i just have a lot of tonraq and senna feels

on asami and senna

I know I title my metas like the naming convention above, but this is a headcanon I hold on to VERY VERY DEARLY.

basically it’s pretty much accepted by the fanbase that korra’s parents accept asami with open arms and asami gets a mother and father again. a lot of the time I see people writing or drawing asami and tonraq getting along like two peas in a pod, but personally I think she would have a deeper connection with senna.

I mean, she lost her own mother when she was six years old and had no mother figure in her life at all and now WHAM suddenly she can have that mother-daughter relationship that she may have been craving for years. like I can totally see asami going to senna for problems and senna comforting her and just being like “there there” and just being asami’s mom.

imagine this started during the two weeks after the zaheer fight. asami is swamped with work and taking care of korra and she has a meltdown. asami being asami she keeps it private, but senna having that natural motherly instinct finds her. asami doesn’t know what comes over her but she pours her heart out to her best friend/crush’s mother whom she’s only met a few times. she feels safe with her instantly. in the conversation she also lets it slip that she’s in love with korra, and senna just continues to hug her as she cries out her feelings

idk I just have a lot of feelings about asami/senna parental relationship. I honestly feel like they’d get along together better than asami and tonraq would.