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One of the things I love about MacCready’s romance is that while at max affinity he can’t stop gushing over you and making romantic prose over how he loves/cares for you, I like thinking that it’s the opposite while the relationship grows, showcasing growing affection and care for the sole survivor with his actions.

- He’s always going to take the first watch. He’s not going to wake you up for second, claiming in the morning he just “wasn’t tired”.

- He won’t care how mad you about get about not waking you up, he’s going to do the same thing the next night. And the next night, and the next night …

- Even when the both of you can sleep soundly behind closed, locked doors, he waits until your breathing’s evened out before he even considers closing his own eyes.

- Always takes point when wandering in the open, makes sure you are hustled into cover before he settles in beside you. Occasionally a protective arm will wrap around you if the moment seems dire.

- Doesn’t hesitate to hold you back from entering the Memory Pod, the Teleporter, any inkling of danger. When you ask what’s wrong he’ll get flustered, not able to voice his concern, knowing he can’t stop you but wanting you to know he’s worried … even if he can’t say it.

- Always keeping stock on your ammo, counts the bullets you expend and makes sure to toss just the right amount your way at just the right moment.

- Might complain about carrying your junk but will secretly stash that extra box of Fancy Lads or fifteenth roll of duct tape when you’re not looking.

- Let’s you handle your own in conversations but makes sure to stand slightly behind you, rifle at the ready, just in case … just so they know who’s in your corner. He’ll throw a snark at them if they ask for it.

There’s so many other little things I think he does to showcase this, but I think at heart MacCready is a man of actions. His words are a close second, mixing well once you’ve earned his trust, but MacCready of all people knows simply stating “It’ll be a cold day in hell before I let something bad happen to you” won’t protect you from the Commonwealth.

He’s got to be able to act on that.

Dear RT Community

I didn’t think I’d be writing this ever, but here i am. This is a problem ive run into MULTIPLE times within this community and its been literally just this year. Reposts.

If you follow me you know I hate reposts, with passion and for good reason. I work on art for a living, I do commissions and I used to do patreon. Art is my passion, art is my work, but when I see my own work being reposted on sites Im already on it hurts. ALOT. 

And you can go to any artist and ask them how they feel and theyd say the same thing. Reposts hurt us, so why does it keep happening over and over.

Well to me it seems people are understanding why we get upset or they wanna argue with us that if we post it its just bound to happen that are arts gonna get reposted and THATS NOT OK. 

Its not ok to have that mindset, we have feelings and our feelings are hurt when this happens. Because when art is reposted on other sites like pintrest or facebook people cant trace them back, some have the signature cropped out and amoungst other things basically everyone plays “whos the artist” game and no one finds out. There for the artist looses out on people seeing their original post, they loose vital views. Hell even upcoming artists need views so that people can share. Sharing the original post is so important. 

So heres my question to the community, if this community is supposed to be loving and caring, why are artist the ones who get the back burner of it. Why should i have to feel unwelcomed and not cared for in this community because my arts getting taken from me and posted else where. Why doesn’t anyone care if reposting hurts or not, or feels the need to argue with us on it.

It shouldnt be this way, an artist shouldnt have to fight for their art. You want to still see your favorite artist post fanart right??? You should give them the respect they deserve. If they ask you take down the art please do so, its simple its easy, we arent making you cut off a limb or a head, its a post. Its not hard to ask an artist too, lot of us appreciate that more, they are much better ways to share an artists art then by reposting it.

These are just my thoughts, I’ve put a lot of love into this community and it hurts that I get repaid by reposts and others arguing with me over it. I trust this community with my heart when I upload my art, all i ask in return is respect but instead I’m treated like dirt. It hurts.

So again just think first before you repost

Hairspray is one of my favorite musicals, but i don’t know…not so crazy about Hairspray Live. The guy that played Link Larkin was really underwhelming, i wanted Amber to be sassier, Penny was fine, i just got a little bit of Cat feeling from Ariana Grande, but overall it was fine, Derek Hough, Jennifer Hudson and Tracy’s parents were amazing ! Seaweed was fine, but i wanted him to be give more of a player vibe like the guy who played Seaweed did in 2007. The choregraphy was ok, it could have been alot better. I loved the sets though. Anyway these are my opinions about it, feel free to tell me yours :)

No but Souyo and Yosuke’s parents tho.

  • Yosuke’s mother having to watch her son come home from school lonely and depressed, it kills her inside that her son isn’t taking the move well and every time she tries to help him, Yosuke just assures her everything is fine. Then one day he comes home from school ecstatic talking about this new friend he made, a boy his age from the city, and she’s just so happy that her son is finally smiling again.
  • Souji being completely floored that Yosuke is the spitting image of his dad
  • Souji holding in laughter when he finds out that appearances aren’t the only thing Yosuke and his dad have in common, they’re personalities are similar too.
  • Yosuke’s mother breaking out the baby photos when Souji comes over….much to her son’s horror.
  • Yosuke’s parents being nothing but supportive of both of them when they tell them they’re together.
  • Yosuke’s dad looking out for the both of them while at work.He knows what Inaba is really like, and he won’t let the happiness of his son and his boyfriend be ruined by it.
  • Yosuke’s parents treating Souji like a second…..er third son (if you count Teddie) and Souji not knowing how to react at first because he’s had to cope with being emotionally distant from his parents for most of his life.
  • Yosuke parents offering Souji a place to stay if he ever wants to come back to Inaba, Souji assures them he’ll be fine at Dojima’s but they insist he keep it mind. After all, he’s a part of their family too!

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Have you seen bts' reaction to got7 in golden disk awards? They were so hyped up watching hard carry but jhope wasn't having at all. He wasn't even seemed like himself so calm also bored. He's my bias from bts and i loove got7 and it makes me so sad

I did!!! Not all of BTS were hyped up though hahahaha it’s just mainly Taehyung and Jimin and occasionally Yoongi and Jungkook. I didn’t see Hoseok for the whole event coz I only managed to catch up on some quickly. I know how you feel when your bias is just not having it when you want at least some reaction but we have to take into consideration too that Bangtan’s comeback is quite near so he might be a little tired and also even if he’s not, he can’t be happy and hyper 24/7 so it just happened that he’s quite down during got7′s performance too. 

Don’t take it to heart ok! We see alot of interactions for Hoseok with GOT7 so it’s all well :)

my thoughts on "we need to talk"

i can see everyone is calling Pearl a “major bitch” for acting like that to greg. but really if you look at it, if someone you looked up to and adored was suddenly whisked away by someone you dont know that well, wouldnt you feel the same?

pearl isnt so sure about humans. she still doesnt know alot about them and doesnt trust greg. so she tries to make him feel a little unworthy of rose

she hasnt gotten used to human culture just yet, so of course shes going to do some things that are questionable, but all this claling her a bitch is worthless.

greg and rose still love each other, and pearl got over greg easily.

so please stop calling Pearl all these names when you perfectly know this is a normal thing called “jelousy” and she gets over it

i have aknowledged what she did wasnt ok but have some resoning. she is problematic yes but stop calling her horrible things.