i just have a lot of thoughts about him in general

Hey @anti-tony people I’m not sure if you know about this but marvel actually did a trilogy of like. super low-budget student-film type movies that go into a lot of Tony’s backstory and if you haven’t seen them that’s probably why you don’t know about any of Tonys character arc or just. general details about him as a person and his motivations over the past decade! I’d really recommend watching them so that everything makes a little more sense. The first one is like a little over 2 hrs long and apparently they didn’t even have a solid script or anything, and marvel was super nervous about hiring the lead actor, but I thought they turned out pretty well!! Anyway the first movie was released in 2008 and it’s called Iron Man and

I realized in the last fight, when we were fighting against the fire giant general and the fucking wizard that took control of her, the minute it came down to it she turned around, she was like “fuck you!” and just, like, shot him in the head. And I was like, ‘ah, Vex, what are you doing?’ And I thought about it afterwards, I was up all night going 'you didn’t fulfill the thing you’ve been trying to!’ But I guess that’s human nature––half-elf nature, or whatever––you don’t, you don’t–– you try, you know what you want, but it’s a struggle, it’s a process… But she did think about it afterwards and she was definitely upset she didn’t fulfill what she was after.
—  Laura Bailey, talking about Vex’s struggle to forgive and grow on Talks Machina

I watched Civil War yesterday again, and just like @marvelingjules I had a few thoughts, not only about inconcistency and time problems, but more in general.

The gas mask Crossbones is wearing over his face mask is doing nothing for him.

Tony said to Maria ‘You did your best’ which implies that she really wasn’t the best mother, but Tony is willing to accept that she did the best she could in a horrible situation.

Given the Thor short movie/trailer (which I treat as canon now, thank you Marvel) Tony knew the whole time where Bruce was, he just didn’t tell the team and more importantly he didn’t tell Ross.

I know there has been a lot of talk about this already, but there is no way Zemo actually drowned that guy in the water. No way. It was already overflowing before it really reached his nose.

Tony is taking painkillers for his headache.

Natasha tells Steve that Clint said he was retired (look how that worked out).

You want to tell me that T’Challa had no seat during the conference and had to stand at the window?

Why are there German police forces in Bucharest? Why are they suddenly in charge if the bombing happened in Vienna?

Bucky gained a lot of muscle mass since he was last seen. Did the metal arm grow with him? Because technically it should be a lot slimmer than the rest of his body.

Where did the Freeman!Ross get such a convenient glass cubicle for Bucky that fast?

Why does Steve even think that Tony brought Pepper with him to Berlin? As if he would drag the CEO of his companies all around the world to accompany him to an imprisoned super soldier and two other heros more or less ont he run.

Where did Steve go after he threw the pen back at Tony? He is not allowed to leave the office. Sam isn’t either. Did he just sit out of frame the whole time and pretended not to listen? Did Steve go to the other end in hopes that Tony would leave?

After Steve ‘left’ Tony immediately put his sunglassese on.

Steve asks a very good question with who in their right mind not involved in Zemo’s plan would publish the picture with Bucky. So who did it? That never got answered.

Bucky’s whole fighting style heavily favoures the left side.

If Sam had stayed quite until he was up and able to move he would have caught Zemo looking down into the elevator.

Bucky did not hit Tony anywhere near his left arm. So what happened to it?

How could T’Challa jump down onto Bucky and the stairwell if Bucky was going up and away from T’Challa?

When Wanda goes up against Vision, she controlls the Infinity Gem.

Clint says ‘You’re doing me a favour’. With what? Making him a criminal? Getting him away from his family? What the fuck does he mean.

Scott doesn’t spare one second on his daughter or the fact that she was the whole reason for him in Ant Man to be not a criminal, but sure, ‘I have no clue what’s going on but let’s break some laws’.

During the airport fight Tony’s left arm is blinking red in the HUD the whole time.

After Tony shot him down after Rhodey fell, Sam is already getting up again while Vision is still in the process of landing. So don’t come and tell me Tony aimed to hurt him.

According to FRIDAY Zemo ran a Sokovian covert kill squad. I don’t understand how that exactly fits into his whole story of ‘I have much experience with decrypting stuff’ and also this whole time line doesn’t fit. The files he was talking about were dumped during CA:TWS, so probably two years ago in MCU timeline. During that time Sokovia was still fine and not a floating rock, so I’m assuming his task force was still active then. Which means he would not have had time to read all the files. AoU happened a year later, and I assume at this point most of the files are taken off the net and destroyed because come on, no one wants them around. So when did he have time to decrypt them? He makes it sound like he started two years ago, but also according to him he had ‘nothing but time’ which is most likely not true. And he wouldn’t even have thought about getting his hands on these files then, because Sokovia was still fine and his family still alive. This whole Zemo thing just doesn’t make any sense (and don’t even get me started on his horribly flimsy plan).

The Winter Soldier hesitated when Howard called him by his name.

Why even introduce the five other Winter Soldiers if Zemo immediately kills them and it leads to nothing?!

The beam from Tony’s hand during the end doesn’t even destroy rock.

As if Tony wouldn’t know how many missions Rhodey flew during his career.


Alec Lightwood saying that “relationships take effort”. I love it.

And I love it for a lot of reasons, but specially because Alec is acknowledging the fact that relationships are the ones that take effort. They are the ones that take effort, they, the relationships. Do you see it?

Alec’s statement is about relationships, in general. It’s not about Magnus.

Relationships are the ones that take effort. Not Magnus.

And that is just so important. Because all this time Magnus thought the problem was him, that he was a lot to get used to, that he was the one who’s too much to be loved. Even during the date, when Alec told him he had never been in a relationship before and Magnus looked kind of troubled, it wasn’t because Alec not having experience bothered him in any way: it was because Alec is so innocent, so new to love, and Magnus was scared that he, Magnus, was not the best option to be Alec’s first real relationship. Even when Alec was leaving at the end and Magnus obviously wanted to stop him, he didn’t, and mainly because he probably thought that Alec was not willing to let Magnus be his first everything. And that was okay, because Magnus was not good enough anyway. Thinking about Magnus feeling like that really breaks my heart.

But then… Here’s Alec Lightwood. Alec, who is completely new to relationships and love; insecure about Magnus’ experience, about his own lack of experience. Alec could have taken the easy way and decided think that Magnus was too much. He would have been completely wrong, of course, but the fact is that Alec could have chosen to think like that.

But he didn’t.

No matter how insecure he felt, Alec didn’t make it something about Magnus.

All this time, we’ve been expecting to hear Alec saying something like that, haven’t we? When Magnus told him he was a lot to get used to, we wanted Alec to deny it, to somehow tell Magnus that he deserves to be loved.

Well, now we have it. I don’t care how many people you’ve been with, Alec said first. Relationships take effort, Alec said then…

“Relationships take effort. All relationships take effort, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you; it’s normal to have past lovers and past relationships and maybe I’m feeling insecure about it because I can’t help to think that maybe I won’t be good enough for you, but that’s my problem to deal with. It doesn’t mean in any way that there’s something wrong with you.”

Relationships take effort, it’s true. Learning about the other person, accepting his good and bad sides, his light and dark, and viceversa… It all takes effort, and not because there’s something wrong about any of these people, but because they’re two different people after all and you can’t always understand or agree with each other, and that’s always a challengue.

Even with all his inexperience, Alec gets that. And you know what’s the best? That he’s willing to take that effort, whatever it is, to be with Magnus.

Alec is so, so willing to take it. Even if he didn’t explicitly say it, like Magnus did, the way Alec kissed him was enough proof of that.

I am now going to take a pause from this excessively random shitposting just to say? That Niko is really great ( even if his puns are horrific ) and that you all should love him. He puts such detail and methodical thought into all of his muses to the point it’s awe-inspiring, his writing is beautiful and flows together with absolute ease, his graphics are gorgeous and beyond pleasing to the eye, and he’s just a good guy to talk with in general? I have a lot of laughs with him one on one and the Squad™, and if you have the chance to get to know him, do it. It’s worth it. I could go on and on about how fantastic his portrayal for each of his muses are but then I’d just be gushing at that point. 

You all should? Send him positive messages sometime telling him how great he is. Either here or @ayanxmi. That’d be great. I dare you to do so.

Kenzie out.

Drops mic. 


[[ Dear all, as most of you know, I have been dealing with some lack of inspiration to write lately. I just don’t feel my muse that much anymore, which makes it rather hard to portray him.
Another issue I have is my general lack in writing skill, which is kinda frustrating for me, but it doesn’t bug me that much, since I’m aware learning to write in a language, which isn’t my mother tongue might take a lot of time. And also, I have been rather busy lately too. But even though those issues are secondary, they still increase the frustration I feel about writing in general.
So I thought instead of giving you half-assed replies, I will call semi-hiatus and be done. I have done nothing, but procrastinate anyway, the status update is only there to take away some of the pressure I feel to not let people wait for replies.
Why semi-hiatus and not full hiatus? Well, because I will probably still reply to some threads, especially those I have plotted together with some of you, since they feel easier to reply to, because I know where the story is heading. I might as well write crack and light-hearted threads, as well as AUs. The reason is, with those I feel like having more freedom to portray Griffith in a different light.
Canon verse threads will not be dropped, but I will take my time with those. They are too much for me to handle right now.
This won’t last forever though. I just need time, maybe some rereading of the manga, writing some metas, etc. until I start feeling my muse again. ]]

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-casually drops @the-merch-with-a-mouth's URL in your inbox WHOOPS clumsy me must be late at night or something-

[ ♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following;

my opinion on;

character in general: GOD Alvin is just…. so good? He’s so complex and three-dimensional and human and I love that about him like. Just. HHHHH. I have a lot of feelings towards this guy and he just. I wanna give him a blanket, some coffee and a hug. QuQ;;;

how they play them: (hey mo are ya ready you did this for me NOW IT’S YOUR TURN SO HA) I LOVE YOUR ALVIN SO MUCH MOCH LIKE. His thought process and the way you write how he talks and your understanding of him over all is just like. So good. So so good. And you’re able to get so creative with him and keep him in character too (which is good for me personally cos I will probably come up with more AU’s with you, like don’t u worry as long as I’m here you will RP this aloof brunette babe <3)

the mun: i live with this nerd. they share half of my home. it’s a safe bet that i love them to pieces! (like, in the loving way, not the agria way.) if you haven’t yet, strike a convo with them! you’ll see what i mean. <3

do i;

follow them: Hell yeah I do!
rp with them: HELL YEAH I DO!!!
want to rp with them: HELL YEAH HELL YEAH HELL YEAH
ship their character with mine: yes.

what is my;

overall opinion: Okay all sleep deprived hyperactivity aside, Mo is one of the sweetest people on the face of this Maxwell forsaken planet, and is someone who writes Alvin really REALLY well. If you aren’t already following them, please PLEASE do the thing. They are Very Good. ™.

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

Pokemon GO Teamleader Headcanons

I am just having a lot of feelings about Pokemon GO and the new leaders so i figured i would share some of my headcanons for each one.

- They are best friends/in a poly relationship, and were chosen as team leaders bc they got along so well despite their differing personalities
-They would probably be dissapointed by how far people are taking what was supposed to be playful rivalry
-They do battle and challenge eachother, but its all in good fun, since they technically have the same goal
-Shockingly despite what is initially thought, the most likely to strike before thinking is Blanche, not Candela
-Both Blanche and Candela call Spark Sparky, occasionally Candela teasingly calls him Sparkington
- Candelas nickname is Candycane, bc she likes candycanes for some reason
- Blanche doesnt let nicknames for them fly, but Spark and Candela both call them Snowcone affectionately anyways

-is meme trash
-favors Dat Boy, Dabbing, and anything to do with music
-Can cook really well
-Sex positive asexual
-eats everything and doesnt gain a pound
-keeps most/all of the pokemon he catches bc he doesnt have the heart to send them away
-bc of this his house is filled with rattatas and pidgeys
-Blanche and Candela are patient with him over this and try their best to assure that the pokemon sent to WIllow are all safe and arent harmed, after which Spark relents and gives some up, but he still feels bad about it.
-his favorite thing to cook is instant ramen

-amab nonbinary (bc there isnt a lot of amab nonbinary rep from what ive seen. Afab is p cool, the most important part is they are nonbinary)
-forgets to eat bc theyre so focused on whatever they are doing
-forgets to sleep as well
-Stays up late even when they know they have shit to do tomorrow
-Magikarps make them uncomfortable
-no one knows why, even them, they just do
-has resting bitch face even though for the most part their thoughts are neutral
-Spark tries really hard to make them smile and theyre just “??? Im not even upset or anything why are you doing this???”

-Can bench press like 6 ppl
- Has no problem picking up heavy pokemon
-has no problem picking up the other leaders
- Spark enjoys this, Blanche does not
- She is hot headed
-Despite her hot headedness she can be surprisingly professional
- She cant actually handle spicy foods despite popular belief
- She cares about the other two but wont hesitate to take them down in a pokemon battle
- Her hair is unmanageably fluffy

Ill probably think of more but thats what i have for now.

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You didn't include any of Seungri's songs in your favorites when people sent you those questions for the ask meme?!! And what about NHR, do you like the songs those guys have released?

Well, he’s not paying me for promotion so I don’t have to include his songs if I don’t want to. :-P

Just kidding.  I didn’t include him (or BB in general) because I feel like it goes without saying at this point.  I listen to a lot of music that I never talk about so I thought it would be more interesting to include some non-kpop songs.

NHR…yeah, I do like both those songs.  I have them on my playlist for the gym and they’re great for working out.  (I probably would have bought them even if I didn’t like them, though…why do I feel like I’m going to end up buying 728 EDM tracks just for Seungri?  I hope he appreciates me…and sends me an NHR hoodie or something. :-D)  

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Would you ever add Pisces and Aries onto the heart break series you have? 🤔 I would def read 💗😍

I mean, you do know most of those stories are requested right? Lol. I got pisces x pisces a lot and I actually lurked around Tumblr to see what was the general appeal towards the two and found out that majority thought it was always a sunshine couple where in reality it’s fucking downward spiral when neither side is able to even support themselves.

((I dated a cancer once and his ass stalked me for the longest till I just cut off all ties with anyone who knew him and me. Water sign relationships are eeeh, you know?))

Besides that unnecessary part of this ask- yes, I’ll post one up but this couple makes my ears burn a tad bit because I actually do find a certain Aries guy attractive, although annoying. Let’s gush about this when I post it. I’mma call you heart-anon, hit me up if you remember and tell me what you think of it. (I’ll post Sagittarius x Leo and Pisces x Aries this weekend)

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Do you think MI6 were involved in getting Sherlock home from Serbia, or maybe Mycroft was doing it on the down low and nobody really knew about it? Like he may have taken it upon himself to go and get him to avoid creating a scene? (I am in love with legwork Mycroft!)

I think about this A LOT. 99.9% of my MI6-Mycroft-doing-legwork headcanons stem from this scene and what I think it tells us about Mycroft. That scene basically flipped everything I thought I knew about Mycroft’s job on its head. Prior to TEH I’d always gone along with Mycroft the civil servant chained to his desk since forever, but now I can’t see that being the case.

Anyway yeah. I don’t think he acted alone. Reasons why (plus thoughts about his job role & abilities) under the cut:

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unpopular opinion below the cut? i think?

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i’m sure that while staying at grimmauld place, when every memory of terror and sadness were just to much for him, sirius just transformed into padfoot. so he could stand his own thoughts without having a mental breakdown. also, i’m sure remus didn’t mind at all, because after every full moon the only way he was able to sleep was all tangled up with padfoot while petting his smooth black fur. you know, like the good old days but with a lot more of angst and dread about the lacking of stability in their lifes, the alarming decrease chance of surviving and the state of the wizarding world in general

more silly tdp headcanons

ok so i just thought these up no judging

i told the first of these to kavinskcy and kavnskii and idk my mind went haywire with it so 

  • you know how jiang has so many tattoos? i imagine the dream pack in general have a lot of tattoos but jiang takes the goddamned cake, so when jiang is out doing whatever, they go and get A LOT of temporal tattoos from the one dollar store
  • when jiang comes back he just sees these nerds with temporal tattoos about princesses or pokemon in their muscles and they flex and he’s just. so fucking done with these assholes.
  • joseph kavinsky with a temporary jigglypuff tattoo.
  • when it just gets super gross he makes prokopenko help him scrub it off (and whines when the skin is super red)
  • real talk they all share clothes
  • because they are all too fucking lazy like i imagine one of them gets sick of it (usually jiang) and just pours everything on a washing machine and puts a shitton of detergent on it and calls it a day
  • one day skov tries to do this
  • he accidentally puts too much detergent
  • sudden bubble bath in the entire house. 
  • but also means they all end up being really nude most of the time because Everything is Wet 
  • kavinsky doesn’t care, swan keeps shotting daggers at skov, prokopenko likes feeling the breeze, jiang is shirtless most of the time anyways
  • swan is totally the kind of person that is always fucking Freezing
  • wears like two layers in the middle of summer doesn’t even fucking sweat
  • they all have at least one piece of clothing that was kavinsky’s after he dies
  • swan keeps his hoodie because it was always the warmest even though it has some alcohol stains all over
  • bye
The Reign of Terror and the Misguided Light

Going into episode 18, I was absolutely terrified. I was dreading it all day, and while I had already seen the livestream, I had to wait until later at night to watch it with subs.

Now that I’m here thought I honestly feel a lot of mixed emotions. I’ve been reading so many of what other people are saying about how either they don’t recognize So anymore or that they have lost faith in him. Then I’m here like—uh, not really??

Here’s how I see it.

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A request :3 pretty please - Bokuto, Sugawara, Oikawa (separately) with a girlfriend who is amazing at martial arts! Like kung fu :) and they're watching her at practice in awe. Thank you, and I love your blog a lot!!

sWEATS I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT KUNG FU like do they yell, do they kick?? LIKE WHAT PLEASE EDUCATE ME. I tried doing online research. so they’re gonna be some headcanons kinda?? Like what’d I think they’d do or think as they watch you practice!! hope that’s okay! I THOUGHT YOU SAID KUROO SO HAVE SOME KUROO ONES TOO

kuroo tetsurou

  • this boy oh dear don’t get me started
  • you wouldn’t be able to concentrate properly due to him staring at your ass and just your body in general CONSTANTLY AND YOU CAN JUST SENSE HIS EYES.
  • “so does this make you more flexible?”
  • “is it safe to do these moves in-“ he doesn’t finish his sentence because you know where this is going so you kick him
  • him embarrassing himself, and you, in front of your class as he tries to master the moves
  • yes, he would butt in and try to join in the class way too often
  • he would own a “My girlfriend can kick your ass.” T shirt that he got custom made
  • He would say “If you kicked my ass, I’d say thank you.” while placing his hand over his heart, pretending to be moved for some reason.

sugawara koushi

  • this sweet little babe would shower you with compliments often! On how he thinks you’ve improved or with how amazing you look.
  • He would always go to your practices without protesting because he just loves watching you practice and learning new stuff!
  • Giving you massages after practice since you’d usually get sore
  • He would be a bit worried because he doesn’t want you to get hurt but he knows you can take care of yourself

oikawa tooru

  • He’d be sort of like sugawara, very supportive!!
  • Always attends your practice and even invites his teammates bc hell, he loves showing you off
  • Constant bragging to his friends, most iwaizumi, about how his girlfriend knows Kung Fu and could totally kick their asses.
  • “So she can kick your ass too, huh?” “God, Iwa-chan, she’d never do that! …maybe… don’t give her ideas.”
  • He would beg you to show him some moves but he always ends up giving up because he gets so tired
  • “Are your muscles sore?? Let me massage them for you… while we take a bath.”

bokuto koutarou

  • HE WOULD SHOWER YOU WITH GIFTS?? Idk why but he would
  • “Go [Name]!!” “haha, look that’s my girlfriend.” “KICK THEIR ASS BABY!” “AHHHHHHHH!!!”
  • He gets kicked out way too often partly due to your request
  • He always ends up trying to join in on the class and the teacher is totally fine with because he’ll think it’ll shut up him but oh boy is he wrong
  • He would repeat your yells bc he’s just so pumped up
So I’m sure someone has pointed this out

but I was just thinking about the pilot of GMW and the scene when the girls first meet lucas. I know a lot of people have suggested that Maya’s first meeting with him is the ‘clue’ and foreshadows their relationship but I was just thinking… what if it was actually meant to foreshadow Lucas & Riley’s?  Lets go over it & compare to the show shall we?

Maya (to Riley) “I’m going to show you everything you need to know about boys and girls” : aka Lucas and Riley

Maya walks over to Lucas & goes:

Hi I’m Maya : “I’m lucas” “hi, hey” *their first meeting in general*

you’re really cute: Riley’s giggle when she first sees lucas and all the ‘you’re a really good looking guy’ type comments

we should hangout sometime; Riley & Lucas @ the library, Lucas asking everyone to the movies, & them basically becoming friends all the way to finally them hanging out sometime on their First Date.

You make me happy: Riley’s first kiss/ him asking her out / calling her a princess ect.

You don’t pay enough attention to me: umm girl meets semi formal anyone? “why hasn’t lucas asked me?” 

this isn’t working out: “why would you make such a big deal if we aren’t officially going out”, not being able to hold hands, feeling awkward around each other, lucaya/ her calling him brother

its you not me: Lucas not trying hard enough/paying enough attention to her. & Lucas’ feelings for Maya

We can still be friends: You’re my brother Lucas / I always want to be able to talk to you

not really: “Riley still loves Lucas” / Riley’s awkwardness around him. Maybe foreshadowing that they may struggle to get back to being friends right away.

Now this whole theory isn’t even really related to Lucaya or them getting together this is strictly my thoughts on what might happen between Riley & Lucas. I have no problem with them as a couple, & I believe they may have another moment in the sun down the road but for right now in the story this is the path I think they are taking. 

I’m sure someone has already made these connections but I figured I’d throw this out there in case anyone hasn’t.

“biggest clue is in the pilot”

Exo Reactions To How They Act Around Someone They Like

I feel like these don’t sound as similar as I originally thought but for the sake of my own sanity. I combined them :P xo

Note: Again, if my reactions aren’t as good as usual, it’s because my computer is has been struggling with gifs & Tumblr in general lately. I’m not sure why but I’m working on figuring it out.

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *straight up flirting immediately, non-stop whenever he can but he never actually admits anything until his crush brings it up*

Chanyeol: *avoids talking about his feelings but will randomly do things like play guitar or act like a goof to get their attention*

Chen: *doesn’t have to try very hard, he just acts charming & flirts like it’s totally natural to him*

D.O.: *lots of normal pleasant conversations but he’d be more flustered than if it were someone else so he’d smile a lot more, showing his nerves*

Kai: *tries to be smooth but ends up saying something stupid & laughing at himself for it which relaxes him a bit more so he can flirt more confidently*

Kris:*does almost nothing different, other than being a little more forward*

Lay: *casually plays different instruments around them to impress them & then writes them a song to express his feelings*

Luhan: *blatant flirting right away, but he’d say something dorky that would draw out the less arrogant side of him*

Sehun: *acts way more playfully abusive than usual*

Suho: *doesn’t hide his feelings, just patiently waits for his crush to notice them*

Tao: *tries to be cool & say things that make him seem smooth but ends up coming off more like a dork*

Xiumin: *honestly expresses his feelings & thoughts as soon as he feels/thinks them*

Funny thing about Military Dress

So, after telling @sassinscreed and @firstginger about this, I couldnt stop myself.

I have military family and such, and I was discussing dress uniforms when something hilarious came up:

They often wear elastic straps from their undershirts to their socks, to keep the shirts pulled down tight and their socks pulled up. Sometimes, the straps snap off from the socks, and if you’ve got a dick a lot of the times the straps will shoot up and hit you in the balls/dick. 

So now all I can think about is General Hux standing on the bridge of the Finalizer, and suddenly his elastic strap snaps off and he just fucking crumples after it gets him right in the balls. 

I’ve been laughing for ten minutes.

long ass hux meta im sorry

I’ve seen a few posts complaining that the new Hux backstory invalidates the narrative that he legitimately believes what he is doing is right, or at least a shitty means to an ideal end, instead replacing it with the idea that “he’s just doing this to make his dad proud/prove him wrong”.

I disagree.

Because as much as Hux’s actions may be driven by a need to prove himself, I still think he wholeheartedly believes in the First Order. Because despite being illegitimate, despite having a father who has called him useless (we don’t actually know whether Brendol was necessarily an asshole throughout Hux’s childhood, as much as I think he would have been - because what kind of a father complains about a kid who’s barely more than a toddler being weak and useless? That’s kind of what happens when people are that young) - despite that, he still would have felt the effects of the Empire’s fall.

He still would have been taken from what would have been a relatively stable life in a presumably nice house (I’m assuming his father took him in at some point before the fall since he had plans to make him “better”) into exile on starships in the Outer Rim. There still would have been days where his family probably struggled to make ends meet, there still would have been sneers from people in the streets of planets they visited, he would have seen New Republic media depicting Imperials as evil, tyrannical scum and celebrating the day the Empire fell. He still would have lived on a barebones starship surrounded by impoverished planets seeing civilians on Hosnian Prime dressed in elaborate robes and stuffing their faces. He’d still be resentful towards the Republic for forcing him into exile and ignoring everyone but the Core Worlds when it came to cries for financial aid, more food, more resources, more crime control.

As much as Hux’s father expected his son to go into the First Order, as much as Hux’s success and drive may have been a result of his need for validation and eventually, when that need wasn’t fulfilled, his need to prove his father wrong - he’s still pissed at the Republic, and I think he has been since he was around six years old. Because how can the Republic be just, how can democracy be effective, how can they be considered morally superior when all they do is foster disorder and chaos, which leads to poverty and children being taken from comfortable beds on Arkanis to shivering in a cot on a freezing, groaning, beaten up star destroyer?

Destroying the Republic is still personal. It’s still enjoyable. It’s still going to bring about a system which Hux genuinely believes will be better for the starving, displaced, angry people he’s grown up around.

And I honestly don’t think that the First Order would care about illegitimacy. At least not the younger members, which seem to make up the majority of low to mid level command positions - most of the people on the Finalizer don’t look older than 40 at the very most. As long as you’re dedicated to the cause, as long as you’ve shared the struggles, as long as you know what the hell you’re doing (which Hux definitely does - he’s the most competent member of the First Order we’ve seen so far), who cares whether your mother was a kitchen servant?

tl;dr: Hux still believes wholeheartedly in the First Order, he legitimately wants to see it succeed - not just to fulfill expectations or as a fuck you to his father but because of what he believes. He’s still a scary ass villain. He still wants to rule the galaxy, and he still believes things would be better for it. The fact that he had an asshole dad who called him useless and probably never showed him any sign he loved him or was proud of him, and probably called him a failure every chance he got, doesn’t change that.