i just have a lot of tyrion x sansa feelings today

Petyr x Sansa week day 5: greed

She’s greedy, she knows, as she reaches for the last lemon cake at dinner.

Her aunt Lysa frowns at her and tells her that she will grow fat and undesirable if she continues to eat the way she does. So she puts the cake back.

Petyr purses his lips at his wife as she glares at Sansa. She’s sure that hates her, and he has nothing to politically gain, so why did he marry her? Why say those vows when you intend on sneaking into another girl’s bedroom every night and break them? Sansa could hardly judge him for that though. She’s the one who allows him to touch her in those sinful ways. Ever since she decided to give him her maidenhead instead of Lord Tyrion when she learnt of her betrothal, she had willingly let him have intercourse with her nightly. Sometimes, she even went to him like the terrible, greedy girl she is.  

Sansa decides not to eat anymore after her scolding, but watches as her aunt Lysa piles her plate high for the second time that evening. They eat together like this most evenings. “Like a happy family,” Lysa had exclaimed during their first meal together, but Sansa knew that they were no family. Sansa mislikes her aunt, who feels the same without a doubt, she has to act like a mother to her young cousin whom she is soon to be betrothed to, and nightly she fucks the man who is her uncle by law. There is nothing happy nor familial about their situation.

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In the past few weeks, I have been having a lot of feelings about some of the image-sets reblogged to this blog.  And I think that the reason for that might be a little more complicated than the obvious, so I am commenting it on it here.  Normally, this blog doesn’t produce that much of its own content, largely because others say well what we mean.  

This post is also entirely a post of mod1’s mind.  Mod2 is asleep right now.  Hopefully she’ll approve of it when she wakes up.

The feelings come largely from comparisons made to other characters outside of the Stark family–comparisons which highlight points of intersection:

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