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Maybe I’m just in denial

but unless there is some magical fourth episode to fix everything I think we should legitimately consider that the BBC squashed the idea of airing a gay romance.  Consider:

  • I’m going to assume that everything was on-track through S3 and TAB because really nothing but TJLC explains that part of the narrative
  • BBC has some serious funding issues now.  Sherlock is a massively successful show with an international following.  Sure, BBC may have been fully onboard when whey the show started with a pilot and two relatively low-profile actors, but things have changed.
  • Mark and Steven and Sue are being soldiers, and they are going down with this ship. So they wrote and produced a bizarre S4 that is fun (for the majority of the audience) on first go through but rapidly falls apart with any analysis.  They either get the show canceled or convince BBC to let them go back to telling their story
    • There was no foreshadowing of the content of The Final Problem…why the heck was that title such a spoiler that they had to release it late?
    • Mary’s totally implausible death and not even remotely explained character redemption
    • The combination of editing and transitions that will probably win awards combined with sloppy work like cameras in frame in TST and disappearing blood during the morgue scene in TLD
    • What is Sherlock’s recurring dream, or the content of the note from John? Eurus shoots John but it’s just a tranquilizer (and why)?
    • All the water and deep memories but Sherlock has no memory of what happened?
    • Also…just all of the plot?
  • So I am just going to believe for now that they are trying to tell us not to believe this is the story they wanted to tell.
    • Mark going on about warm paste and saying that “Sherlock” is the villain of S4 - and the victim of it’s own success
    • Mark apparently in tears about the hug during the TLD screening Q&A because it wasn’t the culmination he wanted
    • With Brexit and all the political and funding stuff maybe at comic con they still didn’t know that the story was going to have to change
    • Easter eggs for us about acronyms and drink code
  • I know people are angry about queerbaiting and the “who you are doesn’t matter”…but consider that they are just as angry as we are and lashed out.

Anyway thats enough ranting for now.  Maybe it is just queerbaiting, but this theory makes me just the tiniest bit less mad so I’m sticking with it for now.

Just in case you ever worry you’re not Adult™ enough and don’t have enough self control for when it comes to creative projects, (cause I get asked a lot “how do you get yourself to focus” and similar questions) I have a literal separate profile on my computer that has nothing on it but Word and my project folders. No browsers, no apps, not even god damn solitaire because if I have a single thing to do other than write, I won’t do shit.

So if you’re one of those people who struggles to focus and you keep beating yourself up over not having the willpower to just make yourself focus: stop. You’re not failing, you just haven’t found the method that works for you yet.

Keep going, you’ll get there.

Cracked this Tinder thing

Okay so I think I have actually cracked Tinder for sugar babies. My profile reads “I enjoy the company of classy older men who love to spoil me. I’m intelligent, curvy, vibrant and would love to get to know you over cocktails next to the waterfront.”

Then I match with guys with signs they’re wealthy in their profiles, then they message and always mention something about spoiling me. So I say okay let’s go out for lunch, take a walk then do a bit of shopping. And they’re so down. Then on the shopping trip you can test their generosity and get a sense for whether they’re worth seeing again.

Salts will just unmatch and disappear because they know they will have to buy you things from the start. It also sets it up so that it is clear to them I do not come for free and my tastes are expensive.

one of my favorite things about naeun is how much she knows and embraces that she’s the ‘boring’ member of the group?? they had to rewrite their profiles and for personal talent in 2016 she wrote, “i don’t have one and probably won’t have one in the future” 

 like if you tell naeun she’s boring she’s just like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Dorian Pavus Quotes Starters

  • “Did I stutter? Men, and the company thereof. As in sex. Surely you’ve heard of it.”
  • “Did everyone act like this when the sword was invented? ‘Oh, my blushing butt cheeks! Round up everyone who can use these pointy things and lock them away!’”
  • “I always smile. People like my smile, and they should! I have excellent teeth.”
  • “I knew you would break my heart, you bloody bastard.”
  • “I prefer the company of men. My father disapproves.”
  • “I wanted to see you make flowers bloom with your song, just once.”
  • “I’m here to set things right. Also? To look dashing. That part’s less difficult.”
  • “I’m too pretty to die!”
  • “Just once, we should enter a cave and see normal-sized spiders.”
  • “Look at this profile. Isn’t it incredible? I picture it in marble.”
  • “My arse should open up a shop! Apparently it’s quite prolific.”
  • “Pretty, in a haunting, ‘this archway might collapse on me at any moment’ way.”
  • “Selfish, I suppose, not to want to spend my entire life screaming on the inside.”
  • “Some of my best friends are murderers.”
  • “Stranger things have happened. It would take work. And soap. Lots and lots of soap.”
  • “What a lovely forest. Kind of makes you want to retch, yes?”
  • “While we’re sharing surprises, you’ve done a lot less dancing naked in the moonlight than expected.”
  • “You tried to change me.”
  • “You wanted the best for you! For your fucking legacy! Anything for that!”
  • “You’d be surprised at the credit my tongue gets me.”

    modernize me.

          for characters from fantasy or historical settings.
          send a symbol to see what my muse would be like in the present day. 

                  ►   Netflix
                  what does their Netflix queue look like? if Netflix has all the TV & Movies!

                  ♪    Playlist
                    random five songs from their favourites playlist. 

                  👏   Dream
                      what is their aspiration?

                   👓   Education
                      top 3 subjects, worst 3 subject. what was their ‘clique stereotype’?

                  ♚   Resume
                      what is their occupational history?

                  ☒   Criminal Record
                    do they have one? what did they do? their mugshot.

                  ☺   Online Profile
                      top five sites, example tweet, what would their tumblr be like?

                  ✞    Beliefs
                      what is their religion, political leaning & what would they advocate for?

                  🎧   Gaming
                     top 3 games, favourite game genre. are they any good?

                  ✎   Books
                      their five favourite books. what type of story do they like?

                  ✈   Travel
                   good driver? how do they get to work? been abroad?

                  ✿   Home
                      what does their home look like; and their bedroom?

                  ☕   Coffee Shop
                      what would they order from a coffee shop or cafe?

                  웃   Wardrobe
                      what is their style label? 5 examples of their clothing.

Tyler Seguin #10

Requested by Anon:  Hi are you taking requests for anything? If so can you plese write one about tyler seguin where one of his lines is “commitment is never my thing but then there’s you” or something like thah XD thank you love you and yur writinfs!! 😄

*Thank you so much! I hope you like this one. I tried to slip in your line on there. :) Enjoy!*

Word count: 987

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People all over the deep boroughs of the internet are wreaking havoc and you’re definitely not invited to the party. This is the moment you’re kissing past you for thinking to put your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles on private a few weeks ago.

You pressed play on the post-game interview and watched Tyler Seguin say, “uhh, yeah,” he did that stretching of his lips thing that he always does, “I’m also just looking forward to going home and having dinner with my girlfriend,” cue his awkward chuckle, tongue out for all to see.

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Non-Writing Things to do That Can Make You a Better Writer

People talk so much about the different things you can do in your writing to help make you better. You can just write a ton, you can fill out plot charts and character profiles, read a thesaurus, skip editing altogether until you’re 100% done etc. But what about things you can do that aren’t even writing related that’ll make your writing better?

Here are a few things you can do in your free time that’ll give your writing an edge and add something more than just writing doesn’t.

1. Study Psychology

I didn’t go to college. I’m almost 22 and living a great life without having technically “furthered” my education. But one thing I decided to study and learn about on my own was psychology and it has helped my writing IMMENSELY. When you learn about how the brain works and why certain types of people behave a certain way, it can completely change the level at which you develop your characters. If you know just how a tragic event can alter someone’s psyche, you’ll be able to write them in a more realistic manner and it will make much more sense to the reader.

2. Read

People often ask me when I tell them I’m a writer, “where did you learn to write” since they all know I didn’t go to college. I just say, “By reading,” and this is 100% true. When you get lost in a book and are really enjoying it, ask yourself why. Why is this book so captivating? What does this author do to grab my attention? When you are reading new material by many different authors, you’ll naturally and sometimes even subconsciously learn what to write in order to make your own book better. 

So read a lot. Read often. And read different authors and genres because even if you’re not writing a horror book or a romantic book, you may have those elements within your story.

3. Meet a Lot of People

I know this can be really hard for writers in general because we have a habit to be introverts who enjoy nothing more than sitting in the comfort of our own homes and away from strangers. To be honest, I would rather talk to my characters than to real people, but that won’t help me be a better writer.

However, if you go out and talk to new people and hear their stories and experiences, it can really help provide you with inspiration for your own characters, and you’ll also hear about experiences that you’ll never have the opportunity to live - which can develop your characters, your plot, and more. 

This will also give you material on writing new personalities for characters. Since we have a habit of writing what we know (because it’s more realistic this way), if you meet someone with a super interesting and unique personality, using them as inspiration can help you create a character you never would’ve been able to before.

4. Experience New Things

“Write what you know” is a popular phrase when it comes to writing advice and it’s true. But if you’re someone that doesn’t really do anything or go anywhere, what you know is going to be super limited - and so will your writing. 

In order to branch out and make your writing more diverse, you’ve got to go out and experience new things! Go to that party, take that road trip with friends, hell, go get arrested! All of the crazy, dangerous, and even normal things that you experience will all come through in your writing and having more experiences will give you more things to realistically write about or work into a novel.

5. Learn About Different Cultures

The most incredible thing (in my opinion) about human beings is that we’re so diverse. There are so many cultures and religions that we don’t even know about and all of them can help you with your writing.

Why? Because you learn to be empathetic. One of the best qualities any writer can have is empathy. When you know how someone else feels or can put yourself directly in their shoes, that will be loud and clear in what you write since you literally have to do this for whatever your characters are going through.

The trouble is, many of us are so sheltered in our own cultures and beliefs that it’s hard to truly be empathetic and branch out emotionally. Learning about different cultures and the way others live their lives can give you a wealth of knowledge that can help make your writing unique, beautiful, and much better.

6. Travel

Now, this isn’t always an option for a lot of us because traveling is so fucking expensive! I live in the U.S. and let me tell you, there aren’t very many different forms of culture and cuisine. I have to drive at least 8-10 hours just to get somewhat of a different form of food. Which means that my knowledge of different people, places, and foods is pretty limited, which is why I plan on traveling a lot.

Traveling not only helps put you right in the middle of a new culture, but it’ll also give you more material to write about. Instead of just googling a picture of a certain area and describing it from that, you will have been there and can depict it much more realistically; the smells, the humidity levels, the sounds, the awe of the sights, the temperature of the breezes, etc.

You can find tons of advice on how to make your writing better that just involves opening a word document and just writing, or editing, etc. But with these things, you’re really making yourself a more well-rounded person, and THAT, in my opinion, is what will make you a better writer.

You Know What I Find Funny?

These men. So, let me tell you about my day so far (even though it’s only 11:25am so far). A friend of mine and I conducted a social experiment, she made a seeking arrangement profile and decided to see if it was true that mainly light skinned or white girls would get more messages,more favorite - what have you.

We sat down in my apartment she looked at me and said “my thing is I don’t understand, you’re gorgeous but only get messages here and there.” She proceeded to then say that it couldn’t be a race thing and maybe it’s the way I was wording things. I laughed, obviously. So, she took a picture she had taken when she had just woken up hair like completely a mess and no make up and had a ratty T-shirt on and she posted that as her profile picture only said a few words here and there about herself mainly just I’m just looking for money I don’t want anything to do with you guys-just money.

Now, keep in mind the reason she and I started being friends was people kept telling her she looks like a cavewoman and I stepped in to defend her and you know do all that courageous bullshit. She’s pretty but she does have a unique look about her… In that way? I don’t know if that makes sense but she’s not what people would typically say is pretty and it’s sad because she has to continuously fight to be pretty.

So anyway, my part of the experiment was to upload a new picture of myself basically showcasing my 36DDD boobs and a low-cut shirt and one of my favorite skirts. Along with updating my wording on my profile. I received a six messages. She received 47. A lot of the messages were it’s OK you can have my money and all this other stuff and I was actually shocked, like I have a lot of friends who are signed up on the website and I never really paid attention to anybody’s savings. You know what I mean? I would be like a cool youre getting messages that’s good I’m proud of you slay queen.

But it was literally astounding to see that because my friend was white everything was a lot easier for her on this site (and in life but ya know 🐸☕️)

So, there I was sitting in my emotional what the fuck state and for once in my life I was actually extremely jealous???? I don’t know how to explain it I just know that I was probably more mad and more envious to see that if I only had white skin then being a sugarbaby want to be so much work and so much of a hassle for me.

That’s why I commend the fuck out of all of my black sugar friends who are super successful and have whipped these men into shape like y'all, I fucking love you, you are the best.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect at this whole experience but I definitely have a new full appreciation for all of my black sugar friends who even have other hoe professions like escorts or strippers !

And for those of you who are still struggling do What I did and Sign up for like multiple sites we need all the exposure we can get. Even you’d be surprised how tinder works for finding men with money like two of the main guys I’m talking to right now are both millionaires and they just view that type of “Arrangement” as dating…and they’re cute 😉

Lol, but on A serious note ladies I know how difficult it is to find somebody trust me I might have two in my ring right now but I’m still looking. It is hard enough to be a minority woman even if you aren’t black if you’re just another minority, it is hard out here so get this mentality : you are a fucking queen, they are lucky to get you if they don’t want you fuck it their Dicks are probably small.

And for my white sugar babies, I do love you do not get me wrong but I’ve seen a lot of you taking away from the success of minority sugar babies I don’t know if it’s like jealousy or just being a plain old bitch. But I’ve seen a lot of things that have made me very wary on trusting a lot of you. But please, listen to this commend other sugar babies praise them, everybody’s working hard to get where they are where they want to be let’s make sure we’re all praising each other to the top. Also, please recognize that it is easier for you. I’ve seen so many girls say that it’s not easy just because you’re white like it is honey I’m sorry. But you are the “beauty "therefore the rest of the beautiful girls in the world who are quite white are struggling so please recognize that there is a bit of easiness in this for you.

It’s all love, just thought I’d share.


Jack: Please, Mark…ya wouldn’t understand…

Mark: What wouldn’t I understand, Jack?! Things have been different with you and I feel like you’re hiding things from me!

Jack: Just…please stop. He wants out…he wants to hurt you…

Jack (Anti-ish): H̟͇̖̝͇̉͗̆̆͝ẹ͇͓̤̬̙͔̳͓̓͋̑̌̈́̄́̾̈́̚ w̡͖̼̟̙͌͌̃̄͐͘͡a̷̻̦̜̜͍̮̞͐̓̒̊͘͜͜ń̮͖͇̪̝̓͑̑͗͘͟ţ̸̡͉̥̖̰͙̹̞̓͗̑̇́̀͐͋͜͝ş̧͕̟͓̳̰̗̉̏͘͘̚ ỳ͙̗̺̮̣͔͆͋͌̇̕͝o̧͖̟͉̱̐̀̒̎͒͟͡u̦͚͚͓͈̰̗͙̅̐͊̐͝ d̸̡̧̜͉̥͚̤̹̪͆̈̃̐̏̈̽̈͐̿͜e͉͓̤͓̪̘̦̖̦͋͊̌͗́͝å̛̭̹͕̭̦̙͆̑͂̎̍͘͜ͅd̨̯̩̟̖̩͓̭͐̌̊̎̚͢.̛̳̼̖̜̘̥̖̱͗̒̂͑͋͑̈́̍.̸̦̞͕̝̲̰̈́̓̀̂̾͟͡.̡͔̳̹̩͎̠͗̓̍̇̎͘̚͜͟͝͠

@cartoonjunkie when I saw this on your profile I had to do something with it.

Closer (Smut)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader x Scott McCall
Words: 3,515
Warnings: smut smut smut. 
Request? yes or no
Inspired By: 
Closer // The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey
A/N: this one was on my previous profile and I decided to bring it back. it was actually one of the last ones i posted on my previous profile so yeah. also…if the smut isn’t your thing just feel free to skip the entire section between the three ***’s and you will have avoided the smut so please enjoy! 

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White privilege...

I saw a post on Facebook today and it reminded me of something that I think a lot of us white folks don’t get. I think when we hear the word privilege, we think of getting some tangible benefit.

White privilege isn’t just about the benefits you can see (like white people on average making more than non-whites in the same job) but more often its the things you don’t see and have never thought about.

I’m going to use myself as an example. I’ve been driving 16 years at this point and have never been pulled over, not even once. And trust me, it’s not because I obey the speed limits at all times and I pull maneuvers sometimes that only fly in Boston. And yet, never even gotten pulled over for a warning. TBH, it would take me a long time to find my registration in my glove box. And most of the time, I don’t even think that’s weird and I really easily fall into the assumption “well I’m just a good, alert driver.” 

Just remember, white privilege doesn’t just mean having more food in your bowl than others, it also means feeling much more secure that no one is going to come and take your bowl away from you entirely.

anonymous asked:

I just recently got into KS at the recommendation of a class mate. Currently majoring in forensic psych, and this manhwa hits all the correct spots. Its obvious that Koogi must have done proper and in depth research into how this sort of thing works in real life. And then I saw your meta on why Sangwoo kills and lemme tell you it read like a criminal profile we would be given in class. You looked at this character and stripped him down to understand how he ticks, every point you made 1/2

2/2 Cont. read like you were a professional criminal psychiatrist. And I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that you are doing amazing things that are rightfully acknowledged for being great, but also your meta just makes me appreciate the work of art that is Killing Stalking.

Ahhh thank you! I’m actually an architectural student who don’t even watch that many crime documentaries, so hearing you say this I’m very happy that I don’t sound like someone who’s blind guessing everything (I didn’t) XD

Yeah like ks is so great not because of the plot (which have been done before) but because of the characters and their complex mentality. Being someone who has always enjoyed a fictional work for its characters I’m just so glad I found it. Just because it’s BL doesn’t mean it’s not art.

Do you ever just have those moments when you can’t be bothered to try and be your classy self, so you just respond half arsed but it still works?

This is one of those moments, the cool thing is, I’ve never mentioned the whole SB/SD thing to this man. I just went on a vanilla date with him off Tinder, which shows you how much your perceived value matters.

Without having to tell Mr T that I have had arrangements in the past and want an allowance and he should prepare to be a Daddy, etc, etc, he already knows that I would want to be compensated for time I spend with him.


My profile is the first step, I cater it towards my target audience. If I Want a rich boyfriend … I make it Look like a rich girlfriends profile . If I’m searching for a travel daddy .., i manipulate it to come across like a travel companion profile.

Then if he asks me to pick the first date venue, I select something that’s of a calibre I desire, then aim slightly higher! I’ve found men tend to try their hardest on the first date and unless you challenge them, it slowly falls from there, so if you set the bar high, when he begins to fall short, it’s still high enough for you.

Lastly, on the first date I try not to make it all about me, but when it is about me, I show/tell them about all the places I’ve been, people I’ve met, things I’ve accomplished, which contrasts to my upbringing and families status.

Therefore they see all I’ve accomplished and know a girl like me must have had some help along the way … I.e “this is the kind of girl that has people in her life who help her aconlish her goals, if I want to be valued in her life, I have to be one of those people.”

Whenever Daddy T, tells me I’m ‘expensive’ and 'only want the best’, it always makes me laugh, because I’ve never actually said so (until now) but every way I’ve communicated with him, has told him so.

Brought to you by Bronzy

I’m in love with Sherlock series c: 
Aaaand i’m kinda proud of this one even if it’s don’t look like Sherlock at all :P cuz i messed up everything, especially the hair&mouth xD
I’m proud of it because it’s a profile (which i’m awful at drawing) and it’s kinda realistic :D I didn’t draw anything realistic for a  super long time so it still looks better than i expected c:

Astro[Rocky]- Dating profile
  • Ideal Type:

Someone who is loving, fun and silly

  • How they act around their crush:

Rocky and you have been best friends for a while so you guys would just act silly and weird *The Gif*

Originally posted by binsblush

  • Confession:

You and Rocky were walking out of the Ice cream parlor and were arguing about the most silly thing when he looked at you and smiled and stopped walking.

“Y/n there is something that I have been wanting to tell you”

“Ya what is it?”

“I have liked you for a while and I want to know if you would like to go on a date with me”

“I would love to Rocky”

  • First Date:

You and Rocky were best friends for a while so you guys decided to keep it simple so you guys went to a movie and then some Ice cream 

  • Regular Date:

Ice cream dates, Movie Dates, Cuddle Dates, Lazy Dates, TV/ Movie Marathons dates

  • Next Steps:

Sex- 9 months
Parents- 5 months
Moving in- 2 ½ years
Marriage- 4 years

  • PDA:

Rocky would do PDA all the time. He did not care much about what people thought. Sometimes he would do PDA and not even noticed he did

Originally posted by jinwooh

  • Pet Names:

Jagi, Honey, Baby

  • Who says ‘I love you’ first:

You and Rocky were texting because you guys have not seen each other for a while when you thought it was the right time to finally say it.

“I love you” You both texted at the same time

“Wait I said it first” Rocky said

“No I did” You said and then you both started fighting about it

  • Anniversary/Birthday Gifts:
  • Often gifts:

Flowers, Sweet little notes, Candy, Matching clothing

  • Behavior:

Around others-

You guys are silly, Weird, cuddly and loud


You guys are more cuddly and romantic around each other

  • Pros

You guys always end up wearing onesies, You guy scan always cat as weird and silly around each other

Originally posted by dream-astro

  • Cons

You guys can not talk everyday, You guys don’t really know if you guys are being silly or serious if you are mad at each other


~Admin Rosie