his fingers squeaks


FInger Fucking: do I even need to explain bc I don’t think I need too LOOK AT THOSE HANDS SON JUST IMAGINE HOW’D THEY FEEL IN YOU what

Submission: I see Seokmin as one who is like 50/50 when it comes to being a dom or a sub and so I feel like he’d appreciate you dominating him sometimes you know slamming him on the bed teasing him riding him into the sunset you knOW

Being Ridden: I should stop being a lazy fuck connecting two kinks together buT another kink related to the last one like just imagine you doing so and just him biting his lip and only letting go of it to moan before biting it again and the look in his eyes and his hands on your waist and woWee

Teasing: listen here Seokmin would love teasing you you understand me he would love that shit. He would enjoy you occasionally teasing him as well but you see he would tease you when you guys aren’t alone foR EXAMPLE if you guys were out eating at a restaurant he’d squeeze and rub your thigh under the table and when you smack his hand for him to stop he just flashes you his 11/10 smile boiii if you don’t


Occasional Sub: I don’t see Seungkwan as a complete sub but rather a 60% sub and 40% dom or some shit but listeNnNn I see him as an occasional sub because once you make a move and just start dominating him when you were cuddling on the couch he’d be too flustered to do anything about it aw

Teasing: Like Seokmin, Seungkwan would enjoy teasing you as well in the same way. Would low key enjoy being teased as well although every time you do he’d throw one of his little fits

Leaving Marks: also doesn’t know if this really counts as a kink but fuck it it’s 2AM I’m tired and this is my post SO I feel like Seungkwan would enjoy leaving marks in areas that would be easily visible so whenever someone asks you about it he’d have this look on his face like that’s right bitch that was me

Begging: this is one that could go both ways when either one of you crack from the relentless teasing, him enjoying listening to you beg and on the occasion enjoying begging for you hey hey hey


it is 2:24am but I forced myself to stop being a bitch ass and said I won’t go to bed until I finish this post anD AFTER MUCH WORK AND EFFORT it’s finally done and shitty as ever I hope you guys somehow manage to enjoy this even though I was half dead for most of it so if there’s typos pls forgive but !! if you read this til the end congrats you survived and sorry it’s hella long rip me 

~pimp Sara 

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ok but like has anyone ever truly appreciated the magnificence that is baekho's teeth. like truly wondered how apt his stage name is with respect to his teeth. like truly respected his big beautiful canines that make him look like a (very cute) tiger.

I have huge thing for canine teeth t b h, anon. I just went on a google search for pictures of him and o mg- it’s getting harder to not move him up my list.dkwjew why do you do this to me, anon. His eye smile is seriously so cute, too (and that body ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). When I see him smile, I unconsciously smile because it’s just so pure?? too good for this world??? 

Btw, all these Dongho anons are all so great. Pls appreciate my child more <3

Vampire Morphology: Jaw

Because I love monsters, I couldn’t just leave the vampire as looking ‘almost human but with some creepy molars.’ No. Too easy. Lets give them snake jaws.

Thats right ladies and gents, Vampire Jaws unhinge. Twice.

Lets go back to snakes. Snakes have the most kinetic (lots of moving parts) of all terrestrial vertebrates. They have like, four hinges. I think. Yea, basically, four hinges. Here’s a picture to help.

Humans have a very basic hinge system. And since the jaw is fused in the middle (Mandibular Symphasis–this’ll come back in a second) we’re basically shaped like boxes. We don’t even have a whole lot of sideways motion due to our masseter muscle (which keeps our jaw from dislocating and allows us to chew). Pesky little thing.

Snakes’ mandibles aren’t fused though. So not only is their lower jaw not confined by petty mammal issues like masseter muscles, they can just spread them mandibles like their rent’s due.

This is advantageous for a vampire, because a human neck–even to reach around the trachea, which is far more accessible than the carotid arteries or jugular veins, which are separate, and also there are two of them, on either side of the neck.

Again, I’ve added a picture to help.

Put your hand on your adam’s apple (everyone has one, people). You can feel the ridges of tough cartilage. This is what a big cat would go for to suffocate you. That’s where the air goes. Now move your fingers to both sides, and down half an inch. Those are both of your Carotid arteries. you have two of them. In the same basic area, you’ve got your Jugular Veins. you have two of them, too. Now do that thing where you try to keep the same distance between your fingertips. Can you fit that in your mouth? I can’t. Now imagine big long spiky teeth for puncturing the skin, muscle, and fibers that protect those things. Take maybe a centimeter off of the total room your max mouth gape can handle, to make room for those elongated canines that no vampire is complete without.

That is why vampires need to be able to unhinge their Jaw. Otherwise, with a human shaped skull, they just can’t open wide enough.

Well, they could, but you’d have to ask Similodon or thylacine about that, and I like my creepy snake vampires just the way they are.

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Hi! So first off I love your art, I've been following you for a while and I love your style! I recently started drawing orcs myself for a project but I'm having a bit of trouble with making their mouths work, to make them expressive around those tusks? Since you're one of my favourite artists and draw orcs on the regular, I was wondering if you had any pointers in this? Thanks!

thanks man!!! tbh the best way i have to visualize how lips work around tusks is just to stick my fingers in my fucking mouth, touching your lower canines w your thumbs or whatever gives a pretty good idea of how lips respond to big protruding teeth ;0 

otherwise if youre goin about teeth the way i do, i guess the main thing to keep in mind is that the lower lip wraps around the tusks and the upper lip rests on top of them !

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I really like the hc that was floating around a while back that elves have big/sharp canines?? So I thought it would be cute//funny for an elf mc to be showing their (obvs non elf (or actually in the case of an elven li, the two comparing their teeth would be cute!!)) li them? Thinking of their reactions make me giggle! Particularly Alistair or Cullen! But any would be funny haha

Thanks anon! I personally don’t feel comfortable with giving elves animal-like features, so I probably won’t be drawing this one, but just so you know I’m not ignoring you. :)

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Why are some vegans so judgmental to people who are not vegan?

I saved this in my inbox for three days because I didn’t know how to answer this without getting 100 anons calling me a preachy annoying vegan but then I just remembered idc so

What pisses off most vegans myself included is the straight ignorance really, like the closest thing I can compare it to is like a feminist being in a room full of “meninists”, like all the time. Omnivores act like vegans just attack them, they’re more annoying to us, I promise. Once you’re like fully awake to an atrocity there’s no shutting it out, and there’s nothing else to do but to try and educate others. The “I can’t give up cheese” whining doesn’t really aggravate me as much as the people who literally bash vegans and refuse to actually educate themselves or open their eyes to how brainwashed they are, to actually see the negative impacts (for everyone) eating animal products has. The omnivores who literally go to no end to defend animal cruelty, and that’s exactly what they’re doing when they say things like “but plants feel pain too” or “we’re at the top of the food chain” (as if that’s true lol) or any other asinine excuses. Vegans have a lot of reasons to be judgmental if we’re being honest here, because there really isn’t many excuses not to be or at least on the road to veganism. I mean at least you can go vegetarian that’s the easiest thing in the world man. Go sit through Earthlings then have someone come up to you talkin’ about their big bad canine teeth and mocking the pain of tortured animals. It’s fucking aggravating? If you don’t care about animals, whatever, but our world is literally going to shit and animal agriculture is right up at the tippity top of the causes why. Animals, humans!! and the earth is suffering big time because of these industries. Preachy vegans aren’t the ones you should be mad at. I’m thankful for “judgmental preachy” vegans, they’re why I went vegan. If you’re not challenged and shown you’re just straight up wrong sometimes, nothing would ever change for the good.

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@ chewy Charas - I had these big canine teeth and the rest of 'em were like white tip shark teeth but the canines grew out like tusks so I just kept chewing on random shit I probably shouldn't have, including a chunk of metal that wound up snapping up and hitting me in the face, and that's the story of how this UF!Sans got his gold tooth

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I love the way u draw teeth. Rn im trying to draw teeth and i tried to find a post where u drew a bunch of teeth but i couldnt find it. Do you just draw random teeth like shapes and hope for the best or do u use references from real life or what?

this post? this one i also still like

A little of both! I look at refs a lot, and then i can mix n match or make stuff up as i go, once i have an idea n all

but yeah, SOMEWHERE i have a flashdrive w a big folder full of teeth refs, i spend a lot of time looking up ‘crooked teeth’..or stained/broken/chipped/missing/extra etc etc…my favorite to draw tho is when the canines are a little too high..

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Genuine question how are humans not the superior species lol what?? We wouldn't have the capacity to kill and hunt other animals much bigger than us etc. like I totally understand the hippy dippy side of why we should be equal to every other creature on earth etc but like otherwise we're literally superior in every way as far as function and ability

I guess it depends on how you perceive superiority. We like to think we are but I don’t think so, That’s straight from our ego. People also (always) seem to forget we are animals. We adapt well. We’re complex thinkers. We use tools to kill. We build slaughterhouses full of machines to kill for us. We shop at the store for our meat and pretend our big bad canine teeth could do shit in the wild. We’re just complex animals walking around on earth doing our own thing, existing (shittily) with other species and nature. Other species are lucky they don’t have human ego, ignorance and greed. So yeah, obviously in ways we are superior, i’m not delusional, but in a lot of big ways we’re definitely the inferior ones. I mean donald trump could be our president for fucks sake. 


Shy Blue Eyes 


(Liam’s POV)
Wow. She so beautiful, could she be anymore perfect?
“Hey Liam! Hello…anyone in there?….HEY LIAM!“Stiles snaps at me.
“Huh? What?….” I start to snap out of my trance.
“ I was calling your name like 60 times! What’s going on with you man?”
“No-nothing’s wro-wrong.” I stutter still in thinking about Y/N.
“No. His heart beat keeps increasing.” Malia says bluntly.
“Huh? Why?” Stiles asks honestly confused.
“ I think it’s a girl??” Scott says teasing
“Why does it have to be a girl? It could be…”
Dammit why can’t I think up a good excuse. Oh that’s right it’s because the girl I’m to shy to ask out is always on my mind.
“AHA! I knew it was a girl! Told you Stiles!”

“DROP IT OKAY!” Why can’t they understand that they keep building my hopes up for nothing. She’s never going to like me. She the prettiest girl in school besides Lydia. Not to mention she’s amazing at everything she does. I would know I stare at her all the time. That might sound creepy but it’s not! We have every class together. I’m just not good enough for her, I never will be. If she ever found out who I was- who I really was. She wouldn’t even send a glance at me.



He’s staring again. This has to be the hundredth time I’ve caught him staring. I don’t know why he doesn’t walk over and talk to me. A simple ‘hey’ would work just fine! He’s really cute and everything it’s just his friends creep me out. They are always getting into trouble. Especially Stiles.

Screw it! I’m gonna make the first move! So I march over to Liam, I’m not gonna take no for an answer I never do never will. He sees me coming and freaks out. Stiles has to hold him back from leaving. For once he’s being helpful.

“Hey Liam, how are you” I say as I walk up to Liam. He just stares at me.

“Hey Liam?” I wave my hand in his face.

“Hi ya, I was thinking we should hangout.”

“Li-like a da-date?” He started stuttering. He’s so adorable.

“Exactly! I was thinking we could do a picnic under the moon. I heard on the news that there’s gonna be a full moon tonight.” It’s supposed to be the prettiest full moon all year.

“Yea-yeah I would love to” I don’t think he believes this is happening. I can’t help but chuckle.

“Okay great see you at 8” I kiss his cheek and strut away.

He just stands there froze like a statue with Scott and Stiles trying to get a reaction out of him.

——-the date——

This date is going well. Liam looks a little agitated though. Maybe he doesn’t want to be here? I thought this was perfect…I guess not.

Liam looks at me. “Hey Y/N what’s wrong?” Liam looks genuinely concerned.

“It’s just… Do you wanna be here? It doesn’t seem like it?”

“WHAT OF COURSE I DO!” Oh thank god!

I start to stare into his eyes, slowly leaning in. He does the same. His lips seem soft. But soon he breaks away.

“Di-did I do something wrong?” Scared I pushed him too far.

He gets up and starts panting and growling. I stair wide eyed at him.

“Liam are you okay? You’re acting strange?” I cautiously walk towards him putting my hand on his shoulder.

He turned and what I see next might just haunt me forever. He looked like a monster. His bright blue eyes that I love so much have become a monstrous yellow. Claws area where I once loved to play with him fingers, and canine teeth take the place of the sparkling smile that once light up my world.

“It’s okay Y/N, I’m not going to hurt you. I promise.”

He holds out his hands to touch me. I step back. His eyes slowly start going back to normal, same with his teeth and nails.

“Get away from me!” This was a big mistake.

The look of sadness in his eyes will scar me for life. I don’t think I could see him the same ever again. I start to run. In the background I hear Liam say. “But I love you, please don’t leave me. I’m so sorry”. But I don’t stop. I can’t. He’s dangerous just like his friends. For once I actually thought he was different. Not like the other werewolfs I used know.

(A/N note- This imagine was for an anon, so here you go!)