i just have a low bullshit tolerance

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How far will you go to defend your beliefs? I mean, do you tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict?

I don’t like conflict but something in me likes conflict – provided I have to do with someone who’s witty, eloquent and not square-minded; there’s no way I am going to try & talk sense or subtlety to someone who’s not likely to get it in a million years. (They don’t even have to agree with me, I just have to feel that they get it.) Or to someone who just lives under a completely different sky from which I am living. Then intuition comes into play & ofc…I wouldn’t drag an argument merely to support my opinion based on some belief system or because I have a problem with backing off. I can be defensive (a lot) but what’s being said has to strike my heart. And that’s where it gets complicated because no one really chooses what strikes one’s heart. It doesn’t have to feel true to me for it to affect me; often “truth” is very irrelevant when it comes to it and falls short because of many, many reasons. All in all I’m not very interested in beliefs/ideology? If a reason for an argument feels personally valid to me, then it feels personally valid to me…key word being “personally”. Idk. It’s very idiosyncratic, all of it – has to do with not only with what one says, communicates etc but also with what one overall is. In the long run, I have a hard time overlooking “the whole”, whatever the whole is. Only rarely do I feel that what’s “objective” (what. even. is. that. word) is more close to being it than what’s accurate in a more psychosynthetic sense. So. For an argument to feel valid…there’s just a lot to it but it’s the who that counts more than the what. If I value the one I’m having an argument with, then I usually pace myself and come to value the conflict as per se. I let it unfold. I occasionally freak out over it. All of that. Aka I do have a soft spot for heated conversations if and if. Can’t stand the awful, unnecessary stream of bullshit coming from strangers though. Or people who downright oversimplify // overcomplicate & are generally obvious, way too obvious even when trying to be indirect. Low bullshit tolerance. I could ramble until 2020 so I’m dropping this.

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hmmm aizawa

Three things I have in common with Aizawa:

1. I am a sleep deprived fuck who falls asleep in class alllll the time

2. I have a low tolerance for bullshit.

3. I too, would just into a mass of villains and kick the crap out of them if it meant protecting my friends/family (lets be real, class A is just all his adopted children at this point)

Three things I don’t have in common with Aizawa:

1. I don’t have dry eye.

2. I’m nowhere near as.. snarky as him?

3. I like giving people chances to prove themselves, aka I wouldn’t expel a shit ton of students right off the bat. I’d at least wait a week smh

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Describe each of the Filthy Weapons. Like, what are they like?

Well, here’s my perception of them.

Blood Basher is the kind of guy you’d take with you to get fucked up. Drinking, doing drugs, or just beating each other senseless. He’s got a a hard exterior, but deep down he’s a softie. He stands up for the little guy.

Raw Torrent is, to me, a parental figure. She keeps an eye on the rest of the gang and makes sure they aren’t too off line. But make no mistake—she can get just as crazy. And she’s like a visionary, with her paints and art and her morbid way of looking at the world.

Bullet Kisser would probably be the second parent. They are quick to reassure someone that they belong, no matter what anyone else says. They are really sweet, but have a low tolerance for bullshit. I would never want to be on the receiving end of their gun.

With Phantom Shock, I’m just a bit biased. They’ve got a storm in their eyes and electricity on their lips. They look at the world with this childlike sense of wonder, and find little miracles in extraordinary phenomena. Even if the world is fucked up as of recently, you can’t shake the way Phantom gazes at everything as if they’re seeing a new world for the first time. They are the sweetest and dearest of the gang, and they have such a big heart.

I haven’t known Uranium Sugar for long, but they would be the third parent. They share Bullet’s low tolerance for bullshit, but are probably less likely to shoot you for it. They really enjoy cooking, pouring their soul out into whatever they make. I like them already.


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Thank you for having an opinion that doesn't end up low-key supporting Nazis. My great grandparents are rolling in their graves because this white supremacist bullshit is what they sacrificed their mental health for, and what many of their friends sacrificed their lives for. At this point, ignoring them and tolerating them is the same as supporting them. Why doesn't anyone else understand that?

I wish I could do more. As a transgender introvert with anxiety, participating in mass actions is terrifying to me, but I can’t just pretend that a very particular, very evil playbook isn’t being used here. I wish I was braver. I feel guilty for not being so.

The nazis and other hatemongers have hacked our systems. They’ve found exploits in our systems–in the sanctity of free speech, in the propensity of our press to show issues as two-sided–and they’re exploiting them to undermine the system itself. And I’ve been screaming about it for literal years–seeing it all come to fruition, and yet in such ridiculous and pathetic ways…

It’s exhausting.

And that’s their goal, of course.

I gotta find a way to be less tired.

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I love your writing so much, thank you for all the stuff you write! Aaaaaaaand what about a short drunk!Dazai-wanting-to-kiss-Chuuya story? C:

This is the second and last time that I write a character x character ship~ Sorry about that D:
And thank you very much for your kind words ♥


Soukoku, Yokohama’s most vicious duo that once wiped out an enemy organization of Ability users in a single night, were celebrating that day with one of Chuuyas most precious and most expensive wine. Though he hold back with drinking since he had a low tolerance.

Dazai however was already drunk and giggled like a litte girl out of the blue. “What’s so funny?” Chuuya asked, already annoyed. “Nothing~” Dazai giggled more. “Spit it out, Dazai.” Chuuya hissed. Dazai turned to him with his flushed cheeks from his drunken state. “I just think it’s funny, that you never kissed before.” he said. Chuuya rolled his eyes. “Where comes that bullshit from all of the sudden? Besides.. maybe I have kissed before?” he grinned.

“Nooo. You never had. We know each other since we were kids. If you had a kiss, I would know~” Dazai slurred, almost fall asleep from dizzyness. “Whatever you say Dazai.” Chuuya sighed and shook his head. “I bet you kiss like a looser.” Dazai then chirped. Chuuya growled. “I kiss way better than you, bastard.” he responded. Dazai began to grin und threw Chuuya on the bar table. “Show me.” he grinned. Chuuya blushed, both from embarassment and anger. “Get the hell of me!” he yelled and punched Dazais face when he bent down to kiss him.

Dazai stumbled back, still laughing when he clutched his stomach. “I knew it. You are a looser~ You don’t have the balls to kiss someone.” he snickered. Chuuya growled and pressed Dazai against the table when he grabbed his collar. “I have the balls to kiss someone. But why should I kiss you?” Chuuya asked. Dazai grinned. “Because you can‘t~” he sang. Chuuya had enough and slammed his lips against Dazais. After a few seconds he pulled away, clearly disgusted but with a victory smirk. “Never mess with me Dazai.” he said and sat back to his seat.

“..As I thought, your kisses are as bad as your fashion taste.”


Makoto IS a Scorpio

I address this post to all those people who say Makoto doesn’t fit his zodiac sign.

People often say “Makoto is blushing mess when it comes to love and sexual intercourse “He could not possibly be a Scorpio”. Yeah, Scorpios might be the most passionate sign and stuff but there’s a lot more than that. They’re really dependable and it’s said “Once you’re in a Scorpio’s inner circle, you got a friend for life.” Isn’t that just how Makoto work? As you can see, he can be really friendly, but this doesn’t mean they’re in his inner circle. If you just ponder over the count of people who Makoto puts before himself, you could see the number could be counted on the fingers of your hand.

The meaning of his name is “sincerity” which is something very Scorpio like. He wouldn’t waste his time “playing” as someone’s friend. There’s no middle state for him - he is or he isn’t.

If you’ve paid attention to the episodes, then you should have seen the little hints. His motions suggest the typical for a Scorpio sex-appeal - palpable but not persistent. The aura he radiates with his behaviour also depicts it. Take notice of how he takes of his shirt:

or how he runs his fingers through his hair:

or how innocent he is, asking for a towel:

Makoto is clear about this and knows exactly when and where to put it in use. It’s no accident that nobody could every be mad at him, not yet to say “No” to his request. Scorpios love getting what they want and know how to obtain it, therefore manipulation comes natural to him.

Something else to mention is his affinity for “playing” with Haru - the ability of reading his mind. The smile which appears on his face, while doing so, speaks for itself:

I have always believed Makoto had a “dark” side. Side he shows extremely rare and not to just anybody. I could compare him with a cat - cute and innocent looking, but behind the fluffy paws there are sharp clutches to fall into. This facial expression indicates it pretty good:

No wonder he’s the captain of the team.

Also, you’ve probably noticed he never had a bad opinion about himself, nor yet left himself in the background. Just because he doesn’t point it out, it doesn’t mean the contrary. After all Makoto uses “ore” to say “I”, which hints a lot of things. As a Scorpio, he knows exactly who he is and what he can do.

Self-esteem is very initial for Scorpios, and I don’t see lack of any in this smile.

“Scorpios can be very nice. They just have low tolerance level for people and their bullshit.” In addition, I think Makoto is being underestimated when described by different scenario blogs on tumblr - like being called clumsy. The Scorpio-like finesse, given him at birth, is present at his overall behaviour throughout the series.

In my opinion, in episode 11 Makoto wasn’t fully understood by Haruka. When advising him to look round for a dream, followed by the fact that he’s going to study in Tokio means, in Makoto’s language, that he’d like Haru to go with him. Makoto is the one who offers Haru an idea. It was suggested in epidose 9, during the conversation between Mako and Rin, that he’s going in Tokio to swim. Until now, everybody admonished Haruka to find himself a dream but nothing more than that. While Makoto tried to give him a notion, but was interrupted by Haru’s reaction, who refused to hear it all.

“Having a Scorpio as a friend means they’ll call you out when you are in the wrong and keep it 100% with you.”

This conflict wouldn’t shake their friendship, but give a topic of thought for both of them. No one of them is able to separate from the other, but I don’t see why they have to, since having the rare gift of sincere friendship.

In conclusion, I think Makoto is a Scorpio and nothing else.

the best relationship advice i can give you is to have a low bullshit tolerance especially when you first start getting to know someone. being able to catch an off-color comment in the talking phase is probably gonna be the difference between getting wrapped up in a bad situation that you can’t bring yourself to get out of because you’re attached and just never having to deal with it. keep your guard up always


and here we have our mikesti, whose nickname sucks

and oh boy is she something

she doesn’t fake it as much, so when she’s smiling it’s more likely to be genuine

but she’s very low-tolerance when it comes to bullshit and a lot more direct (if loud-mouthed)

certainly an efficient leader, that for sure

im digging badass angel soldier kristi a lot more than i thought i would honestly i mean wow

Okay so here it goes. I went on one of my old profile and went through my photos and found this. THIS really opened my eyes and made me think “oh fuck”.

I’ve been 10 months clean in a few days and seeing this photo showed me how ignorant and weak I was. Self harm is never, NEVER, the answer. All it does is hurt you and everyone around you. Seeing this photo brings back memories of last year that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

Now here comes the part that I will get hate for. Self harm is literally the stupidest thing ever, who the fuck even started it? Like who decided that cutting your own flesh will help you? Will make anything better? No it’s fucking stupid and I don’t want anyone of my followers to start and if they have I want you to quit now. Self harm is an addiction and it’s fucking sucks. If you deal with it I want you to get up off your ass right now and go to counseling, go impatient, or go to a temporary home because I have a low tolerance for that shit.

Don’t miss read this though. I’m not bulling you, or saying that you are a piece of shit, or that you aren’t trying I’m just saying if you’re dealing with something and you aren’t doing EVERYTHING you can to help yourself then you aren’t helping yourself at all. “I threw away my blades” “I don’t cut that much anymore..” “I hide it from everyone so I don’t hurt anyone” are all bullshit things to say.

You need to get up, throw away your razors, tell a parent or Councler, and get yourself some help. Look in the mirror and see what you’re doing to yourself, tell yourself “I am worth it and I am beautiful” until it sinks in. YOU are strong, YOU are special, and YOU are one of a fucking kind that people love to death.

Now I say this in the nicest way possible, grow some fucking common sense and take the first step. Learn to love yourself.