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Prince Harry has been holding secret late-night jam sessions with rock stars The Killers for the past DECADE

Speaking in Episode 13 of my Bizarre Life podcast, drummer RONNIE VANNUCCI JR unveiled one of music’s unlikeliest unions.

He said of the prince: “He just showed up at a show one time and we got along. I mean, it’s been ten years I guess. There’s been a lot of long nights.”

And Harry is not the only blue-blood to have been in the Las Vegas quartet’s entourage — unnamed royal “cousins” have also taken part.

Ronnie, whose band’s famous fans also include former Prime Minister DAVID CAMERON and ex-US President BARACK OBAMA, said: “There have been cousins and things like that from the family and they’re all just regular dudes and nice people.”

And he explained that the group’s ignorance of fancy royal protocol meant having them around felt natural. He said: “It’s safe to say we didn’t grow up with the sort of bedazzlement of having a Royal Family or anything, so I wasn’t educated in what it means to know these people first. Maybe that’s what made things cool. It was just like, ‘Hey, man’.”

Ronnie’s revelation comes after Harry was seen rocking out, dressed down in a cap, at the band’s sold-out show at Barclaycard’s British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park this month.


“I used to get, like, a lot of auditions for things that were mean, and she has that mean streak at times, but I think she’s also, like, silly and eccentric and I like being able to have more layers than just, like, a ‘mean girl’, or a 'pretty, sweet girl’. It’s fun to be someone who’s marching to the beat of their own drummer, so to speak.” ⏤ Chelsea Peretti (x)

Play Me // A Dylan O’Brien Smut

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Daddy Kink, Oral (both), Spanking, Teasing, Overstimulation, Multiple Orgasms, Unprotected Sex, and Swearing.

Word Count: 4,915

Song: Despacito by Luis Fonsi Ft. Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber

A/N: This is 100% because of the video that came out. The second I saw him playing the drums again, my mind immediately went to sin. I MEAN FUUUCK LOOK AT THIS GIF PEOPLE, HOW CAN IT NOT? Also, thanks to @stilinski-jpeg for keeping me sane throughout the writing process of this fic. Love you so much! 💖

In case you haven’t seen the video or you want to watch it again on loop if you’re like me. 

Fuck, I moaned internally as I watched him lick his plump lips in pure concentration, an immediate ache already rushing to my core just at the sight of Dylan’s sinful tongue.

His fingers were curled around the drumsticks and his muscles were flexed against his biceps with each movement he made as he played the drums in front of me. It took every piece of discipline I had in me to continue playing my saxophone and not toss it on the ground just to throw myself at him. Dylan had such an effect on me that I was constantly turned on whenever I was around him — and he doesn’t even have to do much to get me worked up. Just the way he is can get me easily horny alone.

It all started the night we first created this blues band. He was the drummer we recruited along with his friends Thomas and Dexter for strings and vocals. The three were undoubtedly talented and the perfect additions to our band, but Dylan… he was the perfect addition to my body. That first night the entire band partied to celebrate the arrivals and drinks were the main theme. One thing led to the other and, the next thing I knew, I was rushed into the nearest bathroom and being pushed up against the closed door. Dylan’s calloused hands gripping my leg and hitching it across his waist as he pounds into me mercilessly, fucking me so hard that I couldn’t walk the next day.

His eyes looked up at me for the slightest second and I could see the small smirk dangling from the corner of his lips, my breath hitching in my throat and disrupting my saxophone playing. Dylan noticed the way his smirk made me feel the need to press my thighs together and decided to play even dirtier by winking. I immediately moaned which came out as a strangled note from my instrument. The entire band looked at me with judgemental eyes at my horrid playing, but I was too busy focusing on Dylan chuckling lowly to himself.

“Alright!” I frustratedly shouted, surprising everyone in the studio. “Can we just please take a break from jamming right now? We’ve been at this for hours!”

Our vocalist shrugged carelessly and looked to his fellow bandmates, all shrugging as well before Tommy spoke up. “I guess we should. Maybe we can get something to eat?”

“Yes!” Dexter sat up from his stool, smacking his hands together. “Let’s go to that restaurant we had dinner at yesterday! They had the fucking best chicken fried rice.”

Everyone else agreed, each sharing the food they desperately wanted to eat there again. Well, all except for Dylan and I who were too busy staring at one another, lust burning our pupils to the point of no return. His eyes dipped for the slightest second to rake all over my body, gazing at the low-cut in my crop top before his eyes returned to mine with a cocky grin now invading his pink lips.

“You know, I think we should play our song one more time.” Dylan spoke up, his eyes never leaving me. My own narrowed, immediately understanding how much he still wanted to tease me. “To get it perfect before we officially record it.”

Again, everyone shrugged and agreed with his suggestion. Usually, I love how open they all are for anything but not today, not when I desperately want to feel Dylan’s dick twitching inside of me again as it quickly rubs against my tight walls.

“No, I think we should eat.” I counterparted, pulling the strap of the saxophone off my neck and placing the instrument in its case. “We need the break.”

“Maybe you need the break, kitten.” He raised an eyebrow tauntingly. “I mean, you do seem tense. What’s gotten you all worked up?”

The glare I gave him was nothing short of intense and full of raging fire. He and I both knew what he was doing, especially since he used that damn nickname that did inexplicable things to me. The entire band’s eyes were fixed on me and Dylan used the opportunity to run his fingers over his scruff as he winked yet again, fully aware of his power against me.

Fine then, two can play at this game.

“Having to constantly blow.” I retorted and it was my turn to smirk when his eyes widened. “The instrument, I mean.”

“Well I think you blow just perfectly.”

I was certainly glad that everyone else in the room was terrible at picking up on our innuendos and the incredibly strong sexual tension between Dylan and I. We haven’t exactly told anyone about us yet — mainly because we don’t even know if there is an us. We’ve been hooking up whenever it was convenient but with Dylan’s crazy schedule, it’s been pretty hard to maintain a physical relationship let alone possibly start an emotional one.

“Just one more?” Dylan teased and my mind immediately went to all of the times I begged him to quit pleasuring me when I was already so overstimulated, but he just kept going at it. “And then, I’ll- we’ll stop.”

“Just. One. More.” I stated through clenched teeth.

Picking up my instrument again, Dylan’s eyes were hooked on me as I licked my lips and wrapped them around the tip of my saxophone. The rest of the band members prepared themselves again and Dylan tapped his drumsticks three times to indicate the starting tempo. As soon as he was finished, we were all off and the song started playing beautifully. Despite not missing and mistaking a single note, Dylan and I focused on each other instead of our instruments. The walls of the studio were shaking at how loudly he was playing, each bang vibrating through the floor and into my body. It only made the aching in my core grow even more uncomfortable as it vibrated my cunt, forcing me to hold back any moan I wanted to release.

I watched as his head nodded along with the rhythm he created, his knees bouncing up and down as his feet continuously slammed on the bass pedal to carry the entire beat of the song. I hated to admit it, but our music would be nothing without Dylan’s talented drum skills. He was undoubtedly enjoying himself, the melody completing taking over his body… except for the eyes boring into mine that is.

Fuck, it should be illegal to look that fucking good playing the drums.

I thanked the Lord when the song was finally over and I managed to play every single note without letting Dylan distract me, despite almost falling prey to him many times. He put the drumsticks down on the floor and picked up the green bottle of beer from it instead, his lips pouting as he took a long sip. I was practically drooling at the sight of his adam’s apple moving up and down as he swallowed the bitter liquid. Everyone else, including me, put their instruments away for the time being.

“Time for grub!” Dexter celebrated and the entire room boomed with laughter at his excitement for food. Normally, I would be right there with him but at this moment all I could truly focus on were the way Dylan’s eyes were calling me.

“You guys go ahead.” Dylan stated, standing up. “I think I’d rather eat Chipotle.”

“You sure?” Tommy asked, everybody already at the door. “You should come eat with us so you’re not alone.”

“He won’t be alone. I’ll go with him.” I spoke up, clearing my throat. “Gotta have those delicious chicken cutlets.”

“Suit yourselves.” He shrugged, guiding everyone out of the studio and closing its door behind them.

It was as if the second that door sealed shut, every bit of sexual tension we were trying to keep to ourselves was released out into the air. Just the thought of what was undeniably about to happen next made my pulse accelerate, my heart pounding against my chest. I wasn’t the only one effected as I watched Dylan take slow steps towards me as if I were a magnet pulling him in closer and closer. He was practically undressing me with his eyes and usually I would blush at such a forward act, but now right now. Right now, all I want him to do is give into the lustful things his eyes are telling me.

“So,” I broke the silence, my breath unstable as he finally reached me and placed his hand on the small of my back. His lips brushing against my neck, making goosebumps cover my skin. “How about we go eat take out?”

“No, kitten.” He whispered, my body shivering at the feeling of his lips touching my ear. “I’d rather eat you out, instead.”

Dylan’s mouth immediately moved to mine and he crashed his lips against my own. I couldn’t help but moan into our sudden kiss, throwing my arms around his neck. His skillful lips meshed with mine in such a fiery and passionate pace, he almost made me lose my balance. My hands didn’t just remain on his neck as he successfully seduces me, but ventured over his back and explored the amazing feeling of his flexed muscles pressed against my palm. Our breaths mingled before Dylan licked my bottom lip with his tongue and I instinctively opened it for his tongue to have its very welcome entrance. I could taste the alcohol in his mouth along with the mint from his toothpaste and all of my senses were heightened, begging for more of him.

I broke the kiss, but he chose to continue teasing me as his lips moved to my jaw then my neck. Not even bothering to hide the fact that he was currently creating a purple bruise on my skin with his smooth assaults. My fingers gripped onto his back, my nails digging into our band’s t-shirt. He chuckled on my neck and I instantly whimpered at the resonance.

“Please, I have been unbelievably horny since the moment you walked through that door today.” I moaned. “Just fucking do something already.”

“Patience, kitten.” Dylan retorted, his fingers moving to the hem of my high-waisted skirt just to tease me. “Good things come to those who wait.”

“Not when their friends will be back soon.” I mewled.

“Honestly, they could walk in on us fucking and I wouldn’t even stop.” Dylan nibbled on my ear. “Now, kitten, tell me all of the things you want my mouth to do to you. Teach me your favorite places.”

“You already know my favorite places, Dylan.” I responded and definitely didn’t miss the cocky grin he played on my skin.

“Just because of that impeccable response I’ll give you want you want, babygirl.” He whispered huskily before moving his hands to the back of my knees and lifting me up.

This time I was the one who started the desperate kiss as he walked forwards, my back suddenly hitting the wall behind me. I lost my rhythm with his lips and failed to remain the dominant one when his hands massaged the back of my thighs, sparking more desire throughout my entire body. Just as I was about to try and get my power back, Dylan unexpectedly broke our kiss. Our panting breaths hitting each other’s faces before he started to push me up. I looked at him with wide eyes, but allowed him to do whatever it is he’s planning to do. The next thing I know, I’m so high up that he wraps my legs around his neck.

With my legs dangling over his shoulders, Dylan moved one of his hands to my inner thigh and purposely drummed his fingers on my skin before reached the area closest to my core. I bucked my hips for him to do more and, to my surprise, he actually did. Dylan suddenly ripped apart the thong I wore and felt no remorse towards ruining something I owned, and, honestly, neither did I. I was so glad there finally wasn’t anything keeping him from touching me anymore that I didn’t even bother to think about the consequences.

“Fuck, you weren’t kidding about how horny you are.” Dylan chuckled, certainly staring at the arousal covering my cunt. My hips twitched the second his finger swiped through my slick folds and a shameless moan fell from my lips when he licked his wet finger with his tempting tongue. “God, kitten, you always taste so damn good.”

“P-Please.” I begged.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Dylan smirked, nibbling my outer lips. “I know that I’m a drummer and I’m good with my hands, but damn kitten.”

“And I’m a saxophone player, I’m very good with my mouth.” I retorted, raking my fingers through his dark strands. “Which I’ll gladly use on you if you just give me what I want.”

“Well, you certainly have a way with words, babygirl.” He stated before finally doing what I wanted him to by swiping his tongue up my core, my vocal chords releasing the most animalistic moan the second the tip of his tongue touched my clitoris. “Damn, you sing the second I touch you.” He chuckled. “Kinda like playing the piano.”

“Then, play me.”

The last thing I saw was Dylan’s pupils dilate just before he dipped his head under the fabric of my skirt along with his hand and began his mind-boggling pleasure on my core. His tongue created fast and steady circles on my sensitive nub, immediate pleasure striking through my veins. However, my body buzzed intensely the moment he pushed a finger into my soaking heat and pumped it repeatedly. My eyes instantly shut tight and chose to only focus on the feelings he was creating inside of me.

I squirmed and my hips bucked involuntarily, my own fingers clutching onto his hair. He grunted at the harsh feeling and my lungs immediately gasped when the vibration of his voice rippled through my core and initiated the build up now invading me. I could feel my nipples hardening against the cheap fabric of my bra and I desperately wanted to pinch them in between my fingers — which is exactly what I did after I let go of him to rip apart my blouse along with my laced bra. Dylan couldn’t exactly see what I had just done, but he definitely put two and two together at the sound of the tearing fabric and didn’t hold back his moan. Letting what remained of my shirt and bra fall to the ground and playing with my nipples in my fingers, I felt as Dylan added another one of his in me. He increased the pressure and the pace, giving more power to my build up.

“F-Fuck, baby.” I moaned audaciously. “Just like that.”

He followed my request and continued moving his two fingers in my tight cunt rapidly, but his lips however wrapped around my clit. His tongue still licked and played with it as well, but now he had added his sinful mouth to the mix. My sensitive nub enjoyed the attention it was getting from Dylan, flashing pure thrill and bliss straight to my build up.

Carefully hearing out how responsive I was being, Dylan decided to do more when he knew I was ready for it. He scissored his two fingers inside of me and I screamed, my body already shaking with its arriving orgasm. Dylan’s addictive movements in my cunt only stopped right when he knew I was going to cum and curled the tips of his fingers against my walls instead, the perfect amount of pressure I needed to fall into my release.

I didn’t expect Dylan to stop as I came, but I certainly did expect him to when I finished. However, he did not halt his actions at all. In fact, Dylan only increased them. His hand removed itself from my core and returned its post on my thigh along with the other one. He pulled back from the wall and my own hands immediately flew to his hair for stability, but I didn’t make it in time. Although his grip on my thighs were incredibly strong enough and wouldn’t let me completely fall, I couldn’t help but squeal when the top half of my body dropped down, by back now resting on his legs.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get more intense, Dylan slipped his tongue into my cunt and I urgently wrapped my arms around the back of his knees. The new position enhanced everything he was doing to me, expanding my pleasure by one-hundred percent. I whimpered and mewled at Dylan’s invasive touch, considering how overstimulated I was. But, he didn’t stop his attempt at giving me more than one consecutive orgasm.

His tongue was deep in me, constantly brushing my g-spot, and he licked around my walls, definitely enjoying my taste by the way he moaned continuously along with me. My back arched and my legs shook again at the feeling of his tongue literally fucking me just as Dylan’s thumb applied unbelievable pressure on my incredibly swollen clitoris. Not only making me reach my orgasm and cum, but literally fucking gush. My immense arousal squirted out of my cunt, certainly soaking his entire face.

This time Dylan did stop, but only when he deemed ready. My core was throbbing intensely as he walked us over to his drumming bench and asked me to place my hands on them for him to pull my legs off of his shoulders and carefully settle them on the floor without the risk of hurting me nor letting me fall. Once he laid my legs on the ground, my butt involuntarily sitting down too, I watched with hooded eyes as he pulled his shirt off his body and used it wipe his face clean.

“Take your skirt off, kitten.” He commanded, unbuttoning his khakis and letting them drop to the floor.

“Yes, daddy.” I bit down on my lip, enjoying the view of him momentarily losing his shit at the nickname just as he stepped out of his pants pooling at his feet.

“Daddy, huh? Just when I thought you couldn’t get any sexier…” He smirked, taking taunting steps towards me. “Now, why don’t you kneel here in front of daddy?”

I didn’t say anything, I just changed my position to settle on my hands and knees and slowly crawled in his direction. The feeling of my skin scraping against the rug burned, but I chose to ignore it. I could see the huge bulge in his grey boxer-briefs create a wet stain with his increasing precum at how the sight turned him on beyond compare and it boosted me to sway my hips more, my confidence growing. Dylan’s hand moved down to his crotch and he slowly palmed himself over the fabric before becoming impatient and pulling down his boxers just enough to start touching himself. Immediate heat and lust rushed back to my core at the way he pumped his own dick, my mouth drooling at his actions.

Once I reached him, I placed my hands on his bare thighs to steady myself as I settled just on my knees, the rug digging into my skin. Our eyes were locked together, my mouth inching closer to his shaft. He didn’t stop masterbating even when I took his tip into my mouth and sucked profusely, his throat making its own strangled noises. My tongue licked the precum off of his slit and Dylan’s hips bucked, involuntarily​ pushing a little more of him inside my mouth. I swatted his hand away and he let both of his hands run through my hair as I took in as much of his cock as I could. Dylan gathered my hair together in a temporary ponytail and whilst my mouth bobbed his dick rapidly, my tongue would constantly graze against his prominent vein on the underside of his member.

“Shit, kitten.” Dylan moaned, bucking his hips faster. “Your talented lips feel so fucking good around my cock. Thank God you’re so invested in playing the saxophone.”

I moaned around his staff and he immediately growled at the intense vibration, his hand gripping tighter in my hair. Impatient with letting me be in control, Dylan pulled my hair back roughly, my head going along with it. Then he, suddenly, pushed my head right back to take him in again deeply — so deeply that his swollen tip lodged in the back of my throat. Dylan created this new pace where he would pull my hair to guide his dick in and out along with his thrusts. The stinging pain on my scalp from his harsh pulling did not overpower the lust inside of me and I willingly allowed Dylan to use my mouth as a damn fucktoy.

“Fuck me, babygirl.” He grunted before unexpectedly pulling me back and not letting me take him in my mouth anymore.

Suddenly, Dylan tore my grip away from his thighs and let my hair go. He took a step back, my palms immediately landing flat out on the floor to keep from falling. The strands of my hair swayed to the front of my face as he stepped out of his boxers and walked behind me. I heard him fall to his own knees and, without any warning, a loud sound of Dylan’s palm slapping against my skin echoed in the room along with the sound of my scream at the stinging pain of just getting spanked.

“God, I fucking love your ass.” Dylan confessed, sinking his teeth into my cheeks and letting go right after another scream escaped my lips.

“Jesus Christ, Dylan.” I grunted, already out of breath. “Just stop teasing and shove your dick inside of me already.”

“Did you just call me Dylan?” He tisked and I could picture him shaking his head. “You know that’s not what I want, babygirl. Which means I won’t give you want you want.”

“N-No, I’m sorry!” I whined. “Daddy, please.”

Dylan surprised me when he pushed just his tip inside of me, my core pulsing around him. However, he stopped teasingly and it drove me absolutely crazy. I tried bucking my hips back, but Dylan just grabbed my waist roughly and halted my attempts.

“Come on, daddy.” I whimpered at the feeling of his dick throbbing. “Just fuck me.”

“Like this?” Dylan asked, slowly pushing in until he was buried to the hilt before pulling back out at the same agonizing pace. He did this a few times and my body begged for more, not able to withstand the slow rate.

“Faster.” I begged impatiently. “You know how I like it rough.”

Dylan moaned at my commands, but continued his vehement torture anyway and I wasn’t having anymore of it. Bringing my hands back, I ripped Dylan’s off my waist and he almost lost his balance at my sudden movement. Pulling his dick out of me, I pushed him to lie down on the rug and threw my legs over his hips to straddle him. Both of my knees settled on the rug and Dylan’s eyes widened at me before they narrowed with a growing smirk.

“Damn-” He began to speak, but my finger flew to his lips and stopped him from continuing his sentence. His eyebrows quirked in curiosity and I simply gave him the most smug grin I could put together.

“I’m in charge now.”

Dylan’s dick twitched in between my thighs at my new confidence and his hands flew to my hips, allowing me to do whatever I damn pleased. I grabbed his shaft before positioning it at my entrance and sitting down on him until I felt his balls on my ass. His head instantly fell back to the ground, his eyes shutting tight. Thanks to how fucking wet I was from just having two orgasms (and counting), it wasn’t hard to glide him in and out of me. Both of our throats erupting into uncontrollable moans and neither one of us had the intention to stop.

My hands were splattered out on his chest, my nails raking down his skin and digging into it as his own fingers gripped my hips tightly to help guide me. I bounced up and down on his cock, the wet sound of skin meeting every time my cheeks came into contact with his balls. Dylan growled lowly whenever my nails created stinging shapes in his flesh. My build up returned stronger than ever, already licking at my veins. Dylan could sense how close I was from how I tightened around his shaft and his eyes opened, a sense of mischief pooling in them.

One of his hands made its way to our repeatedly connecting bodies and everything inside of me jerked the moment his fingers applied rough pleasure on my clit. A flash of heat spread through my body as I screamed, not able to hide how much I loved his addictive advances. However, it was when Dylan sat up and not only changed the angle but pushed me back a little so he could attach his mouth onto my breast that the build up won. My arms wrapped around his neck to keep some sort of balance as my body violently shook with its intense orgasm. I continued to bounce on his dick and Dylan grunted loudly when I clenched around it. His teeth bit my nipple harshly and I screamed, all of my senses dancing on the surface of my skin.

Even as my body fell limp and stopped moving, Dylan didn’t. His hand on my hips wrapped around my waist and elevated my body slightly before thrusting up into me. At this point, I couldn’t even control the overwhelming amount of screams falling from my lips along with his name.

“That’s right, kitten.” He managed to say through moans. “Scream my name and forget every other name that exists. I’m the only one that can fuck you like this.”

I felt that same flash of heat again, followed by another and another as he continued to thrust up into my g-spot, his cock rubbing so fucking deliciously against my tight walls that it made me want to cry. No crashing waves and no build up, this time a violent pleasure tore through me. A whiplash of ecstasy snapping at my clit and spreading everywhere. Dense streams of cum slithered down my legs and I noticed as it soaked him, dripping down his cock, covering his balls and pooling over his thighs.

His fingers changed its pace on my overly sensitive nub and I crashed again, falling deep into the abyss of euphoria. Each climax was unique and when the final one was drawn out of me, I actually cried — like literally. My tears rolled down my flushed cheeks. My lungs hurt at the lack of air. My throat was dry from screaming too much. My lips were raw from the insane amount of kissing and biting down on them. And every joint in my body ached.

When he noticed I couldn’t handle anymore, Dylan pulled himself out and laid me down on the floor. I was completely out of breath and unable to move my body, but I still watched with hooded eyes as he crawled over me. Each of his knees settling beside my shoulders, his hands moving down to my head and grabbing my hair.

“Do you wanna taste daddy’s cum, kitten?” He teased and I immediately nodded. “I’m gonna need you to say it.”

“Yes, daddy.” I spoke up, my hands holding onto the back of his knees. “Fuck my mouth.”

That’s all the incentive he needed to shove his dick into my mouth and I gladly welcomed it back. Dylan used his hand on my head in synch with his thrusts to control how deep he wants to go. Because he was already so close to his edge from constantly feeling my cunt tighten around him, Dylan was already falling off of it in a matter of seconds. It only took a few thrusts and my mouth hollowing out as my tongue constantly licked his sensitive tip. Dylan’s hot release immediately shot out of his slit and landed on my palate, the delicious salty taste of his cum making me moan.

“God, no one can give a blowjob like you, babygirl.” Dylan whispered huskily, laying back down on the floor beside me.

The sexual tension in the air eased down and was replaced with pure bliss, both of our chests rising and falling with heavy breaths. All of a sudden, Dylan turned around and nudged his face amongst my shoulders. Goosebumps making its ways on my skin at the feeling of his hot breath against my neck as he wrapped a lazy arm around my waist.

“What'cha doing there, Dyl?” I asked curiously.

“Breathing in your neck because you always smell so good.” He shrugged.

“Well, I’m just gonna pretend that’s not a weird thing to say.” I chuckled and he laughed with me.

“Sorry.” He smiled, placing a chaste kiss on my skin. “Would you rather I whisper things into your ear so you remember them when you’re not with me?”

“Hmm, that would be nice.” I smiled before it turned into a grin. “But, I’d rather go eat that take out.”

I can’t get over Mitch’s story.

I just keep thinking about some old friends of mine. A guy that was an engineer at a big Atlanta recording studio and his roommate, a drummer for a band that had some promise, but never went anywhere.

The engineer worked with some of the biggest artists in the Atlanta music scene at the time (including Usher) and I just keep thinking that the same thing could have happened with his roommate, but never did. 

But with Mitch, can you imagine?  Making pizzas one day, getting a call from his buddy to do a favor for a pop star trying to go solo (can’t you just imagine Mitch’s eyeroll at who he’d be working with that first day and just thinking it’d be some extra cash), then a few months later jetting off to Jamaica and working with a massive producer, writing what would be an iconic album and then going on a worldwide tour.

I’m so happy for him in memory of all of my musician friends that weren’t in the right place at the right time, and the ones that eyerolled their way OUT of a job like that because it wasn’t cool enough (or so they thought).

You go Mitch!  We’re all rooting for you!

Great Comet characters as shit I have said
  • Natasha: She touched my leg once so we're basically married.
  • Pierre: The number of times this week I have thought "death doesn't sound so bad" is truly staggering. I was just eating bread and boom, there it was again.
  • Sonya: You know I can't hold your hand to your car next year, right? I'm graduating? I know the wind is scary but no.
  • Marya: I am the law here and we play Viking metal at practice now, bitch. It fuels my aggression.
  • Anatole: Yo I got this chick's number even though I hit myself in the face with a pen because she has a thing for drummers, which I kind of am. Just not, like, in a band. It's fine, she lives in a different time zone. She'll never know.
  • Dolokhov: I will fight you with my two broken hands!
  • Helene: Once I thought I was a heterosexual. Then girls happened.
  • Bolkonsky: Sometimes I miss my hawk screech tic, other times I think having friends is fine too.
  • Mary: Not all of my suffering is because of women. Just, like 65%. Some of it is general life.
  • Balaga: (going 80 in a 25) Stop signs are suggestions!
  • Andrey: I wasn't at this party but I still heard all the ways y'all fucked up.
walls could talk ❖ exo

OC aka YOU
Byun Baekhyun as a uni professor
Oh Sehun as a doctor
Kim Jongin as a dad
Kim Junmyeon as a CEO dad
Park Chanyeol as a drummer

DISCLAIMER: this story is going to have a multi-relationship thing goin on, age gap, fluff on the beginning, angst in some parts and smut (ofc). If you don’t feel like reading about age gap or polyamory, please, don’t even start the story, i don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.

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You gritted your teeth, you already knew how this was going to end up like: you would wake up at five am just to sit in the back of your parents’ car with your sister and your dog for almost five hours just to arrive to Seoul and then take the plane for an hour and finally arrive to Jeju and spend three months of your life in that boring island, in a boring resort, with your boring family and boring old people who are trying to make their summer lives more interesting. And you were probably gonna be the only eighteen years old girl in all the place.

Same goes for Chanyeol, the drummer of a not-known-at-all band, who actually said yes when his best friend Baekhyun asked him to join him and three of his friends in their vacation.

Where are we going?❞ he asked looking excited. 

Little did he know that: not only Baekhyun was just trying to relax from his work as a teacher, but two of them already had two babies and one of them was a doctor.

Fuck, that was going to be boring.

heya !
so, this is just the preview of that story i was talking about. i asked neb and luna for permission and here it is !
i’m actually starting this fanfic, and idk i hope you’ll like it :3
this makes me really nervous because even tho i used to write, this is not my first language, so please forgive my grammar mistakes !
- velvet

A Rising Envy - Archie x Reader - requested


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Anonymous said: Idk if you’ve already got a request for this before. But like maybe one where you are friends with the gang and has a crush on Archie since he always stood up for you when you were bullied but you never say anything bc Betty always like him and then chuck starts targeting you for his playbook & being his douchebag self and Archie loses his cool and a fight breaks out. You yell at him for getting himself hurt but then he confessed

Hey, I hope this is what you wanted. Thanks for reading! 

It had been two months - two months since Betty and Jughead had started dating. And honestly they were great for each other.

At the booth, where the five of us spent most Friday nights , I couldn’t help but feel a blush over staring at Archie. The light hit him just right, the way he giggled just made it impossible not to like him.

He had always been nice to me - since we were kids to even when he got on the football team. His school status may have changed but not the shining personality that was Archie Andrews. 

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Feelings- Josh Dun

It’s been 8 months since you left your previous boyfriend, Will and considering the 3 years of mental, emotional, and physical abuse he put you through, you were doing great.

“So are you coming tonight?” Tyler asked when he called you.

“Yeah, I plan to. Why are you so eager for me to be there?” you asked your best friend since 4th grade.

“There is someone I want you to meet. You guys are seriously perfect for each other.” he said.

“Tyler, I don’t need you to set me up with anyone. I can find people on my own.”

“Clearly not good people. Shall I even bring up Will?” he said. Tyler always hated Will from the beginning and Tyler was always there for you when he hurt you.

“Shut up. I’ll see you later.” you said your goodbyes and hung up.

Tyler was really protective over you, you two were basically like siblings. So this guy he wants you to meet must be really special.

After getting ready for the party it was time you head out.

Once getting to the party you were greeted by a really excited Tyler.

“Y/N! How you been?” he asked pulling you into a hug.

“Great. But enough about me, how are you.”

You two talked for a while before a guy with bright yellow hair caught your eye from across the room.

“Hey who’s that?” you asked Tyler pointing to the man with yellow hair.

“Oh that’s Josh, the guy I wanted you to meet. He’s the drummer for my band.”

“Oh. Why have I never met him before?” you asked because you’ve been to plenty of their concerts but never saw him.

“Y/N don’t forget Will never let you see me the entire time you dated.” he pointed out.

“God do you ever let go of things?” you joked.

“No. Now do you want to meet your perfect match or not?” he said grabbing your wrist and it made you jump. “Oh shit, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“No, It’s okay. I just get shocked when people grab at me.” you said looking to the floor.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” you said looking up to see the Josh was walking your way.

“Hey Tyler, who’s this pretty girl you’re talking to?”  Josh asked Tyler.you blushed and looked down to your feet before looking up again to see Tyler with a smirk on his face.

“This is my very best friend, Y/N.”

“Oh wow real nice Tyler, didn’t know you had another best friend.” Josh joked. “So you’re the famous Y/N Tyler talks about all the time.”

“Really, he does? Hopefully all good things.” you said.

“I’ll catch up with you two love birds later.” Tyler said then walking off.

“Lovebirds? I think that was kind of fast to label.” you said admiring Josh’s face.

“Well from everything Tyler has told me about you, I feel like I’ve known you for years.”

For the next 2 hours or so you two flirted back and forth.

“It’s getting kind of late, I should probably get going soon.” you said once the conversation started to die.

“Come on the night’s still young. Come dance with me.” he said standing and offering a hand.

“Okay, why not.” you said letting him lead you to a place to dance to the music.

While dancing and talking you saw a familiar face looking at you from afar. It was Will, he looked angry and your anxiety kicked in.

“Y/N are you okay?” Josh asked but you could barely her him. You just stood there staring at Will.

“Hey, Y/N is that your ex?” Josh asked and it pulled you from your stare.

“How did you know about him?”

“Tyler told me.” he said. “Let’s go somewhere else, okay? I’ll get someone to get him out of here. You’re safe with me.” he said leading you away to another room.

“Thank you Josh.” you said sitting down on the couch in the new room.

“No problem. I just texted a friend and he’s taking care of him. You don’t need to worry.” he said placing a hand on your knee. You looked up into his eyes and you couldn’t stop looking into them.

They were soft and kind looking, unlike the mean cold ones you were use to.

“This might be totally out of line, but can I kiss you?” Josh asked and you nodded.

The kiss was like nothing you felt before. There was an unfamiliar feeling behind it. Love maybe?

You pulled away for air and you both smiled at eachother.

“Y/N?” Josh said taking your hand in his.


“You’re beautiful and this might be too soon, but you make me feel something different from anything I’ve ever felt before.” you blushed as he spoke.

“Josh it’s never too soon to confess your feelings.” you said leaning in and closing the gap between your lips and his.

“Thank god. I thought you would think I was a freak or something.”

“How could I think you’re a freak. You’re so kind and might I add very handsome.” you said making him blush.

“What do you say I take you on a date? This weekend you, me, and where ever you want to go.”

“That sounds very lovely.”

You exchanged numbers and you realized it was getting a little late.

“I really should get going now. I have work in the morning.” you explained.

“I’ll walk you to your car, I should head out too.” he said standing and taking your hand in his again.

He lead you outside to your car where he held onto your hand for a while and looked into your eyes. You did the same. Something about those big brown eyes were so captivating to you.

“I had a really good time. Thank you.” you said placing a kiss on his cheek and letting go of his hand.

“I did too. I’ll talk to you later.” he said moving so you could get into your car.

You sat in your seat and closed the door before rolling down the window.

“Bye Y/N.” Josh said placing a kiss to your forehead.

“Bye Josh.” with that you drove away with a huge smile on your face. You heart was seriously melting. God Josh was so nice. You couldn’t believe you spent so much time with that asshole named Will, when there was a perfect man out there named Josh.

Once you pulled into the parking garage of you apartment building you heard your phone go off.

It was a text from Josh

From Josh

Had a really good time. Call me tomorrow after work so we can work out some plans for that date you promised me. Good night beautiful.

Received 11:57pm

To Josh

Will do. Good night Josh.

Sent 11:58pm

There was that familiar melting of the heart you were feeling earlier.  

Heathen Like Us

Originally posted by blurryhometown

Word Count: 4,289

Prompt: “Can you do an imagine with Josh Dun where the reader goes on tour with them and the reader and Tyler doesn’t get a long too well. Idk, make it however you want. Love your writing. ❤️” -Anonymous 

-Thank you to the anon that requested this! Please bear in mind that this is my first ever TØP imagine and that this is also fiction, so if it doesn’t sound like them or seem like them (which I mean most of what Tyler says / does is nothing he would ever do in reality), please forgive me!

That said, I had fun writing this. A massive thank you also to my best fren @buckybarnesstar for contributing ideas to this  ❤️  Love you Case, as does Seb. Make sure to check her blog out if you love Bucky :) 

love to you and stay alive, frens  |-/ 

Iz xx 

“TYLER ROBERT JOSEPH!” You echo through the halls of the Barclay’s Center. Several members of the crew whip their heads to follow your voice, which was undoubtedly dripping with discontent. They watch as you stride forward, your eyes peering out in search of the ukulele strumming man.

Tyler’s head snaps up at the shrill sound, standing a few meters outside the top dressing room. His vision lands on your frustrated figure, a laugh escaping his lips for a moment before why you had screamed his name. With wide eyes, he scrambles towards the dressing room, only to crash into his band mate in the process.

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Tool: Undertow (1993)

Tool’s long-playing debut was a revelation in 1993, and, nearly a quarter century later, it can still reveal new secrets and nuances to he who listens carefully.

Back then, the first thing that struck me about the band’s distinctive sound was Adam Jones’ incomparable mastery of his guitar tone and the myriad textures at his fingertips; he puts on an absolute clinic across “Intolerance,” “Bottom” and the title cut.

The latter song reminds me of the second thing that grabbed me about Tool: the inventive parts (both complementary and aggressive) played by bassist extraordinaire Paul D’Amour (had he stuck around, this guy could have been the next Cliff fucking Burton!), most famously on “Sober.”

This breakthrough single, along with the nightmarish “Prison Sex,” highlight the third thing I noticed on Undertow: Maynard James Keenan’s intelligent, acute and disturbing lyrics, which brought a vast range of unusual emotions – subtle menace, vulnerability, gritted-teeth fury – to “just plain angry” heavy metal.

And the fourth and final Tool dimension that sunk in was drummer Danny Carey’s superhuman dexterity, spectacular throughout, but especially domineering on “Crawl Away,” where he even gets a thrash breakaway.

Who knew the band would top this astounding first effort with virtually all those that followed – even if they made loyal fans wait forever in-between?

We had no choice; we’d been ensnared by Tool’s inimitable musical Undertow.

More Tool: Lateralus.

what do you see when you look at this picture? look really close. you’ve probably noticed one thing about this picture and focused on it, but look at the whole thing.

REALLY look.

i don’t know what you see, but what i see is a human. don’t laugh, just listen!

he’s crying.

he’s not perfect.

he has flaws and problems just like the rest of us, he’s not too different from all of us.

he is a human. and so is tyler, and so is jenna.

he isn’t perfect. he isn’t a god. he is a normal person, just like you. i know a lot of my past posts refer to him as being “perfect”, and how even his flaws are perfection, but i realize…they aren’t. he’s still my hero, but i noticed that i’ve put him on such a high pedestal in my life that i would have put a lot of pressure on him if i ever tell him that he holds such a high place in my life; he’d try to live up to that perfect person i saw him as so he wouldn’t let me down. but he is not perfect.

none of us are.

THIS a real superhero shown in this picture.

THIS MAN was strong enough to cry in front of his screaming fans. a lot of people think that crying shows weakness but it doesn’t, it shows that you’re strong enough to show that even the bravest people have weak spots. IT IS OKAY TO CRY.

THIS MAN got emotional and cried during a song about his best friend, not himself, wanting to know God. HE DOES NOT ONLY CARE ABOUT HIMSELF.




please, respect this man with everything you have, because he deserves it. joshua respects each and every one of us so let’s all do the same in return.

one more thing; once, i made a long post on the clique app about why i DON’T love joshua because his appearance, but who he truly is. and somebody commented, “okay but he’s so hot??” along with a picture of joshua with his shirt off. i, personally find that disrespectful to both joshua and i.

yep, did all this because of a picture of joshua crying. i regret nothing.

k maybe a little

Pressure - Josh Dun

Request: “Hey can you do a josh imagine maybe where people think you are with him just because of money and fame? idk you can take this wherever you want. Thanks :-)” 

Word count: 1,160

A/N: Sorry if this wasn’t exactly what you were looking for. Let me know if there is any trigger warning I should have on any of my stories :)

Dating Josh had it’s perks. Sometimes you could fly out to his concerts, award shows, or just adventure around random cities with him. However, it also had it’s setbacks. Dating the drummer from Twenty One Pilots meant that your life also got thrown into a spotlight. One minute you were a normal girl with a couple hundred Instagram followers, and then you gained thousands upon thousands in a matter of days. This wasn’t necessarily always a bad thing but you weren’t the kind of girl to love being the center of attention. You weren’t with Josh because he was in a very successful band. You were with Josh because he is your best friend. Josh knew that, but that didn’t keep a lot of people from believing that a normal girl like you could only be with him because he is “famous.” You had grown to hate that word. “Famous.” It took a lot of substance away from who Josh is as a person. 

Josh was the type of boyfriend to constantly remind you in little ways of how much he cared for and absolutely adored you. He was the guy that hugged your broken pieces together and restored your faith in modern day relationships. Josh told you how much he loved you in little ways:  By bringing you lunch to work, by massaging your tired shoulders after a long day, by grabbing your hips when you step off the curb a little too soon, by rubbing his thumb over your knuckle when you held hands, by kissing your forehead in front of his friends, and when he’s gone, by constantly checking in to make sure you are okay. None of that involved fame. But of course, rumors start small and then snowball into his fans being extremely skeptical of you. You loved the clique and definitely understood that they wanted the best for Josh, but the hate still got in your head. 

Recently you had attended a very formal award show with the boys. You obviously did not have any gown that was elegant or fancy enough for this kind of event, so Josh hooked you up with a popular L.A. stylist and got them to make you a gorgeous dress. To be honest, you felt like a million bucks and all the photographers on the carpet thought you looked like it, too. You could not have been more thankful towards Josh. You spent the whole night at the show whispering to him. “Really Josh, you didn’t have to… thank you… I love it, I really do… I can’t believe you had them make this for me.” But you always got the same response from your dear boyfriend: “Y/N, you deserve it. You look absolutely gorgeous. Now quit thanking me every minute. Don’t worry about it.” Inevitably, fashion editors from various magazines took note of your outfit. Some experts tried to estimate the cost of your unique gown. You had never really asked Josh how much he payed, but you knew he wouldn’t have told you anyway. The prices that people were guessing were well above your average clothing store purchase, and it was pretty safe to assume that you hadn’t paid for it. 

The stylist had posted an Instagram picture of you on the red carpet:                   “So happy with how the @y/insta/n dress turned out! Per request of my good friend @/joshuadun.” 

@/faninstagram: So y/n makes Josh pay for her expensive clothing? That’s ridiculous.

@/faninstagram: I wouldn’t make Josh pay for my outfits… because I obviously wouldn’t date him for his fame.

@/faninstagram: @y/insta/n, pay for your own stuff. Work for your own money.

@/faninstagram: this is no ordinary boyfriend/girlfriend gift. An expensive dress for an award show? Don’t make him pay for that, @y/insta/n.

And so they went. Now it seems like everyone thought you were bathing in Josh’s dollars and cents. Now three days after the show, you were getting pretty tired of all the hate comments about the dress. Your brain also couldn’t help but adopt these doubts that were presented to you. Maybe it was wrong of Josh to spend more on you than you were willing to spend on yourself. Maybe you should find a way to pay him back. On pure impulse, you made a plan. You would work extra hours during the week as well as Saturdays until you could at least pay half of the estimated cost. That was reasonable, right? Or was that still too little?

Josh’s spare key clicked in your apartment door and his familiar yellow head of hair peered into the entry way. “Y/N! I’m here!” Quickly, you formed a half hearted smile and welcomed him in. He smiled back.                                     Good. He won’t notice my internal state of panic, you thought. 

“Y/N, I was thinking we should go out with Jenna and Tyler for brunch on Saturday. They invited us to this really great spot that we have to try.” 


Crap. Crap Crap. This is the fault in my plan. More time working means less of the already minuscule amount of time I get to spend with my boyfriend.

“Umm… errr… I actually… I work saturdays,” you mumbled. Josh raised his eyebrows in a shocked but adorable way and tilted his head to the side. “Since when?” It was now extremely apparent that you had not prepared an explanation for Josh. “Since now.” He still looked beyond lost, and reasonably so. “Y/N. If you don’t want to go… We can make up a more believable excuse for Jenna and Tyler… I’m sure they would understand if-”

“No. Josh. I’m serious. I’m starting to work Saturdays from now on. Your fans know. It’s too obvious that it was a gift. I didn’t pay for the evening gown. I feel guilty Josh… I don’t know what you payed that lady to make my dress, but I feel awful that I didn’t help pay for it and now the clique hates me.” You just let all those words spill out of your mouth. You probably surprised yourself just as much as Josh to hear the direct explanation out loud. 

Josh paused and then he chuckled lightly. “I don’t think you get it. I don’t think these ‘so called fans’ get it either to be honest. I think I’m a big boy that can budget his spending accordingly. I’m not telling you what I bought your dress for, I’m sure you know that, but please know that I’m not blowing my life savings. I promise.”

You exhaled the breath that you suddenly noticed you had been holding in. “Oh good… now that I think about it, brunch sounds way better than the coffee in my office.” Josh was by your side in a second, wrapping his arms around you. “You were my guest to the event after all. You are my most prized possession. If i want to treat you once in a while, so be it.”

Days Of Summer CH 2

A/N; Welcome back! We love seeing all that you guys have to say, so thanks to those that reblog or leave us messages! Feel free to spam @hannah-nobody’s inbox as well!!

Here’s the updated playlist!

Summer has arrived, and with it the start of the two month long music camp; Fairy Tail! Full of new songs, friends, and adventures, the campers learn things they never knew about themselves and one another. And just how easy it is to sneak booze and a full sized karaoke machine out into the middle of the woods.

Camp Rock!AU

Pairing: Nalu, Gajevy, Gruvia, others mentioned; Fairy Tail

Words: 5405

Rating: T

Parts: Chapter One, Chapter Two,  Chapter ThreeChapter Four

Chapter Two: Teenage Wonderland

Cause when we are gone

We hope for the knowledge that you

Wanted us to stay

“See ya around!” Lucy waved at the stranger.

She let Cana drag her away, looking over her shoulder to see the boy that had somehow known her name staring after her with a dumbstruck expression on his face. She smiled slightly at his expression, deciding she’d have to find out later how exactly the cute stranger had come to know her name.

Right now, she had to focus on Cana’s incessant pulling on her arm. The brunette had managed to drag her almost halfway to the cabins while Lucy was pondering over the identity of the guitar-clutching stranger.

Lucy really had wanted to stay talking to that cute boy, something about him just seemed so… familiar. Like a song you hear when you’re asleep and faintly remember in the middle of the day. But when Cana actually wanted something, well, Lucy had learned it was easier to just go along with her friend’s plans. Cana had held onto Lucy’s wrist the entire time they hurried along the gravel paths, passing between large buildings until they were in the designated cabin area. Grass and a few trees outlined the paths and gave the illusion of privacy between the cabins, Lucy’s eyes scanning the numbers that rested above the doorways along the wooden cottages. If Lucy had remembered correctly what the kind girl had said her cabin number was when she dropped off her suitcases, then they would be there in three, two, one..

“Ta da!” Cana announced proudly, throwing open the door to cabin 15. “Let’s fuck shit up!”

Lucy brought her hand and rubbed at her temple, apologetic grin already working it’s way onto her face before she was even looking at the other girls in the room. Cana half blocked the doorway, both hands on hips and chest thrust out like some sort of alcoholic super hero, and Lucy looked past her to see who they were going to be sharing a place with for the next ten weeks.

Both girls were looking at them with a mix of horror, amusement, and curiosity. Kind of like a car accident. Actually, Lucy was pretty sure she had just found the perfect way to describe Cana’s entrance into anything. As it was, a petite looking girl with an angular face and intelligent eyes was staring at them over the top of a book, obviously having been interrupted by the front door being kicked in. Blue locks framed her face, the rest pulled back by a bright orange bandana. Red reading glasses finally slipped off her nose, her wide brown eyes were too focused on Lucy and Cana to notice. The other girl, also with blue hair, was equally frozen over her bed. She was lying a few white ghost looking dolls on her pillow, her bunk apparently the one below the bookish one. Lucy squinted a little bit and felt her smile grow, this girl was the same one that Gray had over stimulated earlier in the parking lot! Bright blue eyes were blown wide as she gawked at Cana, most likely over the brunette’s skimpy clothing if the girl’s high collared jacket and floor length skirt said anything about her modesty. Lucy wiggled her fingers in a shy wave before deciding that maybe she should be the one to continue introductions. God knew what else Cana was about to say, the other girl’s eyes sharpening in on the standing blue haired girl in a way Lucy knew all too well.

“Hi, my name’s Lucy, and this is my friend Cana,” Lucy said sweetly as she pushed past her friend who was now leaning on the doorway. For support or laziness Lucy couldn’t tell. “I guess we’re roomies.“ The girl laying on the top bunk finally closed her book, hesitant smile returning Lucy’s bright one.

“I’m Levy, it’s a pleasure to meet you Lucy, Cana.” The girl’s voice was high and light, fitting her pixie-ish look. The final girl slowly straightened, hands clasping timidly in front of her.

“Juvia is also pleased to meet her cabin mates, Lucy and Cana.” Juvia said, her voice soft. Lucy felt her forehead wrinkle at the girl’s odd speaking. Had she just used third person?

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High School Band AU: Chapter Two

There you go, fellas! Time to meet the band buddies! I’li be back with some scenarios a little later! See ya ;)

Okay, if anybody ever asked you how you would imagine spending your Saturday afternoon, the last thing you could ever think would be having a sack over your head on this very hot room. Where are you? In a basement?

“Fellow members, we are assembled here today to confer the honor of initiation upon MC. May her voice guide us through a victory without precedents in Daykey High School’s history. May her talent and charisma lead us to a journey of paying gigs, whether in money or in coupons from the donut store.”

“Or in tepid beer.”

“Thank you, fellow member Zen. Let your wishes be granted as well. Now, may the chosen one step forward.”

Oh… is he… is he talking about you? You step on what you think it’s forward.

“Oh, chosen one, let your voice be heard!”

“I… don’t really know what you want me to say.” Your voice is muffled.

“Saeyoung, I think we got it. Just take this out of her face before she asphyxiates.” The only female voice besides yours speaks.

“But… she didn’t even drink the blood!” Saeyoung whines.

Now you know this initiation ritual apparently was Saeyoung’s idea, you’re worried about having to drink actual blood. Who knows? That guy felt a little crazy, finding you behind the curtains like a sniffer dog looking for drugs, and talking about biting you… yeah, you know it was a joke, but… who knows? The guy is weird…

“B-blood?” you take the sack out of your head.

“No! You can’t take it off before Jumin makes your welcoming official.” Saeyoung whines dramatically.

“She’s welcome, just get rid of the sack.”

“Ah, you’re no fun! Here, just drink the blood. Don’t worry, it’s wine. Actually, don’t worry, it’s grape juice. Yoosung couldn’t buy the wine.”

“I told you to send Zen.”

“Yeah, yeah, lesson learned… so hey! Welcome, MC! Are you excited to be joining us?”

“I was excited when you texted me, then you put this sack over my head and basically kidnapped me, and I’m not excited anymore.” You hear some chuckles from Zen and… Jumin? The intimidating brunette just laughed of your little joke?

“Too bad, you should be excited about joining the jewel in the crown of Daykey High School! The amazing band Mystic Messenger!” yeah, you didn’t get used to the name yet…

“It’s pretty cool, indeed. I hope you can forgive Saeyoung’s methods and enjoy where you find yourself right now, MC.” Zen says, it’s the first time he sounds serious and not like trying to desperately say something flirty… it’s pretty comforting.

“Thank you… I… honestly thought you would never want to see my face after the way I behaved. It was childish…”

“Don’t forget foolish.” Jumin adds.

“And kinda of overdramatic.” That coming from the guy who was talking about drinking blood for a initiation ritual a minute ago?

“Yes… it was a bitchy behavior. And I apologize to you all, but mainly to you, Jumin and…” you look around trying to find the other twin, but he isn’t here.

“I’ll forgive you when we win the festival.” Jumin says bluntly. Uhm… he is still pretty mad, isn’t he? So why did he even agree on you joining the band?

“The festival?” you ask curiously.

“Yes, the winter festival for high school bands! It’s so cool!” What’s the blonde’s name again? It was a pretty name… Y-Yoosung, right? Yoosung seems to be the type who gets super excited easily, usually people like this annoy you, but he also seems so sweet, totally the boy next door, and definitely not annoying at all.

“We participated last year and placed second, but things were a little different, we had a different vocalist and a different bass player.” Jaehee explains. Oh yes… V was the bass player and created the band. Which one here plays the bass now? If you had to guess… Jumin?

“And you’re counting on me to win this year?”

“Basically, yes.”

Wow, it hits you like a rock. This group of people is really betting on you to get for them something they let slip away before… they… trust you. And they don’t even know you that well… when was the last time somebody hand you something so important and meaningful? No, actually, did this ever happen before?

“But no need to feel pressured, sweetheart. We still have time to rehearse and get you ready. If you ever feel burdened, come to me, okay?” hum, the Zen’s flirty tone is back again… or maybe he’s just like this and doesn’t even notice some people can really take him seriously… are you taking him seriously?

“Yes, if she’s burdened, the first thing she would need is your constant urge to make a move on freshman girls.” A-ha! Jumin is thinking the same as you, he just puts it on a more intellectual way. By the way… why does he talk so formal? It’s funny…

“Ahem. Anyway, MC, just know we’re not waiting for you to just get up on that stage and slay, you’re talented, but you also need practice, we all do. And we will practice and walk through this together. “ Ah… Jaehee, you thought she was one of those really mean ice lady like girls, but… she’s super nice. What instrument does she play?

“Well, I’m not worried.” Yes, you are. “Progress, not perfection.”

“This sounds like an AA mantra…” Saeyoung teases you.

“Well, Saeyoung, the first step is admitting you have a problem, yours is making nonsense jokes about alcoholism.” He widens his eyes, uh oh… is a comeback coming? Wait for it…

“Yes, you’re right. Alcoholism isn’t funny.” He scratches the back of his head, visibly considering what you said. Uhm… maybe he isn’t as impossible as you thought.

“Alright then. She’s officially in…”

“She’s not, she didn’t drink the blood.” Saeyoung says, going back to what you know him for.

“I don’t give a damn about the blood. Anyways, welcome, MC. We’re glad to have you here, well, not exactly here in Yoosung’s basement, but we’re happy to have a new and promising vocalist.” Jumin says and smiles softly. Oh… he knows how to smile! Would you look at that!

“Thank you. I’ll do my best, I mean it.” Yes, you do.

“Oh, no sarcasm this time? That’s a good start… progress, not perfection, right?” what’s with Jumin and his sudden change to a nice guy? “Okay, late introductions, I’m Jumin Han, the current bass player.” You knew it!

“You already know me, right?” Yes, Zen… we all do… “I’m Hyun, call me Zen, I play the electric guitar, but I can also sing. I hope I get to do all the duets I couldn’t do with you in the musical theater club.” Don’t blush! Don’t blush! Don’t blush! Shit, you’re blushing.

“Yoosung, keyboards.” It suits him… so that means he also plays piano? How cute… you woul like to watch him playing piano one day…

“Saeyoung, your DJ, costume designer, make-up artist, lighting guy and roadie at your service, my lady.” Wow, he surely does a lot! Wait… costume designer? Shit! Your mind doesn’t even want to go to the places where you could think what kind of outfit this guys is thinking for you… lord protect you.

“You’re pretty versatile, that’s cool.” But he’s nice, and he seemed uncomfortable about that alcoholism thing, enough fighting with these people… so you compliment him, giving your most genuine smile, and now he’s the one to blush… cute.

“Yes, the only thing he doesn’t do is actually play an instrument.” Oh, this voice… Saeran comes down the basement’s stairs. He decided to join you, after all. Was he waiting for a good cue to make an entrance? You giggle with this possibility.

“Well, you know what they say, bro, one brother has the musical talent, the other one has the looks, and the brains, and the mojo with the ladies.” Saeyoung grabs your hand and plants a kiss on it. Okay… you weren’t expecting that, that felt more like a Zen’s move.

Saeran scoffs. “Then you’re wasting your mojo, she’s not a lady.” He glares at you and grins. Jerk!

“And you probably don’t have the musical talent.” You answer. Yeah, remember that thing about stop fighting with these people? Forget it, this guy really gets to your nerves!

“Wanna bet? I’ll make you a fan for my drum solos before you even notice.” Okay, so he’s the drummer.

“I’ll be too busy in the spotlight, but it will be fun to watch you try.” He scoffs and grins, did you two just set a challenge?

“Ohohoho, so much tension!This is starting to feel like a real band! I can’t wait for our E! documentary.” You laugh at Saeyoung’s joke. It’s good that he’s trying to light the mood between his brother and you.

“Wait, what about you, Jaehee?” you remember her, she’s been so quiet…

“I… I don’t play anything. I’m the manager.” Oh… interesting, and kinda disappointing, you were rooting for her to be the drummer… she looks so cool and easy-going, so it made sense in your head. But the drummer is the little prick called Saeran… ugh. “So I hope I get to manage you in the best way possible, MC.”

“Thank you. I look forward for it too.” Again, you try to be genuine and not sarcastic, she doesn’t deserve it.

“So everybody is formally introduced. Can we please get out of the basement now?” Jaehee asks, and they all oblige. Forget Jumin, she’s the real leader, she probably didn’t realize that yet…

You get out of Yooung’s basement, he wanted you all to say for dinner, but everybody has to go. Well, you would really like to stay, the food smells good, what are you having for dinner? Maybe your father bought some takeout? Yes, probably… like he does on every Saturdays.

You’re saying goodbye to Yoosung and the twins (just to Saeyoung, you’re basically ignoring Saeran’s presence)

“Are you sure you don’t want us to walk you home?” Saeyoung asks.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

“Okay, but text me when you get home, okay? It’s dangerous for a girl to be walking around by herself…” he sounds adorably serious.

“I’m sure a thug would be more in trouble if he met her on a dark alley.” Saeran says, without looking at you.

“I see you’re still not getting laid, Saeran. I hope you find some comfort on a dark alley one day.”

No comeback? Okay. The twins aren’t really inspired today, apparently.

“Anyway. Bye guys!” you turn your back on them and start walking. You know this neighborhood, your uncle’s girlfriend lives a few streets near. You can take a bus in the end of the street, or maybe you can just walk. It’s a peaceful neighborhood.

That’s what you were thinking before this guy in a motorcycle made a u turn and stopped in front of you. You couldn’t see his face, but you knew he was looking at you… SHIT!

Think, can you run? Can you scream for help? Where is your phone? Maybe you can discreetly dial the police number? They wouldn’t get here in time… screaming seems stupid, so… run?

You back away, run! Why aren’t you running, stupid? Is this what being paralyzed in fear looks like? Shit! Your legs feel weak…

“Hop on. We’re going for a ride!” that’s what he probably says as his voice is muffled due to the helmet, also, it sounds creepy enough to his image right now.

“I- I have pepper spray!” Here… somewhere… ugh! You hate to admit your father was right about letting the pepper spray accessible at any situation.

“Pepper spray? Oh, wait… MC, don’t…”

“How do you know my name?” a stalker? How did you even get one?

“MC! It’s me!” he takes his helmet off. Oh… it’s just Zen. And he looks… pretty sexy. Hold on! Weren’t you shitting yourself in fear a minute ago?

“Shit, Zen! You scared the shit out of me!” Stop saying shit!

“Sorry, MC. I didn’t mean to. Come on… I’ll give you a ride to your house.”

“Do you know where I live?” okay, so maybe you do have a stalker.

“Uhm… no? I was hoping you would tell me?” Of course, stupid! Now he thinks you’re a paranoid little crazyhead.

“I… do you have a license?”

“You don’t have to be scared, I’ll go slow if you want to.” He didn’t answer the question… but hey, you got lucky once, will you really risk yourself walking alone again?

“Fine.” You go to him, and he hands you a pink helmet. You’re definitely not the first girl taking a ride, huh? “But you don’t really need to be slow, I… I’m not scared.”

He smiles widely. “I was hoping you would say that.”

Again, this was not what you expected for your Saturday afternoon, it ended up a little better than you could ever imagine.

Chapter One | Chapter Three 

We have reached the Loving Part

cuz lately, Lauren and Camila have been in-sync in a good way. 

I hope they’re trying to work things out.

Don’t expect Lauren to change. She is who she is - real. Reactive, but she is an artist; she is passionate about everything. So yeah, deal with it.

Also, I want all the girls - Dinah, Mani and Ally - to be their maids of honor. And I want Juno to lead the band. I want Camila’s current tour drummer to play at the wedding, cuz let’s be real, he’s so much better than 5H’s drummer, no offense just realtalk! I don’t care for the best man and groomsmen, Val and Camila’s 2 dancers can fill those spots.

I want Jimmy Fallon to host their reception, and I want an open bar. A beach wedding would be wonderful, but a garden wedding would be fine as well.

Lastly, I want the band to play YELLOW or I’LL NEVER BE THE SAME at the wedding procession, and EVERLASTING LOVE at the reception. More details out soon.

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I Prefer The Drummer. (Josh Dun x Reader)

“For those of you who just tuned in, I’m Anna from Alternative Press and I have with me, riding high after their incredibly successful world tour, Slade, Leighton, (Y/N) and Jesy – The Midnight Bandits.”

The four of you gave a quick greeting to the camera before directing your attention back to the interviewer.

“So, guys, before the break, we spoke about the tour and you shared some information on the new album; now it’s time we get to the fun part…”

“Oh, that can only mean one thing. Fan questions right?” Leighton chuckled.

“It is actually!” Anna answered, surprised. “How did you know that?”

“Whenever interviewers have something ‘fun’ in store for us, it’s generally always fan questions,” Slade explained. “And it’s rarely ever fun. They ask the weirdest shit.”

“Yeah, like other bands play games and stuff, but we just get interrogated,” Jesy added.

“Not to say that we hate answering fan questions, we love engaging with fans,” you jumped in. “It’s just, yeah, they ask some pretty weird shit.” The four of you laughed, thinking back to all the awkward fan questions you’d answered in the past.

“Don’t take it personally, we love you guys,” Slade spoke to the fans through the camera. “Just lay off the crack for a little bit.”

“They’re just really passionate,” Anna giggled. “They want to know as much about you as they can.”

“Yeah, including whether or not Leighton has ever had Skype sex,” Slade snorted, the rest of you laughing in response.

“Hey, that question was directed to both of us, dude,” Leighton defended.

“Mainly to you, though. They added ‘or Slade?’ as an afterthought.”

“What was the answer?” Anna questioned cheekily.

“That… is irrelevant,” Leighton spoke, closing his eyes and raising his hands, causing the room to begin laughing again. “You gonna ask us those questions or not?”

“Alright, alright. Touchy,” Anna smirked as she shuffled through the cards she held in her hand. “Okay, the first one is from @heavydirtyslade and her question is: ‘Have any of you guys have ever been in handcuffs?’ Oooo.”

Leighton, Slade and yourself all shook your heads no as Jesy pulled her mouth to the side and timidly raised her hand, earning a collective gasp from the rest of you.

“Oh! We’ve got a bad girl over here!” Anna exclaimed through a chuckle.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,” Slade turned to face her. “You’ve been in handcuffs like you’ve been arrested, or like in the bedroom?”

Jesy’s face flushed as she sucked her teeth and whispered, “That wasn’t part of the question.”

“You kinky little shit!” Leighton gasped, nudging Jesy with his elbow.

“Moving on!” she declared.

“Alright, this one is from @summerof2001, and her question is: ‘@(Y/N)(Y/L/N) who is your celebrity crush?’ I wanna know the answer to this too, actually,” Anna leaned in closer.

The boys ‘oooohed’ as you shifted your gaze to the ceiling and ran your tongue over your teeth.

“Mm, who is it, (Y/N)?” Jesy pressed while advancing on you, clearly amused.

“Shut up, Jesminda!” you snapped at her, shifting in your seat.

“Come on, (Y/N/N), you already talk about him all the time. How is now any different?” Leighton chirped with a sly grin.

“(Y/N), now you have to tell us!” Anna said excitedly.

“I don’t have to tell you anything,” you huffed, crossing your arms over your chest.

“(Y/N) has a crush on a certain drummer…” Jesy started; you gasped and jumped to clamp a hand over her mouth, trying your best to prevent your friend from spilling the identity of your crush. “WHO GOES BY THE NAME OF JOSHUA DUN!” she managed to yell out.

The room erupted in a mixture of laughter, whistling and cheering as you wished that the floor would open up and swallow you.

“Really? Josh Dun?” Anna asked, grinning from ear to ear.

“Yeah! She loves him!”

“Slaaadddeee,” you whined, closing your eyes and shaking your head.

“Literally all she ever talks about is how amazing he is,” Jesy said, shooting you an evil glare.

“And how much she really wants to go to a twenty one pilots concert. For obvious reasons,” Leighton wiggled his eyebrows suggestively as the other two band members laughed and you hid your face in your hands.

“Have you ever met him?” Anna asked.

“No, no I haven’t,” you sighed, face still in your hands.

“Well, someone needs to fix that.”


“Ha, and you didn’t believe me when I told you that she had a crush on you,” Tyler commented from his lounging position on the hotel bed, folding his arms and smiling triumphantly.

Even though the interview had ended, Josh still sat staring at the phone screen in his hand; he felt like he was dreaming, and he half-expected to be awoken by his alarm any second, dissolving the lovely feeling he had inside of him after watching the interview by bringing to light the fact that he’d been dreaming.

But he wasn’t dreaming.

He was genuinely awake, he had actually watched the interview, and you truly did have a crush on him.

He smiled so hard that his face began to hurt.

“Dude, we need to do that ‘band interviews band’ thing.”


“What about this? Wait, no, this. Nah, that’s tacky. Maybe… ugh, I wore that last time we were on. Oooo, this could work. No, it doesn’t match. But this might. Wait! No-“

“Oh my fuck!” Leighton threw his hands up in frustration. “Just choose something! It’s an interview, not a fashion show.”

“Leave her be. She wants to look her best for Jishwa,” Jesy winked as she strolled past you and to the mirror.

“Maybe I just shouldn’t go,” you sighed. “Yeah, I like that idea.”

“Um, we organised this entire thing because of you. You can’t just not show up,” Slade scoffed.

“But I have nothing to wear,” you pouted, looking around at the piles of your clothing sadly.

“Wear a twenty one pilots shirt,” Leighton sniggered, stopping when one of your shirts landed over his face. “Rude,” came his muffled response.

“Come on, babe. I’ll help you look,” Jesy said, scrunching her face as she surveyed the clothes on the floor.

“Well, you’d better hurry,” your manager said as he entered the room. “If we’re not there in the next 45 minutes, they’ll be no one for you to impress.”


You sat scrolling through Instagram as Jesy approached you; you didn’t notice her presence until she kicked your shin.

“Ow!” you frowned, looking up at her.

“Look who just walked in,” she said, motioning to the other side of the room.

“Oh my god,” you squeaked, standing up so quickly you almost lost your balance, but Jesy caught you.

“Easy, tiger,” she chuckled.

“Shit, they’re coming this way. What do I do?” she whispered urgently.

“Just calm down and be cool,” Jesy stated calmly.

“Calm and cool are two things that I’m definitely not. Just… just tell them I’m going to the bathroom.”

“What? (Y/N), no-“

But you had already scurried off. Jesy sighed and turned around to face Tyler and Josh, beaming. “Hey, guys. Great to finally meet you.”

“Likewise,” Tyler smiled before frowning a little and pointing in the direction you ran off in. “Where did (Y/N) go?”

“(Y/N)? Oh, she… went to the bathroom.”

Josh furrowed his eyebrows and jerked a thumb over his shoulder. “Pretty sure the ladies room is that way…”


“Guys, we’re on in two. Gotta take our seats,” Leighton called out. “Where’s (Y/N)?”

“She went to the bathroom,” Jesy said, walking towards him.

“She did?” Slade voiced. “The bathroom is that way, and I swear I saw her go-unf,” he stopped mid-sentence and groaned when Jesy punched him in the abdomen.

“Shut up,” she sneered through clenched teeth.


“Hi, we’re twenty one pilots.”

“And we’re The Midnight Bandits.”

“And you’re watching Alternative Press’s Artist On Artist.”

“First question,” Slade began, clearing his throat before continuing. “Alright, we’re gonna give you two options and you have to choose one, okay? Fall Out Boy or Panic! At The Disco?”

“Aw, no. I can’t-I can’t answer that,” Josh said, shaking his head and looking at Tyler.

“Fall Out Boy,” Tyler stated without missing a beat. “That one was easy.”

Josh chuckled along with your band as Slade added, “Why Fall Out Boy?”

“Obviously, they both make really good music, but Brendon’s a weirdo,” Tyler said, giving a smile and a small giggle to indicate that he was in fact joking.

“Okay, uh, what is your favourite song to perform live and why?” Josh read off of the card in his hand.

“Oooo, that’s a tricky one,” Jesy said, the rest of you nodding in agreement.

“Yeah, I don’t think there’s any song we don’t enjoy playing live, to be honest. They all have their own significance, so it’s kinda hard to pick just one,” you remarked, trying to keep your voice steady while you looked at Josh, even though your hands were shaking.

“Although, whenever we play Degenerate live, it always has an insane vibe,” Leighton piped, snapping his fingers as the rest of you nodded and voiced your agreements. “The crowd’s always hyped for that one.”

“So, you did a cover of My Chemical Romance’s song Cancer not too long ago; out of all their hits, why did you choose this one?” Jesy asked.

“I think, we both really wanted to do a My Chemical Romance cover just because we both admire them so much and they’re so talented and really embodied the whole group thing…”

“It also incorporated our whole theme too,” Josh chimed.

“Yeah, yeah,” Tyler confirmed as he fiddled with the cards in his hands. “Let’s see… when on tour, obviously, everyone’s living in close quarters; do you guys ever fight and what was the pettiest argument you’ve ever had?”

“It was the shower,” Slade remarked.

“Definitely the shower,” Leighton added, toying with the rips in his jeans.

“Yeah, that was really petty,” Jesy concurred as she readjusted the choker around her neck as you started to explain.

“We were getting in the shower and it was supposed to be five minutes per member, but I took longer than five minutes and I went when I wasn’t supposed to,” you explained and gestured towards Slade, “It was his turn, I think, so,”

“And then we got on the bus and (Y/N) was like, ‘Are you still mad at me?’ and Slade just had the bitchiest face on like, ‘Yeah’,” Leighton laughed.

“Josh takes super long showers too,” Tyler mentioned and your band ‘oooohed’. “So you have something in common there, (Y/N).”

“Not just that,” Jesy smirked as she pointed between you and Josh as the blood rushed to your cheeks. “They’d be so cute together, like, they’re both drummers and they have the nose rings and pink hair…”

“Should we just leave?” Tyler said to Slade, Leighton and Jesy, the four of them laughing their asses off as you and Josh cowered in embarrassment.

“Next question,” you huffed, cheeks still rosy pink.


“I love how you guys just continually throw a girl under the bus like that,” you snapped at your bandmates as you stood in front of them with your hands on your hips.

“Oh, come on, we’re trying to hook you guys up,” Slade rolled his eyes, nudging you as he walked past.

“And you’re doing a marvellous job at that,” you retorted.

“Uh, actually, yeah, I think we are,” Leighton commented, eyes directing you to turn around, which you did, and sure enough, Josh was walking towards you.

“Shit, guys, what do I-“ you turned back around to address your friends, but they’d already scattered. “Assholes,” you muttered under your breath as you felt Josh’s hand on your shoulder, sending a jolt of electricity through you.

“Hey,” he smiled broadly at you.

“H-hey,” you stammered, eyes wide at the realisation that you were actually talking to him.

“So, it’s, ahem, great to finally meet you. I’ve been looking forward to this for a really long time,” he confessed, sincerity evident in his voice.

“Seriously?” you asked, bewildered as he nodded in response. “Well, I’m sorry that my friends made it so weird.”

“Oh, no, it’s cool. I mean, Tyler didn’t exactly make it any better,” he let out a nervous chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck. “So, is there, uh, any chance that you’d maybe wanna, um, hang out… sometime?”

You were so shocked that you couldn’t even answer him; you just stood there, staring like an imbecile.

“Right, of course you don’t. Sorry,” he started to walk away.

“No, no, no, no, no,” you pleaded, worriedly grabbing onto his bicep. “I mean, yes, I’d love to hang out with you.”

He flashed you that magnificent smile of his and handed you his phone. “Awesome! Put your number in?”

You did and handed him your phone so that he could do the same.

“Cool, so I’ll call or text you soon,” he said.

“Can’t wait.”


Thank you for reading x

Music Series: Til Kingdom Come by Coldplay

Almost unusual sound for a love song, but thinking of a man singing this to the love of his life…mm…grabbed my heart, I love it.

I love the guitar, and especially the instrumentation in the chorus. Definite country vibe while not country, but also a bit of bluegrassy feel, which I grew up with where I’m from around the Ozark Mountains. Many a bluegrass song I’ve performed, minus the twang…I don’t do twang.

Very romantic song, touch of sadness I think, too, and the quick pace does not pull it away from either. Kind of reminds me of a man approaching the end of his life, or contemplating his future death, and all he can think about is the woman he loves and not wanting to leave her for death, wanting to express his feelings precisely so she knows without doubt how he feels about her. Poetic. Very passionate.

If you would like to listen to this song, you can find it HERE via my Spotify playlist called ‘I Love You Long Time’. This is “Til Kingdom Come” by Coldplay.

Thanks for requesting! xo



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10 COMMANDMENTS: STEVIE NICKS - Q Magazine, March 2017



I’m scared, that’s what I am. Before shows, some people – me, Mick [Fleetwood, [ drummer], we get panic attacks. I have always been terribly nervous before shows. So I am so rehearsed and ready that I could be dead and stand up there and still sing the right words and do the right thing. Cocaine almost killed me. It’s better to just not do it. Eventually you’ll have to stop so start saving your money for rehab now. 


Touring with Fleetwood Mac in the ’70s, cocaine was almost part of the daily routine. But when I talk about it now, I would never want the kids of today to think that I’m saying it was something good. Cos it really wasn’t something good. It almost destroyed my life. It almost killed me, and almost killed a lot of people I know. So if anybody thinks it’s safe now – it’s not. It’s better to just not do it. Because you will eventually have to stop, so start saving your money for rehab now. It’s so expensive. 


I’ve been listening to The Weeknd’s records. I play them one after the other when I’m in my bathroom getting ready to go out, or just hanging out with myself. He’s brilliant. And his voice – he could have come straight out of 1975 – he could have been like Stevie Winwood. He’s over-talented. But if I were to meet him, I would probably say: “You say over and over again words that I would prefer you didn’t say. I think they’re unnecessary. However, even though I think a lot of your songs are super-dirty, I still really like ’em! So I’ve given you a pass on that!” 


I saw Adele at the Grammys [Adele had to restart a performance of George Michael’s Fastlove], and that song was a very hard song to sing for George Michael. It’s all about the syllables. I have a song on my 24 Karat Gold album, Mabel Normand, that’s exactly the same. That’s the reason we’re not doing it onstage. Because if you take a breath, you get off the beat. You’re one word too late, you can never get back on, and you’re dead in the water. 


Onstage is the one time you can’t bemoan how you feel. Even if you have pneumonia, you have to say: “I’m leaving that in the dressing room and I’m walking out and I’m gonna be great. And when I come offstage, then I can burst into tears.” 


I love Game Of Thrones. [Author Author] George RR Martin is my age [68 ] and it blows my mind that he’s able to create this vast, interlinked world. As a songwriter I write little movies, but I can’t imagine writing even one small book. But then, probably, somebody like him would say, “I couldn’t imagine writing Landslide.” 


In the 24 Karat Gold show, I’m singing songs that are new old songs – the ones that should have gone on [Fleetwood Mac’s] Tusk and Tango In The Night, and on [solo albums] Bella Donna, The Wild Heart and Rock A Little. And they didn’t: not because they weren’t good enough, but because I didn’t like how they were done at the time. I didn’t like the producers’ concept, whether it was Lindsey [Buckingham, Fleetwood Mac bandmate] or Jimmy Iovine. So I pulled them. So the way the songs are recorded on 24 Karat Gold is exactly how they were done as demos. 


I give Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and [Jefferson Airplane singer] Grace Slick the three nods. From Grace I got her slinky-ness. Janis was just little with a big attitude and big hair and feathers, and a drop-dead amazing voice. And Jimi was completely and utterly humble. So from those three people I got slinky, attitude and humility – and that was my stage performance. 


Chrissie Hynde and I have been touring America together. She’s just fantastic. A lot of the people in her group say they haven’t seen her that happy in 30 years. And I love that so much. Because I never wanted Chrissie to feel like she was opening for me. I wanted her to feel that it was a complete and utter double bill. But because the tour was my idea, I got to go on last, basically.


I’ve always loved Tom Petty, from Refugee to Breakdown, all thosesongs. Tom’s an easy writer – very unlike Lindsey, more like myself. When Tom goes up there onstage, he might as well be in his studio or his living room with the stereo banging. 

Stevie Nicks plays BST Hyde Park on 9 July. Tickets are available now.

queensavii  asked:

Hey! I just recently found ur blog and I absolutely love your work! Do you think you could do an imagine ((with extra fluff;) ) where the reader is a drummer and singer in a band and they're dating Ethan and him and teamiplier goes to one of the reader's concerts and they're all awed,shocked and amazed and Ethan is just so proud of his little drummer girl

o K this is so cute and i can’t and it’s nearly midnight when i’m starting this and i have classes tomorrow but this is really really really cute and i can’t

I Favor The Drummer

When you were eight years old, you got your first drum set and immediately fell head over heels for the idea of creating unique beats. It turned into your favorite thing to do, and you drove your parents absolutely insane. It was sort of hilarious; especially because you were never bad at it, you just were really loud. You were told by a teacher that you have the habit of hitting drums pretty hard, but the drumsticks you have are super durable. You’ve broken pairs before, but the practically endless supply has been replenished time and time again by your ridiculously supportive parents.

Honestly, you just loved the damn instrument. You loved music, playing it in front of crowds with your hair down and your makeup done, looking absolutely badass while people are cheering. It’s been your dream for the longest of times. But you’re beginning to live it, one show at a time.

At the beginning of a west-coast tour in your hometown of Los Angeles, you were out shopping for some thrift store tanktops to rip up and cut up. It wasn’t until you were out of the store that you met Ethan.

He was ridiculously sweet to you, because you forgot your bus card, he let you use his. On the way back to your stop, he talked with you, and you asked him if he liked music.

“I mean, who doesn’t? I’m not sure if I have anything specific I like, but music is still the shit.”

“I’m a drummer,” you smile, “that’s why I asked, is all.”

Your meetings at the bus stop turned a lot more natural, because you’d walk there to go to band practice and he’d walk there to go to his office.

“I actually do YouTube,” he sounds prideful, “my viewers are the best people I’ve ever met. They’re fantastic and I can’t believe how much support I get from them. Especially now, when I’m working as an editor and also a content creator.”

“That’s so admirable. It’s kinda like how I feel with my band, y'know, like anybody who’s ever listened to us are just the best people, no matter what they have on their minds. They’re there then, and now.”

“I’d love to see your band sometime,” he smiles to you. You laugh a little, brushing your hair behind your ear.

“That’d be awesome, thanks. I’ll subscribe, and find some time to watch you.”

As you and Ethan talked more and more, you understood each other more. Your professions actually weren’t too far off from being the same. It’s hard to make it both ways, and it’s really fun both ways. He always talks about the people who watch him in the best possible light, and you talk about the people who listen to you in the best possible light.

You’re still surprised when he asks you to coffee one morning.

“Like… now?” You ask, worried that you’ll be blowing off the girls. It’s always been a habit of yours to come to practice, rain or shine, sick or healthy.

“If it’s fine by you,” he smiles. “I don’t have much work today, I did a lot of it in advance so we could have the morning.”

“I guess I do need some coffee,” you grin, and walk with him to the little shop down the street.

He buys you your drink and you sit and talk for a little over an hour. You don’t even feel the time passing, because his stories and his voice is timeless. You’re so amazed that he’s so persistent and constant in his job, and you think that he thinks the same of you. It’s really the greatest.

For a while, you sit and talk with empty cups about everything and nothing. Favorite things, horrible first dates, high school. It’s casual and you switch topics so smoothly. It makes you happy to see him smiling at you across the table. Especially because of how he looks at you, with the same pride that one would with a fond friend.

It only takes you another couple months of small coffee rendezvous for him to ask you on a proper date. You end up spending a day together at the coast, chilling and building sand castles. He makes you laugh and you tell him that you want to go out with him again, and he beams with happiness when you guys step your feet into the water. It’s really, really cold.

One day, at the coffee shop (you managed to reschedule practice to a couple hours later than it used to be), you’re both sitting together hand-in-hand.

“I have a show this weekend,” you sort of mumble. “I was wondering if you wanted to go, ‘cause you still haven’t seen me play.”

“I’m totally going,” he announces. “And I’ll even bring my friends. I’m sure you’re going to be amazing, okay?”

You hide a shy smile, because he’s the one person you don’t want to mess up for.

The weekend rolls around faster than you thought it would. You’re waiting backstage at a small venue, knowing that Ethan’s in the audience for you. You keep twirling your drumsticks between your fingers, doing some light vocal warm-ups because you always sing the stripped-down songs. Your T-shirt is one he bought you; “I Favor The Drummer”, only you cut off the sleeves and added some other little holes because drumming gets really warm really fast.

The moment you get out on stage, you can hear people yelling for you. You turn your head to see Ethan and a group of people, all in the shirts, smiling with such pride. And Ethan’s is the biggest.

Your set is probably the best you’ve ever played. You throw in some cool drumstick tricks, and as always, end up getting up to the microphone once to sing. There’s something sweet about feeling like you’re singing to someone. You can’t mask it in your smile, in your stare to Ethan, in the way he nearly makes you giggle on stage by smiling right back.

In fact, the minute you’re off stage, Ethan comes over and gives you the biggest hug. And for a second, you wonder if it’s the right time to kiss him, because you could. You’d love to, in fact.

So you do, in a crowd of people who just listened to you play the most amazing show you ever had. And Ethan, of course, caused all of it.

Even though you’re sweaty and tired and you’re pretty sure you’re gross, he picks you up and spins you around and smiles like you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

And you wouldn’t have it any other way.