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Oh gosh could you share some headcanons you have for your medieval au?

Um, Yes!

Okay okay here we go with the supercorp medieval au 

  • Kara is really damn good at fighting. Like really damn good. Ever since she was little she’s been running around with a wooden sword pretending to be a fierce knight and begging her adoptive family to let her start properly training.
  • They don’t actually let her until she turns 12 and she becomes a page and it’s strenuous and difficult and she spends her days training tirelessly and she absolutely loves every second of it. 
  • Kara rises up the ranks quickly, moving from page to squire and then from squire to knight faster than most. Eventually she’s one of the youngest to be knighted in the kingdom’s history and the house of el soon blazes out on her shield proudly whenever she rides into battle.
  • Lena never asked to be royalty. She spends her days getting shoved into tight corsets and uncomfortable dresses and is forced to keep her thoughts to herself about how maybe her mother and father aren’t necessarily good rulers. She watches, worrying more and more with each passing year, as the kingdom seems to fall further and further into despair under their harsh rule.
  • She’s a bit reckless, for a princess. Enjoys sneaking out and blatantly ignoring the suffocating rules her parents place on her life and escapes from the castle as often as possible.
  • Kara may be a good fighter but she is young and overeager and sometimes acts before she thinks. One day she defies a direct order from the captain of the guard and her punishment is confinement to the castle, forced to act as guard to a member of the royal family.
  • Lena is furious when her parents tell her that, due to her actions, she will be assigned a personal guard to watch her at all times. They hope that it will prevent her from getting into danger. Because if something happens to her brother, she is next in line for the throne and they need her to be prepared for that. They need someone to carry on their legacy.
  • Kara expects to be in for a boring assignment. One where she has to sit in on stuffy meetings and babysit an old uncle of the king or similar. She does not expect to be assigned to guard the princess. She also does not expect her to be so pretty.
  • Lena surprises both her parents when she takes one look at her new guard, the knight with the gold hair and wide blue eyes, and doesn’t argue.
  • Kara figures out how doomed she is very quickly, but this fact is sealed a month later when the princess kisses her in a hidden alcove of the castle. Lip paint smudging across both their lips because the princess is dressed in an elegant ballgown and she’s supposed to be dancing with royalty from far off kingdoms. But she’s kissing Kara instead and Kara can only think that she is doomed doomed doomed even as she pulls her closer.
Love triangle in King's Cage

Okay so here’s the thing. In light of Rq3 title coming out, King’s Cage, I wanted to know. Is there really a love triangle still happening in Kings Cage?

 I honestly thought Victoria did a great job at ending it in Glass Sword. After I was done reading GS I could have never imagined people continued to ship Maven and Mare. I thought everyone would be repulsed by Maven. Don’t get me wrong I fucking love him as the villain.

 I just really want to know Mareven shippers, why do you continue to ship Mare and Maven? Kings cage will obvs have tons of Mare and Maven so I really want to get your perspective. For all we know Mare will end up with Maven…. Sorry I got nauseous (I’m a bitch I know) 

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jace avoids clary and simon for over a week after the soul sword disappears. the knowledge that clary isn’t really his sister burning in the back of his mind, but every time he considers telling her, the image of her happiness with simon stops him on his tracks.

simon. annoying, hyperactive, bouncy simon. something else that he can’t seem to stop thinking about that.

and the thing is, he’s not used to keeping those things to himself. he burns bright and hot and never leave space for doubt or insecurity. the burden of that secret thrums under his skin and he just doesn’t know what to do.

what he isn’t expecting is to be cornered by clary one afternoon. jace tries to dismiss it, cover the whole thing up, but she’s persistent and sees right through his bullshit. well, when hasn’t she ever.

jace ends up blurting it all out, but can’t seem to look her in the eyes. he doesn’t want to watch the dilemma on her face the second she realizes that this means they could pick it right up  where they left off. that this means her relationship with simon will now have that shadow hanging over them.

he doesn’t expect her eyes to go wide and a grin to spread over her lips. she lunges forward and hugs him tight. she kisses his hair and says she’s glad he’s not tainted by valentine.

she walks away.

it’s two days before simon strides up to him just outside the institute and babbles about the weather, but ultimately gets to the point: clary mentioned something about how they’re not really siblings. jace darts a glance at him and tells him he has nothing to worry about, he has no intention to come between them.

and simon grabs his arm, laughs nervously and asks in a quiet voice, “what if we wanted you to?”

and this is how jace ends up with a loving girlfriend and a cuddly boyfriend.

I like to think that after all the events of Inuyasha, Miroku married Sango and made the new mission of his life to be the new Cool Older Brother™ to Kohaku, since he, you know, married his sister. What Miroku could never guess is that because they traveled together for a while, the Cool Older Brother™ place in Kohaku’s heart was already occupied by Sesshomaru of all people

So Miroku is like “Hey Kohaku look at me I married your sister now we’re brothers isn’t it cool? Isn’t it? We’re like, total bros now”
“Yep, nice sir”.
“Lol You don’t need to be so formal hey wanna see your bro exorcising some evil sprits? Cool, right?" 
"Yeah. Hey monk-sama have you seen Sesshomaru-sama dueling with both swords? Gods that’s cool isn’t it??!!”
Kohaku what”


But things get even worse over the years because Sesshomaru sort of tolerates Kohaku? So Miroku just goes in a full war against him to impress Kohaku expect he and maybe Sango are the only ones that are aware of said war but he just keeps failing miserably, like, Miroku goes like:
“Kohaku as your sister’s husband and therefore your Older Bother™ I think you’re a great boy and you’re  going to be a great man, Kohaku I trust you so much”
BUT KOHAKU IS LIKE: “Hey sister Sesshomaru-sama said I’m "alright"”!!! Sister I think he knows my name!!" 

"Hey Kohaku you’re a very mature kid for taking care of you nieces and nephew when me and Sango are away being cool and slaying demons Kohaku so I’m gonna give your these coins for taking care of the babies, what do you think. huh Kohaku? Look at me Kohaku your Cool Bro™ is giving you money”
“Nah it’s no trouble Monk-sama ("Kohaku pls”), I take them to Sesshomaru-sama when they’re too energic and Sesshomaru-sama helps he even lets the girls climb in the fluffy thing and drags them in it hahaha it’s funny Gods Sesshomaru-sama is very cool with kids"
Kohaku do you wat”

Miroku’s children learn to speak “Mommy"” and then "Daddy” and then “Sesssagaimaru-sssma” and he dies a little inside BUT HE KEEPS TRYING 

and then kohaku grows up, he is seventeen now, and in his brithday miroku is like “HEEEYYY KOHAKU YOU’RE A GROWN MAN NOW SO I, YOUR COOL BIG BROTHER™, I AM GOING TO TAKE YOU TO  a ladies’s house now Kohaku because you’re man but please don’t tell Sango A  COOL PARTY”  but Kohaku just goes “MONK-SAMA SESSHOMARU-SAMA SAID THAT NOW I’M A MAN GROWN AND HE THINKS WE CAN SPAR WITHOUT ME GETTING KILLED BY ACCIDENT DO YOU HEAAAARRRR THAT? SISTER HE WANTS TO TRAIN MEEE” Miroku is dead now and Inuyasha laughs at him and thinks this is just silly, and Sango, 

Sango who is just happy that her brother is happy, Sango that spent the last years noticing with relief that Kohaku is being alive again, he is getting excited about things like she thought he would never be again, Sango who is just happy Kohaku is not forgetting, but at last learning to live with all his guilt, Sango who just rolls with it, Sango one day just sees Sesshomaru visiting the village again, surrounded by Kohaku and Rin and her own children now, so she just goes there and goes like 

“Hey bro”, and goes for a fist bump

and Sesshomaru actually fist bumps her too

and Kagome, 

Kagome that spent all these years trying to make Inuyasha and Sesshomaru a family again, Kagome who has been fighting her own invisible ridiculous war to end the sibling, having all her dinning invitations refused, Kagome who still receives dirty looks from both brothers when she call Sesshomaru “big brother”, Kagome whose own children is learning ( because of the dad) to stick the tongue out everytime she/ he sees Uncle, Kagome sees this

and that’s when hell breaks loose. 

Well they’ve learned to work together now. There’s enough magic around Jack that he could probably work with a familiar but this doesn’t strike me as the ideal choice. Willing to be proven wrong however.

So what’s this cave all about? The only thing Jack cares for is time portals and if he finds a second one, after the last episode which was actually significant to the overall plot, I will lose my freaking mind.

Okay, giant magic crystal. Why?

Apparently he’s just going to use the magic to travel backwards in time. A) still mad about this with regards to the last episode B) Jack, despite HAVING a great deal of magic in both your sword and body, you do not cast it. How are you going to use this crystal?

Anyway that bear thing is going to ruin everything.

Mutsuki As The Three of Swords

okay so i don’t have a lot to go on and i’m just going out on a limb here with the new chapter, i think he used to be represented by the Wheel of Fortune? but i can’t remember if that’s true so don’t quote me on that.

OKAY so, getting to the point, Mutsuki as the Three of Swords. in chapter 79 after remembering and realizing all of the things he’s done, (including kill and dismember Torso, up to this point) we’re shown these panels:

first there’s the three lines in his eye, which originally had me looking up the meanings of the Major Arcana The Empress, but none of that information seemed particularly relevant in this case. it could be argued that the second panel has the iris looking like a sword, so after that i did some research on the meaning of the Three of Swords.

The Three of Swords ‘depicts a pure piercing sorrow of the mind.’ It [the sorrow] must be felt and experienced for closure and relief to come. It’s a negative card that often refers to loss.The 3 of Swords = Saturn + Air, the interaction of Time and thought. I almost omitted that fact but just thought it might be relevant in that since Mutsuki has been kidnapped and unable to do anything without his limbs, he must have had a lot of time to think. That’s pretty vague but we don’t know a lot specifically of what went one while he was captured, though I think it’s clear that he’s been wallowing in a lot of self-loathing at being unable to do anything about his situation.

The Three of Swords also represents restriction and obstacles of thought, which got me thinking about how Mutsuki has been blocking out the awful things he’s been doing like killing his family, a cat, and eating investigators during the auction. Something i took note of, it is a card of mental illness and depression and is often referred to as the most negative card in the entire deck.

It’s pretty simplistic but that’s my reasoning behind this, I hope it was informative or helpful? or maybe helps people jump off onto bigger and better theories

Ok kids, theory time!

Okay so a few of us have been talking through this theory that we kind of stumbled onto and thought we were totally crazy but realized we were all thinking essentially the same thing…

All the flashbacks we’re hearing about BTS, what if they’re not flashbacks but they’re actually someone messing with Bonnie’s memories?

They’re called the Armory, right? That’s a place where you store weapons. So what if they’re not just hoarding stuff like the axe and Rayna’s sword? What if they’re hoarding supernaturals themselves who they can turn into weapons to unleash at will?

What if when Enzo finally figures out who framed him for releasing Rayna, he discovers that it was actually the Armory itself? We’ve seen in the future bits that she’s different from before: namely, she can now switch/choose targets, where before she was bound to mindlessly hunt the vampire who was next in line, marked by her sword.

Isn’t that exactly the part of her supernatural abilities that you’d reprogram if you were a shadowy organization who wants to be able to select targets?

So then the question is, what do they want with Bonnie,”the Bennett witch” as they call her? I think once Enzo realizes what’s happened to Rayna, he’ll understand why the Armory is after Bonnie and he’ll rush to the mental facility to tell her, only to find that he’s too late: they already got her. 

So then he and Damon (and the others?) will be trying to get her back, to save her before the Armory can harm her. 

And then what if they do manage to get her out of there, maybe… suspiciously easily? But they don’t have time to worry about that, they’re just glad to have her back, and everything looks great until… she turns on them.

This could be so cool… Because it would be a way of letting her be powerful, badass dark!Bonnie, just brimming with all that hard/direct power, but also they’ve now built the narrative to a place where I’d be far less worried that they would kill her off like a big bad: they’ve demonstrated that multiple members of the MF gang, especially Damon, will go to any and maybe all lengths to get her back, to save her (Not to mention they can’t kill her thanks to the Bonnie-Elena link and the fact that Nina won’t be back until the series end if at all). So Bonnie retains that soft/indirect power too. 

Now this is all still wild speculation obviously, but… doesn’t this look a lot more like Bonnie than Rayna?

  • Dark Hook to Rumple: "That is why Belle's left you, because she knows the kind of man you really are. The kind who loves his power more than anything. More than her, more than your dead son. Oh, and I'm a hotter Dark One than you ever were. And one more thing, don't forget Excalibur can kill me. Okay, bye."
  • Dark Hook to Snowing: "No wonder Emma didn't trust you with her plan. You, Charming, you've been too busy bro'ing it up with Arthur for you and your lovely wife, who really lost hope pretty easily in her own daughter by the way, to even attempt to reach out to her these past 6 weeks. Did you forget she was the Savior? I obviously don't love her anymore, but apologies are in order, don't you think."
  • Dark Hook to Henry: "Operation Light Swan's still on, by the way. Uh, I mean, well, if you want to keep it going, without me, or whatever. Later."
  • Dark Hook to Regina: "I like Captain Dark One. Clever...for once. Yeah, that's all I've got for you."
  • Dark Hook to Nimue: "Welcome to Storybrooke. Let's get all of these other Dark One's out of that boat. It'll be easier to get to them, I mean, greet them that way.
  • Dark Hook to Dark Hook: "Good job, mate. Rumple wants to kill you with Excalibur, Snow, Charming and Henry will be back by Emma's side in time for your sacrifice, Nimue has no idea what you're up to and Emma, well, she's smarter than you and will probably figure this whole thing out, but at least you tried. And Regina, she'll be there to provide unneeded bitchy comments, no matter what happens. Good plan."

Okay I’m still keyed up about so many things but I’ll start with this:

Lexa’s story is so unfinished.

So incredibly, tragically, and distastefully unfinished.

From day one it is drilled into our brains that Lexa is so special (but that is a whole ‘nother rant for a different day.) 

“Jus drein no jus daun.” That is Lexa’s fight and she didn’t even get a chance to raise her sword hand in it’s honor. She died before she was able prove not only to her people, but to herself, that they can be better. They can grow, they can flourish, and they can do more than just survive on war and the tips of spears and blood answering blood. They can live and they can love without fear of never seeing the next day.

But no.

No, no, Lexa dies with the legacy of failing to fell The Mountain and refusing to answer the unjust deaths of her people for the sake of something she never got the chance to demonstrate. She died before she got to truly tell the girl she loved how she felt. She died at a moment so pivotal to her story that it makes me sick just thinking about the message it sends.

Love is weakness.

That’s is the message I got. Loud and exhaustively clear.

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Hey Alex :) I know you have a fav one shot list, but it hasn't been updated in a while so I was wondering if you had any more you would add now (maybe more recent ones)? two shots are also great... just looking for some more fics i can read quickly as breaks while studying for finals! Hope you have a great day :)

 Ahh yes sure thing! That list was only my top ten one shots. I’m gonna do a whole list of all my fave one/two shots. Actually I’ll just do fave fics under 5k. This may take me a while but I want to okay. Some will be repeats though but just go with it :P

Things To Do In a Boring Meeting, Dare to Seize the Fire, The Double Edged Sword by chezchuckles

in this here reality, Every Move You Make, Suffusion, MomentousAdrift, Come and Find Me, CynosureBreaking Point, Lureatraxia, Tiny Suprises by ColieMacKenzie

magnification levels, The Return of Russian Beckett, i’ll allow it, more than you bargained for, ad hoc, Uncommon Vices, by Cora Clavia

Dismantle, AlightStirred, turning pageClandestine, Interlude, ease your worries, Like Real People Do, whiteout, Wildest Dreams, Bittersweet, burn away the chill, Response, keep yourself warm, between two lungs, Bubbling Over by bravevulnerability

On What We Agree and Murdercycle by FanficwriterGHC

Allure and The Gift by Oliviet

Sugar, We’re Going Down, Supply and Demand, Electric Girl, Bachelorette Number 41319Pumped Up Kicks, Lull, tumultious and new by shimmeryshine

An Toiseach Pog, Pickup Limesamantes sunt amentes, the mind ceases,  A Cupping, M-ratio, by seilleanmor

If I Had Stayed (and sequels), Black and White, Show Me, SupineEvasion, Observation, and Hearts Scraped Raw by morgangirl11

Stuck on You by International08

Drown In My Regrets, You Burn Me Up and Chocolate and Hazelnuts by dappledshadows

Adorable by ekc293

nameless and night must end by concreteskies

melt away and while you were sleeping by weightofmywords

carry your heart with me by veritas-always

Chef’s Special by Trinity Everett

In the Heat of Night by liviafan1

Insomnia, Time Saved and Independence by Kate Christie

Sweetart by caffinate-me

trails, kiss me i’m bleeding, murder calls, bloodstains on your thighs, and when the control breaks by closingdoors

Not Suitable For Children by alwayswritewithcoffee

Snap and Elektra by Griever11

Enough for now by Ky03elk

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Silent Confessions by CSM

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I just can’t stop, Longing to belong, Stained and Like I Can by kimmiesjoy

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in vino veritas by SparkleMouse

late night serenades and color of the night by faithsette

Burgundy C-Cup and Birthday Present by madsthenerdygirl

Simple Complication and but if stars shouldn’t shine, Getting Down by BerkieLynn

Addicted by jam821

burn with me tonight by blue252

Gotta Have You by Sandiane Carter

I Hate You by Garrae

Colors pregnancy series: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 by Liv Wilder

Laced, Contact (this is 7k but shh), Laced, and Straight Shooter by Kato Molotov

tap a message onto my skin, objects in motion, just put your lips together, that which does not bend, control, tie me up, tie me downtoys for all ages, love disarmedwe shall not cease from exploration, talk talk talk, hazy, lather rinse repeat, two bits by airbefore

Pendulums within Pendulums

DISCLAIMER: So, just reviewed this posting… and just a heads up, some of the gifs may not be for the faint of heart. I have absolutely no threshold when it comes to disgusting things, so it’s hard for me to judge. But if you’ve got a thing about vomit and abominations of nature (apparently some people inexplicably do)… you may want to avert your eyes from a lot of these gifs… you’ve been warned. 

Okay, after having just read Jen’s ( jbuffyangel ) latest review of 3x22, @http://jbuffyangel.tumblr.com/post/118451909338/into-the-dark-this-is-your-sword-arrow-3x22  which vomits brilliance, as always…

(Too early in the morning for a vomit gif… hmm… the Little Book of Manners is strangely silent on this subject)

Anyways, after taking a moment to realise that Jen and I are absolutely on the same page with the interpretation of the last weeks episode and have written almost identical expositions (hers far more lengthy and detailed, obviously, because hey, it’s Jen) without any discussion between us… well, it’s like our literary soul’s eyes met from across a crowded cyberspace…

And, you know…

I’ve banged my pendulum gong quite a lot (that’s what she said) on here, and I stand by that banging… with one qualifier. Good stories, indeed great stories, have pendulums within pendulums. 

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