i just have a video game crush ok

Just watched episode 15

Ok so I just watched it and my love is now overflowing!

-Miranette and Adrien are the cutest thing



-THEY TOUCHED HANDS TWICE AND FREAKED OUT EACH TIME! Adrien you need to be honest with yourself. You have a crush on Miranette

-THEY ALMOST KISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



-They are such video game nerds!


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I'm obsessed with catfishing people.


My name is Danyelle, I was catfished to the point where its been about 4 years and i still think of that person every single day- and not the good kind. the kind where now, everytime i hear the songs ‘he’ liked, i get sick to my stomach, my heart drops, i tear up. 

4 years. 4 YEARS. that is 1460 days. so many nights laying in bed crying my heart out shaking because i didn’t understand how someone could do this to another. it took me around 6 months to find out ‘he’ was a fake. 

you have to realize what you’re doing. 

i don’t care if whoever reads this thinks this sounds dumb but i OD’d at least 3 times that summer. I fell in love. I was in love. I can not forget our conversations. I’m fucked up because somebody else was fucked up and messed with my head. 

please you have to stop. you need to stop. be who you are. being yourself is good enough its A FUCKLOAD BETTER THAN BREAKING PEOPLES HEARTS. Like last night, the song he said made him think of me came on pandora, and it resulted in me sobbing and debating on self harming. 

I don’t know what else to say to you other than they will find out eventually, just tell them the fucking truth. 

ok here let’s do it this way ok

You meet someone online, they are nice and you guys start texting. this goes on for a month and you start to delevope a crush. the person calls you baby, and by the 3rd month the ‘i love you’s’ start happening. its now 6 months later. you talk every single night. this person has sent you MP3 files of them singing, they have showed you videos from when they were a kid, or at sports games ect. 8 months in you both know everything there is to know about eachother. 1 year. you are so in love when that person can’t talk you wait, you stare at the clock you count the seconds go by. 
14 months. that person slowly stops responding to you, and you can feel them distancing themselves, you don’t know why but jesus christ it hurts, you don’t know what you did wrong and evertime you try and bring it up they snap at you. 

16 months, the website where you two even met in the first place- they delete their account, so you go to the other person who knows them in real life- you’re told they are joining the marines and engaged. 

d e v e s t a t e d. 

you throw your phone at the wall, you scream. you cry to the point where you can’t breathe. 

you spend literally every noight staring at a ceiling PRAYING THEY WILL COME BACK. you even stare at the moon and wonder where they are- what they are doing. 

18 months, you start to wonder. you start to get curious maybe they have a facebook or another social networking site, so you look verywhere. you google everything you know about them. 

you image search their pictures you finally find a myspace that has a facebook link

you message them every day they never answer ever 

3 months later they say, ‘hey i don’t know who you are or what youre talking about but i hope you find what you’re looking for. 

so you go back to that persons friend that knows them. 

they confess. 

‘they were a fake account, and so am I, I’m really ______ and Im __ years old. ' 





heart. what heart?




you feel so numbb. no one can understand this because they all think ‘you should’ve known’. 

you are a mess. a fucking suicidal, self destructive mess. 

there is no closure for you these people didn’t exist. you fell in love with something that was never real. you gave up so many months of your life to a stranger. 

and now, 4 years later to this fucking day you still think about what went wrong. 

okay have we ever discussed just how hashtag relatable isak valtersen is though?? i mean c'mon,,,, expired memes, thirdwheeling, “i’m not gay” “ok maybe a little”, The Legendary Eye Roll®, smol, sad, before he met even life was all about tv shows & playing video games, fake af at one point but like we’ve all been there, cries while watching emotional movies, Confused About Literally Everything bc same, always has a messy bed, “i’m literally sitting right here,” believes in parallel universes, becomes practically mute & immobile around his crush, tells lies as a recreational sport, clumsy, slow-motion-strutting-while-listening-to-cranky-music-and-pretending-to-be-in-a-music-video (right before bumping into someone & having his vibe killed), like i can’t relate to anyone on this show in the way that i relate to isak?? ?

Cameron Dallas Imagine - #3

Cameron Dallas Imagine- #3

Request: Maybe one where we’ve been best friends for quite a while and he finally confesses that he’s been in love with me the whole time? I’m slightly cliche, lol. Hahaha! Thanks in advance! :) ‘’Yet after 10 years I still beat your ass in video games.’’ You said, putting down the game controller. You were with your best friend since 4th grade, Cameron. He rolled his eyes, and grabbed the bag of chips beside you. You were both in sweats, but Cameron still looked really good, you had to admit as you grew older you did have a crush on Cameron. His was literally everything you looked for in a guy, but you didn’t want to ruin your friendship by dating. And, you were pretty sure he thought you were just one of the guys anyways. ‘’Rematch (Y/N),’’ he said finally. You laughed, ‘’Ok sure.’’ He grinned, and you grabbed your controller. ~ You sat on the couch, blankets thrown everywhere, with Nash and Cameron. It was yours and Cameron’s movie night, but of course Nash insisted to be apart of it. Your head was lazily rested on Cameron’s shoulder, and both your legs tangled together. Nash was on the other side of the couch, throwing a handful of popcorn in his mouth every once in awhile. You weren’t even sure what movie it was, some comedy Nash picked out. ‘’(Y/N),’’ Cameron whispered, he shuffled. ‘’I’ll be right back,’’ and he pointed to the restroom. You nodded, pushing back the blankets so he could get out.  Once he had left, Nash spoke up. ‘’You really don’t see it, do you?’’ He asked. ‘’What?’’ You asked confused. ‘’Cam is like madly in love with you,’’ he said simply. You felt an immediate blush come to your cheeks. ‘’Do like him?’ He raised an eyebrow. ‘’Yeah I uh-‘’ You were cut of by Cameron returning. Nash gave you a look, as to say ‘We’ll talk about this later’. ‘’So what did I miss?’’ Cameron asked. ‘’Oh uh nothing, yeah,’’ you stuttered. Cameron nodded, and wrapped his arm around you. ~ You opened the door to Cameron and Nash’s apartment, and called out Cameron’s name. He had called you to come to his apartment as quickly as you could. ‘’Hey (Y/N),’’ he said, smiling. ‘’So what did you want to talk about?’’ You asked curiously. ‘’Well see the thing is I need to tell you something.’’ He played with his fingers, nervously. ‘’Ok go ahead,’’ you said, raising an eyebrow. ‘’(Y/N), this is going to sound so cliche, but I really like you, no I love you (Y/N). I have loved you ever since the first day of 4th grade, and you make me so happy. And I- I just wanted to let you know.’’ He said, and you couldn’t help but the biggest grin appear on your face. ‘’Are you laughing at me?’’ He asked, with furrowed eyebrows. ‘’No, of course not! I mean I’ve liked you forever! I was just scared to say anything and- I love you too.’’ You said, your cheeks reddening. ‘’Can-can I kiss you?’’ He asked, his red cheeks matching yours. You didn’t answer, instead you leaned up to him and attached your lips to his. And, he kissed back, you both stood there. His hands around your waist and yours around his neck. Finally when you broke apart you said ‘’You don’t have to ask.’’ He grinned as you both leaned in for another kiss.  (A/N): I’m on vacation right now so I might not be posting as much, but I hope you liked this :) As always send in requests! And, if I haven’t done an imagine that you have requested, I will do it I promise! To get an imagine tell me what boy, and a plot/storyline (doesn’t have to be detailed)